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“Everybody, on a different level, goes through good times and bad times and you have your fair balance. We aren’t the only ones in that kind of situation, and we shouldn’t feel so down. It’s not the end of the world. We’re very lucky to be where we are.”

Happy 30th Birthday Brendon Urie!


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My Fake Boyfriend Part 3

Summary: After receiving a very rude letter of your ex on the mail saying that he is going to get married. You see yourself not knowing what to do, you can just let it go or accept the help of your hot neighbor and pretend he is your boyfriend.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1664

Warnings: Angst, fuffly

A/n: Thanks to @drinkfantasy for being my beta. You rock.


credits to the gif owner

When you knock on the door all your family, literally all your family is there waiting for you. The first person you see is your oldest brother, he looks older since the last time you saw him and tired as well. 

Then you saw your parents, your father pulls you to a quick hug while your mother keeps you in her arms until she is sure that you are eating enough, drinking enough water and definitely okay in your city.

Your grandmother is the last one, she smiles bright at you and you swear that she doesn’t age. She is wearing a bright red dress and hands you a glass of wine “He is a much better choice than the last one, you did good, honey.” She raises her glass in a sign of approval, you hug her, you missed your family like crazy, but your grandmother was always the one that made that house feels like home, she was always the one who stayed by your side in fights.

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7th grade science (Zach Dempsey, 13 reasons)

Other than being on the badminton team to get out of having to take a gym class, you steered clear of sports. You hated the people, the double standards, and most importantly the fact that most of the school’s budget went to sports. You took part in theater and choir and dance and art and practically any visual/performing arts activity the school had to offer. By the end of your freshman year, you were helping out at the local elementary and middle schools that were putting on plays. Star basketball player, Zach Dempsey’s little sister was apart of play productions at her school.

After coming to one of her plays that you’d helped put on, you noticed Zach has made an effort to come over and speak with you. He seemed a little shy, but the two of you carried on a conversation perfectly fine. The week after that, you noticed Zach making an effort to talk to you every day. You didn’t think anything of it on the first day. Or the second. But things got suspicious after that. His friends started being nice to you. Justin started walking you to some of your classes, Sheri complimented your makeup. Marcus even offered to help you study. None of these people had really talked to you before. You stayed guarded. Your best friend had a history of dating jocks, but other than that, jocks had nothing to do with your personal life.

On this day, your best friend had gone home sick, the two of you didn’t drive, so you usually walked home together. With her absence, your earbuds became your friend for the walk home. You were still walking down the street in front of the school when you were jolted by a honk. You looked over to see a car driving by you slowly. The back seat held none other than Zach and Marcus. Justin filled the passenger seat, while Bryce drove.

“Need a lift home, Y/N?” You hear Bryce say, laughing under his breath. All the boys were staring at you, obviously waiting for an answer.

“Um, I’m fine, but thanks.” You went to put your earbud back in and continue on your walk.

“Got homework to do?” Justin asked. You swallowed. Not making direct eye contact with any of them.

"A lot, which is why I’m gonna get going.” You put the earbud in quickly this time. Walking off at a fast rate. They were, of course, in a car though, and you couldn’t exactly speed walk away from a car under most circumstances.

"We could get you there faster.” Marcus laughed. You could hear their various comments no matter how loud you played your music. Finally, you yanked both earbuds out.

"I’m really not trying to be a bitch. Really, I’m not. And I know none of you are used to hearing the word no. But there’s a first time for everything. No, I do not want to ride with you. I want to walk home, alone, listening to the music I want to listen to. I’ll see all of you at school tomorrow.”

You looked up at the sky, dark clouds were taking over, as well as winds. You, being in a short sleeve T shirt, crossed your arms over you chest and sped up, wanting to get home before the rain started. A minute later, you looked over and they were gone. You breathed a sigh of relief.

"Uh, Y/N?” You jump, startled once again. You look up to see Zach walking next to you. He grinned at you.

"I’ve been here for a solid minute, and you haven’t noticed. What is that you’re on, twitter?” You glared at him, walking even faster now.

"This could probably qualify as harassment. Where’d the car go?” You look around in the surrounding Parking lots and on the streets.

“I told them to go on without me. I wanted to talk to you.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously, still looking at you.

"Yeah, okay.” You mumbled, staring at the ground. You suddenly felt drops on your arms and on your head. It was beginning to rain.

“Shit.” You found yourself mumbling again.

You walked faster, not wanting the papers in your backpack to be completely drenched. You soon realized that Zach was a lot faster than you and could keep up with you. And suddenly, you had his letterman jacket draped over you.

"I’m fine.” You grumbled. He simply chuckled.

“You’re soaked.” He corrected. You rolled your eyes.

"And now you will be to.” He was in a tight blue T shirt, his arms crossed like yours. He smiled at you.

"Better me than you.” You gave him a side eye glance. He wanted to play gentleman, did he?

"Since when do I exist to you?” You adjusted the jacket to where it covered your head.

“What are you talking about? We’ve been friends since elementary school.” You scoffed, pursing your lips.

"Aren’t we friends?” You could feel him looking at you. You walked faster, he knew you weren’t friends before this. He knew you hadn’t talked since you’d been paired up in seventh grade science for a project.

"Do you really think we qualify as friends, Zach? Do you really think that?” You looked up at him. He looked a little hurt, but maybe like he knew you were right.

"Look, I know we just started hanging out but-” you stopped abruptly, catching him off guard.

"Hanging out? You call you and your friends following me around for a week straight ‘hanging out’? I call it creepy.” His Adam’s apple bobbed as he swallowed hard. He hadn’t expected you to be so harsh and brash.

"I’m sorry okay? It’s just, my sister loved working with you so much and it just reminded me of some stuff.” He pushed his now sopping hair out of his face. You were a block away from your house, so you started walking again.

"Stuff being?” You persisted, though you walked ahead so you couldn’t see his reaction.

"It reminded me of why you’re the only girl I’ve ever really had a crush on.” You stopped. Sure, you were in front of your house, but you also couldn’t move. Zach Dempsey had a crush on you? Key word being had, but still.

"How? When? Where? W-” he cut you off this time. You were still in front of him but you heard him let out a sigh.

"Justin and them- they’re better than they seem. But they don’t get biology, or why I love it. Do you remember when we were paired up in Ms. Milton’s class in middle school for a project?” Zach looked at you. You opened the white picket fence that shut you away from your yard, walking inside the property.

"You can come in, Zach.” You held the fence open. He shuffled quickly inside. He looked surprised that you’d even invited him in. You walked up the path way and up to your porch, unlocking your front door.

"It’s not fancy like yours, but it’s home.” You held the door open for him once again and he walked inside, looking around.

"I’ll get you a towel.” You ran up the stairs, soon coming back down, handing him the towel. You gestured for him to follow you as you walked into the living room to sit on the couch. He sat next to you.

"What were you saying about Ms. Milton?” You didn’t want to let on that you knew exactly what had occurred in Ms. Milton’s class.

"Well- we were partners for a project. And- I let you pick the animal we’d do the project on. You picked whales. And I became so interested in sea life after that project. Now I wanna be a marine biologist. It all started in Ms. Milton’s.” He stared at you. He was serious. He’d been in love with you since the seventh grade.

"Yeah? Well you stopped talking to me in high school. I stopped mattering to any sports player once high school hit.” You didn’t make eye contact with him.

"Okay. Well, I thought I’d never have a chance as soon as I became a basketball player. But I’ve liked you so much- ever since middle school.” You looked up he was scratching the back of his neck.

"You do that when you get nervous.” You pointed out. He laughed a little.

"Oh yeah? When you’re anxious or nervous, you pick your nail polish off.” He was right. That was a nervous tick you had. Maybe he wasn’t such a liar after all.

"Listen, I’m sorry if the boys started to bombard you. They just- they hook up with a ton of girls and they were worried because I wasn’t into any girls they sent my way. When I finally told them about my.. thing for you, they went a bit nuts.”
You laughed a little. Justin and Marcus fucked anything that walked at parties. Bryce’s dad set it up so he could order strippers and prostitutes to come whenever he wanted. Zach was different from his friends. Everyone in the school knew it.

"Do you wanna stay for dinner Zach?” You blushed a little as you looked his way.

"Sure, but can I take you out for some food tomorrow night? Just us?”

You felt yourself blushing again. Defensive? Sure you were. But your heart was already fluttering at the idea of going to dinner with Zach Dempsey.

Judaism, Monsters and Fairies

Hi! I am a Gentile author, and I wish to add a pair of Jewish characters to my most recent writing work, which features a very large amount of Monsters as characters. I want to make sure they’re both as fleshed out and lovable as all my other characters, so I’ve been doing my research. I’m close to done, so I wanted to send an ask your way!

The characters are Armel, a Werebear gentleman, and his daughter, a Golem named Ava. In the story, Ava is the leader of a local Biker Gang called the Wild Hunt, and Armel is retired, but he houses and hides Ava’s girlfriend, Sofia, when she is targeted by a rival gang.

A key point of both the characters’ backstories is that Armel, at a young age, became stranded in the woods which surrounded his rural home, and was taken into a Fae community, which fostered him until adulthood, in return for him teaching them about Judaism. Is this alright? I’ve looked into Reform Judaism (the type of Judaism he practices, chosen for being more lenient), and nothing I’ve found speaks against interacting with Fairies. If there is anything forbidding the teaching of the faith to outsiders, I’ve not read it, as long as the convert is willing to learn and grow and be a part of the community.

The reason I wished for Armel to teach was because of the second character, Ava. I’m trying to go for more traditional depictions of the characters, and I know that Golems were traditionally created (in folklore) by Rabbi to protect Jewish communities. while I know he’d have been nowhere close to an actual Rabbi, I was hoping his position as a teacher would count. Ava is by no means a traditional Golem, possessing a personality and mind of her own (probably due to pesky fairy magic). If this is disrespectful in any way, I will be sure to change it.

And a final question: I’ve not been able to get a definite answer as to the nature of lineage in Reform Judaism. Some sources tell me your Mother determines your status of being Jewish/gentile, while others say it’s your father’s side of the family. If you know which, I’d be very thankful to know! :D

Thank you so much for reading my (stupidly long) ask, and I’ll be eagerly awaiting your reply!

1. Teaching outsiders about our culture and faith is okay; it doesn’t make them Jewish, though– the fairies would have to actually convert on purpose (which it doesn’t sound like is part of your story; don’t worry about that.) I also think it’s very sweet that even as a child his Jewishness was important enough to him to maintain it even without other Jewish adults around. There are countless stories of kids who got rescued by Christian families and were therefore raised Christian, so I like your version.

2. The Golem sounds fine to me but I’m no expert. I do know that the golem in The Golem and the Jinni definitely has her own mind and personality, although you can tell that in some ways she’s totally different from human personalities.

3. Some other denominations of Judaism hold that descent is entirely matrilineal but from what I’ve heard of Reform, either parent being Jewish + raised in a Jewish household is enough. (The reason for matrilineal descent is that, with the exception of trans pregnancy, you absolutely know who your mother is because you literally were in her womb.)

–Mod Shira


that green gentleman (things have changed for me) // panic! at the disco

IMAGINE: tom comes to surprise you at work but you've not told any of your co-workers you in a relationship ❌REQUESTS OPEN❌

“(Y/n) ” someone stuttered as they walked onto the office floor , you popped your head from your cubical “ yeah ” you called out to the girl who looked like she had just been star struck and as the door opened again you understood why , tom Hiddleston - your boyfriend - was behind her . You quickly got up and ran , in your heels to him , as everyone in the office watch him and then you . ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
Gently grabbing him by the collar you pulled him outside “ tom you can’t just show up ” you nearly shouted now scared and worried to go back into the office “but why sweetheart ? I wanted to surprise, take you to lunch ” the gentleman said and you couldn’t help but swoon but you had to keep your poker face on “ not here tom ! ” you shouted in frustration as you looked up to see everyone looking the window and hide you face . Tom noticed and frowned “ are , are you ashamed of me ” he asked in a broken voice and you automatically looked up shocked . You walked close to him and shuck your head “ no , I love you and am proud to be yours but I don’t want them treating me different - if you understand ” you smiled in hope . Tom quickly pulled you into his arms and hugged you “ you got me worried there ” he laughed into your neck.

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I’ll Fix Ya Right Up Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Pairings: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warnings: Language

Written by: @garyunwinimagines​​ also goes by @chipedenspook1997​​

Notes: Sorry it’s been so long. But here’s something else for you guys. And I’m opening requests for the next two days. Requests will close at 12:00PM on April 7th, 2017. I hope that you guys like this!

Words: 988 words

You were currently on an inversion table trying to stretch your back as it’s been hurting and you haven’t been able to crack it. So here you were hanging upside down, past vertical. You slowly started to feel your back stretch out, and it felt wonderful. You were feeling very relaxed and in less pain.

“What ya doin’ (y/n)?” Eggsy asked.

After V-day, Merlin wanted you, Eggsy, and Roxy to live together as the three of you could still be possible targets. It made sense, and now the three of you were inseparable. When you all were in your “job interview”, you got a crush on Eggsy. Roxy knew but the man was completely oblivious. Living with him only made it worse, cause most the time he’d walk around in baggy sweatpants and a t-shirt. Which is what he was currently wearing. Thankfully your face was already red from being upside down.

“Just trying to fix my shit back,” You groaned.

“And that’s supposed to help” Get offa there. I’ll fix ya right up,” He said.

More like smirked. And that’s when you realized that your shirt had bunched up right under your breasts.

“Gary Unwin!” You fake gasped. “And I thought that you were a gentleman!”

He laughed, “We both know that I ain’t no gentleman, but come on (y/n). Don’t want ya falling over on a mission now do we?”

He has a valid point.

“Fine…” You grumbled and slowly made yourself upright again and got off the table.

“So what are you going to do to me?” You asked.

He hugged his solders then grabbed your hand and lead you to his room. You raised an eyebrow and he looked at his feet. The mood had changed from a light and playful one, to a more serious, but dare you say romantic one. What was going on?

He walked to one of the drawers in his nightstand and pulled out…oils? Why does he have oils in there? You were so lost in your mind that you didn’t hear what he said the first time.

“Love, did ya here me? (y/n)?”

“Sorry. I was just lost in my head. What did ya say?”

“I need you to take of your shirt then lay on your stomach.”

You raised your eyebrow again, then you turned around and took off your shirt and laid down how he asked. You closed your eyes and slowed down your breathing, that was until you felt the bed dip on both sides and Eggsy sitting on your thighs.

“Can I?” He asked gesturing to your bra.

You said yes then he went to take off your bra, unclasping it so you could do the rest yourself. You debated leaving it there unhooked, but decided that you’d be more comfortable without it there. So you sat up just enough to toss the bra to the floor. Then a gasp was heard.

“Fucking finally!” Roxy said. “No pun intended.”

She was grinning from ear to ear. You rolled your eyes.

“He’s just going to give me a massage Rox,” You said.

“Sure…” She drawled out as she left the room and shut the door.

“Why’d she say that?” Eggsy said with a tinge of red across his cheeks.

“Don’t know,” You replied mentally cursing Roxy.

“Don’t forget to use protection!” Roxy yelled.

“Shit,” Eggsy said loud enough that Roxy could here.

“What?” You said and looked back at him.

He had a shit eating grin cross his face and mouthed “follow my lead”. You knew that this was going to be fun, and that Rox is going to be pissed when/if she finds out.

“I forgot rubbers,” You had to refrain from laughing your ass off as he pulled out a box of rubber gloves that was empty.

“Fuck Eggsy. I need you right now babe. Rubbers or not.”

“(y/n), love, are you sure?”


By this time you were now sitting up against the headboard with Eggsy right by you. A pillow tightly clutched against your chest. So the two of you were sitting side by side making some of the most pornographic noises that you could think of. When the two of you started there was lots of laughing, but the longer it went on the less laughing happened. And holy shit did that turn you on. You wouldn’t be normally, but the way his voice dropped with the combination of his grunts drenched your panties. Now it came to the grand finale, and the two of you “climaxed”. There was silence for 30 seconds.

“I take that back! Don’t do it again!” Roxy yelled from the other side of the door. “We don’t need your offspring quite yet!”

She slid some condoms under the door. The lighter mood from earlier returned as Eggsy wiggled his eyebrows. You held in your laughter until her footsteps faded away.

Now queue the uncontrollable laughter. Once your laughter died down Eggsy kissed your cheek. You blushed and laid down how you were earlier. Promptly burring your face in the pillow to recompose yourself.

“Aren’t you going to give me a massage?” You asked remembering why you were in his room topless.

“Oh yeah,” He said and scratched the back of his neck.

“Did you forget?”

“No…yeah. But love, you’re laying in my bed topless,” He said as if it was obvious. Like no shit Sherlock.

“So? You said that you were going to fix my back,” You pouted.

“But-“ You cut him off by turning around and sitting up to kiss him. No pillow this time.

He was thrown off for a second, then started kissing you back. You could feel the smiles creeping up on your faces. The kiss was slow and gentle. Taking all the breath out of you. When the need to breathe came back, you pulled away and grinned at him.

Resituating yourself you said, “Now fix my back Gary Unwin.”

“Anything for you love.”





Hello friends! Guess who’s back? Spoiler - it’s me. So I have a confession - I love soulmate AUs. I’ve not written Pietro in a while so I eased myself into this by focusing predominantly on another character. It needs a second part to finish it off which I’ll upload soon. Hopefully the plot is twisty and interesting enough for you guys. Thanks to @sxnali for the request; I loved it. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: (if you don’t mind) can you do a soulmate au where the first words they say to each other are tattooed somewhere on the other’s body? with pietro please? (im sorry if this sent twice i think i hit send in the middle of typing this but im not sure oops)

‘Almost a Mistake’ (Part 1)

There was a reason that New York was considered the city that never sleeps. Regardless of the hour, life was buzzing, left, right, and centre. Cars clamoured the roads in lines of traffic, and birds flew overhead, seeking and taking every opportunity amongst the crowds of hungry people that swarmed the streets.

The smell of hot dogs was prominent – especially on a Saturday when everyone and his mate was out on the streets. You wished that you could say you too had come out for fun but work had called you in for overtime, and the coming winter’s energy bills convinced you to take it.

With your headphones safely nestled on your head, you navigated the bustling tourists with your eyes on your iPod, trying to pick the best tune for the next leg of your journey. You’d splashed out on new headphones and for good reason – there were noise cancelling. As far as you were concerned, that made them worth the cost, tuning out the soundtrack of the city as you walked.

Each time you skipped a song, there was a moment of quiet where the world bled in. You heard horns beeping, steps smacking against the pavement, and even someone shouting in the distance. Probably a food vendor trying to sell to a passer-by. You skipped another song and got another flash of reality. Cooing pigeons, roaring engines, and still a person shouting. It was definitely male, and getting closer.

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Fearful Love Part 8

Jared Padalecki x Reader

Word Count: 1,510

Warnings: language, diagnosis of PTSD, panic attack 

Summary: After leaving the convention Jared takes you to get you some help. Finally the feelings the two of you have for each other are revealed but how long is that happiness able to last?

A/N: Whoa!! Two fics out in one day!!!! Lmao I surprised myself and I know a lot of you have been waiting for this moment for a long time so here it is!!! I hope you all enjoy this!!! Unbeta’d so all mistakes are mine and feedback is greatly appreciated!!!

Fearful Love Masterlist

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4 | Tomorrow


WORD COUNT: 4,664 boii


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The smell of steaming freshly brewed coffee filled your senses as you poured it into the white porcelain mug, you and Jungkook were sat at a large oak table in a private room inside the hotel, attending the third business meeting of the day.

It was day two of four, and all you’d done was sit in a makeshift office and listen to facts and figures, you were starting to get agitated.

“I have to say Jungkook, I never thought you’d settle down.” The elderly man at the table chuckled darkly, he was the oversees CEO of the Jeon Law firm, a very important man, and he knew it.

“Pardon?” Jungkook half smiled as his slender fingers tapped rhythmically on the table.

“Y/N. She’s good for you, I can tell you two are very happy together.” The older CEO smirked, his eyes hungrily wandering over your figure hugging office dress as you handed him a coffee, earning you to feel even more uncomfortable than you already were.

“Oh, we’re not together. She’s just my assistant.” Jungkook nodded slowly as he raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“All of the best lawyers sleep with their assistants Jungkook-”

“Hey Y/N, didn’t you say you left something in your room? I can finish up this meeting myself don’t worry about it, take the afternoon off.” Jungkook shot you a guilty gaze, he must’ve sensed your discomfort.

“Are you sure?” You asked, your eyes flitting between Jungkook and the older man at the table.

“Yes, I’ll see you later.” Jungkook saw you to the door and swiftly closed it after your exit.

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My sweet Rey,

I should have known that you’d find some way to slip through my fingers, but I am not particularly discouraged. It can only be a matter of time, especially now that I know you have been relic hunting. I know what he’s after. Supreme Leader wants it too. But which of us will get to it first, I wonder? Perhaps we’ll see each other during the search :)

I enjoyed our duel immensely, yesterday. It was such a pleasure to cross sabers with you again, and this time, without the world falling to pieces around us. It really was just the two of us. There is something intensely intimate about our battles, don’t you think? So physical. So passionate. Focused only on each other, tense, sweaty, locked together in a frantic quest for climactic victory. My heart beats faster, just thinking about it.

I admit, I have been preoccupied by our mid-duel chat, and your allusions to some Force vision(s?) that I apparently featured in. From what little you told me, it sounds rather like a seduction of some kind. To be perfectly honest, I am dying of curiosity, but you apparently did not want to go into detail.  DYING, Rey. But I am too much of a gentleman to ask. Unless you want to tell me. I have no doubt that there is quite a bit of detail to be had, judging by the absolutely adorable blush on your cheeks when you spoke of it.

However, I do take exception to your accusation that I am somehow responsible for the behavior of this vision. Rey, I cannot teleport at will to and from some obscure seaside cave, nor can I control what a dream-version of me does. I assure you, I’d kick his ass for you, if I could! You know I would always defend your honor. But I know how those visions work - it’s only what you take with you. If you’re having seductive visions of me, then it sounds like you have some special feelings you should probably come to terms with…

Since it seems it will be a while yet before I have you at my side, I will resume sending you these small tokens of my affection. I noticed that you sustained a scrape on your left elbow, in yesterday’s commotion.  Enclosed is a little something to hasten your recovery.

Stuck on you like a bacta patch,


PS. I would be more than happy to help you explore those special feelings further, should you so wish ;)


To be continued….