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Can we talk about Keith's calm "i said i didn't want a lecture" to Allura instead of blowing up at her?? That's not just because she's a princess or a figure of authority. Consider he maybe blew up at Iverson? And if Shiro ties into this somehow??? I just love that scene it's so kind of Keith and maybe selfless?

Huh, that’s kinda interesting to me, because I personally never saw his reaction as a good thing. I think he was being pretty rude and inconsiderate of Allura’s feelings. “I’m not in the mood for a lecture,” isn’t kind or understanding, it’s a blatant dismissal. It isn’t until she offers her condolences for Regris that he lets his guard down and just manages to say, “Thanks.” But he doesn’t say anything else. 

When Allura opens her heart out there, expresses her concern for both him and the team, tells him that they need him–his response? Nothing. But earlier, when his role is reversed? When it’s a matter of Keith trying to convince “Shiro” to come back to them, to stay with them, that he’s the leader they all need? That he’s the person Keith needs? He keeps going until Kuron cuts him off, pleading for him to understand and just try again.  

And when Kuron ultimately refuses, claims that this is Keith’s role now? He closes off immediately. The fact that he flat out tells Allura he doesn’t want to speak with her and then never even comments on her concerns doesn’t strike me as selfless or caring. It just seems to me he’s pushing her away. Like he is with everybody else. 

And Allura picks up on this too. She also knows Keith’s hesitance to pilot and his wish for Shiro to return to his Lion is at the heart of it– “This is not the way I wanted this to happen, but if there’s a bright side to any of this, it’s that my absence allowed Shiro to reestablish his bond with the Black Lion. He can finally be the leader I was unable to be. I’m not meant to pilot the Black Lion. Is that why you’ve been pulling away from us?” “Yeah. I suppose that’s part of it.” And of course, there’s Keith’s declaration to Shiro that, “It was always meant to be yours.” 

Allura’s shown to be pretty observant

And it’s clear she’s seen firsthand how close Shiro and Keith are

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that she’s easily able to connect Keith’s behavior with a possible motive. However, despite Allura trying to understand and reach out to him, I don’t think Keith ever really offered her the same courtesy in this scenario. And I imagine he had already resolved to leave the team at this point, and so felt that trying to connect with the other paladins further would only make things harder. 

Some Autism Mom™: I’m tired of being an autism mom. My child can’t talk, can’t go to the toilet, can’t get dressed, can’t do anything and he makes my life hell. I wake up every day feeding his every need and all he does is scream and smear poop. I get no rest or respite. Yesterday, he bit me because I hugged him. I don’t want to be an autism mom, but I have no choice. I love my son, but I wish he wasn’t autistic.

Society: Wow, you’re so brave, mama! Thank you for being real and truthful!

Some Autistic Person commenting on the Autism Mom™: I’m tired of autism moms posting embarrassing details about autistic people’s lives and telling the world how hard we are to deal with. Those kinds of posts are why we get murdered by caregivers and why our voices are constantly ignored. I wish moms would listen to autistic adults more instead of crying on the internet about how hard their lives are and saying they have no help. Autistic lives are not a side show, please stop treating them like one.

Society: OMG shut up, yo’ure so disrespectful to her struggles! You don’t know what she goes through. You must be really high functioning to use a computer and type, so you don’t know real autism and you can’t speak for really low functioning people who don’t even know they’re human!

Spot the problem.

About the whole Alex thing.

First of all: IT WAS WRONG. That is pretty much it. There’s no way around it, he shouldn’t go around using fucking slurs. End of discussion.

And everyone should be calling him out on it. Not deffending it.

Now, I have two side issues beside him doing that.

1.- The people deffending his ass: No. Don’t. Stop. He needs to be called out and know that he’s exposed to a more or less global audience and, while it is true that in Europe (and Latin America, where I am) people are not that bothered by that kind of thing, he should be or try to be more aware of what he does if he doesn’t want to land on hot water all the damn time. Do I think he’s a bad person or that he has something against disabled people?No, but I think it was more of an ignorance kinda thing. And defending him instead of calling him out on it doesn’t do him any favors.

2.- This trend of “cancelling” people when they fuck up one or two times? This shit needs to stop. Why you may ask: Because at some point we all have done or said fucked up or insensitive or ignorant things, and sometimes (most of the times, i would say) is more rooted on ignorance than anything else. Now, if he were to go around like a Kardashian, doing shit like that just for the sake of getting attention, please be my guest and cancel him. But if you’re doing it out of a need to feel morally superior, shut up.

And besides that: You can not realistically expect celebrities, or anyone, to be well versed on every single social issue ever and maybe, just maybe, if you made the tiny little effort to remember that celebrities are human and not some kind of magical perfect creatures you wouldn’t feel the need to “cancel” them at the slightlest sign of them not being as perfect as you thought them to be.

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Any drawing tips? And drawing tips for drawing humans? Its pencil and paper Im kinda a perfectionist Not too great at art

tbh I’m not a good teacher and I’ve only really been doing this for like, two years now? I’m still an art-baby in every aspect. I really can’t offer you any solid advice or tutorial expect to share what has personally helped me:

  • Study the fundamentals of art. Sycra on YouTube has a handy chart that helps you know what kind of fundamentals you’ll need to learn depending on what you want to be as an artist. Speaking of Sycra….
  • Watch tutorials/artists on YouTube. I find the artist community on YouTube to be incredibly inspiring and so many of them make helpful tutorials and share lots of great wisdom. You can basically type in anything you want to learn and I promise you there’s at least 5 or 10 tutorials on it
  • Learn basic anatomy proportion & placement. I made two posts [ x x ] briefly sharing my mental note’s/guidelines for drawing faces, but there are much better and sensible tutorials all over the internet. There’s a book by Andrew Loomis that’s particularly helpful on body’s. I highly suggest purchasing a copy!
  • Remember to flip your canvas horizontally (or put your sketch up to a mirror) every now and then while drawing. This helps you see problems such as wonky proportion placement, composition imbalances and helps you correct art-lean
  • Use lots of references! I cannot stress how important this is. Whenever I draw without refs my art always suffers and I look back on that piece wishing I had just taken the extra time to look for a few refs.
    • That being said, I do find it’s really helpful to draw a few messy thumbnails first and then go back with references to refine your concept. This helps so that you don’t become completely reliant on refs. Overall though, just…use refs fam they’re so nice
  • Save lots of references!! Not only will you need them, but they’re great for those days when you just have no idea what to draw. For general stuff (such as anatomy, fashion, landscapes), I suggest using Pinterest. Its super easy to organize pins and the browser button allows you to save images yourself.
    • However, please do not pin other artists artwork unless you have permission. Most artists do not want their art reposted to Pinterest. If you like an artist’s style and want to save some of their illustrations for reference, just save it privately to your computer, or make a sideblog where you can reblog what inspires you
    • Also it’s really nice to save screenshots of anything you find interesting. If I’m watching a movie or a vid on YouTube and I see a certain pose or expression that I like, I’ll pause the video immediately and save a screenshot

None of this really answered your questions but honestly I don’t know how else to help. I wish I could, but words aren’t my thing and I can’t make video tutorials myself yet.

But thankfully there are resources everywhere online and most of them are provided by actual professionals. Look around and you’ll find the help you need.

Good luck!

k Tord headcanons post! I’ll try to keep it nice and clean but keep in mind you’re always free to ask me questions since I know it’s hard to go through my chaotic train of thoughts and bad grammar. 

  • Either comes from a large family or an orphan. I couldn’t decide which option I like better, as both have their own benefits for developing his character and could create different backstory plot lines. 
  • A genuine communist, but hides it due to worldwide beliefs. Perhaps some traumatic event happened, like a death of a family member if we go for the large family option (like Lenin’s brother got executed for trying to kill The Emperor and it turned him against the government), or he simply craves for changes.  
  • Pretty hardworking when he wants to be. That kind of person who can work for 24 hours straight and won’t complain, but only if he feels that the deal is important. Otherwise don’t even expect him to move a finger. 
  • Sleeps 2 hours. Lives on coffee. 
  • Rarely acknowledges his strengths. 
  • Kinda got used to the “weeb creep” image and doesn’t want people to know he’s much more than that. Really secretive and almost never opens up unless he genuinely likes you. 
  • The biggest dork when it comes to falling in love. Keeps denying he “can’t love” and tries to act all macho while buying flowers and chocolates for the one he has a crush on. Becomes really sweet?? Would learn some poems that remind him of his crush and even might read them to this person if he’s confident enough.   
  • Secretly loves poetry and hides his favourite authors among manga volumes.
  • Actually can move mountains for the loved ones and even can be a little bit selfless. 
  • Never cries in public; dislikes talking about his problems, the only negative emotion he frees is the rage. Rage outbursts are the only way for him to chill out. 
  • But after fights, he apologizes first if he knows he was wrong.
  • If he was right then it will take much longer for him to calm down because of pride. 
  • Interested in machinery and science and wishes to become an engineer, has Nikola Tesla as one of his idols. 
  • Basically not as stupid as others suggest him to be. 
  • If you betray him or fool him in front of other people once chances are he’ll never forgive you that and will hold a grudge till his dying days. 
  • Impressive memory, especially for bad events. 
  • Wanted to start a “revenge list” in high school but abandoned that idea. 

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Henlo! I just wanted to pop in and say that I absolutely love your blog! I love the quotes you pick and the screenshots always compliment them perfectly! Every post is hysterical and fits the “characters” so well!! You’re a wonderful person and I wish you only happiness! ~Archer ‘non

Thank you so much for this sweet message, anon! That really made me smile, heck. X3 I’m glad that you like the blog, and that you think I do a good job of fitting everything together. I try!

I hope that you have a fantastic day, friend. Thank you for being so kind!

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Is it weird seeing these people ask about your relationship status?

They’re just curious, I guess it’s kind of the more obvious things you ask people or want to know about them too, so it’s kind of whatever.

I’m generally a pretty private person though, even in my last relationship nobody here would have likely known that we were together unless they saw us at a con or followed her social media or twitch. I’ve always been very aware of the idea of people trying to get to me through a SO and I don’t want their biggest accomplishment to a following being ‘they were my significant other’ especially if they are trying to do their own thing and build their own brand.

Still didn’t work out, and I think it bugged her a lot that I wasn’t public with her with ‘everyone’. But I’ve seen first hand how difficult it can be, especially for the woman sometimes, how they can have a really difficult time because weirdos can latch on and be disgusting to them. I don’t like that shit. Also, it would be really annoying to have to deal with the ‘fallout’ after people see you publicly together and it doesn’t work out. You’d just never hear the end of it, and people would judge your new girlfriends/SO’s based on your old ones. Not exactly something I would want to have to deal with. Obviously I would feel a little different though if I was married or engaged, eventually people would find out.

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You are literally the cutest person. I was going through your blog and reading your replies and I identify with a lot of what you were saying (depression, it making you want to spread positivity, your response about the person thinking you're sucking up and being taken advantage of, even a high pitched voice, lol). I'm just saying you're super cute and reading your responses made me really happy. Have a nice day.

+ nonny: hi!!! i really adore your edits and your typing style and you just seem like a really really kind person . have a great day!! <3

!!!! :+((( you guys!! like seriously okay i honestly don’t deserve this love :+( !! there are other people who do deserve it more aasjdhf but thank you for taking the time out of your day + everyone who msgs me on a daily basis w/ positivity in my inbox :+( you guys are my little family & i love you guys sm askjdhf here’s me hugging everyone + crying yeup ok ily please stay safe kids + stay hydrated 

To Michigan

I am being kind as you forgot to turn on anon, so I won’t publish your blog as I don’t want to send hate your way (though you love to send it to us and some of your messages have been disturbing to say the least):

The reality is that piecing together someone’s life by using tweets, IG, short videos and photos doesn’t give one a clear picture. You are the only one saying that the bar is a payout. To accuse every single person in their lives of carrying out this epic deception you have concocted makes them all terrible people, Darren included. NOBODY lies and deceives the public to the level you’ve imagined & walks away unscathed. Darren, Elvis, Chris, RM, Chuck etc would all lose their careers.

You and I both know that NO judge in the US would uphold a contract that forced someone to remain in the closet, to date someone he hates, to kiss & love her in public. That is unwanted prostitution behavior. There is NO contract that cannot be bought out and every contract has out clauses for both parties. NO judge would uphold a work contract that says you cannot get out of it for 8+ years, U have to lie about EVERYTHING in your life, fake a life, deceive everyone you know & get them involve

Really?  Do you really think this?  You realize celebrities have gotten married, stayed married, had children, all with a person that is their beard to cover up that they identify as queer?  The is a prevailing problem that has been long standing in the industry. The only person I am comfortable talking about is D because I have facts behind what I write. But we all know the list of celebs with beards and it is long and full of household names, some of which would shock people.

Further this goes beyond legal enforcement of contracts. Try being blacklisted from every studio. Cause that is what would happen if D did not play nice with fox.  Never work again. 

Further, his beard, who you choose to admire, is a manipulative, evil, person who has threatened him and blackmailed him. So yet another reason to remain in the closet and complete things as required so she cannot hold it against him. My guess, there are new legally binding contracts and NDAs that would impose stricter penalties if she now tried to unleash what she previously threatened.

Let’s talk about fear. For precisely what you stated above. D is well aware that there is going to be backlash when he comes out. Don’t think that is not something he thinks about nearly everyday.  I am sure at times it has been paralyzing.

You really need to open your eyes and see the reality of the world. Because it is not kind and it is not pretty and hollywood is one of the ugliest places to exist.

And finally my friend. I see you on my blog EVERY DAY. Why? If you are so certain D is so in love with M and everything he has ever told you is true, nothing I have to say matters. Now does it?  

I received so many supportive messages after that hateful anon. I deleted the ask, obviously, because this blog is supposed to be a positive space and answering that was a lapse in judgement for me (sorry bout that guys.)

I just wanted to say, while I won’t reply to each message individually because I’d like to forget this whole situation and not drag it out, I read them and they made me feel so much better. It just goes to show you that for every shitty person, there are twenty good, kind-hearted people. Thank you so much <333

He has a non profit suicide prevention organization. Advocates it on everything, Facebook, bands, everywhere. So strongly believes in helping people fight suicide, yet sits here and tells me to kill myself because I didn’t want to be with him. Because I didn’t tell him I was with someone else because I didn’t think he was privileged to know anything about my life after what he put me through. What kind of person can do this and still even have a non-profit? I just want people aware of what a piece of shit he is.. No one believes me. He’s gasoline and I’m the fire. It breaks my heart. Someday someone will understand. Someday someone will believe me.

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HCs of the life of Amélie's cat-sized pet spider around Halloween that she HAS to have?

this request was really unique! i really love widow having kinda weird pets but loving them. uh. i also wasn’t sure if you meant widow or amélie (y’know, like pre-talon), so feel free to send me the request again if you wanted amélie?

Widowmaker her cat-sized pet spider around Halloween

  • Widowmaker doesn’t seem like the type to have a pet, unless the pet has a very specific personality. Most people would think she has a cat or a snake or something, but during Halloween, she’s got one pet on her mind. She has a cat-sized pet spider. To be honest, the spider is kind of an asshole.
  • Widowmaker likes to pretend that the two of them respect one another’s space, but honestly, the spider likes to spin webs on things to claim them as hers. Widow gets pretty mad. Why are you like this? No one trained you to do this. She rolls her eyes. Usually she feeds the spider a little too much, just to make sure she can be left alone for a little while without worrying about what her pet is doing.
  • If you asked her, she’d claim that the spider also loves watching television with her. Actually, the spider just walks along the screen while she’s watching. Usually, you can still see about two-thirds of the screen, but Widow still finds it annoying. Why are you walking like this right now? I’m trying to watchShe’s so tired. The spider never listens, anyway.
  • The spider has this strange ability to know when Widow is feeling down. She usually crawls into her owner’s lap. Then she spins a web. Now Widow is stuck to the couch and they have to cuddle. Widow is very tired of cleaning up webs. Sure, they aren’t that strong, but the spider is very tenacious. The spider loves spinning the same webs, making them stronger and stronger, until Widow literally cannot get out.
  • The spider is a huge asshole to anyone that comes to Widow’s house. If Widow forgets to warn you, the spider will know. Widow will be giving you a tour of her home, and suddenly a large, fuzzy mass is on your head. It’s really annoying for Widow to continue having to apologize for her pet ruining hair and claiming her possible friends as her own.
  • “The spider is just trying to ensure Widow makes a friend!” That’s what you think, right? No. Widow doesn’t believe that. She just thinks that the spider just does whatever it wants and doesn’t consider the feelings of others. The spider eats what it wants, when it wants, and involves others whether they like it or not.
  • Stop looking at them like that.
  • …Seriously, they’re nothing alike.

“I want more status” is different from “I want the attention of this particular person.”

“He has a lot of status” is different from “he is very popular with girls, and is also straight.”

“She has a lot of status” is different from “she wrote an influential article in her field that a lot of people cited.”

“He has a lot of status” is different from “he has a popular youtube channel with half a million subscribers.”

Be specific about what kind of status you’re talking about. Not all social desires are universal.

all of my suitemates r like… friends except 4 me and like that’s fine bc i have other friends but it is kinda.. weird lol like it’s mostly due to the fact that i haven’t made a big effort to bond with any of them but still idk. part of me is a little ? sad about it? not bc i really really want to be friends with them but it would be nice if i did have suite mates i could rlly bond with. not that my suitemates aren’t cool or nice bc they are but like. idk if my personality meshes well w/ theirs. also i feel kind of bad bc they did make an effort to like. invite me 2 shit and try and include me i just wasn’t rlly like. receptive. lol. so that’s that on that.

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To all the v3 kids, were there any characters from the past Dangan Ronpa seasons that inspired you or that you personally liked for any reason?

“Kyoko Kirigiri. I would like to be a great detective like she is.”

“Tenko really looks up to Oogami-san! She wants to fight like her and be a really good and kind person like her too!”

“From what I’ve seen I like Hinata-kun.”

Airi: “Nanami-san!”

“Nyeh… I like Tsumiki… before she fell into despair of course…”

“I watched a bit of Amami-kun’s season. I’m the only one who has. And I admire Rin Fujioka. She was very composed and intelligent. I wish I could have been more like that.”

“I really like Boss Baby-chan!”

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what are some zutara aus you'd like to maybe explore one day? I personally am really interested in assassin au :o

I’ve wanted to try my hand at a few: a soulmate au (which i’m 85% done with), an arranged marriage au (which i’m also working on), then i’ve had random ideas crop up to write them in my other fav verses, like The 100, GoT, and The Handmaid’s Tale (on my own, not as a thread). I think it’d be fun to do a domestic, modern au, but I’m terrible at that kind of writing… fluffy… happiness… yikes. It would a thrill ride to modify 50 Shades and do a massive smut fic for them, but it would have to be mildly OOC for both of them to make it work. Idk. I have ideas. 99% of them will never be touched. 

so i’ve seen some fake woke folk insult kastle shippers, claiming they’re shipping incest because frank says karen is the kind of woman he wanted his daughter to grow up to be… are we gonna see these “woke” folk do the same thing to f/nnr/y shippers now that daisy has literally said their dynamic is like brother and sister? i’m gonna bet ‘no’ because we all know these people only care about fighting whatever social justice point benefits their own personal shipping agenda.

My Opinion Profile On: Taemin~ Relationship/Personality

Request: Sorry! Could you do taemin from shinee for the relationship analysis?

~This is all based off of MY opinion..~

Ideal Type: From what I see Taemin likes someone who is consistent and also someone who is true. He doesn’t want someone who lies about themselves and reveals the true them later on. (I think by this he means like someone who is two-faced)

Ideal relationship: I think he’s gonna want an older girl, he would want to have a relationship where they can laugh and enjoy being together. They would have to respect one another’s careers and be understanding towards that. 

Him in the relationship: He’s gonna be a dork and lovable. Spoiler as all hell. Cuddly when alone. He would hold hands in public and then also guide with his hand on her back. Matching hoodies that are never worn together because neither of them can find their’s on the same day. 

What kind of person I can see him with (based of a mental picture I painted in my head): I see him with someone with big eyes (maybe doe-eyed?), he likes double eyelids and untouched long hair. She would be shorter than him and I think a decent bit at that. Someone on the fit end and looks super good in even lazy day clothing. 

His personality: He’s all sexy on stage and the moment he’s off he’s a big shy boy. To me I think he is truly all sweet, funny, and very loyal. He’s not one who gets emotional in public but I think he’s a big softy in private. He’s also a living meme. Gets scared easily too. I think he’s a gorgeous dork of a man.

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~Hope You Like It~

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