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Lol imagine if during their first time, like right before, when they’re still standing up and making out, John is like “do you want to get in the bed now” all heatedly and Sherlock is like “yes please” all breathlessly, but then Sherlock turns around and crawls onto the bed and underneath the covers with the sheets pulled up to his chin, and John just stands there like “uhh um” ‘cause they’re both still totally clothed and he’s thinking like does sherlock just want to like…go to sleep now i’m so confused like he knew I was talking about sex right? and he’s just standing there awkwardly until Sherlock is like “why are you just standing there I’m ready”

Toothbrush - L.H.

Okay…so I (obviously) got this idea from listening to Toothbrush from DNCE. I’ve also decided I want to update every Friday so every time I finish something, I’m just going to queue it up. Enjoy

Also…I know I said no more Luke pieces for awhile, but this literally came to me in class and I wrote it in fifty minutes so….

Luke woke up early from the sunlight pouring in through the window on the other side of the room, body still bare from the night before, the only thing covering him being the stupid little close to nothing sheet resting on his hips. His bright blue eyes fluttered open slightly, heart sinking as he sat up confused as to why the body next to him had disappeared at such an early hour of the day, the clock reading a mere 6:17 in the morning, no longer confused when he heard the toilet flush from the bathroom just down the hall…unless it was Ashton of course since he was the usual prospect that would be up this early in the morning.

He ran a hand through his tousled hair, bringing his palms down over his face rubbing the tiredness from them slightly as he waited for his lover to return to the room.

“You’re up early,” she mumbled seeing him awake as she leaned up against the door frame, arms crossed over her chest as she looked over the tired man’s features, a lazy smile gracing his perfectly pouted lips. She had on his torn Nirvana tee, the fabric falling to the tops of her thighs, and with the way she was leaning against the frame, he could see her favorite pair of navy blue panties from Victoria’s Secret. Her feet were still bare, probably having lost her socks in his sheets through the night, as she always did, even though she refused to take them off before falling asleep. He’d always loved her sense of style, but he always thought she looked best dressed in his shirt with no pants on laying in his bed.

Her hair was still a mess, sticking up slightly in awkward directions, most likely extremely tangled and in desperate need of a pound of his conditioner to comb out the knots before she left. Her eyeliner had run across the side of her face lightly and he was sure there was glitter on his pillows from her eye shadow as well, small love bites gracing the length of her neck, small enough for him to miss if she had her hair styled the right way covering them perfectly. It was a sight he always loved, even if she did look like a hot mess. She was his hot mess.

“Luke, are you listening to me?” she asked smirking slightly knowing he wasn’t. He never was when he was looking at her like that…not that she knew exactly what that look on his face was, but she knew it enough to know he was lost in his train of thought.

“Not at all, sweetheart,” he hummed leaning back against his pillows, arms making their way behind his bed as his muscles shifted slightly, eyes daring her to make her way back to bed with him, and she knew she would. “Close the door love.”

She did as she was told, feet padding softly against the dark, hardwood floors as she climbed into bed right over to him, swinging her leg over his hip so she was straddling him, as placed strategically against his pelvis, knowing damn well if she wanted to at any point in time she could change the entire mood.

“What were you saying?” he asked, hands making their way to her thighs rubbing the soft, bare skin lightly leaving goosebumps behind.

“I said I can’t stay long. I’m working at eleven,” she said running her nails down his chest lightly, up and down, over and over, Luke shivering slightly at the feeling.

“That reminds me..I need to talk to you,” he mumbled, hands slowly making their way to her hips as he ran his thumbs in small circles under the fabric of his shirt along her bare skin.

“What about, rock star?” she asked, brows furrowing together confused, not sure if she should be worried or not. Usually he’d just come out and say it, not making it a big deal unless it was something important.

“Well…I mean…we’ve been doing this for what…five months now…?” he asked stumbling over his words as she giggled slightly.

“Six,” she she said smirking slightly. “Where are you going with this Lu?”

“Well, I was thinking…that maybe you could like…leave some of your stuff here so when you do have to go in the morning you don’t have to leave so early…” he suggested making her heart melt as she smiled softly at him. “Like..maybe that coconut shampoo you have or your toothbrush…”

“And maybe some clothes considering I can’t really work in your tee and panties,” she teased as he blushed more. “You’re too cute, you know.”

“Are you going to answer me or just make fun of me?” he pouted as she leaned in pecking his lips quickly.

“I’ll bring them over when I see you tonight.”

I really feel like they have just brushed over a shit ton of the issues here with Mary. Like, fuck it, I wanted to love her. I like her, I do, but right now, there’s nothing there to make me even want to attempt to defend her.

She’s not doing this for her boys. She’s not. If she was, she would fucking stop and listen to them. Ask them more about what they’ve been through. What they’ve seen. What they’ve done. How they grew up.

They are actually canonly hunters of legend. The hunting community tells stories about them. The Hevenly fucking Host tells stories about them. The entirety of Hell has a fucking score sheet for who can fucking kill them to have stories told about them.

They are not helpless little newbie hunters. Right now, in this time, as it stand, Sam and Dean probably have more actual hunting experience (and experience with the supernatural in general) than John and Mary.

So using the excuse that the BMOL are amazing at this holds less than zero water. Considering the entire US branch was fucking wiped out by the fucking Knight Of Hell that Dean Winchester killed.

So no. No. She’s not listening, to them, or to the world as a whole, if she honestly thinks that the BMOL are a better choice than her sons.

“I could sit here for hours finding new ways to be awed each minute. ‘Cause the daylight seems to want you just as much as I want you.”

The sheets are tangled up somewhere around the bottom of the bed, no longer needed. The sun beams gently through the cracks in the blinds and Arizona traces the patterns it leaves across a tanned back, ghosting her fingers along a spine. 

“Your bones are beautiful,” she whispers and receives a blissful smile in response. 

Callie’s hair is sprawled across her pillow, the dark strands contrasting the white on their bed. Her breathing is shallow, eyes half closed and oh, she’s so beautiful. So wonderfully, truly beautiful. 

“I can’t take my eyes off of you, Calliope. You’re miraculous.”

Her body moves only as she breathes, slightly rising and falling as her heart pumps safely inside of her against the sheets, so loud they can both hear it. Arizona is as naked as she is and these are her favourite times, they really are. The intimacy, the blue of Arizona’s eyes and the softness of her lips pressing against freckled skin. 

“You’re miraculous, my love,” Callie responds, eyelids fluttering as she sighs contently, “My miracle." 

Arizona’s eyes follow the map of her lovers body. She takes everything in, the way her back forms dimples at the bottom of her spine and the arch of her bum before it curves down into toned thighs and never ending legs. She enjoys watching her palms across her body without ever leaving a mark because she knows, they both know. There’s no need to be territorial when they share a connection bound by two souls that entwine together and make a home, needing both parts to make a whole. To make a safe place to simply be..

The pair are disturbed by a noise from the other room and Callie watches hips sway, blonde hair messy and yet perfect as it disappears from sight. Moments later, Arizona returns and she cradles their little girl against her chest in such a tender way it makes Callie’s heart constrict. Eyes are bluer, brighter, dazzling in the early morning and their tiny daughter makes content mumbles as she settles. 

Sofia is stripped down to nothing and held against her mommy’s chest and then this is how they stay. 

Callie eventually lays across her back and tugs on her wife, an arm protectively falling around her and holding her closer. She stares at her daughter on her mothers chest, the tiny thing they had grown and made together. Her hand is almost as big as the delicate baby’s back and she rests it gently against the naked skin and knows what it is to feel like her bones are made of love. Arizona’s eyes smile when she tells her to be gentle, so gentle, because they’d made her from scratch and she’s really rather precious.

Callie is wrong. These moments right here are her very favourite.

The Better Part of 2012

Description: There’s a reason Phil suggested taking Dan to Vegas for his 21st birthday. It’s the same reason all the footage mysteriously disappeared.

Words: 1.5k

Content Warning: alcohol, gambling

“Dan,” Phil whispered as he booped his boyfriend’s nose in bed, “Wake up, baby. Happy Birthday!”

Dan groaned and hid his face in the crook of his arm. “My birthday doesn’t start until 11am. Before then it’s not acceptable to wake me up.” He chuckled as he ripped the sheet up and over his head.

“It’s 10:52,” Phil said. “And I already ordered breakfast, so you might want to put on pants. They’ll be here any minute,” Phil laughed.

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anonymous asked:

Hello, I have an herbalism question. How do you come to feel confident that the types and amounts of herbs you intend to ingest (or inhale the smoke of or apply to your skin) are safe? Do you look up exact recipes from a particular trustworthy source, or do you look for more ambiguous confirmation from many different sources until you feel confident that it's accurate, or something else? The amounts, in particular, seem like they'd be hard to be sure of, and I'd be scared to not be sure.

Hi! Sorry this took a while. I wanted to get back home on my computer to answer this, because this is gonna be a long ass response. Ready?

First of all, how do you verify which list of side effects are legitimate? I usually cross-reference sources, namely, sources from medical centers or hospitals. Although webmd is notorious for making a common headache seem like brain cancer, it’s a good place to start with herbs, due to the sheet amount of detail they include. Other sources I cross-reference it with are university studies (those would be your .edu sites), and medical sites (those are your .net sites, sometimes .com). If the side effects and information align with a couple sites, I go with it. Better safe than sorry.

Based on my experience with herbs and oils–and I am by no means a botanist–here are my personal guidelines to herb safety.

If it fucks with your medication, don’t use it. Period. The St. John’s Wort/antidepressant example you gave is a really good one. As much as I love St. John’s Wort, since I got on antidepressants I don’t ingest it, handle it, burn it, or keep it in my home. This is probably overkill, but there are many substitutes I can use instead of St. John’s Wort, and avoiding it makes my life 10x easier.

If it fucks with your known allergies, don’t use it. Don’t even buy the plant to keep in your home, or burn its incense. Just don’t use it.

If you are pregnant, avoid all herbs and oils that could affect your pregnancy. A lot of times you’ll see something like “Rosemary could have side effects if taken in larger than normal doses while pregnant”. This sounds super sketchy to me, because what I consider a normal dose of rosemary may not coincide with how much rosemary you use. If you see a warning like this, it’s best just to avoid the herb, period. Don’t even use it in spell casting, jars or bags if you can avoid doing so. Better safe than sorry.

“Can have side effects in large quantities” often varies with different people. A lot of times you’ll see something like “Lemon balm can result in side effects such as nausea or dizziness if ingested”. First of all, a lot of times the percentage of people who suffer from these side effects are relatively small. Because peoples’ bodies are different, they react to herbs differently–I know people who feel sick after eating smoked paprika, whereas I can eat smoked paprika and feel fine. It depends on your allergies, drug use, medication, diet, etc, etc, etc. With these kind of herbs, you could just try a small portion to see how your body reacts to it. If you ingest lemon balm tea and feel gross afterwards, stop ingesting it. You can still have a plant in your house, and use it for spell jars and such. Sometimes herbs just don’t work inside your body, and cause no long-term effects if you try them once. Obviously, don’t eat a whole salad full of lemon balm leaves if you’re trying it for the first time, since your body won’t know how to handle all of that. If you’re worried about quantity, you can dilute it with something else, such as adding rose petals to the lemon balm tea, or spinach to the lemon balm salad. Most of the time, the little bit required for rubs and lotions is safe to use.

If you smoke herbs, make sure it’s organic, and don’t smoke too much. I won’t lecture on which ones are hallucinogens, because obviously some people smoke herbs because they are hallucinogens. Just make sure that you buy them organic, and that they’re not polluted with pesticides or anything unnatural that people could fertilize plants with. A little bit of herbs = a lot of smoke and a strong smell (not so much with mugwort, but with others) so be wary. Also, know that some herbs are safe to ingest but not as safe when smoked. Do your research on smokable herbs before engaging. 

Research essential oils and dilute them whenever possible. Essential oils are very highly concentrated, and many of them shouldn’t be directly applied to your skin in large quantities. You’ve got to dilute it with what’s called a carrier oil: grapeseed oil, coconut oil. olive oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut butter and shea butter are good carrier oils. My lavender salve has 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil per 300 mL of olive oil, herbs and beeswax. Despite what I’ve heard some people say, applying lavender oil directly to your skin isn’t the best decision, so I just dilute it. I don’t personally ingest oils beyond olive oils that I infuse myself, but if you do, know that some essential oils cannot be ingested. Some will kill you. Please don’t ingest essential oils without heavily researching them first.

Decide whether you are willing to risk the side effects listed. This is the main deciding factor for trying new herbs. Lemon balm may cause dizziness when ingested, but that’s a one-time thing, not too bad. Whereas taking St. John’s Wort with antidepressants can result in Serotonin Syndrome, which is a nasty trip to the hospital. I’m willing to risk the first one, but sure as hell don’t want to risk the second one. 

I’d also like to add that many of the culinary herbs you see listed–chervil, parsley, fennel, tarragon, cumin–are commonly used in cooking and restaurants. Chances are, you’ve eaten them before, and your body’s okay with them. If you see these spices in a grocery store aisle, 9 times out of 10 they’re okay to ingest. You body is strong. It can take it.

I hope I didn’t scare you away from herbalism with all of this, as many herbs are safe to take. But I hope this helps you decide on which herbs to try out, and how. If I’ve missed anything, please pitch in! We’re talking safety here, and you can never have too much information.

Have a blessed day, lovely!!

Do You?

Do you think of me when you gaze at the city lights?
Or miss my touch when the cold caresses your skin?
Do you become restless not knowing where I lay tonight?
And do your eyes wonder about all the places my heart has been?

Does my absence feel like the world lays heavy down at your feet?
Do my words flash inside your mind?
Does your heart clench at our memories?
And does regret stain your lungs when you think about leaving me behind?

Is it harder to breathe when his eyes don’t carry the weight of mine?
Or when his touch isn’t layered with the feelings he can’t say?
Do your fingers mess up the bed sheet lines?
And do you draw blood from your lips when you want to say my name?

Do you lay awake wishing you had stayed?
And do you wonder if I still think of you?
Is your smile a ploy, a mask for the masquerade?
Forgive me for asking, it’s just that I think of these things too.

- A. G.

cosleia  asked:

If you're still doing these, gingerpilot + fury?

Hux tightens his grip on the straining bed sheets, his neck straining and jaw clenched as taught as the thick air between them. This isn’t what he wants nor what he asked for– Poe holding him in place with one look, a look that says ‘I knew we were apart for so very long but but know that I never stopped loving you and clearly you have and that’s what hurts the most’ while his hands remain busy elsewhere.

Hux rarely feels things like guilt but the gentle way Poe touches him, the soft way the pads of his thumbs stroke reverently under his jaw make bile fashioned from shame rise high up in his throat. He had wanted Poe’s wrath, his fury, he wanted the fire of the resistance pilot to burn him out completely. But he supposes that its perfectly true to form for Dameron– defiant at every turn and kind where he should be cruel; a perfect reminder of why Hux had fallen for him at all.

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F/GO & BNHA grab bags

I’m thinking about making a grab bag to sell.

Each bag would come with 

  • 1 acrylic keychain of your choice 
  • 1 postcard
  • 1 sticker sheet

Probably $10-$15-ish for the set, I’ll have to see how much it costs to produce these things, but I’ll know more once I look into it.

I plan on making a set for F/GO and BNHA. Each set will have 5 different character charms to choose from, 1 postcard (1 for each series) and a sticker sheet containing graphics from all the acrylic charms in the series set you got.

If there isn’t enough interest in this, I wont bother, but I’m taking suggestions on what characters you’d like to see.

Fate/ Characters:

  • Da Vinci-chan

BNHA Characters:

  • Aizawa
  • Tsuyu


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6. Please understand that it may take a few days for your commission to be completed, I will send updates in case you might want something changed.

7. DO NOT ask for modifications after I’ve sent the completed piece unless it is a super big detail I’ve missed.

Manhunt - KBTBB Fanfic Chapter 7

A/N: Welp, that was a long unexpected writing pause I had. But just to let y'all know, Manhunt is not over! I guess I really fucked with some of your emotions which I’m not surprised when I look at that awful cliffhanger and at the responses I got.

Anyways! I hope you all like the new chapter and as always critic and feedback is well appreciated!

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Chapter 7 :

“Jesus Christ, (Y/N)! Wake up and put that fucking gun down, right now!”

I snap my eyes open and everything seems to be in slow motion. I immediately notice that I’m not lying on the comfortable couch in Baba’s arms anymore. I’m standing in front of a king-sized bed with satin sheets, fluffy pillows and a really pissed off and angry Eisuke sitting in the middle of it. I was about to snap back at Eisuke when I realized that I’m pointing a weapon directly at him.

In an instant, I have put the gun down so it’s dangling in my left hand and clicked the safety in. My right hand flies up to my face to rub the sleep out of my eyes and also clear my vision a little.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, sneaking into my room at 5.30 in the fucking morning and pointing that thing at me? God, I know we had a nasty fight yesterday, which by the way I still think you owe me an apology for almost dislocating my shoulder, but you don’t have to murder me in not only mine but also your sleep!”

Eisuke begins to shout at me in his half naked state and a head that was as red as a tomato. Of course, with me being my-stubborn-self and Eisuke being Eisuke which is short for ‘as-stubborn-as-a-donkey’, I couldn’t just say sorry for waking him up or almost dislocating his shoulder, so I decided to shout right back.

“What? Me apologizing to you because you were an asshole to me yesterday and I decided to put you in your place for once? Oh, you better be joking!” I began to wave my hands around in pure anger.

“Somethings just should have stayed like in my dream.” I mumbled. Truth be told, I’m relieved that all this insanity was just another of my bad dreams. I’ve never had dreams this intense before with six people, including myself, being murdered and especially seeing everything in such detail. When I first saw the crime scene pictures from my father, I’ve had nightmares about me actually being present and seeing him getting killed but I could never save him.

“What should have stayed like your dream?” Eisuke asked his voice sounding a little worried, even though he tried to keep it neutral.

“Nothing.” I answered a little too loud and quickly and began to crack my left index finger. Eisuke only smirked at me when his eyes focused on my gesture.

“It’s just, everything is so fucking tiring and complicated. And then you just had to mock me and I guess I just snapped. I know it was a little immature to react that way but shit, you deserved it. I’m sure as hell not begging for forgiveness.” I stated and Eisuke’s eyes began to soften up a bit at my honesty.

“I know, you’ve always been really stubborn,” I huffed at the irony of his words. “but so am I and I guess, I just really hit you in the wrong spot, at the wrong time. But don’t expect me to apologize either, not even when you’re pointing that gun at me.”

I began to giggle a little and nodded in understanding. I looked up at Eisuke and questioned in a deep voice, “So we good?”

Eisuke began to chuckle while he got out of his bed and walked towards his closet. “Peachy!” he chanted back which made me laugh. I turned to walk back down to the lounge and let Eisuke get dressed when his voice stopped me from doing so.


“Hmm?” I hummed in response.

“Whose gun is that? It’s not yours, is it?” he curiously asked.

I looked at the gun which was still in my left hand and began to really observe it for any clues, to find out who the owner of this gun was. “It isn’t mine, mine’s in my room. So honestly, I have no idea, most likely Baba’s.” I answered absentmindedly and continued to walk out.

As I descended the stairs I was met with the smiling faces of Baba and Ota and a grumpy looking Soryu. “Princess, there you are!” Baba exclaimed happily and began walking towards me. “Why were you in Boss’ suite at 6 in the morning? Don’t tell me you…?” he drifted off and I quickly shook my head and met him halfway in an embrace.

“Of course not, you big idiot. I was just sleepwalking and somehow ended up with a half naked Eisuke at the other end of a gun that doesn’t even belong to me.” I murmured lowly in his chest and Baba began to laugh as we separated from our embrace and he began to look at the gun in my hand.

His eyes began to widen and he repeatedly looked back and forth between the gun and me. “How did you know the code to my safe?” he asked shocked. In that moment Soryu and Ota focused their attention on me and Ota blurted out; “She opened your safe in her sleep? What are you some CIA-Agent-meets-Houdini-Lady?”

I looked at all of their faces, dumbfounded. We just looked at each other for what felt like hours until I heard a set of expensive shoes meet the shiny floor. Eisuke walked into the lounge like the king he is, long and heavy steps.

He sat down in one of the armchairs, leaned back and put crossed his ankle over his knee. He had a serious face plastered on and looked around and nodded at the guys. “So, (Y/N) I decided that we will help you find your father’s killer under one circumstance.” I sighed in relief. “But.” He put his index finger in the air and leaned forward.

I looked at him as a sign that he had my full attention and that he should continue. When he saw that I was paying all my focus on him he began to smirk and let his hand fall in a relaxing motion.

“You’re with the law, right?” I nodded slowly. “So, when we are working on this case you most likely will find out somethings about us that you will not like or approve. Hell, you already found out somethings, like Baba being the famous thief Lupin and so on.”

“Okay Eisuke, what are you getting at?” I pressed, my patience already wearing thin.

“Patience still isn’t your forte, I see?” Eisuke chuckled. In response, I let out a huff and crossed my arms under my chest while I pouted. “Get on with it.” I mumbled.

Eisuke looked like he was in some kind of trance until he recovered back to his usual snobby self and continued, “So like I said, you’re going to find out things about us that are not necessarily, how should I put it? After your morals or your rules, now I’m not saying you will find anything but if you do you are not allowed to arrest us, got it? When you’re with us you’re simply (Y/N) our friend not Detective (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

I smirked a little to myself and thought “If only you knew that I am more than just a detective.” But instead I mocked his voice “And if you follow my rules I’m going to have, quite literally, the time of my life”

“Speaking of having the time of anyone’s life, is Mamoru still asleep?” Ota noted while the others had different reactions. Baba began to cackle like a hyena when he looked at Sor’s pissed off face and Eisuke only shook his head.

I only smiled and began walking towards the exit of the lounge and observed, “So this is a normal morning in the penthouse.”

“Hey Koro, where are you going?” Ota wondered.

I halted and looked over my shoulder “Going to wake up the sleeping beauty, what else?”

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you, princess.” Baba warned but I already turned back and continued my walk towards Mamoru’s room. I halted stiffly as I realized something.

I fully turned around and announced “Guys, can one of you be so kind and tell me where Mamoru’s suite is?” They al stopped laughing and all turned towards me with big eyes then looked at each other and burst into full blown laughter, even Soryu was laughing.

After a while the laughter died down and Baba was literally dying on the floor while clapping his hands and just blowing out air instead of laughing.

I looked down and remarked, “Baba stop it you look like a seal.” That only made him laugh harder.

“Mamoru’s suite is the third on the left when you exit the lounge” Soryu gave me the directions and I waved my hands in the air and exclaimed “Finally, thank you Sor!” I turned around once again and began to confidently stroll towards the exit, once again. “If I’m not back by the next hour you may need to call the ambulance or the police because I’m most likely dead.”  

Just as I was closing the door I heard someone mumble, “Or screwing each other’s brains out.” I simply the comment and headed towards my next destination, Mamoru’s apartment.

When I arrived at Mamoru’s door I took a deep breath and softly knocked on it. I listened closely for any noise indicating that I had just woken up the dragon. But there was no sign.

I slowly turned the doorknob found it unlocked. I shook my head at his imprudence and opened the door to find the exact same interior as Baba’s with a few differences in tidiness and smell.

The smell was exactly what I expected Mamoru to smell like. Cigarettes and a note of alcohol mixed with musky aftershave. The tidiness was also what I expected. Needless to say, it was a mess of cigarette stubbles and clothes.

I crept trough the entrance directly into the living room and saw Mamoru’s sleeping figure passed out on the couch. His head was resting on the armrest, he was sleeping on his back and sometimes little or bigger snores escaped through his mouth.

I chuckled to myself and tiptoed over to the couch and looked at his face. Up close he was even more handsome than from afar. His unshaved, charcoal beard and messy hair makes him look really handsome, if I do say so myself.

I pulled myself out of my daze and shook my head quickly from side to side. 'God, you sound like a 14-year old with her first real crush.’

I’ve decided that it’s time to wake up the sleeping beauty. So, I carefully climbed on top of him so I was straddling him and looked down. My subconscious rubbed its hands together and waited as impatiently as a lion preying on a gazelle.

I breathe in real deep and let my hands hover over his rising and falling chest I almost pity him for the way he’s going to be woken up. Almost. I lift my arms a little higher so the impact will be bigger and begin to hit him on the chest while shouting, “Wake up, you lazy ass!”

Mamoru gasps and instantly snaps his eyes open while trying to stand up, which of course doesn’t work out since I’m not the weight of a cat that could be easily thrown off. So instead, we both plummet to the floor with him on top of me, oh how cliché.

Mamoru gets on his hands so he’s just inches away from me and questions me annoyed, “What the fuck do ya think you’re doin’, kid?” In response, I only begin to laugh in his face while I tried to express how incredibly ridiculous his face looked just now. I begin to hold my stomach and turn slightly to my side until I do nothing more than just letting out a few more giggles between panting.

“Okay, I guess my face looked really fuckin’ funny.” Mamoru chuckled and I only nodded in response while rubbing my eyes.

I turn on my back once again and wonder, “Are you awake now?” Mamoru looks at me with half-lidded eyes and a lazy smile grazing his lips. “Yep, ya got me good.”

I beam up at him and begin to fiddle with my hands on top of my chest because of the tensing silence that slowly grew between us. We stared deep into the other’s eyes and our breathing began to fasten almost into pants.

After what feels like an eternity we both seem to snap out of it. I clear my throat while he begins to stand up and offers me his hand to help me get up as well.

“So, what brings you here other than disturbing my beauty sleep?” he questions while he pulls me up.

“Well, King Eisuke decided to help me with my case, of course not without setting any rules, and I wanted to get started today. I also thought that you could help me the best since you’re in the law yourself even though I can see that you’re not so passionate about your job as I am. But I still thought that you would be a great help since I don’t know how everything works in Japan.” I began to ramble almost without catching my breath between the sentences.

Mamoru looks at me startled and then pointed out, “So, ya trust me with that whole information ya collected over the past what? Ten years or so without any kind of hesitation? Damn, kid I’m flattered.” He scratches his neck and grins like a little child.

I huff in response and mumble more to myself than to him, “Don’t flatter yourself. A friend of Baba’s is also kind of a friend of mine.” Then a bit louder I announce that we should probably head back to the other’s before they could tease us more than they are already going to. Mamoru’s response was a simple nod.

When we arrive back at the lobby I was taken aback to see that all of them seemed to be studying my case files and Soryu was even typing away on his laptop. They all seemed so concentrated on the task that they didn’t notice me and Mamoru entering the lounge so I cleared my throat to get their attention.

They all snapped their heads towards us and nodded while Ota of course couldn’t let the remark about us taking our 'sweet time’ be. I ignored the comment altogether and began to walk towards one of the armchairs when Mamoru who was already scanning over the papers asked me, “(Y/N), why do ya have such detailed explanations and shit? I mean a normal police officer don’ get that detailed shit.”

Their eyes were now all on me again and I began to uncomfortably squirm under their intense gazes. 'Okay now or never’ I thought to myself and my subconscious was sitting down and cheering me on like it was on a football game.

“I guess now’s the best time to tell you guys.” I began and they all nodded indicating for me to continue, “you’re right I’m not some normal detective or officer. I am an Agent, an Interpol Agent to be specific.” I watched as their eyes grew bigger and everything began to make a little more sense for them

“I’ve worked for them for 3 years now and I’m currently one of the best agents they have. I began studying criminal profiling while I was still in college and even took some classes were a profiler from the BAU taught us some things. When they saw how good my progress was they immediately requested me to work for them but I declined. Mainly because that wasn’t the road I was looking for, so when Interpol came around I immediately took that chance and worked in Switzerland with their law enforcement while collecting some evidence from my father’s murder.” I explained further and it seemed like it clicked in all their heads and everything made sense for them.

“Now it makes sense why you knew so much about us yesterday, you simply profiled us and put the pieces together.” Soryu pointed out.

In response, I smiled sheepishly and shrugged in a 'what can you do’ kind of way.

We all went back to our tasks and after about half an hour Soryu snaps his head up from his laptop and asks me to come look at what he’s found. I go to stand behind him so I can look over his shoulder at the laptop screen.

“I looked a little bit further into the person that your father was and kind of connections he had and I found this.” A little task pops open and the only thing I can read is “Birth Certificate”.

I grip the back of Soryu’s chair and begin to lean over his shoulder so I can read better all the while saying, “Sor, that’s probably my birth certificate there’s nothing special… wait that’s not mine.” I begin to read the whole thing and my grip begins to tighten.

“Tamara (Y/L/N)” I mumble to myself. “Born on April 22nd 2000. Wait, what?! I have a sister?!”


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Doodle ideas 2 - floral

I’ve been drawing these simple branches and flowers in my spreads recently and wanted to make some sort of a reference sheet, but then I though it’d be nice to share it with you! You can use these in your notes, journal, diary, whatever. Many of those are pretty simple, just a line and a few dots and/or leaves :)

Doodle ideas 1 - plants