i want to be niall's stepmom

Preference #154 Runaway

Requested by:  energylouis

Liam- Fed up with the screams and insults coming from the living room as they usually did, you finally gathered the courage to leave. You packed up your suitcase and some snacks you had in your room calling Liam to let him know you were moving out. “Hold on, I’m coming to help you out,” he didn’t question your actions, he was there five minutes later supporting you and helping you move on. “I have a guest room. You can stay there and make it your own, if you want. If not, I’ll help you look for apartments in the morning.” He always had your best interest which was something new you hadn’t yet experienced. 

Niall- “If you don’t like it here, feel free to leave.” your stepmom told you for the hundredth time so you took her up on the offer. No longer would you be forced to be civil with the woman who changed your dad. You were leaving. “Niall, do you still have that free couch I could use?” he immediately said yes and you packed part of your stuff ready to sleep in Niall’s house. “Stay here for as long as you need. I don’t mind company, especially yours,” you chuckled and hugged him as a thanks for being a great friend.

Harry- “Run away?” you whispered sharply. “Shh! Yes! Come with me just for tonight Y/N. Let’s have an adventure.” How could you say no to a spontaneous nightly elopement? “Let me put my shoes on.” his face was plastered with a huge smile and you made your way out. You had to admit watching a midnight movie, riding bikes and eating froyo was a genius plan but what wasn’t as much was when you got lost between streets neither of you had ever gone too since they looked sketchy. “Don’t you fret, I’ve got Siri here.” you laughed for hours and finally got home again. “Not bad huh?” “Shut up, Harry.”

Zayn- It was in the middle of the night that Zayn found you roaming the streets of your neighborhood unsure of where to go, what to do and what the future would have in store for you. “Come here babe,” Zayn held his arms open for you to jump in and for the first time in months you felt like he was your home. Sure, you were lost, didn’t know if you had a family anymore but Zayn’s arm held that comfort that let you know he would take care of you and help you find your path in life.

Louis- “In four miles make a left on..” the GPS was not being cooperative. You were in the middle of a forest-like area with no turns to make. “Who’d have thought that the hardest part of leaving home would be this damn GPS,” you giggled playing with the air passing through your fingers, “I know love, I’m sorry. We’ll wing it. We always do.” So you turned off the machine and drove off to the nearest city until you could find a place that suited the both of you.