i want to be excited to go to faire


Did you go to parties afterwards? 

Well I had planned, because you know the Vanity Fair party is very exciting and everyone goes and uh, but yeah I got back to my hotel room to change, took the dress off, like got into someone’s coat and ended up just falling asleep in the coat. Someone woke me up and was like, do you want to get changed and go to the party now? I was like nooo, I just kinda wanna stay here, so I just ate pizza and fell asleep and it was actually perfect. 

the signs how I see them

aries; the most passionate people I know. aren’t afraid to do what they want, don’t really care what others think of them. brave, honest and full of life.

taurus; these people know how to enjoy everyday pleasures like no others. they see beauty in everything. easy to trust.

gemini; some of the happiest people I know. always down for anything, never says no to an adventure. easy to talk to and super chill to hang out with.

cancer; sweet and innocent, they make you feel wanted. always there for you.

leo; so full of love. confident in themselves. they have big dreams and therefore the ability to make you excited about the future and life in general.

virgo; somehow always has everything under control and well organized. notices everything, knows how to make things okay again. makes you feel safe.

libra; these people have lots of friends, they are social and always know what’s going on. easy to approach, always fair.

scorpio; without a doubt the most intense people. always gives their best at everything they do. never ceases to make you feel some type of way. never a dull moment with them.

sagittarius; these people truly live life one day at a time and know how to make the most out of everything. enthusiastic and optimistic.

capricorn; successful, doesn’t give up easily. inspires you to do better. very practical, has an solution to every problem.

aquarius; mysterious, makes you want to learn more. sometimes erratic and rebellious but always in an exciting way. very open-minded and laid-back.

pisces; the people you go to if you need a good talk. open-minded and understanding. sweet, gentle, imaginative and so cute.

Forever disappointed that Sam never got to ride Bucky’s motorbike.

4 days until the Iron Trial! Sorry about the crappy picture, my phone has decided to die slowly on me. Above is the poster of The Iron Trial for the Scholastic Book Fairs and bookstores.

“dear cassie- im so excited because im going to meet you and holly on september 26 at the illinois event for the iron trial! i heard that you’ll be signing everything, but i just wanted to make sure you’ll be doing that here, in illinois, too- not just new york. 💕 — booksndfandoms”

Hi Cassandra, Just found out that you’re coming to Liverpool in October and cannot wait to see you! I was just wondering whether there are any restrictions on the number of books we can have signed so I don’t stumble in with a massive pile of them! Again, cannot wait to see you in October. Thanks :D — benjamin–bane

Hello! How many books we can sign is decided on by the bookstore, not by us. I know that may seem strange, but bookstores have to make sure they can get everyone signed before they close, etc — for instance our Nottingham event has sold 300 tickets and is almost sold out; if 300 people each bring 9 books, that’s 2,700 books — which averages out to about 14-16 hours of signing. You don’t wait to wait in that line!

I will be signing the Iron Trial and in every other place, I’ll sign at least two Shadowhunter books you bring or buy there. I’ve promised to sign whatever people bring at Books of Wonder because it’s the launch party and BOW okayed it: I’d check with whatever bookstore you’re attending the signing at to find out what the rules are about how many books to bring. If they say bring what you want, then go nuts. All the info/how to contact the stores/get tickets is here:


Hey Cassie, I love, love, love your work and me and my friend Charlotte are going to the Liverpool book signing for the magisterium on October 7th. We’re coming from Manchester and we’ve been wondering, would you ever come to Manchester? And would you sign anything TMI at the signing for my friend Ellie?x — charliesshadow

I will totally sign TMI stuff at the Iron Trial events, and Holly will sign her other books too. You should be able to get at least two Shadowhunter books signed wherever. Also happy to answer Shadowhunter questions. As for Manchester I was there 3 years ago and would happily go back.

An open letter to Modest Fuckwit Management re One Direction.

I admit it. You have done it. I am finally at the end of my tether.

You see, today I got quite excited at the prospect of a book signing. Now I’ll admit, Im a bit embarrassed about this. Because a book signing, announced a huge 48 hours before it occurs, 3 weeks before an album launch, when only a few thousand tickets go on sale should not really be a cause for celebration. Not for the Biggest Band On The Planet ™

But nonetheless I was excited. You see, I long to see the boys interact. Call me crazy (and I know you like to) but I like to see the band I support, you know, talk to each other. And it doesn’t happen that often.

So. I looked for tickets. As an older fan I can afford to go to London when I want. I have 13 weeks holidays a year and a fair bit of disposable income. I would LOVE to spend it on One Direction. (Sell me an oops jumper. I’ll be a happy woman)

And now we come to the crux of the problem. If I had got tickets, I, as a grown professional women with a very respectable job, cannot, apparently, be trusted to carry my own mobile phone.

Now this causes me a moments reflection. What could possibly be so dangerous about a boy band that I can’t be trusted with my own mobile phone whilst around them? Or am I not the problem? Is it that you, their own management, don’t trust them to behave in front of their fans? Are you worried about what we might see?

Coz I have to tell you, that ship has sailed (do you see what I did there? Yes, I have seen their tattoos!) That horse has well and truly bolted. 

Because, us older fans, we know. We don’t just think. We know. Because we are older, we have work connections at hotels and bars, we have uni friends in high positions at media companies, we have friends at radio stations all over the world, we have friends who live in rural towns in Cheshire and Yorkshire. I somehow don’t think they are all lying about the thing you are so desperately trying to hide.

So you cannot keep hiding these boys in plain sight. Releasing books that they themselves have slated, that contain a narrative that anyone with working eye balls can see is not the truth, and stopping fans taking pictures at a signing won’t help. Myopic micromanagement of this type just reeks of desperation and makes you look even more obvious. Especially when your clients seem to be doing everything in their power to challenge your narrative.

Now there are rumblings that actually this might be a secret showcase of the new album. Oh how I would love that to be the case. It would indicate you are willing to try new things to promo this band. And boy, do they deserve it. They are the Biggest Band On The Planet. Despite of you.

So please. Can we have a Live Lounge, and a talk show where they can talk (oh what a concept) and some promo where we see THEM? Not your version of them.

Coz those 12 years old you are currently pandering to and are fleecing for every last penny? They gonna grow up soon.

And then you’ll want me and my disposable income. 

Hi everyone! So 2014 has had its ups and downs, and this fandom has had its fair share of drama to say the least. But we are a family, and I want 2015 to be a great year for everyone in it. So, to contribute some internet positivity, I’m going to do a little project. I’m really excited for it, and I very much hope you’ll participate! Here’s what I’m going to do:

  • I will write down the url of every person that likes or reblogs this post in a journal
  • I will pick a few people from that list each day
  • I will send an uplifting/nice/supportive/friendly message to a few people every day of 2015
  • You don’t have to be following me to participate, I just want to send out some nice messages!

I know several other blogs, many of them much larger than mine, are doing something similar to this, but I figured the more nice messages, the better!

I would greatly appreciate it if you would reblog this so that more people see it, and I have people to message :)

Thank you so much, and have a lovely day everyone!

Dating Daehyun would include
  • karaoke dates
  • him getting so excited whenever you buy him a new scarf
  • when on tour, he would borrow you his teddy bear so you won’t feel alone at night
  • secretly bringing him snacks during practice
  • him unconsciously playing with your hair
  • always staying close to him, so close
  • cheek kisses
  • him keeping his hand on your lap so he knows you’re there
  • piggybacks
  • being winked at whenever you look fine as hell (so all the time since you’d be the most beautiful human being in his eyes)
  • a really worried daehyun trying to cheer you up on bad days
  • taking lots of selfies together
  • warm, cozy and lazy sundays
  • pretending to have your own cooking show
  • him always telling you how beautiful you are

Yongguk - Himchan - Daehyun - Youngjae - Jongup - Junhong

What he [Obama] did after the election is what he said to the millions of people who were so excited about his campaign, he says: Hey, thank you very much for electing me; I will take it from here. I’ll sit down with John Boehner. I will sit down with Mitch McConnell. I’ll sit down with Republicans and I’m going to negotiate some fair compromises. The truth is Republicans never wanted to negotiate. All they wanted to do was obstruct.

It’s legitimately hard to remember to take “selfies” when you’re a mom…Even more so a pregnant mom who feels like she just looks sort of like a bloated codfish so why would I want to document that sh**? 😂 But I love when the people I follow post photos of themselves so I force myself to sneak one in every couple days 😎 Currently I’ve been very casually writing for the next Eisley record. Songwriting is a very fickle and fair-weather-friend a lot of the time and it can be an absolutely beautiful process and it can be an absolutely frustrating one where you end up in tears. But when it does all comes together it is worth everything. When you hit on a song that excites something deep in you and you know it’s going to be special…that is the best feeling in the world for a writer. I love you all, going to sleep now. Sweet dreams xoxo

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My E3 2016 hopes

With Nintendo taking more or less a bow from E3 that really squashes my desire to really engage with E3. In years previous I always covered nearly every event and talked about all the game news. This time around I feel as if I could give less of a shit, I guess Nintendo was sort of a staple of my excitement for E3 and I just gave everyone else a chance to be fair.

Pokemon: We got Pokemon news not too long ago. Still this is E3 and it’s a great time to talk about the big details Pokemon fans are going to care about. Talk about returning features since that is something that doesn’t sell the game anyway but people tuning in will care about. I want to know whatever the core new gimmick is like last gens mega evolution. I also want to know if we got a Pokemon contest like feature and if so what is it this generation? Beyond that just some new Pokemon, megas and that jazz. Enough stuff to be able to plop through a giant wall of fan art.  

Overwatch 2017: I want to know the plan for 2017 content. I know a lot of people want to excuse the fee 2 pay model that Overwatch uses. A lot of people who excuse it say it’s because all the free content we are going to get for the game. However, right now Blizzard is that friend that is totally gonna pay you back but hasn’t explained how or when. We need to know how or when if we want to have a real discussion if the free content excuses the fee 2 pay elements. They don’t have to go into insane details but I would like to know how many characters to expect, modes, etc in the coming year.  

Zelda: I want to know everything we need to really know about the title. I want to know if the rumors about voice acting and genre selection are true. I want to know what open world really means for this title. I want to know the gimmick this game runs on. I want to know about the plot. I want to know everything I we need to know and just get another trailer that sells the story harder when the game is launching.

Kingdom Hearts 3: I don’t own either console I could play Kingdom Hearts 3 on but that doesn’t mean I don’t realllly want to hear more news about it. KH3 is likely my excuse to buy a ps4 any how assuming it ends up being as good as the previous games. I really want to see some more worlds, I would love to see more about how the party system will work in this game as well. While it may be easy to assume it’s just Donald and Goofy with guests that hardly makes sense narratively at where the KH  universe is at. I want to know if we will have multiple playable characters things like that.

Persona 5: I don’t expect we will see anything new from Persona 5, I imagine that would all be saved for the Tokyo game show if they wanted to show anything else. However, what I want to see is just a quick tweet, that’s it. I just want to see them say “Ps3 and ps4 physically on this date. Pre order now.”

That’s everything I want to see I think has a chance of happening. What would you like to see this E3?

Who Cares? V (Requested)

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~a random V drabble with a little fluff, hope the nonnie who requested a Taehyung insecurity fluff enjoys it even though it’s short:)//

“Let’s go to the new candy shop, Tae! It opened this morning.”

He looks up at me with bright eyes, his face falling when he glances at the bright sun behind me. “Why don’t we go later?”

I give him a funny look, he’d been like this lately. Only wanting to go out when it was evening or night, laughing it off that he’s sensitive to heat, but I know him better. We always used to be out when he had free time from the band, going to the fairs or shopping, but now he just likes to stay in. I think I know the reason…

I can hear voices drifting up through the open window, laughter and excited yelling as people cross the street and soak in the beauitful weather. It reminds me of how Taehyung and I used to laugh, running across the street in the middle of the day when he’d gotten distracted and missed the green light for the crosswalk.  

“Taehyung, what’s wrong?”

He looks up at me with surprise, giving me a silly face. “Nothing is wrong.”

“Don’t lie to me. We haven’t been out in weeks.”

“What do you mean, jagi?” He narrows his eyes. “We just went out the other night-”

“Exactly, night. We always go out at night. What happened, Tae?”

He heaves a heavy sigh. “I’m okay, it’s fine. Just a few comments from some of the bands staff.”

“It’s about your skin isn’t it?” I say, done beating around it with him.

He nods quietly. “They said they had to get my makeup a shade darker…”

“Who cares?” I continue when he gives me a wide eyed look. “Taehyung nobody cares about your skin tone, okay? Your fans don’t, the members don’t, I don’t. The only one who’s worried about it is you.”

He looks at me for a long moment, pulling me in for a hug before lifting me from the couch and singing. “Who’s in the mood for some caaaannnddyyy?”

//this is more like a drabble then a full on story, but I just wnated to put this up real quick so I hope you enjoyed//

WIP Wednesday Thursday

Let’s pretend I didn’t have technology problems that prevented me from sharing this yesterday on Wednesday.

Only 45 more inches to go on my Few of My Favorite Things Cowl
(pattern/idea here)

I’m enjoying this EXCEPT except except 72 stitches on a 16" circular are NOT ENOUGH. I keep having to violently push my stitches around. Part of the problem is that I’m a tight knitter and the black main yarn is a bit thinner than worsted. BUT STILL if I wanted to do this again, I’d cast on at least 96. This would be the perfect project to learn 2 handed fair isle knitting, instead of my beginner drop and pick up method, but not having enough stitches to flow properly makes it impossible for me to really get the rhythm because I have to drop both yarns and get my stitches around the needle.

I am excited tho because I just started putting a tardis on it. And I’m going to do a weeping angel too because the weeping angel episodes are some of my favorites. I thought about putting my girls’ names on it, but decided I’d rather put some animals that represent them instead.


Girlfriend & Muse

Mary Austin [06.03.51]

When he came off the stage all the girls and his friends were crowding around him. He was so busy. I started to walk away and he came running after me. He said, ‘Where are you going?’ I told him I was going home. But he wouldn’t let me go. That night, I realized that I had to go along with this and be part of it. As everything took off I was watching him flower. It was wonderful to observe. There was something about seeing that happen that was exciting. I was so happy that he wanted to be with me” -on her relationship with Freddie Mercury

They were very sweet and almost like a little married couple. It was obviously true love. She really looked after Freddie but he was also very considerate towards her. I think it’s fair to say that she was the love of his life” - Mick Rock 

All my lovers asked me why they couldn’t replace Mary, but it’s simply impossible. The only friend I’ve got is Mary and I don’t want anybody else. To me, she was my common-law wife. To me, it was a marriage.” - Freddie Mercury

A quick thing about Izuru (DR3 EP6)

My immediate reaction to this episode was “Izuru why are you doing this” - and it still is - but then I realised that the main reason he’s going along with Junko is to experience something new. For Izuru, the SHSL Hope, he’s never experienced anything remotely close to exciting him; this is like his first chance at actually doing something different and unpredictable.
I find this sad because it isn’t Izuru’s fault, it’s pretty much the steering committee’s fault. They’ve created him as a “perfect” being and he has to suffer the consequences for it. It’s fair enough that he wants to try and have a go at this whole “despair” thing, because his entire life for the foreseeable future is going to be controlled by the steering committee who are so bent on hope. I’m willing to bet that, for Izuru Kamukura, his idea of despair is the hope that the steering committee have, which is why the despair that Junko offers is much more “hopeful” than anything else.

Long story short, don’t blame Izuru for deciding to go along with Junko’s plans - blame the people behind the Kamukura project.

Things I learned from Viewable SM Ep.2

Y'all ready for this?!
1. Chanyeol can’t flick for this life
2. AlphaJung (Jungmo) is a rock who wants to make an impact
3. Leetuk is going to kick Jungmo out of SM
4. *in my best sarcastic voice* They all played the game FAIR and SQUARE
5. Leetuk’s piece has travelled out of this universe
6. Chen’s face looks like a crane (does that make him a crane camel plus a dinosaur all together??)
7. Sehun’s Anus won a price! Lol
8. When exo gets excited about a phone case and teeth whitener while we all know that they can pay for my entire college tuition smh
9. Sehun’s nick name is “Genius Oh Sehun”

Just realized 6.20 is going to hurt like a son of a bitch. 

Jane will be locked up with Lisbon trying to find out his feelings - he’s going to try NOT to voice anything because what if he ends up in prison? He won’t want to ask Lisbon to stay for him because it wouldn’t be fair if he winds up locked up forever. 



Preference #278: Valentine's Day

Harry: Many hints had been dropped, about what you wanted from this day. Of course it was just another day, nothing more than any other, but for you, who saw Harry so seldom, you wanted it to be special. So it was utterly crushing to you, when Harry called you up on the 13th, with bad news, “They booked us last minute to go somewhere, and so I won’t be home for tomorrow.” The sad tone he said that in, was the only reason you did not argue. It was not his fault, but you were still angry. You just wanted one day. You had been so excited for it, for so long, and now it would not happen. It was so hard to deal with him being so far away, when you wanted him so close. “It’s not fair, I know,” Harry continued, knowing exactly what you were thinking, “We’ll have our Valentine’s next weekend though. I promise I’ll be there.” You finally spoke after he said that, and despite the words you were saying, tried to hide your disappointment, “Unless you’re busy again, right?” “They say I won’t be,” he responded, already planning the most amazing date for you, even if it would be a week late, “I love you so much [Y/N], and I promise we’ll have our Valentine’s, even if it’s not tomorrow.”

Niall: You were dumped only two months before Valentines’s day, and began dreading the day the closer it got. You did not want a day to focus on love. You did not want a day to think about what you’d lost. Niall, your best friend, thought you should still enjoy it though. You had always enjoyed the day, and Niall would not let your horrible ex change that. He also would love any excuse to take you out on a date, without having to actually ask. He was so scared to ruin your friendship, that he hid the feelings he held for you. Tonight though, that would finally change. “What are you doing here?” you asked, when you opened your door to see your best friend standing there is in his nicest clothes. He tried to hand you a single rose, and smiled nervously, “I’m here to ask you to be my valentine, and take you out tonight.” You knew this was all over pity, and hated it. “You don’t have to do this. Go a find a girl you love, and go with her tonight. Don’t feel sorry for me.” Niall quickly denied what you assumed, “No, I’m not here out of pity or anything like that. I really do want you as my Valentine. No one else. I have found a girl I love, and I was just scared to admit that for a long time. So?” He held up the rose once again, and waited timidly for a reply. You looked down at the sweats you were wearing, “I have to change before we can go.”

Zayn: Zayn was supposed to be halfway around the world on the day all about love. You tried not to see it as a big deal. it was just another day. It was like all the other days you had to get by without him. There was nothing truly different about today, just a name. Telling yourself that did not actually help though, you were still upset. You still missed him. You felt like you hid it well though, and Zayn would agree. He had no idea you were upset. He felt guilt anyway, because he wanted so badly to be there for you. He wanted to spend his Valentine’s day with the one person he loved more than anymore else. “I am going to be in so much trouble,” Zayn sighed, as he called you at around 7 in the evening. You laughed, “Why?” “Because I was supposed to be somewhere today, and I blew it off.” You were shocked to hear that. Zayn was always so dedicated to what he did. “Why did you do that?” Suddenly you heard the front door open and shut, and spun around, dropping the phone the moment you did; Zayn was there. He had flown all the way to you. “I just had to be here with you today. Happy Valentine’s day [Y/N]. I love you.”

Liam: Spending your Valentine’s day sharing your boyfriend with a million other people, was not how you had planned it at all. Being with Liam though, it was a rare thing if things did go as you planned. “Valentine’s day with a million other girls screaming over my boyfriend. I feel so special,” you joked, as you and Liam each got ready for the night ahead from inside your hotel room. You were both about to leave for a concert later that night; he’d be on stage, you in the audience. “A million girls, but only one I’ll be staring at the entire time. And only one I’ll be taking out on the most amazing date in two days.” You laughed, grabbing your shoes to slide them on, “You know, I should be annoyed that I have to share you tonight, and tomorrow night, and I’ll admit a part of me is. I can’t lie and say I’m not a little annoyed, but I’m also so happy I get to spend this day watching you up there, doing what you love.” Liam was so glad you were not truly upset, “And you’ll get your date too, I promise. Just not today.” You nodded, a smile forming as you thought of what would happen in 48 short hours, “I know, and I can’t wait.”

Louis: Louis’ idea for Valentine’s day sounded like a great idea in his mind, but the actual outcome was not what he expected. You arriving home to firefighters and a smoke filled kitchen was in no way romantic. “You almost burnt down my house?!” You yelled at him, when he informed you there was a small fire in your kitchen. It was put out now, and there was no major damage, but you were still so angry. You knew it could have been a lot worse. “Why was there a fire?!” “I was trying to cook you something nice for Valentine’s day. Something different, and new, and I… I shouldn’t have.” Your face softened, and your voice was much quieter when you replied, “You were cooking for me?” “For Valentine’s, yeah. I wanted to do something to surprise you when you got home.” He was so disappointed things had not gone as planned, and any anger you had over it seemed to suddenly vanish. “Well this is a surprise. You did do that part.” You began to laugh, as you really thought over it all, “So my Valentine’s almost ended up being a burnt kitchen. Thanks Louis, really. Maybe you should just take me out to dinner.” He lifted up a flyer for a romantic meal for two a local restaurant was offering, and laughed as well, “Yeah, I think this may be a better idea.”