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Prayer Request

So to bother everyone’s feeds, I could use some prayer for the coming week. I’m still getting over this awful flu / cold thing, and starting tomorrow is a huge work week schedule along with the loads of normal homework from classes. And I kinda already struggle with a week of half the size of this coming work schedule because life is hard most days ahah. So yeah prayers would be greatly appreciated, and if y’all want I can give an update in a week if I make it haha. 

Leora:  I don’t know… suddenly this place is giving me goose bumps!  I used to love it here… but now… I still don’t really know what really happened last night

Rosie:  Same with me!  I don’t remember well what happened in the church!  Or is it a club now, owned by the teacher… or was that a play? Maybe we drank something spoiled at the Halloween market?

Leora:  Rhea told me they want to buy all houses  and even asked if I my little house is already for sell… the company would like to build an huge Halloween Park… no… a seasons Park… she said, this location has the exact romantic air! I think the owner will sell if they offer enough money… and I don’t even care because I’d rather live elsewhere… I never thought I would say that!

Di:  Come and live with us, Dee will be very happy, I know! Why aren’t you coming too, Rosie? Only till the end of the school year?  You always wanted to get out of OS!

Rosie:  Maybe I will… but I still don’t know where Angelo will live… and if he stays in OS…

 Loki:  You heard?  She maybe’ll staying in OS!  

Rhea: No! Floyden is living there too! I must isolate him from his life before the memory whip… the new memories need time to settle… he would think too much about her and the old times!  That won’t do! I must find a way!

Loki:  I am so sorry for everything you will have to do, dear! I know we are a disappointment for you… but I also know that you must do what father wants… I say it not for me or Thor… but if you won’t give him a heir of his own flesh and blood, he doesn’t want to wait any longer… he will choose Floyden… because he is just like him!  And you know what that means!  In fact, he is even worse than father… because father supposes to love us… but Floyden loves no one… except maybe the little brunette… but no… he only wants to possess her… and show Angelo he won!  

Thor:  I believe father could choose Tony!   Tony is maybe sharper than Floyden… but family is just as important to him as to father… or maybe Angelo…  no… Angelo is too soft hearted, like father says.  I think he employed Angelo … and  Tony so Floyden may never feel too sure about his position!  Floyden must try hard to please father than he could never stand to lose something on Tony or Angelo, you bet?

Rhea: I never bet! I win!  Because I will have the saying at the end!  I will never let someone else rule above our family!

Thor:  The end? Rhea, darling, are you a saint now?  Because I ‘ve never known you have the patience to wait? You always got what you wanted. Your tamtrums allways made father forget you are the older one! Not even father resists you when you do it the right way… and humbly ask!  Your little girl number has worked wonders on Floyden and he is is still confused from the whip effect… why should you show him the true Rhea?  I won’t say a word, nor will Loki here!  Come on!  Your smile and pouty looks … what am I telling… you know better than I…  do just what you have ever done!

Rhea:  You’re right!  Thank you! I love you little brothers… we will show him and our dinosaur from father … and we will show the world how… great we are!  Yes, you too…softies!   I want to see you two on stage… not together dummies, how then! You, will show everybody how does it sounds when someone plays  100 years the violin… they will forget how outdated and whimsical you are, Thor!… and you Loki… my dear rebell… you will be the Glamrock god… because…well, you don’t play since 100 years, but how old is your first e-guitar now?

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Dude, I love your Quirkless Izuku stuff, but it also makes me said because from Izuku's point of view Todoroki is just another person who is telling him he can't be a hero.

(If you’re wondering what this is talking about, I’ve been writing ficlets and I have kinda a series ongoing by request. Part one is here, part two is here.)

Aa that is so very very true and actually a huge part of the reason I chose to do Shouto’s perspective.

Most of the time in quirkless!Izuku or nonOFAquirk!Izuku fics it’s from Izuku’s POV and we get to see his struggles, his thought process, his determination, and that’s good. There’s nothing wrong with that, but when I started brainstorming for how I wanted to do the first Quirkless!Izuku ficlet I couldn’t help but think that we know Izuku already. We know that he won’t give up, that he will save people or die trying because that is who he is, and we know that everyone will tell him that he cant and that his resolve will be tested. He will slowly earn people’s respect while being quirkless just like he did with All Might in canon, assuming you follow the canon timeline.

With this Quirkless!Izuku au I wanted to show that respect being earned from the other side. Shouto, who comes off as cold and unfeeling and yet is anything but, is protective of this reckless boy who he sees as defenseless and as things move forward he will learn to trust in Izuku’s ability to think his way out of a situation a little more. 

For Izuku… well, he’s been told he’s useless all his life so this does nothing to his resolve, no matter how pretty this stranger is. If/when I do more Quirkless!Izuku au we may be seeing Izuku start to change Shouto’s mind a little bit and prove himself. Everyone tells Izuku he can’t, Shouto is just another pretty face with a lot of power who doesn’t believe in Izuku and that’s fine. It’s normal and Izuku refuses to let that get him down. It’s what happens between him and Shouto during the rest of the sports festival that changes things for Izuku. He might even start to catch… feelings. >.>

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Wait how'd you do it?

Lately I haven’t been working out as regularly as I normally do, so I changed my diet a little and cut out most of my dairy consumption and stopped eating out as much this past week. Been cooking like a chef lol. I switched over to vanilla almond milk a few weeks ago and that’s been super easy and helpful for my skin too. I still drink regular milk but not as often. But the main thing is this supplement called Garcina Cambogia it helps to boost your metabolism and give you energy and I’ve been taking it this week and already seeing major results. I don’t want to give it too much credit though because it’s only been a week but after a month if I see a huge difference I’ll talk way more about it.

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yeah, that's fair. it's a pretty huge timesink, but it might be worth giving a shot at some point if you have time and want something new to get into. i feel like in general people who are or were at one point fans of homestuck will probably like taz, medium aside... there were a surprising number of aspects to it that reminded me of hs, but that i generally felt like were better done in taz, personally.

homestuck took me 8 months to catch up to and that was back when it was still in act 5 HSDHJLG

and idk, my watch/play/listen list is already a mile long without it, sorry :(

I’m really tired of people disregarding Keith and Lance (or any gay ship in general) just because they don’t think it’s possible for two boys to have a possible canon relationship in 2017.

This show is apart of Dreamworks, it’s a kid’s TV show, so that means they’re not gonna be shoving gay content down kid’s throats, because they know how sensitive of a topic it is still to some people. But that doesn’t make it any less possible for something to happen. Most of the creators of Voltron came from LOK and what did they do? They literally left Korra and Asami’s relationship to the last minute and it was nothing more than them holding hands. Except their whole relationship developed well over time and it still meant something.

This isn’t some heterosexual relationship that they can put so obviously in the show since so many kids are used to seeing that from the get go, but they can put small moments and hints to give an indicator. 

There have been subtle moments between Keith and Lance that I find hard to view as them “just being friends”, and even though it’s more from Keith’s side it’s still important.

But let me emphasise, if anyone ever saw a boy and a girl in this situation they would think almost immediately that there is something romantic between them, and this isn’t even a stretch:

If they showed Keith smiling at a girl like this, people wouldn’t even hesitate for a second to think he had a crush on her:

If a boy and a girl made fun of/teased each other as much as Keith and Lance did, they’d immediately think it was flirting. 

So why disregard it just because it’s happening between two boys? And I know people are also disregarding it because it’s canon that Lance likes Allura. That’s been an obvious fact since season one, but even if it doesn’t happen, Lance can’t like boys either? That’s literally not even an option on the table for some people because they want their straight ships to sail into the sunset.

The producers/creators said that they’d give us some sort of LGBT rep in the show, and it could be between/through anyone, but from the huge af hint Lauren gave us here, it’s either Lance or Shiro are one of these reps, and it could even be both. It doesn’t even have to be limited to just them (because I strongly believe my son Keith is not straight).

So why not just embrace it already? That two boys or girls can fall in love, that it’s OK to have a canon gay relationship in a show. It’s happening, it has already happened in many other shows, so let’s just accept it. 


Milkmaid Braids

Hi !  ♥ I just wanted to show you the hair I made for Cottage Garden, the fan made Stuff pack I’ve worked on with my friends from @plumbobteasociety.

It’s my first hair and I had no idea where I was going when I’ve started, so I’m quite proud to have managed to finish it and be happy with it ! I hope you will like it too ♥ I’ve already seen it used in some screenshots and it’s so exciting !

Note that the scarf overlay accessory isn’t a mesh and will only work with this hair. Also, huge thanks to @simlaughlove and @femmeonamissionsims who helped me to fix some issues, the hair wouldn’t be the same without them !

Download Cottage Garden SP (or download the hair individually on the item index) right here on PTS !

Oh my God, we're so sorry we blocked your doorway. Now go get your ear muffs.

I’ve had a long respectable career in game development. A couple of years ago I’ve abandoned it for a cushy corporate job, and now spend most of my days missing gamedev.

This story takes place about 10 years ago at the apex of my career.

I was the lead on a AAA project. Our parent company, for which videogames was just one of many lines of business, was going through changes. We had to move offices three times in one year. Second of the three moves, always intended to be temporary, put us into the basement of an older building long occupied by satellite departments not involved with development.

The basement we were given had been empty for years, save for the most distant office. You entered the basement through a dimly lit staircase. Then, after you snaked through a horror-movie-like maze of corridors and interconnected small rooms, you’d eventually arrive at the farthest room of all.

A golden plaque was on the door.

Trademark Compliance Department.

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It Ain’t Me: Part 9

Jungkook x Reader ft. Yoongi

Request: Can you make a fake text about how bf hears a rumor about y/n and decides to break up without even knowing the true facts

Words: 2.2 K

Genre: Angst

Part 8 | Part 10 (I)

Check out my Masterlist!

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The Kindness of Strangers

Square Filled- In heat

Rating- Explicit

Tags- Alpha!Sam x Omega!reader, being in heat, dom/sub undertones, smut

Word Count- 2800ish

A/N: For @spnabobingo. The reader is in heat and needs an Alpha to take care of her. Hope you enjoy! XOXO

Everyone is downstairs, trying to catch a glimpse of anything happening inside Mrs. Miller’s apartment. You feel bad, you really do. No one deserves to be murdered, let alone in their own home. And the fact that it seems to be a completely random, nonsensical murder in your apartment building is unsettling.

But you can’t join the rest of your neighbors outside her door, peeking in over the caution tape and straining their ears to hear the police talk. Not when you’re sweating and cramping and curling your toes at a very ill-timed heat.

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august 21st aka fanfic writers appreciation day.

i saw this post going around and i’ve decided to make a post to a) recommend you some great stories and amazing writers, b) give some sort of feedback. i don’t really have that much time to read anymore, so this won’t be that long. as soon as i get more time, i’ll start reading again :) the list is in no specific order, i was going through my “following” list and through my fic recs blog.

@noona-la-la-la  — i recommend literally everything noona ever wrote. i love her style and her plots and the fact that she always manages to exceed my expectations. she’s one of those writers whose stories aren’t just about the smut, which i love. of course, the amazing smut is just a bonus. my favorite story of hers is either unexpected or conditioned (which is also one of my fave tae stories ever. e v e r.) and her vmin threesome the group project is amazing! i’m so far up her ass it’s not even funny, but i seriously love everything about her blog and her writing.

@ellieljade  — amazing plots! a m a z i n g. and the dirty talk! the smut scenes are just too good, and mr.min is my favorite yoongi series. i love the plot, i love the fact that the characters aren’t labeled as good or bad, there’s a lot of grey areas and you never know what to expect. if you want to cry, read her this is how you lose her series and come bitch about it with me. and did i mention sub namjoon? because damn, watch me is amazing.

@avveh — some of the best dirty talk and pwp ever. i enjoy reading her stories from the first one she posted, which is reveries. i don’t even watch the show it’s based on, but i love the series. emily can really suck you into the plot, regardless of the smut. of course, you know me, my favorite is jealousy games because jungkook AND jimin. you know.

@xhixtape — i could go on about lila forever. the flow in her stories is amazing, i love the slow build ups in some stories, and i love the smut in all of them. she’s a huge inspiration for me and her work has inspired a lot of mine, i think i might be her biggest fan. read everything! my favorites are kitten’s got his tongue, good mornings, and vibrations. vibrations, man!!!

@tayegi — lu is one of the OGs of bts fanfics, so i’m sure you’re all already reading her stories. i lover her ocs, i love that they know how to speak for themselves and that they know what they want and aren’t afraid to go for it. my favorites are fuck, marry, kill (because JIMIN), the golden boy because T A E, and friendship goals because TAEGI.

@kimtrain — okay, one good purr had me hooked ! i loved the slow burn and tae′s character and everything about it, from the plot to her style. that’s also one of my favorite tae stories ever.  also, the wings of a devil? b o m b. she has a huge masterlist and i need to read all of her stories.

@floralseokjin — blessed is the day i found out about jordan’s blog. i love everything she writes, i don’t care what member the stories are about because they’re that good. i love her style because it makes me get into the story so much that i can’t stop reading. the first story i read was salt and shadow and i still love it. her jin stories are the best out there and i love reading them. show me might be my fave. also, playing with fire is bomb.

@gukvory —  can you feel it, sugar? is a masterpiece. actually, everything on this masterlist is a masterpiece. i love her writing style, i love the flow, i love the feeling i get when reading her stories. just read everything of hers, you won’t regret it.

@kittae — eva writes for other groups as well! i’ve only read most of her bts stories, and my faves are v-card because it’s the right amount of everything, and favourites and servants is so good! there’s still so many stories on her masterlist to read and i can’t wait to read more. 

@dailydoseofdia — i’m gonna recommend carousel because it’s one of the stories i’ve been meaning to read, but just didn’t have enough time for, even though everyone is praising it. i’ve read dia’s fics and they’re amazing, so i don’t doubt that carousel is just as great. lick was amazing and it’s the first thing i’ve read on her blog.

@chinnychimchim — ah. ah! one of my favorite writers. i seriously love everything she posts, i don’t ever check who the story is about. my favorite has to be reset. it’s such a good story and i haven’t read anything similar, so i love it. cognitive dissonance is also a must read. just read the entire masterist while you’re at it, it’s worth it.

@kstopping  — who doesn’t want a good mmf threesome with vmon? that’s exactly what cinnamon sugar is and i LOVE IT. also tags that crack me up every time.

@jungkookfortunekookies  — for those who don’t read smut, there’s a ton of popular stories on her masterlist, including jungkook roommate series which is so fun and easy to read!

@jeylovestoblog — i’ve heard jey writes amazing reader/girl/member threesomes, so i need to check them out, and i recommend you do the same. she updates often, so i’m sure you’ll find something for yourself.

@rapmonluv — all i’ve read so far is nightcall and it’s enough for me to know i’ll love everything else.

@jingukz — sarah’s stories are amazing and you know that i prefer smut, but her stories are that good. she doesn’t need smut to pull you in, but when it’s there, it’s great. bliss among sinners is probably my fave, but the first one i’ve read is cry me a river and i’m still not over it.

@emboyz — i still need to go through her masterlist, but i’ve read good catch and it’s great!

@pjxmin — i don’t get how everyone’s not talking about her writing. caught in a lie is amazing, proposals is such a good story, her writing is amazing and her stories are fun and they just pull you in. amazing writer!

@cosykims — merlot murders (the crimson killer, kisses of carmine) is the most underrated series i’ve ever read. it has everything and i can’t praise it enough, seriously. you need to read it!

@jiminniemouse — i think i’ve read everything of hers and there wasn’t a single story i didn’t like. i love her style, i love her plots, i just love everything about her writing. purple jewels is so well written and interesting, i can’t get enough. seriously, i recommend everything.

@wonhopes — amanda’s writing is amazing. i think you’ve all read not so honest, but i think my favorite might be cat got your tongue because TAEEEE.

@mindfullofcrazy — i absolutely loved give me love!!!

@hobibliophile — i think i’ve read everything on her masterlist and i loved it! my favorites are take a break (jihope threesome ftw), blue blooded (prince jin!!!), and don’t care about the presents (namjoon being a cutie).

@kainks — i love her writing style! my favorites are new guy and triplicity because damn, hoseok and yoongi threesome? i’m in. orange tulips is on my to read list, i’ve heard great things about it.

@versigny — if you haven’t read miss dial, i don’t know what you’re doing. read it. now. i love it!

@baeseoul  — protege is probably my favorite jungkook series ever. it’s so well written, i love the plot, i love the characters and their flaws, i just love everything about the story. destruction of a muse is on my to read list. just great writing in general, one of my favorite writers.

@protectaetae — i love her writing style! one night snap pt 1 and 2 saved me.

@taehyung-the-baehyung  — closer is amazing and so is the suit and tie series! amazing :)

@jheartseok — i still haven’t read nude, not flowers and i suck because i’ve heard it’s an amazing story. i need to read everything of hers.

@roseok — just read everything. amazing writing.

@drquinzelharleeni’m not a kid is a great series. there’s so much more i have to read from her masterlist, but i like her writing style!

there are a lot of writers who i still need to check out and i’m looking forward to it. i’m sorry if i’ve forgotten someone! if i’ve ever given you a compliment about your writing, i truly meant it. i hope i’ve included everyone. if you go check out these writers, please don’t ask them about updates :)

Dandelions: finished summary!

again, I’m sorry I had to stop this project. I had a LOT more story to tell and my depression just wasn’t letting me have the motivation to do so. School is starting back up again and I knew I wouldn’t be able to work on any comic pieces once that happened so here is the summary of what I want to do with the rest of the story! 

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @crankgameplays!! I hope you will have a great day!

I have mentioned this before, but since you are only 5 months older than me, already seem to be basically living your dream, and just generally are an amazing person, you have been a huge source of motivation and inspiration to me. I have no idea what I want from life yet but you help me remember that some day I can be living my dream too.

Congratulations again!!

- Ceraviel

speedsterunlimited  asked:

Wow! The top 10 outfits for Minako were crazy! I love your comments Audrey XD Could you do a 10 ten for Makoto please? 💚💚💚💚

I hope you’re ready for the high waisted pants appreciation post, because that’s what it’s going to be. 

10. This is the ultimate Mom Friend look. She is just going out to run some errands and wants to know if you want anything from the grocery store while she’s out. 

9. Mom Friend: Summer Edition, a very similar look but for warmer weather. The loosely tucked shirt says “oh this old thing I just threw it on very casually” but is actually meticulously crafted. 

8. Serving up ice cream but also serving up LOOKS, correct? 

7. Wholeheartedly accepting her color motif into her heart and wardrobe. This ensemble screams “I am the reincarnated guardian of the planet Jupiter, born on this earth as a human.” 

6.  A lot of Mako’s look trend toward the femme side of things, but this one outfit is the tomboy within saying “hey today is the day we wear a hooded jersey with a baseball cap” and Makoto (who has learned to accept herself with the help of Usagi) says “hell yes it is.”

5. This might possibly be an outfit of Miss Haruna’s, but truly this outfit belongs to anyone who can pull it off. It’s like the Excalibur of clothing. 

4. The shorts are layered over the shirt, which is layered over the jacket, which is layered over the shorts. All is layered, and layers over all else. It’s beautiful, is what it is. 

3. Speaking of layers. Sometimes you want to take off all those cute but uncomfortable clothes and slip into something cozy and even cuter than before. 

2. I was already a huge fan of the green turtleneck, the high waisted shorts with matching hair tie, and the crisp white vest with a bow in the back. This is already the perfect outfit. But as soon as you add sunglasses, it just becomes….. transcendent. It’s greater than any of us could have imagined. It’s beyond us now. 

1. You knew what number one was before this list was ever even made. 

  • Roman: Roses are red, that much is true, but violets are purple, not fucking blue.
  • Virgil: I have been waiting for this all my life
  • Logan: They are indeed purple,but one thing you've missed: the concept of "purple" didn't always exist. Some cultures lack names for a color, you see. Hence good old Homer, and his "wine-dark sea." A usage so quaint, a phrasing so old, for verses of romance is sheer fucking gold. So roses are red. Violets once were called blue. I'm hugely pedantic; but what else is new?
  • ((for @thisqueerisonfire))
dangerous waters (m) | pkjm

fratboy!jimin smut
a sleazy fratboy thinks he could get any girl he wants, until he meets you
word count: 2774
genre: smut SMUT!! SMUT!! S MU T 
warning: sleazy jimin, dom!jimin, explicit language, oral

[a/n]: you’ve been warned!!! this is mature content read at own risk !! this is my FIRST smut EVER !! i apologize in advance if its super bad and super cringe like i have no idea wtf i was doing, i just wrote and props to ppl who write smut bc that shit is hard 

Originally posted by 9taefox

You had a huge biochemistry lab the next morning, a calculus test right after, and a literature lecture after bunch. Instead of studying for your classes and sleeping early, you were at some random fraternity party that your friend, Hoseok, dragged you to.

Parties weren’t ever really your scene. You were, a lack for a better term, a goody two shoes. You enjoyed staying in and reading. Cafes, libraries, and parks were your favorite places. You were an overall excellent student, almost top of the class with outstanding remarks. You studied whenever you had the chance to, it was the only way you were able to keep up with classes.

You weren’t completely cookie cutter though. Occasionally, you went to parties when workload was minimal and you didn’t despise frats/sororities. Some of your friends were in sororities and you usually went to their parties, not anyone you were unfamiliar with.

However, Hoseok begged you to join him at the campus’ most popular fraternity’s party. That specific frat had the cutest, hottest boys. They maintained the highest number of hook ups in one night and parties in one week. You avoided them at all cost because even though they were attractive, they were all assholes. 

Their parties were usually majority guys and a sprinkle of girls. You were extremely hesitant, but Hoseok wouldn’t stop messing up your lecture notes until you gave in.

“Geez, Hoseok. There are literally no girls here.” You whispered as you made your way to the kitchen. His laugh was barely audible over the heavy music they were playing. 

“They’re probably all upstairs..” He paused and pointed to the closed rooms. “In the rooms.” 

“That’s so gross.” You rolled your eyes and poured yourself a drink. Their fruit punch was spiked and you almost puked at the first sip. “This is gross.”

“Your tongue becomes numb after a few more sips.” Hoseok’s head darted towards the door. A small group of girls from the sorority down the street had entered. “Enjoy yourself, (Y/N).” He smirked before heading towards them.

“Hoseok—” It was too late. You lost your only friend to the crowd. Glancing around, you noticed that people were either drinking, smoking, or dancing. You weren’t really into any of that. You were regretting your decision of showing up.

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adorable since 1995

Lie to me - Dean Winchester x Reader - Chapter 3 (French Mistake AU)

Title: Lie to me

Pairing: Dean/Jensen x Reader x Sam

Word Count: 4,985

Warnings: None

Imagine: Imagine Dean and Sam getting transported to the French Mistake universe. Only for Dean to realize he is married to you, his best friend, love of his life and… Sam’s girlfriend.

Great thank you to @gaveherhearttotheliontattoo for being an amazing beta!

Read Part 1 here! l Read Part 2 here!

“What’s this?” his voice was shaking and as soon as you took notice of what he was talking your eyes widened.

“Oh crap, was that there all this time? I would have ruined the surprise.” you exclaimed, rushing to his side to take the photo – let’s say – from the fridge.

“Wait- wait-” Dean blinked “What surprise?”

“What do you mean?” you looked up at him, truly perplexed “The surprise. You know the one we have for Jared and Gen and practically everybody else in our fam- Alright, what is going on Jensen?”

“I’m- I’m alright, it’s just that-” he shook his head “I’m sorry it feels almost as if I’m not- not myself today.” he cleared his throat and in the end you sighed, giving him a sympathetic look.

“Baby” you cupped his cheek “Do you need to get some rest? Honestly just-”

“No, (Y/n).” he shook his head, cutting you off softly as he took a hold of your hand “Just- can you tell me what this is?”

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