i want to be in paris

i still can’t believe what happened in manchester. news like this are what we have to live with these days i know and it’s always terrifying and horrible and i can’t believe that people do something like this. but, i am someone who goes to a lot of concerts so places like the bataclan and this one affect my mind even more tbh. i just hope that we all can still enjoy our lifes and the places we go, the events we visit and just…life in general. again, my thoughts and prayers go out to everyone involved. stay safe lovelies! 


The Blacklist Appreciation Week Day 5

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Have you ever sailed across an ocean, Donald? On a sailboat, surrounded by sea with no land in sight, without even the possibility of sighting land for days to come? To stand at the helm of your destiny. I want that, one more time. I want to be in in the Piazza del Campo in Siena. To feel the surge as ten racehorses go thundering by. I want another meal in Paris, at L’Ambroisie, at the Place des Vosges. I want another bottle of wine. And then another. I want the warmth of a woman and a cool set of sheets. One more night of jazz at the Vanguard. I want to stand on the summits and smoke Cubans and feel the sun on my face for as long as I can. Walk on the Wall again. Climb the Tower. Ride the River. Stare at the Frescos. I want to sit in the garden and read one more good book. Most of all I want to sleep. I want to sleep like I slept when I was a boy. Give me that just one time. That’s why I won’t allow that punk out there to get the best of me, let alone the last of me.

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I worry so much about Gillian going to the Glastonbury Festival. It sounds like a crazy event anyway, but my brain keeps telling me with this horrible night in Manchester that it could happen so easily in Glastonbury. That's a volatile environment and I hate the thought that I'm even worried. :( I just wanted to share it with someone who understands. Thanks.

I know what you feel, but we can’t and we shouldn’t stop living. Sadly, Glastonbury or not, truth is we’re not safe anywhere anymore, and yet, we can’t allow ourselves to think about it. I live in Paris, I take the subway everyday, twice a day, I’m in there right now as we speak, and if I was waking up every morning thinking about what could or could not happen to me today, I wouldn’t leave my bed. I’m telling you that because we could be worried about each of Gillian moves and appearances, wherever she goes, but that’s not the solution, in my opinion.

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Shawn is so so heartbroken over what happened last night in Manchester... I'm so worried for him... Do you think he will be able to perform in Paris tomorrow? I think he needs to take a break. I think he's in shock... He seems really really upset... :'(

I just think he’s heartbroken that the sanctity of concert was broken. He always talks about how much he loves doing concerts and how much they mean to him. I think he’ll definitely play Paris if only to show that in tragedy we have to come together. I think he’ll speak out about it again though. He seems really shell shocked. It was a terrible incident and I think it really hit him but yeah he’ll be fine love. I’m more worried about the families pf the victims. I cannot and don’t want to imagine the pain they are going through. My heart goes out to them.

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Can we talk about thigh riding with harry??? Like I literally n e v e r thought about it before until our dear Harold and it's got me so fucked up? I can't even explain why it gets me going but iT DOES! And like when he had that interview in Paris where he wore the plaid or checkered pants with the black shirt and vest?????????? And his thighs were giving me LIFE bc they looked so thick and delectable and I wanted to ride him all night long and ruin his expensive suit... or is that just me?

Thick ass thighs…. perfect to straddle.

While he lets his head fall back against the couch and smirks up at you. “Get what you need. S'it feel good, sweet girl?”

How to Catch a Ladybug

A new fic I’ve been working on!

FF | AO3

Pairing: Lilanette

Rating: G

Summary: After becoming akumatized on her first day at her school, Lila just wants to move on with her life when a sweet girl from her class steps up and befriends her. Lila appreciates the sentiment, that is, until she accidentally discovers that Marinette is Ladybug! Lila makes it her mission to steal her Miraculous as revenge for humiliating her, but that task proves harder than she thought. 

Moving to Paris should have been a fresh start for Lila Rossi, operative term being should have. Granted, she had gotten a little carried away with her lies, but she hadn’t expected people to really believe most of the things she made up. Her life was painfully average, and in a new environment, the temptation to spice things up a little had gotten the better of her. It wasn’t her fault that everyone believed her, and it certainly didn’t excuse Ladybug’s ugly behavior. If it weren’t for her, she could have had that model boy eating out of the palm of her hand by now. Everyone was bound to know that she was a liar now; she wouldn’t have doubted it if Adrien had told everyone, but she supposed she couldn’t have kept those lies up forever so maybe facing everyone now was a good thing.
Still, she felt a little nervous as she made her way up the steps into the school on her second day. Would everyone hate her? Suddenly she missed her friends back in Italy and wanted to go home, but she squared her shoulders and strutted through the front doors, bracing herself for whatever awaited her. Things were quiet much to her surprise, a few people greeted her, but she managed to make it to the locker room without incident. So far so good, but she knew the peace wouldn’t last.
“Um, Lila…” She turned to see a girl with black pigtails standing timidly before her. Vaguely Lila remembered that she was in her class, and she felt her spine stiffen a little.
“Hi,” Lila said, tilting her head to the side and observing her cautiously.
“I haven’t gotten a chance to introduce myself to you yet. I’m Marinette; we’re in the same class,” She explained, holding out a hand which Lila hesitantly shook.
“Nice to meet you,” She replied with a curt nod.
“Are you settling in okay? Moving to a new school must be rough. I can show you around if you want,” Marinette offered with a polite smile. She seemed friendly enough, and Lila obviously hadn’t spoken to her yesterday which meant she probably didn’t know about all her lies. Maybe she could use her as a shield. 

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I woke up this morning...

…and I wasn’t feeling well. Today is the birthday of my favorite horse. She died three years ago. She had a cancer. I missed her a lot.
But today I am not here to talk about her.
I woke up, and I saw the news. And my heart breaks. Again. 💔
Paris, Nice, Brussels, Orlando… I want this nonsense to end. I want us to feel safe, to live in peace. Is that to much to ask?
I’m sending my prayers and thoughts to the people who have been touched by this tragic event…
With all my love!!! ❤️


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I live in Paris and I've been walking all day around to find him I'm FREAKING OUT. Also he arrived by train and the station is RIGHT NEXT TO MY HOUSE. I wanted to die and I'm actually dying. I just want to know where he's going cause I'm tired lol. Help send support.

Haha please don’t stress yourself, love! I know it can be super exciting but chances are he is lost in the sea of people, also he’d probably working on some super cool photography job right now!

New due date for the “Belle travels the world” submissions

Hi guys, I completely miscalculated how much time I need in order to have the Photobook in time for the Happy Endings Paris Con. Because I will be traveling before, I absolutely need to submit the photobook for impression by June 4th. But I need to design it first (which can take a considerable amount of time since I will include text from all of you). So, I can’t promise any pics sent to my after Sunday 3rd will be included in the gift for Em. PLEASE send me your manips no later than Sunday, June 3rd 12:00pm EST to judymulderfbi@gmail.com. If you can send them before even better so I can keep designing ahead of time. 
Just wanted to let you know that in the rare case we will not be able to give this to Emilie in Paris, we will either mail it to her o her representant or ask another fan that attends local US cons to give it to her. But we WILL make sure she gets it one way or the other ;)

Thank you all!!!


“His fingers touched the strings, and all my thoughts were displaced. The sound was pure and sweet as water, bright as lemons. It was like no music I had ever heard before. It had warmth as a fire does, a texture and weight like polished ivory. It buoyed and soothed at once.”

- Madeline Miller, The Song of Achilles, page 34

Take creators stepping in and dismissing fan theories and interpretations of their works with a grain of salt. This is a lesson I learned early, from Anne “my vampires aren’t gay and also I might sue you” Rice. 

During the peak of my Vampire Chronicles love, I – at that time, a very petty fifteen-year-old –  set out to underline every single really queer moment in the whole series. Spite aside, I quickly realized that in a series where the protagonist runs away to Paris with clearly his violinist boyfriend, and convinces his next super angsty obviously boyfriend to MAKE A VAMPIRE CHILD WITH HIM to keep said angsty boyfriend from leaving, this was easier said than done. 

I mean, she’s not fully wrong – Lestat’s not gay, he’s very bisexual. Louis and Nicki are both hella gay, though. 

Anyway, I’ve meandered. The point is – creators can say wildly inaccurate things about their works sometimes. Anne Rice went Christian and didn’t want her books to be SUPER FUCKING QUEER anymore. Creators’ views on what they’ve made can change over the years. You never fucking know. 

✨Hi !✨ I can finally share with you my full piece for the ⛸ @born-to-make-history-zine⛸, it was a great project ! I did this illustration early January, so I wanted to see both of them celebrate the New year in Paris 🇫🇷 ! Used photo ref for the backgrounds, tried stylisation experiment etc…

🍙Soon new WIP for a new short film🍣… Thank you for your support.👍


I always wanted make an animation/movie of Sonic in his classic version.

So I decided to start with a Storyboard and I share with you few panels.

I also did a animated rough (the first one) for fun.

If you like it, I stream my progress on twitch usually when I’m not tired around Midnight (Paris time) :



Chat Noir’s Popularity and Ladybug’s Importance

I really don’t understand where the notion that Paris doesn’t like or care about Chat Noir came from. I mean while he obviously isn’t as popular as Ladybug, people seem to appreciate him fine.

At the statue unveiling, Chat was the only one who showed up and not one single person in the entire crowd complained about where Ladybug was. The Mayor wanted her there, but he was fine with going on without her and Theo was reluctant about it because of his crush on her. But overall everyone was excited to see him! Even when Ladybug was absent, and before they revealed the statues, they continued cheering, and they took pictures of him.

I know that this is actually Copycat, but these people don’t. He’s Chat Noir to them and as soon as he enters the room they’re immediately in awe over being so close to the famous hero (the girl on the left even fangirls a little).

Look at how stoked this family is over seeing him. He’s not even doing cool superhero stuff, he’s just walking inside the museum.

When Ladybug arrived this was Nino’s reaction:

When Chat Noir arrived he was like:

This one random and well meaning dude cheering him on in the back.

Honestly no one has ever said anything bad about him, the only person who has even came close to insulting him had been Antibug by implying that he was a “sidekick” once.

However when you’re akumatized you’re not held accountable for your words and actions. And she had specifically said that as a way to persuade Chat to her side, so there’s not really a lot of weight in her words.

So yeah people cheer for Ladybug, but they also have shown to get excited over Chat Noir. It’s just that Ladybug is more popular than him, and it makes complete sense in-universe why she is.

It’s more than that she’s the main character or that she’s in a show where there’s a girl targeted demographic. 

Ladybug is the leader, the one who wins the battles because of the plans she comes up with.

She swooped in and rescued the Mayor’s daughter in front of all of Paris and when everyone was cowering before Hawkmoth, she alone stood up against him and stunned them all by symbolically demolishing the “face of terror.” And then afterwards gave a heroic speech that gave them hope and cemented their trust in both her and Chat Noir. 

Not only can she purify the Akuma victims, but it’s because of her healing powers that she and especially Chat, will never have to worry about collateral damages or facing law suits over them, which probably helps the public be more forgiving towards Akuma victims when there’s no lasting devastation to deal with. This is a pretty common trope in superhero stories like in Captain America: Civil War, the destruction from Man of Steel being the set up for Batman vs Superman, and why the heroes in the Incredibles had to retire, but because of Ladybug this will never be an issue.

She has the power to bring people back from the mcfreaking DEAD!!!! (Seriously please think about that, like I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if there was some weird religious cult worshiping Ladybug because of that)

And yes people have died in this show.

In a building this size there had to have been people inside it. Probably barricading themselves while Stone Heart is rampaging outside.

aaaaaand they’re definitely dead (or severely injured in the least).

But they’re alive now because Ladybug brought them back, and again this helps the public be more forgiving towards the Akuma victims because no one really “died or got hurt.” 

Remember back in the Origins episode, where Officer Roger actually got injured from Stone Heart and how we saw everyone giving Ivan a hard time afterwards?

Of course this was before Ladybug used her Miraculous Cure and healed all the damage/injuries. This also means that no vengeful citizens will go after the Akuma victims or the heroes in a heartbroken rage of losing a loved one, which is good since they’d be really easy prey for Hawkmoth and it would only ensue an endless cycle of mourning Akumas. 

In fact if Ladybug didn’t have those powers, there’d probably be much more pressure on her and Chat to either defeat Hawkmoth for good or to give their miraculous to him to end it all. 

There’s also the possibility that there’d be attempts to put past Akuma victims on trial, depending on the damage they’ve left, physical or emotional. Even if they were mind controlled, it’s harder to appease with that when you’re left with the wreckage and until Ladybug and Chat Noir capture Hawkmoth they’d probably want someone to blame.

And all the big Ladybug fans have all been girls. Alya, Chloe, and Manon who like in real life are inspired by a powerful female figure and not only admire her, but also want to be like her (Chloe who cosplays and roleplays as her, Alya who from the beginning had an interest in super heroines and made a point to write about a strong fictional female character for the movie in Horrificator, and Manon who wanted the Ladybug doll so much she didn’t care that she had a torn arm).

So basically while it’s always great to appreciate Chat Noir, I don’t believe that he’s necessarily underappreciated by Paris. People respect him and even if Ladybug is more popular it’s not as if it’s undeserved or unreasonable. And above all, she has never taken all the credit herself: from the very beginning of their partnership where she emphasized to Paris that they’ll both do everything they can to help and all throughout the series!

And as for Chat himself, he seems pretty satisfied with all this. People generally love him and Ladybug repeatedly reaffirms that they are a team, that even if their popularity isn’t equal they both know that they are equal to each other, and he can openly enjoy his freedom that he doesn’t have as Adrien Agreste.

So yeah, he’s doing okay.

[Edit] TL;DR: Just because Ladybug is more popular than Chat doesn’t mean that he’s hated and there are very valid reasons as to why she is more popular than him. And ultimately? It doesn’t matter. Not to Ladybug or Chat.