i want to be love

look at chowder and lardo sitting together!! look at her feet resting on his leg!!


I want teeth
longer than my fingers
and claws longer than those
and I want stars on my cheeks
and sunbeams tangled in my hair

I want to smile at strangers on the street
with a bounce in my step
and I want to intimidate
to freeze hearts
I want to awe

I want the guts
to be capable of filleting an idea
as it flips and squirms in my hands
while maintaining a mind
as open as the ocean

I want to burn
and destroy
and I want to build
and create worlds

I want to finish this poem
and I never want it to end
—  A.O.A.M. || Am I a Mess of Contradictions or Am I Just Closed Minded

hiiii so i’ve been wanting to make one of these for ages n i finally did it so yeah okay ((fave faves in bold lmao))

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love u all  ♡

Alphonse is just too precious. He’s a literal ray of sunshine and I love him

The best day of my life

Okay I literally don’t ever do anything like this but Sebastian Stan was the sweetest and funniest person ever! Like during the panel he was a little awkward but still so funny and it was so much fun. When I got my autograph from him he was so sweet and I asked him how Ireland was and he said “it was beautiful, so good” and I told him that his photos of it were really nice. Then when I was I was getting my photo I said hi to him because I just didn’t want to not talk to him since I had the opportunity to actually meet him and he said “hey” and it was like light and happy and he was just so nice!! He is probably the best person I have ever met

Makoharu Week 2016 - Day 7: Free

This was a really fun week! It’s too bad I didn’t have time to contribute everyday, but I’m glad I participated and it was great seeing so much awesome activity in the tag.