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What does it mean to have a deadname? Or never want to hear it again? I’m a little confused about it

A deadname is a name that someone doesn’t use anymore- often trans people will change their birthname, the name they were born with, to something that matches their new identity.

For example you may have been born Tracy Morgan, but are a transgender boy, so you change your name to Ryan Morgan. In this case Tracy would be your deadname. Using people’s deadname often invalidates their identity and makes them uncomfortable. Also, its like someone’s name is Alex, but you misheard it as Alice. You just keep calling her Alice but day by day she just realizes you don’t really care about her or learning her name, and it just becomes grating, for its just not her name.

If someone has a deadname and requests that you don’t use it anymore- don’t! You’re making that person feel great by using their actual name, and you tell them that you support and respect them.

-Mod Rowan