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AO3 Filtering and You!

So I’ve seen a couple people talking about hating to see certain pairings and characters when searching on AO3, and I thought I’d take a moment to teach everyone A Thing I Love To Do. You can absolutely and very very easily filter out pairings and characters when you search for fics!

Step one: Find the tag for the character/pairing you want to filter out.

You’re gonna have to click on it (I’M SORRY I KNOW BUT ONLY FOR A SECOND).

Step two: After clicking on that tag you hate, find the RSS Feed button up on top and click that.

This is gonna bring up a screen full of gibberish. But it’s okay! This is good gibberish.

Step three: In the address bar, find the numbers that appear after tags/

That’s the numerical code that AO3 has attached to that tag.

Step four: Copy that number, then paste it in the search bar with a - in front of it

Step five: Success! Pressing search will remove that tag from the search results.

For best results, save all the tags you hate in a document and copy/paste when needed. You can totally stack these filters as much as you want, just make sure there’s a - in front of each tag code.

But Lady, you ask, how does this work? Well, the AO3 search engine, like every single search engine you will ever use, uses something called boolean searching. Putting that - in front of what you don’t want will tell the search engine “show me everything that fits this criteria, EXCEPT NOT this other criteria”.

The problem with AO3 is, if you search “-Character1/Character2″, it will fail to filter out stories tagged with “Character2/Character1″, or any stories where the tag uses a character’s nickname. But thanks to something that AO3 calls tag wrangling, both of those options will be stored within the same numerical code, so that a search for one will also bring up the other. You can use that in your filtering to ensure that all iterations of that pairing you hate will be removed.

WARNING: this currently only applies to character and pairing tags, and only the tags that have gotten enough fics to have been “wrangled” by AO3 and given a tag code. It also won’t work on stories where the tag has been misspelled.

I want to make one thing clear as to why I hate Instagram. Art theft.
I already had issues with seeing artists I liked having their art jacked and of course when it happened to me. But this right here takes it over the fucking line.
Not only did they take my art and use it for a roleplay account, not only did they not credit me as the artist, but they actually went the extra mile TO REMOVE MY SIGNATURE FROM THE TOP LEFT CORNER.
I messaged them politely and they tagged me later with an apology but it doesn’t excuse the editing. That’s low. That’s really low. And it’s the biggest thing I hate the most about this app.

I’ll Do It All Again (4/6)

Title: I’ll Do It All Again
Pairing: Steve x Bucky
Word count: 753
Rating: PG
Warnings: none

Thanks again for your support. I’ve had this post scheduled since this morning, I’m at a choir party and didn’t trust myself not to get caught up and miss my regular posting time. Enjoy!

Tag list can be found under the cut, and if you want to be tagged in future parts, send me an ask.

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI

IV. On Film

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In his defense, Steve wants to say it’s not the craziest thing he’s done, although it definitely places in the top three. It’s hard to keep a levelled head when everything in him is screaming and he has to fight the urge to get his arms around Bucky and never let go. He tries to keep himself calm, collected, reminds himself that the man standing in front of him might not remember him, might not want him there, might try to kill him again.

“You’re Steve.”

If there was even the shadow of a doubt, Steve sets it aside. Maybe he’s not the same, not exactly, but he’s Bucky. The universe corrects itself, picks up where it left off, trying to fast-forward through the decades, through the damaged data, through suffering and sleep. It’s Azzano all over again, Steve wanting to whisk Bucky away from it all, from the cameras focused on them, from the accusations, from the world.

They were never meant for this.

On their way to Siberia, Steve ponders the life they could have had. A hell of a lot simpler than this, that’s for sure. Bucky working down at the docks or one of the auto repair shops. Anything really, Buck never had a problem charming people, and he was versatile. Steve could maybe have gotten a desk job somewhere based on his artistic skills, something where he might he able to work from home when he gets sick, because…

Because of course the life he imagines them having is the one that stopped existing the second Steve stepped into that machine back in ‘43, the one where they would be nobodies, and his own feelings would be left in the dark. But… if that’s the sacrifice he’d have to make for them to live a life without suffering, without the limelight, then Steve would give it up in a second.

“I’m not sure I’m worth all of this.“

Steve has long since resigned himself to not being able to express in words all the things he wishes he could say to Bucky. So he shows him. He shows him the loyalty that has not waned one bit over the decades, the recklessness that has wheedled its way into the core of him, the absolute conviction that yes, Bucky is worth all of it. He’s worth the hurt, worth the split, worth leaving behind the shield.

Days later, far from the biting cold and the devastation, he’s watching the love of his life prepare to go to sleep again. He tells himself it’s not permanent. He tells himself it’s for Bucky’s own good, that this is Bucky’s choice. He has those now, has independence and options and this is his choice.

He brought it up on the way to Wakanda, muttering the request before drifting off, and Steve thought his heart was gonna stop. He’s never been a good catholic, his mass attendance was spotty at best when he was young, and despite his god-fearing image, he spends more time doubting than praying. But then and there, he prays, asks for his friend to be spared, echoing another prayer from nearly eighty years back. Not him. Not today. Please, not him.

Hidden away from the attention of a world seeking retribution, he sees Bucky make his choice. For the good of them all, for his own sake. Just until they can figure things out. There’s been something brewing between them, circling each other with a polite kind of curiosity now that they aren’t running or fighting.

Steve tries to stay still while Bucky’s being prepped. The arm is gone, the stump covered and T’Challa says they can look at options when they have broken the conditioning. It’s not important to Steve. His eyes are trained on Bucky, on the softness of his features, the gentle movements when he’s being prepared. Maybe he should..? They’re safe, it’s a new century- Bucky must have noticed- Maybe it won’t be-


He can do it. He walks over the the gurney. The time is right. He can do it. He’s-

“You sure about this?”

He’s a coward. He’s a coward and he loves Bucky too much, wants to see him smile that small smile every damn day, wants to keep him safe from everything.

Even if it’s from Steve himself.

The pod shuts, the chill billows in, frosts the glass case. Steve heaves a sigh, touching his hand to the cool surface.

“I love you, Buck.”

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How I met Evelyne

First of all.. I am really sorry that I made this post so late, but I promised you all that I would post it and I feel really bad that I haven’t done it before 🙁

Sooo… I met her last year in August in Budapest when she was filming last season of x company. I was there on holiday with my friends and I wasn’t really stalking her, but one of her co-stars posted a video on instagram from an event that was happening at the Budapest opera house and he tagged her in it. Fortunately I was currently like 2/3 stops away by metro from the opera house so I went there and waited for like 10 minutes for the show to end and then I saw her walking out of the building and I died. Her hair was tied in a bun and she was wearing a white top and black pants. She sat at a table with her friends and I didn’t want to be rude so I waited for them to finish up. I don’t know how much time I was waiting there, maybe 20 minutes? maybe an hour? I don’t know, I was stressed af and shaking. When she finally stood up from the table and said goodbye to everyone she started walking and I followed her. She stopped for a second and she was doing something on her phone. I asked her very shyly: “Evelyne?” and she obvs replied with “Yes?”. Then I raised my hand and told her my name and that I was a huge fan of hers. She shook my hand and then I was hella stressed and I think I hid my face in my hands and told her that I was sorry and she said it was okay and hugged me. I told her how beautiful she is in person and she thanked me. I think I told her this like 7 times and at one point she told me to stop but I can’t really remember :’) I told her that I admire her so much and  we were talking a little bit about x company and orphan black. She asked me what I was doing in Budapest and if I liked it there. I was still stressed af and I think we hugged like maybe 10 times?  She was really skinny and smelled beautiful. Someone asked me on here before what she smells like, but I can’t describe it. All I can say is that it was really really nice. I didn’t even ask for a picture because I couldn’t believe what was happening. She asked me if I want a picture so I opened my phone’s camera and I saw her face on my phone and it was the best feeling ever. After the photos I didn’t want to creep her out any more so I said goodbye and we hugged one more time and she wished me a safe trip back home :’)

The end. I am still dead.

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voltron-messenger has become support-group-for-anons-and-occasional-klance-blog

lmfao listen, my dude… pretty much every single one of my text posts is klance-themed and if you think that’s “occasional” then idk how to help you 😂 

but honestly i really love my followers and if they need support i want to be here for them when i can! :)

if that bothers you and you don’t want to see it (or any of my asks/occasional reblogs/other bullshit lmfao), feel free to blacklist the tag “not voltron related” or just use the “texts only” link at the top of my blog (or even unfollow me) because i want this blog to be a place that is happy and fun and stress-free for everyone. 💜 

cool? cool.

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Relationship Status: Single af 😭😭

Lipstick or Chapstick: I prefer chapstick!

Last Movie I Watched: Annabelle (not that scary actually!)

Last Song You Listened To: Ed Sheeran - Photograph (My favorite song, it’s the most beautiful song ❤️❤️❤️❤️)

Top 3 Shows/Dramas/Anime: I don’t really have the patience to watch shows, but 1 show I absolutely love is 13 Reasons Why ❤️.

Top 3 Characters: Legolas (Lord of the Rings),
Loki (Thor), Cady (Mean Girls)

Top 3 Ships: Idk why I ship Antoine Griezmann and Aaron Ramsey, but I ship them and it’s like my nr. 1 ship, but I don’t have a ship name????Antoine Griezmann and Paulo Dybala (idk their ship name???), Serard.

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Relationship status: Single
Favorite color: Teal and purple
Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstick, I own way too many of them. :’)
Last song you listened to: Tribe Society - Kings
Last movie you watched: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2. (AND OH BOY IT WAS A RIDE)
Top 3 Characters: Gault Rennow, Satele Shan, Talos Drellik if we’re sticking to SWTOR characters only
Top 3 Ships: Inixa/Gault obviously, and Kyelan/Viktar and PanTee if I can include ocxoc ships ;^) <3 
Books you are currently reading: None.
Top 5 musicals: I don’t like musicals, sorry. xD if Grease counts as a musical, though… I love this movie. c’:

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Relationship status: In a relationship with @matthewkiall ;3 <3
Favorite color: Blue :D
Lipstick or chapstick: Chapstick i’m a boring mofo
Last song you listened to: Little by Little - Eric Hojden
Last movie you watched: Kubo and the Two Strings
Top 3 Characters: Finn, Han and K-2SO (if we are going by Star Wars)
Top 3 Ships: Uh… I… I don’t know. I don’t ship a whole lot. PANTEE, THERE YOU GOOOOOO. Also GaultxNix cuz they’re the best.
Books you are currently reading: Blood of Elves
Top 5 musicals: Not a huge fan of musicals, unless you count Disney. I do like the Hamilton music, though. 

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• relationship status: single

• favorite color: rn soft yellow

• lipstick or chapstick: chapstick (I dnt kno how to do lipstick :(

• last song I listened to: 4 walls - f(x)

• last movie I watched: train to busan + your name

• top 3 tv shows: right now - the get down, atla , bungou stray dogs

• top 3 characters: peter parker, roxy morton, eggsy unwin

• top 3 ships: kaz and inej , peter and mj, ari and dante

• books I’m currently reading: the school for good and evil - soman chainani

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just a general ~announcement~ because i’ve been pretty inactive/not as vocal on here lately and i just wanted to explain!! 

i recently got a full time Real Job which is big and important and also unexpectedly exhausting. on top of that, i was travelling last week for a trip and on that trip, i got sick, so i have been dying for a week now and it’s just been a really busy period in my life as of late. i’m trying to be on here more and not just reblog stuff then disappear and i kno my tags have been half-hearted and i haven’t made posts or replied to asks or messages or been on discord and i’m sorry!!! i’m just. so tired aksjlwkerw. nothing has changed! i still love voltron and will die for keith in one (1) second and love all my friends that ive made on here, i’m just kind of hitting a wall! i hope it’ll get better as i settle into my life and all the changes in the next few weeks but. ya.

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LAST MOVIE I WATCHED:  Fully I think it was a foreign film I found on Netflix called Sand Storm. I’m attempting to watch another foreign film called Dukhtar.
TOP 3 TV SHOWS: Shadowhunters, Glee, Doctor Who
TOP 3 CHARACTERS:  Kurt Hummel, 10th Doctor, Magnus Bane (there are too many)
TOP 3 SHIPS: Klaine, Malec, 10th Doctor/Rose

BOOKS I’M CURRENTLY READING: I have a pile next to my bed because i’m watching Netflix instead.

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What's you basic...

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What’s your basic…

• To work: a black uniform and jeans or black leggins, nothing complicated cause as waitress I’ve to move freely xD
• Anywhere else: t shirts and jeans, always something comfortable!
• At home: pijamas lol or just a top and shorts
• Shoes to go are: boots
• Makeup: nothing!
• Coffee order: tea, please~
• Nighttime routine: studying, drawing or just tumblr
• Staple meal: pasta.
• The comfort from things you fear: drawing or reading manga :3

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Relationship Status: In relationship with my one and only @geddyspaghetti <3 
Lipstick or Chapstick: Why not both? But I use a chapstick more, my lips are so sensitive. 
Last Movie I Watched: Tropa de Elite (Elite squad). Really good film about Brazil special police BOPE. If you’re into action and thriller films it’s something for you. 

Last Song You Listened To:  Tom Rosenthal - Us  <3
Top 3 Shows/Dramas/Anime: Breaking Bad,Supernatural and the only one anime I actually watched was Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. 
Top 3 Characters: Jesse Pinkman, Capitão Nascimento and let me just say Shikamaru I loved him so much. 

Top 3 Ships: I mean I can ship everything so…but OF COURSE seriker and sernando. 

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<3 I love you all 

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●Relationship status: Single

●Favourite color: Blue

●Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick

●Last song I listened to: Inmortals - Fall out boys

●Last movie I watched: Wolf Children (great movie by the way).

●Top three TV shows:
2-Doctor Who
3-Sherlock (BBC)

●Top three characters:
1-Sans (undertale)
2-Garry (IB: game)
3-Genji (Overwatch)

●Top three ships:

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.about me

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Relationship Status: Married
Favourite colour: Purple, all the shades
Lipstick or Chaptstick: Lipstick
Last song you listened to: The Crying Game
Last Movie You Watched: A rewatch of The Guardians of the Galaxy, it was on TV the other night.

Top 3 Characters:

  1. Clara Oswald- Doctor Who
  2. Hermione Grainger- Harry Potter
  3. Rex- Toy Story - Bit of an impulsive choice but I love him

Top 3 Ships:

  1. Clara and the Doctor - Doctor Who
  2.  Mulder and Scully - The X Files
  3. Ben and Leslie - Parks and Recreation

Books You are Currently Reading:

Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts

Wintersong by S. Jae Jones

Top 5 Musicals:

Not in any order…

  1. Wicked
  2. Hamilton
  3. Chicago
  4. My Fair Lady
  5. Phantom of the Opera

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Ou can I talk about my crush please!!! She's this gorgeous girl with blonde hair and blue eyes, and she's average height but I'm on the shorter side, so when she hugs me she can rest her chin on the top of my head, and she always has her arms wrapped around my waist or she's holding my hand or something, and one of my friends (who's like my crush's best friend) said the only reason she hasn't asked me out is because she doesn't want to hurt me (idk if that's true but awe) and idk what to do omg

Talk to her about ittttt

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relationship status: single and sad
favourite colour: black/burgundy
lipstick or chapstick: lipstick 90% of the time but i go though chapstick like it’s nobody’s business
last song you listened to: like i was listening to desire by years&years but now im listening to ‘there’s nothing holdin’ me back’ by shawn mendes
last movie you watched: clueless + the first time (did a movie marathon bc i was feeling down)
top 3 characters: hermione granger/james potter/depends on the day i cant pick
top 3 ships: jILY (i cant choose more i have so many)
books you are currently reading: none lmao i should get on that 
top 5 musicals: hsm (esp 3), camp rock, sing street, cheetah girls, the nightmare before christmas

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Horseblr, does anyone have tips/experience with any products or treatments that can reduce scarring?? My yearling has some gnarly lacerations on his hind leg that got stitched and I want to try to minimize the scarring if possible. I can share some pics if it would help but it’s pretty ugly. TIA!

(I’m just tagging some horse peeps off the top of my head)

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*Relationship Status? In the gayest relationship

*Lipstick or Chapstick? Chapstick omg the flavoured ones yas

*Last Song I Listened To? Blister in the sun- Violent Femmes

*Last Movie I Watched? Guardians of the galaxy!

*Top Three Characters? HHHH okay I’ll try; Stiles Stilinski, Peter Quill, Will Solace

*Top Three Ships? Solangelo, Sterek, Jercy

And I tag people now if you want it
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