i want to be the pearl of your world

Another Random SU Idea:

Steven: Wow, I can’t believe you guys were willing to pretend to get married just to get on Andy’s good side!
Pearl: Pretend? Steven, we ACTUALLY got married.
Garnet: All of us.
Steven: Wait, what?
Pearl: We’re registered down at the courthouse. Our certificates are in the back of the van.
Peridot: Oh, that reminds me, can Lapis and I have ours? : 3
Lapis: She wants to hang it up in the barn.
Pearl: Of course! *hands it to them*
Peridot: Yes! Nyehehe! Legalization is ours! Oh, almost forgot. *hands Amethyst a large stack of certificates* These are yours.
Amethyst: Suh-weet!
Peridot: C'mon, Lapis, lets go put ours on display so the rest of the world can bask in its glory!
Lapis: *shrugs* Alright.
Steven: I can’t believe it…
Pearl: Steven…?
Steven: You guys got married WITHOUT ME??? D:



  • I don’t pretend to know / The challenges you’re facing / The worlds you keep erasing and creating in your mind 
    • During the gem war when Rose was re envisioning an entire new kind of world that was totally unprecedented, Pearl was beside her and supporting her as her right hand man
  • And if this child / Shares a fraction of your smile / Or a fragment of your mind, look out world! / That would be enough
  • Oh, let me be a part of the narrative / In the story they will write someday / Let this moment be the first chapter: / Where you decide to stay / And I could be enough / And we could be enough / That would be enough 
    • Pearl wrestling with the understanding that Rose wanted to go, to become half of Steven and (as she probably saw it at the time) leave her behind


“What if I told you that the world was gonna end
And you had fifteen minutes to spend with me or your friends”

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1.    Chemical X-Cherish

2.    Werehog Battle Theme- Sonic World Adcenture OST

3.    Route 210 (Midday)- Pokemon Diamond and Pearl OST

4.    How Do You Want It- Tupac

5.    He Can Only Hold Her- Amy Winehouse

6.    KMT (feat. Giggs)- Drake

7.    Full Moon- Brandy

8.    Gimme Some More- Busta Rhymes

9.    My Money- Nate Dogg

10. 4422- Drake

Most of the songs on my phone are video game soundtracks…..

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You’re A Clod (Be Our Guest Parody)

lyrics/vocals by AwkwardMarina

You’re a CLOD
you’re a clod
your identity is flawed
your delusion of a fusion
made the world scream oh my god
You’re a freak, you’re a mess
It’s impossible to guess
how the red one and the blue one
Slipped and fell and formed a new one
What a trip that I took
I don’t even want to look
at a being so illegal and so odd
I’ll bring you to your doom
if you don’t get a room
cause you’re a clod,
you’re a clod you’re a clod!!

You’re a clod, you’re a clod
You’re a fake and you’re a fraud
I’ve been bursting with this cursing
since you snuck into my pod
First the runt, then the pearl
Then the combination girl
Then that tiny little  Steven
I’m small too, I guess we’re even
But a-hem, I digress,
I despise the way you dress
You express yourself with stars upon your bod
Pearl don’t you dare ignore me
you should do things for me
Know your place, I insist
Yellow diamond would be pissed
Ruby, Sapph— ugh, they just KISSED!!
You’re all CLODs!!!!

Get low, feel down, break down, scrape your knees, but get up. Pay your rent, send love letters written on napkins, set fire to heirlooms. This life is short, and brutal as it may very well be, you could die tomorrow. This world owes you nothing, and so you must never expect it to blink or flinch for you. You are not the center of the universe. So, be reckless, relentless,  be wary and bite down hard, swallow your pride with your pearls. Dig your nails into your palms and ache until pain is gone. For fuck’s sake feel something. I’m not here to be some preaching optimist that wants you to find a way to be reborn or make time go in reverse, I am pleading that you throw your inhibitions to the wind and live for yourself, at least once. Get dirty, be clean, get drunk, stay sober. Be a woman, be a man, be a person, be the living equivalent to an art gallery, just be whoever the fuck you want to be. Love your life or hate it, blame your god or gods or parents or yourself, it won’t change anything, and it hurts and burns and it stings but what is done is done. Make it new. You can change whatever you want to. Bleed blue or cry navy it’s the same damn thing. Stop waiting around for someone to save you or make you or change you. Find a partner,  a lover, just someone who will listen to you retell your childhood stories. So cry your fucking heart out. Be soft, be harsh, find yourself among the chaos of your busy little life. Be loud and quiet, be a storm. Feel things. Solve problems and make them. And after the journey is all over, you can sew it all back up together with multi coloured thread. And it will be beautiful,if you give it a chance.

“Feel Something.”


I can’t wait to tell people about you. For that moment of blushing, looking away shyly, hardly managing to speak your name, even though I want to, because it feels like you’re a secret I’d be giving away. You’re a treasure that I want to show off, but I also want to keep you to myself. You’re a pearl on the tip of my tongue. Do I swallow or spit you out, for everyone to see? Humans are drawn to shiny objects, more than any type of bird. It is true that I am also drawn to you, but not merely because of your shine. There is a connection between our minds. Forget the heart, I would argue love is more a matter of brains. You see the world in a way that closely resembles my own. You wish for the same things, you fight for the same rights. I talk too much when I’m with you, because it is such utter relief to have found someone who listens. I can’t wait to make it official, to hold your hand and think: I am no longer simply I. I am We and We are Us.
—  Nenagh
That’s My Girl (Negan P9)

Title: That’s My Girl (Negan Part 9)
Pairing: Reader/Negan, Reader/Daryl
Summary: Reader volunteers to go into Negan’s compound willingly to get inside information. Eventual Negan smut. Implied feelings between Reader and Daryl.
Words: 4,971
Warnings: Language, some smut

Author’s Notes: I have decided I am going to end this story two different ways. I am going to first continue with the storyline I had planned for. But, I also want to keep another ending going along with the show storyline (like what I did with my SPN fic Persephone). Part of this update will be in the alternative ending. I will start working on that during the mid season break.

Part 8 || Part 10 || Masterpost

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Heavily Chopped Cartoon Samples
Enlightened Robot

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  • Music is my Hot Sex SSX
  • I’m just your Problem from Adventure Time
  • Holo Pearl from Steven Universe
  • The Fairly Odd Parents Theme
  • various samples from Bravest Warriors miniepisode DramaBug
  • Oscar isn’t Calling from Star vs the Forces of Evil
  • Into the Unknown from Over the Garden Wall
  • Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid

A bit of an experiment I found myself making. I want to put it into the bigger mix, but I’m not so sure, considering how intentionally choppy I made it. What do you guys think?

On Pearl’s view of humanity

“Oh, Steven. Humans just lead short, boring, insignificant lives, so they make up stories to feel like they’re a part of something bigger. They want to blame all the world’s problems on some single enemy they can fight, instead of a complex network of interrelated forces beyond anyone’s control.” -Pearl, in Keep Beach City Weird

“Everything I ever did, I did for her. Now she’s gone, but I’m still here. Sometimes, I wonder if she can see me through your eyes. Oh, what would she think of me now?” -Pearl, referring to Rose Quartz, in Rose’s Scabbard

These two lines really, really need to be addressed together.

Line #1 was an offhand, casual shutdown of the nature of humanity, when Steven was upset at hurting Ronaldo’s feelings. She was seemingly trying to comfort him, as if he shouldn’t worry about it, it’s better this way since he’s being realistic now. She doesn’t care that Steven is depressed about it, or that Ronaldo is apparently heartbroken. Humans are better off not being disillusioned- which is probably why she’s willing to say those things about humanity to Steven, who is half-human. It’s better, she thinks, that he not have any false ideas about his people: humans are insignificant and take great, pathetic lengths convince themselves that they matter.

But Pearl isn’t exactly a happy individual. We see throughout the series that she has a lot going on that we don’t know about. As realistic, logical and rational as she is, it doesn’t make her any happier, and- as she acknowledges in line #2- it doesn’t make her a better person in the eyes of the one she so desperately wants to please.

It’s really important to acknowledge the hypocrisy in her spiel about the nature of humanity. She even uses the word “insignificant.” It sounds like something we would hear out of Peridot’s mouth, or Jasper’s. Rose Quartz would absolutely never have condoned or accepted that attitude from one of the Crystal Gems.

I think Pearl realizes that. I think her attitude is part of the reasoning behind line #2. She’s trying so hard to live up to the legacy Rose Quartz left behind, and she tries so hard to empathize and care for this planet and its creatures, but the truth is she’s tired. And it isn’t getting any easier. Rose’s Scabbard occurred right after Marble Madness, the episode where we met Peridot for the second time, and it became clear that another war against the Gem Homeworld was coming. Pearl is scared and unsure and she’s constantly trying to look like she knows what she’s doing. She left everything to be with Rose Quartz on this planet she didn’t particularly care for, and now Rose is gone. The resulting bitterness, confusion, resentment are probably a source of shame for Pearl. She knows Rose Quartz wouldn’t have wanted Pearl to harbor negative feelings toward Earth, but she can’t help it. That must be so painful.

But that doesn’t make her attitude any less problematic. It doesn’t change that that line was mean and unfair. It doesn’t change the fact that those humans are allowed to live their insignificant lives and make themselves happy- which is everything Rose Quartz fought for.

I can’t describe how disappointed I am when people agree with Pearl’s speech. It needs to be acknowledged that Pearl is a great character with many flaws, and that proves it. I can’t wait to see the show explore them in the future.

So i’ve been doing a rewatch of Steven Universe and I noticed something kinda interesting?

Pearl always calls the Earth ‘the earth’ or ‘this planet’, or ‘your planet’. Amethyst tends to call it ‘the planet’ or ‘the world’.

Garnet calls it her world. She calls it her planet.

I think this sorta says a lot about their different reasons for joining Rose? Pearl joined because she loved Rose and wanted to be by her side. She didn’t join to fight to defend the planet or the humans, that was just a biproduct of wanting to help Rose. Amethyst joined because Rose took her out of that Kindergarten and accepted her. But she’s from the planet - she’s never seen the universe, so she doesn’t refer to it as one planet of many, she refers to it as the only one, because it’s the only one she knows.

Garnet calls it her world. Garnet says she wont let you touch her world. It’s not something she wont let you touch because Rose liked it, it’s not something she protects for someone else, she doesn’t do it out of duty (though that might be part of it), she does it because she sees the earth as her planet, her world, her home. Pearl even after thousands of years can’t do that.

my animation voiceover demo

so the petition to let me audition to voice the pearl/steven fusion has reached 100 signatures and a tthis point the meme is Truly blossoming and it’s a wonderful time ot be alive...

so i thought i would post my animation demo again here for your consideration becuase im honesly so proud of it and it took so long to get produced and it was so expensive to make and i want the whole wide world to listen to it at least once and rebecca please let me audition , for even like the random backhground character hoenstly i dont care at all I just wana Live PLEase

here’s the link to it on soundcloud in case Tumblr audio breaks

Unrequited love and the struggle of moving on from something that never quite happened is one of the hardest things to deal with. So that’s probably a big reason that I was so hit in the gut by ‘It’s Over, Isn’t It.’

But there’s the other message of the song - Pearl is acknowledging that it’s not Greg’s fault that Rose loved him more than she loved Pearl.

In a world where break up songs so commonly are ‘I want you back’ or ‘I can’t believe you’d pick them over me,’ hearing Pearl sing that she recognizes that Rose made a choice and it wasn’t her, and she isn’t blaming Greg about it is something that we need, that kids need to hear.

Sometimes this happens. Sometimes your feelings aren’t returned. And it’s nobody’s fault. And Pearl is openly acknowledging that for all that she loved Rose, Rose’s heart went to someone else, and, as catty as she had been to Greg in the flashbacks we’d seen, Pearl of now can recognize that it wasn’t ‘Greg’s fault’ that she ‘lost the silly game they played.’ 

It’s a major step for Pearl’s processing of her grief and depression of the death of the woman she loved.

Plus, again, the focus on unrequited love - Pearl is acknowledging that there’s no one, not even Rose, to blame, and that she knows that she should move on and that she is having difficulty with it. Unrequited love is something we all have to deal with on our own terms. After years of media treating love as something you are rewarded with, where if some character has an interest in another, it MUST at some point be returned or the characters must abandon the feeling entirely, it’s damn refreshing seeing a character wrestle with the aftermath of not getting the person that they love and not being able to change that.

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