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'Was this just like a game to you?' + 'get out of my sight' for iwaoi?

Tooru’s exhausted, heading home after his latest volleyball game. He can feel it seeping into his bones, and he’s longing for a hot shower and a nice long rest in bed.

He isn’t expecting to walk up the sidewalk to his apartment and see Hajime sitting on the stairs, hands pressed together, expression tight.

He’s happy to see his boyfriend, and a smile brightens his features.


“Was this just a game to you?” Hajime’s voice is low, and shaky. Tooru’s never heard him talk like this before, the hurt in his voice cutting through Tooru like a knife, completely cutting off what he wanted to say.

Tooru freezes, still in front of the steps. He drops his bag to his feet. All of the excitement he had felt about coming home, seeing Hajime, fizzles away, leaving acid in his stomach. No, no, of course not-

I saw your interview,” Hajime cuts in, closing his eyes, and inhaling sharply. He looks pained, and Tooru can see how hard he’s clenching his hands into fists. How hard he’s shaking. No, this isn’t right-

“No, I’m not involved with anyone,”  Hajime repeats, the exact lines from Tooru’s interview that had ended just hours prior. Tooru can feel the bile building up in his throat. This is wrong-

“No, Hajime-”

“Seriously?” He stands, voice raising. “I-I know that we talked about it, and decided that we’d keep all this quiet… for your career - a gay pro athlete would cause a stir… and you can’t do that, and I get it, I really get it, but…” He lets out a frustrated groan, covering his face with his hands. “But, fuck - you pretending, so easily-”

Tooru pales, “It wasn’t easy-”

“That we haven’t been together for the past five years? I… I didn’t expect it to hurt so badly.” Hajime sighs, and he sounds.. defeated.


And, god - Tooru caused that.

Tooru swallows, biting back tears. He takes a step closer, reaching desperately for Hajime - he needs to explain this, fix this, now. He touches his face, fingers pressing familiarly against his cheeks and jaw, but Hajime does… nothing.

He doesn’t lean into him. He doesn’t push him away. He just doesn’t react.

Somehow, that’s even worse.

Tooru drops his hands to his sides, fingernails digging into his palms. He feels blood pearl around each finger, and it only pushes him to press harder. They’d talked about this. Hajime had promised him, he’d told him it was okay - he’d lied. “Hajime, this isn’t fair, you said it was okay-

“For fuck’s sake, we can’t even share an apartment! We’re still visiting each other every other weekend like we’re still in college. I don’t even have a key to yours. I want to be with you, Tooru. I don’t want… this. Hiding. Being too scared to be seen together too much in public. Lying to the world..” Hajime’s voice breaks, and he closes his eyes. “I’m… tired, Tooru. Tired of never feeling like we’re going anywhere. Like I’m not enough. Like… we aren’t enough for you.”

“Hajime, no… I can’t… I don’t… Please, I love you…” Tooru pleads desperately, unable to even cry, he’s too shocked. His own skin is cold as ice; Hajime finally looks at him, and his gaze feels like a needle piercing his heart.

“I don’t know if that’s enough anymore.” Hajime takes a step back and his shoulders sag. “I… I can’t do this right now. I need you out of my sight.” He shakes his head, biting back tears. Tooru chokes on a sob; Hajime doesn’t cry. “Please.”

Tooru doesn’t move. He can’t. Hajime is everything - he’s the one who lifts him up, makes him strong, keeps him safe. He’s the one who talks Tooru off the ledge when everything else seems lost, he’s the one who goes above and beyond to help him, love him-

And Tooru just unknowingly dealt his finishing blow.

It feels like time is standing still. At least that way, Tooru doesn’t have to face it - the openness, the nothingness that he can already feel ebbing in, swirling around, threatening to swallow him up. It’d be easy, just to let himself be consumed by it.

But Tooru looks up, and Hajime is still watching him. Waiting for his reaction.

So he figures out how to move his limbs again. Feels the blood start to pump back into his system, leaving him dizzy. He turns, making room for Hajime, who walks down the stairs and out of Tooru’s life.

It isn’t until Tooru walks back into his apartment that he falls to the floor, and breaks.

Part 2 | Part 3

Comatose-Chapter 5

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression

You startle awake. There is a warm heavy weight hampering your movement, and you freeze for a second before your mind catches up with your situation. Logan is draped across your chest, legs intertwined with your own, mumbling incoherently in his sleep. Moving slowly, you begin the arduous process of detangling yourself from the bearlike man.

Careful as you can so you don’t wake him, you finally manage to slip out of bed, making your way to the bathroom. Taking care of your needs, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and you recoil in shock. You don’t recognize the person staring back at you. Your eyes are dull and red-rimmed, with bags heavy beneath them, and your skin is pale and drawn. Sighing to yourself, you draw a brush through your hair, resolving to at least pretend to be able to deal with this. What was that old adage? Fake it till you make it, right?

Satisfied with your appearance, you make your way to your closet, earning a mumbled, “Mornin’,” from a groggy Logan.

“Morning,” you reply as he eyes you warily.

“How ya doin this mornin?” he inquires.

“I’m fine, wolf man. Stop stressing.” You fake a smile in his direction, if he doubts you he doesn’t let on.

Settling instead for a wry chuckle and a, “Shut up, Bub,” he gets out of bed and makes his way to the bathroom.

While you strip out of your night attire, donning a pair of faded jeans and a T-shirt, and pulling on a pair of converse, you make your way to the kitchen to start breakfast. You were leaving that afternoon, and a solid breakfast would take you a long way. Reaching into the cupboard to retrieve the batter you would need for pancakes, you stall halfway when a knock sounds at the door. With a frown on your face, you make your way to the source of the noise. Pulling open the door, you come face to face with none other than James Buchanan Barnes.

“I thought I made myself clear, Barnes,” you say duly. He flinches at your emotionless tone.

“I need ta talk ta ya. Please, doll,” he pleads.

With a sigh you relent, ushering him inside, waiting patiently for him to say something, anything. He gives you only silence as he fidgets nervously under your intense scrutiny. When you’ve finally had enough of his stalling, you huff, “Out with it, Barnes. I can’t stand here and watch you flounder all day. I have shit to do.”

“Yeah, um, right. Can I sit?” he asks.

You gesture to the couch, giving your permission, and take the seat opposite him.

“I know I fucked up,” he starts. “I know what I did was as bad as it gets, especially with your history, and I have no excuse.” He sighs, dropping his head into his hands. “You’re my everything, (Y/N), and I can’t watch you walk out.” He’s crying, tears leaving translucent tracks down his cheeks. “I’ll give ya all the time you need, I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t leave,” he begs, growing increasingly agitated. “I’ll stay as far away from ya as you want, just stay here!”

You hold up your hand, cutting off his tirade. “What I need is to leave, James. Something is fundamentally broken inside me, and staying here isn’t going to help me fix it,” you quietly explain. “I can’t bear to be near you, or Natasha. I don’t want to be. You did the one thing you promised never to do.” Gripping the armrest of the couch tightly, you can feel yourself quake, and gave a mirthless laugh. “You took everything we were, everything we could have been, and threw it away!” Rising from the couch, you move away from Bucky, toward the door.“I’m not saying I won’t ever be able to forgive you, but right now, I’m walking a thin line between love and hate, and I need to go before you destroy me completely. So please, get out. Give me time. Respect me enough to leave me alone. If I want to talk to you, I know where to find you.”

Bucky draws in a shaky breath, swallowing down whatever smartass retort was building there. “Fine,” he relents begrudgingly. “But I ain’t giving up on you, doll. Or on us.” His words ring with promise as he heads for the door. Stopping briefly, he hesitates before dropping a kiss to the crown of your head, then exits the apartment, leaving you standing in the middle of your living room floor, contemplating your lack of response to the world around you.

Shrugging your shoulders, you continue with your plan for making breakfast, returning to shuffling around the kitchen.

Logan clears his throat loudly, suddenly inches from you, and pulls you back by the waist. “Move over. You were always a shit cook,” he grumbles, grabbing the spatula and shoving you toward the vacant seat at the kitchen counter. “I heard voices.”

“Yeah.” You shrug. It really didn’t matter.

“You wanna talk about it?” he says, sneaking glances at you from his peripheral.

“No, thank you, Logan,” you reply, staring dead ahead.

It’s then that Logan starts to worry. He knows that look. The dead eyes. The emotionless voice. You are slowly chipping away at the very foundation of who you are, and it sends a sharp sting of fear up his spine. He doesn’t want to think of the havoc you could bring to the world if you give up on your humanity.

She might just destroy us all, he thinks as he loads pancakes onto your plate.

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Veronica Lodge imagines - Fallen pearls

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AN: Alright, I’m giving in and writing Riverdale imagines now. God dammit, I told myself I wouldn’t jump onto another fandom wagon but here I am, inspired after the last episode and my undeniable crush on Ronnie Lodge. 

This one is dedicated to all my loves out there that adore this chick as much as I but there is no fan fiction to read about her. 

Summary: After the news that Ronnie’s dad has hurt many families, you’re there for Ronnie in a way Betty can’t be. 

Pairing: Veronica x reader

Word count: 790 (short but sweet)

Warnings: None, some strong language 

“Where’s Ronnie?” You rushed up to Betty as she stood by her locker. You had heard from Kevin that Veronica had a melt down earlier that day and you couldn’t believe she hadn’t come to you about it. 

“Woah…Hey…” Betty chuckled as you had startled her slightly with your urgent question. 

“Veronica Lodge?” You asked again, shaking your head.

“Um…I don’t know, she might be by the bleachers getting some fresh air. That’s what she told me but…” You cut Betty short by rushing out to the school field. 

Betty was right, Veronica was sat on the bleachers, alone, watching the guys practice football. You could see Archie’s bright red hair from a mile off and you could tell he was the one that Veronica was watching. 

You didn’t call her name, or try and get her attention; you just silently climbed the bleachers to get to her. 

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The Star Crossed Lovers (Connverse)

Replacing my Phinbella heart with this 

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Poor Connie :(

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Steven: “We could be friends”

This is one of the reasons why Steven is my favorite character!

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Their holding hands :3

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Connie: “You don’t need any powers to be here with me”

And this was when Connverse was my new OTP 

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Connie sleeping on Steven back while riding on Lion :3

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Connie blushing :3

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Shy little cinnamon roll asking her bae to dance with him. Also she blushes!

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This is the second time that they were about to kiss!

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Their future child looks so beautiful! 

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Even Garnet support this ship! 

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Watching the snow together 

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I really thought Steven was going to confess his feelings to Connie

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Connie doesn’t care of your opinions, Steven. She only care of what you like 

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He has so many pictures of him and Connie hanging out

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He doesn’t want Connie to get hurt

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World reference 

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I’m getting hurt 

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Oh geez 

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Oh Steven 

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My official OTP 

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“I want to. I want to be part of your universe” 


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Yes! She wants to more use to the Crystal Gems!

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Pearl support this ship too! 

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Best Friends fight together

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Holding hands again

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The best duo 

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This was basically my reaction when I found out Steven is actually 14 years old

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Wow, Steven is actually planning on marrying Connie when they grow up

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Their hugging again :3

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My second favorite Steven Universe ship, first being Ruby and Saphire. As much I want them to together, that’s not the main focus, which I respect. It sucks that I have to wait but it will be worth the wait :D

Can we NOT imagine this? #5

Dear Dearest Person B,

Your the silky blue moonlight on a navy midnight sky,
Which reappears distorted yet beautifully on the water’s surface.
Your the prideful warmth of the embracing sun on a shy blue sky, holding my skin in love and life and always brightening my day.
Your like a electric yellow orb of light in a rustic lamp,
Which is found in a dark, dense room filled with unsteadiness,
yet you make it better.
Your the light of my life.♡


Dear Loving Person A,

You’re* the world to me.
You’re* the reason why I wake up every morning.
You’re* the light of my life.
You’re* grammar sucks though.


Dear Irreplaceable Person B,


i wANt A diVORcE.

Dating Henry Turner Would Include
  • The relationship would be bashful at first on both ends
  • Adventures at sea
  • Being there with him when he reunites with his father for the first time in nine years
  • Elizabeth would love you, absolutely adore you
  • Stealing Henry gifts which he sheepishly urges you to return
  • “Darling, I appreciate the gesture but you know it’s wrong to steal- especially things of this cost.”
    “Henry it seems to me that you keep forgetting the blistering fact that… we’re pirates.”
  • Teaching him about astronomy
  • Buying Henry a brand new custom made compass for this birthday present
  • Midnight dips in a blue lagoon
  • He would be an extremely sweet and caring boyfriend
  • Henry putting your life and safety before his every time
  • Both of you always managing to get wrapped up in Jack Sparrow’s adventures of misfortune where he, undoubtedly, crosses the two of you every time but you just keep getting dragged back in
  • “And why, Captain Jack Sparrow, do you think we’d help you? I don’t know if you recall but your last voyage got both of us,” You motioned towards the space between Henry and yourself, “thrown in a foreign jail for weeks! We almost got executed… again!”
    “I thought you two lovebirds enjoyed spending time together, no?”
  • Exploring the world together
  • Henry sometimes loathed the idea of you being a pirate. He knew you deserved better and never wanted to see you in harm’s way.
  • Buying a boat together
  • Henry gifting you with a journal, pearl necklace, and a star map as a present on your birthday.
  • Collecting various shells from each of your numerous expeditions
  • Always stealing his clothes, whether that be his jackets, socks, pirate hat, or shirts. 
  • “I feel like I already know the answer but, Y/n, love, have you seen my hat anywhere?”
  • Elizabeth and Will becoming your second parents
  • Trying out a ‘modern’ life together which involved settling down for a while in a small home. It only took one month of this forced way of living for both of you to change your mind. 
  • “I think we’re too young to live this sort of life. I kind of miss being a dirty, rotten old pirate.”
  • Fishing together off the side of the Black Pearl
  • “Darling, darling, I caught something!” Henry shouted from the opposite end of the rocking boat. Out of curiosity, you place your makeshift rod on the edge on the wood and joined your boyfriend at his side. As you glanced around his shoulder you watched him reel the line with a newfound excitement. Although his face fell the moment his catch of the day was presented.
    “Oh… Henry, it’s uh, lovely.” You coughed back your giggled as Henry emptied out the water from the torn up boot attached to his hook. He gave you a teasing glare and threw the piece into the water.
    “Shut up.”
  • Kisses with the lingering taste of salt water
  • Henry not being able to take his eyes off you the few times you’re forced into a dress and corset. He loves your natural state but seeing you clean up nice was a rarity. 
  • “Henry, please for a second, stop looking at me that way. I love you, but I can hardly breath in this thing. Just please help me out!”
  • When an unsettling, dangerous, feeling rose, Henry would always reach to his side and subconsciously lace his fingers with yours. A silent act that comforted both of you.
  • After being kidnapped by passing pirates, Henry and you lose paths for a while; that was until he made it his mission to get you back and with the, bargained, help of Jack Sparrow and devotedness of his parents he does.
  • Henry freaking out in pure happiness the one time you lifted your dress in front of him then later going to Jack and telling him about the exciting event,
  • “I saw her ankle, her ankle! It was so beautiful- I can’t believe it!”
    “Oh just wait until you see the rest, laddie.”
  • You two rarely fought, more so bickered like an old married couple.
  • But when you two do get in fights, they’re pretty rough although it takes a lot to start one.
  • The after damage includes harsh glares from the other side of the ships, rude remarks, and flat out ignoring each other.
  • Henry usually forfeited first and apologized, no matter who’s at fault.
  • He’ll pick flowers for you from a town at dock and rummage through his coins to buy you a small gift.
  • Heated makeout sessions afterwards to make up from the tension created
  • Elizabeth would love sewing and buying you dresses. She had always wanted a daughter and having someone like you that she was close with helped fill the hole she felt.
  • Sword fighting in your spare time
  • Singing him to sleep with the ocean waves playing in the background

- Daizy

Hi! To every person reading this, I just wanted to tell you that I’m proud of you today. I’m so happy that my world has someone as unique as you. I’m proud of you for seeing this day, darling, and I’m so proud that you’re going to be somewhere in some part of this world, still connected to a million other hearts who beat just like yours. Go ahead and scroll down to the next post, take that breath, and live the next wonderful moment.  I’m cheering you on, my love.

1934. New years eve. You’re in brooklyn just for a few hours to watch Glenn Miller play before he goes mia during the war. This guy across the room keeps making eyes at you & he’s kinda cute so you smile back & he comes over to talk.
“You know, I know the face of every dame in Brooklyn. So why don’t I know you?”
“I’m from California. Just passing through.”
“Thats a shame”
So he sits down & you get talking. Hours pass but it feels like minutes. Next thing you know hes asking you to dance to what would later be called Moonlight Serenade.
“So how long are you in town for?”
“I’m leaving tonight.”
“So this is all I get?”
“Give me a reason to stay.”
At that moment the music changes and people start counting down to midnight.
“10. 9. 8. 7…”
“Why did you leave california?”
“It wasnt home.”
“I can give you a home. So please, stay. Just for a while.”
“3. 2. 1. Happy new year!”
You go in for the kiss and it’s like instant fireworks. “Happy New Year, Bucky Barnes.” You impulsively decide to stay and wind up moving in with Bucky and his skinny little friend. You start working at the club where you two met as a singer while he works any job he can get. Years pass and you fall madly in love. Then Pearl Harbor is bombed and he gets drafted. On his last night before shipping out he takes you out to the Stark Expo and out dancing and the two of you stay out until sunrise. You go with him to the docks so you can kiss him goodbye one last time before he leaves and right before he gets on the boat he slides a ring on your finger.
“When I get back I want you to make me the luckiest man in the world.”
Months pass and you find yourself alone because even his skinny friend left to go fight in the war. You spend your days reading every paper and listening to the radio praying you never hear his name amongst the dead. Once you hear about the Howling Comandos you spend all your time at the movies watching news reels hoping to see his face again. Then one day your whole world comes crashing down when you hear about what happened on the train so you pack your bags and never look back. Fast forward to modern day. Bucky is out of cryo. Every trace of Hydra is gone from his brain. He decides to move back to Brooklyn because it was the last place he ever felt truly happy. Then one day, at the local farmers market, he sees a girl that looks identical to you but brushes it off as his mind playing tricks on him. Except he keeps seeing that girl everywhere around town. One day he sees the girl and notices a very familiar ring on her finger. He gets up the courage to ask her about it.
“Excuse me, miss. Where did you get that ring?”
“My fiancé gave it to me before …”
You turn to face the man and fall silent, tears springing to your eyes.
You practically knock him off his feet with the force of your hug, trying to hide your sobs in his chest.
“Kitty? How is this possible?”
“Come with me back to my place. There’s a lot to explain.”
He follows you back to your apartment building, the same one you two lived in together all those years ago but recently renovated. You make him some tea and sit with him on the couch explaining that the reason you were still alive and as young as when he left was because you were a time traveler who had only been in that club that night to hear Glenn Miller. You tell him that the California you had left behind was the modern one and that he was the only reason you stayed as long as you did and that the only reason you left was because your home had supposedly died in the war. Then you tell him that you moved back into your old building because it was the closest thing you had to a real home and that you still wear his ring every day and tell any guy that hits on you that you’re engaged. Bucky breaks down crying which makes you start crying and all either of you can do is hold each other before you finally break the silence.
“Now that you’re back, how about I keep my promise and make you the luckiest man in the world?”
He moves in that same day and later that week you start planning your wedding 70+ years in the making. Every little detail has to be perfect. And Bucky wants to be involved in making sure it’s all perfect. The only thing you don’t let him get involved with is picking the song for your first dance. The big day rolls around and everything goes acording to plan. All of your closest friends and family are there. Both of you were sobbing while reading your vows. Everything was perfect. Back at the reception everyone is milling around waiting for the two of you to make your grand entrance. The doors open and you head to the dance floor for your first dance. Moonlight Serenade starts playing over the speakers and Bucky breaks down in tears, remembering both the night you met and the night before he shipped out and how much he’s loved you for all these years. He leans in close and whispers in your ear. “This song was the only thing Hydra could never take from me. Every time I thought about it I could see your face and I felt safe and loved.”
This made you break down crying and all you could do was hold him close and kiss him, giving him yet another sweet memory to go with your song. More years pass and one day you come home to find Bucky on the couch with your kids watching random home movies when suddenly the video and photo montage from your wedding starts playing, the song Lucky by Bif Naked playing over pictures of you getting ready, and Bucky starts tearing up. You walk up behind him and bend over to wrap your arms around him, kissing his cheek before moving to the other side and sitting in his lap, singing along with the song, both finally happy and home.

(Sorry it’s so long. Also sorry for any typos. I was literally sobbing while typing this.)

Please tell me you’ve written this or are planning to because I swear I almost cried and you picked one of my favourite songs. and I’m gonna need a minute. - Gen 

Fluffy Friday™ 

What Keeps Gemkind Alive

Almost two years ago I went to a mineral expo, saw a display of pyrite cubes, and fell in love immediately… and also made a gemsona, which were all the rage back then - a golden tooth for a gem, a rapier, a pyrite pirate… and then never did anything with her.

So here’s a quick, dark, vengeful, and entirely non-nice thing, that isn’t about her at all, really, but about a pearl, because I’m predictable, and is pretty much a blatant Bertolt Brecht/Pirate Jenny reference slash revenge fantasy slash awful pun. Mildly odd self-indulgence, perhaps. Warnings for discussion of Homeworld treatment of pearls.

She’s always been a good pearl.

The commander was given her brand-new at the same time as she was honoured with this posting, so, barring the rare trips her commander’s had to take, pearl’s experience of other places is very limited.

The orbital port isn’t big, but its placement makes it a frequent maintenance stop for ships on several important routes. Pearl knows this is correct, because many Gems much more important and much smarter and most certainly more right than her in all things have told her this - and how kind of them to offer her, a pearl, pleasantly simple explanations of matters far beyond her!

She makes sure to smile at them, bright and grateful - but not too wide. She’s always been so good, so obedient, the frequent visitors and old-timers agree. But it’s a real shame, they say, that her smile isn’t as nice as the rest of her. There’s something sharp, something hiding just behind it that they know couldn’t possibly be there, and must have been a trick of the light. An unfortunately unappealing feature on a creature otherwise so successfully made to be appealing. So she bows her head demurely and keeps all but tiny slivers of her smiles to herself.

They all like the chance to pretend a pearl, this pearl, is theirs. And they feel safe in the knowledge that the commander, so loathe to leave her fine, private offices, will never find out.

Pearl doesn’t like how they look at her, or how they touch her, or how they don’t. How she can be grabbed and pulled and pushed whenever someone decides they feel like it, or how she can be made to stand quietly in a corner while the planet spins and spins and spins for endless cycles, without so much as a look thrown her way. But she is good and she has always been good and she stays in her corner and gazes, intently, out through the viewports. Oh, they have a laugh at that, of course. What could there possibly be out there, of interest to a pearl? What’s gotten into her pretty little head?

Pearl watches, and waits, until the agate, in charge of keeping the crowd of visitors and passengers and crew from becoming too rowdy, takes her by the arm and turns her so she’s facing the wall and her strange, unyielding stare isn’t bothering anyone any longer. Her eyes skim over the tiny dents where the corner plating is welded together instead of over the countless stars outside, and she doesn’t move until someone decides they want her to.

She cleans things, often. She likes how the metal reinforcements in the floor glitter when she polishes them, rich and gold, like something else entirely. She’s a good pearl, she really is, but she gets caught up in it, sometimes, and a helpful visiting Gem who sees her lost and staring will make sure to nudge her, bring her back to reality, back to work. Have a little chuckle at the poor pearl who can’t really help it, can she, so silly, so easily distracted by a bit of shiny mesh in the flooring.

She keeps the cupboards and shelves and storage in order in every bit of the station, from the commander’s impossibly pristine office to the always-grimy, always fuel-stained maintenance area. She takes care to straighten out and arrange even the endless mess of wires and cabling the comm team always leaves tangled.

She does all these things, and she waits, and she smiles, but only to herself, because she knows what she’s waiting for, and they -  they do not.

“Proximity alert, we have an unknown ship approaching-”

“Intruders on decks one to five!”

Pearl waits.

“Where’s our distress signal? What are you doing?”

“The comms are down, ma’am! The lines have been cut and there’s- interference- I can’t-”

Pearl waits.

The ground shakes and bulkheads crumble under fire, and in the chaos the station crew cries out- the attack came out of nowhere, they say, the sensor systems somehow failed to detect any intrusion in the security perimeter, and a growing number of panicked voices takes up a cry of sabotage-!

Pearl leaves her corner, because with everyone busy running for their lives there’s no one around anymore to tell her not to, and she steps out of the main hall and strolls towards the teeming escape pod hangars.

And then, oh, there she is, finally, finally-

Her hair glistens in the light of the turned-down jets, dancing even in the still air of the artificial atmosphere bubble. She scans the crowd, and when she spots Pearl her lips widen into a joyous grin, the glint of her gem-incisor perfectly eye-catching as she struts forward. Terrified, defeated citrine guards scamper out of her way, trying to hide in the rubble.

Her darling is golden all over, and she holds Pearl close and tells her how much she’s missed her.

“What took you so long?” Pearl whispers into her chest, clinging tightly.

“My dear, getting a ship is far from easy,” Pyrite murmurs into her hair. “I’ll make it up to you, I promise. Whatever you want. All the time in all the worlds we talked about visiting, all yours and mine.”

Behind them, a citrine shuffles back into action, an improvised club raised above her hand - but she is slow and desperate, and a golden rapier, even distracted, makes short work of her.

“What should we do with the rest of them?” Pyrite asks, sounding almost bored as her crew rounds up the captured.

So Pearl considers her options, and ignores the scattered cries of you’re asking the pearl? from somewhere below her knees. It’s like she has done, in secret, retreating into herself to be alone with her thoughts, very many times before. Though there aren’t that many options she bothers to consider anymore, really - a bittersweet conclusion she’s come to a long time ago.

“I want them gone.”

“All of them?”

“All of them.”

All of them thought nothing of treating her like she was nothing.

Some cry out in fear, some plead for mercy, some try to put up a fight - all of it equally futile. Some of them crack, some shatter, some split clean in half.

Pyrite sends her crew back on board to prepare for takeoff, offers Pearl her arm, and promises she will never have to wait again.

The walk back down to the dock isn’t long at all, and the station is unusually, pleasantly, beautifully quiet.

The ship departs.

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wait what do you mean if it weren't for garnet and amethyst you wouldn't be watching this show? what about the other characters, the plot lines, and the social activism?? (not an attack, genuinely curious)

no offence but the latest episodes hasn’t been good (except for room for ruby and storm in the room, i enjoyed those two) and i just don’t trust the crewniverse after how they treated bismuth (btw why is she still in a bubble?? rose killing pink diamond was justified only a few episodes after that)

the end of season 1, season 2 and the beginning of season 3 was in my opinion su at it’s best and i remember getting excited for new episodes. now i don’t feel anything particular?? i don’t like the current peridot and i don’t like how the crewniverse can’t seem to decide what to do with lapis character (i liked her in room for ruby though). i’m tired of pearl getting the most development and attention out of her, garnet and amethyst. i want more garnet development that isn’t centered around ruby and sapphire, cause you know she’s her own person and all??

i still like su obviously, because it has some really good episodes like the return, jailbreak, mirror gem, ocean gem, the answer, the peridot redemption arc, on the run, earthlings, know your fusion, super watermelon island, gem drill, same old world, hit the diamond, mr greg, monster reunion etc. but i’m just kinda losing interest?? also, amethyst also deserves a human gf!!

I live where you can’t see me,
Hiding away in the shadows of the deep,
I swim into the bottom of your world,
For every space I cross I see a thousand pearls
I breathe what I know you fear
-Daughter Darling

This design was done by J. Waterhouse many a- decade ago, because of Daughter Darling’s lyrics I’ve wanted to paint this, it is so fitting for mermaids that live in the dark swamps and seas that are mysterious and dangerous to us. It’s really different than my usual style, and kind of rough due to brush strokes, but I hope you still like it.

drawn by Zakuga

My Husband, Kim JunMeow

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Chapter o1. Kim JunMeow

I hate cats.  Cats are atrocious, selfish little monsters who leave your costly business attire looking like you slaughtered a bear and your airways choking of fur balls.  

“What do they even do?  Eat, sleep, poop.  Repeat.”

“Luxury life, you jelly?” my cat lover friend, Lila, clicks her pen against my temple and jeers.

“Pftt.  Of their smelly butts?  Why would I be?” I roll my eyes and collected my Chemistry textbooks from the library table.

“You’re just hating.  Cats are the cutest most cuddly creatures in this world,” she exaggerates with clasp hands against her cheeks and eyes that almost bulge out in animated hearts.

I shiver just thinking about all the entrapped saliva nestled in their fur.  My friend scoffs and begins to pack her bags as well.  It is the last semester of college and the last thing I want is to go to class but the last thing I could afford is to not go to class.  

“The world out there is your cat!” the dork leaps onto her feet and exclaims.

I smack my textbook shut in her face and amusingly correct, “You mean oyster??”  She grimaces from the intrusive breeze and pouts.  “'The world is your oyster’, it means we are all in the position to take opportunities life has to offer.”

The cherubic faced female raises her brow.

“…Because you can’t get the pearl without grinding and prying open the shell.  Some people settle for comfort and pick tiny, easy to open ones and end up with a dull rock.  Others choose to take the road less travelled, pick the biggest oyster, hammer, tear, and groove it until the mollusk reveals the flawlessly shiny one-of-a-kind pearl,” I recite with so much genuine poetic passion that I almost think I’m auditioning for a Shakespearean play.  I’d like to think Shakespeare would be proud of me.  

“No.  I did mean, ‘The world out there is your cat.’  Cats are priceless.  Pearls are not,” Lila counters.

I smack my face with my palm.  “I seriously hate cats,” I grunt under my breath.

“Well, don’t tell me I didn’t tell you, you’re gonna marry a cat one daaaay~” she singsongs.

“No, thank you, you crazy cat lady~” I play along and sing back as I skip my way through the library exit and wave goodbye to my dear friend.  

Books snuggled tightly against my chest, I slug my way to the lab to make up my Chemistry report. I had flunked it twice and it is my last chance if I didn’t want to spend my entire summer back here.

“Meow,” I hear a short purr from the bushes and skid to a stop.  “Meow~” the creature calls out to me.  Only its large circular eyes are visible from behind the shadows.  With a sharp inhale and wide-eyed with realization that said-smelly fur ball monster is right in front of me, I snap my neck to the other side and speed walk away.  

Meow >:(,” the abandoned cat grunts and scampers back into the alley.  


“Ahh, I think I failed again,” I groan and blow concentrated air up at my now messy bangs.  Oh, woe, little miss damsel in distress who can’t seem to get the right amount of sulfite into the beaker or set the thermometer to beep at boiling point.

“What am I going to do with my life?” I dramatize and deflate.  “Should I start bribing the TA?” I mumble under my breath and anxiously bite my nails as I eye myself head to toe at the glass reflection of the campus building.  Hair disheveled and unwashed for three days, dark bags under my eyes, and jeans only God knows how long I haven’t washed for.  Life of a college science student~  What life.  WHAT LIFE?!?!  Even a rich geezer would steer far away, much more the young, handsome, and intelligent TA, Kim Jongdae.  Puffs of happy stars and fluttering butterfly hearts twirl in front of me at the thought of my crush’s kitten smile.  

“He likes cats, you know that right?” Lila’s knowing advice replays in my mind and my shoulders slump.  

“No, not even for him, I wouldn’t—“ I start but my voice trails in projection at the sight of the twin glowing eyes reflected on the window.  Slowly, I turn around to come face to face with a white cat.  His luscious fur almost illuminates like holographic magic in the dead of the night.  

“GAHHH!” I shrill and run to hide behind a street lamp post.  

The feline’s marble-like eyes follow me with a striking intensity.  And from the bluish onyx hue, I instantly recognize it to be the same cat from before.  He approaches me, one paw at a time as I cower farther and farther behind my makeshift barricade, that really didn’t protect me much at all.  It’s a good placebo though.

“Wait, placebos are used in the context of medication, you Pabo,” I grumble to myself.  Ah, distress, pure distress of a science major who was too much of a chicken to spend eight years in Med school yet whose brain is wired in a way of a medical dictionary.  Oh woe, me.

“Meow!” the cat’s snappish call wakes me up from my own pessimistic thoughts.  

“Do-don’t get near me!” I order but the cat continues to advance, stopping right in front of me.  His fluffy paw lifts and he places it on the tip of my foot.  I hold my breath and almost lose my breath from anxiety.  Alright, alright.  I admit it, I have Ailurophobia a.k.a the irrational fear of cats.  It’s not that I hate them I just…  

“G-go…” I stutter.  The beautiful feline tilts his head and gazes up at me with a glint in his twinkling eyes.  “D-don’t make me kick you…” I make a false threat and wobble my foot that he had his palm placed on, hoping he would just let go.  

Instead, he places his other paw down too.  “Meow~”

“Stop,” I strictly say.  

“Meow :(“ his purr betrays his hurt.  Innocently, the kitty snuggles his entire body closer and settles down by using both of my feet as his cushion.  He looks up with puppy eyes…only, well…puppy eyes on a cat…yah…you know what I mean…I digress…He looks up with puppy eyes as if waiting for me to reject him but hoping I wouldn’t.

“Stop.  Don’t give me that look,” I frown, “I’m not taking you home.”  

Without letting him reply, I slide my feet backward to freedom.  The cat plops back down onto the concrete floor.  Frowning, I pull the straps of my backpack and start to walk home.  It is already past 11pm, which meant lingering any longer would be dangerous.

I take a step forward.  

“Meow~” the kitty whines, trailing my steps.  He swirls and twirls his way between my two feet and looks up with pure anticipation.  Again, I try to detach myself from this fur ball monster wearing a cute angelic face as a disguise.  He latches on with both paws around my right ankle.  I groan.

“Look kitty…there’s a bunch of cat lovers around here,” I explain with exasperation.  Pointing straight down the street, I persuade, “If you continue down this road and make two lefts and see a peach brick house, stop and meow loudly, a crazy cat lady will take you in.”

“Meow :(“ he grunts and lowers his head.  He licks his front paws and then looks up at me again.  

“Her name is Lila and she’s a little weird but she’s very caring and would adore you…” I elaborate.  “So go on your way…” I shoo and start to walk again.  Again, he follows.  I skid to a stop and try to persuade him again.  This happens for another half an hour before I give up and just head home pretending there isn’t a clingy feline tailing me.  

In front of my house, I try to distract the cat as best as possible so I could unlock the door, slip in, and slam it before he could follow me in but he holds onto my legs and begs in meows.  It is a bit chilly tonight and soft drizzles only showed potential to turn into a heavy rain storm.  Momentary hesitation equals an opportunity for the fluff ball.  He squeezes through the door gap and dashes into my apartment.  Groaning, I toss my head back in resignation.  

“It really isn’t the time for this…” I heave and head in as well.  Too tired from the day of studying and testing and failing and trying to get rid of a cat, I end up just plopping down onto the sofa.  Arms outstretched wide and head thrown back, I think about surrendering and being a cry baby for one day.  You know, the possibility of not graduating in time is quite daunting even if it does sound like #firstworldproblems.  On the other hand, unlike me, this cat curiously wanders around and makes himself at home.  

“Well, I’m tired, Kitty.  I’m calling it a night.  You be good and I’ll drop you off at the animal shelter tomorrow morning, okay?” I bargain.  

Lethargically, I drag myself to my room and toss my dead weight against the bed.  Soft whimpers fleet from my lips.  I snuggle my way into my blanket cocoon.  Flying sheep are seconds from sending me to sweet slumber when I feel a furry paw against my nose.  My eyes shot open.

“No. Stay on floor,” I discipline, lift the bad boy up, and put him onto the ground.  I roll back into my comfy bed…only seconds later, I feel a soft tug against my blanket.  My lips part and I gather up the last of my patience to scold the little monster, when I notice its choppy tugs.  He had grabbed onto the corner of my blanket with his teeth and was slowly pulling it to cover my shoulders.  My expressions soften without my permission.  When he finally deems it a good job tucking me in, the amicable creature leaps back down to the floor and tries to build his own warm bed by curling his tail around his body.  So innocent and vulnerable.  A tinge of guilt penetrates through my heart.  

“You want a blankie?” I question, my voice a little gentler than before.  

The cat surprises me by shaking his head, as if fully comprehending my question.  Chewing on my inner cheek, I spring up, grab a cushion from my chair, and place it on the floor next to him.

“You can use it as a bed.”

Again, he shakes his head.  I frown.

“The floor’s extra cold tonight because of the rain outside…” I observe but the feline tilts his head and doesn’t make the move to accept my offer.

Sighing, I inquire, “You want a towel or a soft t-shirt or a plushie to snuggle with?” I look around my room for some cat-friendly items.  That’s when I squint and notice the leather band around his neck.  "Oh, hey…you have a collar.  Are you not a stray?” I kneel down and observe the pendant.  Sadly, the age and rust of the metal tampers much of the information’s legibility.  

Kim Su—

Instead of answering my question, he wraps his paws around my arm, tugs me closer, and tries to nestle on my lap.  I toss my head back and groan at this troublesome cat.  “I should just toss you out,” I grumble under my breath.

As if understanding my words, the cat instantly lets go of my arm.  His eyes glosses over and he melts against the floor as if sulking.  

“I was only joking!” I quickly back track.  "It is pouring cats and dogs outside, I’m not that heartless…” I reassure and somehow instinctively outstretch my palm to pet him on the head.  He likes it very much, much more than I had imagined.  With a long sigh, I scan my bed.  “You want to climb on the bed?”

The corners of his lips curl up and he jumps up and down with joy.  Chuckling, I surrender and hop onto the bed.  He follows suit.

“Stay at the foot of the bed,” I half-heartedly instruct with a yawn.  The white fluff obediently stays at the spot for about two minutes, before he sneaks his way toward my shoulder.  “I said, ‘Foot…of…the…bed…’” my voice slurs due to my sleepiness.  Dozing in and out, I recall him nestling comfortably at the croak of my neck.  Automatically, my body cuddles around the warm guest, who lays the final magical touch to my sweet dreams.


My tongue smacks against the top of my mouth palate as I half-consciously try to moistens the dryness.  Whimpering, I roll around in my sheets, hoping to stretch out my sore muscles before the alarm clock shrills anxiety back into my life.  One more satisfying stretch and I open my eyes to a good morning—

“AHHH!” I shriek at the sight of a stranger sleeping beside me.  Automatically, my body chooses flight over fight; I back away so hastily, my body crashes from the bed onto the floor.  The chaotic noise awakens the man.  

Long lashes flutter open.  His movements are fluid and graceful as he rolls out his shoulders and sits himself upright on my bed.  He stares at my astonished state with the tilt of his head and several innocent blinks.  Heaving air back into my frightened lungs, I reflexively lift the blanket from my body and look down.  Just a thin cami and PJ pants, not naked.  Not naked.  Whew.

“So nothing happe—“

The young man stands up, letting his blanket fall fluidly down his broad chest, chiseled abs, and…

My eyes widen and lips drop agape.  Heart pound against my chest.  Front row seats to Magic Mike would be an understatement.  The foreign male stands there, completely oblivious to my bewilderment.  He starts to advance toward me, inch by inch.  I almost choke myself to death by swallowing the lump in my throat.  

“Wh-wuh…who…who are you?!” I panic, scoot myself backward, and recoil against the wall.  He stops a foot from me with his exposed manly goods literally, right in front of my face.  My eyes bulge.  I swallow again, my head starts to spin.  Mouth opens wide - out of shock, I SWEAR out of shock, you dirty minded readers.    

Just then, I hear keys jiggle outside from the front door.  My name rings from the familiar voice of my mother.  Gasping, I turn to the man, who turns back to me with a blank stare.  Maniac panic ensues.  Footsteps click against my wooden living room floor.  Jerking up to my feet, I grab onto the man’s wrist, yank him, and throw him on the bed.  The sheets are tossed on top of him.

“Hey, Sweetie—“ my mother pushes open the door of my room and greets but immediately could smell the fishie fishiness.  

Nervously, I try to cover up my scandalous act and the very visible random lump on my mattress by literally sitting on top of it and pretending it’s all cushion.  Immediately, I regret such decision as I had so coincidentally place my bum right on his manhood.  It throbs through the sheets against my left back thigh and I have to bite my lower lip to keep calm.  

“Hi, Mum…heh…” I nervously ruffle my hair.

“Why do you look so guilty?” she narrows her eyes.  

“Oh-oh…N-no..not at all.”  Needless to say, I fail at my pursuit of a Degree in Deception.  My hiccup attack, thereafter, doesn’t help much either.  “Ju-just…hic-  Just sur hic- prised you came to vi hic- sit without notice…heh…”  No slick, what so ever.  

Nothing I do passes my mother’s eyes.  The sharp and observant female charges into the room, shoves me aside, and throws the cover away.  I shriek; my arms outstretch out of reflex.  Thankfully, the handsome sexy…no…focus…man gripped onto the covers before she exposed his lower region.

My full name bellows from my mother’s lips and I’m clawing my hair coming up with an excuse to cover up my possible one-night stand and not get ass-whipped by the conservative Catholic woman.  Growing up, I was taught that sex before marriage was not allowed.  

“Who is he?!” the furious woman interrogates as she takes note of how scantily clad I am too.  She sniffs the room as if trying to gather evidence of the shameful act.  Automatically, my hands lift up in a pose of surrender, though I had no intention to actually admit to her suspicions.  The gorgeous man across from me gazes in my direction with an innocent stare and a sweet, honeyed smile that contradicts his sexy Devil’s bodayyy.  I spend a moment too long ogling over his features that my mother snaps at me again.    

“I-uh…I…” Beads of tears start to coat my lashes.  

“You have some explaining to do, Young Lady.  I’m calling your father!” the middle-aged woman warns and starts punching numbers on her phone.

“No-no…MUM…” I choke.  Squeezing my eyes shut, my lips automatically move on their free will, “He’s my husband!”  

The phone drops from my mother’s hand.  Internationally, I face palm.  Really?!  That was the worse possible damage control ever.  The attractive man blinks.  He gifts me another sweet smile when he catches my gaze.  Immediately, I look away because I tell myself I can’t be entranced or horny right now with my outraged tiger mom in front of me.    

With the twitch of her brows, the older female laces my name with full warning and seethes through her teeth, “We need to talk.”  I swear my butt crack began to perspire.  

Gulping hard with panic, I glance at the mysterious man as if begging for help, only not really expecting it.  You know, like, what could he really do?  I didn’t even know where he came from for God’s sake.  Was I drunk?  Is this a dream?  I didn’t like the latter thought because I’ve been so dry and thirsty that the wetness of my panties causes ecstasy in my boring life and the thought that I had to possible wake up from it is quite unfortunate.  Priorities, much?  It’s only worth it if I don’t first get strangled by my own mother.  At my stagnancy, the older woman scans my pretend husband and scoffs at the black collar-like choker around his neck.  

I squint.  Wait…I’ve seen that…somewhere—

It’s the third time my full name rips from her throat and I know I’m in the deepest trouble I’ll ever be in.  Wiping my clammy hands against my pants, I turn to my mother and begin to push her out the door.  Blundering words escape my lips, “I’m sorry mom, I’ll explain.  I’ll call you later!  I swear!”  

“You got married?!” she shrills in disbelief.  

“Yes.  I mean No.  I mean…Yes…”  What has gotten into me?  I must be out of my damn mind or otherwise possessed.  Closing my eyes shut, I continue to direct her toward the door.

“You got married and did not tell your father or me?!” the woman scolds and then heaves, “How long have you even known that man?!  Do you know his character?!  What if he’s a stripper?  What is his name?!  I’m going to have your father investigate him!”

“Uh-I…I’ll tell you later.  Mum, can you leave first?” I nervously plea.

“Give me a name or I’m not leaving!” the female adamantly states.

Ah, stress.  STRESS.  Just as I am brainstorming a list of fake names to use, the strange male walks out with a blanket tied around his hip, and answers, “My name is Kim JunMeow.”  

A/N: Yo! I’m back (≚ᄌ≚) Did you guys miss me?  Did you enjoy the first chapter of the new series?  This is probably the only “slower” paced chapter because I had to introduce the situation but chapters here on after are fast-paced and eventful ;);) Also, do you guys like my sassy tone more or my more artistic/poetic writing?  Do share your opinions!

P.S. For the record, cats are my favorite animals in this entire world, surpassing even pandas + bunnies, and you guys know I love the latter two.  

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The Exception

 Requested by anon: Hey nice job on the blog I really like your writing! I was wondering if you could write something with Jace and a faerie!reader?

 Pairing: Jace Wayland X Reader

 Word count: 811

 The world is upside down. Everything you know is that Valentine has one of the Mortal Instruments. And your name was heard. Now, sitting here, surrounded by shadowhunters, you’re tired of repeating you’re innocent. You didn’t know that the Mortal Cup was missing. And you honestly don’t want to know anything about it. But this woman, Maryse, don’t seem to understand.

 “I can’t lie. Are you stupid or something? Am I speaking Japanese?” You stand up abruptly, just to be pushed down violently.

 You hate them, all of them. Always acting like their superior. You’d kill this woman without thinking twice.

 “Mother, that’s enough.” A black haired guy swings the door open, alongside with a girl and a blonde man.

 “Enough? Valentine himself spoke her name.” Maryse keeps her eyes on you like you could disappear at any moment. “I will make her speak.”

 “So your brilliant plan is torturing her?” Is the blonde man so speaks now, staring down at you.

 “I have a name, Shadowhunter.”

 “And so do l. It’s Jace.” Jace doesn’t have evil eyes like Maryse, but still, you avoid looking at him. “Won’t you tell me your name?”

 You can tell he’s being careful. Probably because he wants to make you speak by using another strategy.

 “Why? You don’t care. Nobody here does.” You stand up again, walking around the room. “I want to go home. You have no right to keep me here.”

 “I’ll allow you to go if you tell me why Valentine spoke your name.” Maryse grabs your arm violently, making you groan in pain.

 “Maryse, let her go.” The guy with dark hair pulls Maryse away from you, while Jace checks your arm. It hurts, but you won’t let her notice how much.

 “My name is (Y/N) and it’s a very common name among my people.” Keeping your head up, you force a smile.

 “She’s right.” Jace stands by your side, his eyes on Maryse, who’s furious.

 “She’s staying until I speak to the Clave.”

 “What?” You would yell at her, maybe even try to punch her, but she leaves too quick. “This isn’t fair! I want to leave right now!”

 “I’ll find a bedroom for her.” The girl kindly smiles at you, walking out and pulling the other guy with her.

 “Jace, right?” You touch his shoulder, making him turn around to face you. “You know I’m telling the truth, right? Help me go back home. I don’t want to be… tortured.” Taking a deep breath, you look down. You notice how Jace is looking at your pearl skin. It makes you feel weird, and you almost tell him to stop. You’re thankful that your skin isn’t blue or something.

 “I can’t help you but I won’t let Maryse hurt you. She’s worried about the Cup that’s all.”

 “I honestly don’t care. You Shadowhunters think you rule the world, but you’re all a bunch of idiots.” You take one of the many books you see in this room and throw it at Jace. He just moves, making the book hit the wall.

 “Don’t do that.”

 “Or what? Huh? You’ll put me in a prison cell? I don’t care! I’m not scared of you, Shadowhunter!” Yelling, you let a single tear roll down. “I don’t care.”

 “Shut up and listen.” He grabs your shoulders, forcing you to stop and stare at him. “Maryse is wrong and I know that. I already have my plans and they don’t include you being hurt.” The proximity makes you feel uncomfortable. “And I like your skin.”

 You would say something, but the guy with dark hair comes back, announcing that your bedroom is ready.

 Is Jace who takes you there, explaining that you can’t leave the bedroom until he comes to get you. You have no idea of what he’s planning, but by the tone of his voice, you can tell that he’s being honest.

 “Well, goodnight, (Y/N).”

 “Have a good night, Jace.”

 “Thanks.” He smiles and your heart skips a beat. It’s the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen. Cleaning your throat, you try to keep this thought out of your mind. Jace is a Shadowhunter and you spent all your life hating Shadowhunters. You just can’t make an exception for him. Can you?

 “For what?” You ask in a low voice.

 “For saying my name.” After a few seconds staring at you, he turns around and walks away.

 Closing the door, you try to keep that smile out of your mind.

 Actually, you struggle to keep Jace out of your mind. But you fail miserably, and he just keeps coming back, teasing you in your dreams throughout the night.

anonymous asked:

Can I request #29 from the May prompts, with Isabelle Lightwood and a female faerie reader?

Isabelle Lightwood -  "How is my wife more badass than me?“

“Isabelle…” You touched her sweating forehead with the back of your hand. “Who did this to you?” You didn’t doubt that this was not her own fault. You didn’t doubt that Isabelle had not been the one discovering the power of vampire venom on her own.

“I just wanted to do this mission…” Isabelle could barely talk. Her chest moved up and down, but she still seemed to be constantly out of breath. “I thought it wouldn’t be that bad.” She leaned back and her clothes were glued to her trembling body.

“Why didn’t you tell me anything, Isabelle? Why didn’t you ask me for help?” You spoke softly and once again you dipped the cloth into the cold water before you pressed it to her forehead. “You do know that we have far better things that you Shadowhunters have.” You winked and curled your lips up into a smile, but where your sense of humor normally made Isabelle laugh it now had little to no effect on her.

“I was only going to use it once…” She was avoiding your glance, as if she was too ashamed to look at you even though you loved her more than anyone else in the world loved her. “I didn’t know it would end like this.” Of course she had thought that she was much stronger than the addicting effect of the venom. “I was stupid.”

“No, Isabelle.” You interrupted her as quickly as you could and your hand stroke her hair. “You are not stupid. You just wanted to show the world how strong you are.” You paused for a moment and licked your dry lips. “You are strong, Isabelle. You are so much stronger than you feel right now. Not that many people have battled an addiction like this one and even less of them have managed to win the fight, but I know that if someone can do it, it’s you.”

Isabelle curled her lips up into a smile. “It’s that I know that you can’t lie, else I wouldn’t have believed you.” She turned to her other side and now she was facing you. Pearls of sweat covered her forehead, her neck, her chest, her arms, her entire body, but despite that she was still breathtaking beautiful.

“Do you know how brave it is to admit that you made a mistake?” You whispered and cocked your head while you watched her. “Do you know how brave it is that you came to me to ask me to help you?” You grinned. “And here I thought that Faeries were way more awesome than Shadowhunters could ever be, but look at you right now.” You folded your hands in your lap and bit your lip. “How is my wife more badass than me?”

“I’m not badass.” Isabelle sighed and she coughed a few times. “But wait until I’ve recovered and can hold a sword again.” She curled her lips up into a smile and you smiled back at her.

“There is my warrior girl.” You pressed a soft kiss to her forehead. “There is the wonder woman who is going to beat this nasty addiction and who’s gonna show the entire world how strong she really is.”

The “Ruby Agency” AU - FAQ #1

I answered to as much questions as possible while preventing spoilers. Thank you for all your asks, it’s very nice to exchange with you about this project. If you have more, you’re welcome to send your messages, and once I’ve got enough of them I’ll make another post.

1) So, if Rose Quartz turns out to not actually be the killer of Pink Diamond after what we’ve seen from The Trial, how would you weave that into the au?

Well, with all the big events happening right know, I’m limiting this AU between the first episode and “Lion 4 : alternate ending” episode for now. I was aware the tables could turn at any moment, and I’m currently wondering how I can adapt it to this AU. Also, for obvious reasons, I can hardly turn magical stuff (and there’s tons of them, like powers and bendings, Lion, fusions, shapeshifting) from the original series into this human AU. “The Trial’ is still about detectives and investigations, I hope I’ll figure something out.

2)  Where are the Off-Colors in the Ruby Agency au?

As said just above, I focusing my story on the events before the “Are you my Dad” bomb. But if the Off-Colors, Aquamarine, Topaz, Zircon, Pink Lars can join the party, I’ll make sure it happens.

 3)  Are we gonna see sapphire (from steven universe) interact with the ruby squad and our ruby?

All the Crystal Gems/Temps are in ! (Except maybe for the fusions, as explained above. But I still try to find them a spot). My anchor point for this story is “Hit the Diamond”, when Ruby and Sapphire unfused for the baseball match. Even though Garnet is my favorite character, I continued to build my story without her *sob*. (But I might have an idea to bring her in) I try to show as much canon events as possible, so yes, sooner or later you’ll see everyone interacting with the others.

4) So where’re the residents of Beach City in this game of PIs and Mafiosos?

As you can see, I’m quite slow to introduce all this universe and characters. So i’ll speed it up a bit for this question : Beach City Bay is a global place in which you have Homeworld, the capital, siege of the High Diamond Instances. Just on the border of the city, you have a small town: Beach City. It’s not directly under the influence of Homeworld, but it can fall anytime between the hands of the totalitarian corporation (and the oil rig in the bay was a close call). It’s the last place where you can find some freedom. Fortunately, the Crystal G. Organisation keeps the H.D.I too busy to care about the town for now. I kept Beach City the way we know it, with its life and people. For now…

5) So did Rose just disappear? The presence of a goodbye letter seems to indicate she planned to cut off contact, but "if anything happens to me” sounds like she didn’t plan on dying. Are we ever going to get a “lore primer” of sorts for everyone and their status in the Agency AU?

This illustration was a blend of “Rose’s Scabbard” and “Mr Greg”. I focused on Pearl’s loss. As in the original series, the gems know they’re at war, they’re exposed and might be shattered anytime. As leader, Rose knew she could have the same fate, so she leaved instructions for the worst case scenario. She died giving birth to Steven. The difference here is she didn’t planned/forecasted that. The letter was a precaution she updated when she was carrying Steven. Nobody planned to open it -so early-.

For the lore primer, I have a whole chart of most of the characters’ lifes before and after Pink’s Death. Someday I’ll clean it and share it, but I’m waiting for the main characters to be introduced to you.

6) Can we have a drawing of Pearl and Steven from the Ruby Agency AU? /  Does your most recent post mean we get to see some cute Pearl with Steven stuff ?

After “the Letter” I’ll gladly draw some cute and funny stuff. It’s a detective noir style story, but it doesn’t mean I should cut off those things. “Steven Universe” is about family, sharing, bonding, good vibes, positive messages in a world with big dangers and great things. I don’t want to remove that, it’s so essential. YES, I can’t wait to introduce ‘my’ Steven to you all, to make you meet the whole family. Steven and Pearl will have their moments together, so will the others.

7)  Your Ruby Agency au really is a thing of greatness. Thank you for making it, I enjoy it a lot and always gets excited when you post more of it 

For you Anon, I’ll always have more of it. Your message makes me happy beyond your expectations. Thank you and take care.


Escape Verse: Put A Ring On It

This is a prequel, for @ninzied, who generously also betaed for me.

Graham goes ring shopping and employs literally the worst person to help him in said endeavor - lovesick puppy dog Robin.

It is also on FF.net

Chapter 1 is here

He hates this guy.

He hates to even give him a name. Unless he absolutely has to, he refers to Graham as “him,” “that guy” or “Regina’s boyfriend” as much as possible, because his name tastes like ash in his mouth.

He really, really, intensely dislikes him.

In every occasion where he’s had the, uh, pleasure of Graham’s company, he finds himself wanting to get away from him as fast as he can. He humors him, chats him up and occupies him, because he’s important to Regina, and hell, what’s important to her should be important to him, right?

When Regina mentioned Graham felt left out of company matters, Robin sucked it up and started inviting Graham golfing with the guys. He shared his baseball and football and basketball tickets with the man, because well, it made Regina smile.

But typically, Robin only sees Graham when he is Regina’s date to black tie events, where he always ends up acting like a neglected child, begging for Regina’s attention, when she needs to network. Robin finds himself playing babysitter, keeping Graham occupied so Regina can schmooze in peace.

Graham’s just a child. An ungrateful, pathetic child.

It doesn’t help matters that Regina recounts his antics with him over coffee. She’ll show up, frustrated and sleep deprived, admitting she had spent yet another night arguing with Graham over god knows what.

Graham doesn’t like to go to those black tie affairs her job dictates she attends. He complains about the long hours of her job, yet when she has time off, he’s always made plans of his own.

He blames her for their lack of intimacy, and Robin hates it.

And Regina’s revealed that there is a lack of intimacy, sadly. He knows Graham hasn’t shown much of an interest in her sexually, which could just about make Robin lose his mind. He’s terribly jealous, and terribly frustrated because this man has the whole world in his hand and doesn’t even appreciate it.

So, he hates Graham. And to be quite honest, he’d assumed the feeling was mutual.

Which is why he’s extremely puzzled to find Graham calling him in the middle of a work day.

“Hey it’s Graham. Ya gotta moment?”

Robin frowns. “A few I guess. But I got to be going—”

“It won’t take long. I just…need your advice on something.”

“You want my advice?” Robin asks. What pearl of wisdom was this man trying to grasp from a single father who spends his days pining over his coworker and best friend?

“You’re her best friend, right?” Graham asks. “I need shopping advice.”

Oh, well. Years on television have taught him more about women’s fashion than any man should know, but oh well. Such is life. “She likes jewel tones and black. She’s a size two, though if it runs small in skirts or pants she can be a size four.” Because she has the world’s greatest ass, he thinks. But he’s not going to mention that. Besides, Graham knows that, the bastard has held her ass in his hand — god he hates that man. “The set dressers always describe her style as sleek and sexy sophisticated. Go to Neiman Marcus or Saks and tell a saleswoman. She will help.”

“Not clothes,” Graham grumbles, “god why would I ever bother shopping for clothes, she’s impossible and too damn picky.”

Robin bites his tongue.

“What then, mate?” he asks, trying to stay cool.

“A ring.”

Robin nearly falls out of his chair. He never saw it coming. They don’t seem there yet.

“Engagement ring, I take it?”

“Yeah. We’ve been together forever, and she’s always saying that I don’t make an effort… well this is a helluva effort, isn’t it?”

Robin rolls his eyes. “I suppose…”

“She’s picky, I figure you’re her friend, you know about this stuff, you’re always complimenting her hair and jewelry and outfits, so you must know what she likes. You’re like her gay best friend or something. Though, obviously you’re not gay, I’m not saying that. Anywayyyy…. any chance you can come meet me at the mall for lunch and help my pick something out?”

Robin groans and wipes a hand over his face. God, this guy. “ Not the mall. Go to a proper jeweler. Kings on Second Street. And it’s not something you’re gonna be able to figure out during a lunch hour.”

“Really?” Graham asks. “It’s just a ring. How complicated could it be?”

He really hates this guy.

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