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How to Make Your Descriptions Less Boring

We’ve all been warned about the dangers of using too much description. Readers don’t want to read three paragraphs about a sunset, we’re told. Description slows down a story; it’s boring and self-indulgent. You should keep your description as short and simple as possible. For those who take a more scientific approach to writing fiction, arbitrary rules abound: One sentence per paragraph. One paragraph per page. And, for god’s sake, “Never open a book with weather” (Elmore Leonard).

But what this conventional wedding wisdom fails to take into account is the difference between static and dynamic description. Static description is usually boring. It exists almost like a painted backdrop to a play. As the name suggests, it doesn’t move, doesn’t interact or get interacted with.

There were clouds in the sky.
Her hair was red with hints of orange.
The house had brown carpeting and yellow countertops.

In moderation, there’s nothing wrong with static description. Sometimes, facts are facts, and you need to communicate them to the reader in a straightforward manner.

But too much static description, and readers will start to skim forward. They don’t want to read about what the house looks like or the stormy weather or the hair color of each of your protagonist’s seventeen cousins.

Why? Because they can tell it’s not important. They can afford to skip all of your description because their understanding of the story will not be impacted.

That’s where dynamic description comes in. Dynamic description is a living entity. It’s interactive, it’s relevant. It takes on the voices of your narrators and characters. In short, it gives us important information about the story, and it can’t be skimmed over.

So how do you make your description more dynamic so that it engages your readers and adds color and excitement to your story? Here are a few tips.

(I have a TON more tips about setting and description. These are just a few. But I’m trying to keep this short, so if you have any questions or want more advice about this, please feel free to ask me.)

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Hi there! You’re about to witness a whole lot of word dump up ahead so fasten your seat belt, hold on tight, enjoy the ride!

Note: This is an extremely long post 

101 reasons why Jikook/Kookmin is my ultimate OTP
or 101 times Jikook made my heart flutter

1) When Jungkook tries to find reasonable excuses to hold Jimin’s hands (in which he usually succeeds). Example: A decent round of arm wrestling or a hand massage.

2) It’s nice to know Jungkook isn’t the only one who enjoys the occasion; Jimin does too, even comes up with the most absurd idea (like who arm wrestles while sitting 5ft apart? and knowing he will definitely lose?) urm 128 rounds, 128 losses…

3) The way Jimin ruffles Jungkook’s hair, as if to say “You did well, baby. I’m proud of you” or the way Jungkook leans into Jimin’s touch when he pats his hair.

4) When Jimin asked for kisses from Jungkook, but he panicked and jokingly pushed Jimin away, all the while grinning like the shy boy he used to be.

5) The moment Jimin asked for a peck on the cheek on Jungkook’s birthday but Jungkook just smiled at the camera.

6) When Jungkook softly answered “no” when asked by Jimin if he likes his hyung that much. He just couldn’t resist teasing hyung because of how adorable he would look afterward.

(Time frame: 3:45-4:10)

7) The numerous times Jungkook would wait for Jimin even though he keeps on complaining about Jimin’s sloth-like pace.

8) When they strut around the airport or basically anywhere, side by side. Even when others are way ahead they would take their own sweet time.


After fansign…

and of course, at the airport….

9) Jungkook probably feels that it’s a part of his responsibility to make Jimin happy, so more often than not he would try to joke around and comfort the older, even if it means turning himself into a dork.

10) The glistening look in Jungkook’s eyes whenever Jimin talks in interviews. 

11) When Jungkook made Jimin wear a tiara at a fansign and called him princess.

12) The uniformity of Jimin’s Twitter hashtags when Jungkook is there with him. It’s always #JIMIN and #꾹, making it easier for trash like me to find what I’m looking for haha.

13) Jimin and Jungkook being domestic and sharing soggy cereal in one bowl, using one spoon. Also the many times they share drinks and food.

14) “I will sleep here with Jimin” while pointing at the top bunk of the caravan in Bon Voyage , which, for me, strengthens the possibility of them sleeping together in the dorm. Reminds me of this too: “Everyone, Jungkookie cuddles me to sleep”.

15) When Jungkook suddenly stepped in front of Jimin while he’s talking to apply lip balm on his lips. The hyungs’ reactions were gold. They were stuck to one another like glue the whole broadcast and It hit me hard.

16) The times Jimin said “I Love You” to the camera and Jungkook stared at him like he’s the one being confessed. 👣

17) Jungkook knows his limit when he makes fun of Jimin, always being there for his hyung when insecurity gets the better part of him and I think that’s very, very beautiful. 👣

18) It’s OBLIGATORY for me to include We Don’t Talk Anymore cover by JM and JK here. No explanation needed because I’m sure you feel the same way as I do.

19) When Jungkook waited for Jimin to complete the formation during his part in The Rise of Bangtan in Nanjing, then turned to Jimin and serenaded him.

Serenades Jimin…

Turns to fans…

20) Jungkook knows Jimin, remembers every single thing Jimin does better than the man himself. He’s quick to answer things pertaining to Jimin.

21) When Jimin fell down at Taipei airport, Jungkook wasn’t there because he was filming Flower Crew. He joined them a little while later for their Epilogue On Stage. However, on their way back to Korea, Jungkook made sure to stick close to Jimin and walked by his side until they checked in. The fact that Jungkook was there with him made me cry a little./okay lie/

22) When Jimin took a blanket and a soft, fluffy pillow and tucked Jungkook in, and made sure he’s comfortable enough. Also the fact that Jungkook didn’t even bother waking up and sleeping in the room.

23) The amount of times Jungkook and Jimin hang around with each other, usually accompanied by another member.

  • A date
  • Big Bang Concert with Hoseok
  • At the waterpark with Jin

  • Eating Ramen at Hangang with Namjoon

24) “오~갖고 싶다” (Oh, I want you) That iconic moment in Now3 need I say more.

25) When Jimin hung around behind the camera while Jungkook was getting interviewed. 👣

26) When Jungkook squished behind Jimin when Jimin got his photo taken even though he could’ve gone away and NOT be in the camera.(Fancafe content)

27) When Jimin picked up a slice of cake and fed Jungkook in Bon voyage.

28) Jungkook’s way of carrying Jimin up bridal-style during Limbo game still has me feeling some kind of way, and I will not get tired of seeing it, not anytime soon i bet. (Every time it appears on my feed I’ll stare at it for hours)

29) How Jungkook’s ears perk up whenever Jimin says something. He’s extra attentive when it comes to Jimin. I don’t know if Jimin’s melodic voice gets him or what, cause if it is, boy I feel you. Example: Run! BTS in the US, when Jimin screamed “엄마ㅏㅏㅏㅏㅏ~~~~” (mommy~~) because he’s scared of the roller coaster and Jungkook was like “왜?” (why?)

30) When Jimin laughs an octave higher whenever Jungkook does something funny.

31) The way Jimin sat on Jungkook’s lap and how tight Jungkook pressed him against his chest in Summer Package Dubai.

32) Jungkook didn’t bother about the fans’ parents who sat across him because he needed to make his hyung look good and that was all that mattered.

33) After Jungkook hurt his back at Mama, Jimin took care of him at the airport, gently keeping his hand on Jungkook’s back the whole time they were walking.

34) The fact that Jungkook and Jimin monitor each others’ scenes when they’re filming, waiting around and constantly giving support.

35) When Jungkook and Jimin held hands on stage.

36) The No More Dream lift that has changed over the last couple of years.

37) That moment Jimin made siren sound when Hoseok told everyone that his sister liked Jungkook. I find it cute. (Sukira)

38) When Jimin and Jungkook being lovey-dovey at Manila Airport. 👣

39) Jungkook and Jimin still had their own photoshoot even though they’re both paired up with someone else. Also the iconic “Jeomsoon-ah, please be my baby’s mom” by Park Jimin.

40) Jungkook randomly barging in and interrupting Jimin’s vlive and just….the immense amount of flirting and eye-fucking throughout the whole video…caught me off guard. 👣

41) No matter how many times Jungkook messed around with him, Jimin didn’t have the heart to say stop. He couldn’t say no to Jungkook; that’s how soft he is for the maknae. But yea, speaking quite frankly, Jungkook didn’t even try. There are million other ways to piss someone off but what he did? nope, that’s not how you do it,boy haha. (Run BTS spy episode)

42) And it took 0.000001 sec for Jimin to say thank you to Jungkook. Although Jungkook kept telling him he’s handsome, something he rarely does, Jimin still couldn’t catch on;Still became flustered and shy afterward. It made me asdfjkl. (Undercover mission in Japan)

43) I love Jungkook’s determination. Jk’s inner monologue: I have to make Jimin hyung wear this goddamn headband *gets on his back and forces him to wear it*

44) When Jungkook pinched Jimin’s nipple the instant Jimin went in for a hug lol. (Fancafe content)

45) Jungkook and Jimin have no chills when they’re seated together at fansigning events. They pay attention to each other more than they do to their fans. (don’t get me wrong they still love their fans)

46) When Jimin pretended to be mad at Jungkook for not sitting beside him at a fansign, and how Jungkook played along,claiming his current seat was his original seat when it’s not lol.

47) When Jungkook snatched the snack from Hoseok’s hand for himself, but stopped and gave it to Jimin instead when Jimin asked to be fed.

48) The various times Jimin snakes his slightly smaller hands around Jungkook’s waist and shoulder, and sometimes when it seems that Jimin has difficulty standing after putting his hand on Jungkook’s arm, Jungkook would bend to better accommodate him.

look at him tiptoeing…

49) When Jimin back-hugged Jungkook (and kissed his shoulder from what i saw).

50) The cutest nicknames they gave for one another. 👣


Okay pause. I’m afraid I’ll have to break it down into two parts, as seeing how freaking long this has gotten ahaha. Part 2 will be posted really really soon~~~

The Baker - Gainer Fic

The Baker

John prepared the last cake for the day, letting it bake while he wiped some sweat off his forehead and tidied his clothes. This cake was not one for sale, but rather a cake for his date to come and try. He had no luck in the dating world since he hadn’t been looking very often. He finally decided to give tinder a try and agreed to meet with a man named Matt later that evening.

He was always very busy with work- he was a baker at a little pastry shop named “Delicate Bites.” The fact that they were meeting up at the shop showed just how often he spent at his work.

“Damn, I haven’t been on a date in a while… I hope it goes well” he said. He looked in the mirror. There was a bit of flour on his shirt from work earlier. He hurriedly tried to brush it off. He had a clean faux hawk, a defined jawline, and nice cheekbones. He had a nicely toned body. It wasn’t extremely muscular but it had some muscle on it, and barely any fat. He was considered extremely attractive. In fact, his customers often came just to see him!

The cake was ready, and he hurriedly cut it up and prepared a slice for his date. He promised his date he would let him try a piece, and he didn’t want to disappoint.

Not long after, Matt arrived. They exchanged their greetings and had nice conversation.

“I never expected a hunk like you to work at a bakery” Matt said. “I would’ve expected someone a little pudgier, you know, since you’re around cakes all the time.” Matt was pretty pudgy himself. What seemed to be a permanent freshman fifteen also had an extra sophomore thirty and a junior twenty on it. He had nice facial hair and his body was very hairy. He had some muscle, but there was definitely some fat on his body too.

“Well, I make the cakes for customers, I usually don’t eat them myself” John said, chuckling.

They hit it off right away. They had similar interests, beliefs, and goals for the future. John wanted to stop working at the bakery and make more money. He wanted to settle down and stop thinking about work. John wanted to settle down too.

The date ended way later than either of them expected.

“You know John, I’m the CEO of a new product called Miracle Butter. I’m having a party tomorrow at my place to promote my product. Would you like to come and make some cakes for it? I can pay you double what you make here” Matt proposed.

“Really?” John asked. “That… that sounds amazing! I’d love to!” he said happily.

Matt kissed John on the forehead. He stood about an inch taller than him. “Excellent. I’ll see you at my place tomorrow”

John happily said goodbye and prepared for the party the next day.


When John arrived to Matt’s house, he was in awe by how big it was. It could almost be described as a mansion. “Wow, he makes a big buck…” John thought to himself.

He walked inside and was greeted by Matt at the door. “Hey, glad you can make it” Matt said with a smile.

“I’m glad too” John replied.

“We need 4 cakes” Matt said. “Guests will be arriving in three hours, will you be able to bake the cakes by then?”

“Of course” John said.

“Perfect!” Matt replied. “One more thing… can you use Miracle Butter instead of regular butter?”

John nodded. “Of course!” he said.

“Perfect” Matt replied. He gave him a kiss on the cheek. “I’ll be back soon”

John immediately started getting to work. He prepared the cakes as he normally did- flour, sugar, eggs, and added the Miracle Butter as well. The Butter was a darker yellow color than regular butter, and smelled delicious.

“Wow, this stuff smells good” John said. He continued and prepared the cake as usual, placing them all the large convection oven that Matt had. The oven easily fit the cakes, and could’ve fit 4 more.

When the cakes were ready, Matt returned. “What a lovely aroma” Matt said

“Thanks” John said, blushing. “I hope you like them”

“Well, why don’t you give them a try?” Matt asked. “You deserve to know how they taste, don’t you?”

“Oh, I never eat my cakes though” John replied.

“I insist!” Matt said.

John shrugged. “Well, I would like to try your Miracle Butter. Sure!”

He took a small sliver of one of the cakes and tried it. Immediately, he began to drool and his eyes widened. “This is… delicious…” he said. “Unbelievably delicious”

“Hmmmm, seems it worked” Matt thought to himself. The Miracle Butter he had created was a product that contained a hypnotic property. Whoever ate the butter would feel like all food tasted delicious, and would be compelled to gorge themselves.

“Go head, have some” Matt said. “You look like you want more”

John didn’t ask twice. He immediately cut another slice and grabbed it in his hand, stuffing it into his mouth. “Oh gosh, this is delicious” he said in between chews.

Matt watched as John continued to eat the cake, almost mesmerized by it. John ate another slice, and then another. After three slices, he stopped using the knife and started to grab at more cake with his hands, stuffing it into his mouth like a vacuum cleaner.

Matt smiled as he witnessed John’s belly bloating up from the cake. Pretty soon, John ate half the cake.

“Why eat cake without icing though? It’ll taste even better” Matt said.

“Even better?!” John asked. “Give me!”

Matt gave John the can of icing, which John started to scoop directly into his mouth between bites.

“Yes… definitely a worthy pig” Matt thought to himself as he witnessed John down the entire cake and start on the next one.

Pretty soon, John finished the second cake as well. His mouth and clothes were a mess of cake crumbs and icing, and his belt with about to fly off from how bloated he was.

John began to regain his senses. “Oh…. Whoah…. Wait a moment….” He looked at the two empty cake trays before him. Cakes meant to serve 20 people each. “Did I…. did I just eat two whole cakes?!” he said. He was in awe.

“You did” Matt said. “Seems like you were hungry”

“Oh god…. How many calories is that? I can’t believe this…” he replied. “I feel sick…”

“Hey, it’s ok. Why don’t you sleep over today? I’ll cancel the party and you can rest and feel better in the morning”

John nodded. “Yeah… I can use that” he said.

John walked over to Matt’s room and passed out on his bed into a fullness-induced deep sleep.

Matt went to the kitchen and prepared tomorrow’s meal.

“Oh he’s gonna grow alright” Matt said, smiling. “He’s going to grow real nice”


John woke up the next day still feeling a little sick. “I can’t believe I ate all that” he said to himself. “Matt, I’m so so sorry…”

Matt sat down next to him, a large cup in his hand. “That’s alright” he said. “It happens. Here, have this- it’ll wash down what you ate yesterday. It’s a protein shake. You go to the gym right?”

John nodded. “Thank you so much Matt. I appreciate this”

John drank the concoction, a mixture of Boost VHC, ice cream, heavy cream, and Miracle Butter. What was a “protein shake” was really a high calorie gainer shake that was over two thousand calories.

The moment John drank it, he knew he wanted more. The Miracle Butter was working again. He chugged the drink down, and it slipped down his cheeks onto his neck. Under the effects of Miracle Butter, he was a messy eater indeed.

“Oh baby, that was so delicious” John said, smiling excitedly.

Matt chuckled. “It seems so. It seems you’re excited, in more ways than one”

John looked down. “Huh?” he noticed a large bulge in his pants. “Oh, must be morning wood” he said, chuckling. “Anyways, have any more of that shake?”

Matt nodded. “Of course. Let me just go to the bathroom first” he said.

John nodded, awaiting his return. In that moment, however, he acted on his impulsive hunger and ran to the kitchen. He downed the cakes that were there in just ten minutes. By the time Matt came back, he was almost done with the last cake.

“John! The cakes!” Matt said, frowning.

John blushed. “I… I was hungry…” he said sheepishly. His bloat was huge. His stomach was like a beach ball at that point. His shirt was barely hanging on.

“Hmmmm, John, you can’t keep doing this. You’re going to need to be punished” he said, walking closer to him.

He pulled John’s shirt off and slipped it off his body. John’s boner got bigger. He started sweating. “Oh, Matt… I…”

Matt smirked. “Let’s do it, right here, right now” he said, pushing John down onto the table.

“I… I haven’t bottomed before” John said.

“There’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?” Matt asked, rubbing his crotch against John’s ass.

John rubbed his ass back.

While they started their foreplay, Matt reached for some cake and shoved it into John’s mouth. John ate it ravenously, soon begging for more.

“Yes… more cake please…” he said, all while getting fucked by Matt.

They continued until they both came, sighing with contentedness.

“Oh Mat… that was so fucking hot….” John said. “Uh… did I eat two cakes again?”

Matt nodded. “You seem to have developed quite the appetite” he said.

John blushed. “I… should go lie down again” he said.

Matt directed him to the room again, where John rested after drinking another gainer shake to ‘wash the cake down.’


The process repeated for the next two weeks. John was wake up after gorging himself, apologize, intend to go to work, but then fatten up all over again when he tasted the powerful Miracle Butter that Matt fed him.

Soon, John’s clothes didn’t fit anymore. Matt noticed this and decided to lend him his clothes under the guise of “not wanting him to smell bad in the same clothes.”

Matt had hidden all the mirrors in the house before John stayed. John didn’t suspect it, but he was growing into a pig. With an excess of 5000 calories a day, he had gained around twenty pounds in just two weeks.


“Hey Matt, I’m going to run to work. I feel like I haven’t been there in forever. How many days has it even been?” John said.

Matt shrugged. “I’m not sure. But I’ve enjoyed these days with you so far”

John smiled. “I have too, but I don’t want to lose my job, you know?”

Matt nodded. “I understand” he said. “Will you be coming back tonight?”

“Yes” John replied. “I’ll come back and we can have dinner together”


When John arrived to work, everyone was staring at his newly acquired belly. It didn’t help that the old work shirt he had on him barely fit anymore. It was stretched out over his new pudge, the shirt barely covering his roundness and rising up if he lifted his arms to expose his new belly.

“I must be bloated from the cake…” John said, sighing. “Guess I’ll have to poop it out”

The customers all were shocked. His jawline was covered by some newly acquired fat. His cheeks had gotten rounder. His belly welcomed them, peeking out of his shirt.

“Wow… you’ve been eating those cakes too huh?” one of his customers asked.


“Where have you been, John?!” his manager asked when he arrived. He looked down at his belly. “Oh wow, jeez, have you been pigging out or something?”

John blushed. “I… no, I’m just bloated” he said.

For some reason though, he felt himself getting hard.

“Ok then, just… please for the love of god get a new shirt, your belly is sticking out” his manager said, slapping it before walking away.

John felt the precum staining his pants. Why was he so turned on at that moment? Why did he love it when his manager told him that?

He shrugged it off and decided to work so he could see Matt later. At the end of his shift, he decided to have some cake before leaving, despite his indulgences in the past two weeks.

When he arrived, Matt greeted him. “Hey, you look cute in that shirt” Matt said.

John frowned. “Have I gotten fatter?” he asked.

Matt shrugged. “You might just be bloated. Or… you could be turning into my little piggy” he said, chuckling. “I’m just joking”

John got hard again. “I should really hit the gym” he said. “I’ll go tonight”

“You’re going to need this if you’re going to hit the gym” Matt said, handing him a ‘protein shake’

“Thanks, baby” John said, downing it. With that, the cycle resumed yet again.

John gorged himself on everything he could find in the house, which Matt had fully stocked with fatty foods.

“Maybe I’ll just hit the gym tomorrow…” John said in between bites.


Two months passed. John stopped going to work, instead residing at Matt’s to make him cakes on occasion. Matt didn’t mind this at all. He paid John generously too- in money but also in food.

John woke up and walked to the kitchen. Matt’s clothes were now very tight on him. “Good morning baby” he said.

In the kitchen was a scale. And an object covered by sheets.

“What’s this?” John asked.

Matt took the sheets off the object, revealing a full body mirror. “It’s a mirror, why don’t you look in it?”

John casually walked up to the mirror. “Uh… ok” he said. “Yeah, now that I think about it, I haven’t looked in the mirror in ages”

When he witnessed his reflection, his jaw dropped. “Wh- what?! Is this thing broken?! I…”

John was almost unrecognizable in the mirror. His chiseled jawline and rock-hard cheeks were rounded like a ball. A double chin inhabited the area where only one chin lived before. His chest stuck out in front of him- the amount of fat could fit into a bra at that point. His belly was swollen and large, a big ball in front of him. His legs were thick large trunks. No longer did he have visible muscles and abs.

“How… how did I get like this!? Is this a joke?! I thought I was just bloated, I….”

John was in disbelief.

Matt pointed to the scale.

John stepped on it. “250 pounds” it read. John shook his head. “No way…. No way…!” he said. “This is impossible! How did I get so damn fat!?

“You’re fatter than me, babe” Matt said. “Way fatter” he chuckled. “You really let yourself go. You’ve become my piggy, haven’t you?”

“What?!” John said. “You’ve been trying to make me fatter!?”

Matt shrugged. “Your underwear right now makes it seem like you like it”

John was furious, but simultaneously blushing.

“You know what? Fuck it. I’m leaving” John said.

Matt shrugged. “Go ahead, go back with your parents. They’ll comment on how fat a pig you’ve become in the past few months. They won’t even be able to believe it. I mean, look at those stretch marks, the way your body jiggles, those pepperoni nipples… Babe, you won’t even be able to fit in your old clothes when you get home” Matt said.

He reached toward a cake on the cable and held it up to John’s mouth. “Now, if you’re a good piggy you’ll accept your fate and eat”

John’s boner was raging. He turned his head. “I’m not going to” he said.

Matt held the cake in place. It only took a few seconds for John to turn around and fall to temptation. He reached out and took the cake from Matt’s cake, stuffing it into his face.

“That’s right piggy, eat up. We need to get you fatter…” Matt said smirking. “You’re my pig now, so you’ll do as I say and eat when I want, understand?”

“Yes…” John moaned.

“Show some respect, piggy” Matt said.

“Yes, daddy….” John replied.

“Hmmm, I like it. You’re going to make an excellent pig”

He stripped John down to nudity. “Alright pig, sit. Pigs don’t use utensils now do they?”

John sat on the floor.

Matt immediately brought him a gainer shake with donuts. “Eat, pig”

John did as he was told. He ate the cake with his mouth, making a mess all over his face, chest, and belly. Matt fed him the shake and he gulped it down faster than he ever gulped before, some of the liquid dropping down onto his belly.

“Clean up” Matt commanded.

John immediately scooped pieces of food and drink from his chest and belly and started eating.

“What a fucking pig” Matt said, observing his fatboy. John had completely let go, giving in to his greedy desires.

They decided to fuck after John’s meal, but John was so greedy that he ate cake while Matt fucked him in the ass, grabbing his belly and slapping his fat, which jiggled.


A year later, John had ballooned into a giant pile of pure fat. They had followed the routine daily- Matt fed him and fucked him. John would relax and then they’d start all over again. At this point, he was so big that Matt got creative with how he fucked- he fucked his rolls, his belly button, his fat pad, and all the other crevices that his fat created when it rolled out onto each other.

Matt had installed a weight scale on the bed for John.

That day, he was grabbing John’s rolls while fucking them. John was eating cake with icing out of the pan, getting crumbs all over the bed.

“Typical fucking fatty” Matt said, teasing John and slapping his belly.

John continued eating, barely able to talk with all the food in his mouth.

Matt noticed that the scale, which was calibrated to John’s weight, read 650.

“You know, when I told you you were my piggy the other day, I lied” Matt said.

John looked confused.

“You’re not my piggy, you’re my fucking fatboy hog” he clarified. “Now open your mouth and keep eating, fatso” Matt commanded.

“Yes daddy… I’m just your fat hog… I can’t stop eating…” John moaned as Matt fucked his rolls.

They both came at the same time, Matt in John’s rolls and John in his fat pad, where his dick now resided. Immediately, John continued to eat, scooping some of the cum from under his roll onto his cake.

“Fucking hog” Matt commented. “You can’t stop eating, can you?”

John continued. Just over a year ago he was a chiseled jock with a sick pack, and now he was a mountain of lard.

And he wanted more. He would be 700 in no time. He would be a hog for life.

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im a noob but what's the cake scene everyone keeps talking about?

it was this part of fanfiction live in tatinof that dan and phil performed ONLY ONCE. for some reason, they never did it again after that one show. it was VERY fanfiction-esque and really shows how comfortable they’ve become with all the shipping. here’s a breakdown.

-dan and phil are, for some reason, wearing pirate hats. 
-they’re on a blanket, and there’s a narrator reading the phanfiction they built into the script
-phil feeds dan a piece of cake, then another.
-dan is very reluctant to give in to the romantic feeding, but eventually does. 
-much to dan’s dismay, phil then brushes a crumb from his cheek.
-phil attempts to feed dan another piece of cake, and he goes to eat it, but then fights himself to pull back and end the scene.
-”phil bent over and sensually fed dan a slice of cake”
-”open wide for captain lester!”
-”phil lovingly brushed a stray crumb”
-”another mouthful for philly!”

these are things dan and phil wrote into their show, which hits really hard to me tbh. if you want to watch the cake scene, it is on youtube. the video was taken illegally, which kinda bothers me tbh since they said not to record things during the show, but i watched it during my super demon phase and then again tonight since there’s no going back i guess. if you really wanna find it, you can. but i’m not going to make it easy for you. anyway, that’s the cake scene. have fun with that. 

Ok this may be the cheesiest prompt ever but listen..

Sherlock is a wedding planner. He’s THE wedding planner. Everyone knows him, everyone wants him. He’s able to cater to even the most peculiar whims his clients may have. But he’s a nightmare to work with, of course. He can predict exactly how long a marriage’s gonna last and is extremely picky about the projects he takes on. 

So when unassuming, plain, “do we really have to? We don’t need a freaking fairy godmother following us around!” John Watson reluctantly limps his way in 221b, with his more than enthusiastic fiancé, “don’t be absurd, John, of course we do, since you clearly can’t distinguish lilac from purple!” Mary Morstan, it’s clear as day the ill-assorted couple is doomed from the beginning. But instead of dissmissing them on the spot, he promptly decides that the project is definitely worth working on… Pity that his number one rule is do not get involved with the groom! 

 But that’s alright because artiste extraordinaire “But what do you mean ‘any variety of Peruvian Lilies will do’? I don’t understand, they’re all thoroughly different from each other! ” and fed up army doctor “listen here cheekbones, I don’t give a monkey’s if she walks down the aisle with a bouquet of portoguese artichokes alright, I’m bloody knackered, I just want to.. is that double chocolate fudge cake?” drive each other completely up the wall.. right? :)

smartashes  asked:

36 or 16?

por qué no ambos?

#36: “I hate you”

#16: “Just shut up and kiss me”

You really don’t see why you and Bucky had to be assigned as a couple on this undercover mission. Natasha got to go shopping, while you and Bucky were stuck sitting outside a cafe waiting for your mark to show up. It sucks. You’d rather be kicking ass than holding hands.

What makes it even worse is that Bucky seems to be enjoying every second of your frustration. He will not stop smirking every time you sigh or roll your eyes or try to kick his ankle under the table, like this is all a really fun game to him. He’s holding your hand on top of the table, stroking his thumb across the back of yours and laughing when you try to squirm away from him. He’s a menace, and if he doesn’t watch it you’re going to kill him before this mission is even halfway done.

“Target has entered the mall,” Sam says through comms. “Heading your way, Natasha.”

You groan. Who knows how long you and Bucky will have to sit here with this charade until your target shows up. You’re supposed to be gathering intel - sometime today he’ll be meeting someone at this cafe, and you and Bucky are going to figure out why and what they’re meeting about. Until then, it’s happy couples, and it’s driving you mad.

“Y’know, we’d be a lot more convincing if you stopped glaring at me every five minutes,” Bucky says, grinning as you once again glance over to glare at him. You try to tug your hand away but he just holds on tighter, body shaking with the effort of containing his laughter.

“We’d be a lot more convincing if I actually liked you,” you snap. Bucky does laugh then, big and booming straight from his chest, his entire face lighting up. You stare at him, speechless for a second, before shaking yourself out of it. This mission is really getting to you.

“What can I get for you today?” a waitress asks as she comes up to your table. You look down to glare at the table, knowing if you tried to speak or make eye-contact you’d probably give away your cover in ten seconds flat. It’s impossible to contain your irritation when you’re around Bucky Barnes, even if it is for a mission.

“We’ll just get some coffees, please,” Bucky says, his grin practically audible. “Oh, and maybe one of those cake things you have on display.”

“Which one?” the waitress asks, “We’ve got-“

“Surprise me,” Bucky says. You resist the urge to gag.

When the waitress walks away with a giggle, you whip your head up to glare daggers at Bucky. He looks back at you with a smug grin on his face, eyes practically sparkling with how much fun he’s having pissing you off.

“Mind not flirting with anything that moves for five minutes while we’re under cover? I thought you wanted to be convincing,” you whisper-yell, digging your fingernails into the back of his hand to let him know you aren’t fucking around.

To your chagrin, Bucky grins wider and raises his eyebrows. “What, are you jealous?”

“For fucks sake,” you mutter, shifting away from him so you no longer have to look at his smug, stupid face anymore.

You scan the street while Bucky plays with your fingers and you try your best not to break his hand. The waitress returns with your coffees and a slice of orange and poppyseed cake, which Bucky thanks her profusely for. You ignore him this time, but that doesn’t roll well with Bucky at all.

He hooks his ankles around the legs of your chair and drags you towards him until you’re practically sat between his knees. You turn to give him a piece of your mind, mission cover be damned, but you find him simply smiling at you with the fork in his hand, a piece of cake stabbed on the end.

“You have got to be kidding,” you say, but Bucky just wiggles his eyebrows and moves the fork closer to your face.

“Open up, sweetheart,” he says. If looks could kill, he would be long dead.

“I hate you,” you say, but you open your mouth and allow Bucky to feed you the damn piece of cake. It tastes good, too, which is really just salt in the wound.

“Alright lovebirds, he’s heading your way,” Natasha says. “He bought a green sweater and put it on, to change his appearance I assume. I don’t think he knows we’re watching him, but he’s paranoid enough to think someone is.”

“Great, he’ll be looking for eavesdroppers,” you say. “He’ll never sit right next to us.”

“Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable,” Bucky suddenly blurts. He blushes immediately afterwards while Natasha cackles into comms.

“He’s not wrong,” she says. You glare at Bucky for the both of them.

“No fucking way. You already force-fed me the goddamn cake, I am not letting you-“

“(Y/N), just think about it for a second,” Bucky says. “If we’re making people uncomfortable with PDA, no one will want to look at us. That means if he sits next to us, no one will be looking at him. We’ll do all the work for him, and he’ll never suspect us to be watching him when we’re otherwise occupied.”

“That’s the worst fucking logic I’ve ever heard in my life,” you say. Out of the corner of your eye you see the target approaching, wearing the green sweater Natasha warned you about and walking with an unidentified woman - whoever he’s meeting, you presume.

“It’s the best plan we’ve got,” Bucky says, grinning - he’s enjoying this way too much for your liking.

“It’s a stupid plan! It’s not going to work, we’ll probably just drive him away further and fuck up the whole entire mission-“

“(Y/N),” Bucky sighs, rolling his eyes. “Just shut up and kiss me.”

You stop talking, from pure, indignant rage, and Bucky takes advantage of that moment to cup your jaw and kiss you. He pulls you into him by the hand and you fall against his chest, your other hand coming up to brace yourself on his shoulder with a muffled yelp. Bucky bites your lip and grins way too smug. No way is he winning this one.

You grip his shirt and pull him closer, pressing your bodies together as much as you can in a public place. He grunts against your mouth as your lips slot together practically perfectly, dropping your hand to slide his arm around your waist and hold you against him. His mouth is so hot and soft it should be illegal, and despite the mission and the voice in your head yelling at you that you don’t even like him, you can’t stop yourself from humming contentedly when he slides his tongue into your mouth. It feels like molten heaven, and you’r melting piece by piece.

“Uh, guys. It worked, they’re sitting right next to you. You can stop now,” Clint says, watching the whole thing from his snipers perch. Right. The mission. Your fucking job - shit.

You pull away abruptly, gasping for breath but Bucky keeps you close with a hand on the small of your back. His lips are swollen and wet, impossible to look away from even as they curl into a sinful smirk. He slides his hand under the back of your shirt and strokes your skin, soft despite the callouses. Whatever you were going to yell at him about getting carried away gets lost in the gentle movement of his hand.

“Still think it was a stupid plan?” he whispers against your ear, so you mark doesn’t hear you from the next table over. They’re starting to discuss something in shady euphemisms that sounds a lot like a weapons deal to you, but you can barely focus.

You thunk your head against Bucky’s shoulder to catch you breath while he laughs, his chest rumbling against yours. You half-heartedly punch him on the shoulder and say, “I still hate you.”

“Of course you do, sweetheart,” Bucky says, but he doesn’t let go and neither do you.

Some thoughts on food-based parties from someone with food allergies.
  • Everyone likes getting invited to parties, but if you’re planning on having food as literally the main attraction of your party (backyard cookouts, group picnic/potlucks, group dinners, etc), please take a moment to ask if there are food allergies or needs you have to be sensitive of.
  • None of us like being that person who asks what’s being served and if it contains such-and-such. Let your guest list know ahead of time what you’ll be eating, then people with special needs can ask their own particular questions on the dl later.
  • If you’re serving buffet style, label the dishes and which ones are safe. Again, you should probably ask way in advance if anyone has special requirements, that way you can label it safe or not.
  • Please stop saying there will be a gluten free/vegan/dairy free/whatever option and then just having it be a wilty bowl of salad while everyone else gets a full course meal.
  • A bag of chips and a bunless hotdog while everyone else gets full hotdogs, 4 dessert options, chili, and many other options is not fun. We feel stupid sitting there while everyone else gets full and talks about how amazing that eclair cake is. We’re tired of getting questions about why we don’t have a bun/why we don’t try something. We don’t know if it’ll kill us. How’s that for a conversation starter.
  • Make sure the stuff you say is safe is actually safe. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve trusted someone’s assurance only to end up horribly sick because it wasn’t really allergy-safe, it just didn’t directly contain the ingredient.
  • Talk to your guests with needs beforehand if you don’t label. Let them know what’s in stuff. Again, we’re tired of looking stupid by seeking out the cooks responsible and grilling them on ingredients.
  • On that note, know your ingredients. Just saying “teriyaki sauce” won’t cut it, I need to know what brand or what went into it, and then the brands of those. Or just let me look at the label and I’ll tell you if I can eat it.
  • If you’re going to be cooking stuff on site, make sure you know how sensitive people are. I’ve seen a lady at my church have to leave the building because someone was baking peanut butter cookies, and she’s allergic to peanuts. I can’t go in places people are baking bread. It’s always better to bring stuff from off-site, if possible.
  • Did I mention that we’re tired of getting second-rate afterthoughts while everyone else gets a full meal? I know I brought it up earlier, but it hurts really bad. It makes you feel like a second-class guest. I’ve been to so many functions where they specifically said on the invite that there would be a “gluten free option,” and it was a warm, soggy salad. It’s hard not to feel left out when everyone else is eating a full, hearty meal, and you get a single serving of a dressingless salad because people don’t know how to read labels, and the salad wasn’t intended to be someone’s whole meal so you get one scoop just like everyone else and then they run out. I know, I’m not entitled to any food at all. It just hurts, especially after the 5th or 6th time that you’re sitting at a table of people with full plates, and you’re the only one not eating, looking like a fool.
  • Separate options. Do not make us use the same tongs for our stuff as people who are shoving it in the non-safe food. Don’t place safe stuff next to non-safe stuff. Things drip, people are messy, crumbs fall off utensils, and this can literally be a matter of life and death for us.
  • Please don’t lose track of which is which! I went to a function where someone had baked identical cobblers, and one was safe while one wasn’t. They forgot which was which. No cobbler for me, after being assured I’d finally get dessert. (People with wheat allergies almost never get dessert at functions because everything is cake or cookies.)
  • We’re not trying to be pretentious or make your life harder, and I know that cooking/providing food for someone with allergies can be nerve wracking because you don’t want to hurt us. So just ask what kinds of things we can eat. Keep communication open. Or just don’t base every single function in the world around food, because we’re tired of getting told we’ll get fed and then ending up somewhere for hours watching everyone else eat stuff and smelling it all and being hungry while not being able to participate. It hurts a lot more than you think. I’ve just stopped going to things like this in many cases because I’m just tired. I’m tired of explaining, because people will ask why you’re not eating. I’m tired of getting stuck with sub-par afterthoughts. I’d rather not be invited if people can’t come up with something that won’t kill me but also won’t leave me feeling like a second-class guest. That’s what it feels like, despite knowing that’s not how it’s intended. After the 6th church function full of tarts, pies, sandwiches, casseroles, fried things, honey butter rolls and so on, where you’re left eating corn chips and salad (every. single. time.), you start questioning if the socializing aspect is even worth it. (Particularly when you have social anxiety to begin with but that’s just me.)

Feel free to add more. I didn’t even get into religious issues, but a lot of the same tips apply to that situation as well. Ask your guests what considerations they need, and do your best to keep communication open. We really, really appreciate you trying, more than you know. 

RFA ; cutesy dates with Mc

yayayaya first post ☆=(ゝω・)/ going on pretty dates with pretty fictional people <3 these are pretty long coz i obviously have no idea what im doing :>


  • You were cleaning up in your apartment when you get a text from Yoosung. 
  • Your phone ringtone scared the shit out of you
  • You thought someone was out to get you
  • You check the text, he was inviting you out to dinner since he aced his exam you helped him study for.
  • You get all excited, reply in an instant and get ready.
  • Another text came from him
  • Wear something fancy, we’ll eat somewhere expensive (:” 
  • wow ok
  • You search your closet for that really pretty cream cocktail dress you bought the other day, and start getting ready.
  • A knock on the door, right after you finish. It was your sweet boyfriend, wearing a black suit, which looked 100 on him.
  • You open the door and his eyes grow wide, his jaw drops. He had fallen in love with the most beautiful girl. He thought to himself Jesus, I am the luckiest man alive today. You smiled shyly, and he took you by the hand.
  • He opens the door for you, seeing you guys have arrived at this really fancy place. And you both order the same thing. You look around the area, but felt his eyes plant on you. You were basically melting from his stare. His eyes were sparkling. You look at him, and he looks away immediately, face flushing red.
  • He smiles at you. “I love you.” You tell him
  • His eyes grow big at your sudden statement. He looks down, quite embarrassed.
  • HOW
  • Yoosung pays for the bill and you guys leave.
  • He parks the car and walks you to your door. You unlock the lock on the door and open the entrance to your apartment. You invite him to stay the night, but he says no. You make a grumpy face, and he makes that you’re so fucking cute smile. He promises he’ll drop by tomorrow as he kisses you, the kind of kiss that makes your heart tingle.


  • she finally found time to spend with you, after week of leaving early and coming home late, you barely saw her anymore. You invite her out to watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see, but when you two get there, it’s sold out. 
  • You try to hide how much that made you sad.
  • But baby is a psychic.
  • Jaehee stops you, cups your cheeks and tells you “Hey, its okay. Why don’t we just get some cake at that cafe you love so much”, looking straight into your eyes, your heart melts.
  • She intertwines her hands with yours as you walk down the street to a small cafe around the corner
  • She looks perfect
  • She is perfect.
  • You couldn’t stop staring at her.
  • It was nice to see her in something else other than a suit
  • Like seeing her in her underwear
  • oops
  • i am a demon
  • She holds the door for you as you guys enter. Standing in front of the menu, she asks you what you want. But before you could answer, she stops you. “I know what you want”. woah ok ok
  • You look for a table, and seats.
  • She approaches the table with a tray. On the tray was a plate of your favorite cake, (*insert favorite cake), and an iced coffee.
  • You fed her spoons of your cake while you sneakily took sips from her coffee.
  • You had a gr8 day
  • You were happy. You saw that smile again.
  • You held her hand as you two made your way back home.


  • You really missed spending time with Zen. He always came home either really late or really tired. You decide to surprise him. 
  • sooooo
  • You wait outside the studio for about 30 minutes. 
  • You were melting waiting for him.
  • And finally, all his co-workers were out. But Zen was nowhere to be found.
  • You really wanted some ice cream.
  • After about 200 years
  • 20 mins
  • He finally walks out the doors.
  • His hair was ties up in a bun.
  • Sexy bun sexy zen
  • You smile and wave at him. His eyes grow big after seeing you. 
  • o.o
  • was i not supposed to be here? you thought to yourself.
  • “MC? What are you doing here?” He asked.
  • prolly not
  • “I wanted to surprise you!” You say, rather exhausted from the standing  in the heat part of your day. 
  • “Why didn’t you go inside? You could’ve gotten a heatstroke at this temperature.” He says, worried. 
  • You shake your head, telling him you’re fine.
  • He read your mind. 
  • “Ice cream?” He smiled, asking you.
  • You smile at him. And he already knows that smile
  • You intertwine your fingers with his as you walk to your favorite ice cream parlor.
  • You had (insert your fav ice cream flavor*). Zen stared at you. 
  • angel he said to himself.
  • your ice cream was melting send hELP


  • You arrange this super cute date to the aquarium but Jumin suddenly had an urgent meeting he needed to go to. 
  • Trust me he felt super bad that he had to cancel.
  • He wanted to make it up to you. He wanted to make time for you. He waited until you had absolutely nothing planned. 
  • “MC?”
  • “Yeah?”
  • “I need you to come with me.”
  • “Where?”
  • “Meeting up with a friend.”
  • “Okay. Specific attire?”
  • “No.”
  • “Aight.”
  • You put on your favorite clothes, paired with your favorite shoes. 
  • Jumin looked like he was in a hurry.
  • Probably was.
  • Driver Kim drops us off at a big dome.
  • Looks abandoned 
  • Shit.
  • Hope its not haunted.
  • You held his hand tight as you walk inside. 
  • It was a really pretty old observatory. The ceiling was a galaxy painted with glow in the dark paint. It was beautiful.
  • Jumin was beautiful
  • In the middle of the dome, was a table for two. 
  • You look back at him, he had that cheeky smile. 
  • “Jumin?” You call out his attention. 
  • “Yes, kitten?”
  • “Did you plan this all by yourself?”
  • “Of course. Why?”
  • “Just curious.” 
  • Both of you were just standing, his arms wrapped around you, your head buried in his chest. There wasn’t any music. Just you, humming to your favorite slow-dance song.
  • Jumin was looking down at you. 
  • It was perfect.
  • He proposes
  • just kidding
  • You two had dinner, then watched the stars for the rest of the night.


  • It was movie night at your place with the rest of the RFA, but Seven asked them all to bail tonight so it would be just the two of you.
  • They all bailed.
  • You had everything ready.
  • Popcorn
  • Chips
  • Dip
  • Soda
  • And wine and cheese for Jumin.
  • It was getting late and no one was arriving.
  • You felt your heart hanging on a thread. 
  • Until the doorbell rang. 
  • It was Seven. 
  • “Hey!” You open the door, inviting him inside.
  • “Hiya” He says, giving you an unexpected peck on the cheek, making you turn a little pink.
  • “Are the others coming?” You ask
  • “I think they’re all busy.” He says, shrugging his shoulders.
  • You didn’t really want to watch a movie without them
  • Which you admitted to Seven.
  • “What do you want to do then?” He asks.
  • “I don’t know.” You say with a grumpy face.
  • “Aww. Its okay” He lightly kisses you.
  • Then
  • His face fills with
  • A smirk of lust
  • A grin of idea
  • “Do you wanna.. Build a snowman? maybe head to the diner?”
  • You smile, and agree.
  • You two hopped into his car and he drove to this diner near the pier. 
  • You two bought milkshakes and french fries.
  • “MC. I’ve fallen inlove with the most amazing person in the world.” Seven says, proceeding to drink his milkshake.
  • “Who may that be?” You ask.
  • “You.” He says.
  • You were already expecting that. Yet you still fell for it, making your face heat up.
  • It was a great night. Milkshakes. Fries. Boyfriend. All you ever need in long nights. 
  • He eventually got really tired and crashed at your place, sleeping on your bed, arms around you, your head on his chest and well

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Happy Birthday, mathiness!

Apologies to @mathiness for the delay on your gift. We hope you had a wonderful birthday on November 9, and celebrated in style. To bring back the birthday cheer, the lovely @wildlyglittering has written a story just for you!

Title: Tea for Two

Gift for: mathiness

Rating: T

Trigger warnings: some mild swearing and mention of sex

The kid was running around the place and screaming. Not happy childlike yells of delight but actual ‘top of the lungs’ shrieking and Katniss wondered for a minute how much trouble she would be in if she ‘accidentally’ dropped a tray on her head. She quickly shook that thought away, disturbed at how easy it came to her. No one should have harm wished against them, least of all a child, even if they were clearly a demon in human form.

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♡Daddy's Home♡

Originally posted by jypnior

Request: Can you make a jinyoung from got7 smut with him calling you baby girl [and a] daddy kink and him eating you out please?


Jinyoung (got7)




Jinyoung comes home from a long day of working and just wants to be fed. You made him a cake, but…that’s not really the taste he’s longing for….


Daddy kink; Jinyoung calling you baby girl; Jinyoung coming home from a stressful day at work; teasing (y/n receiving); oral (y/n receiving); like really…REALLY good oral; and some pretty fucking rough sex

A/N:Holy shit think you sooo much for requesting thisssss. I fucking LIVE for Daddy Jinyoung😍😍😍


You sat in your bed reading a book and waiting for Jinyoung to get to home. So he can eat the cake you just made him, of course. Not so he could fuck you or anything like that.

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James x Reader / Holiday

This is just an idea for a James series, tell me if ya’ll like it and I’ll try to move it forward. Also it isn’t edited very well because I wrote it on mobile so bear with me…

You had been crying when the owl arrived, gliding to your sill and sticking out it’s leg absurdly, waiting for you to remove the coiled piece of parchment coated on all sides by the easily recognizable script of Sirius Black.

Ignoring the sounds of your parents yelling in the back garden you clumsily wipe the streaks of salt that had been subsequently corroding your cheeks, fumbling with the letter until you’ve got it unrolled.

Hey arse cheek!

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OP 862 - Afterthought

With a lot of focus on Pudding’s breakdown (and whether or not fans think she’s “good” now), I wanted to step aside from that and bring attention to something else that was important in this chapter.  I don’t think I actually did at the time, but this is something that I’ve wanted to post about since ch 852:  Sanji’s kindness…

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i popped back into the steak dinner stream bc my friend told me “THEYRE STARTING DESSERT” and i LOVE baked goods and suffering so recap:

  • it was the most uncomfortable asmr experience 
  • fl0w3r actually rly wanted to win mvp :( but he says hes rly grateful just to have won the world cup
  • some of them didnt finish their steaks which..ok bitch fuck you but ryujehong literally just kept eating and the servers just took away his food which he got very upset about
    • they also took his fork, which he also got upset about
  • when dessert came around tobi and sbb fed each other fruit
    • i noted this as context for the next point
  • zunba stole literally one (1) blueberry from ryujehong’s cake after tobi and sbb’s cute fruit moment and ryujehong became extremely angry, yelled, and grabbed his plate away. mood

im actually really weirded out by myself for having watched this shit and im genuinely wondering if this is how white people start stanning kpop stars and meditating on jimin tulpas

Listen to me for once

Harry Styles - 1565 words (Requested by anon)
Harry’s girlfriend is pregnant and he gets a little.. overprotective.


A groan leaves my lips as I try to get up from the sofa without falling back over like an egg. My eight month belly was getting protruding and very difficult to work around with, making anything hard to do right now. I know the doctor recommended bedrest and all but I hated being bedridden twenty four seven, but with Harry breathing down my neck it was all I could do lately.

I wobble when I finally stand to my feet, my hands resting on my back as I sigh out. That had cost me almost all the energy I had pent up for today. My feet drag me towards the kitchen, I wanted to make some cookies or a cake seeing as the boys would be coming over to celebrate the release of their new album and it immediately shooting to number one. I know Harry said I couldn’t but right now I couldn’t care less about what my oh so loving boyfriend demands of me, I want to walk around and do stuff so I am gonna walk around and do stuff.

“What are you doing?” I stop midway as I wobble and turn towards Harry, who is standing in the doorway, leaning against the frame, a frown etched onto his features. “What does it look like? I am walking towards the kitchen to prepare a chocolate cake or something. Now leave me alone.” I know my hormones are making me a total bitch towards Harry, who means nothing but well for me, but I can’t stand him breathing down my neck anymore. I can feel the baby kicking and wanting to be active as much as his mum wants to. Yes, we were having a boy. Although no one knew yet. Not even Harry.

“The doctor told you to stay in bed, I already compensated by letting you rest on the sofa.” I roll my eyes as I step into the kitchen, already gathering the supplies for my cake. I hear his loud footsteps behind me, stopping abruptly as he sees what I am trying to do. “At least let me help you, stubborn woman.” I chuckle as I hand him the bowl I was holding, along with a whisk and the bag of flour.
“Why can’t you listen to me for once in your life?” Harry sighs out as he drops all the utilities onto the table, his hand running through his hair to pull at the roots in frustration.

“Why should I? I know what I can and cannot do Harry.” I send him a glare from across the room before throwing a package of butter his way, almost hitting him square in the face. Harry huffs again but I ignore him and lastly throw the chocolate onto the pile of supplies I’d be needing. I am already feeling sore in my back from the weight but I am not admitting defeat towards Harry, simply pulling the bowl towards my side of the table, whisk already in hand.

“At least sit down for Christ sake!” Harry groans again and this time I comply, just so he would shut his overprotective hole for a minute. I grumble while trying to fit onto the small wooden chair and huff as I feel my bum come into contact with it roughly, my belly extremely in the way of me doing anything that requires my arms.. So basically the whole cake.

“Happy now?” I bite back as I try to reach the butter which Harry simply pushes towards me with the tiniest of chuckles leaving his lips. This is the first time I actually give him a good look, his hair in a tight bun but full of grease from his work out this morning, his upper body still not clothed.
“How are you not in the shower yet? Your friends are here in a little over an hour! Go!” I gasp as I wave my hands towards his face in a ‘go away’ motion, only causing another chuckle to leave his plump lips. He gives me the ‘aye aye captain’ gesture and turns around to walk away but I stop him with a shriek again. “I want a kiss!” I smile sheepishly as I shrug my shoulders at the same time, knowing I am being a bit unruly and stubborn right now but I seriously couldn’t help it.

Harry rolls his eyes before coming back and pressing his lips shortly, but sweetly to mine. “So demanding you are.” I kisses my forehead again before jogging off towards the shower, which I hear running only a few minutes later.

Within the time Harry has been showering, the cake batter was finished and in the oven, rising evenly. I had made my way back to the sofa, energy drained from making that stupid thing, barely keeping my eyes open. “Love, where are you?” I hear Harry’s voice echo through the space and I merely lift my arm to sway it around, letting him notice my whereabouts.

“No cake?” He questions as his fingers start kneading my shoulders, a satisfied groan leaving my lips at what wonders his hands can do to my sore body. “‘Mm, ’s in the oven.” I mumble in return, repositioning myself so he could have more access to my sore shoulders. “You’re tired, aren’t you?” Harry sounds worried, my absence of answer only sparking his worry more. “Do you want me to cancel the plans?”

I shake my head no as I lazily reopen my eyes to meet his gaze, granting him a small smile as I squeeze one of his hands. “No, of course not. ’M getting lazy with all this laying around.” Harry chuckles, squeezing my shoulders once more. “Rest for a bit, I’ll get the cake out of the oven.”

I think I have dozed off, only to be awoken by the doorbell ringing. I groan before pushing my tired body back up, wobbling to the door to greet our guests. “Hi boys.” I beam, stepping aside to let them enter. Liam walks in, pressing a kiss to my cheek as Louis follows, bantering with Niall about god knows what, but stopping briefly to kiss me and rub my growing belly briefly. “Hi little girl, how are you?” Louis coos and I chuckle, a hand resting on the size, slowly rubbing from side to side.

“I told you already Lou man, it’s a boy not a girl. Hi little man, and beautiful mum of course.” Niall looks up and winks, a giggle leaving my lips as I close the door. “Harry babe the boys are here!” I yell into the vacant hallway, a thud followed by a groan echoing through the hall. “Hi lads, why didn’t you call? I would’ve opened up go sit down love.” Harry tries to push me back towards the sofa which I’m sure already has a dent from my big ass.

“Would you stop? I want to sit with you guys I rarely see anyone now that you’ve got me on lockdown.” I cross my arms over my chest defensively, standing my ground as Harry groans loudly in protest as his hands rub over his face. “Let the lass join if she wants to Haz, she’s old enough don’t you think?” Louis chuckles as he pats the seat besides him.

“Thank you Louis!” I sigh out, hands raising before they slap against my sides and I briskly walk over to sit down before my back gives out. “Besides I want to be with the little light in my life.” Louis coos as he lays a hand on my belly, I smile brightly at his kind words. “If I knew you’d be such a sap is chosen Niall as the godfather.” Harry mutters under his breath, causing Niall to fist bump the air.

“Will you get the cake for me please?” I bat my eyelashes towards Harry who groans but leaves for the kitchen none the less, probably fed up that he can’t get me to listen to him. “He means well you know.” Liam states and I nod my head, I know he does.. I just wish he would be less careful sometimes, I miss my playful Harry.

“Thank you for the amazing cake y/n, you have to give me the recipe sometime.” Niall compliments as he hugs me one last time, disappearing through the door as Harry walks out behind them to wave them off. When I know I am alone I groan loudly, dragging myself towards the very inviting looking sofa. “Fuck I think I am dying.” I mumble as I let my bum fall down before falling sideways and curling up in a fetal position. I hear the door open again, indicating Harry has returned but I can’t seem to wipe the grimace off of my face.

“Are you okay?” Harry walks closer to me before dropping on his knees, his fingers threading through my unruly locks. “My back hurts. My feet hurt. Everything hurts.” I groan loudly and I know the ‘I told you so’ is on the tip of Harry’s tongue, but he decides to drop it. “I’ll run you a bath and then we’ll cuddle a bit in bed, yeah? Massage that sore back of yours.”

I lean forward to press my lips against his, pulling away with a loud smack. “You are the best boyfriend ever.”

I hope you enjoyed,

with lots of love,

L. xox

Tonight Is For Change (Epilogue)(Newt Scamander x Reader)


Hello loves! Well, here we go. Ready or not. This is the epilogue to my Newt x Reader series that honestly has meant so much to me. It’s the story that saved me from severe writer’s block and I will always be proud of it. Is it my best work? Maybe not. But it comes from a place in my heart… and I hope that shows. It’s sincere. Newt has helped me through some really challenging times of feeling alone, being stressed, and craving affection. I think I’ll always be thankful he gave me a way to vent and feel better. (Good ole JK. She’s the best.) I’m scared to post this. It means a great deal to me and I love it so much. I really hope you do too. 

Dedicated to: Everyone who is struggling with change in their life. Those who feel the outcome is uncertain and you can’t be sure it will all be okay. All I can say is don’t give up - don’t worry - we can push through and hopefully everything will be better than we imagine it will be. Also, to be a little bit personal - this part is also for the “older” readers who desire to be married or have children. It’s hard when life doesn’t seem to work out the way you “think” it should. Like I said, don’t give up. (I’m telling myself that too.)

Title: Tonight Is For Change (Epilogue)


Part 1 x Part 2 x Part 3 x Part 4


Pairing: Newt Scamander X Reader

Rating: T

Warnings: lots of fluff, a little bit of brother angst, some sexy times (implied mostly, not too graphic - I hope), more fluff, children, etc.


Additional notes:  I took some liberties. I don’t know Newt’s Mother’s name so… it doesn’t exist? Also, I wrote THESEUS & I could be ALL WRONG but we don’t have much to go off, do we? I hope it’s okay. Also, I called those sleeper cars on trains “cabins.” It’s just a small thing but it might annoy those who travel mass transit. I live in the USA. We aren’t cool like that.

Also, if you enjoy this, can you please send feedback? It really helps motivate me and I welcome ALL of it!

GIFS/PICS ARE NOT MINE! Message me if you’d like credit!!

Three and a half years later.

Southhampton, United Kingdom.

A/N: Yes, that is the Titanic. Just go with it. :)

You were almost “home.” The journey from New York City to the UK had been unlike anything you had ever experienced. For seven whole days there had been nothing but the sea surrounding you. It had been exhilarating at first but towards the end of the expedition your little family became anxious to stand on solid land again.

“Katherine, love?” You buttoned your daughter’s overcoat and her bright [your eye color] eyes met yours, “You be sure to hold tight to Mummy’s hand, all right?”

Katherine giggled as you gave her a loving peck on the cheek, “Yes, mummy.”

“Do you see Daddy over there? He’s just arranging our tickets for the train. When he is finished we will go sit down and rest for a bit." 

Katherine smiled and squeezed your hand tightly. Poor Newt. This was his least favorite part of traveling. Every time an inspector had to check his case he was terrified one of his creatures would escape, "Anything to declare?" 

Newt shook his head, "No.”

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Sweets - Tomalgam x Edd NSFW

// Winks at @tomalgam ;0000

// NSFW Tomalgam x Edd (In which Edd bakes sweets for Tomalgam and things get a bit messy) requested by anonymous. Remind me to not take writing breaks, holy heck.

Tomalgam sat on the kitchen floor patiently as he waited for Edd to finish up another batch of cookies. He already ate one, and man, he loved Edd’s baking.

Edd pulled the cookie tray out of the oven, and set it down on the counter to cool. Tomalgam licked his many lips, and watched as Edd pulled out some cake pans.

Edd was thankful the oven was big enough for so much stuff, if it wasn’t, Tomalgam would have eaten most of the stuff in the house.

Edd prepared the cake, frosting it and stacking the layers, and set the finished cake on the table in front of Tomalgam. He set many other sweets in front of the large version of his friend, well, Tomalgam was his friend too, but, you know what, forget it.

Edd smiled as he looked at the cookies, cakes, candy, and all the other sugar-filled treats on the table, and went over to Tomalgam and kissed his cheek, careful not to kiss an eye by mistake. “Dig in.”

Tomalgam did so gladly, and Edd went back to baking. He baked a pie, made some sandwiches, baked more cookies, and Tomalgam just, ate whatever Edd made. Edd watched as Tomalgam ate the rest of the treats, and began to make a grocery list.

Edd heard a whine from behind him, and looked to see Tomalgam looking down at his stomach, which grew. Edd smiled and went over to him, noticing a piece of cake on the table. Edd picked it up, and waved the cake in front of Tomalgam’s eyes.

“Do you want this last slice, Tom?” Edd asked, and Tomalgam nodded slowly. Edd brought it to one of his mouths and fed him the cake, and rubbed his stomach. “You’re so good, Tom.”

“EdD…” Tomalgam seemed to purr, and grabbed a plate of cookies from behind him. Tomalgam held a cookie up to Edd’s mouth, and signaled him to open his mouth. Edd did so, and Tomalgam put the cookie in Edd’s mouth. Edd chewed it slowly, and Tomalgam watched him in joy. Edd swallowed, and Tomalgam held up another cookie.

“Oh, Tom, I’m all full of sweets. Besides, I made those cookies for you, so you should eat them.” Edd said, and Tomalgam nodded. Then, without hesitation, Tomalgam chowed the cookies down with no hesitation. Tomalgam burped, and Edd giggled a bit. Edd rubbed Tomalgam’s stomach some more, then moved his hand down. He unbuttoned Tomalgam’s pants, and watched as Tomalgam continued to eat the sweets. Edd kissed Tomalgam’s stomach, and Tomalgam picked Edd up with two hands.

Tomalgam chuckled as Edd squeaked, and held Edd close to his face. “WwwhAt doO youU thiInnk youU’rE doIinG?”

“N-Nothing…Nothing at all.” Edd said with a nervous laugh. Tomalgam’s smirk made Edd gulp.

“So, you don’t want to be stuffed with sweets anymore? Well, I’ve got something better for you…” Tomalgam’s voice changed, which, honestly turned Edd on. Tomalgam bent Edd over the table, holding him down with a hand as the other hands worked to pull both of their bottoms off. Edd bit his bottom lip as he felt Tomalgam’s fingers slip inside him, wet with spit. At least, that’s what Edd thought it was, and he sure hoped it was. Edd pushed himself down a bit on Tomalgam’s fingers and whimpered. “Oh? Somebody is desperate…I can’t wait to devour my best sweet…” Tomalgam licked his many lips, and pulled his fingers out.

Tomalgam spread Edd’s cheeks, and grouped all five of his, holy shit wait. There were 5 of them. There was no way Edd could fit that many inside of him. Edd looked at Tomalgam, and bit his bottom lip. “Hey, if I hurt you, tell me, mkay?” Edd was not used to Tomalgam talking like this, and okay, okay he was already pushing in.

By the time all of the five dicks were inside Edd, or at least half way, Edd already came. Edd blushed madly as Tomalgam chuckled, and put two hands on Edd’s hips. A hand gripped Edd’s hair a bit as Tomalgam began to thrust slowly, and Edd could feel how deep he was inside already. Tomalgam basically hovered over him, and Edd feeling so small just, oh boy. Edd liked this, he liked it a lot. He felt like he was melting from pleasure, and Tomalgam barely even started.

Tomalgam’s thrusts became rough, and Edd was moaning his name loudly. Tomalgam used to hands to grab Edd’s wrists and hold him up, while another two held Edd’s hips. Edd stared at the bulge he saw in his stomach now and again, and looked at Tomalgam. One of the mouths with less sharp teeth met Edd’s, and Tomalgam knew how badly Edd wanted this. He was just like dough in his hands.

A mouth bit Edd’s shoulder, and Edd bit his bottom lip. Tomalgam licked up any blood that was drawn, and a hand rubbed Edd’s inner thigh. Tomalgam went harder, and Edd came again. “Good boy…” Tomalgam purred, and Edd was slammed down back onto the table. Tomalgam’s thrusts were fast and rough, and Edd begged for more and more.

“F-Fuck, Tom, m-more~!” Tomalgam happily did as told, and slammed into Edd’s prostate. Edd screamed Tomalgam’s name, and came once again. With a few more thrusts, Tomalgam came, and Edd knew his stomach was going to hurt later, seeing how his stomach grew a bit. Tomalgam got a final thrust in before pulling out, and looking at the mess Edd was. Tears, drool, and semen covered Edd, and Edd panted heavily.

Tomalgam picked Edd up and held him in his arms, and whispered how good he was in his cracking, distorted voice. Edd kissed Tomalgam softly before yawning. Tomalgam rubbed his stomach, and pet Edd’s hair. Edd looked up at him and smiled. “So, should I bake sweets for you more often?” Edd asked, and Tomalgam nodded. “Heheh, I love you, Tom. You’re a sweetheart.”

Tomalgam smiled with joy, and quickly ran to Edd’s bedroom with Edd in his arms for a grand cuddling session that was bound to get messy.

coloring-lilac-skye  asked:

Heeey! First, i love everything you wrote about The selection. Second, can you please back to write? Just one chapter, pleaseee. I'll be infinitely grateful❤ Ps: sorry for my english, i'm brazillian

You are too sweet! I’m sorry I didn’t get this posted sooner!

Food Fight

“Maxon, you need to eat something.”

I stood in the doorway of his office, watching my husband pour over the paperwork that covered his desk. Work towards abolishing the castes was a lot harder than anyone thought.

“I will, just give me a minute.”

“You said that last night and never showed up. You barely ate anything at lunch today, too. You’ve got to take a break, Maxon.”

“We have a deadline, Mer. I’m not going to shy away-”

I walked over to his desk, pausing by his chair before I grabbed his hand. He looked up, his eyes tired behind a pair of reading glasses I didn’t even know he needed until after we married. “I know you do, and I’m going to help you tonight. But you need to eat some dinner, tuck your children in bed, and then we’ll handle this, okay? They’ve been asking about you all day.”

He took off his glasses with his free hand and laid them on the desk before rubbing the bridge of his nose. “I hate it when you are right.”

“Happens pretty often, huh?”

Maxon chuckled. “What’s for dinner?”

“Your favorite. Steak and potatoes.” Maxon’s eyes brightened at my answer. “And I didn’t even suggest it. You can thank the head chef for that.”

“That’s probably because I gave them all a raise.”

“Or it could be because they actually like you, and they all know how stressed out you are. Nicole even made chocolate cake.”

Maxon stood and stretched. “Chocolate cake?” He pulled me into his arms. I leaned forward, placing a soft, easy kiss against his lips.


“Sounds tempting. Almost as tempting as my wife.” He brushed his nose against mine.

“You noticed, huh?”

“I always notice. Right now, I just have the opportunity to do something about it.” His fingers drummed lightly on my waist as he planted a kiss on each cheek. Maxon’s stomach let out a large growl, which I snorted at.

“As delightful as that sounds, if you want to spend your break with me, we can do it in the dining room, with our kids, with a plate of food in front of you.”

“But then I couldn’t do this.” Maxon’s hands drifted down, pulling me flush against him. His lips traveled down my neck, making my heart flutter wildly.

“Maxon, this isn’t going to work. You need to eat!”

Maxon pressed his lips just under my jawline, right below my ear. They brushed my ear, his breath warm and soft against my skin. “Who says I wouldn’t be eating?”


Two series of high pitched giggles and screams came from the hall, our toddlers just on the other side of the door.

“Always right on time, those two,” Maxon noted slyly.

“Later,” I promised as I took his hand in mine. Maxon groaned good naturedly before leading us both to the door. The nanny opened it just as we approached, an exasperated look on her face.

“I’m sorry, your majesty.”

“No need to apologize, Margaret.” He sunk to his knees on the carpet, crawling towards the door. “Where are my two monsters?”

Eadlyn giggled from the other side. Ahren jumped out, growling as he leapt towards Maxon. He caught Ahren, gently pinning him to the floor and tickling him. My son’s laughter filled the room. Eadlyn darted out and tangled herself with her brother and father.

“Two tickle monsters after me!?” Maxon was on his back now, letting the pair have at him. They both tried to tickle him, their fingers clumsily moving over their father. “Help!”

“No, momma!” Eadlyn squealed.

“Play!” Ahren added. He leapt from his father, coming to pull on my hand. “Peas?”

“After dinner,” I amended as I picked him up. “If you and your sister eat all of your dinner, maybe we will have time to play with Daddy some more. Can you be good and eat?”

Ahren nodded his head excitedly. Maxon rose from the floor, Eadlyn wrapped against him. She was telling him about her doll, which he listened to as intently as he would any dignitary or council member.

Together, we all walked into the small dining room, which we used for our everyday meals. The food was already laid out on the table, the smell absolutely divine. We settled into our seats, Maxon with Eadlyn and mine with Ahren. Even with the nanny’s help, feeding the twins was a job in itself. Lately, all they wanted to eat was chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. After eating a few bites of my own meal, the battle began.

“No!” Ahren protested as I tried to get him to eat some broccoli.

“It will make you grow big and strong, just like Daddy!”


I threw a piece into my mouth, quickly chewing and swallowing. “So good! Don’t you want to try some?”

Ahren eyed the vegetable, still looking unsure. “No.”

“Here buddy, try this.” Maxon reached over and grabbed a stalk and swiped it through the macaroni and cheese, covering it in the golden sauce. “It’s yummy!”


“Yep, tastes like cheese!”

Ahren took it from his father and slowly took a tentative nibble. His eyes brightened slightly. “Good job!” Maxon praised. “Eadlyn, do you want me to get you one?”

“No! I do.”

Maxon handed her a piece of broccoli, which she promptly dunked into her mac and cheese. “Thank you,” I whispered. The past couple of nights without him was a handful. They always seemed to eat better around him. He gave me a wink before directing his attention back to the kids. He ate while he fed them, the room full of giggles and happy smiles. Once they’d finished most of their plates, I cut two slices of cake. Each was big enough that Maxon and me could share with the twins.

“I can help you get them into bed tonight,” he offered while giving Ahren a small bite.

“You don’t have to do that, Maxon. I know the reports need to be finished tonight. You need some sleep, too.”

“More!” Eadlyn demanded of me. I gave her a look, to which she looked down at her plate.

“What do we say, young lady?”


“Very good!” I acknowledged as I gave her a bite of mine. I quickly took a bite as she chewed. It was no strawberry tart, but Nicole’s chocolate cake was right up there with it. I turned back to Maxon. “You get to work, and once I get them into bed, I’ll come down. We can team up and tackle this together.”

Maxon set his plate on Ahren’s highchair. “I’m sorry things have been so crazy lately. I just…I want to get this right, America.”

I leaned over to him, brushing my fingers along his cheek before pressing a soft kiss there. “I know you do.”


Just as Ahren yelled it, a toddler sized fistful of cake smacked Maxon in the face. Ahren had his little hands in what remained of the slice, eating it just as much as throwing it. I quickly set my plate down, covering my mouth to keep from laughing.

“Something funny, your majesty?” Maxon offered before reaching for a napkin. I shook my head, a few giggles escaping from in between my fingers. I turned back to Ahren, to access the damage. Something gooey, soft, and hauntingly chocolatey hit the side of my head. I turned in the direction of my husband, who sat grinning, a fork poised with another bite of cake.

“Maxon. Calix. Schreave. What do you think you are doing?”

“Having a little fun?” He deposited a sizeable piece of cake on each of the twin’s trays. “Isn’t the saying all work and no play make a very dull boy? Are we dull, Ahren?”


“I didn’t think so.”

“Maxon, don’t you dare-”

“Get mommy!”

Thankfully, I missed most of the throws from my children, but Maxon’s forkful crashed right into my hair. I grabbed what remained of my piece, shoving it into his face. We made a mess of the remainder of the cake, all of us covered in the desert. Eadlyn and Ahren had the biggest smiles on their faces, both eating or throwing what they could get their hands on.

Maxon took hold of me, his hands caressing my cheeks. There was chocolate icing smeared over his brow, the left cheek completely covered in cake. “I love you.”

“Don’t you dare think I’m going to forget this. I’ll have my revenge,” I swore teasingly. “And I love you, too.”

“I think it’s safe to say that we all need a bath,” Maxon observed as he stood. He licked around his lips, clearing some of the cake and icing there. “And that I’m going to need to give the cleaning staff yet another raise for this mess.”

“No!” Ahren cried happily. Eadlyn joined him, softly singing “no” over and over again.

“No to the bath or the raise?” Maxon questioned.


“It is their favorite word,” I noted.

“Out of the few they know, that is true. Ahren, my son,” Maxon began as he picked him up. Eadlyn reached out for me, and I took her into my arms. “Let me tell you about the proper way to make a budget cut.”


“Yep, cut.”

I shook my head as I laughed lightly at their antics. Eadlyn listened intently to her father’s words as we climbed the stairs to give them both a bath. He’d turn to Eadlyn as he spoke, giving them equal attention. It would be a long night, but moments like this, where there was just the joy of my husband and children, were worth it.

#158 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “something based off tyrants? Like the reader is this crazy social butterfly/ life of the party everyone loves her and she’s out having a good time all the time and Vans just so infatuated with her. In awe of how alive she is, you know?”

When you saw Van for the first time, he was upside down and flashing in and out of your field of sight. Well, technically, you were upside down. There was a school down the road from the bar, and your friends had jumped the fence and climbed into the yard. On one of the twirling tea cups, you hung backwards over the edge and watched the world spin faster and faster. Alternating between screaming and laughing, you watched in short bursts as Van and Bondy jumped the fence too. Bondy knew your friend Alyssa. They stood near the teacup, waiting for the carnage. 

Luckily, it never came. Instead, the teacup slowed and you could climb down. Taking a few shaky steps, you tripped over your own feet and fell into Van’s arms. He steadied you, and his hands slipped down to your hips. You grinned at him, and he couldn’t help but do it back. 

“Hi,” you whispered, putting your hands on his shoulders. 

“Hey,” he replied. 

“You saved me,”

“Don’t think you would have died, love,” he said with a shrug. 

“Maybe not, but I might have been horribly disfigured, you know? Nobody would ever love me,”

“Sure your personality would more than make up for your tragic face.”

You laughed, liking that he played along with the game. Van and Bondy walked you all back to the bar and bought a round of drinks. You’d already consumed a lot of alcohol, and the round just fixed what the fresh air broke of your drunken state. Van quickly caught up. He was able to down beer faster than you, and when he carefully carried over shots of unidentifiable liquid, you fell just a little in love. You had to show him that and dragging him outside with a couple of fingers hooked through a belt loop, he followed happily. 

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meant to be - part 1

Pairing: park chanyeol x reader

Summary: “It was like we were meant to be since we were born on the same day at the same time in the same room.”

Part: 1/?

“Happy birthday to you!” Our families cheer, singing the birthday song. Chanyeol and I scowl, hating this day every year. The reason why was quite simple. We were both born on the same day at the same time in the same room.

To many, sharing a birthday with Chanyeol was the greatest thing someone could ever get. To me, it was the thing that I hated most because I didn’t like Park Chanyeol at all. In fact, he has been my biggest rival since birth.

Chanyeol looks over at me and we roll our eyes at the same time. Everyone watches as our mothers present us with the lit birthday cake. The birthday boy and I look at each other before we push one another to get to the cake first.

“Move, idiot!”

“You move!”

“You’re in my way!” Chanyeol exclaims and our mothers look at each other, sighing deeply.

“JUST BLOW OUT THE CANDLES.” Everyone yells, clearly fed up. We scowl and do just that. Everyone lets out a sigh of relief and erupts into cheers.

“I still can’t believe you two were born on the same day at the same time in the same room! How funny is that?” My father laughs with Chanyeol’s father.

“Hilarious,” I grumble and cross my arms. Chanyeol is handed one single piece of cake and I turn to my mother, wanting my own slice. She smiles innocently and shakes her head.

“You’ve got to be kidding,” He groans and clicks his tongue. Our mothers grin from ear to ear, nudging each other.

“Have the first bite, you two!” They urge.

“But you have to have it together!”

“Oh! They should feed it to each other just like when they were young!”

“Wait, but we never-”

“Feed each other! Feed each other!” Everyone chants.

We stare at each other with displeased looks, rolling our eyes. We sigh before giving into everyone’s wishes. We raise a spoonful of cake up and try to signal for the other to first using your eyes. Chanyeol smirks and I raise an eyebrow. He chuckles and shakes his head. He brings the spoon close to my mouth before quickly putting it down and smearing the cake on my face.

“PARK CHANYEOL, YOU’RE SO DEAD.” I growl, reaching for the cake in his mother’s hand. I spin back around and stuff a slice into his face. He gasps, staring at me in disbelief. Chanyeol grabs another slice and crumbles it atop my head.

“I don’t think so.” He smirks. Glaring at him through pieces of cake, I throw myself at him. I send the both of us to the ground from him being unbalanced. He grabs at my wrist as I curl my fingers into fists.

“I can’t believe they’re adults who still do things like this,” My mother sighs, her hand resting against her cheek.

“Enough, you two,” Chanyeol’s father says, pulling us apart. We click our tongues and pull away from him. “Now go clean yourself up. You two are coated in cake.”

“This is all your fault. You just couldn’t let a birthday party pass in peace, can you? You had to cause a fuss,” I nag and stick out my tongue at him as we walk to the bathroom. Chanyeol rolls his eyes and scoffs.

“It’s not solely my fault, you were the one who threw it back.”

“You started it first, idiot,” I scoff and stop in my tracks. I glare at him as he walks back to me and gets into my face. “You’re so childish, Chanyeol.”

“I’m the childish one?”

“Have you seen yourself?” I ask as we continue glaring at each other. I roll my eyes, deciding to end the fight and walk away. I throw my arms in frustration. “You’re so annoying!”

I push him out of the way to get into the bathroom first. Chanyeol scoffs, walking in behind me to wash up. He bumps me with his hip, making room for himself at the tiny sink. We clean our hands before bending over the tub and cleaning our hair.

I sigh and put my hair up with a towel, Chanyeol glancing at me. He clears his throat and looks away before nudging me. I raise an eyebrow, looking at him.

“What do you want?” I glare at him.

“Do it for me.”

“Do what? Wait, this?” I ask, pointing to my hair. He nods and I sigh, telling him to bend over. I do it for him and he stands up straight. We move and stare at ourselves in the mirror. I want to laugh at how stupid we looked, but I didn’t want to seem as if I was having a good time with him.

“We kinda look cute,” He says.

“Correction, I look cute.”

“No, I will always look cuter than you. Our baby pictures and home videos prove it too.”

“I guess you win that one. You were a pretty cute baby.”

“Of course I do, I have my cute ears,” Chanyeol says and smiles. I giggle and shake my head. That was before I catch myself and stop. We realize what we’re doing and our cheeks turn red as we turn away. “That didn’t happen.”

“Of course it didn’t, I would never have a good time with you.”

“I could say the same thing for you.”

Our eyes trail to each other in the mirror, making eye contact.

“We should go down to the party.”

“Yeah,” I mumble.

“So go first.”

“Why don’t you?” I scowl, pointing to the door.

“I don’t get why you have to fight me on everything I do and say, just go,”

“That’s because you aggravate me more than you realize, Park Chanyeol.”

“You’ve been saying that since we were practically born,” He rolls his eyes as we turn towards each other, glaring.

We’re a match made in heaven, I guess.