i want to be meryl davis

hey @taylorswift ! I don’t know if you remember her, but you went to Stars on Ice a few years ago and met Olympic gold medalist Meryl Davis!

she just had a skating show and wore an outfit that looked a lot like your 2016 Grammy’s outfit.

I asked her about it via instagram & she confirmed that Taylor was her inspiration for it

just wanted to let you know about this, Tay, love you!

“Anyone who labels Meryl Streep an overrated actress obviously doesn’t know anything about acting. That’s just the way it is, that’s not just directed towards Donald Trump, that is directed towards anyone. She is the master at her skill. She has lasted for 40 years in a very difficult profession. On top of all of those things, she is the most honourable, accessible human being you would ever want to meet that’s a lot coming from someone who is always number one on the call sheet. I defy you to find anyone who has not been in her presence, she makes them feel like the star in their own lives. That its a lot, she is very humble and a very gracious human being.” (x)
*Viola Davis hails Meryl Streep for 40 years in the business after Donald Trump brands her “over-rated”

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Sam's star is shinning. Brightly. Can't say the same about Cait. Sad, eh? She looks weathered and tired. He looks hot and ready to be the next Hollywood Bad boy.

I have no desire to pit Sam against Cait and vice versa. I’ve never done that and don’t intent to start now. 

Instead of being fixated on Cait’s looks, why don’t we talk about her intelligence and wittiness, as well as her dedication to her craft? Because you can’t shade her in those areas? You can’t deny that she is articulate and well-spoken. She is also pretty damn funny and she can be sarcastic when the occasion calls for it. What’s not to like? I like spirited women. I can think of a few aside from Cait: Viola Davis, Mindy Kaling, Gina Rodriguez, America Ferrera, Jodie Foster, Meryl Streep, Taraji P. Henson…you get the idea. 

If you still want to debate her looks, try this: Cait is a beautiful woman. Her features? It’s classically beautiful. I don’t see her looking “weathered and tired.” While I might not be a fan of everything she wears, I think she can carry most of the clothes that many would look ridiculous in. Sure, she won the genetic lottery and thus, can easily be an airhead. But instead, she educates herself on many issues and reads extensively. She seems empathetic (exception: Shitner debacle). So, again, I ask, what’s not to like? Do you prefer the Kardashians? Or the contestants on The Bachelor? 

Whether or not Sam is on the verge of Hollywood style stardom, I guess time will tell. Good for him if he is. He worked hard to get to where he is and we should all be happy for him. I am sure Cait is as well. How can she not? At the very basic level, they are the best of friends. Their bond is unbreakable. 

How do we know Cait does not have offers on the table? She mentioned in a recent print article that she had to turn down good offers because they conflicts with her OL filming schedule. She is also working on a script about a woman in Ireland. Who knows what else is in the works. She is already going places. Oh, and don’t forget that she was also a successful runway and print model.

I’d say her star is shinning brightly too. Just maybe not in your orbit. 


In honor of the two year anniversary of the Season 18 finale of Dancing with the Stars, I wanted to post a few pictures from my favorite moment of the finale and really the entire season! 

THIS was perfection! The last photo has always been my favorite! You could just tell that Meryl and Charlie were happy to be back where they belonged with each other as partners! 


Can You Feel the Love Tonight- Maksyl feat. Val and Tony

Inspired by this post


Translating that to the ice, I found it much easier to let my body flow with the tempo of the music than I did reading music. I really learned to enjoy, worry-free, in terms of moving with the music. It’s been a really beautiful part of my life. -x


“Foxtrot + Cha Cha = Fusion” Transformations
Note: the second gif is quite similar to a lovely one theflyingredpanda made awhile back. I just wanted to see how it would look if the “transformation” happened during the twirl, as opposed to earlier. But lots of credit to her for doing this first. And I believe that charmedmm featured the opposite of the sequence in the third gif in one of her fabulous videos.