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You and H get into a fight at Anne's house while staying there please

It had been a stressful week for not only Harry, but you as well. And although you tried hard not to let your mood affect Harry, he wasn’t doing a great job at doing that himself.
Harry was sweet; a gentleman, that until he was pissed off and stressed. He became cold and would have his anger triggered by the slightest thing. Normally, he’d apologize an hour or two after he snaps which sends you both to your happy relationship again, both of you talking everything out.

But it had been a week, not a few hours. You had problems at work, the home cooked meal that you had been dying to try to cook from the internet was burned, you dropped your phone down the toilet and you had two cherries on top; Harry and your period.
But a week ago, Anne had invited you and Harry for dinner along with Gemma.

Harry was dependent on the fact that you remembered that tonight was the dinner night, getting ready with no words shared. You changed in the bathroom while he changed in the bedroom; something that you hadn’t done in so long.

The drive to Anne’s house was agonizing. No tunes playing and no words shared, just the uncomfortable silence and the murmurs of “for fuck’s sake”’s that left Harry’s lips whenever someone did something stupid on the road.
When you arrived to Anne’s house, you expected Harry to stay and at least say anything, anything at all. But Harry was the first to get out of the car. You sighed, unbuckling your seatbelt and getting out, following Harry who now stood on the doorstep and had already rung the door bell.

“Awe! Come inside!” Anne instantly opened the door, pulling the both of you inside before hugging Harry tightly. “Someone needs to shave that.” She patted his chin.

He chuckled, “Was meaning to, slipped out of my mind.”

“Move along, now. I want to greet my future daughter-in-law.” Anne giggled, pushing Harry aside.

You tensed. Although it was something Anne had always said but now, you weren’t sure how to feel about it; how Harry felt about it. You hugged Anne tightly, almost as if she was putting you back together.

“I miss you, too, but I do know that this is not just a greeting hug.” Anne whispered, rubbing your back soothingly.

You didn’t realize your eyes were tearful until you pulled back and Anne cooed sympathetically and pulled you back for another hug. “Is it my son? Did he do this?”

You only sniffled, pulling away to wipe your tears. “Can we talk about this later, please?” You asked quietly.

“Of course.” Anne rubbed your back before you both walked towards the living room where you were engulfed in a hug by Gemma the second she saw you.

She then punched you in the arm, making you wince and hold it. “What was that for?”

“For me having to find out you got promoted from Sarah the other day. We should have celebrated!” Gemma whined.

You bit your lip, feeling Harry’s eyes on you in confusion and shock.

“Uh, it'a nothing really.” You chuckled nervously, shrugging.

“Oh, stop with being humble now, silly. Of course it’s something! Gem, take out the champagne.” Anne grinned. “And come help me with setting up the table.”

“I’ll help you.” You said quickly, walking towards her.

“Nonsense. Gemma owes me a favor for something anyway.” Anne smiled.

“Do I?” Gemma asked, looking at Anne confusingly who shot her a glare, “Oh,” She whispered, “Oh! I do, yeah.”
Anne grabbed her giggling daughter’s arm, dragging her behind her and towards the kitchen.

You sighed, sitting on the chair opposite to the couch where Harry sat.
“Why didn’t you tell me you got promoted?” Harry asked.

Your head snapped towards him in shock before a bitter chuckle left your lips. “Really? Really, Harry?”


“I texted you the day I got it. Told you I have big exciting news. You came home, fucking looked me in the eyes when I had dinner for both of us, candlelit might I add and then you went to bed.” You whisper yelled, not wanting Anne or Gemma to hear.

For a moment, guilt washed over Harry’s face before he turned cold again. “You didn’t even check on me to see if I was fine that day.”

You gasped, “Are you listening to yourself right now?”

“I am actually, yes, very well.” Harry said sarcastically, crossing his arms across his chest.

“Why am I the one who always has to give up my comfort for you? You haven’t touched me, let alone talk to me at all for the past week. Every time I try, you find a way to turn it to a fight. You have been so fucking selfish, Harry.” You let the tears fall.

“I’m being selfish? So I have to fucking pamper you like a child now to actually show I care? What do you want me to do? Buy you stuff? Is that what you want? Is that the kind of comfort you want, Y/N?!” Harry shouted, standing up.

“What are you trying to say, Harry?” You gasped, standing up. “Are you telling me that I’ve been in this relationship for 2 years because I want your money? Is that what you’re trying to say?” You shouted, getting closer to him as he rubbed his face with his hands with a groan. “I told you that you haven’t touched me nor talk to me and you think I want you treating me like I’m a child?”

“Listen, this isn’t what I meant. I’m so-”

“If you’re not happy anymore then just say it. Break up with me. But doing this,” You cried, gesturing between you, “This is hurting me so much, Harry.” You let your head fall, sobbing.

“No, no,” Harry quickly put his arms around you, pulling you to his chest. “Fuck,” He whispered under his breath, “I would never want to break up. I am happy with you.” He cooed.

“You sure don’t act like it.” You mumbled, not hugging him back.

Harry sighed before sitting down on the couch, taking a hold of your arm and pulling you down gently to him to make you sit on his lap where he wrapped his arms around you. “I know this isn’t an excuse for how much of a dick I have been but I’m so scared of how fast my life is going right now, my career. I started taking it out on you because you’re the only one who doesn’t give me shit for being myself and I guess,” He paused, shaking his head, “I guess I took this for granted. I’m so sorry, baby. I love you, so much. I’m sorry I have been a massive dick for the past week and I’m terribly sorry for not celebrating your promotion and making it seem like it didn’t matter to me. I really am proud of you, love. So much.”

“You really were a massive dick.” You mumbled, fiddling with your fingers.

Harry chuckled, tightening his hold around you before pecking your cheek. “I really was.”

“I love you, too.” You sighed, wrapping your arms around him, burying your head in his neck.

“I’ll be better, I promise. I’ll make it all up to you.” He whispered, his head nuzzling in your shoulder as he closed his eyes in satisfaction and comfort. Now he knew what had he been missing.

“Dinner and champagne are ready!” Anne announced with a cheerful tone.

“Also, no make up sex!” Gemma shouted before you both heard a smack and Gemma wince, “Just kidding, just kidding!”

You both laughed before walking towards the two, now with happy and warm smiles.



Namjoon stands in front of you with his hands on his pocket. He seems confident, his plumped lips stretched in a little smile. This challenge amuses him but he already knows how it’s gonna end. He looks at you and waits for you to be completely ready. Then, he leans towards your mouth and lightly brushes your lips with his. After a few pecks, Namjoon begins to play with your mouth, his delicious lips tasting yours. He literally takes you to another world just by kissing you and you try hard to keep your hands on your lower back. Namjoon is slow, his tongue sensually brushing your lips, asking for more access. You give it to him without even thinking how harder it’s gonna be for you to resist him. It’s just too good. He knows exactly how to move his tongue, his lips, he knows exactly how to breath with you, and he knows exactly what drives you crazy. It’s just a fucking game, why is your body so tense ? As Namjoon bites your tongue, you arch your back and struggle not to moan. You’d never thought it will be that hard to keep your hands still. The heat grows between your thighs with every licks of his tongue against yours. The way he looks down at you when you catch your breath just before kissing you again… The way he manages to act impatient and yet teases the fuck out of you… It’s too much. You can’t do it anymore and grabs his shirt, pulling him closer to you. Namjoon smiles against your mouth and immediately grabs your ass with one hand, his other hand on your neck. The kiss gets naughtier than ever and you’re literally craving his touch. Namjoon pushes you against his bed and stares at you while he undo his belt, a cocky smile on his mouth.


He’s excited about this challenge and can’t stop giggling. You stand in front of him and ask him to stop fooling around if he really wants you to do it. Taehyung puts his hands in the back of his head and smiles playfully. He’s ready to play. You put your hands behind your back and kiss him gently. Tae’s tongue quickly finds yours & it became hard to focus. You know your boyfriend is in his « Naughty mode » and it’s gonna be difficult for you to resist. But you can’t lose against him, no way. You bite his lips and pulls it while you stare at Taehyung. He hisses, his hands moving from his head to the air, opening and closing in vain. He begins to swing his body from one foot to the other but you follow his lead and get even more sensual. Tae sighs against your mouth but quickly changes his method : with a playful smile, he begins to leave wet kisses along your jawline, his mouth ending on the crook of your neck. You bite your lips, quietly cursing at him. Taehyung chuckles and kisses your neck before biting it. He sucks your sensitive skin and leaves his mark, then do it again, and again. It kills you every time and you don’t know how you’re still standing, your hands still on your back. However, Taehyung gets lost in it, forgetting the game as his hands slides on your waist to get you closer to his body. He’s licking your ear and biting your lobe, making you moan as you grind against him. Useless to say Tae couldn’t care less about his defeat.


Gosh, this movie sucks. It’s been only 24 minutes and you’re already bored. You look at Jin to see if he’s into it but it seems like he’s not enjoying it at all. You can’t help but laugh at his annoyed face. « What ? » He gently pushes your leg with his knee and you straighten up to face him. « Do you want to play a game ? » Jin raises his eyebrows and whine « Why so sudden ? What about the movie ? » You get closer to him as you reply « What ? Do you really want to see the rest of this stupid movie ? » Jin takes a look at the tv screen and pouts « Ani, this is pure garbage. What’s your game, honey ? » You explain the challenge to him and, as you expected, Jin starts to giggles. It takes you quite a long time to get him into it but when you give him a naughty glance, Jin finally calms down and smirks, waiting for you to kiss him. His hands behind his back, Jin kisses are slow, soft and sweet. But then, he decides to spice it up and starts to tease you. His plumped lips against yours, his hot sighs, his skilled tongue, his impatient way to show you he wants more… You forget everything and get totally turned on. You begin to slowly suck his tongue, moaning quietly without realizing it. Jin whine, his fingers clenching on his knees as he tries hard not to touch you. You press yourself against him, hands almost on his shoulders, growing the kiss hotter and hotter. Jin can’t take it anymore and grabs your waist, pulling you on his lap as your hands slide on his hair. « You lost » you giggle against his mouth before rolling your eyes behind your eyelids as Jin begins to fervently kiss your neck.


You’re watching Hobi stretching before his dance session. Leaned on the floor, head on your hands, you press your thighs together. You don’t know why, but you’ve been thinking about fucking him all damn day. Is it because of the way his forehead is showing today ? Or because of his tiny ripped black pants that show how tempting his thighs are ? Maybe it’s the way he’s staring at you when you’re not looking, his beautiful eyes undressing you without even hiding it… It doesn’t matter. You’re horny anyway. You smile and sing his name before your straighten up to get closer to him. Hoseok smirks, already knowing you got something naughty in mind. You ask him if he wants to play and Hobi nods his head toward the camera « You know I’m recording, right ? » You look at the camera and whisper as you get closer to his face « I don’t mind. » Hoseok chuckles and puts his hands on his pocket, looking confident as fuck. Yes, you know you’re gonna loose, but it’s gonna be fun at least. You put your hands behind your back and lean to kiss him gently. Hobi immediately takes control of the kiss and, his smirk still on his lips, begin to devours you slowly, his body getting closer and closer to yours. The warmth of his body against yours and the way he makes it swing with the music drives you crazy. Hoseok bites your lips and sucks on it before biting it again, then kisses you deeply, his tongue caressing yours and making you moan. It’s way too much for you to handle. You loose by jumping on his arms, your legs around his waist and your arms circling his neck. Hobi grabs your ass and whispers as you both stop kissing to catch your breath « We should turn the camera off… »


Yoongi stands in front of you, his resting bitch face on. You had to beg him to do this challenge so you don’t want to fuck it up by complaining. You get closer and, after putting your hands behind your back, you begin to kiss him softly. Yoongi lets you kiss him without really responding to it, but it’s kinda hot. This kid is a real punk. You smile and bite his lower lip, looking at him playfully. Yoongi snorts and gets a little closer to you, his lips brushing yours. Then, he leans his head on the side and deepen the kiss, his tongue sliding on your lower lip to ask for access. You press yourself against him, his hot breath against your mouth giving you shivers all over your body. As you get really into the kiss, you gasp when Yoongi pushes you against the mattress. He goes on top of you, grinding his crotch between your thighs as his hands firmly goes down from your neck to your core. His mouth against yours, he smirks « Oops… Too bad, I lost… »


You’re on Jimin’s lap, kissing his cheeks while he giggles softly. « Do you want to play a game ? » Jimin smiles and asks you what game you wanna play. You explain it to him and smile when he nods, his eyes already darkening. He leans on his arms behind him and watches you put your hands behind your back. He bites his lips, waiting for you to make the first move. You lean towards him and kiss him teasingly, already eager to devour his plumped lips. You deepen the kiss, the sounds of your mouths and tongues filling the room. It turns you on so much… The sweet sound of his tongue stroking yours, the way his breath gets jerky when you suck his lower lip… Park Jimin is driving you crazy. As you bite his lip, you begin to grind on him without realizing it. You’re just too lost in the kiss, your fingers clenching on your wrists as the kiss grow sloppier. Jimin begins to moan and straighten up, struggling not to put his hands on you. As the kiss transforms into a hot make-out session, you’re getting desperate to touch him. The moment you’re about give up, Jimin looses by slipping his hands on your thighs to finally grip your ass, moving up to your waist. He’s so rough, his hands firmly grabbing you to pull you closer to his body. You moan against his mouth and let him touch you everywhere.


You’re alone in the dorm and it’s the last challenge of the night. You don’t know how it gradually went from innocent and funny challenges to the one you’re about to play, but you can’t loose, no matter what. This little fart won too many times tonight and it’s time to shut his pretty mouth for good. Jungkook stands in front of you, his hands resting on his sides. He still got his stupid smirk on his face and stares at you, wanting to annoy you a little more before the game starts. You get closer to him and put your hands behind your back, your eyes glued on his. Jungkook takes the final step towards you and kisses you. One peck, two pecks, and in a blink of a eye his tongue is driving you crazy. You stand on the tip of your feet and begin to kiss his ear. Jungkook hisses as your tongue works on his earlobe, one of his weak spot. You slightly bite it and moan against his ear, knowing exactly how much it turns him on. When you think you’re gonna win, Jungkook strikes back. He pushes you against the wall without touching you, making you gasp when your back hits the wall. Jungkook puts his hands on the wall, just above your shoulders, and starts to grind on you, kissing you feverishly. You moan against his mouth, his hard member against your core making you hornier than before. You clench your fingers on the wall behind you, struggling against your need to touch him, but Jungkook’s moans against your mouth are enough for you to give up. You grab his shoulders and let him lift you up to bring you to his bedroom.

Imagine having to tell your daughter that you can’t give her a sibling

You were laying in bed, your fingers absently drawing patterns against Sam’s bare chest, when a small knock came from the hallway.

“Come in, Katie Cat,” Sam called as you sat up against your headboard, smiling at your daughter as she entered the room.

“Hiya,” Katie smiled as she approached, letting you pull her up onto your lap.

“Sleep well?” you asked, and she nodded, leaning into you.

You met Sam’s eye, knowing this was the right time to talk to her; while Dean was busy on a solo hunt and it was just the three of you in the bunker.

“Baby, can we talk to you about something?” Sam asked, resting a hand on her thigh.

She nodded again, a soft frown pulling at her brows.

You sighed, kissing the top of her head.

“I know you really wanted a sibling,” you murmured, wrapping an arm around her waist, “But I’m not sure… I don’t…”

You trailed off, hoping that Sam would know what to say.

“We’re not gonna be able to have another baby, sweetheart,” he told her, softly. “We’ve… we were…”

He didn’t know how to explain it either, but it turned out he didn’t have to.

Katie moved from your lap to lay down next to her father, hugging him.

“It’s okay,” she told him, kissing his cheek. “I don’t need a sibling.”

You laid back down and she rolled onto her back to smile at you.

“You guys and Uncle Dean are enough family,” she murmured, holding your hand. “It’s okay.”

“Yeah?” you asked, and she nodded.


Daddy!Sam Verse

Frost  (Chapter Four)

Tony and Loki try to get closer. Thor and Tony talk about the hjartslattur bond. Loki has a break down.
Can’t wait to hear from you guys, all the responses/messages about this fic has been awesome! If you want to be added to the tag list, hit up my ASK BOX.


Enjoy :)

“Why do you call Thor ‘Our King’?” Tony asked as they headed back into the castle when it was finally too dark to continue gardening.

“What else would I call him?” Loki sent him an odd look. “That is his title, just like you are Sir Anthony, though I will admit to having a more difficult time with that one.”

“Yeah, no I think we all know Sir Anthony sounds stupid.” Tony agreed with a laugh and the tiniest smile creased Loki’s mouth. “I guess I mean, why don’t you call him brother? Or Thor?”

“He is not my brother.” Loki hated that the words sounded so bitter. “And I have no right to address him by his given name. Not only is he King, but he and I– he and I–” Loki cleared his throat. “Addressing him as ‘Our King’ is just prudent.”

“That’s fair.” Tony nodded. “Well, since I’m never going to refer to you as ‘Prince’, feel free to never call me Sir Anthony.”

“You never even refer to me as Loki, I certainly don’t expect you to address me as Prince.”

“Yeah, well Reindeer Games, you threw me out a window once. So you know.”

“I would ask your forgiveness for that.” Loki stopped halfway down the hall and grasped Tony’s wrist. “I am not sure if you are aware of all that preceded those events but–”

“God you guys talk like you’re out of Knights of the Round Table.” Tony rolled his eyes. “It’s fine. Thor has tried to explain it, it’s all very Norse Mythology and I can’t say I understand it but I do know you weren’t really acting under your own power or whatever, alright? No harm no foul.”

“Anthony.” Loki’s grip tightened and he stared down into deep brown eyes. “I would ask your forgiveness.”

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heavy distractions (g.d.)

~This idea has been sitting in my drafts for so long, I had to dust it off and bring it to the light, lol.

***Warnings: swearing, suggestive language (? idk)


“I’m going to hear this damn outro in my nightmares tonight.”

Tearing yourself away from the imaginary world your favorite book had engulfed you in, you mumbled a knowing and sarcastic, ‘mhmm’ as you glanced up. Grayson was sitting in front of his iMac with his head tilted back and hands rubbing his face in exhaustion as he obnoxiously yelled, ‘BUM-BUM, BUM-BUM’ to the tune of the classic outro music playing back through the speakers. To be honest, watching the boys edit as much as you have, on top of actually watching their videos once they were posted, you were beginning to be haunted by the music yourself. 

“Someone needs a break,” you muttered in a sing song voice, flipping another page of the book you were using to occupy yourself while your boyfriend continued to edit.

According to Grayson, this particular video needed extra attention and, like the perfectionist he was, he constantly paused to give that attention to the smallest of details. Any other video of the same length would take less than half the time to put together, but both Grayson and Ethan wanted this one to be special and as close to perfect as they could get. His eyes had been focused on the massive desktop screen for hours, only looking away to take one bathroom break, throw a comment your way, or to get your opinion on the sequence he was piecing together. Your responses of, ‘holy shit Gray’ or ‘that was so beautiful’ were always followed by grunts of indecisiveness or sighs of thoughts filled with ways to change what he had just shown you.

The creaking of the desk chair broke your steady reading pace, only to find Grayson dragging his feet towards the couch you were laying on perpendicular to the editing station. He carefully lifted your stretched out legs, draping them across his lap after plopping down on the cushion next to you. He rested his head on the back of the couch with a sigh and closed his eyes while keeping a loving, firm grip on the knee and shin of your leg closest to his chest.

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Please Help

Okay. So I.ve spent the last two and a half months being terrorized by the woman who bought the house I rent a room in. She has me so anxious and stressed and terrified that I know the local mental crisis line people and ask for them by name, so I can just continue where I left off. I’m calling them daily, calling friends, and sobbing near constantly. I’ve gotten help from the local housing resources and their legal aid department, but things escalated from “oh, we’ll just send a lawyer letter so she backs off a bit” to “the plumbing doesn’t work, landlady won’t fix it, and is texting 30 times in an hour” within two weeks.

I am a mentally ill abuse victim. I can’t handle this anymore.

I have lawyers salivating at this job, because it’s an easy win. HOWEVER. I’m still on the hook for the rest of this month’s rent, and between not being able to live in a house with no plumbing for Some Time, and my car breaking down twice, I’m short $300. I also need to hole some money back for potential up-front lawyer fees. Barring lawyer rec, I will be giving my 30 day notice, which means I’m on the hook for part of next month. And I need to rent a storage unit, because I’m going to be homeless due to this, and I need a place to store my things, which will probably be $100 a month.

Guys, I am desperate. I can’t keep doing this. I need out, for my safety and mental health, and I need to pay the rest of this month ASAP so the woman gets off my back, and then grab a storage unit, so I can start shoving things there.

If ANYONE can help, my PayPal is lasafara@gmail.com

Please share, please help, and if you’re local to Portland Oregon and would be at all willing to come over for an hour to let me sob into your lap and make nonsense comfort noises at me, I would really appreciate it. I’m so fucking scared and I can’t get out.

Dating Spencer Reid Would Include

Originally posted by hisirishsoufflegirl

  • He’d be so shy and nervous.
  • Lots of blushing from him.
  • He’d stumble over his words.
  • You’d find it adorable.
  • Derek would tease him about his crush.
  • Lots of convincing from the team to get him to ask you on a date.
  • He’d take you to his favorite restaurant.
  • You’d spend the night talking and laughing.
  • After dinner, the two of you would go for a walk.
  • Sitting together on the jet (if you work together).
  • If you’re not in the BAU, you would have to be very understanding of the amount of time he spends traveling for his job.
  • Being close to the entire team (if you’re not in the BAU).
  • Especially JJ and Derek.
  • Loving it when he rambles off random facts.
  • He’d love to suggest books for you to read.
  • He’d even bring you some books.
  • He’d recommend documentaries for you to watch together.
  • Watching old films together.
  • You’d get him to watch some of your favorite things too.
  • Attending Comic-Con together.
  • Despite him being the smartest guy in the room, he would never make you feel less intelligent than him.
  • Wearing his sweaters around the apartment.
  • He would love seeing you in his clothes.
  • Swapping time between your apartment and his apartment.
  • You’d love to cook together.
  • Listening to Mozart and Beethoven and other classical artists.
  • Dancing together to the music.
  • Playing chess together.
  • Going to visit his mom in Las Vegas with him.
  • He was nervous to introduce the two of you at first but was relieved when she accepted you as part of the family.
  • The two of you would call her every weekend and visit her when you can.
  • If you have a particular interest that he doesn’t share with you, he will learn everything he can about it.
  • He’d notice things that other people wouldn’t.
  • Like the subtle signs that you’re upset.
  • He’d bring you your favorite candy or a hot chocolate to cheer you up.
  • If you were up for talking about why you were upset, he’d sit and listen to you.
  • You’d do the same for him if he was upset.
  • You’d bring him his favorite book and chocolate frosted doughnuts with sprinkles that you know he loves.
  • Just like he does for you, you’d listen to him about why he was upset if he wanted to talk about it.
  • Play fights.
  • He’d love to tickle you.
  • Mainly just to hear you laugh.
  • Cuddles.
  • Especially after a case.
  • Forehead kisses.
  • Cheek kisses.
  • Sweet and slow kisses.
  • All kinds of kisses.
  • He was quite nervous and shy the first time you had sex.
  • Giggly sex.
  • Always reminding him just how loved and valued he is.
  • Him laying his head in your lap while you’re sitting on the couch.
  • Playing with his hair.
  • Singing or humming his favorite songs (especially when he’s feeling down).
  • Pet names.
  • “Babe/Baby.”
  • “Sweetie.”
  • “Hunnie.”
  • “My sweet genius.”
  • “My love.”
  • Romantic dates.
  • Eventually moving in together.
  • Talking about the possibility of having a family and getting married.
  • Long, in-depth conversations about anything and everything to do with the world.
  • Always looking out for each other.
  • Being able to make each other laugh uncontrollably even when you really don’t want to laugh.
  • “I love you.”
  • “I love you too.”

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The comfy way of living

Request : Hey there! I wanted to request a peter parker x reader! Can the reader wear glasses and keeps their hair pulled back in a loose ponytail all the time? And one day peter sees her without her glasses and with her hair down? And becomes absolutely smitten with her? (But make sure he loves her even with the glasses though) pretty please write this! Sorry if it doesn’t make any sense! ( @nevaehsuga )

Characters : Peter Parker x reader

Word count : ~1400

A/N : Oookay guys, not a new part of the hallway this time. Hope you’ll enjoy it too anyway. Clearly not my best but here it goes !

You never cared about beauty. You weren’t interested in makeup nor dresses. Actually, you lived for natural comfort. All you had in your closet was jean slims and large sweatshirts or t-shirt that you liked to put in your pants. It was your own definition of beauty, in fact. Comfort was the real way of living. You were disappointing your mother on this part, since she was all about girly things, for her a lady had to wear heels everyday, have makeup on her face even if it was just to take the trash out, and smile all day long. But your vans were way more comfy and you couldn’t swap them for some fake Louboutins.

People at school always pointed you out calling you ugly or weird. Fortunately, you weren’t the only one in this position. You made one friend few years back, MJ, who was like you on this point. For both of you, the most important was to be in harmony with your true self. Didn’t matter if this true self didn’t please the others.

You arrived at school with your eternal loose ponytail, and your new glasses you had received yesterday. You went with your friends of the decathlon, MJ, Ned and Peter. They were sat down in the courtyard, so you imitated them.

“Yop.” That was your personal hello. “What’s up people ?”

You caught Peter staring at you, which was kind of embarrassing. He had this power of intimidating you even if he was such a sweet puppy. You blushed a little.

“Don’t you have new glasses ?” Peter asked with an innocent and adorable smile. You were so pleased he noticed this small change.

“Stop looking at me with those amorous eyes.” You giggled.

Peter’s mouth opened on a grand scale, and it seemed that his eyes wanted to quit his orbites. “I just.. I..” He stammered. He couldn’t talk or think properly so he just turned his head, his cheeks getting pink. Michelle was staring at Peter and his reaction. What was that ?

The bell rang and you all went to class.

“My parents aren’t home tonight, anyone wants to come for a movie night ? I don’t feel like being alone.”

Michelle laughed, making fun of you and the fear she knew you had. “Again with that pseudoghosts haunting your apartment, [Y/N] ? There were no response when we tried to communicate last time. Don’t be afraid of something that isn’t there.”

“But I can’t help it ! Told you weird things happen all the time at my house, all these creepy noises.” You folded your arms and pouted. “Stop making a fool out of me please.”

“I’ll come, if you want.” Said Peter wringling his nose. “May invited some friends of the hospital, I was planning on walking down the streets all night.”

“Thank you, Peter.”

Michelle rolled her eyes. “You dumb, it’s just that your apartment is old.” She mutterred.

It was 6 pm and you were already in your pajamas, a large t-shirt you had stolen to your father, waiting for Peter to arrive. You felt a little bit stupid since Michelle pointed out your fear of ghosts, you knew many people didn’t believe in them and you were wondering if Peter was one of this believers.

Knock knock knock.

It was him. Who else could it be after all ? You opened the door, and found a fresh Peter Parker with packages in his hands. Potatoe chips and other salted stuff. While you were focused on the food, Peter was focused on you. You got out of the shower few minutes ago and your face was still slightly red, you had damp hair and didn’t put your glasses back on -actually you never wore them home. He seemed speechless, and you didn’t even noticed. Peter licked his lips, trying to come back from his thoughts. But God he found you so beautiful like that, he wasn’t used to you being such a cutie. You were beautiful everydays, of course, he was always amazed by how soft your traits were, but right now it was… Such a delight.

“You look… Different.” Peter finally said, entering the apartment.

“Oh ? I don’t know what you’re talking about, I didn’t change anything since we saw each other today.”

“Your… I don’t know, it may be your hair. It isn’t in a ponytail, I’ve never seen you with your hair down.” Peter sat down on the couch, his eyes couldn’t stare at anything else but you. “Why don’t you let them like that more often ?”

You shrugged. “I just don’t like to have my hair in front of my face. They fly everywhere and at some point I can’t see anymore. That’s really annoying, you’d understand if you had long hair.” You sat down next to him, checking Netflix. “What do you want to watch first ?”

He would have liked to respond “you” to that question, but that would have seemed really embarrassing. “Something funny. I guess you don’t want to watch horror movies so…”. You immediately blushed and hit his arm. Peter laughed at your reaction. Something was really different now in his heart, he felt that something was going on with him. You both had hanged out many times, but the atmosphere seemed different. Different.

You choose Bruce Almighty, which didn’t surprised Peter because he knew you were such a big fan of Jim Carrey. You talked during the movie, laughed, Peter couldn’t help but glance at you at times. Your hair was now dry and you were more beautiful than ever. He licked his lips each time he saw you laughing.

You noticed that your friend looked at you, but acted as you didn’t. You could feel that it was different between you two too. As if you were closer, as if there were no barreer. Peter was lying on the couch, and so you were half on him, your head on his chest. You never realized how muscled he was until now, but it was maybe because you had never been this close to him. You had never hugged before, but now it seemed like a normal thing. His hand came on your back, he was fondling it through your shirt with his thumb. It was cute, you felt great. Your heart was anormally beating.

Peter was hoping he wasn’t going too fast with this little gesture, but he wasn’t reflecting on it, he just did what he wanted to do, it felt right and you didn’t seem to be against it. On the contrary, you seemed to like it. You grabbed his shirt in your fist and raised your head to reach his jawline you slightly kissed few times. Peter smiled, pulling you closer to him after your lips touched his skin. It was electric. None of you was focusing on the movie anymore, you were too occupied by flirting.

Your heartbeats were dancing on the same rhythm. Peter pulled you closer to him once again, crashing you on his body. Your hair tickled his neck and he was so pleased you didn’t wear a ponytail right now.

“[Y/N]” He whispered. He didn’t really know why, he just wanted to say your name, felt like home.

You raised your head again so your eyes could meet. You both remained silent for some seconds before you took the floor. “Yes, Peter ?” Your fist compressed his shirt even more, he bit his lower lip. There was some kind of connection you never felt before. A magic connection you wanted to last forever.

“I want to kiss you.” He responded, didn’t knowing where he found the courage to tell you. You didn’t wait for him to make a move, you turned a bit to sit on his lap and his hands found your hips under your metallica shirt. You went down until your lips touched his for a magistral kiss you didn’t know you wanted that much. “Please always keep your hair down honey, you’re too sexy.” He told between two kisses.

It wouldn’t be your last movie night, for sure.

Disney Marathon With Bts Would Include.

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(Try not to think about the couch positions. It’s kinda inconsistent, sorry.)

- Jin bring an excessive amount of movie  snacks.

-I mean Excessive 

- Taehyung and Jungkook taking forever to settle into their respective spots.

-”But I was gonna sit next to (y/n)”

- Taehyung ends up sitting on the floor in front of you.

- complains when you stop touching his hair.

- Half way through the first movie Jimin wants to cuddle with you.

- But Yoongi is already passed out on your lap so he settles for your shoulder.

- Taehyung not being able to keep his mouth shut through out the movies.

- Jungkook watching them for the first time with wide eyes.

- Namjoon letting out random facts and stories about the origins and such.

- Jin sitting on the couch with you making quite sound at the movies every once in a while.

- J hope getting really invested and grabbing your hand when a dramatic scene comes on.

- The night would probably end with a big dog pile tbh.


Nct 127 reaction to you calling them daddy, thank u


As he had you on your stomach with your ass up, pounding into you mercilessly from behind, pulling your hair as you tried to lessen the volume of your moans by putting your head straight on the pillow, squeaking out ‘daddy’ quickly becoming quiet knowing what was to come next. Taeyong stopped his thrusts, smirking that you went against the rules, pulling out slowly, ordering you to stand, correcting your mistake. Your punishment awaits you, pulls you on his knees leaving your butt up in the air, hand ready to land a smack on your bum.

“Did you forget that I’m your master or do I have to give you another lesson”


Usually prefers vanilla sex but today he was feeling a bit frisky and wanted to mix things up a bit. You straddled his lap, him bucking his hips hard up into you, the noises coming from your mouth motivated him to be rougher. Before he did you moaned out ‘appa’ put up a act like he was not affected by the phrase but you could tell it had from how quick he flipped you on your back and picked up the speed, reaching deeper spots then he had before, adding dirty talk into the mix. To him the word had hit a nerve, letting his dominant side be unleashed leaving you stunned, but not complaining about the new side you have unveiled. 

“What would you like daddy to do baby girl”


Exiting the bathroom he started his walk to the table you had been seated at, spotting a guy in the chair he recently made himself comfortable in. He felt fire in the pit of his stomach as he heard the random guy talking you up, ‘You’re in my spot’ he stated, dripping with anger. The man would smirk before he turned to Johnny, seeing how furious he was would be a big enough sign to the person that he should just get up and leave. Walking through the door of your shared home, Johnny would push you against the wall, getting straight to the point. As he lined himself up he would slam into you, pushing himself in and out repeatedly giving you no time to adjust. Smirks as you run your nails up his back screaming ‘daddy.’

“Who’s your daddy”


The room filled with laughter as Johnny said something that the members found humorous, you nudged Yuta not understanding why everyone was laughing, feeling left out. ‘Daddy, I don’t get it’ accidently falling from your lips, sadly the people surrounding you caught what you had said, silence taking over the room as they stared at the two of you with confusion and some interest. Johnny not missing a beat let out a joke, teasing you both. Yuta would just chuckle along with a bit of sarcasm, wanting to leave. In the bedroom you would become his puppet, would give you a chance to not get punished by throwing out commands you better obey or you will get the punishment you deserv.

“Do as daddy says or you’ll get punished”


The kiss became rough, his hands moving all over your body, trailing down south, gripping your ass firmly. You whine out ‘daddy please’ he was taken aback by the new name you just called him, not expecting you to say something like that at all. He would do his research, looking at the computer in interest as he read about your kink, anticipating when you two finally brought in some things he has learned into the bedroom. Would sit you down to talk about what your boundaries were and how far you will go.  

“Me…Da… Daddy?”


Sitting in the practice room, hearing the faint ding of his phone that was under his jacket, notifying he had just gotten a text. He saw your contact name on his phone, smiling lighting up his face, he opens up his phone to see what you had sent. The message bubble contained the words ‘Daddy when will you be home, I’m waiting patiently for you.’ popping an erection thinking of your needy form. Excusing himself from every body else going to the bathroom without any body catching a glimpse of his boner. Goes into the stall to send you something back, later taking care of his situation

“You better be ready for what daddy has in store for his little girl”


As you rubbed his thigh, moving to his ear, whispering ‘daddy’ seductively before biting it. It didn’t get him turned on like you expected, but he said it was fine to call him it knowing it was one of your kinks that could always get you going. The more he heard you screaming daddy as he drilled into you hitting all the right places, it became his motivation, a sign to let him know he was doing his job right.

“I can be daddy”


Hands become moist as his heart beats grow faster, gulping loudly to get rid of his dry throat, looks at you with red cheeks as he was now shy with your presence wanting to hide, mad at himself for becoming so embarrassed from a word that was meant to boost his confidence not make him flustered.

“umm what…never mind”

Eyes Closed 9

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warning: Swearing, pettiness, sass, heartbreak, angst, drama, and plot twists.

A/N: In some parts you will see from Eggsy’s POV but not every piece.

You never loved anyone the way you loved Eggsy Unwin. When he ends things with you after confessing his secret to you. Wishing to only keep you safe from the scary things in his life. When you end up in a whirl wind romance with a man who turns out to be a prince, you’re suddenly struggling to figure out who you are. When you’re saying yes to a royal engagement, Eggsy has a lot to say about it. What happens when things take a nasty turn? Whose the one that will be by your side? And who the hell are you going to choose the prince and fairytale or the street hustler turned Spy???

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Hi, love your fics! "kisses where one person is sitting in the other’s lap" for bellarke. (If you let me be specific....I'd like this in canon. I love Bellamy's scruff but I wouldn't be mad if there's a scene where clarke's sitting in his lap, shaving his beard off, and there's sexual tension)

gah thank you so much!! um, again, canon bellarke is my SHIT and writing this was truly an ethereal experience because like…bellamy blake and a beard has truly changed me. tbh i love it and think he looks amazing. but anyways, i hope this is everything you wanted and more, nonny! 

P.S: I was listening to the song Dearly Departed by DeVotchka while writing this. the title came from it. You can listen to it here

how i missed your heart (beating next to mine)


There is a strange sense of deja vu being back on Earth. You would think the second nuclear apocalypse would make everything different, but it stills seems eerily familiar. Perhaps it’s because six years later, Bellamy is standing in the same place he had been thousands of days ago. He’s standing on the balcony of the lab watching his friends drink and laugh together like nothing had changed. Like they didn’t carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. Maybe it’s because they didn’t. Maybe he carried it all. Maybe he still does.

“You think it’s time we finally have that drink?” a familiar voice pulls him from his reverie. He turns to find her, still unsure if everything that’s happening is real. Clarke. She’s alive. She survived.

Their reunion hadn’t been glorious. In fact, it was a simple lock of the eyes and a half-smile before they had to disappear into the woods to escape their newest enemy. Of course. They always have fucking enemies. But now he gets to look at her, really look at her for the first time in 2,205 days. She looks healthy, her curves softer than they’ve ever been and her skin glows in the bright light. She’s cut her hair into a shorter bob and somehow managed to add color to it. She smiles like she hadn’t been left behind to die. Left behind to die by him. It makes his heart feel like it’s going to shatter into a million pieces – he knows because he’s felt it before. He felt it the day they left.

“I’m not much of a drinker anymore,” he says as lightly as he can despite thinking of the months he spent drinking away pain and loathing on the Ark. He’s not proud of himself, after all, they had chosen him to lead them. He did. He was a leader during the day, but at night he would numb himself to the responsibility. He would numb his heart so he could better listen to his head.

He feels warmth seep into his sleeve and freezes, his body unraveling at the smallest touch. She’s real. She’s real. She’s here.

“Bellamy,” she whispers his name and it’s a godsend. He always loved the way it fell from her lips and he spent so long believing he’d never hear it again. When he looks at her, whatever she had been about to say dies on her lips. They stare at each other, all their unspoken words hanging in the air. I’m sorry. I forgive you. I’m happy you’re here. I missed you. So much.

“Clarke!” Raven’s voice interrupts the moment, “Get your ass down here and drink with us!”

She steps back from him with a sad smile, like she wishes more than anything they could just have one fucking moment to themselves. But it’s just like old times. Just when they have a second to breathe together, someone always takes it away. He can’t really blame them this time. After all, they too are trying to comprehend the fact that their friend is alive.

He follows her over to the group, if only because he’s not quite ready to be away from her again even if it’s only for a moment. Not to mention he’s done six years of brooding on his own, he can’t take much more. His cup remains filled with water as they all laugh and tell stories of their years apart. They’ve lost so much but in this moment it feels like they’ve gained so much more. It’s late into the night before people begin to drift off, one by one. Eventually, he and Clarke are the only two left awake.

“I didn’t even know you could grow a beard,” she muses and he can’t help the chuckle that slips from his throat.

“Me either,” he admits, “It just kind of happened.”

And it did. Shaving became a tedious task by the end of their stay on the Ark. He was spending long days working on the rocket and using the rest of the time to sleep. Shaving wasn’t exactly a priority.  

“No razors on the ring?”

He shrugs his shoulders, “Didn’t really care to do it, honestly.”

She hums in response before standing and holding a hand out to him. He raises his eyebrow in question and she grins (fuck, when did her smile start lighting entire rooms?), “Let’s go take care of it.”

He feels that sense of  deja vu again. Clarke Griffin is standing in front of him, hating on his beard, and acting like no time had ever passed between them. She’s forgiven him, he realizes. Of course she would. Only she would brush off being left to die and chalk it up to, ‘you did what you had to do.’

“You don’t like my beard, Princess?” it comes out before he can really think about it and she looks just as surprised as he feels but she plays it off.

“Eh.” and with that, he finds himself following her up the stairs and into the bedroom. She pushes him on the bed and demands that he sit and he’s trying not to let his mind go there but it all feels extremely intimate.

He hears her fumbling around in the attached bathroom and she emerges a few moments later with a bottle and old scalpel. He eyes the tool warily and she laughs softly.

“Trust me, it works a lot better than a knife,” she tells him. She places the items on the table and puts a hand on his cheek to examine the patches of hair that have grown along his chin and neck. His heart slams against his chest at the contact and suddenly the air feels thick.

Seemingly unaffected by the closeness, she grabs the bottle from the table and pours some into her palm before rubbing into the overgrown areas, “It’s conditioner. Surprisingly hard to make. “

He grunts, unable to form coherent words in this exact moment. 48 hours ago, they had been preparing to come back to Earth and have to start from scratch. As far as any of them knew, Clarke had been dead for six years. 24 hours ago, she had found them in a flurry of blonde, complete with an adopted child (which nearly makes him laugh, because of course she would find someone to take care of in their absence). Now, she’s in front of him helping him shave. It’s all so fucking surreal.

“Turn your head,” she murmurs and he does as she says, closing his eyes while her fingers massage into his cheek. Her hands are steady as they sweep the hair from his cheek, his chin. He can feel her breath brushing each newly bare area and it sends goosebumps up his arms. She’s here. She’s so close. He has to close his eyes for a moment to keep himself grounded. It can’t be happening. It shouldn’t be happening. But it is.

“Clarke,” it’s the first time he says her name and her movements still. When he opens his eyes, she is staring right back at him, her blue irises piercing into his soul. He swallows the small lump beginning to form in his throat.

“Tilt your head back,” she directs quietly and threads her empty hand through his curls, gently tugging him back. He has to close his eyes again because, fuck, the close proximity, the way she’s touching and caressing his skin. He feels like he’s on fire.

She makes quick work of his cheeks and chin, but getting the patches on his neck seem to providing a lot more trouble for her. She pauses for a moment before setting the the scalpel on the bed.

She clears her throat, “I’m having trouble with this part…do you…can I?”

Her nervousness is full frontal now, wringing her hands in front of him and looking anywhere but into his eyes. He isn’t sure what she’s trying to ask, but he knows he doesn’t want her to stop.

“Go ahead,” he tells her. She lets out a small breath before she pushes his shoulder to help him lean back. He does, leaning back onto his forearms so she has full access to his neck. He’s fine. He’s under control. Until she climbs onto his lap, with her legs on either side of him. In all the time they’ve known each other, even in their most intimate moments, it’s the closest contact they’ve ever had. His breath hitches in his throat and she looks like she may change her mind, so he grabs her wrist and nods for her to continue. He wants her to keep going.

He tilts his head back and she leans in, her breath hot on his neck as she concentrates on the more sensitive parts of his throat. She works the blade slowly and gently, rubbing her thumb over the newly smooth skin. Before he’s ready, she scrapes the last of the hair and wipes at him gently with the cloth she had slung over her shoulder. She brushes it along his neck, his cheeks, his lips. His hands of begun to idly slide up her thighs, gripping her through her pants and rubbing circles into the flesh.

It’s funny how he could only know her for such a short amount of time, most of which they spent at odds, and yet still feel an unmistakable pull to her. Everything about her intrigues him, challenges him, moves him. His hands are on her waist now, digging into her hip bones and her eyes close at the touch. It’s too much, he thinks, it’s too soon to feel this way again. But she’s consuming him just like she always had and now that he has her back, now that she’s really here, he can’t find it in himself to pull away.

He leans up, bringing them closer together and leans his forehead against hers and they’re breathing each other in. They should talk, but talking almost seems inadequate. Her hands fall to his shoulders, they trace each plane of his arm like she’s trying to retrace every piece of him she could have forgotten in their time apart. As her hands fall, his rise, moving across her waist, her back, tangle in her hair. IT’s then he realizes he’s smiling, truly and genuinely smiling, and she’s smiling too. When her eyes open they’re full and he brushes a thumb along her cheek to wipe away the stray tear having fallen.

“You’re alive,” he whispers and it feels like the reunion they deserve. Uninterrupted. Personal. Intense.

“So are you,” she responds and suddenly the tension is too much. They aren’t close enough. She has to understand what it all means. What she means to him.

He brushes his lips against hers and it’s quick and soft. She stills and suddenly he thinks he may have misread her, may have gotten it all wrong. But then she chokes out a sob, one full of overwhelming joy and before he can react, she crushes her lips against his and her hands immediately tangle into his hair again holding him to her.

He’d be lying if he said he hadn’t ever dreamt about this moment. He had a million times, a million lifetimes ago. And he thought it would always remain a dream, that it would always be something he’d regret not doing before their time was up. But time has been forgiving. IT’s been a blessing. It’s been given back to them and he decides, right then as they pour everything into each other’s lips, that he won’t ever take it for granted.

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Honestly? I want to ride Harry's face. I want him to tell me to. I want to just lose control on top of him and have him loving every second of it, licking and sucking at my clit every chance he gets, lapping me up and telling me how good I taste while he watches me come undone all because of him

Honestly I think he’d make it a sport of his to eat his girl right. Minutes lead to an hour and he’s still dipping his tongue in, humming. His eyes are closed because of complete euphoria and his fingers are digging into your thighs…..

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I've been in your blog for a while now and I see that recently you wrote how tired and unmotivated you are. From that I can see that you lack physical activity. Go for a jog, run some laps or just take a walk. Believe me, from someone who suffered panic attacks, I know it can help you. Even if you feel extremely tired it can give more energy positive vibes that you can imagine. I know it's not a question, but we all here want better for you. You may ignore me, but know this we are here for you.

((ehehe, nah man what i lack is sufficient serotonin production in my brain

i actually get a decent amount of exercise; 25 minutes’ walk to the train station each day, then another fifteen minutes from the other end of the line to campus, and back again at the end of the day. except on weekends, of course. that plus time spent walking around campus adds up to ‘pretty alright’.

going on short walks does help me sometimes, but more often than not it’s just not enough, or i don’t have the energy to get out of my chair. thaaaat’s depression for ya. i’ve been on a slow but steady decline since 2012, it’s just recently that i’ve crashed and burned. and, heck, my new meds have been hauling me back up again! it’s just kinda

(that red line is “energy needed to write” if you can’t read it and that dip at the end on the bottom graph is tonight hoo boy)

so, yknow. i’m doing okay, and i’ve only been on these for a week, but it’s not quite okay Enough to tackle actually doing anything yet))

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Baby girl concepts with H 🎀💖 I have a feeling he's gonna have a little baby girl who is just ATTACHED to her daddy. Like at family get togethers, when she's a little tired and fussy from being passed around so much. She sees daddy across the room and just starts to cry until he gives in and comes over, and she's immediately hushed when she settles in his arms. Everyone around is like "but wanted your daddy, didn't you?" And he smirks, secretly loving how attached she is to him 🎀💖🎀

PLEASE. And she falls asleep in his lap and maybe everyone’s sitting outside at the end of the night so she’s wrapped up in coat and snuggled into his chest. :’)) xx.   

To calm a Bruce Banner - Avengers

Characters: Bruce Banner x Reader
Warnings: None
Synopsis: You help Bruce calm down

“Are you alright Bruce?”

You eyed Bruce worriedly, he was keeping a very tight grip on the apple he had in his hand. He was going to bruise it.

“I’m just reeling a little from a stressful briefing with the others”

“Did you want me to read to you again?”

Bruce smiled at you and nodded. Your reading to him had become the new way he liked to calm down if he was particularly stressed or beginning to get angry at something. You would sit cross legged, his head rested on your lap, hands tucked together on his stomach, legs splayed out across the floor. It had become rather a treat for you both to partake in.

“What are we reading?”

“To Kill a Mockingbird”


“I’m sorry it’s all I have with me”

“That’s okay, I’ll enjoy it just as much as I always do”

You opened the book to the first page and began to read aloud, Bruce closed his eyes and focused on listening to you speak over the content of the book you were reading. He likes the way you say certain words, to hear you take a breath in between paragraphs if he listens closely he can hear you become slowly more engulfed in the book. Talking at a slightly faster pace, rushing to turn pages as to not leave a gap in your sentences.

“Bruce, are you still listening?”

“Simon lived to an impressive age and died rich”

He dares not open his eyes, in case he gets too drawn in by the attention of your eyes, your pursed lips could be the death of him if he stared at the wrong time. It was why he preferred to keep his eyes closed while you read, if he looked up and saw your face above him, he might confuse you for an angel. Reach out a hand to be met with confusion and demands for an explanation, it was better he just closed his eyes and kept quiet until you were both ready to stop reading. If that time ever came.

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omg, an imagine where's Christmas Eve and you & Fionn are at your family's place watching disney movies with your little cousins and they just cuddle with Fionn lmao

“I wanna sit with Fionny!” your cousin yelled as he lunged his way onto Fionn’s lap. Fionn grunted softly and grabbed him before plopping him down next to him.

“I want to, too!”

“Come on, princess…hop up” he smiled. They watched Finding Nemo as cuddled into his side, occasionally asking questions about the movie.

“Gotta go to sleep or Santa won’t come now, will he?” he smiled as they gasped and ran off to their rooms.

“Youre great with them” you smiled.

“I love them” he pecked your lips. “Just like I love you”

instant gratification 02 (m)

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

➾11.6k words
➾ lots of smut, some fluff, a little angst (just like this gif)
➾ warnings: pregnancy mention
➾ summary: the rules of becoming fuck buddies are as follows: no strings attached, don’t play jealousy games, and strictly no cuddling after sex. On a scale of how-fucked-are-you from one to ten, Jeon Jeongguk has you on a 9, in more ways than one.

Jeon Jeongguk, on top of being the nastiest fuckboy who just happens to have some good dick, is a childish brat. 

Parties are so not your thing, and you feel like a fish out of water in the midst of so many scantily clad girls and barely sober frat boys. You’ve been grabbed at least 5 times now, only managing to narrowly escape their clutches the last time, and you have to fight to keep your patience as you try and spot his big head in the overcrowded frat house. You wouldn’t be here if not for his not so thinly veiled threat over text.

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