i want to be in the 90s

the 60s and 70s always come across as dirty to me… especially the 70s. and i think it’s because the color palette. 70s was especially bad bc of that harvest gold color that was so popular… like? why the fuck would you want your kitchen to be predominately yellow and brown? it’s just unappetizing and gives off dirty vibes… i should know bc our house is mad fucking dated and the kitchen still has those yellow counters and off-white/yellowish walls… also the linoleum is yellow. we could clean it top to bottom and it’d still feel dirty bc of all the golden yellow tones.

honestly the linoleum in the kitchen looks kinda like this:

not exactly the same, but really similar. same general color….

tell me that’s not fucking gross LMAO

idk, like i’ve come to appreciate that kinda shit but it still looks gross and dingy and i much prefer the general color scheme of the 50s.

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do you think the karamel haters will stand in the way of their relationship in future seasons because i want them to be endgame sooo bad

You and me both!! You know how I like to keep it positive so I don’t think they will but it all depends on what they have in store for Karamel and how the audience, in general, will react to it. I’m like 90% sure that for now, Mon-El and Karamel aren’t going anywhere so we can just enjoy it because we’re about to get a lot more than we even asked for and there’s no use worrying about what will happen next.

I feel like everyone in the Supergirl Staff must know, just like I do, that the reason why antis are being so loud right now is because Karamel just got together, the whole thing is very new and fresh and they’re all going crazy. Just give them time. I believe that they will eventually get tired and the hate will die out (even if it never really disappears) because no one can be that negative and whiny for too long. It’s exhausting and they will soon get tired and find something else to obsess about. I’ve seen that happen in other fandoms. Moreover, Mon-El is still growing and his character is still changing. He’ll be a superhero soon and that’ll win some people over as he becomes more “likable”.

Also let’s be honest, Karamel is creating a reaction from the audience. People aren’t apathetic like they have been toward past romantic relationships on the show. It is one of the most talked about couples right now whether people love them or hate them and that’s actually good for the show. They want people to talk in order to create buzz around the show and attract some new fans which is actually happening right now mostly thanks to the amazing chemistry between Melissa and Chris. The Karamel fandom is growing considerably and that’s for sure. I’ve had blogs that I follow from other fandoms starting to watch the show because of Karamel, I see people reblogging my posts and commenting about how they want to start watching Supergirl because of them. So as time goes by, the Karamel fandom will grow and the antis will increase and I’m sure whoever makes the creative decisions for Supergirl also know that and they aren’t about to throw away the relationship anytime soon when they have so much potential. 

 So we’ll see but for now just enjoy and don’t worry too much ;)

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As long as we're discussing ideals, what if your ideal self is something that is more physically capable? What if your ideal self is literally "a shapeshifter" because you don't want to be tied down?

if that’s how your truly see yourself, canon suggests anything is possible

reality suggests most people like 90% will simply not bother changing anything or if they do they will stick to their cultural/societal traditional ideals

like basically the whole reason god tier changes are allowed is because its connected to your dreamselves, the ideal self version of you that you imagine and dream about being

so the only real restriction here is “if you can dream you can be it”

if Jade really wanted to have 50 arms sticking out of her as a god tier and not just a dreamself, that wasn’t like, not allowed to happen, there wasn’t a programming restriction that would have stopped that from happening

it just didn’t because she didn’t want it like that

so don’t let your dreams be dreams, become the cthulu monster you always wished you were

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i had a dream and i was in some kind of house with a bunch of other people and kiibo was there. i have no clue why but he was there, but he was there talking to momota 90% of time time and i really wanted to talk to him but i didn't want to interrupt so i just did my own thing and i'd ask people stuff like "hey do you know where kiibo went" and he was always busy doing something and i didn't want to be rude and i really wanted to be friends with the robot and i still do. im dying.

you poor soul


fanmix your simself 🎶

I was tagged by beautiful @essiesims​ // this was a tough Tag tho’! I hate stuff regarding my music because I could have at least 5 Song for everything down there. + I didn’t wanted to spam you with German Music..& I was changing it 7 times or soo…but whatever here you go!

01. a song that makes you want to fall in love 02. your favorite pump up song   03. your favorite song to rock out to 04. a song that reminds you of summer 05. your favorite cover of a song 06. a song you sing in the shower 07. a song that reminds you of someone 08. what you want your wedding song to be 09. your favorite 90s/2000s song 10. a song to heal a heartbreak 11. a song that makes you feel relaxed 12. a song you know all the lyrics to 13. your favorite oldies rock song  14. a song by your favorite artist 15. a song that you like to fall asleep to  16. a song that makes you feel invincible 17. favorite song from a musical 18. a song that makes you cry 19. a song that is from a genre of music you don’t usually listen to 20. a song that reminds you of yourself

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I really really want to go to the london world cup seeing as the o2 arena is like a 20 min drive from my house, so I looked at tickets - if I actually want be semi-near the competition floor, I’d have to pay like £90 a ticket or something ridiculous like that !!! I didn’t know a gymnastics meet would be daylight robbery bloody heck

In case you missed the teaser...

TRTBW IS GETTING POSTED IN ABOUT 60-90 mins… WHO IS HE?! get your guesses in…

You reached your hand out and grabbed his.

A sigh of relief escaped his lips as his fingers intertwined with yours.

“I want to be with him…” you whispered

“But baby…” he whimpered. His eyes instantly filled with tears.

“how tamers ultimately cemented my love for Digimon“

“and other ramblings about monster kid shows”- an essay by me

honestly though, growing up in the late 90´s/early 2000´s there was no way around playing or watching Pokemon (I couldn´t even read yet and played it anyway) and watching Digimon at the same time. there was no getting around fighting with other kids about which show was better in playgrounds and classrooms. and while I love Pokemon for a million reasons, it never came as close to my kid heart as Digimon did and here´s what they did to make me love it on an entirely different level:

- the kids having a partner Digimon, one partner, who mirrored their personalities but also made them better persons by living through challenges together and not being digtal copies of every kid; giving each Digimon a personality and their own troubles to overcome

- having fights in the show but not portraying them as voluntary/a form of entertainment or sports but rather a necessity to survive

- events taking place in the “real world”, giving the chracters a life outside of anything to do with the digital world, giving them unique interests and most importantly showing how some kids have less than picture perfect families; including topics like adoption, divorce, children pressured by adult´s expectations and making them so much more relatable by that

which is to say that Digimon always felt so real. any of the kids might as well have lived somewhere in Japan. that leads me to 02, where the show followed all of these points and added another one that was so important to me back then and still is (and I guess some people might feel the same way):

- showing chosen children from all around the world who helped the main crew; these kids came from almost every continent, giving an international feeling to the show that defied the pretense that the Japanese main cast were the only ones who could possibly be digidestined

with that, I related to the show even more. daydreams and play-pretend took place in the Digimon universe more than any other show I watched back then. finally, once Tamers aired, I was blown away by the first episode alone:

- the protagonists live in a world where Digimon is a big franchise and loved by kids everywhere (yet another example of imitating real life in the show)

- Takato made up his own Digimon partner and that partner became real. I can´t even tell you how often I imagined the same thing with friends and playmates. the showrunners made Takato so relatable and let him have such realistic reactions to all the things happening after Guilmon realized

- even the way Jian and Ruki encountered their partners was unique to both of their circumstances, all three of them have their own story that wasn´t quite as inherently “foretold by phrophecy” as those of the previous two season´s kids

in conclusion, while I will enjoy many kinds of monster-friends-centric shows or games (Yo-kai Watch anyone?), Digimon is the one that has been and always will be the one closest to my tiny heart

Meme: Then and Now

I got 2003 from @tralatrala, so let’s see how this goes.

Gettin’ Around
Then: I want to say I was still rollin’ grandpa’s ‘85 Buick LeSabre in 2003, but I don’t remember when it finally died. I do remember taking the bus and bumming rides, and I ended up with mom’s early 90’s Ford Taurus wagon when she headed for points east that year.
Now: I drive my 2010 Subaru Legacy wherever I want to go.

Then: Back before fused deposition modeling was simply “3D printing,” I got to work on research and development of rapid prototyping applications and processes, and help develop national skill standards for rapid prototyping technician training.
Now: Lead systems engineer for the in-store technology platform used by franchisees of a brand you probably know.

Then: 22
Now: 35

Then & Now: San Diego, California

Then & Now: None. I had a plant once, but it died. :(

Local Pub
Then & Now: Starbucks. Whatever.

Then: Yes? I dunno, it was a big square thing that weighed like 100 pounds. I used it to watch DVDs I ripped from Netflix.
Now: Also yes? I dunno, it’s a big rectangle thing that weighs like 30 pounds. I occasionally watch the local news or whatever is on the Internet.

Then & Now: Not always, but eventually, usually, yeah, sure. I mean, some days are better than others, but on the whole I think happy comes out ahead.

Then & Now: No, but I think I can pull off the role of Uncle James better anyway.

I talk about this a lot but there’s a certain incomparable glee to becoming a fan of two things and then finding out they’re, perhaps surprisingly, friends. 

And the only one I ever fucking talk about is becoming a Lin-Manuel Miranda fan, and then becoming a fan of the McElroy brothers, and then finding out that Lin-Manuel Miranda is a fan of them too. 

Like, too much of a fan. Like, made McElroy references in Hamilton. Like, sneaks greatjob into 90% of his TV appearance. Like, turns up in a bathrobe in their TV show. 

Like, maybe needs to calm down, just a tiny bit.

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hey look its another hecker with misophonia. i hate being at school cause that squeak mechanical pencils make when you write too hard with them makes me want to scream. also shoes squeaking on vinyl flooring and metal chairs squeaking when ya move em

goddddd metal chairs get me too. mine are like 90% vocal based tho which is literal hell to live with. the worst part is that i can never tell anyone that im having a breakdown because they’ll either get offended or talk more to try and comfort me. yours sound so bad like idk how i’d live as an artist and a fellow student if pencils bugged me… stay strong tho!! :’)

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ur getting in an arranged marriage? wat

yupp. im brown so im 90% going to get an arranged marriage unless i find someone which wont happen. i rlly want to leave my family so im probably going to ask them to find me a boy so i can gtfo of this family. its going to be done in court so im not doing the traditional ceremony shit

I was  tagged by @king-cartar thank you!!!

I tag: whoever wants to do this i’m not comfortable tagging people ;;;;;;

A- Age: 20, but i feel 90 right now

B- Biggest fear: oh boy. i’d put them all again but lets just say i have too many

C- Current time: 12:17pm (i forgot to change the time when i finished this. it took like 10 minutes to do this)

D- Drink you last had: coffee since i’m currently running on 3 hours of sleep lmao

E- Everyday starts with: my sister coming into my room to wake me up. ughh

F- Favourite song: the acoustic version of ‘another song about the weekend’ by adtr!

G- Ghosts, are they real?: they’re fuckin real and no one can convince me otherwise

H- Hair colour: plain ol brown. it kinda shines red in the sun?

I- In love with: iwaizumi and mattsun not in love but i actually do like someone

J- Justify your gender: nonbinary

K- Killed someone: not yet, no

L- Last time you cried: last night over a video game.

M- Middle name: Alexa

N- Number of siblings: one younger sister

O- one wish: idk to be honest

P- Person you last called or texted: my dad

Q- Question you are always asked: “why don’t you talk more?” this have been asked a lot by people i don’t like. bitch i have nothing to say to you

R- Religion: umm idk??

S- Song last sang: not a song but one of the themes from bowser’s inside story (that’s the game i was crying about……)

T- Time you woke up: i woke up twice today. first time at 8:15am, second time at 11am

U- Underwear colour: white

V- Vacation destination: Japan, Canada, or someplace in Europe :0

W- Worst habit: biting my fingers/nails and teeth grinding

X- X-rays you’ve gotten: xray for my foot. i might get one for my knee soon bc it’s been killing me for months

Y- Your favorite food: wow i’m going to sound like a huge fucking pig, but: pasta, pizza, burgers, salads, fried chicken, and poutine. i have too many favorites

Z- Zodiac sign: Cancer