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Batfamily Preferences: Weapon of Choice | 1

Preference: Your weapon of choice/the one your S/O gifts you.

Notes: Ah, yes. Preferences. Easy. Loved. Uncommon in the Bat-fandom. A writer’s gold, and one I’m going to take advantage of. I’ll be busting out a few more of these soon, and if you have any requests for a preference (or a character to add to preferences) then send me one! (I know my inbox is literally overflowing right now but shhh we don’t need to worry about that). =D

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Bruce Wayne:

When Bruce said that he would “arm you”, you imagined that you would be walking into work in full combat armor from just how protective he can be—the boys said that was him being untrustworthy, but you knew better. Bruce just wanted to protect you, and sometimes he let his arrogance get in the way of showing it correctly—or at least something, like a utility belt (”Fashionable.” Dick had remarked) or even a trio of Batarangs. But no. When Bruce calls you down to the training room and has a change of work out clothes in his arms, you dreadfully and pleasantly realize that he wants you to be the one to protect yourself when he can’t. 

Even if your heart is blazing with the joy that he trusts you to defend yourself on your own, it still took a Batman, a Nightwing, a Red Hood and a skillful butler to drag you onto the treadmill, and Damian clad in a coach’s uniform (complete with the whistle, which he definitely used) to keep you there. Bruce doesn't regret subjecting you to such torture, even if you look amazing and are much healthier, and you don’t think he ever will be.

Dick Grayson:

This is one of the many things Dick considers when your relationship finally whirrs into motion; Gotham City is one of the most dangerous cities in the world, and there is going to be times where you’re walking somewhere alone, out of his worried reach. You tell him with a shrug that you usually carry your keys between your fingers when you’re in those situations. But that doesn’t seem to really work for him, so not only does he fill your bag with pepper spray, but tosses in a taser and a pocket knife.

But you don’t even get the chance to defend yourself when he’s swooping in like a hawk (or rather, a Nightwing), landing on the culprit, and then cooing and fretting over you. When you wrap your arms around him and sigh, Dick chuckles sheepishly. Yes, he did save you. But you could save yourself, and that thought is reinforced after you get your powers and start to take on the world with him.

Jason Todd:

Jason isn’t going to beat around the bush. He’s just going to approach you on a rainy day, a duffle bag held under one arm and a membership card to a gun range in the other, saying,”Gotham City is shit. Help me make it less shitty by avoiding your ultimate demise, princess.”

The gun range is loud and startling for someone who isn’t accustomed, so Jason slips the headphones on your ears and folds goggles in front of you. But the awkwardness of the weapon in your hand adjusts. Especially because Jason’s guiding hands are so tender, and whenever you shoot the kickback launches you into his chest. He’ll smile and right you,”Perfect, doll. You’re a natural—Riddler, Harley, all of em’ are gonna go running when they see you.”

“That’s because you’ll be behind me.” You remarked.

Jason gently cups your elbows and watches you aim,”I’ll always be behind you, Y/N.”

Tim Drake:

He designs multiple things for a multitude of situations, and it only makes you feel bad because he stays up all night and day to create them. A watch that you can activate, sending a drone on your way for protection and occasionally weapons of some kind, most notably. But you’ve always been one to go above and beyond—so you take to hacking, because it can save both people online and in the real world.

When Tim finds his laptop open and exposed in the worst kind of way, he doesn’t know whether to be proud, pissed, in tears, or all three.

Damian Wayne:

Damian Wayne is… Damian Wayne. The second he discovers that you’ve never even held a sword, nevermind fought with one, he’s dragging you by the wrist over to the training mats. When you fail at winning on the first try (”We’re not all perfect like you, Damian.” You had said upon losing. Damian smirked,”I’m flattered, habibti. You think I’m perfect?”) he begins training you, which is a grueling process that makes your arms hurt and the pads of your fingers burning. On the surface, Damian rolls his eyes and tells you to suck it up, but later he unbandages your hands and kisses each of your fingers. He really is a sweetheart, even if no one but you realizes it.

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I need more college sanvers in my life. You fic was so good and I'm a sucker for that au

“What’re you doing for Thanksgiving, Sawyer?” Max Lord wants to know, his eyes flashing.

And normally, Maggie can handle herself around jerks like Max. Very well. But right now, her body gets smaller and her eyes get terrified and her lips stammer over a response.

Until Alex slings an arm around her – still sweaty from basketball practice – and puts her other hand on her hip, glaring at Max heavily.

“She’s coming home with me,” she tells him, her feet finding Maggie’s toes and stepping down slightly so that she doesn’t argue or ask what she’s talking about.

Because it’s something they haven’t talked about.

Well, mostly.

Because when Maggie told Alex that she was staying on campus for Thanksgiving, she said it like it was a closed conversation. Like she didn’t want to talk about it. Like she wanted to pretend the holiday didn’t exist, because that’s exactly what her family did with her.

So as Max stammers his way through sarcasm and terror of the basketball team captain’s glare and backs away slowly, Alex looks down at Maggie with an apologetic squint on her face.

“I’m sorry, I just didn’t want you to have to deal with – “

“No, Danvers, no need to apologize. You did me a big favor there, I owe you big.”

Alex’s stomach flushes, and she knows it’s not just from post-practice jitters.

She can practically hear Lucy and Kara yelling at her in her mind, telling her to just kiss the girl already.

She shakes her head.

“You never owe me anything. What are friends for, right?” she grins lopsidedly, and takes her arm off Maggie’s shoulders, swooping down to pick up the basketball by her feet and dribble it casually toward the locker room.

“Friends. Right.”

Maggie follows and changes the subject, asking Alex how her practice went, how that new Luthor girl is fitting in with the rest of the team, if she’s still taking it easy enough on the ankle she’d sprained last month. 

As they talk, Maggie tosses Alex’s basketball up and down to herself, laying back on one of the locker room’s wooden benches, as Alex strips to get changed.

Alex tries not to blush and Maggie tries not to look.

Both fail.

“Really though,” Alex says suddenly, interrupting their banter about Alex needing to learn how to take better care of herself. “You can come home with me for Thanksgiving, Mags. I know you like to deal with the holidays by pretending they don’t exist, and that’s okay, it really is – “

“It’s fine, Danvers. I don’t want to celebrate the genocide this country was founded on, that’s all – “

“And neither do I, Sawyer, but we can’t change the fact that everyone talks about it like it’s time for family, and that that… can get painful. And I don’t want you to be in pain, and I don’t want you to be alone. You don’t have to be. I mean. No pressure or anything, I just – “

“Yes,” Maggie interjects, sitting up, now, her legs straddling the bench, the basketball still in her hands. “Okay, sure. As long as your mom and Kara won’t mind – “

“Won’t mind? They’ve been telling me to invite you for weeks, you just never seemed to want to talk about it – “

And suddenly, the basketball is bouncing aimlessly on the floor, because Maggie’s arms are wrapped around Alex’s body, and Alex is hugging her back just as eagerly.

Until they both realize that Alex is still shirtless. 

Until they both blush and gulp and stammer and make excuses in their heads for why they’re suddenly more turned on than any kind of closeness with anyone has ever made them.

Until, that is, the next week, when Alex flies Maggie out to Midvale with her, and their pinkies touch throughout the plane ride.

Neither of them acknowledge it – this shift between them – and neither of them talk about the fact that it feels like Alex is bringing home her girlfriend, not her best friend.

But they don’t have to talk about it, because Kara is beaming enough over the two of them to more than make up for it.

Maggie locks herself in the bathroom during Thanksgiving dinner, because Eliza had been so warm to her and Alex had kissed her on the cheek when Eliza said she was so grateful she could join them and Kara had said it felt like having another big sister in the house and everyone treated her like she belonged and…

“Mags?” Alex’s voice is soft and empathetic and understanding and full of unbridled love.

“I’m fine, Danvers,” Maggie tries not to sniffle, but Alex tries the locked door anyway.

“You know I can just pick this lock,” she tells her, and Maggie sighs with a surrendering smile as she opens the door, letting Alex take in her red eyes and wet face.

“Oh Maggie,” Alex takes her into her arms and promises to never, ever let go.

“Decorating time!” Kara tosses stuffed animals at her sister and her sister’s maybe-girlfriend the next morning until they wake up and disentangle from each other’s arms.

“Decorating?” Maggie asks groggily, and Kara just laughs maniacally, takes her by the hand, and tugs her downstairs. 

“Decorating!” she declares, arms spread wide at all the boxes of Channukah and Christmas decorations Eliza had brought down the night before.

Alex blushes as Eliza shows Maggie the macaroni ornaments Alex had made as a child, and Maggie blushes when Kara – with big eyes and sharing a wink with Eliza – announces that she’s going to hang the mistletoe.

And then proceeds to dangle it right above Alex and Maggie’s heads.

“Now, this is a consensual mistletoe, so no one has to kiss anyone if they don’t want, but – “ Kara explains merrily, but Eliza shushes her gently as Alex’s eyes meet Maggie’s. As their hands find each other’s faces. As their breaths sync up and their heart rates skyrocket.

“You’re already my family, Maggie,” Alex whispers as Maggie licks her lips and fights in vain not to cry. “But would you… would you want to be my girlfriend, too?”

“Yeah, Danvers,” Maggie’s voice cracks, and she finds that she doesn’t even care, because her smile, in this woman’s arms, never will. “Now can I kiss you already, or – “

Kara whoops and Eliza wipes her eyes as Alex kisses Maggie slow and soft and passionate, and Maggie kisses her back with everything she has.

“Alright girls, save the rest for when you’re not in front of your mother,” Eliza chides gently when Alex’s lips part for Maggie’s tongue. “And I’m afraid I’m going to have to give you the same series of sex talks I gave Alex, Maggie darling – “

“Not right now, Mom!” Alex shouts, but she’s smiling because all she sees is the light in Maggie’s eyes.

In her new girlfriend’s eyes.

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Prompt number 50 for Shakarian

[OKAY FINALLY. Sorry my love, you know how I am…. so slow and…………………………… soooo slow. lol I hope you like it. <3 It’s pretty short kinda angsty but it’s got a cute happy ending, annnnd as you know first hand (because I’m constantly bitching about it to you lol) I’m having a hard time with my Mass Effect stuff ;.; IDK WHY BUT I JUST AMMMMM. So hopefully this is good and you enjoy it? Because I don’t even know anymore. *eye twitch*


“Please… I need you.”

When Shepard woke today things still felt off… They felt off because the night before Garrus had given her an ultimatum. Well, it was more of an observation followed by a question than an actual ultimatum, but it had the same effect.

It was something like ‘Hey, I know you’ve been flirting with the drell and since we’ve been hooking up, it’s me or him… who’s it gonna be?’ And even though she knew that Garrus had a right to know, she didn’t realize he wanted to. 

She’d always had a thing for him of course and since they started their late night ‘hangouts’ that crush had gotten pretty bad. Which was probably why she found herself flirting with Thane so much now that she thought about it… 

Not unlike you to push someone away when they got too close… As she lay staring at the exposed stars that pass by above her, she realized that most definitely was the case. She was doing it again… but maybe the damage hadn’t been done. Maybe she could fix this still…

Only, would Garrus still want her after last night? 

Most men didn’t do well with the ‘uh……….. I should go.’ especially when those men where Garrus, and knew exactly why she used that excuse. 

That answer was shit, she knew it– but feelings and emotions had always been hard for Shepard, even before the whole dying-and-being-brought-back-a-cybernetic-zombie thing. 

Plus with everything going on and the Suicide Mission coming up… There was a lot on her mind. Too much to really justify a relationship.

Jane drew in a deep breath, pulling her hands to her face and running them through her crimson hair in a stretch After an exasperated sigh she pulled herself from bed and threw on her N7 hoodie, and some Blast-O’s slippers ready to make her way downstairs. 

Her plan had been to get some breakfast and a nice big cup of coffee… to avoid the situation for as long as possible. But once she reached the kitchen and looked down that hall towards the Main Battery, she just knew what she had to do. 

She turned, and strode straight towards it with determination. When Shepard reached the door, she paused second guessing herself for a moment… The light was green which was a good sigh she supposed, but just because it wasn’t locked didn’t mean he wanted to see her. 

It was only about 0600 hours and aside from the quiet humming and the soft click of nails on keyboard from the other side of the door the air was still. She knew he’d be working on calibrating something… no doubt trying not to think about their previous conversation and its complete failure. 

She raised a fist, hovering just before the door… almost knocking more than once as she pulled a nervous lip into her mouth; biting it harder than she should trying to regain that strength once more. Upon her exhale she closed her eyes, and knocked three times.

The clicking stopped abruptly, but Garrus didn’t say anything. 

Jane lowered her brow, pulling her face into a small frown as she lean her forehead to the door; waiting. 

“Please, Garrus… I need you.” and when she said that the mechanical door buzzed open.

Garrus was standing there, closer than she expected he’d of been and when he looked at her she stood up straighter and cleared her throat uncomfortably. “Do you have a minute?”

His normally warm eyes were sad. He didn’t seem angry with her, just hurt and Shepard didn’t like it one bit. But she just didn’t know what to say last night… Or maybe she did and she was just too scared. One thing she did know was that she wouldn’t make the same mistake again.

“Garrus, I’m sorry.” 

“You don’t have a reason to be sorry, Shepard…” he said quietly with mandibles pressed tight to his face as he stepped aside allowing her further entry. After a moment he started again, leaning against the console as he crossed his arms. “Really. I sort of just sprung it on you. I-I should have know better…”

“No. It’s not that…” Jane was somehow perfectly calm as she stepped forward wearing a faint smile. 

“I understand why you’d want him.”

“Garrus,” she tried to stop him, but he continued looking to his feet as his tone raised slightly, not in anger but deep in thought– trying to understand.

“He’s mysterious, and… he’s good with a sniper– not like you didn’t already have a perfectly good turian already–

“Garrus! Will you shut the hell up?” when Shepard interrupted him this time, her eyes were light despite her volume. A soft chuckle later, and she slid a hand to the scarred side of his face; resting it there lightly. “I’m trying to tell you that I love you here, big guy.”

He pulled his crystal eyes forward almost as if he thought she was just playing a joke on him. As if her words couldn’t possibly be true. “You…”

Jane nodded fully closing the space between them, nearly touching his chest when she spoke; raising her other hand to rest around his carapace. “Yeah, I do.”

Garrus let out a sigh of relief that echoed through all layers of his voice. He nodded shallowly as he slid his hands to rest at her hips, lightly pulling her closer as he ease himself into the situation and his realization. 

“It’s always been you Garrus… you just caught me off guard is all. I might be the great Commander Shepard… but I still get scared sometimes.” she leaned her forehead to meet his, the cool sensation of his plating instantly grounding her. 

“You had me worried for awhile there,” Garrus cooed back, his comfort growing with each second that passed. “but you should know I’d never hurt you… you don’t have anything to be afraid of with me.”

“I know, Garrus. Wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.” she said with a smile pulling him closer, pressing her nose agains this softly.

“Good. Oh, and Shepard? I love you too.” he smiled then, mandibles flickering lightly as he kissed her. 

Jane wasn’t sure when he’d gotten so good at this, or if ‘this’ would even last. With the Reapers, and the mission, things didn’t look good. Love didn’t look good.

But it didn’t really matter. What mattered was that she had him, and that he had her and that together they could do anything.

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Maybe some headcanons about how would Bakugou,Todoroki and Midoriya react if their S/O had a miscarriage please ?It’s totally fine if you don’t want to do it since it is a pretty weird ask !!

Angsty Thanksgiving i guess? 

Bakugou Katsuki:

  • He knows something was wrong when his wife stopped having morning sickness. 
  • His S/O is more upset and disappointed in herself then he can ever remember. But he has no idea how to handle this… nor does he really know how he feels
  • He never thought about kids, but now learning that he wasn’t going to have one… he knew some small part of him actually wanted kids
  • He holds his S/O close, rocking her back and forth in his arms. He’s upset too, but she needs him so much right now.
  • “I know this fucking sucks… but it doesn’t mean we won’t have our shitty kid ever. It’ll fucking happen, believe me babe.”

Todoroki Shouto:

  • When he arrives home, his wife sadly and bluntly tells him of her miscarriage. He’s in shock and remains silent. What is he supposed to say?
  • When he simply nods and carries on, it’s his attempts at coping and trying to come to terms with the news. He was nervous to be a father, as he feared becoming his father.
  • He notices his wife crying that night and realizes how selfish he had been to her own feelings. She was he one who lost the pregnancy after all, he was just the one who gave her the seed.
  • He hushes her cries and speaks to her in that calm voice of his. He knows his much it hurts, but he also knows how strong his S/O is. They’ll move on and try again soon.
  • “Relax, love. It wasn’t meant to happen right now. Let’s heal and when we’re ready, we can try again. We’ll have our baby, I promise you.”

Midoriya Izuku:

  • He had the gut feeling for a while now. That one where you feel like something bad was going to happen? He guessed this was it.
  • His wife keeps her distance from him after the news. She knows how much he wanted kids of his own… and he has a feeling she’s blaming herself
  • He finds her in what would have been the nursery, looking at the unfinished crib and barely painted walls. He comes in and hugs her, knowing his much they needed each other right now
  • He comforts her hiccups and wipes her tears away. He wanted children so badly, but he knew that his wife was that much more of a priority right now in this hard time.
  • “I know it’s hard, but I’m here. We had one bump, but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Next time, I know for sure we’ll get our little bundle of joy.”

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Didn't we JUST do the whole someone impersonates Cas bit with Lucifer in season 11? I hope that this means they'll tackle it from a different angle...

Well, Lucifer was using Cas as a vessel, right now Cas is in literal prison, being held by Asmodeus, who borrowed his voice (and I’m assuming might show up eventually wearing Cas’s face… but that’s just a guess at this point… but knowing Asmodeus, and the fact he’s keeping Dean placated with that phone call…

And honestly, isn’t that freaking refreshing? That Dean EXPECTS Cas to keep in touch with him, and Cas actively DID try to keep in touch with him from the bar. And HIS AWKWARD AND YET EFFECTIVE RAMBLING ABOUT WANTING TO SEE DEAN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO COVER HIS TRUE INTENT FROM LUCI?!

And now Dean gets this new weird phone call from “Cas” and I think he’s gonna be suspicious here…


So yeah, I don’t see this as anything even REMOTELY like what happened in s11.

I love jjba so far dont get me wrong but huuuuuuu…….cc……i wanna see that one guy right now immediately…..hes purple and blue i think…….im impatient and i want to see him right this instant

Lucifer VS Asmodeus

You know what? I knew it. I knew that Lucifer and Asmodeus hated each other right from the start. Because first, Asmodeus did not show up until he knew Lucifer is gone. Luci did not call on him either to protect his son. The sealing factor is that if it takes someone to be beaten like that to encourage loyalty, as Asmodeus recalled, it’s more likely that they’re going to betray you for revenge once you turn your back on them. And I was right on that.

Now I just want to be right about Lucifer actually not wanting to use Jack for evil. I imagine he just didn’t know what to do with life when God/Chuck left him again so his daddy issues went out of control and he thought it would be a great idea to be a father to someone instead of waiting for his own to return. It’s a bonus that Jack is a nephilim who happens to be stronger than any human or angel and a tabboo at that. Luci probably thought “My son is perfect unlike yours, dad! Come here and look at my creation!”.

And Chuck will just look at Lucifer from toes to wings and say blankly, “My creations are always faulty, true.”

I also thought it would be great if Asmodeus is this season’s big bad because he wants to use Jack to rule hell and Lucifer will team up with the Winchesters and Castiel to save Jack. Lucifer would be their strongest ally BUT human Lucifer would be a great plot device to pass. If human Metatron could appreciate something about humanity, how about human Lucifer??????


Dude im fucking shaking right now ok so in todays jse highlights video the end clip was of the anti clip on the silent movie which is cool and spooky but i was like. “Ok they wouldnt throw that there for no reason they probably want us to notice something” so i thought for a few minutes and GUYS. Everything makes sense now. Ok so the new “ego” jameson jackson is NOT an ego it’s an ancestor. This whole thing shows where anti originated from. WE did not make anti we simply acknowledged him. But wait how is that not jack? Clearly he traveled through time. NO! Isnt it odd that jack doesnt like when we call the new ego jack or sean and leaned towards jameson? It’s most likely because it isnt jack and he doesnt want us confused. Now what does this mean? Well our pal jameson does something familiar, he carves a pumpkin and then cuts himself and then turns into a demon. This means that first off anti is a family curse being passed down and secondly the pumkin carving is a ritual. Anti had no full posesion over jack until the pumpkin carve which means that the pumpkin carving is vital to the passing of it. It doesnt help that pumpkin carvings originated in ireland. Now lets go to something anti said. “I fucking hate circles im tired of it” he only killed jack once so wtf is he talking about? He’s not going in circles unless this is a curse a fate that will continue on and on and on forever being passed down generation to generation. This also means that during october 2016 when jack ignored talk of anti on tumblr it wasnt because he didn’t know. In most cases when something bad is innevitable people try to ignore it and pretend its not there. He knew anti was a thing proven by him tweeting and acknowledgeing he felt strange. He knew what was coming. This is a curse and its not just the jack ego its every ego. Chase is cursed to go through divorse, schneep is cursed to never be a real doctor, jackieboy man is cursed to not be good at his job, even anti is cursed to have to keep doing this. He hates doing this, hes annoyed and frustrated because there is no end goal which could explain why sean tells us “he just wants to watch the world burn” there is no end goal because this is a never ending curse. Anti is frustrated ro thw point where he just wants to watch the world burn.Now how do we break the curse? Not a fucking clue but i can imagine we’ll have hints eventually on how we can help. I cant wait for more anti shit this month to learn more lore and history.

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It was a good few minutes before Yandere came back. He had his pjs on now. He frowned when he found the door locked before plucking two pins out of his hair, and picking it. Good thing you were done when he came in, “Skylar-pai locked the door! No need to do that when I’m around.” He picked you up again, carrying you to the bed. He slipped the two of you under the covers & positioned you to cuddle him again, kissing your forehead, “Now sleep, don’t worry, I’ll be right here when you wake up.”-🥀

I let out a paniced yep as he picked the lock, honestly looking quite nervous when he walked closer “i-i just um… i didnt want people walking in while i was changin- !” I was cut off when he picked me up, relaxing once he put us under the blankets. Though his words were still a but worrying in a way i just smiled up to him, snuggling close to him “thank you yandere… sleep well…”

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okay so, i’ve been doing work and decided to take a break, during which i ran into some shit again. the thing is, everyone is open to think and headcanon whatever they want, you do you boo, but just…  that fanon thing that makes merlin just gay tires me. i’m not nearly close to ignore the fact he was blatantly crushing on literally everyone, i’m not going to erase freya from his life, just as much as i’m not going to ignore he’s also Super Unstraight™. two things can be true, and for someone who just ?? doesn’t care about this?? at all ??? who has bigger issues to worry about ?? it doesn’t matter okay. merlin’s whole character is based on duality and whatnot, and that is just one of the things which brings you to a point…….. it doesn’t matter which way it goes.

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Hey!:D I was wondering about Konstantino actually! He seems really cute, could you tell us a bit about his backstory? :0 also are you gonna do Asra and Nadia's routes with him as well?


Omg I feel so bad, I wish I actually had a big backstory for him like everyone else does of their MC, but I don’t because I haven’t been playing enough of the game. I don’t….have all the facts prepped for that yet. I will soon tho, hopefully! (Problem is, right now I can’t even access the chapters I bought ‘cuz I uninstalled/reinstalled the game and now everything I bought is gone. So I’m just patiently waiting for an email from the company rn -.- I feel dumb)

All I know is… that he loves Asra very much and wants to maintain Asra’s shop to the best of his abilities; he’s got an obsession with staying focused and keeping things pristine and organized, so he takes care of everything Asra needs, even things Asra doesn’t ask for. He is very defensive of Asra and uncertain of what will put the shop in jeopardy, so he’s still on the fence about trusting anyone in the palace. He is very much studying the leads Nadia gave him, though. He did not expect to be in love with Julian - he doesn’t even want to be, but he is, and that’s something he still is having trouble debating with himself, since he’s afraid of feelings. 

He’s gay so I won’t do Nadia for now ;3 I still wanna see her route tho, so I might make another apprentice later. I wanna see all the routes, but I’m leaving Tino with Julian for now.

So Date Update

It sucked. Guy seemed nice but like I kinda figured out, the Cross was a teen makeout point. So we made out for a little while, he wanted to go further but I said fuck no. 

He proceeds to use the N word twice (he’s a white guy), used the F word and by that point, I was done. I lied and said my curfew was at 10 so he dropped me off and here I am.

As of right now, I’m blocking him on Instagram because I’m done at this point. Definitely into girls tho.

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Kat,,,,,,,keith Cries,,,,,,,,,fanon keith is dead,,,hes,,,,,emotiONAL,,,

Dude. Dude, I know. Here’s some great stuff about Keith that fandom can no longer deny:

  • when asked to describe himself he first comes up blank
  • no mentions of his talents whatsoever?? he’s not arrogant
  • in fact he has no trouble admitting that he’s bad at something
  • keeps saying that he pilots the black lion but refuses to say that he’s the black paladin
  • he thinks that being part Galra might be why he has always been bad at connecting with people 
  • automatically plays around with his knife when the Galra part gets mentioned
  • is very straightforward and wants to avoid complicated stuff as much as possible
  • apologized twice for blowing up; he’s self-conscious about his temper
  • [voice crack] “I don’t know why I’m that way”
  • is aware of his abandonment issues
  • is also aware that he puts some walls up
  • tries to compose himself by rubbing his fingers together
  • knows when he is about to cry and promised himself not to do it ((in front of the camera/a potential audience at least))

HE’S. SO GREAT. SO SO GREAT. He’s much more self-aware than fandom gives him credit for. I LOVE HIM SO MUCH ;A;


In today’s episode of the clock-verse we meet Orion’s sister and damn she takes no hostages