i want to be her when i get old

Result of livestream and moar Samurai Dad. Geez, and this isn’t even half of what I wanted to draw.You have no idea how much more I want to draw. So I’ll continue next week with more Samurai Dad. 

So methinks that Jack would remember his old friend and pay him a visit, just to see how he is despite past 20-30 years. I can already see poor Jack being flustered when the Scottsman gets the impression that Jack got “busy.” Boy that would be an interesting story to tell. And yep, Scottsman’s wife would unintentionally trigger ptsd for the girls (considering one of their “trainers” was a she-hulk). Don’t worry, they’d warm up to her once they realize she’s not laying a fist on any of them.

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Ive been this disappointed in my life I really thought he was smarter than that but the devil played him ofc she doesn't have a career or young to care about all she wants is his bank account I really think she got pregnant without planning this with liam bc ...how he's going yo start a career and be a father at the same time let alone that he spent the whole pregnancy thing away from her and barely he's there which is sad like why would you be into a relationship with an old woman +

who’s been planning to have a baby with her team when she finds the perfect daddy and which is better than a young naive celebrity who’s trying to buld his career now we will never get music and I hate him much for promising us soon but we got a baby instead it’s sad that I thought he loves music more this his life but he seems enjoying changing diapers while watching his former bandmates take all over the world

Well if you hate him so much, you’re at the wrong blog, I understand frustration but its not your life anon, it’s none of our lives.

And 33 is NOT an old woman for  goodness sake.  70 is an old woman and that’s questionable these days actually okay, but don’t get me started on the ageing population okay or we’ll be here all week? 

I do agree that this wasn’t agreed or planned.  However, anyone tries to paint this, the facts are that we had media headlines talking about pregnancy back in March last year, and then speculation about a bump from May when she had her baby on Wednesday apparently which means conception in July. 

Beyond all that. We WILL have solo liam, we can still enjoy all that. I personally still believe and support Ziam but I certainly won’t sacrtifice my own values in this belief. 

I was thinking about how there are probably homeless wizarding kids in the Harry Potter universe. Muggleborns specifically. Their parents don’t react positively to a magical child. They don’t see a gift or a miracle. They see the devil. So they throw their kids out. I picture a ministry group in charge of taking in and caring for homeless magic children. They just when they get the message a kid has magic but no address they send people out to find them. They get taken in my the ministry or adopted by wizarding parents who want to adopt a magic child.

Specifically I would like you all to picture Luna Lovegood taking in rowdy formerly homeless magic 10 year olds, getting them ready for Hogwarts, and sending them letters on the time. They call her mom. They live with her durinng the summer. She is known for her generosity and gentleness. Picture little gryffindors wanting to hear all about how she knows Harry Potter, little ravenclaws discussing riddles with her, little hufflepuffs saying they want to grow up to take in kids just like she did, and little slytherins getting her help on their work so that they can be the very best. Picture please Luna Lovegood being Mama Bear for like 14 formerly homeless magic children.

My personal head cannon is that Carmilla kept her childhood home and would occasionally hide away there when ever she wants to be left alone.  All the locals obviously think it’s haunted and won’t go anywhere near it.  Anyways, after saving the world, she takes Laura there.  Laura wakes up early and takes that opportunity to explore the place (even though Carmilla told her not to wander off by herself because the place is old and some parts aren’t entirely structurally sound).

If I had and capacity for writing I’d give you an accompanying fic, but I don’t so instead you get an illustration. 

P.S. My full portrait of Mircalla can be found here

“My ninety-year-old mother just moved in with us. So I’ve become a full time caretaker. I’m all she’s got. My father passed away and I’m her only child. So I’m it. Right now she has a lot of negativity. She seems to fixate on the negative side of things. If I suggest going outside, she’ll say it’s too cold. If I suggest that we go shopping, she’ll say there’s too much traffic. She wants her independence, but when she has it, she gets lonely. It’s hard for me. Because I’m a positive person by nature. And it’s hard to deal with so much negative energy. My husband is worried about me. He thinks it’s too much to deal with. I have a family, a life, and a business. But I’d be even more of a wreck if I put her in assisted living. I need to know for sure that she’s getting the proper care. Because for all her negativity, my mother always taught us respect. Respect your toys. Respect your parents. Respect other people. Respect their property. Respect is the basis for everything. Without it, everything falls apart.“

If you cannot handle your alcohol you cannot handle me. I am the strongest drink you will ever have and the quickest drug you will ever get addicted to. Like the whiskey you’ve grown to be fond of since you were 16 years old I’ll be there when it feels like nobody else is. I will be what you drown yourself in when you’re overwhelmed with both happiness and sadness, I will be what you wake up wanting and go to bed dreaming of. The first swig of me will leave you wondering if you want more but with each new sip you’ll fall more in love with each taste you get and ask for another shot. But unlike the alcohol you’ve learned to rely on, even when you split ways, I will not come back. One day I’ll wake up and leave and you will go through a withdrawal that doesn’t really end, you just find ways to bury it. But I’ll have scarred you and you’ll never really want whiskey again, just on the nights you miss me most and you can’t fight the urge to do whatever it takes to have the taste of me on your lips again. So when she asks you why you drink yourself to death with whiskey on the days it feels like the worlds falling apart or the days it feels like it’s all falling together? Tell her that the tequila from your trip with her to Mexico, or the Vodka you got in Moscow, or the wine she got you from that Vineyard back east doesn’t make you feel like I did.

And when you’re drunk in your whiskey that’s the only time you feel like you’re home

some of the best customers I’ve had at Dollar General
  • the woman who comes in every day and buys a single can of cat food. The brand she buys has the deal that if you buy 5 cans, you get them for $2. When I told her that she said “I don’t need five at once. Terrence only needs one a day.”
  • The old man who came in and asked me “Why do you think McDonalds doesn’t sell hotdogs?” When I told him I didn’t know, he said “Well, I guess it would be hard to keep a straight face and order a McWeenie.”
  • The teenage girl whose boyfriend held her foot up as she hopped around the store to get her things. Come to find out that she had lost her flip flop and didn’t want to step on the floor with her bare foot.
  • The elderly spanish man who comes in every day to get a pack of Marlboro Lights. His english isn’t very good, so when I asked him if he wanted shorts or 100s, he looked at me confused. Realizing he didn’t understand, I said “Pequeño ?” His face lit up and nodded enthusiastically. Now every time he leaves, he smiles and says “Hasta mañana” and I say it back.
  • The other day when I was outside on a smoke break, he was riding on a bike and yelled ”HASTA MANANAAAAAA” as he rode by.
  • The old woman who came in and bought 24 air fresheners. I asked her if she was stocking up, and she told me about how she got a new boyfriend who lived in a mansion, and that she was putting one in each of the rooms. She then proceeded to tell me about how the mansion is haunted.
  • The little kid who was probably around 4 or 5 who ripped open a pack of skittles. As me and the people in line watched the skittles scatter across the floor, he looked up and said. “It wasn’t me.” 

I love how Magnus Chase refers to people as ‘his’.

Like how Hearthstone is ‘his’ elf, and Otis is ‘his’ goat. And his buddies are ‘his’ family. And how gets so mad when anyone tries to hurt them.

Also, I love how he was so ready to defend Sam’s right to choose who she wanted to marry - but instantly backed down and then decided to completely support her when he found out she was not only okay with her arranged marriage, but wanted it very badly, because she’s loved Amir since she was 12 years old. And proceeds to think it’s cute every time Sam gets flustered when she thinks about Amir.

I love how he’s so supportive of his friends, and how he called Blitz the most wonderful, strong, and handsome dwarf ever. And how he hugs everyone. And cries a lot. And wants to bake cookies for Hearth and wrap him in a blanket to make him feel better - but recognizes that his friend wouldn’t like that, and so treats Hearth the way he wants to be treated, instead of forcing his own wants onto his friend.

I like how he asks for permission before touching anyone to heal them, instead of invading their personal space.

And how he doesn’t hold grudges.

And how even though he and Gunilla didn’t see eye to eye on many things, he was still very upset and affected by her death, and carried her body back to Valhalla for a proper burial.

And I love how the thoughts that give him strength are the ones about his mother, and about their summers together.

And how he thinks the Fadlans are the most important, most amazing people ever, because they showed him kindness and fed him while he was homeless.

Just…Magnus Chase. I love this kid.

when there’s a girl who finally likes you and you think she’s going to confess to you but you like another girl so before she gets the chance to tell you she likes you, you start telling her how there’s another girl who you like but then an older city boy appears and you assume it’s her boyfriend and that you completely misunderstood the situation

I think my favourite thing about Bubbline is that in the first episode that made it clear this is going to turn real gay real fast (What Was Missing), the characters still had their initial traits. Princess Bubblegum was this perfect little princess who always gets everything she wants and everyone adores her. Marceline was this “dark and mysterious” ancient vampire who’s oh so cool and nonchalant, but also a terrifying force when angered.

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And now we see so much deeper into their characters. Bonnibel is actually almost as old as Marcy is and she’s been hardened into a ruthless despot, who is ultimately well-intentioned but also goddamn scary sometimes, and above all so, so deeply flawed. Marcy herself is still the lost little girl she was when she turned immortal, her blasé attitude is actually just a defense mechanism and yeah, she’s still a powerful vampire, but also a precious awkward potato most of the time.

Maybe even better than all this is the fact that they both helped each other develop. Bonnie is less tense now and focuses more on her personal relationships and sees beyond the masses of her citizens. Marceline was briefly mortal again thanks to PB and is vastly better at handling her emotions and maintaining her relationship with others.

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These two are amazing.

The Netflix Series of Unfortunate Events is turning out to be awesome! Super stoked for season 2. Loving how VFD members are getting a lot more screen time too! And Lemony Snicket!! And UNCLE MONTY!!!

So you open his contact and write “Don’t fall in love with some other girls” but you can’t really press send. And you hope tonight he got drunk enough to call you //
Because you swore you forget him but
yesterday he smiled at you and said hi
and now you’re missing him again
and now you wanted to hear his voice
and his laugh
just like the old times // But you know it all better // If he’s drunk you won’t be the one he’s calling // And you kept screaming:

Fuck I promised myself I won’t cry over you again
This is why I must get over you
Don’t fall for her please
Im not ready
Im not ready
Im not fucking ready

And it’s one hour until 11 pm
The time when he used to call you
But he’s still not drunk enough
But he’s still not on your phone (probably on hers)
And you’re still not hearing his voice

And you wish the love faded away a little
But it’s still there, banging on your chest, louder than your tears.
And you realize how scary it is
Too love someone so much it breaks you
—  I wanted to text you so much but I can’t text first and risk another READ AT 11:23PM
12-6 Sunahama Translation

Pitiful “devil”. Puts on an air of excessive self-importance, but even the most trivial of things will cause it to break.

“God” is the only one that matters to him. Nothing else. After his fall, he’s all he lives for.

Wants to forget everything unpleasant to live a life of ease, but that’s not going to happen since she’s the Devil Queen.

“I won’t allow it! I don’t want to see your face anymore!” If you make her cry, it’ll be TROUBLESOME.

Gets treated like an old man one way or the other. Yet, his essence… he’s a devil, but his nature’s a little different. He’s a little traumatized from being stabbed by his younger brother a long time ago.

Not a devil, but he “has the face of one”. That’s the reason he was admitted into the Devil Club. Has a Super Cool power when with his younger sibling. Seems like he once opposed them, though…

can the obamas get a reality tv show? i want to see what they’re up to even after they leave the white house. how does malia like school? is sasha adjusting well to her new old life? how often do joe and barack hang out? how are bo and sunny doing? does michelle still look flawless even when she’s just wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt? these are things i need to know.

Control. Your. Child.

I was working the jewelry counter again when a page went out over the headset.
“We’ve got an unattended child up front.”
So our manager goes up and everybody hits the floor, getting ready to find this kids parents. He’s maybe five or six years old, and all he cares about is the toy he’s dragging around. My manager asks him if he came here with his mommy or his daddy, and all he does is scream that he wants this toy. I can hear him from two departments away. My manager, bless her heart, tried everything to figure out what happened to this kid’s parents, while deflecting the piercing screams that this child is unleashing.
Out of the corner of my eye, I see a lady with a cart full of kids clothes and a pack of fruit snacks, but no child. So I walk across the beauty department and go to talk to her.
“Ma'am, did you happen to come here with your son today?”
She shakes her hand at me. “Oh, he’s with his father. They’re here somewhere.”
(This child is still screaming in the background.) “Was he wearing a grey shirt with a red car on it? About this tall?”
“Oh my god! Yes, that’s my son! I left him with my husband!”
So I tell my manager that I’ve got the mom in beauty, and tell the lady that my manager is bringing her son. Turns out the little brat had snuck out of the fitting room, where his dad was trying on clothes, and tried to make a break for it. They’re reunited, and she doesn’t discipline her child at all. Just sets him in the cart and continues shopping. We thought that that was the end of it.
About twenty minutes after that, the family has checked out and left, and a different woman approaches my manager and says
“The screaming child from before… Had an accident… In men’s coats.”
The little demon had urinated all over the floor in the men’s department and the mother didn’t even notice.
Our store is not a daycare. We are not child care providers. While you’re ignoring your child, they could be getting hurt, destroying merchandise, bothering an entire building full of people, or getting kidnapped. You brought them here, so keep an eye on them.
Control your goddamn children.

*The Letter* Newt x reader

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Newt x reader. Readers estranged parents find out that not only did she marry Newt but has had children with him. Once they find out that he’s now a famous author and your his illustrator they want part of his wealth

Hope you enjoy!! I really liked this idea! It’s rather long.. sorry not sorry. 

“Mommy, look!” Your five year old daughter, Ava, came running up to you while holding her favorite little Bowtruckle, Fern. She had pieced together a nice little hat for the creature wear and was extremely proud to present it to you. Giggling, you knelt down to get a closer look.

“And what will Daddy think when he see’s you’ve made another hat for Fern?” You smiled and tickled Ava, who gave out an enthusiastic laugh. 

“What’s all this laughing I hear?” Newt entered the room and looked down to see Ava holding Fern. “Making hats for the Bowtruckles again I see?” He smiled and knelt down to meet her eye level.

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