i want to be that kandi

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Dirk pet me, I'm a cat again and I want t9 6e pet 6ecause attenti9n makes me happy and cats are hard t9 resist *nuzzles leg* - Kandy

[ Tries not to pat . ..  .] 

[ Pats a lot ffs what a soff ]
[ There are actual tears Kandy is a rly cute cat ]
TT: ???is this the real life


  • Kim Yerim (Yeri) – Red Velvet as Maknae/Vocalist of Kandi
  • Park Jimin – BTS as Main Vocalist of Rebels


  • Park Hyung-sik – Actor as an ACEnt Model
  • Cho Kyuhyun – Super Junior as an ACEnt Soloist
  • Kim Namjoon (Rap Monster) – BTS as Autumn (Trainee) of W1NT3R 
  • Bang Cheolyong (Mir) – MBLAQ as Maknae/Main Dancer/Lead Rapper of A.C.E.
  • Kim Heechul – Soloist as Main Rapper/Vocalist of A.C.E.
  • Min Yoongi –  BTS as Leader/Main Rapper of Knockout!
  • Kim Hansol – Topp Dogg as Main Rapper of Imperium
  • Jo Youngmin – Boyfriend as Main Vocalist/Lead Dancer of Imperium
  • Jo Kwangmin – Boyfriend as Rapper/Vocalist/Main Dancer of Imperium
  • Kim Taehyung (V) – BTS as Leader/Lead Vocalist of Imperium
  • Kim Myungsoo (L) – Infinite as Visual/Vocalist of Imperium
  • Kunpimook Bhuwakul (BamBam) – GOT7 as Maknae/Rapper of Rebels
  • Jeon Jungkook – BTS as Lead Vocalist/Visual of Rebels
  • Moon Hyuna – Nine Muses (formerly) as the Manager of Rebels
  • Amy Lee (Ailee) – Soloist as Winter/Leader (Trainee) of W1NT3R
  • Lee Chaerin (CL) – 2NE1 as an ACEnt Soloist
  • Ju Jingyi – SNH48 as Vocalist/Visual of Kandi

( * UNTIL  01/18 )

  • Jennie Kim – Black Pink

Ahh the obsession✨💕 what Sonico should I get next is a daily question I ask myself! Tomorrow I shall be posting a new figure unboxing! Also have one I’ve been wanting for awhile coming in the mail should be here this or next week then a special chibi figure which won’t be here for awhile ;-; What is your favorite Sonico figure? Any suggestions on what I should get next!?

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31 & 36✌️

31. 3 random facts
1. i was hella emo last night over taohun and how sehun got vivi bc he missed tao and kandy Confirmed™
2. my neck and wrists hurt rn after playing osu (i’m practicing with the hidden and hard rock mods and let me Tell You,, i h8)
3. i have a research paper to do for psychology and the topic i got was antisocial personality disorder :o

36. 3 dreams you want to fulfill?
1. ever since i was young i think i’ve always wanted to grow up and have my name be known (in the more entertainment aspect of things) idk i always dreamed of being a *~star~* but now i’m kinda like :/ the chances are slim to none for such a thing,,
2. to complete my 365 days of throwbacks without missing one day!!!!
3. to grow more as a person and be more comfortable in my own skin… ig

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You guys I can’t get the idea of Kara being a total raver out of my head. It makes sense she’d be all about that PLUR!

She’d have a whole kandi collection and be so excited to take Lena to her first event. Lena’s be hesitant at first but anything hat makes Kara that happy can’t be bad right? So she goes and Kara will never get over how Lena just lit up at the music and the lights and the feeling of welcome that she’d never felt outside of Kara.

I’m sorry I’m having feelings

Vote Blue No Matter Who

When a Bernie supporter tells me they won’t vote for Hillary if she’s the nominee, I’m like “Okay, so you must not mind eating shit."  Bernie and Hillary aren’t interchangeable, but Hillary Clinton is a better choice than Donald Trump

Bernie is the slice of cake you really want.  And Hillary is some boiled cabbage.  And Donald Trump is a pile of shit.  You’re telling me because you couldn’t have the cake, you’re gonna pout and eat the pile of shit? 

You’re not gonna do whatever you can to make sure the pile of shit doesn’t end up on your plate? 

Let’s grow up and be adults.  Sometimes a vote is a vote for who you like and sometimes it’s a vote for the greater good against true evil.  And if you believe Hillary Clinton is as bad for the country as Donald Trump, then you’re not reading the same set of facts that I am.


so i make a bunch of rave bras and i wanted to branch out and try something new. i decided to recreate rhianna’s outfit from barbados, for something wonderful in callas. but ran into trouble finding acrylic gems that size and color. i can do the construction easily enough, its finding the gemstones that’s driving me crazy. do you have any ideas? (i already checked hobby lobby, michaels, joanns, and like everything google could think of.) thanks so much!

Here is the complete Digimon Fandom Masterlist!

The list is divided into 9 categories to make it easier to find specific types of blogs and hopefully they are all SFW. If you are not on this list and still want to be added, just send me a message and I will add you.

I am still adding blogs to the list. I try to message every single non-anon back telling them that I added them, so if you don’t get a message back in a month you should re-pm me. 

Putting a read more because this is a very long list.

EDIT: 1 year update complete. See new post for further updates to the list.

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Low key pissed off that festivals like HARD summer ban kandi under the guise of making the festival safer, and on the first day TWO kids lost their lives from drugs. Kandi is OBVIOUSLY not the issue here. Assuming pieces of plastic are inherently related to drugs is absurd. If they want their concert goers to be safe, have all events be 21+ and heavily patrol with dogs and medics and officers. I cannot with this incompetence anymore. My heart is saddened that I’m surprised if there isn’t a fatality at a festival. People need to take care of each other and themselves. There needs to be more of a push for Dance Safe and other informative programs to prevent further incidents from occurring. My heart goes out to the friends and family of the kids who passed away. I have a heavy heart today.

highlights of the show tonight:

•Jinkx talking about how god awful Christmas music is and how she hates all I want for Christmas is you (written by Mariah Scary)

•Katya’s first act where she literally said the most random shit for like five minutes and then danced ballet like to her version of 12 days of Christmas

•Jinkx singing red and green and climbing up on the table I was sitting at


•jiggly trying to explain why Willam wasn’t there (she got pregnant ig)

•Jinkx talking about how she smoked a blunt backstage

•Katya coming out in an old lady nightgown and slaying my life, slow splitting and jump splitting

• Katyas impression of Kandy (she left the stage)

• ginger singing hella good

• Sharon dressing as Donald Trump, calling him an asshole, and then screamed “BERNIE 2016”

•Alaska singing ugly Christmas sweater by herself

•Alaska reciting violets version of ‘twas the night before Christmas (I DIED)

• Katya, Alaska, Jinkx, and ginger doing the Christmas scene from Mean Girls



Help my re-name the newest addition to my fursuit family He came with the name Kandi but IDK I KIND OF WANT TO CHANGE IT UwU I’ll take better pics tomorrow!! I’m a little pressed for time today but geez ;A; he’s precious!!