i want to be the murder duo

ok y’all so I watched the Batman ‘66 episodes “Hizzonner The Penguin”/”Dizzoner The Penguin” last night and I am now CONVINCED that the Gotham writers saw this episode and were like “holy shit this is half of season three, right here, written for us, amazing”

and i have evidence

it all starts with our pal Ozzie being suspiciously civic-minded, and fighting off some bad guys…

And then ~shockingly~ Penguin decides to run for mayor!

the people loooove Penguin

[two (2) bouncy boys!!]

[good Politician Hand Gestures™]

[^^^ retro Penguin fangirls]

He’s gonna clean up Gotham! Make it safe for law-abiding citizens!! *wink, wink, nefarious plotting* 


!!!!! #vintagenygmobblepot; half a century of Penguin/Riddler confirmed

alas, things end badly for Penguin’s political ambitions when the Dynamic Duo interfere, and he (unsuccessfully) tries to get rid of them via unnecessarily complicated death scale….

melting ice + acid = death …..familiar???????? 

hey eddie the 60s called and they want their ridiculous murder contraption back


conclusion: the gotham writers love batman 66 as much as I do and i can only assume this means that season four will begin with the joker terrorizing gotham city with his own personal flying saucer


❛ I mean, call me crazy but I think we’re in Freddy vs. Jason territory here. ❜ 
❛ It’s like the killer is combining these two legends into one brand new murder spree. ❜ 
❛ I was expecting crazy Ralph from Friday the 13th so nope. ❜
❛ I’m barely responsible for myself.  ❜
❛ I thought you said this was going to be a mansion.  ❜
❛ I know my mansions, this is really more of a bungalow. ❜
❛ We’re trying to lure the killer and you show up.  ❜
❛ I’m sorry, this is a pretty classic “don’t let him in” situation, right? ❜
❛ I guess I didn’t think of you as the hospital visit type. ❜
❛ You know the whole, horrible, embarrassing story. ❜
❛ You broke my heart! I loved you, okay, and you broke my heart. ❜  
❛ That’s a pretty outdated way of thinking. ❜
❛ Virgin? Seriously? Where did you learn to do that? ❜
❛ It’s a terrible movie, but one hell of a sex scene. ❜
❛ See this is why people think you’re creepy. ❜
❛ Do you think I’m creepy? ❜
❛ I’m sorry, this isn’t the right place. ❜  
❛ This is the stupidest, most insane thing ever. ❜
❛ The only thing scary here is this dress. ❜
❛ I’m not a stranger, okay, I’m just strange. ❜
❛ That’s never gone bad for anyone in a movie ever. ❜
❛ First shut up, second, it’s just a study session.  ❜
❛ I get that you’re scared, but I understood. ❜  
❛ We all have our ways of coping.  ❜
❛ The kid screwed me over and skipped town. ❜
❛ This is my life. Not some stupid campaign. ❜
❛ You mean looking out for my boobs? ❜
❛ Are you flirting with me? ❜
❛ Thank God because this drink is undrinkable. ❜
❛ If one of us gets hurt, we all get hurt.  ❜
❛ Second chances are rare. Don’t waste them. ❜
❛ I’m making a knife stick. ❜
❛ I need, like, a Men in Black brain wipe. ❜
❛ Is that a pig? God, I’m never eating bacon again. ❜
❛ I’m the only one who knows how to reset the router. ❜
❛ Well we don’t want you getting arrested.  ❜
❛ If I can’t trust you, I can’t be with you. ❜
❛ Aww, you wanna come in the hot tub with me? ❜
❛ The weak are outed and then eaten. ❜
❛ It’s the time honored enforcement of the food chain. ❜
❛ Considering my ex-beau might be a mass murderer, who am I to criticize? ❜
❛ Love the colors, but the spots? Too much. ❜
❛ I can’t believe you two came here without me.  ❜
❛ Hey, we could team up: Bi-curious and the Virgin.  ❜
❛ I was gonna be the Babadook, but then my mom made this cape. ❜
❛ What? No, you love taco Tuesday. ❜
❛ So, pretty much everybody’s a suspect, including us.  ❜
❛ I think this is the beginning of a beautiful mutual tolerance.  ❜
❛ Cue creepy murder music. I knew I was missing something. ❜  
❛ You’re not going to die! Tonight, we change the ending.  ❜
❛ Oh, crap. I’m gonna die. ❜
❛ Actually, we could all use a minute. ❜
❛ Hey, um, thanks for saving my life. ❜
❛ Boom, but then what? Take a victory lap around the pool? ❜
❛ We know what you’re going through, and we’re here if you need us.  ❜
❛ I’ve never seen him/her with his/her mouth shut before. ❜
❛ Maybe it’s time to dig a little deeper. ❜
❛ Pick one, slay one, console one, then repeat.  ❜
❛ What made him/her start killing people? ❜
❛ Okay, not a lesbian, not discussing it. ❜
❛ You root for them, you love them, so when they are brutally murdered, it hurts. ❜  
❛ You have to care if the team wins the big game. ❜
❛ You have to care if the smart, pretty girl forgives the dumb jock. ❜
❛ You can’t do slasher moves as a TV series. ❜
❛ You wanna feel the sting of this sexually-confused Atheist’s foot up your butt? ❜  
❛ Hey, hey! I made you microwave popcorn, remember?  ❜
❛ I know you want the truth. So, let’s find it. ❜
❛ A yearbook? That’s not so weird. ❜
❛ That’s the world’s saddest crime fighting duo. ❜
❛ No, I’d rather channel my anguish into something productive. ❜  
❛ Did you just try to tase my man parts? ❜
❛ There are not enough happy face emojis in the world to express how much I needed that. ❜ 
Feel Something

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Characters: Sam x Siren!Reader, Dean, OFC

Word Count: 2002

Warnings: Spn-like death/murder/violence, Angst, Some Fluff

Request: This idea may seem weird but what if reader is a mermaid. Now stay with me I know you already thinking this idea is crazy but let me elaborate. Reader is a mermaid who feeds off of people’s thoughts. And she believes that she isn’t harming anyone but when people started dying from like brain deca that’s when the duo goes to investigate. Idk this idea came to me after I watched Just My Imagination and this is really long but can you make this happen. Pairing whoever you want(please pick Sam)

A/N: @diesintheshower, I’m so sorry this took forever.  My life kind of spiraled out of control there for a while.  But I really did love your request!  I hope you like this/ I did didn’t muck it up.

You stirred your latte, drawing patters in the foam.

You feigned attention to your book, to your coffee, pretending you were paying attention to anything but the man across from you.  

Still, you found yourself staring at him more than you should be.

Another man would have thought you were flirting with him.  But he was a writer and had eyes only for his work.  What was more, he was in love with one of his characters.  You could feel it, see it in his mind.  

You delved deep into his thoughts, into his work, drinking in the new ideas and the new stories he’d brought with him to the coffee shop today.

He came here daily, to write uninterrupted.  

And you came here daily to feel his stories, to feed off that creative drive.  

You drew your spoon from your coffee, wiping the foam off on a napkin before taking in your reflection in its convex surface. 

Your reflection, a siren’s reflection.

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Wrong End of the Stick
I know I’ve got prompts to write but this wouldn’t leave me alone. just a very quick, fun fic. hope you like ♥

She could hear them arguing halfway down the corridor from the comfort of her quiet morgue; rolling her eyes, Molly focused her attention on stitching up poor Mrs. Gibson - aging, wealthy adulterer and murder victim, just what the detective ordered. Apparently, said detective suspected both the spurned husband and toyboy lover of the gruesome stabbing. As far as Molly was concerned, there were no defensive wounds on the body and there were multiple deep incisions. The duo entered as she finished her work, stepping aside dutifully to allow them access to the body; neither Sherlock or John seemed to notice, still bickering like children.

“All I said,” John ranted, pacing up and down beside the morgue slab, “was I didn’t want Rosie playing with chemicals!”

“Well, that’s ridiculous,” Sherlock replied dismissively, removing his magnifying glass from the inside of his famous Belstaff, “she’s far more capable than you.”

“Sod off.”

Sherlock hid his smirk behind his magnifying glass, looking over Mrs. Gibson intently. Several theories presented themselves and, thus far, he had reason to suspect both parties of the vicious death. The loyal husband of the cheating wife, saw red and lashed out, brutally attacking his wife as she slept. Or perhaps the younger lover, easily manipulating her emotions to get into her pockets? Either way, this case couldn’t have come at a better time, if John didn’t insist on distracting him.

“So, have you got any plans later, Molly?”

“Um, yeah, actually,” the pathologist smiled shyly, gathering papers from the desk in the corner of the room, “I-I have a date.”

John couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, “wow…isn’t this the, what, fifth in the past two weeks?”

“It’s the same bloke, if you must know.”

At least the army doctor had the decency to look guilty.

“No, I didn’t mean-“

“It’s fine. We’ve been seeing each other for a month now. It’s going…well.”

Before John could utter another word, Sherlock stood straight up and tucked away his magnifying glass into his coat, addressing Molly directly.

“I’m going to need your assistance in the lab.”

“Yeah, I have the paperwork,” Molly sighed, gesturing her clipboard as they walked towards the doors, “any ideas? I take it Anderson was on duty…”

“Yes, which reminds me…” he removed an evidence bag containing what John feared was the murder weapon, “would you mind?”

She stared at him, “you’ll return it.”

“Immediately,” he smiled, a practiced smile but it seemed to satisfy the pathologist; she took the plastic bag, rolling her eyes affectionately.

“What am I going to do with you?” The pair’s conversation drifted off as they left the morgue and John briefly wondered if he was supposed to follow them. When he’d finally made up his mind, Sherlock reappeared in a flash, “coffee, John. So kind of you.”

He disappeared before John could do much more than open his mouth.

“Right, I’m off.”

John glanced over the top of his newspaper. Sherlock was preening himself in front of the large mirror hanging over the fireplace. He was off. Again. For another night of ‘case-solving’. Interesting. He folded his paper with the air of a disapproving father.

“Is that right?”

“Case. Could go on all night,” he snatched his keys, stopping to fluff his hair once more and John bit back a smirk. Oh, he knew what was going on alright. He folded his arms, tapping his foot for good measure.

“You’re on a roll. I thought you finished that case this morning,” when Sherlock didn’t reply, John continued, “it’s funny how all your late-night cases seem to always land on Molly’s date nights,” with an eyebrow raised, John hoped he looked a little smugly intimidating. Judging by his friend’s chuckle, that was far from the case.

“it’s amazing how often murder and Molly Hooper’s love life seems to coincide-“

“Bullshit,” John stood up, facing his friend accusingly, “I know what’s going on and I’m not going to let it happen.”

There was brief look of confusion on the detective’s face which turned into amusement as John snapped a pair of handcuffs over one of his wrists, attacking the other to the detective’s chair leg, forcing the taller man to crouch down.

“You’re not ruining anymore of her dates, do you hear me?”

Sherlock blinked at his predicament, sighing as he rather awkwardly took his seat, “you’re making a mistake.”

“No! You keep doing this and it’s not fair. For God’s sake, Molly’s trying to move on and be happy. If you’re too scared to tell her how you feel, she should be allowed to. Now,” John unfolded his paper triumphantly, “I’m going to read my paper. When Molly’s finished her date, I’ll let you go.”

The army doctor could practically feel the weight of Sherlock’s stare through the paper but ignored him. Several minutes passed in silence and John was frankly amazed his brilliant plan was working. He should have done this years ago. Half an hour later, he glanced over his newspaper to find Sherlock still staring at him, a smirk on his face.

“May I have my phone?”

“So you can ruin her date by text? Summon big brother or the homeless network to tear gas me and come free you? Do you think I was born yesterday?”

“Don’t be silly,” the detective said, a pout on his face as he attempted to cross his legs,” the homeless network doesn’t have phones.”

Whether he had given in or not, it wouldn’t have mattered for Molly Hooper herself came storming into Baker Street not five minutes later. She was dressed to the nines and furious, pointing at Sherlock.

“What the hell, Sherlock? You said you made reservations and you don’t even show up?” It was then she really took in his position and anger was replaced with confusion, “why are you handcuffed to the chair?”

“That was down to me,” John said with a proud smile, once again discarding his newspaper, “I was sick of him interfering with your dates. You can thank me later…” he paused, thinking over Molly’s harsh words, “did you say he made reservations?”

“Yes, I’M Molly’s boyfriend, you insufferable idiot,” Sherlock snapped, waving his shackled wrist as best as he could. He smiled apologetically at Molly; neither of them had expected their relationship to have been discovered this way, least of all by their hapless friend.

John blinked at the pair, his mouth open wide as he tried to take in the shocking development.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

Sherlock sighed, his wickedly honest tongue in full form, “I expected you had enough of a brain to work out the connection. Perhaps I give you too much credit.”

Molly could tell he had gone too far. Without a word, John marched to the open window and threw the handcuff key as hard as he could manage. In the next instant, he had turned and stomped towards his bedroom, muttering expletives on his way. Molly eyed her boyfriend, shaking her head.

“You just had to open that pretty mouth of yours.”

It’s Really Really Happening! Sherlock x Fem! Reader

Pairing: Sherlock Holmes x Fem! Reader
Warnings: none
Rating: T, just to be safe
Word Count: 1240
Author’s Note: This is for the anon who requested this:

Howdy… I was wondering if you could do a fluffy one shot where Watson helps Sherlock propose to the reader… I just think that, that would be so darn cute😂☺️

Here you go! Tried my best at this :)

“Let me get this straight,” John held his hands up in surrender. “You want to propose? To Y/N?” The man sitting across him rolled his eyes.

“Of course I do,” Sherlock Holmes replied with a huff of annoyance. “That’s what people in love do?” John looked at him with a funny look on his face, which Sherlock immediately recognised as disbelief. “What? Is it that shocking that a machine like me can love?”

“Janine,” John replied simply and that drained the colour from Sherlock’s face.

“That was for a case,” Sherlock got up from his chair in his flat. “Y/N is different. I know it.” John stared at him for some time before sighing and set down his newspaper.

“I’ll help.” This time it was Sherlock’s time to be surprised. “Mary would have my head if I didn’t help, since you came back from the dead when I was about to propose to her. What’s your plan?”


“Sherlock that is a terrible plan!” Mary spoke, exasperated, clearly not happy. She was currently bobbing Rosie up and down as the little girl yanked at her blonde curls. “Rosie no, what did I tell you about pulling Mummy’s hair? Anyway, Sherlock do something both of you like. John, help him. Molly, Rosie and I can be a distraction.” Sherlock and John both looked at each other before closing the laptop lid.

“I mean… there’s one part of the plan?” John offered helpfully. “They can keep her occupied. How about… a restaurant? Her favourite one, just by the corner. Propose there?”

“But I want something special!” Sherlock whined like a petulant child.

“Do something for her! Go the extra mile!” John exclaimed, waving his hands in the air. “Learn her favourite song? Go out of the country? Think about what she likes. Make a list.”

“She works in the morgue with Molly,” he started to count on his fingers. “She likes Italian, likes books about that boy… wizard…”

“Harry Potter!”

“Yes yes him. Likes television…” Sherlock trailed off, on meeting John’s murderous eyes.

“You don’t know what your girlfriend likes?” he asked slowly. “After being with her for… three years?”

Sherlock was about to answer when a knock at the door interrupted them. Mycroft. “What do you want now?” the detective growled.

“Might I suggest a vacation? A retreat to the Bahamas, maybe?” The elder Holmes twirled his umbrella. The duo looked at him strangely. “What? Has it not been done yet?” Mycroft tutted. Sherlock once more opened his mouth to snap at him when John beat him to it.

“Both of you, shut up,” he pronounced the last two words forcefully. “Yes, Sherlock is proposing to his girlfriend tonight. We have exactly nine hours until she gets home, so please! For the love of God, co-operate!” John yelled, finally, the duo looking at him strangely. “Finally. Here’s my plan.”


Y/N Y/L/N had been taking off her gloves after her final autopsy when Molly Hooper approached her, with a serious look on her face. “What’s up Mollz?”

“I need you to finish some paperwork for me,” she had a pleading look in her eyes. “An emergency has come up and I can’t ignore it.” Y/N could never say no to Molly, so she shrugged and nodded. Molly grinned and dumped an enormous pile of files on her desk in the other room. Looks like she wouldn’t be heading home for a couple of hours. After disposing her gloves Y/N dragged her feet to her desk, loathing each piece of paper that would come into her hand. Behind the closed doors, Molly giggled on the phone.

“She’ll be occupied for a couple of hours.”


“Y/N!” Mary was so determined to make sure Y/N didn’t come to Baker Street that she took the stroller into Y/N’s office. “Could you take Rosie for a quick stroll? Something’s just come up and I have to dash!” Y/N was about to say no when she saw Rosie’s little pout.

“Oh alright,” Y/N sighed. “It’s only for Rosie, not you.”


Y/N was dead tired when she arrived at 221B Baker Street. It had been a long, long day and she just wanted to sleep. She dragged her feet up the creaky stairs, and to her surprise, found the door locked. The door was normally open. That seemed… odd. She fished for her keys and slowly unlocked the door and her breath was taken away. The flat was lit up in beautiful tea lights and a warm fire was crackling away. Surprisingly enough, there was not a speck of dust on the mantlepiece, which was surprising.

“Y/N?” Sherlock appeared from the kitchen. “I didn’t expect you to be back for at least forty-nine minutes.”

“Mycroft dropped me home,” she set her bag near the sofa and closed the door, looking suspicious. Sherlock rolled his eyes, making her giggle. “What’s this all about?”

“Can’t I do something nice for a change?” he called, retreating back to the kitchen.

“You’re normally not this nice,” Y/N followed him into the kitchen. “You… solve murders and crimes. And are snarky. Is that…” she caught whiff of the most beautiful fragrance of her favourite food. Sherlock looked at her nervously. Y/N hugged him from behind and kissed his cheek. “That is so kind of you darling, thank you. I’m going to go freshen up, okay?” She then walked across the hall to the bathroom.

After a nice hot shower which calmed her tense muscles, she immediately started to get dressed. Y/N was about to open the door when she heard faint murmurings on the other side of the door; she gingerly opened it without a creak and found Sherlock’s back facing her.

“I’m the most insufferable man,” his back still faced her and she had to stifle a giggle. The silly man was facing the wrong way. “After all these years, I still fail to understand why you deal with me. I use the fridge space for body parts, clutter the table for my experiments, rearrange your bookcase by alphabetical order when you like your books in order that you like them the best…”

Y//N was about to yell at him for that but she decided to keep silent and listen further.

“You are the most breathtaking person I’ve ever met; your patience and endurance in dealing with me befuddles me, your kindness is a virtue I am thankful for and your intelligence never fails to enrapture me. I love you very much Y/N and I will not beat around the bush any longer.” Sherlock then bent his knee and Y/N’s eyes widened. “Will you marry me?” The bewildered woman let out a shriek and the consulting detective immediately turned around and stood up, as shocked as she was. “Y-Y/N,” Sherlock stammered. “I-I was just uh… practicing, obviously I had more to say-“ when Y/N tackled him into a bear hug.

“Oh of course I will, you great big prat,” she whispered and kissed him deeply. Sherlock was equally surprised as her and he kissed his new fiancée back with the same passion.

Outside, Mary, John, Molly and Mrs Hudson were huddled outside the door, trying the eavesdrop on their exchange.

“It’s really really happening!” Mrs Hudson whispered happily! Her happiness train was interrupted by a number of shushes.

Requests Open!


FGFDDDJFD I just created the best crossover ever and you can’t stop me!!!

 But seriously, look at them. They both are murderous, yet somehow still adorable robots. They both have tentacle arms and their special weapons that they use to kill the human (also they both want to kill the human because it’s the only way to get free). It can’t be just a coincidence!

Imagine them as siblings. The deadly duo trying to get the human. Performing together. Having fun. I’m gonna cry, this is beautiful. I’m a proud mother of this phenomenal crossover.

Also Eggs and Frisk being fabulous as a bonus:

yourtypicaldisneyfangirl-deacti  asked:

Can u please do one where their kid writes a story about them but they don't know until he wins the writing contest? Like he gets up on stage to present the story and they realize it's about them? Idk kinda sounds stupid now that I've explained it 😂

This is so cute! Thank you for my first request!

“Are you ready?” Betty said braiding Juliet’s hair. Juliet, like her mother had hair that fell down her head like a waterfall but after watching the Wizard of Oz for the first time she refused to where her hair n anything other than braids. “Remember, if you get scared just look at mommy and Daddy and baby Forsythe. We’ll be in the front row with Uncle Kevin, Aunt Ronnie, Aunt Polly and Uncle Archie. Don’t forget your grandparents as well.” Betty invited everyone to make sure her youngest daughter felt supported and loved since she knew her daughter was shy.

“I’m not scared at all, mommy.” The six year old fibbed. Juliet’s thin legs were shaking with the thought of having to read out loud. Being the only first grader in the Riverdale Elementary schools writers showcase was scary for her. She did inherit both her parents’ cautiousness for talking in front of crowds but as her teacher said she had gotten her writing talents from her parents, since Jughead was proclaimed the new Steven King and Betty had co-authored two books with him while she was teaching at the high school. Betty was in the middle of publishing her own novel.

Juliet was the writer in this generation of Jones. Betty and Jughead were trying to get her spill what her story was about. Juliet refused to spill the beans, all she said was that it was a poem.

The two Jones girls walked down the stairs while Jughead stairs as he strapped their two year old son Forsythe the fourth into the stroller. “Who are these pretty girls?” Jughead said as Juliet made her way down the staircase.

“Mommy and me!” she sang, spinning around in her powder blue dress that matched her mothers. It was clear that Juliet admired her mother, so much so that she wanted to dress like her. Aunt Ronnie was the one who assisted with picking out matching outfits.

“Well you two do look beautiful. Come on princess, the writers of Riverdale await.” Jughead said, picking his daughter up bridal style as she giggled. That left Betty with stroller duty.

The showcase was held in the auditorium of the middle school, the same one where they had their writing showcasing back in the day. They wished their final good lucks before they drop Juliet back stage. She didn’t let go of her father’s leg until her parents reassured she was going to be okay. The three of them go to the front row like they promised, with Veronica, Archie, Kevin and Polly like they promised. Both sets of grandparent’s parents present too.

“What will our little princess be reading tonight?” Veronica asked rubbing her pregnant belly.

“She won’t say,” Betty laughed as she put her hand on the raven haired woman’s bump. “But she promised she would speak loud enough for the baby to hear.”

“Archibald Junior will appreciate that.” Archie said as he rocked Forsythe on his knee.

“You’re having a boy. Congrats, man.” Jughead said as him and Kevin gave Archie a quick high five.

“Hey, you said if it’s a boy you would name it after his soon to be favorite uncle-AKA me.” Kevin joked, joining Betty to wait for the baby to kick.

“We don’t know the gender, Archie just wants it to be a boy.” Veronica explained making a face in her husband’s direction. He just smiled and nodded like he was told to do when in these situations.

“I think this little fella would like a best friend.” He lifted Forsythe up above his head like Simba from the Lion King. You could almost hear Betty on the verge of having a heart attack.

“Of a girlfriend.” Polly added.

“Or a boyfriend.” Kevin reminded the group.

“Shush, it’s starting.” Jughead said as the lights dimmed.

The principle walked on to the stage and made his swift introduction. It didn’t take anytime till they brought their youngest poet on stage. “Give a warm Riverdale welcome to Juliet Jones, reading an original poem.” The little girl walked on stage with her little fan club formed in the front row of the auditorium cheering right after her. The principle adjusted the microphone so she was loud enough to be heard.

“My mommy loves me, my daddy loves me too,” she began with a shaky voice. “They sing me songs and make me laugh. They comb my hair and wash my face. They hug me when I want to cry and are by my side. They give me hugs, they give me kisses. When I’m at school I miss them but I know there not far.” As she finished tears of happiness streamed down Betty and Jughead’s faces. The poem had nothing on Shakespeare but it was worth more, it was priceless.

That’s when they realized they were doing something right. They were nothing like their parents were to them when they were kids. The duo went from investigating a murder to investigating how to learn from their parents mistakes. They must have learned well enough to have the two beautiful kids they had.

“That’s our little girl.” Jughead whispered in Betty’s ear as she wiped her tears away from her face. They were proud, proud to say they had a daughter who loved them just as much as they loved her.

“Mommy! Daddy!” Juliet said running towards her mother and father. Jughead piles her in his arms and spun her in circles. “Did you like it?”

“Everyone loved it!” Betty said as she wheeled Forsythe forward in the stroller. “Even this little guy.”

“You know what this calls for?” Jughead said looking into Betty’s eyes with excitement. Betty read his mind like a magazine but she left the job of answering to Juliet.

“Ice cream!” Juliet squealed as she was let down. She grabbed her father’s hand and pulled them out of the school. She did love her parents but she loved ice cream more. To Jughead and Betty they loved their children and the frosty sweet desert equally.

[Flint and Silver raiding my house and murdering me codependently]

me: [in my last breath] good job theres some food in the kitchen you boys must be starving oh and remember to take a joint nap dont want the prettiest pirate duo getting tired do we haha love you both truly blessed to be a part of your bonding time 11/10 best death ever

Bughead antis are the type of people who will ship a gay duo purely due to the fact that they’re gay or have the potential to be gay, no matter how toxic the pair is, but sit around spouting the false narrative that those who ship Bughead are homophobic by default just because we prefer our ship over Beronica or the concept of gay Jarchie. We ship them because they’re a refreshingly healthy couple, not because they’re in a hetero relationship. EVERY canon relationship will always have shippers, even if the canon ship is unpopular.

Don’t try to claim “we need more LGBT+ rep in tv” because it’s common. Look around at all the shows with LGBT+ rep: Skins, The L word, OITNB, Skam, Faking It, Famous In Love, Shadowhunters, Supergirl, PLL, How To Get Away With Murder, The 100, Sense 8, + soooo many more, there are actually A LOT. INCLUDING Riverdale. 

Yet you are so bitter just because you didn’t get the gay duo canon that you wanted on this show. Stop taking your bitterness out on this fandom. Stop trying to demonize Bughead shippers because you’re angry with the direction in which this show has been taken, and for the love of God, STOP harassing the cast members who have no control over what is written in for their characters. Because I promise you it’s not going to get you what you want.


anonymous asked:

Hey, I love your blog! Do you have any Deadpool and Peter headcanons? Specifically Deadpool being really protective of Peter? (I'm trash lol)

I, too, am trash. 

  • Deadpool is a giant Spidey fanboy. This is canon, yeah? But then he actually meets Spidey, and Peter’s not quite what he expected. The guy is kind of a mess and ridiculously dorky and Wade didn’t expect him to shriek and flail when super-villains threw him, or to snort soda up his nose at Wade’s stupid garbage-level-humour jokes, or to be as awkward as he is
  • Wade is…. so fucking endeared to this human disaster
  • Peter isn’t used to people fanboying over him (not people up close and in costumes, anyway). So he tries to ignore it. He sees Wade in Spidey hoodies (he bought it on etsy!) over his spandex sometimes, or Spidey phone charms on his phone, and doesn’t quite know what to think. He actually ends up getting himself some Deadpool merch, because he thinks the idea is cute, and he likes supporting his friends. Wade is actually shocked into silence the first time he sees Spidey bundled up in a Deadpool hoodie.
  • Wade has definitely fought a possible employer/colleague over Spider-Man before. They were throwing down insults and his spider friend’s name got tossed in, and even though they weren’t even in the same country as NYC, Wade wrecked them over it. Talk shit, get hit.
  • Wade is also really worried about Spidey? Like. The guy is so honest and pure and just a good fucking person, but holy shit, he does not know how to look after himself. Peter skips meals so often. He doesn’t think it’s a big deal or anything, he’s just poor and busy, and mentions it off-hand to Wade. And, ofc, Wade is like “NOWAY HOZAY” and buys a shit tonne of take away. They eat take away together so often. And pancakes. Sometimes both together. Wade almost throws Peter out of his apartment when he sees the guy sliding a pancake imbetween a burger and eating it. Like: you disgusting American, I trusted you
  • And Wade is definitely uber protective. Sometimes it can get a little dark, because Spidey is a top tier Good Person, and Wade kind of defines people by how good/bad they are (Spidey is a gift to society, while he’s more of a black stain), so when Spidey gets hurt or almost offed by people who he considers scum and not worthy of the air they breathe, Wade will fuck them up. With guns. And knives. Gunknives. 
  • That’s usually just when Spidey is very, very hurt and unconscious, though. Mid-fight, Wade will definitely take bullets for the guy (Peter is - is… he doesn’t know how to feel about that), and he gets SO MAD when Spidey tries to be his hero-self and step in front of guns for Wade, like you tiny moron, I am IMMORTAL

Miss Fisher Random Thoughts (283)

The scene from the next Phrack kiss?

Our beloved “Ultimate Dynamic Duo” only locked lips twice in the last three seasons. One is the “line of duty” kiss in Murder in Montparnasse, and the other is the “Come after me” romantic overture kiss in Death Do Us Part. When I saw this cover on Pinterest, my mind immediately wandered to Phryne and Jack. In the movies/S4, I want this to happen to them, the snowy backdrop, the matching skiing outfits (vast improvement from Murder under the Mistletoe, especially for Jack), and the steaming passion with her hand wrapping around his neck and his hand tightly surrounding hers.


Vintage art (via Pinterest): Illustration by George Leonnec For La Vie Parisienne December 1927 (with some editing by me to add the snowflakes)

(Posted 23-Jul-2017)

Consider: Castiel and Crowley watching over Jack

Title: Live My Life in Self-Defence
Fandom: All For the Game - Nora Sakavic
Word Count: 37,769
Chapters: 6/?
Language: English
Rating: Mature

They’ve been trying to kill Neil Josten and his various other names ever since he escaped. Somebody tells him when they’re coming - he doesn’t know why.

There’s a celebrity duo skilled in the art of murder. Turned against each other, one wants it all to end and one wants to end it all.

Left to their separate devices it could have worked out differently. However, the world is cruel, and Neil Josten and Andrew Minyard are neighbours, both caught off guard by how well the other can hide a body.

Chapter One: Not Quite Rock Bottom, I’m One Floor Up

Chapter 6: Long Time No See, Wish It Was Longer

More Like Her: Part 2

Requests: (@gallifreyansass) I’m begging you on hands and knees to write a Pt. 2 for More Like her! My chest is tight and filled with Dean infused angst and I need more! xx  —–  (@claire7475) Ahh More Like Her is amazing!!!!! You should totally do a second part!💕 —– (@skullsrock2) Omg I loved the more like her fix. The one based on perfect by selena Gomez. You should totally make a second one. It was so amazingly written

Word Count: 2446

Warnings: None

Part 1: More Like Her

Dean was still standing in the middle of the war room, staring at the door when Sam found him.

“Dude. I’ve been yelling for you for like half an hour,” the younger Winchester said exasperatedly. But his tone changed when he came around and saw the look on Dean’s face. “What’s up?” Sam looked from Dean to the door and it was like he put the puzzle pieces together. “Where’s Y/N?”

“Gone,” Dean grumbled, finally moving from the spot. You’d lied to him and left him empty. So he headed to the kitchen to find the one thing he knew would fill this hole, and even if it didn’t, at least it would numb the pain.

Keep reading

My shit prediction

Korekiyo will lose faith in humanity, protecthim20k7

Tsumugi looks like she could commit murder out of despair and will go batshit crazy Mikan-style

Angie would kill because god told her so and will say that god is the murderer.

Iruma Miu is a mix between Mikan,Oowada, and Ibuki, byebye Irumi you will be missed, should have invented a machine to not die, too bad babe.

Smoll tennisman is so not safe from death being the “not good looking character” (I see you Yamada, Teruteru, and Daisaku)

Lil’ witch is basically a MahiruxSaiyonji love child and death is hereditary so she will run out of HP trust me on that.

for the second case there will be "no I don’t want you to be executed, you’re my bro, why did you murder someone??? I’ll risk my life to save you!“ duo as always, don’t know who it will be but I’ll bet on OumaxPanta

Gonta better stay out of all this bloodbath shit. He is too pure. but he have victim written all over him because he is the muscly character (never forget Ogawa and Nekomaru)

Sometimes the small brat dies sometimes not, I wish Ouma will have a lot of Panta in the afterlife

Robots always dies, sorry I don’t make the rules, good fucking luck Kiibo

Twintails is Deadly Tenko and Maki better change their hairstyle

Being an ultimate in any martial art means that you’ll die. Tenko Cabbage 2017-2017 RIP

Toujou’s name is practicaly "Kill me”

Saihara is protected by the holy plot armor

Amami’s talent better be Ultimate survivor

Kaede is a lie

Everybody dies, no negociation possible

lol see you in hell

Exo Reactions To What Types Of Serial Killers They Would Be

This might seem weird to some people but I really thought it was interesting & I was super inspired to do it so I hope it doesn’t come off too creepy. haha. Also, this took me like 3 hours… heh. xo


Chen, D.O. Suho, Tao & Xiumin gifs were edited by me, use if you want

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun:  Serial Killer Title: “The Aegyo Monster”

─Police File─

Name: Byun Baekhyun

Age: 23

No. Of Victims: Hundreds

Weapon Of Choice: Hands

M.O.: He targets unsuspecting females & males of youth to young adult age. His target usually accompanies him to his apartment where they converse & he lures them into a false sense of security by acting cute or goofy. He attacks at their most vulnerable moment, strangling them to death. Just before they succumb to their demise, he takes a “selfie” of him doing aegyo & posing the body to do it as well. The body is usually found the next day, sitting on a bench in the park. 

Danger Level: YELLOW - Threat, not to be underestimated

Chanyeol:  Serial Killer Title: “The Playboy”

─Police File─

Name: Park Chanyeol

Age: 22

No. Of Victims: Hundreds

Weapon Of Choice: Suffocation

M.O.: He targets women of late teen to late twenties age, wooing them until they agree to go with him back to his home where he woos them further. Once he’s got them successfully comfortable, he offers them alcohol to relax. He gets them sufficiently drunk & continues to on with the evening where he seduces them into sleeping with him. After the love making, he waits until they fall asleep & smothers them with a pillow. He wraps the body in the bed sheet & disposes of it in the near-by river.

Danger Level: ORANGE - Dangerous but usually not armed.

Chen:  Serial Killer Title: “The Lightning Bug”

─Police File─

Name: Kim Jongae

Age: 22

No. Of Victims: Unknown

Weapon Of Choice: Electricity

M.O.: He targets victims of any age or sex. He lures them in with his inviting smile, gets them alone & uses many means of murdering them by electric shock. Women are usually found to have been killed via bathtub where he had dropped an electronic device into the water. The bodies are almost never found due to being reduced to ashes as they are burned so badly, but few bodies have been found in a pit at a local garbage dump.

Danger Level: ORANGE - Dangerous but not usually armed.

D.O.: Serial Killer Title: “The Grim Reaper”

─Police File─

Name: Do Kyungsoo

Age: 22

No. Of Victims: Unknown (Most notably Park Chanyeol)

Weapon Of Choice: Unknown

M.O.: Little is known as to how he picks his victims, but it has been noted that he has a temper & will usually be found using his fists to beat his victim to death. Though other cases would show that he has been known to use other means such as suffocation & blunt force to the head. He never leaves a trace of his victims aside from a couple bodies found tied & wrapped in black trash bags.

Danger Level: RED - Dangerous even when not armed.

Kai: Serial Killer Title: “The Dancing Death Machine”

─Police File─

Name: Kim Jongin

Age: 21

No. Of Victims: Hundreds

Weapon Of Choice: Dancing

M.O.: He targets women from late teens to early twenties. He charms them with his smile & persuades them to join him for a night at his home where he lulls them into a “spontaneous” session of dancing. As an experienced dancer, he has been known to go for hours without resting & he uses this ability to tire his victims to the point of their feet bleeding. He forces them to continue until they pass out from the pain. Once they’re successfully unconscious, he finishes them off by throwing them in water so that they drown to death. The bodies are usually found in lakes to trick the public into assuming they drown after falling in.

Danger Level: YELLOW - Threat, but not usually armed

Kris: Serial Killer Title: “The Night Flyer”

─Police File─

Name: Wu Yifan

Age: 24

No. Of Victims: Hundreds

Weapon Of Choice: Heights

M.O.: He targets victims of any age & sex. He lurks on tall building’s roofs, usually tourist attractions like Sky Decks late at night. He meets his victim & small talks them into following him to an unguarded part of the roof where he pushes them off. The bodies are always found in multiple pieces from the fall so it’s never clear what happens between on the roof & being pushed off. 

Danger Level: YELLOW - Threat, but not usually armed

Lay: Serial Killer Title: None

─Police File─

Name: Zhang Yixing

Age: 23

No. Of Victims: Unknown

Weapon Of Choice: Unknown

M.O.: Little is known about whether he’s killed hundreds or tens since no body has ever been found, but he was spotted dumping a body that was later discovered to have been burned. There’s no evidence to support that he’s a serial killer but during an interrogation he laughed at the investigator when he was asked why he burned his bodies. He didn’t correct them when they pluralized the word so it was assumed he’s done it more than once. There is no real explained reason why or how he burns the bodies, but it’s suspected that he uses a pocket lighter.

Danger Level: RED - Always armed with a lighter which could be his weapon, unclear whether or not he’ll use it publicly

Luhan: Serial Killer Title: “The Casanova”

─Police File─

Name: Lu Han

Age: 25

No. Of Victims: 60-100

Weapon Of Choice: Sex, Drugs

M.O.: Along with his partner in crime, Oh Sehun, he seduces women of any age. The team gangs up on the women once they’re finally alone & take turns pleasuring her until she becomes so tired & sore that she passes out. This one is considered the brains of the operation as he usually is the one to start the process of making love & his partner comes in later to finish the job. They continue to relieve their victims of life by drugging them & dumping their bodies in a dumpster frequented by drug addicts which lead police to believe they were drug addicts as well. 

Danger Level: RED - Dangerous even when unarmed

/I just want to be clear that they’re not raping the women, just having sex until she gets too tired, then they stop/

Sehun: Serial Killer Title: “The ASSassin”

─Police File─

Name: Oh Sehun

Age: 21

No. Of Victims: 60-100

Weapon Of Choice: Sex, Drugs

M.O.: As the other half of a duo, along with Lu Han, his report only differs in the details. He’s the brawn of the two, taking the brunt of the work that goes into their murders. He pleasures the victims for lengthy hours without tiring & when they can’t handle any more, he allows his partner to drug them. He then dumps the bodies himself as his partner cleans up & finds the next victim.

Danger Level: RED - Dangerous even when unarmed  

/same as with Luhan, they aren’t raping anyone/

Suho: Serial Killer Title: “Suho”

─Police File─

Name: Kim Junmyeon

Age: 24

No. Of Murders: Thousands

Weapon Of Choice: Knife

M.O.: He targets victims of any age & sex. He appears as the friendly neighbor next door but once his true nature is shown, the monster is revealed. He’ll invite them into his home with a kind smile, where he offers them comforting things like snacks or drinks, then when the target is busy admiring the items given, he strikes from behind. The victims are usually found with multiple stab wounds & slashed throats. He disposes of them by driving into the middle of a dessert or forest preserve & burying them deep in the ground. The only way bodies have been found are by hikers or overhead surveyors who spot the disturbed & disheveled plots of Earth. 

Danger Level: MAX - Armed & extremely dangerous

Tao: Serial Killer Title: “The Kung-Fu Slayer”

─Police File─

Name: Huang Zitao

Age: 21

No. Of Victims: 50-70

Weapon Of Choice: Kung-Fu

M.O.: He targets mostly smaller/weaker victims that are vulnerable. He will get them alone, in an alley or back lot & when he strikes, he’s precise & accurate. He knows where to hit to cause the most damage. He doesn’t kill his victims right away, rather wounds them & beats them down. Once they’re close to death, he snaps their neck & leaves them where they passed. 

Danger Level: MAX - Extremely dangerous even when unarmed. 

Xiumin: Serial Killer Title: “The Pelvis Breaker”

─Police File─

Name: Kim Minseok

Age: 25

No. Of Victims: 30 70 90 982

Weapon Of Choice: His penis

M.O.: He targets women in their 20′s-30′s. He comes off as cute & approachable until he has them alone in his apartment which is where things tend to get messy. He’ll propose they have a bit of wine or something to ease their nerves then he continues to seduce them into bed. Once the victim is in the right place mentally & emotionally, he strikes. He pleasures them continuously for hours on end, never stopping even when the woman gets tired. He goes so hard that he breaks the pelvic bone. When he successfully reaches his peak, he smothers the victim by putting his penis in their mouth & blocking their nose with his fingers until they suffocate. The body’s are later found redressed & posed as though they’re sleeping in parks or other public places.

Danger Level: ORANGE - dangerous but unarmed

/again, he doesn’t rape anyone, just has sex until they get tired or he breaks their pelvis. omg that sounds so bad, I’m sorry/

Drunk Confession (Woozi)

Hellooo, Sabrina here! This is something I came up with after talking with @softsnuper and @sunshinehosh because they are brilliant. I’m not supposed to be Jihoon biased, but here is a fluffy college!au Woozi!

Lee Jihoon is not a man of vulnerability.
In fact, he’s quite the opposite. He maintains his composure, keeps his guard up, and leads his dongsaengs responsibly.
I’ve come to admire him from afar, tiny but tough with a sweet voice and a contagious laugh. He’s a year older than me, but I went to high school with his good friend Seungcheol, so we are relatively acquainted.
Except he refuses to make eye contact with me for more than .05 seconds and says about seven words to me every time we meet.
“How are you?”
“Bye, Y/N.”
Spring on campus means cherry blossoms and exams, and then a necessary break from all things academic.
It’s a little past eight in the morning when I emerge from my cozy studio apartment and meander over to campus.
The sun beams down cheerily upon the sidewalk, but it’s just chilly enough for a sweater.
This week is exam week, a whirlwind of worksheets and caffeine and numbly turning textbook pages.
I find myself outside of the campus coffee shop before I can discourage myself from consuming coffee.
The shop is quaint, and the windows are large, welcoming sunshine and students. The members of the Environment Club planted sunflowers, roses, tulips, and hydrangeas. Despite the misery of exam week, the coffee shop is a happy place.
It’s not extraordinarily busy, as most students are not eager to drag themselves out of bed on a Monday morning, but I push open the glass door and still wait in line behind two girls.
Seungcheol is a prized employee at the shop. The managers are absolutely in capable of understanding why he attracts so many patrons, but I understand perfectly well—Choi Seungcheol is greasy. But, the female race is easily deluded, so many girls on campus fall victim to his suave words and, admittedly, sexy smirk.
“Wendy? Yerin? Pretty names for pretty girls.” Seungcheol winks and I can’t help but roll my eyes. The duo giggles and thanks him, leaving what I assume is a hefty tip in the jar.
“Good morning, sunshine!” Seungcheol grins when he sees me, leaning over to rest his elbows on the counter and his chin upon his hands.
“Yeah, good morning Greasy.”
“You know you love it.”
“If by ‘love it’, you mean I ‘want to vomit’, then yes.”
The door jingles happily from behind me.
“Hey! Jihoon, Wonwoo! What’s up?”
I turn to glance at the pair. They look equally murderous.
Jeon Wonwoo’s hair is disheveled—but attractive, as always—and his eyes are barely open, face devoid of any emotional inclination except, say, homicide. He dons a pair of joggers and a sweatshirt, but still manages to look like a model.
Lee Jihoon appears slightly less agitated—his hair is styled rather neatly, the bags beneath his eyes aren’t that heavy, and he’s not glaring at Seungcheol. He wears a pair of dark wash jeans and a blue striped button up. In fact…Lee Jihoon looks quite handsome.
When the thought dawns on me, I flush red.
“Wonwoo is really pissy this morning, so I don’t suggest talking to him until he consumes something.”
“Jihoon I will kill you.”
“See, even more murderous than I am?” Jihoon laughs and it rings like bells. He’s happy, and my heart swells a little bit.
His smiley gaze flickers to me and his beam falters. Uh-oh.
“Hello, Y/N.”
I offer a bright smile in return. “Hi Jihoon!”
“How are you?”
“I’m okay. Not having a mental breakdown. How are you?”
His eyes are round, and his cheeks are vaguely pink. “Good.”
Seungcheol clears his throat. “This isn’t social hour. Jeon Wonwoo is going to murder me with his eyes, so I need to get him his coffee as soon as possible. What do you want to order, Y/N?”
I tell him black tea and offer Wonwoo and Jihoon a brief smile before walking to my favorite corner booth.
Jihoon and Wonwoo slide into seats closer to Seungcheol, so that they can talk with their friend.
Unable to execute any self-control, I strain my ears in an attempt to listen to their conversation.
Seungcheol yells my name, and I jolt out of my eavesdropping haze.
Jihoon’s immersed in conversation with Wonwoo, who is still remarkably unresponsive.
I’m walking back towards the booth when I hear Seungcheol. “Wait, Y/N!”
“Come sit by us.”
I don’t notice the way Jihoon’s face pales or how he shrinks, just a little. I also don’t notice the scowl Jihoon shoots a grinning Seungcheol because I’m too focused on not spilling my tea.
“Pull up a chair next to Jihoon. We were just talking about Minghao’s dance performance next week.”
“Oh! How has he been doing? I haven’t talked to him in ages. I miss seeing him at the library. He was so stressed out about practice, I was worried!”
Seungcheol grins. “You should stop by to visit some time. I know he really values your support.”
I nod. “Of course.”
I don’t see the way Jihoon purses his lips, or the way his knuckles turn white around his cup of hazelnut coffee.
“Jihoon, are you okay?” Wonwoo’s voice is a deep rumble, and I jump in surprise at the sudden sound.
Jihoon, for a brief moment, gasps for breath before jolting out of his seat.
“I need to, um, drop something off at my, uh, psych professors office! See you guys around!” His voice cracks a little at the end, and I tilt my head as I look up at him, concerned and curious.
He hightails out of the coffee shop.
I turn to Wonwoo. His eyes are shut, but he’s taking slow sips from his coffee.
He drinks it black. Like my soul, he’d muttered.
“Is he really okay?”
Wonwoo’s eyes slowly open, dark and deep, watching me inquisitively.
I might feel self-conscious if I didn’t know that he sleeps with a Piglet plushie.
“Probably not.”
Seungcheol pipes up, “Jihoon has a little crush. But he’s not very good at talking to girls he likes.”
Seungcheol smirks.
“You have no idea.”

Monday and Tuesday drag, vaguely painful and undeniably boring.  

Tuesday evening finds me in the library, sprawled out in a private study room, with only bio textbooks and colorful pens to keep me company. 

By the time I decide to call it quits, my phone reads 11:32 PM. The library was merciful, open until midnight during exam weeks.
My head throbs slightly, and the section on cellular respiration suffocates me.
Dismally, I stuff my belongings in my backpack, slinging it over my shoulder and grabbing my jacket before exiting the room. The halls are quiet—everyone has either gone to bed at home, or knocked out here.
I take a swig from my water bottle when I see familiar patch of white polka dots on navy blue cloth.
I backtrack a little and turn down an aisle filled with books on Roman history.  
He’s slumped over his textbook, an empty cup of coffee, several highlighters, and notebooks splayed across the table.
He looks oddly peaceful; as if the paper is a worthy pillow, lips slightly parted, steady breaths. Cute.
Sometimes the most important decisions in life are the ones you don’t have time to analyze.
I pull his bag up off of the ground next to him, and onto the table, stuffing his supplies into the backpack in a relatively unorganized manner.
I breathe once before I press my fingers gently to his arms, and shake him slightly. He isn’t even awake, but the blood has rushed to my face.
“J-Jihoon? The library is almost closed.”
He sighs.
“Jihoon? You should…wake up now…”
He makes a sound in his throat and turns to face the other way.
“Oh my god. Jihoon, please get up now.”
I jump in surprise at the sudden negation.  
“The library closes soon.”
“The library can suck my—
“Jihoon!” I squeak.
He turns to face me again, cracking one eye open. “What?” He whines.
“Let me, um, take you home.”
“But it’s so comfy here~”
He snuggles the book and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous.
“Your bed is even comfier.” I argue.
“…You have a point.”
“So just, um, stand up, put on your coat, and let’s get out of here.”
“Fine,” He huffs, moving at a sloth-like pace.
Jihoon seems to be in absolute daze. There is no blushing or avoiding eye contact or awkward smiles.
“I’ll carry your bag, you wear my jacket.” I smother him as we exit the library.
“But what about you?”
“I’ll be fine.”
“Can I lean against you?” He sighs, pressing his body up against mine, not waiting for an answer.
“Sure, go ahead,” I grumble.
The walk is inundated with sleepy silence. “Are you warm?” He asks.
“Yes.” I answer, because I am. In fact, I’m burning up because Lee Jihoon is cuddled against me and I’m walking him home and he seems completely unaware of the way my skin is tingling beneath my sweater.
Unable to help myself, I ask, “Will you remember this in the morning?”
“Do you want me to?” His voice is startlingly clear, void of all traces of slumber.
I think about how soft his hair is against my cheek, how his arms are wrapped around me, how adorable he looked asleep, and tell him, “I don’t know.”
Getting up the stairs is a bit of a struggle, but we make it into the apartment building, up the elevator, and reach his apartment door without falling.
I knock adamantly on the door and it flies open.
Seungcheol, clad only in pajama pants, blinks blearily at me for several moments before he snaps out of his daze.
“Y/N? Jihoon? What the hell?”
Jihoon makes to move to go inside his home, and nuzzles my cheek.
Quite literally, my knees wobble at the display of affection, and the air leaves my lungs in a sharp exhale.
“He…um…fell asleep in the library.” My voice shakes as Jihoon exhales, his breath against my skin wreaking absolute havoc in my heart.
“Y/N walked me home. Isn’t Y/N the best, Seungcheol?” Jihoon hums.
Seungcheol’s eyes widen for a moment, before smirking at my flaming cheeks. “Yes, Jihoon. Now, Y/N needs to get home, too. So you should let go of her, and go to bed.”
“Okay. But make sure she gets home safe.”
And then Jihoon presses his warm lips to my cheek.
“Sleep well, Y/N!”
Removes himself from me, takes his bag, and brushes past his roommate.
We hear a door slam.
“What the hell?”
I shake my head drowsily. “I don’t even know…”
Seungcheol looks at me through narrowed eyes. “Do you like Jihoon?”
The sleepiness removes my filter and I blurt, “Yes.”
“Oh my god.”
“If you say anything, I will join Wonwoo and kill you.”
Seungcheol chuckles.
“My lips are sealed.”

Jihoon hides from me for the remainder of the week. When I walk into the coffee shop each morning, he flees. When I pass him in the library, he ducks his head.
If I wasn’t oblivious, it might hurt. But I wasn’t oblivious, so I new that there was a possibility that Jihoon harbored romantic feelings for me, and the thought made me squeal.
I was okay, though. The lack of Jihoon was unpleasant, but I fought my way through exam week without any tears.
Saturday, I wake up at noon, shower, eat, and crash in front of the television, in capable of thinking.
I order Chinese for dinner, exhausted but happy in my solitude.
I’m beginning to doze off in the midst of a romantic comedy when my cell phone rings.
My eyes fly open and I sit up, rummaging around the couch for my phone.
“Hey, what are you up to right now?”
“…Nothing. Is everything okay?”
“Well, actually—
“Cheollie, who are you taaalking to? What about meee?”
My mouth forms into an o.
“Jihoon give me—Ouch! Wonwoo! Put that down!”
“Nooooo. Cheollie, I waaant Y/N.” And then Jihoon starts to weep. “So beautiful and sweet and nice smelling and strong—
“Y/N!” Seungcheol’s voice is laced with hysteria. “Can you be at the pub in fifteen minutes? Please? I really—WONWOO I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU POKE ME WITH THAT ONE MORE TIME—
“I’ll be there in ten.”
I slam my cell phone down, heart racing.

My driving is considerably reckless, but after throwing on a sweater, tugging on a pair of sneaker, and grabbing my car keys, I rushed out the door. I screech to a halt in an alley near the pub in ten minutes.
It had begun to rain, the kind of drizzle I would fall asleep to if Lee Jihoon and Jeon Wonwoo were not shitfaced and wreaking hysteria upon Seungcheol.
Slamming the car door shut and locking it, I tug the hood of my sweater up and begin walking towards the entrance. The queue is a relatively short, tangled mess of squeals and sequins and deep laughter.
This pub is certainly the most popular among the students in this college town, and therefore perpetually filled to the rim with beer, dancing bodies, and retro music.
I have absolutely no intention of entering the chaos, so instead I dial Seungcheol’s number.
The longer it rings, the more my stomach twisted in distress.
Salvation appears in the form of Jeon Wonwoo. “Hey! Look! Isn’t that Y/N in the ugly sweater?”
Too stunned to frown, I gape at the sight before me.
Seungcheol’s hair is disheveled, and his face pink, even in the glow of dim streetlights, Jihoon clinging to his arm and resting his face on his left shoulder, while Wonwoo grasps Seungcheol’s forearm with both of his hands, waddling unstably.
Seungcheol wheezes, “Help!” and I rush over, splashing in several puddles and fighting a laugh.
Wonwoo lunges towards me, and I squeak as he wraps his long arms around my shoulder.
He towers over me, leaning easily against my comparably smaller, but steady frame.
“Wonwoo, you ARE GOING TO CRUSH ME.”
“But Y/N~” He whines, rubbing his cheek affectionately against the top of my hooded head. “You’re so comfy.”
Jihoon makes a strangled noise of protest. “Wonwoo, SHE IS MINE!”
He attempts to extricate himself from Seungcheol, but Seungcheol pats Jihoon’s head soothingly. “When we get to the car, you can sit next to her, okay?”
Jihoon pouts, plump bottom lip jutting out, and my heart is in my throat. “Fine.”
Our quartet shuffles to the car, ungainly and uneven.
Wonwoo has shifted, arms wrapped around my waist, chin atop my head, and the brief but painful walk is filled with Jihoon’s adorable complaining.
“Cheollie! Look at that! Only I can hug Y/N like that! It’s not fair!”
“We’re almost to the car, Jihoon.”
“Maybe I should fight him.”
“I want to snuggle Y/N and back hug Y/N and nuzzle Y/N. Wonwoo is stealing her, Cheollie!”
Grinning painfully, I manage, “Jihoon, I’m yours, don’t worry!” Verbally verifying the thought was satisfying, but I am left jittery.
Wonwoo is unconscious, for all intents and purposes. We reach the car and it is a challenge to stuff Wonwoo into the passenger seat. He hits his head on the door, protesting in momentary agony.
Seungcheol all but dumps Jihoon in the backseat and after giving him my car keys, I crawl in beside Jihoon.
He chortles happily, stretched out his arms, and tugs me flush against his side.
“Jihoon, we should put on our seatbelts.”
“I’m your seatbelt. I’ll keep you safe and secure.”
I laugh breathily, balling my hands into fists because otherwise they will shake uncontrollably.
“Seungcheol, how much have you had to drink?”
Seungcheol huffs. “Not a drop. These two were piss drunk before I got there.”
Exhaling in slight relief, I accept his position as driver.
There isn’t much to focus on now, except Jihoon. 

My hood had fallen down some time during the bedlam of getting into the car, and my hair is slightly wet.
I might be cold, but a certain Lee Jihoon radiates warmth.
Arms wrapped tightly around my waist, cheek resting against my shoulder. I’m relatively stable until he shifts his head, so that his nose is buried in the crook of my neck.
Aware of my internal tension, he breathes, “Relax.”
My cheeks flame.
Each of Jihoon’s exhales results in a rush of goose bumps.
“Y/N, do you know that I like you? I really like you.”
Smiling vaguely, I answer, “Yes.”
He nuzzles further against my skin, pulling me impossibly closer, his soft skin burning my own.
“You’re so pretty, and nice, and you smell good, and your laugh is so cute, and when you talk to me I feel like the happiest Jihoon in the world.”
And then he sniffles.
His tears are warm against my skin, fluttering eyelashes and deep breaths.
“But you’re too good for me! You could never…like me back, right? But…I like you so much. I want to make you happy…because you make…me so happy.” He blubbers, pulling away from me to rub his eyes.
From somewhere upfront, Seungcheol mumbles something about the sacrifices he made as a good friend.
Startled at the sobbing, I place my hands on his cheeks and force him to look at me.
“Lee Jihoon, stop crying!”
He blinks at me, dark eyes wide and innocent, despite his perfectly exposed, perfectly sculpted collarbones peaking out from a worn V-neck t-shirt.
“I am not too good for you. In fact, you’re too good for me. But I really, really like you, too. Okay? So there’s no need to cry. Everything is going to be okay.”
His face is a ray of sunshine in the darkness, lips curling into a gleeful smile that reached his warm eyes.
And then he kisses me.
It’s sloppy and brash, but affectionate, soft lips and slow movements. He slides his hand to the back of my neck, pulling my mouth closer, chasing my lips when I gasp for air.
Curling my fingers in his shirt as he threads his calloused fingers through my hair, I find myself inebriated simply by the taste of his lips.
“Y/N,” He breathes, resting his forehead against mine.
Breathing raggedly, I bury my face in his chest because holy shit, I just kissed Jihoon.
“Do you want to know a secret?” He mumbles, lips brushing my earlobe.
“What is it?”
“I don’t drink.”

When Lee Jihoon rises from his deathly slumber the next morning, his head pounds violently before he opens his eyes. This is not a hangover caused by the overconsumption of alcohol—excessive studying and raging emotion cause the throbbing pain, instead.
Groaning in misery, he tosses and turns on the bed, jolting in surprise when he hits something solid and startlingly human.
Peaking around the room through one eye, he scans the bed, a lump splayed beneath the blankets next to him.
Tentatively, he pokes it.
When he receives no response, he carefully peels back the blanket, gasping in surprise.

Let me know what you think! And feel free to message me with requests…I quite enjoy the whole writing thing. 

Scrabble COLS
  • Clary: He wanted me to come with him. To join him and Sebastian. I guess he wants their evil little duo to be an evil little trio. Maybe he's lonely. Sebastian can't be the greatest company.
  • Magnus: We don't know that. He could be absolutely fantastic at Scrabble,
  • Alec: He's a murdering psychopath, And Jace knows it.