i want to be stereotyped

Or, he is actually going to make friends with them, unlike you. :D

Holy shit Steven if i was to do that infront of someone i would move to another planet afterwards out of shame.

But yeah, little kids have no sense of shame, that’s why Steven is so sociable.


Lars is the most stereotypical teenager to ever exist, i want Steven to be the only one to become friends with the cool kids, so Lars can learn that he’s acting just like a huge jerk who’s trying to be “cool”, and this isn’t the right way to make friends.

And Steven is too sweet to see how big of an ass Lars is. He spoke to the cool kids about Lars as well so they can take him with them. Potato is too good with people sometimes.

Well, without his “lame shtick” they wouldn’t even know you exist.

“Hey, ungrateful asshole, what weapon can you make from the elements potassium, nickel and iron?”

“Steven, i’m too cool for your fucking puns. Please go away.”

“A KNiFe!

“I want a mainstream comedy show that doesn’t resort to homophobia/transphobia/racism/sexism/ableism for its jokes and is actually funny”

“I want a show where a gay, black person is in a position of power and is good at what they do” 

“I want a show that addresses racism, homophobia, and sexism in a respectful manner while also being funny and lighthearted overall”

“I want a show with a diverse cast and characters that aren’t cheap stereotypes” 

“I want a show that addresses the issues with our justice system, including high incarceration rates, police brutality, and racism.” 

“I want a comedy show with actual plot and characters that I’ll get attached to.”

Blue Silk Pajamas

Have another stereotypical Marichat kiss scene, dang these are addicting to read and write.

They’re 18 in this one though, I don’t think those kids should be sneaking around kissing each other in the dark yet. XD

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I want one of those scenes in a dude bro film where “tomboy” chick has to wear a dress to go undercover or whatever, but instead of the guys drooling as she walks down the stairs, they’re like “k. U need to stop. Go put the cargo pants back on. You look super uncomfortable and awkward in that. Brutus, you go be the fake prostitute.”

In 2017 i want to see more discussion about nonbinary culture, fashion trends, stereotypes, social roles, hair styles. I want to talk about nonbinary relationship tropes. I want to see more cute NB/NB couples and polycules. I want nonbinary jokes. I want more nonbinary web content. I want nonbinary vloggers. I want nonbinary characters in television. I want nonbinary comics and novels. I want nonbinary memoires and childrens books. I want to see more nonbinary parents. I want to see more nonbinary children. I want videogames and artwork and films with nonbinary people. I want to see more nonbinary people walking down the street with their nonbinary friends. Let’s try to make this year more genderqueer than the last one.

A lot of people have posted about this so eloquently but I just really want to say how much I like how Skam is breaking stereotypes about boys.

Isak appearing like a player but is really awkward and just wants to be loved and is “no emojis?!”. The boy squad giving each other advice on dating and basically comparing notes. Even seeming to be Cool and Suave but loves epic love stories and dances to pop songs.

It’s just so awesome to watch a show like this.

As a writer/artist/what have you, the best advice I’ve ever gotten is: “If you want to avoid stereotypes, have multiple characters and make them different” 

Write more than one gay dude, write more than one nonbinary person, write multiple ace people, have more than one African American have more than one autistic person et cetera.


“My goal is to break through Hollywood, with a different image of Asian actors and Asian faces, and to break through that stereotype of ‘little Asians’. I definitely want to make that connection — something hopefully bold and loud — between Hollywood and Asia. I hope we will see Asian men in lead roles, instead of small parts.” – Godfrey Gao


There’s an appetite for both men and women to be interesting, complicated characters. We don’t want to see stereotypes any more on screen. I become really passionate when I’m playing a part, and I do fight for that role and for the intricacy of that person. Film is very powerful so I do feel that there is a certain amount of responsibility to portray reality. I have had really strong female role models in my life


Camila Mendes photographed by Meredith Jenks for Coveteur

It was frustrating because all of the roles I went out for I never really felt like I was right for. Especially being Latina, people want to make use of that. So I would go out for shows like Blue Bloods and Shades of Blue, and all of these crime dramas where they are looking for these foster child Latinas, like ‘underprivileged and urban’ as they would say. I never really fit that stereotype, and I didn’t want to play a stereotype. I kept getting the note that I’m not ‘urban enough.’ So it’s like, okay I’m not urban enough and I’m not white enough, what am I? Why are there no roles out there that fit me! Veronica came in and it was the perfect balance. She was Latina! They wanted her to be ethnic, but that wasn’t the point of her character. She wasn’t a stereotype. She was just an American Latina. And that is how I identify, I don’t need to play up anything. I am this character. Everything just kinda fell into place with her.

I feel like I am the only one who doesn’t want Yuri to win

I mean, if he wins, then that’s great, and I’ll be so proud of him, but I don’t think he needs to

1) He has made so much progress over the course of the series, but is it realistic for him to win this quickly? I don’t want a stereotypical happy ending. I want Yuri to rank high, but not win, and be happy with his placement. I want him to be proud of how far he has come, even if he doesn’t win. Yuri was depressed at the beginning, so I want to see him be proud of himself, and to become more motivated for the future

2) If Yuri wins gold, he’ll get married. And I REALLY want Vikturi to be married. But Viktor isn’t that shallow. If we have learned anything throughout the series (and especially from the banquet scene), it is that Viktor loves Yuri for who he is. He is so stricken by this adorable mess that is Yuri Katsuki that he would even put his own career on hold to see him succeed. He has pined over Yuri for around a year now, so I severely doubt that he would leave his own marriage and happiness in the hands of the chance that Yuri might become a champion. While it is a good motivator for Yuri, and it shows how much faith Viktor has in Yuri’s abilities, I guarantee that Vikturi will get married anyway, because they love each other for who they are, not what title they hold.

I want Yuri to lose because I want Yuri to realise his own abilities and further his confidence due to his own merit, not because of a medal. I want Vikturi to get married because they love each other, not because of a medal.

I want Yuri to lose.

My dear trans kids, 

Trans boys can dress in the way that’s traditionally considered feminine and trans girls can dress in the way that’s traditionally considered masculine. 

Clothes have no gender and neither have make-up or hairstyles. 

If you’ve been on the lgbt+ side of tumblr for a while, you’ve likely heard this before. This is not the first post saying so which is great because it’s important and true that trans people can dress however they want and they’re still 100% valid and 100% trans. This message can not be repeated often enough. 

But sometimes, sadly, it’s not as easy as just saying “I dress however i want”. In some countries/families/situations, trans boys need to dress in the stereotypical masculine way and trans girls need to dress in the stereotypical feminine way. They need to fit into “outdated gender-roles” - for their safety. So people believe them. To avoid harassment. So they are allowed to start HRT or get surgery. To not get kicked out of a bathroom. For many different reasons. 

Clothes have no gender, yes. But if you’re trans, please do not let those posts saying so make you feel bad because in your situation your clothes do have to fit into a specific traditional gender role. Your safety and your well-being always come first. 

And to my cis followers: Please, please do not ridicule trans girls who dress super feminine and trans boys who dress super masculine. 1. It may be necessary for their safety 2. It’s none of your business.

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom  


“There’s an appetite for both men and women to be interesting, complicated characters. We don’t want to see stereotypes any more on screen. I become really passionate when I’m playing a part, and I do fight for that role and for the intricacy of that person. Film is very powerful so I do feel that there is a certain amount of responsibility to portray reality. I have had really strong female role models in my life.”

Slytherin Harry.

I want Slytherin Harry being dormates with Draco. I want Slytherin Harry to argue with Draco playfully every single day. I want Slytherin Harry to still be friends with Ron and Hermione and stand up for muggle borns. I want Slytherin Harry to sass the fuck out of Snape wIth the help of Draco. i want Slytherin Harry to rise Slytherin out of its stereotypes because of how freaking nice he is to everybody. I want Slytherin Harry to encourage his fellow housemates to not be dicks, so that all of them can be seen in a different light. I want Slytherin Harry to comfort Draco whenever the poor boy needed it, because let’s be honest, they’re both broken. I want Slytherin Harry to look really intimidating at first then end up tripping on his own feet which pretty much tells everybody how much of a dork he is. I want Slytherin Harry’s amazing sass to unleash in the common room every night. I want Slytherin Harry becoming best friends with Draco in their first year, because once you get through all those mean comments, Harry saw a boy just like him. I want Slytherin Harry being looked at respectfully by his fellow housemates when his name came out of the Goblet of Fire because it fit so perfectly with Slytherin. Harry “cunningly” put his name in, he “ambitiously” thought of it, and he did it so “mischievously”. I want Slytherin Harry to convince at least his dormates that he didn’t put his name in, and I want them to roll their eyes and go “We believe you, Potter, but good luck. You were far too stupid to even figure out how to put your bloody name in there, anyway.” I want Slytherin Harry to laugh at all those “POTTER STINKS” badges because it’s such an inside joke to the Slytherins, and that Blaise started it as a joke in History of Magic. I want Slytherin Harry to hide behind the older Slytherins when people would taunt him for being “The Heir Of Slytherin” because they believe him and as we all know, “You’re far too stupid to even get to class without tripping, Potter, how the fuck would you be an heir to our almighty ancestor Salazar?”I want Slytherin Harry to come barreling into the common room right after his talk with Dumbledore and start sobbing. I want some of the Slytherins to start comfroting him and bringing him chocolate. I want Slytherin Harry to amazingly stop the prejudice. I want Slytherin Harry to jokingly blow a kiss to Malfoy when he wins the quidditch cup. LOOK I WANT MALFOY TO ROLL HIS EYES AND SARCASTICALLY WINK BACK WITH HIS SIGNATURE SMIRK ON HIS BEAUTIFUL FACE. I WANT THE SLYTHERINS TO RISE A REBELLION AGAINST UMBRIDGE ONCE THEY SAW THE WRITINGS ON HARRY’S HAND. I WANT THEM TO BRING HELL. I WANT THE SLYTHERINS TO BE SUCH AN AWESOME HOUSE WITH HARRY BY THEIR SIDE. I WANT SLYTHERIN HARRY TO STRUT INTO THE COMMON ROOM WHEN ANNOUNCED QUIDDITCH CAPTAIN. I WANT SLYTHERIN HARRY TO SNEAK INTO THE KITCHEN WITH DRACO FOR A MIDNIGHT SNACK. I WANT SLYTHERIN HARRY TO LEAD DRACO BACK INTO THE GOOD SIDE. I WANT SLYTHERIN HARRY TO HISS AT DRACO WHENEVER HE COMES IN WITH “Malfoy.” I WANT A TON OF SLYTHERINS TO STAY BEHIND FOR THE BATTLE AT HOGWARTS BECAUSE HARRY THOUGHT THEM WHAT GOOD MEANT AND THEY WERE WILLING TO FIGHT FOR IT EVEN WHEN THEY COULD BE FIGHTING RELATIVES. I WANT SLYTHERIN HARRY TO JUST FUCKING SAVAGE YOU KNOW.

Slytherin Harry.