i want to be loved like that


God has faith in him, in all of us. Even in our darkest moments. Oh, you really believe that.


hyung line x mic drop remix


I may have gone overboard with this but…I had too :’)

My thanks to you all for your kind words. Such a thing is never possible without the love and support I receive from you wonderful people. I’d kiss and hug every single one of you if I could ❤ ❤

To me, the universe would be nothing without you all and it would definitely be a sad and lonely place to be. I send this all to everyone one of you! ❤

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  I love you all, each and every single one of you ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

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Look, I’ll leave this drawing and I’ll go for now, I’m not kidding when I say I only ate 5 tablespoons of food yesterday, just that, (not to mention that I’ve only eaten bread in the course of these two weeks) my situation is already in red and I think I’m getting sick, I do not have the strength to sit down and draw in my own bed

I hope you like it ♥

Imagine a sterek Night in the Woods AU where Stiles comes back to Beacon Hills only to find that everything he had know is still the same and yet so different. Scott has a boyfriend - Isaac - and they’re saving up to leave Beacon Hills together, Derek won’t talk to him, and everyone is mad at him for dropping out of college but no one will ask him why he left.

But what’s more, there’s something strange about Beacon Hills, a foreboding sense of destruction and secrets. It all comes crashing down around Stiles when, one Halloween, he witnesses a kidnapping. He tries to report it, but no one believes him. The next day, Scott and Stiles are walking down the street when they find a severed arm on the sidewalk.

There’s something going on and the more Stiles tries to find out the more he realises that nightmares that haunt him and the mysteries of his town are all connected. And he’s at the centre of all of it.

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yes i’m still wrecked over Christian Borle. thank you for respecting my privacy during this difficult time.

Todoroki: midoriya stop breaking your bones

Izuku: why should I?

Todoroki: because I love you


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It’s really kind of funny how non-writers seem to think that being a writer makes writing a book easy

On the one hand, yeah. I did the thing. Yeah, this is what I love

But on the other hand Buddy You Didn’t See The Screaming

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Hey it's Jaehyo Anon again !! I haven't watched Weekly Idol yet but just by seeing the scs and the translated dialogues from twitter I feel so bad for Jaehyo. I haven't been a BBC for long so idk if this has always been like this, but seeing that he doesn't see himself as a close friend with Jiho (and probably the others too?) makes me so sad :(

He obviously has anxiety. The only thing we can do for him is support and reassure him. Encourage him that taking medication for his anxiety is perfectly fine and something he might need to do. I’m honestly happy that he has members that will lift him up and talk about him. That yes Jiho was stressing out that Jaehyo forgot his lines but then started to dance when Jaehyo tried again. 

I mean he also lost all that weight and stuff because he thinks BBCs will love him more if he has a 6 pack. Did it in such an unhealthy way too with starving himself. He use to do 2 am streams with us which I think he lonely and then fall asleep in the stream because he felt better and wasn’t as upset. Night time is when you think of the worse things and they just build up until you can’t sleep. When he use to do V apps he would spend the whole day with us until things messed up and he was forced to stop. 

Jaehyo is our little duckling friend that needs to be reassured, loved, and at this point feel like he needs someone to be around him to make him feel better and why he still in the dorm and did his streams with us. It’s nothing we can really change about him and it is worrisome but all we can do is love him like Block B loves him. I whole heartily loved his all day streams. Being with him and even when it was silent it was nice. I wasn’t there with him but in a way I was and I would stay up all night with him again if he ever does it again. Honestly I want him to do it again. I want him to do it regularly because I like going on trips with him and seeing what he up to and what he likes to do with his off time.

sometimes when I’m randomly feeling down and not real I just think about my girlfriend and the love we share and it really helps a lot

’ do you remember? ’

he whispered, head back against the concrete wall. Memories played in from centuries ago, but it really felt like yesterday. Nathaniel leaned forward, tightening his grasp on the metal bars.

’ of course I do. Galen, I remember all of it. To the last words you said to me before, before you disappeared. ’ he glanced up at his brother, who was nothing like he remembered from all those years ago. His once sleek and shiny hair was now overgrown and unbrushed. His face unshaven, not having the energy to care for himself anymore. He was almost unrecognizable. This wasn’t the Galen he remembered. But it wasn’t much of his physical appearance, the hurtful look in his eyes is what haunted Nathaniel the most.

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Do you ever think about how michael got trashed during the extra life stream and would not shut the fuck up about how he was having a baby

and how he turned into a facebook mom and wouldn’t stop posting pictures of iris once she was born

and how he talks about how much he loves his wife and child

idk bout you, but i really love how the guy with the reputation to be a loud, angry asshole is one of the sweetest husband/fathers ever


“We knew we really wanted to create our very own look for Wonder Woman to how she’s portrayed in TV shows and graphic novels, so we went back to her roots and where she came from. We wanted to creates something incredibly strong and portray her as a legitimate fighter, so we looked back … because we wanted her to look like she’s been wearing the same costume, in a sense, for thousands of years — since she’s immortal, after all. We were inspired by the metal armor of Greek and Roman warriors and gladiators. It seemed like a good fit for her. We created a costume that looks like metal armor, but of course, in these films the fight scenes are very intense and challenging so I had to come up with a solution that would allow her to move and breathe, but also to have this very iconic, sort of hourglass shape in a modern and interesting way. We used a combination of old and new technology. With scans of Gal, we created her breastplate on the computer — we drew it all in 3D. Then we applied all these fantastic finishes and we ended up making it with a current paint over the top and with many layers of glazes to give it a really ancient, warm feel. Zack wanted it to be full of battle scars and dents.There was a lot of love that went into all the details, making her really look like a powerful, legitimate warrior.” - Michael Wilkinson. 

The overall look of Wonder Woman’s iconic armor had already been designed by Michael Wilkinson for the character’s appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Nevertheless, Lindy Hemming and her team had considerable work to do to get the costume ready for shooting Wonder Woman. “The costume that had already been made used a sculpted and moulded method,” Hemming explains. “They had made it in a mould and then the pieces were attached to the undersuit. We tried to make it lighter weight and easier to move in for Gal, because in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, she had much less action to do. So we had to change it for those reasons. The costume in the previous film was darker and ours was just a bit lighter, but other than that we didn’t change the design very much.” - Wonder Woman: The Art and Making of The Film by Sharon Gosling.