i want to be with you or your bestfriend

When it happened, I cried a lot.

The next morning, I didn’t get out of bed.
Neither did I do so in the afternoon.

Two days later, my bestfriend came to visit with a carton of vanilla ice cream in her hands.
I didn’t eat much of it, because my new favorite flavor was pistachio because you had gotten me hooked on it.
We stayed up late watching my favorite movies and she spent the night on your side of the bed.

Six days later, I took out our old pictures.
I spent hours looking over them.
I wanted to rip them apart, but I couldn’t.
I stored them in a drawer I rarely opened, instead.

Two weeks later, I finally left the house to go for a walk.
I passed by the coffee shop that we had our first date in.
I paused, debated it.
Then, I stepped inside and ordered myself a caramel macchiato instead of an espresso. The first drink I had shared with you.
I always hated the bitter taste, but I drank it anyways because you had already ordered and I was too shy to change it.

A month later, I got myself a haircut.
You liked my hair long, but I always wanted to have it short.
I always struggled with managing it.
When the stylist was done, he smiled at me and said,
“It looks lovely. You look amazing.”
I didn’t go home and cry myself to sleep that night.

Six months later, I went to the beach one early morning to watch the sunrise.
I remembered resting my head against your shoulder as we waited for the sky to burst into different colors.
You always yawned numerous times, because you hated waking up early, but you did it for me anyways. I remembered teasing you about it.
I smiled.

A year later, I met someone new.

I don’t regret what happened.
There is no point in doing so.
I am happy now,
and I hope you are too.

—  Moving on

haechan: if you think chenle’s teaser photos came out the best, raise your hand!
jisung: *raises hand immediately*
haechan: don’t just pick him because he picked you! (chenle had picked mark and jisung as his favorites earlier)
jisung: no, seriously! i really like them! in that photo, his nose *pointing to the picture* that one, i really like how it came out
haechan: oh, that’s right. that one is really cute.
jisung: let me get up. *goes to grab the picture of chenle*
jisung: honestly doesn’t he look younger (more like a dongsaeng) than me?
chenle: *off screen* hey, hey!
jisung: *smiles knowingly* ah, he’s seriously cute. wow, cute, cute.
chenle: you’re also cute!!
jisung: no i’m not
chenle: *grabs pictures of jisung* i like these two pictures of jisung the best, this one is really cute! *showing jisung* please do the pose!
jisung: no, it’ll be too different
chenle: please do it!
jisung: *does the pose*

babies calling each other cute💕

He took a sip of his beer and I down the last bit of my solo red cup. He grabbed my waist and to fill the void that I always felt within, I let him slip his tongue inside of my mouth.
—  I shouldn’t have kissed him but I just wanted to be held
I want that unconditional kind of love. Where they have my back no matter how wrong I may be they are right there with me. I want that young love where we do the most stupid things together like race each other down the street. I want that fun kind of love where we go paintball shooting with our friends and go drinking after. I want that simple kind of love where we stay up all night watching the following or the 100 eating popcorn. I want that addicting kind of love where we always have to be touching not even sexually just our legs hitting makes our hearts race faster. I want that bestfriend kind of love where we can literally talk about anything and everything and not get bored of each other. I want that healthy love where we are both independent but have a life together. I want that kind of love that lasts. Where they never stop choosing you even on your rough days kind of love.
Maximum-Salty Masterlist

[M] = Contains mature material

[T] = Contains possibly triggering material



when you hold their hand for the first time

when pledis hires a female English tutor

when a trainee walks into their restroom

when they see a trainee dancing to Hyuna’s “Roll Deep”

when you’re in charge of their American debut and they start to have a crush on you

when they realize they’re in love

when their short s/o keeps making tall jokes

when you’re their interviewer

when you kiss him for the first time (wonwoo)


when they see their crush in a bikini at the beach

when their girlfriend is good at sports

when their girlfriend can speak 6 languages


when their girlfriend wants them to feel her legs after shaving

how they would hug you

when they see you cooking/cleaning when you’re stressed

when you’re shy at first but become a walking meme when you’re comfortable

when you randomly give them the middle finger

when their wife is finally pregnant after a long time of trying

when their s/o randomly uses a baby voice

when you’re naturally loud

when they meet a girl that looks like Yoongi

when their s/o sends them pictures of an overly affectionate cat

when their s/o is scared of thunderstorms

when their s/o puts pigtails in their hair while they sleep

when you’re a better chef than them

when you call them “baby boy” [M]

when you call them “daddy” [M]

when you have bad period symptoms

when they meet your childish friends


their younger sister is bestfriend with one of the other members

when they see you cooking/cleaning when you’re stressed

when you’re shy at first but become a walking meme when you’re comfortable

when you get mad on a date when they were going to propose

when they had a dream that you passed away

when you’re a forgetful person


when their first kiss gets interrupted by the other members

when they realize they’re in love

when they see you masturbating in the studio [M]

when their s/o sends them pictures of an overly affectionate cat


when you snort while laughing

when you have big curly hair

when you’re stressed for finals

when you’re in a parody

when they have a dream where you passed away

when they see you twerking [M]

when they see you dance sexily [M]


when a girl confesses to them



Mistakes (Mark angst) [T]

Painful (Mark angst) [T]

I Need You - part 1 (Jackson angst) [T]

I Need You - part 2 (Jackson angst/fluff)

King (Jinyoung fluff/smut) [M]


I’ll Protect You (Baekhyun angst/fluff) [T]

No Matter What (Baekhyun fluff) [T]

Engaged (Baekhyun fluff)

Dream Come True (Baekhyun fluff)

Promise (Jongdae fluff) [T]

English Student (Minseok fluff)


Paper Hearts (Taehyung angst) [T]

Fate (Jin fluff)

Kingka (Jimin fluff/angst)

The Vampire in the Room (Jimin smut) [M]

Even With a Soulmate (Jungkook fluff/angst/au)


Angels (Jisoo fluff)

What Was That? (Jisoo fluff)


Kings and Queens (Minhyuk fluff)


Without Him [T]



Mtl like a girl with calloused fingers from playing guitar

Mtl let their girl best friend cuddle them

Mtl date an ‘02 liner

Mtl date a ‘99 liner

Mtl date a ‘93 liner

Mtl date a curvy girl

Mtl date a ‘97 liner

Mtl date an ‘00 liner

Mtl give their wife all of their money

Mtl let you wear their clothes 

Mtl date a girl like Hyuna

Mtl be interested in someone who is really into theatre and is a triple threat

Mtl date a girl who is both sassy and polite at the same time

Mtl date a girl who is usually quiet but has a short temper

Mtl date a girl who looks like CL

Mtl be a virgin

Mtl have a language kink

Mtl date a really tall girl

Mtl like a girl who can play classical music

Mtl date someone who has an alternative style


Mlt date an ‘02 liner

Mtl date a ‘93 liner

Mtl date an ‘00 liner

Mtl be interested in someone who is really into theatre and is a triple threat

Mtl date a girl who is both sassy and polite at the same time

Mtl date a girl who is usually quiet but has a short temper

Mtl be a virgin

Mtl be interested in a girl who is passionate about classical music

Mtl date a punk singer

Mtl date a really short girl

Mtl like a girl who can play classical music

Mtl date a girl heavily involved in musical theater

Mtl date a foreigner

Mtl have a language kink


Mtl bang on the first date

Mtl date a black girl

Mtl be a virgin

Mtl have a biting kink

Mtl have a scratching/pain kink

Mtl date a really tall girl

Mtl date someone who has an alternative style

Mtl be a hopeless romantic

Mtl make out with you while you straddle them

Mtl play with your fingers

Mtl play with your hair


Mtl date a ‘99 liner

Mtl think dirty things when you lick a lollipop

Mtl prefer lovemaking over fucking

Mtl checking you out 24/7 with no shame

Mtl accidentally call the teacher “mom”

Mlt be a boobs man

Mtl let you wear their shirts

Mtl date a girl who is usually quiet but has a short temper

Mtl be a dom


Mtl date an ‘00 liner

Mtl date someone younger than them

Mtl date a black girl

Mtl date a foreigner

Mtl date a sporty girl

Mtl to get jealous easily/mtl like skinship

Mt date an ‘01 liner

Mtl date a ‘98 liner


Mtl date a ‘99 liner

Mtl date a girl who is usually quiet but has a short temper


Mtl date a foreigner


Mtl be a dom



when they miss you (MJ ver)

when they miss you (JinJin ver)

when they miss you (Moonbin ver)

when they miss you (Eunwoo ver)

when they miss you (Rocky ver)

when they miss you (Sanha ver)


when Hoseok sends you weird snaps and the rest of bts make fun of him for it

when Jimin finds some glasses

Jikook when you’ve had a sucky week

everyday Jihope snaps

Jimin (ft. Yoongi) when your day starts off bad


when your soon-to-be hubby Baekhyun is stuck at work and wants cuddles

when Luhan finds out you got hurt while he’s on tour


when you spend more time with Coco than with Youngjae and he gets jealous

when Jaebum wanted you to come to the movies with him


when Jae misses you


when you’re sick and they want to cheer you up

monsta x:

when Wonho and Jooheon want to go on a date

when Wonho pesters you till you go on a date

when Jooheon is bored



When Sanha wants to come over but you’re studying for finals


When Brian finds out you’re insecure


Jungkook fails at flirting

“Relationship goals” with Jungkook

Jikook when you had an argument

Jimin confessing to an oblivious you

Everyday conversations with Park Jimin

Everyday conversations with Kim Taehyung

Stressed for finals with Taehyung

Fangirling to Yoongi about his mixtape

They find out that their younger sister is pregnant (hyung line ver.) [T]

They find out that their younger sister is pregnant (maknae line ver.) [T]

Their best friend who is super calm gets into a cat fight at school

Accidentally sexting their members [M] (kinda..?)

Guilt (Yoongi angst) [T]

monsta x:

They forget your birthday


Needy Baekhyun [M]

-First Kiss-


First kiss with Bobby


First kiss with Yixing

First kiss with Sehun


First kiss with Sanha


First kiss with Jaebum


First kiss with Yoongi

First kiss with Namjoon

First kiss with Jungkook


First kiss with Sana



Bambam as a boyfriend

Jaebum as your secret admirer

Jaebum as a boyfriend

Jinyoung as a prince

Mark as a boyfriend

Jackson as a husband

Jackson as a boyfriend

got7 as fruit

got7 as girls

got7 as chairs

got7 as puppies


Chanyeol as a boyfriend

Chanyeol as a schoolmate

Kyungsoo as a boyfriend

Minseok as a boyfriend

Jongdae as a boyfriend

Luhan as a boyfriend

Baekhyun as a boyfriend

Yixing as a boyfriend


Seokjin as a boyfriend

Yoongi as a boyfriend

Namjoon as a boyfriend

Namjoon as a dad

Hoseok as a boyfriend

Jimin as a boyfriend

Taehyung as a boyfriend

Taehyung as a husband

Jungkook as a boyfriend

bts as fruit

bts as cups

bts as shit i’ve heard from my dance students

bts as lamps

bts as handmade mugs

bts as mugs they’d like to receive as gifts

bts as perfumes

bts as disney princes


Minhyuk as a boyfriend

Jinwoo as a boyfriend


Seungcheol as a boyfriend

Jisoo as a boyfriend

Seokmin as a boyfriend

Soonyoung as a boyfriend

Vernon as a boyfriend

Wonwoo as a boyfriend

Minghao as your secret admirer

Mingyu as your childhood friend

seventeen as scents

monsta x:

Hyungwon as your boyfriend



First date with Jungkook

Dance practice with Bts


Coffee date with Chanwoo

I hope you end up being that couple who laughs all the time..
Being bestfriends before lovers
When time gets hard you support each other..
I hope you find someone who makes you laugh, makes you a better person
I hope you find somone who is proud to have you by their side.
Someone who wants nothing but your smile..
I hope that you find LOVE not just a partner

Stiles Stilinski Imagine: Expect the Unexpected.

“Where’s my best friend?“you asked as you walked into Scott Mccall’s living room.

"He’s gone"Lydia folded her arms.

"What do mean he’s gone Lyd?"you sighed as you sat down across from Peter Hale.

"He wanted to talk to you, he got impatient so he left"Melissa explained.

"Who wanted to talk to me? Stiles or the Nogitsune?"you frowned.

"Look I know it’s hard but we’ve just got to play him at his own game"Lydia held your hand supportively.

"Well at the moment he has the upper hand"you pushed yourself gently out of your seat and made your way to the door.

"Scott, Lydia I’ll see you later, Thankyou for having me Miss.McCall"you waved your goodbyes.

The drive home was painful, he could be anywhere. Stiles your bestfriend could be in danger.
10 minutes later and you arrived at your house.

"Mom, Dad?"you called out.

You got no response. You decided to take this time alone and have a Nice, hot shower before going out again.

Something felt wrong about your house though.

"Oh look, its y/n in the flesh; I’ve been waiting for you"You heard a voice speak out from the corner of your room.

"How cliche"you rolled your eyes.

Suddenly the Nogitsune sprung out from the shadows, grabbed you by the throat and pinned you up against the wall.

"Stiles are you watching this, are you watching your bestfriend die slowly, the girl you’ve loved for years is not going to be breathing any longer"The Nogitsune spoke allowed whilst you coughed for air.

His grip only tightened.
Suddenly you dropped to the ground and the Nogitsune fell to next to you clutching his head.

"No, Stiles has the upper hand"you whispered as you rubbed your neck.

To my best friend in 2017 — this is what I hope for you.

I hope you see things that take your breath away, things that make you feel like you have never felt before. I hope you travel to the places you have always wanted to explore, I hope you catch the sunset at the perfect time on a random Tuesday drive and have your whole chest expand with gratitude. I hope the night sky is always beautiful wherever you rest your head.

I hope you drink good coffee and stay out late with someone who enlivens you. I hope your bones are tired and your hair is messy and your heart is full of stories. I hope someone who makes your whole damn face light up kisses you the way you have always wanted to be kissed, that they hold your hand and take care of you when you’re sick and bring you flowers just because.

I hope you fall so deeply in love with your life that your happiness is undeniable whenever someone looks at you. I hope your days are filled with people who inspire you, and that you kiss their faces and let them know just how much you appreciate them. I hope they do the same for you. I hope you connect with your moments, the ones that make you feel like you’re doing something right, the ones that happen quietly in the middle of a conversation when everything stops and you truly realize just how lucky you are to be alive.

I hope you are reminded every single day why you’re special. I hope you are reminded that you make people feel heard, that you make people feel understood and accepted. I hope you believe that — that you have purpose, that you’re a good person who deserves beautiful things and rich moments in life, that you mean something to someone. 

But most of all, I hope you look back on this next year and smile. I hope it becomes the year you leapt — the year you started living.

(Source: thoughtcataloginstagram)

BTS Reaction to Waking Up With a Drawn-on Face

Request: BTS reaction to letting their bestfriend/girlfriend stay over at their dorm and they wake up to find their face full of makeup (or something similar to that like face full of sharpie idk) because she wanted to pull a prank on him 💓 thank you love~

A/N: I so want to do this one day to one of my friends. Enjoy the reaction!

- Admin Kiwi


It wasn’t the reaction you quite expected. Calmly, he’d grab a few makeup wipes and erase the mess you made. You could only watch and grumble to yourself seeing as how your prank failed. “If you’re gonna play a joke on me, at least try something that isn’t easy to get out of.”

Originally posted by jjilljj


He’d probably catch you while you were in the middle of applying makeup to his face, and grab your wrists, making you drop your brush. Still drowsy, he’d pull you down by his side so you were in spooning position. He’d whisper in your ears, warning you to never try that again or else the outcomes would be much different than this. “You’re lucky I’m tired right now or I would actually put in some effort to scold you.”

Originally posted by k-krazeh


Screaming. Lots of it. After that, it would be followed by furious stomping to reveal a pink-flushed Hoseok with a badly drawn mustache and beard. He’d try to scrub the sharpie off, but the residue was still visible. Throughout the entirety of this, you couldn’t stop laughing, and he hated the feeling of being this inferior. “Stop laughing and come help me get this off!”

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Rap Monster

He’d be shocked at how much you managed to put on while he was asleep. Although, he was quite impressed at your makeup skills. Needless to say, he’d be keeping caution the next time you slept over. “I’d actually consider hiring you as a stylist for our company.”

Originally posted by forjimin


He would be a toss and turner, making it extremely difficult to draw on in the first place. The problem when he woke up wouldn’t be the fact that there was sharpie all over his face, but rather that some of it smeared onto his covers. He’d try to get mad at you, but in the end he just couldn’t stay angry. “Why on earth did you do that? Now I have to replace all my sheets *reference gif*

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He wouldn’t even realize his face was full of makeup, and would nearly walk out the door looking like a drunk partygirl—after the party. Guilt-ridden, you’d pull him back and shoved him in front of the mirror, to which he would freak out. “I was about to go into the public looking like THAT?”

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He wouldn’t say much about it, but he’d never forget about the incident. If he’d ever get the chance, he’d get you back, but with probably more drastic methods. “What do you mean bleaching your hair was too far??”

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[DRABBLE REQUEST] BestFriend/Boyfriend!Vernon (G)

Requested by: @pearl-aqua-velvet
Prompt: When Vernon and you decide to part ways due to your commitments as rookie idols
Word Count: 3,087
Genre: Fluff, angst (admittedly a LOT more angst than fluff, I’m so sorry)
Warnings: None

A/N: I TRIED D: I’m so sorry if it’s not up to expectations, but I honestly did struggle a lot with this, writers block and all. So I had to seek inspiration from several sources: VIXX’s I Don’t Want to be an Idol, as well as the break up scene from Shut Up! Flower Boy Band to name a few. I feel terrible that Vernon’s not a member I’m used to writing about, but I promise I’ll keep improving!


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There he is again.

You can’t help but watch him, the way he spits his raps flawlessly, the way he manages to blend in seamlessly with his members but stand out all the same, his fiery stage presence lighting up the entire studio, his charisma evident in every move of his muscle, and his eyes… Oh his eyes…

You are able to look at those piercing, beautiful golden-brown irises all day long.

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“Do you want to know a Secret?..”

“do you want to know a secret?” Ashton whispered in your ear, as you lie face down in the middle of your bed. You could feel his hot breath flowing across your face each time he exhaled. 

“No ash I don’t. I want you to go to sleep, it’s 3 in the morning.” You muttered to your best friend “You’re drunk and you have already made me leave my bed to collect you from the stupid police station”, this making Ashton burst out into a fit of giggles.

Pulling the fuzzy blankets further up to your head, trying to grasp on to sleep before your bright and early wake up call of your alarm. you heard to sound of zippers and knew ash was following your orders to get into bed, followed by the bed dipping and Ashton getting underneath the cover into your warm cocoon of blankets.

After a few minutes of silence, just as you were finding sleep when you heard Ashton roll over and mutter “ well I love you”

I know that on the very first night, I told you that you couldn’t care about me, that it was the last thing you could do. You know that I am emotionally detached and I know that you don’t want to settle. So we tango around for months in each others company and more importantly bed, trying not to feel anything for each other. Now I’m wondering if our statement held any truth, or if it was just a front. Because when you hold me through the night, I can’t help but want what I said you couldn’t have - more.
—  With the way we started, it can only end one way

Imagine spending most of your free time at bestfriend!Woozi’s studio and keeping him company while he working.

BONUS: Before each of your visits, you make sure to bring some food with you because you know that Woozi will get hungry during work.

Hopeless Love Part 2

Part 2

Rated (m)

Genre: S/A/F

Warning: Aggressive/Violence, Sexual Content, Cursing

-Admin K

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My head on your chest, your chin resting on mine and our legs intertwined
Looking up at you, the way you looked into my eyes
That is how I want to be looked at for the rest of my life
It was if, in that moment we had fallen in love all over again

Every time I see you it is like love at first sight over and over
I feel everything- the butterflies, heart pounding out of my chest, the nervousness
As if it were on repeat  

You make living so fucking worth it
You make me want to get out of bed in the morning and do good
You make me want to be a better person for you
You are my light, my best friend and the one I love the most

-I love you

—  @unsaidxshit
“It’s fucking 3 am” Jackson scenario

Requested by anon; Number 9 with Jackson (funny)? 

A/N: 9 “It’s fuckng 3 am”

Send me a number and the member you want :)

The gif is not mine, credits to the owner!

Hope you like it!

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You went to sleep early for once this night, because you had an important test the next day. Usually you would stay up until like 3 or 4 am. With some sleeping pills you fell already asleep at 11 pm.

Suddenly you woke up to your phone calling. You sat up groggily before rubbing you eyes and grabbing your phone. Your bestfriend Jackson was calling you, you also noticed that it was 3 am. You groaned and answered.

“What do you want?” You asked, totally skipping the ‘hello’.

“Do you wanna go get ramen with me?” You heard Jackson chirpy voice. You facepalmed.

“You do realize it’s fucking 3 am?” You asked. Jackson whined.

“But I’m hungryyy and I don’t wanna go alone in the dark” He complained. You sighed.

“Fine, meet me at the corner store” You said in a dull tone and hung up once you heard a bright ‘see you soon’. You pulled a jacket over you pj’s, not caring how you looked. Your hair was up in a messy bun and your eyes had terrible bags under the from the messed up sleeping routine.You grabbed your phone, keys and wallet and walked out through the door. Then you started walking the 7 minute walk to the corner store in the chilly weather.

Jackson was standing in front of the door waiting for you. You walked up behind him and heard him sigh in frustration.

“Where is she?” He mumbled to himself.

“I’m here” You said in an emotionless tone. He yelped and turned around quickly, screaming once more when he saw you.

“Can we go get this ramen now?” You asked with raised eyebrows and a bored expression. He nodded with wide eyes and opened the door for you.

You got your ramen and sat down at one of the tables outside. All of the other tables were empty. Jackson sat down across from you. He looked at you weirdly.

“I didn’t wake up you, did I?” He asked carefully. You scoffed.

“You think?” You asked. Jackson gulped. You smiled at him for the first time that night.

“It’s fine” You said happily and to that, Jackson seemed to relax, turning back to his bubbly self.

Airport Surprise//Conor Maynard

Author’s note: I really love fluffy and cute stories like these:)) Since I really enjoyed writing my last story, I wanted to make another one. If you want me to write more, send requests!

After a long trip to Australia with your friends, it has finally came to an end. Throughout your trip you couldn’t stop having moments where you wish you could share your fun adventures with just one more person, Conor Maynard. Your best friend, boyfriend, and your idiot that knows just what to say to make you feel warm and fuzzy. 

Although, Australia was an amazing trip, you couldn’t wait to see Conor and go to sleep. After a 13 hour plane flight, you were finally at the airport getting ready to catch a ride home. 

When you surprisingly saw Conor standing there waiting for you. Your face lit up and a big bright smile appeared on you face when you saw your boyfriend at the airport to pick you up. You thought that he’d had been busy the whole week. 

You quickly grabbed your things and sprinted towards Conor who had no idea you what you were going to do next. Without warning, you jumped into his strong arms, thankfully he caught you and you placed small little kisses all over his face, neck, jaw, forehead, even think you kissed him in the eye. You told him so many times while still in his arms that you loved and missed him. 

Conor giggled and said, “I missed and love you too y/n. Now. I’m at not gonna let you go anywhere without me because I’ve missed you too much. I love you so so so much” He placed you on the ground and kissed you passionately with a big strong hug afterwards. He took your things and put them in the back of his car.

“Let’s go home and cuddle!” Conor said excitedly before he grabbed your hand and pulled you into the car. The whole car ride home consists of singing along to some of Conor’s songs and holding Conor’s hand tightly, never ever wanting to be apart from him again… You smiled to yourself, thinking about how much you loved that boy..❤

When a bestfriend breaks your heart it’s worse because they were always there for you when you got your heart broken. They told you “fuck it,you can do better” and did everything to make you laugh until you were done crying. The ones you talked to until you fell alseep and continued to sleep talk when you are both asleep. The one person who knows how you feel just by a glimpse of your eyes and your unaware touch of what’s going on when you play with your own hands. But what are you suppose to do when they don’t seem to care if you’re around or not anymore. When your bestfriend breaks your heart it’s like apart of you is gone. Because you guys made up your own slang,your own way of saying I love you it’s okay,you became inseparable. The 1 in the morning rush running around the block smoking and talking about another universe. The plans to get married and live by one another. You never had to change around them and now they don’t want to even know if you’re okay. Million memories start to replay. Because you know damn well the two bestfriends that stuck by your side through anything since elementary school are going their own way. You know the two bestfriends you’ve had through everything you won’t be able to have that connection with anyone else. They saw you change and still held your hand when you felt nervous to become who you are. They told you five times a day I love you for who you are it doesn’t matter how you dress or what you do. Now they have a new life and you aren’t even missed when their heart skips a beat. You feel so completely and utterly lost.