i want to be fed cake

things i’d like to eat all in one sitting

  • large pack of cookies
  • strawberry cake
  • any kind of pie
  • large batch of cookie dough
  • whole watermelon
  • several bags of jelly candy
  • 12 box of doughnuts

really i just want to be fed sweet food in bulk all the time there’re probably dozens more things i could put on here but if someone could just buy me all of these that’d be rad

Boo's First Birthday
  • Lea:
  • It was December 23rd, exactly a year since Lola had entered the world and made their lives that might brighter and happier. Sure Christmas was only two days away but they were still throwing her a party especially since all of their family immediate and extended were in town to celebrate with them. That morning she had woken up early with Lola wanting to be fed and as she sat on the couch with her she remembered every little detail of the day that she gave birth to her and held her a little closer to her. "I love you so much, Boo." She whispered.
  • As soon as Lola had fallen asleep again Lea got up and started getting everything ready for the party later that day. It was only going to be simple with a cake, a lolly table and a barbecue lunch but it was all they needed. As she got to work cooking and decorating the cake she had made the night before. Every now and then she'd check on Lola only to see her still asleep in her pack and play and wonder where their tiny newborn had gone.

I visit him in my sleep, it’s the only place where it’s safe to
Where the kisses don’t plant seeds like wrong ideas
To bloom in the empty spaces I left behind
I know he is fighting the same battle,
We fight on the same front
But we no longer stand side by side
And I worry because his only attack is to be defensive
And my only weapon is a pen
I never jab at anyone’s throat but mine

There is a reason I have carved these shark gills,
So if you give me just one taste of your blood
You will realize that if I am fed
I don’t need to be loved

And yes, I loved him, I love him, I will love him
And my heart looks harmless hanging by the wall
But it is a power outlet
And his affection was a metal fork
I didn’t take the cutlery when I left
Because I want him to have another stab at love
I want it to be like cake
Because I was all slice

I am carbon monoxide  
When you are in my bed it will feel like nature
It will feel like nurture
You won’t remember your mother’s voice
Warning “don’t play with fire”
My tongue is a striker strip
And you might be a match
But even your mother would take one look at me
And know that I am going to burn your house down

There is a reason I tattoo my skin
When love drains like a bathtub:
I can’t wear the same body you used to touch,
I can’t live as the memory that you think of

And I can’t live in poems in which I am the moon
I don’t need you to shine, I don’t need to steal your glow
I am the sun in outer space, full on my own
And I will love everything from a distance of 149.6 million kilometres–
It’s the only place where it’s safe to.

—  k. simmonds, power outlet