i want to be sophie even more now

Is anyone else dreading the arrival of Benedict’s baby? I don’t want to see private photos all over Tumblr. I don’t want the paparazzi to hound him any more than they do now. I don’t want internet losers making fun of this baby like they make fun of Sophie. I don’t want an extremely happy moment in his life to be ruined even for a moment. It’s fucked up and I won’t stand for it.

  • me at a younger age: why would anyone want to see spoilers for a movie before they see it? I don't even want to see a trailer, i just want to go in there completely unknowing, otherwise how will i enjoy the movie?
  • me now: i'm trash i'm literal trash i will read the entire script and then see the movie twice give me everything leak everythign fuckin' just do it feed my trash soul

I would like to use this occasion to wish you all a very happy 2016, full of happiness, health and fulfilled desires to raise a toast to this lovely couple. My blog is a celebration of their being together after all, isn’t it?       I would like to propose a toast to Sophie in particular, a woman I unexpectedly grew to like and respect. Unexpectedly because, when the engagement was announced, I was very happy for Benedict, a person who I deeply admire, that he had found a person who he to wanted to spend his life with, but I didn’t think I would have been interested in his partner. Since November 2014, to me, Sophie has become much more than just Benedict’s fiancee/wife. I discovered a talented, kind, elegant, and overall classy woman. I care for her now. Even if I started speaking up for her only because I thought those who attacked her were wrong in attacking another woman just because of her choice of partner, after discovering more I now do it also because I find her intelligent, smart, accomplished and very dedicated to her work, to art which to me is the most important thing. Without art this world would be lost. Mind you, she would be worth speaking up for even if she didn’t possess those qualities, but her being the brilliant person that she is makes me even prouder of doing it. So here’s to Sophie, to Benedict, to Christopher and to you who read me, may you all have a splendid 2016!


Where the fuck is Nicky? Why would you take her away? Everybody LOVES her. 

Why would you ruin Vauseman even more? Why they can’t be happy for more than 5 minutes?

Ain’t nobody going to do shit to help Sophie? Really? 

Why give Soso such a hard time?

Big Boo backstory and she helping Doggett was nice, good one.


Alex, I’m so sorry.

Pennsatucky, I’m so sorry too.


That end means no more Ruby Rose? :(

We want more Poussey and we want it now!

Yeah, I totally waited a whole year to have this MANY scenes of Red and  Healy, Caputo and Fig (the sex scenes, ew, why) and the whole Norma worship thing. Yep. You gotta it.