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I imagine Lance's mom to be this short Cuban lady with big and poofy hair who doesn't take shit from anybody. I want her to be this angry little lady who will whack you with a wooden spoon if you fuck up. I want to see her hugging her impossibly tall son. I want to see her making her kids their favorite foods when they're down. I imagine that Lance got a lot of his personality from her. I want Lance's mom to be this short Cuban lady who is fierce and kind and just bad ass all around.

hell yes??

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Hey Mama, this is my first ask but when I saw your box was open I couldn't restrain the urge to share some love. I can't believe how kind you always are to all your seedlings, it's actually rare to see such a caring and patient person nowadays especially knowing how busy you are. Please take care of yourself, I hope you're having a good day. I can't wait to see where the story is going to go, I'm sure I won't be disappointed, love you!

Thank you so much! This means a lot to me! I always try to be some kind of rolemodel, because I know many young folks follow me and I want them to have a place where they know they won’t be judged or put down. Also the fandom can be a very hateful place and I want to provide a bit of peace there. Of course I’m still biased, because I’m only human, but I just want everyone to have a nice time actually. I know I sometimes come off as rude, with the sassy replies, but I never mean them in a mean way, always in a fun way and I want everyone to know that they can always call me out on stuff and tell me if I made them feel uncomfortable. 

I love you too! 


Dinner (served with a delicious dollop of Greek yogurt) was delicious! And, now back to my book for a bit while Conner cleans up and the husband reads the news! 😍

I’m honestly kind of disappointed in this book. It just FEELS like a retelling of Doaa’s story…it’s missing something. It does detail the Syrian refugee experience fairly well, but if you’re just looking for that, read Crossing the Sea with Syrians instead. I wanted more of the connection to an individual’s personal experience. I’m going to finish it, but I won’t be recommending it to anyone. It’s a bummer; I had high hopes. 😞

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I knew the Ocatvia/Illian paring was gonna happen. I wish they would hurry up with Bellarke the same way they do all these other ships. But then it also makes Bellarke that more special because once they're together, they're together for good. I want Bellarke now, but I guess I'll wait.

But how can you even compare Bellarke and Octavia/Ilian? Bellarke is a real, solid relationship built on trust, love and devotion. What happened with Octavia was fucking. Period. 

Now I actually think that Ilian is going to help her get through her pain and realize it’s not the only thing out there. Not that Ilian is so magical, just that she needed to rejoin the human race.

Kind of like Niyah in season 3 with Clarke. She was reaching out for human contact with a person who did not have all those horrific associations of guilt and blame and love and pain. 

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I personally want to know how people react to Kuroko being bullied/abused for being a second string who made it to first despite being quite untalanted.

I’m so glad that I’m not the only one thinking this. I never really spoke of it in any other request, but the fact that Kuroko being bullied for being in a first string, despite being quite untalented, is such a high possibility! I think in the beginning no one would even know because Kuroko hides his emotions and expressions so well. It would be really hard to see any kind of reactions from him and he knows that if he shows just a bit of his hard time because of that he could end in some trouble one way or another even if he’s the victim.

The first one to find out about it would definitely be Aomine and Kise, though Akashi would have his thoughts about it. But Aomine would definitely end up actually seeing that moment when Kuroko is either belittled by senpais, pushed or being hit making his books fall on the ground. He would be really pissed because he wouldn’t entirely understand why Kuroko kept quiet and not say a word and it would take a lot of Kuroko’s strength and words to tell Aomine to not tell anyone else. He would definitely be against it, but would have to eventually agree.

Kise on the other hand is really good at recognizing emotions in someone’s eyes or expression, so it wouldn’t take him long to see that he’s pretending. He’d keep an eye on him just in case and come to his aid the moment he sees that someone’s willing to hurt him, acting that coach was looking for him. Kise’s really good at acting, so this could save Kuroko many times. Kise though, would hardly say anything to anyone. He would confront Kuroko about it, but his stubbornness would make Kise back down a bit, but would still come to his aid when he sees he’s having hard time.

The third one would be Akashi and no sooner Midorima. Akashi would find out because Aomine would tell him, his speculations only coming true. He would try harder to change Kuroko’s thoughts to tell the coach or one of the teachers at least, but Kuroko can be stubborn to no ends. At such times both Aomine and Akashi would hate his stubbornness. Even though Akashi would ask of Aomine to keep a closer eye on Kuroko and to be by his side as much as he can so others can’t do anything. But as always, bullies always find another way to bully their prey.

It would become really obvious that Kuroko is being picked on and bullied, so it wouldn’t pass a long time before coach hears about it. Kuroko would end up being scolded because he kept quiet and would have to promise that if anything like this happens again he has to speak up. The bullies would be taken care of, firstly by Aomine and even Murasakibara because he cares for Kuroko and the last by coach and the suspension from the team. If the bullying was severe they would be thrown out of the team without a question.

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How does chloe really feel about Adrien? Elaborate C:

A  very  important  aspect  of  Chloe’s  personality    (    and  this  does  rely  a  little  on  my  own  personal  headcanons  for  her    )    is  the  fact  that  she’s  never  received  real  love.    And  because  of  this,    Chloe  doesn’t  know  how  to  love  in  return.    I’m  not  saying  that  Mayor  Bourgeois  doesn’t  love  his  daughter.    It’s  OBVIOUS  that  he  does.    A  lot,  too    !    But  the  kind  of  love  that  he  has  always  given  her  has  never  been  what  she  needs.    Ever  since  she  was  born,    Chloe  Bourgeois  has  been  the  absolute  apple  of  her  father’s  eye.    Everything  that  she  has  ever  wanted  or  needed  has  been  presented  to  her  without  question  or  complaint.    She  is  spoiled  ROTTEN.    In  the  one  where  Kim  is  akumatized,    we  see  quite  a  clear  example  of  just  how  much  she  is  allowed  to  get  away  with,     specifically  concerning  her  father’s  money.    She  orders  a  ridiculous  24  carat  gold  photo  frame,    charged  to  Daddykins,    to  match  her  gold  toilet.    I  am  well  aware  that  Chloe  is  the  daughter  of  the  mayor  of  Paris  and  is  an  heiress  as  well  but  that  kind  of  money  is  no  joke.    Due  to  his  busy  job,    the  Mayor  has  never  been  able  to  be  around  for  her.    Whatever  happened  to  Chloe’s  mother,    we  don’t  know  yet  so  let’s  just  go  with  the  fact  that  it  was  her  father  who  solely  raised  her.    In  his  eyes,    not  being  able  to  be  there  and  to  teach  her  how  to  grow  and  to  be  able  to  spend  quality  time  with  her,    the  best  alternative  was  to  give  her  everything  she  desired.    He  never  put  a  leash  on  her,    so  to  speak.    He  never  held  her  back.    He  gave  her  everything  she  demanded.    Ever  since  she  was  born,    this  is  the  only  kind  of  love  that  Chloe  has  ever  experienced.

Even  Sabrina  is  the  same  with  her.    Never  any  complaints.   Chloe  can  be  a  despicable  person  to  Sabrina  sometimes  but  she  keeps  on  coming  back.    She  keeps  giving  her  love  and  doing  her  assignments  and  she  continues  to  act  as  though  she’s  her  personal  assistant.    In  short,    Sabrina  has  never  been  the  kind  to  say  no  to  Chloe  either.    Chloe  has  grown  up  thinking  that  love  and  being  loved  is  about  someone  giving  you  everything  that  you  want  and  practically  everything  else  that  love  isn’t.    I’m  not  saying  that  Adrien  has  ever  done  this  to  her    (    look  at  Kung  Food  when  he  defends  Mari    )    but  he  REPRESENTS  this.    Adrien  is  beautiful,    rich,    popular  and  kind  to  her.    He’s  pretty  much  the  dream  guy  so  his  personality    +    the  way  he  treats  her    +    the  fact  that  Chloe  doesn’t  know  love    =    It’s  so  obvious  why  she  thinks  she  loves  him.

But  she  doesn’t.    Not  romantically,    at  least.    Adrien  is  a  very  IMPORTANT  person  to  her.    She  loves  him  and  she  cares  about  him  but  she’s  not  in  love  with  him.    Adrien  is  the  first  person  in  pretty  much  her  whole  life  who  has  ever  treated  her  with  anything  close  to  a  proper  love.    It’s  still  not  enough  and  it’s  still  not  perfect  but  Chloe  has  led  a  very  distant  life  from  all  of  her  relationships,    seemingly  placed  up  on  the  highest  pedestal.    Adrien  doesn’t  do  this  with  her.    He’s  kind  but  I  think  that  he  doesn’t  give  her  everything  she  wants.    Obviously  he’s  grown  a  lot  since  becoming  Chat  Noir  and  we  haven’t  seen  the  way  they  interacted  before  that  really,    but  he  still  said  no  when  it  mattered.    That’s  addicting  to  her.    To  have  someone  treat  her  like  a  person,    to  have  someone  not  hold  her  in  such  a  high  regard  is  like  a  forbidden  fruit  to  her.    She’s  never  tasted  something  like  this  before.    There’s  no  wonder  why  she  would  instantly  love  it  and  want  to  hold  onto  it.    If  Adrien  had  been  just  another  one  of  those  kinds  of  people  who  viewed  her  as  some  being  meant  to  be  cherished,    then  she  would  have  definitely  loved  his  money  and  his  looks  and  all  of  that  but  she  wouldn’t  be  so  deeply  obsessed  with  him.    

I  think  two  of  the  defining  moments  in  their  real  relationship  are  showcased  in  Origins  Part  One  and  the  Christmas  Special.    Both  times,    we  see  Chloe  deeply  caring  about  Adrien  and  it  isn’t  in  the  way  we’ve  all  come  to  expect.    She  keeps  secrets  for  him  and  probably  plays  an  active  role  in  helping  Adrien  attend  public  school  without  his  father  knowing    (    which  is  one  of  my  favourite  things  in  the  series  )    and  appears  genuinely  disappointed  and  upset  for  him  when  he  doesn’t  show.    She  also  really  smiles,    so  genuinely,    when  Adrien  is  found  safe  and  at  home  and  she  gives  up  her  present-filled  Christmas  with  her  father  to  spend  it  with  him  and  their  classmates.    This  is  REAL.  These  scenes  are  the  most  accurate  depictions  of  their  true  relationship,    of  the  way  that  Chloe  actually  feels  about  him.   It’s  of  friendship  and  of  love  and  its  that  side  of  Chloe  that  we  barely  ever  get  to  see  because  she  never  really  has  any  cause  to  show  it.  And  because  most  of  the  time,    she  doesn’t  know  HOW  to  show  it.    These  moments  where  Chloe  doesn’t  have  her  walls  up  and  isn’t  being  treated  like  a  princess  are  the  best.  It’s  in  these  moments  where  you  can  finally  see  the  true  way  that  Chloe  feels  about  Adrien.  Everything  else  written  above  and  before  are  the  reasons  why  we  don’t  get  to  see  this  all  the  time  from  her.

Exo As Zodiac Signs (not their actual signs)
  • Baekhyun: Sagittarius. Vibrant personalities who have a positive outlook on life & enjoy meeting new people.
  • Chanyeol: Libra. Ambitious personalities that get along well with everyone & work hard for what they want.
  • Chen: Gemini. Energetic & talkative social butterflies who know how to lead their lives the direction they want to go.
  • D.O.: Scorpio. Intense, kind & loyal hard workers who like to question everything so they can understand every situation.
  • Kai: Pisces. Sensitive, reserved dreamers who are good listeners which makes them good friends.
  • Kris: Leo. Devoted personalities with high self esteem as well as the ability to forgive due to a generous nature.
  • Lay: Virgo. Thinkers who analyze everything & work hard at bettering themselves as well as those around them.
  • Luhan: Capricorn. Active minds who are ambitious by nature & like to be in control of their own lives.
  • Sehun: Taurus. Easy-going, loyal personalities with good work ethic, but also stubborn & somewhat of procrastinators.
  • Suho: Aries. Natural leaders that are goal-oriented, independent, courageous & can be spontaneous.
  • Tao: Aquarius. Opportunists who use every situation to create new experiences & don't care what others think of them.
  • Xiumin: Cancer. Unpredictable & energetic personalities that seek security as well as adventure.

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Was watching videos of Niall and I just love how he seems like such a welcoming person. He always has something nice to say and he is just so lovable. Like with that Tyler Oakley interview where he was the first one to love the flower crown idea. Idk I love him so much because he seems like that person who always wants to make people comfortable around him.


Niall is sooo great. He’s honestly one of the nicest, humble, down-to-earth people alive, I think. Everyone who meets him has only good things to say about him, like he always leaves them with a good impression and a great reputation – and I love that about him. I love that people love him. I love how sweet and kind he is, and I love that people can see that about him!

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Omg that Totoko sextuplet AU!!! I'm curious, would the sisters' personalities be just like how the brothers' were? Like, Totoko is the Oso, the green one is like Choro, and so on? Or would they be all different??

I think they’d be moreso a spin on Totoko’s personality + the respective sextuplet (OG Totoko would stay the same for obvious reasons- being that she is perfect duh)

 Ex: The Jyushi-Totoko is childish and would like sports but is also a blatant jerk to Osomatsu, in an innocent, hard-truth kind of way. The Kara-Totoko is even more self-obsessed and doesn’t think Oso is “good enough” + he cramps her style. The Choro-Totoko would be somewhat of a fujoshi who just wants to sell doujin, make money, marry a “bishounen” and would tell Oso he’s not “ikemen” enough, etc.

Haha I’m not sure if I’m getting my point across quite well but I hope this clears things up a bit!

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Oh hi! Just want to say that I love your art and you seem like a super nice/cool person! Also, I'm going to be at Ottawa Geek Market and I'm wondering what kind of merch you're going to be selling :) I will for sure come and say hi!

Hello! Thank you! Yes I’ll be there - I’ll be selling prints of phanart and other fandoms, stickers, and doing commissions and caricatures on the spot :) See you there!

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hEY OKAY. I just kinda wanted to tell you how thankful i am for you just,,, existing, i guess. Your music has made me happier than almost anything else these last few months, and kind of acts like a coping mechanism for me? Not only that, but you (as a person) make me really happy. You're really sweet to people who send in asks (unless theyre being mean but it that case, they deserve a kick), and your sense of humor is w onde r f ul. Sorry this got kinda rambley,, I hope you have a good week!!

h eck you’re too kind anon sdfsdhfhsdfbsjdfsdbfsdj hope you have a good week toooo!


I made a new sim. Her name is Abnorma Jean.

I’ve been fiddling around with making sims over the past few days whilst I decide what I wanna do with my blog. I’ve come to the realization I’m not the kind of person who wants to queue stuff for every day of the week because I find it tedious, and while I like reading other people’s gameplay centered posts I find mine boring. So….shrug, I guess.

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I was having a meltdown on the bathroom floor yesterday morning and my boyfriend said 'look its not exactly easy for me either, how do you think it feels to fall in love with someone and find out they're a f-ing psycho', and i cant get any positive feelings back for him, hes apologized and is trying really hard but all i cant stop thinking about it and hes being kind to make up for it but i dont want kindness from him anymore it feels uncomfortable, he is the only person i have in my life

I don’t blame you for feeling that way. He used his love against you in an insult with an awful slur that upholds stigma against you. He shouldn’t been supporting you, not insulting you. I’m not surprised that affected your feelings this much

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Its so refreshing to see someone so talented and successful still be a genuinely pleasant person underneath. Your interactions with everyone are so friendly and honest, kudos to you :)

Over time, I’ve learned that focusing my energy into creating and/or contributing to a positive environment yields much better results than getting involved in a negative one. I was not immune from taking part in behaviors in the past that ranged from misguided to frankly really immature, but entertainment that comes at someone else’s expense (regardless of whether it’s justified) creates a mentality that can be really toxic if left unchecked.

It’s also important from a professional perspective. If I really want to be a future guest at conventions, I have to ask myself, “Am I being the kind of person a convention would want to have represent them? Am I being the kind of person a COMPANY would want to represent?”

I have often gleefully discussed at length about much I would enjoy interacting with fans on a more personal level, so as far as I’m concerned ACTING like it seems like a no-brainer foundation to build from.

Hi so I just wanted to say something in regards to the Schizophrenia and Downs syndrom ask, along with some other disorder and mental illnesses asks that I’ve gotten. 

I do not know anything about them. And I really don’t think that I am qualified to write anything surrounding them. Because yeah, I can google it. But I still don’t know anything personally about whatever it is I’m reading about. I don’t know what it’s like to live with Schizophrenia and I don’t know what it’s like to have a sibling with Downs syndrom. And I am so scared of accidentally offending someone who knows better than me. The only thing I can kind of relate to is the depression and anxiety based asks, because those are things I’ve felt. But I still want anyone requesting those things to know that most of the time regarding disorders or illnesses, I have no idea what it’s like. And if I ever offend someone or I get something wrong please tell me. Because I don’t want anything harmful on this blog. And I don’t want someone to see that and have it affect them negatively. This goes for culture related asks too. 

Please know that I am trying my best when it comes to asks like that. But if they’re ever really off or inaccurate just tell me about it and I will fix them. 


@vallanoble  @avistella   @valancystirling48 


Thank you so much, oh my gosh. You nearly made me choke up in class haha. You don’t know how much this means to me for you to tell me this.

I hate that I’m so flimsy on my choices, but at least for now this has delayed or put a stop to me deleting my content. I really don’t deserve these kind words, so thank you for supporting me whether I wanted to give this up or not. 

Honestly, I wish you the best in anything to do, and thank you thank you thank you for the support. I tend to be an overly sensitive person and though I try really hard to make friends on this site, I guess I’m just compensating for what I don’t really have in a way…so this means something

Anyway again, thank you! You’ve given this girl some shots of motivation.

- ❤︎ Devina

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i really enjoyed your mutsuki/touka fixation on haise/kaneki meta and the importance of that confrontation, in your opinion how do you think that will go? as a more private conflict like the gourmet arc or public like the anteiku raid? since mutsuki is one of the few (if not the only) that knows about :re, tbh i would prefer it to be more private bc :re barely had screen time and kaneki still needs to realize the harm/danger his passive manipulation has on others

Passive manipulation is a good way to put it I’m glad you see my point anon. Kaneki has like this terrible habit of nurturing this total emotional dependence on people who have never been shown kindness in their life, and then cutting them off with no warning or explanation as to his reasons. In most cases his primary reason for abandoning them is because he doesn’t want to be abandoned (funny how that works). 

He’s like the Don Juan of personal emotionally intimate relationships. As for how the confrontation might go I literally have no idea. People are saying that the Anteiku raid parallel arc is next but I can’t see that happening just yet. Technically the lab arc has been spread out through what should have been the Aogiri raid parallel arc, and the lab raid arc parallels. 

My best estimation on what we’re setting up for is Touka to be kidnpaped, possibly by Bujin, and possibly with Mutsuki and Aura’s cooperations. 

If only because I can’t see Mutsuki and Aura’s current “thing” to be a long running plan in the manga because Aura doesn’t matter as a character, and Mutsuki has to hit rock bottom and bottom out at some point unless Ishida really does intend to kill him off. If Touka were to get kidnapped, it’d be before her and Kaneki have the chance to talk, so for once it would be somebody disappearing randomly on Kaneki instead of the other way around. 

I literally have no idea though, so besides a hunch don’t take my word too strongly in this case. 

Hey, so I want to put it out there that if anyone has a question or suggestion for what they’d like to see me write about, always feel welcome to leave me a comment or message somewhere! I have ideas for a lot more content, but I’d also like to know what you guys are interested in. It could be anything from tips/advice, cooking, lifestyle strategy, or questions about me! Thank you! :)