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Imagine: You and Newt go to a fun fair for the first time ever.

Author’s Note: Hello cuties! Just wanted to post something short and sweet. I’m in the final stages of editing a jealous/protective/smutty Newt fic, so enjoy this naive innocence while you can! Thank you for following, liking and reblogging as always. You all have my heart. Enjoy x

Word Count: 663

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Despite all the talk about how powerful Scanlan is and how he could probably curb stomp any other member of VM, it never really clicked how badly that could go until last night.

This isn’t, to be fair, the first time Scanlan has used his ridiculously high charisma for questionable purposes. I remember being furious when he pulled the modify memory on Percy (and so excited when Kima saved against it later on). But up until now he’s used his power for good, or at least for (mostly) harmless amusement. Casting Friends on Percy to destroy the Pepperbox probably saved his soul (I don’t want to assume but I think “the cold nugget in your chest disappears” is probably a good sign); the talk with Craven Edge (and subsequent lying) was intended to discover what was up with Grog, even if the situation escalated before anything was done. 

Modifying Jarett’s memory, on the other hand, was neither amusing nor harmless.

I’ve been trying to put my finger on why exactly it bothers me so much. It’s not that I don’t think it makes for a good story. On the contrary, I trust Sam more than is probably healthy, because he plays the long game like nobody else (except Matt). Diving into the serious side of Scanlan’s character is everything I wanted and more. I can’t wait to see where this goes, and what Kaylie has to say, and what Pike has to say, and what the rest of Vox Machina has to say. But also, given Scanlan’s ridiculously high charisma stat, it’s essentially going to require him to come clean of his own volition to get there. That’s my hangup, I think.

Listen. Drugs are dangerous. We know that. (Part of my anxiety 100% comes from this character having a prominent position in this genre of media and going headfirst down a self-destructive path without even stopping to consider the consequences, but that’s a standard problem of media that requires one to trust the audience, which I do. But, still. The team mom in me worries. Don’t do drugs, kids.) 

We also know Scanlan has no idea what he’s doing, and he’s putting Jarett in harm’s way. That doesn’t sit well with me either, but it’s a great marker of how affected Scanlan is by… whatever’s affecting him (death, I would imagine, but I don’t want to put words in his mouth). I’d go so far as to say this could herald an alignment shift, but it’s only been one episode so calling that now seems a little excessive (though I don’t think I’d categorize this as chaotic good behavior).

But by far, the most unsettling thing was watching everyone else realize oh, shit, this is a Real Thing, because until Scanlan wants to deal with it, it won’t be––it’ll take some lucky rolls for anyone to beat his deception (that chance-based narrative, y’all, I love it). This story about a found family has rested, for as long as we’ve been watching, on a foundation of trust––bad things happen to the characters but they talk to each other about it; even Grog with Craven Edge sought out council. Scanlan trying to deal with this on his own has me immensely worried, because it’s dangerous, and isolating, and plays against the standard MO of Vox Machina.

Which, of course, makes for great storytelling and I’m happily along for the ride. But I’m also more unsettled by this than anything else happening in-game right now because of this alteration to the standard (i.e. open and even confrontational) inter-party dynamics. I guess that’s what really bothers me: that VM doesn’t know what’s happening. I’m afraid it’s going to take something going very wrong for anyone to be able to get past Scanlan’s defenses, and I hate seeing them hurt. I trust Sam and Matt to tell this story, and I’m wholly invested (if this wall of text didn’t make that clear), but man. I’m worried about Scanlan Shorthalt.

I work in the cafe at my local theatre. Along with selling coffee there, we also sell ice cream, beer, and wine. Cafe employees are also responsible for checking the auditoriums periodically to make sure everything is cool: No talking, no electronics, no outside alcohol, sound and picture are working. So we end up with our fair share of stories. This specific one is, surprisingly, about a time a couple wanted some ice cream.

I was the only one in Cafe at the time, and this older couple came up. At first, they seem like nice, average customers. The husband, adorably, seemed excited that we served ice cream cones. He asks me about the price for one.

As I’m answering, his wife interrupts with, “Do you know how to scoop it?”

And this is when I know things are going to get difficult. I have no idea why she would assume I can’t scoop ice cream, and I can’t help sounding a little offended as I answer, “Yes. I know how to scoop it.” And then I promptly turn back to her husband and finish answering his question about the price.

We do two scoops on our cones by default, so the husband asks for strawberry and rocky road. And the wife decides to get the same.

They pay. I scoop the husband’s cone. He takes it. No problems.

Now, sometimes when we get our cones they’re not in the greatest condition. Because of this, we have to double them up every once in a while, so things are more sturdy, and just waste out the extra cone.

This was the case on this specific day. And after the question earlier, I’m still feeling a bit insulted and don’t bother being picky about cones. I just grab the first one, notice it’s broken, and grab a second. I make sure they’re positioned so that any cracks are covered, and I go back to the freezer to scoop.

The wife sees the cones, “They’re broken.” This does not help my mood.

“Yes, ma'am. A lot of our cones are broken right now. That’s why I’m giving you an extra one to help prop it up.”

“Oh, okay.”

I continue scooping the cone, and I hand it to her.

“Oh, no. You did this all wrong.”

I’m baffled as I watch her make a show of trying to take a bite of the top scoop and then she goes, “This is wrong. How am I supposed to eat this? It’s going to fall.”

I’m completely baffled. I scooped her cone the same way I scoop every cone. And no one has any problems with it. Her husband didn’t even have a problem with his.

“Would you like me to scoop you a new one?”

“Yes, please.” She hands it back to me, and I have to throw out both cones I used now.

Thinking she’s still nervous about the broken cones, I swallow my pride and I search through the cones to find one that is actually intact, even though I don’t really feel like putting my best first forward for this lady. But I want her happy so she’ll just leave me alone.

I scoop the ice cream again and hand it to her.

She takes a look at it, and shakes her head, “No. You don’t know how to scoop ice cream.” And then she just walks off, leaving me with no clue what the “right” way to scoop an ice cream cone is.

I’m pretty sure she just doesn’t know how to eat one.

Who Cares? V (Requested)

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~a random V drabble with a little fluff, hope the nonnie who requested a Taehyung insecurity fluff enjoys it even though it’s short:)//

“Let’s go to the new candy shop, Tae! It opened this morning.”

He looks up at me with bright eyes, his face falling when he glances at the bright sun behind me. “Why don’t we go later?”

I give him a funny look, he’d been like this lately. Only wanting to go out when it was evening or night, laughing it off that he’s sensitive to heat, but I know him better. We always used to be out when he had free time from the band, going to the fairs or shopping, but now he just likes to stay in. I think I know the reason…

I can hear voices drifting up through the open window, laughter and excited yelling as people cross the street and soak in the beauitful weather. It reminds me of how Taehyung and I used to laugh, running across the street in the middle of the day when he’d gotten distracted and missed the green light for the crosswalk.  

“Taehyung, what’s wrong?”

He looks up at me with surprise, giving me a silly face. “Nothing is wrong.”

“Don’t lie to me. We haven’t been out in weeks.”

“What do you mean, jagi?” He narrows his eyes. “We just went out the other night-”

“Exactly, night. We always go out at night. What happened, Tae?”

He heaves a heavy sigh. “I’m okay, it’s fine. Just a few comments from some of the bands staff.”

“It’s about your skin isn’t it?” I say, done beating around it with him.

He nods quietly. “They said they had to get my makeup a shade darker…”

“Who cares?” I continue when he gives me a wide eyed look. “Taehyung nobody cares about your skin tone, okay? Your fans don’t, the members don’t, I don’t. The only one who’s worried about it is you.”

He looks at me for a long moment, pulling me in for a hug before lifting me from the couch and singing. “Who’s in the mood for some caaaannnddyyy?”

//this is more like a drabble then a full on story, but I just wnated to put this up real quick so I hope you enjoyed//

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Carrie! I don't want to spoil anything if you haven't seen the news from yesterday, but what are your thoughts about the speculation from Leanne's tweets/Filming? I'm personally very excited and I just wanted to get your thoughts because you're always very level-headed and fair when it comes to speculation and spoilers. :)

I haven’t really done the heavy speculating thing for a very long time, I’ve found I get more out of the show when I don’t try and analyze and predict every little detail, ya know?

But I think it’s going to be a beautiful episode and a beautiful wedding. I know some people would prefer it to not be in the musical episode for various reasons but I see it a bit differently, I see this episode as something truly special for the series and that they specifically chose to have it centered around the CS wedding b/c the event is that special to them. :)

So yes, while there are others singing outside of and in addition to CS, I think it will all be centered around the main event, which is the CS wedding, and I think it will be every bit of a fairytale worthy of Emma Swan and her beautiful story. The fellas who wrote the music and numbers are talented guys and have written some amazing things and the actual writers who wrote the dialogue for the non singing parts have written some of the best CS moments & episodes to date.

So that’s all I’ve got! I couldn’t sleep last night I was so excited… I truly think it’s going to be a beautiful episode and I’m dying to see it!


Summary: You get sick while Shawn is visiting you but you don’t want to ruin the day so you try to hide it. He catches on. 


My alarm jerks me out of my restless sleep. Before I even open my eyes or turn off my alarm, I immediately have a sinking feeling. I should be excited, I am excited, but I feel terrible. I know I’m sick, and I can’t think of a worse time to feel like this. Today, was supposed to be an amazing day with Shawn. He flew in early this morning, and we already have a whole plan of what we want to do. He’s going to pick me up and we’re going to go to the LA county fair, and then tonight we’re going to Huntington Beach. We’re going to walk on the pier and have dinner then watch the sunset and maybe play in the water if it isn’t too cold. We’ve been planning this day for weeks.

My head hurts so much, and I don’t want to even look at the screen of my phone because the bright light is only making my headache worse. I want to just roll over and fall back asleep, but I know I can’t. I know I have to get up and get ready because Shawn’s supposed to be here soon. Even though I slept through the night and didn’t wake up even once that I can remember, I still feel like I haven’t slept in days. I don’t have the energy to move, so I allow myself a few more minutes of rest, if you can call it that. My phone buzzes next to me. “Hey baby, I’m leaving LAX now. I should be there in about a half hour. I can’t wait to see you, love you.”

We planned to cook breakfast at my apartment before we head out to the fair. I reply to his text, and halfheartedly get up. I manage to brush my teeth and put on makeup. I’m just finished with my makeup, and am looking in my closet to find clothes when there’s a knock on the door. I open it, and my heart leaps, as there is a surge of excitement within me. No matter how many times I see him, he still makes me insanely excited and happy every single time. He steps inside and wraps his arms around me, holding me. He kisses the top of my head because my face is buried in his chest, and he mumbles, “I missed you.”

“I missed you too.” I reply looking up at him.

He goes to kiss me on the lips, and I immediately remember that I’m sick, and I know the only thing worse than just me being sick would be if I got him sick too. “Don’t, I think I might be coming down with something.” I say stepping back a bit.

“Do you not feel good?” He asks concerned, and I immediately regret telling him. But what other choice did I have?

“No,” I straight out lie to him. “I just think I’m getting sick, and I don’t want to make you sick too.”

“You don’t want to kiss me?” He questions, a little suspicious.

“That’s not it at all. I don’t want to get you sick.” I insist.

“Alright, if that’s your story.” He says, grabbing my hand. He leads me to my kitchen and starts taking out the things to make breakfast. “I’m starving.” He states, “You hungry?”

“You’re always starving.” I chuckle a little trying to ignore the churning in my stomach at the thought of food.

He doesn’t really notice that I never answered his question as he turns on the stove and grabs a pan out of the cabinet. I love how he knows my apartment almost as well as he would know somewhere he lives himself. He puts the bacon in the pan and it immediately starts sizzling. I push any thoughts of the pain in my head or the exhaustion I’m feeling out of the way, and I force myself to be in the moment. I’m so glad to be here with him. I’m so glad to see him and have him here to cook breakfast with me. I grab the pancake mix and start making the pancakes. While we cook, he starts telling me about his flight here and some funny stories that happened at his last show. I turn on the stove to fry the pancakes, and he comes up behind me. Just his presence there brings me a peace. He rests his chin on the top of my head.

We sit down to eat, and I purposely do not take much food because I know I won’t eat it. Of course, Shawn’s plate is piled high. He digs in right away, looking up after a moment to see that I’m slowly picking at my food. “Are you not hungry babe?”

“Not really, I just woke up, you know how I am.” Which thankfully is true, and he knows. I don’t really like to eat right when I wake up. Hopefully because of this, he won’t be suspicious. Luckily, he accepts my excuse.

After breakfast, he offers to do the dishes while I change for the day, and I’m reminded once again of one of the many reasons why I love him. “Ready?” He asks when I return to the living room.

“Yeah, lets go.”

We walk hand in hand to the car that he rented. The drive to the fair is about a half hour. We just hang out and talk and listen to music the whole way there. Its crazy how much someone’s presence can feel like home. Shawn feels like home, and he makes me feel the most like me.  

The fair is everything I expected. Shawn slips on his raybans as he steps out of the car, and I know they’ll do nothing to keep him from being seen and recognized, but I don’t bother telling him that. He knows it too, but he doesn’t like hats. He likes to just pretend he’s as normal as possible because he thinks it’ll make him be noticed less. But he’s getting to the point in his career where it doesn’t matter what he does or doesn’t do, he’s going to be noticed anyway.

We walk around the fair, looking at all the animals first. Fans are noticing him and coming up to us every few minutes or so, but I’m not really bothered by it. I’m used to it by now.

It’s really hot out, and I’m just not feeling great. We’ve been here almost an hour, and I’ve only been feeling worse and worse as time has passed. I was really hoping I’d start to feel better, but unfortunately that isn’t the case. Shawn’s distracted with some fans, so I find a bench nearby and take a seat. I think the heat and walking around, and being really excited to see Shawn and everything has truly distracted me from actually listening to my body. Now it won’t let me ignore it anymore. “What’s wrong?” Shawn asks.

“Nothings wrong.”

“You don’t look so good.”

“Thanks babe, that’s just what I want to hear.” I reply sarcastically.

He sits down next to me, and really studies me for a second. “I’m sorry you’re not feeling good. I know you aren’t. Don’t try to say you’re fine.”

“How do you know?”

“You’ve been trying to hide it all day, I thought you were feeling a little sick, but I didn’t think it was this bad. Lets head back.”

“No, we had a plan. We’re supposed to go to the beach after this, and we haven’t even seen everything there is to see here. We didn’t even get a funnel cake!” I protest despite my body protesting against me.

“Do you want a funnel cake?” He asks.

“No,” I admit, “It’ll make me want to puke.”

He slightly shakes his head at me. “Alright, lets go babe.”

He holds his hand out, and I place my hand in his, intertwining our fingers. “I don’t want to ruin the day.”

He lets go of my hand, slinging his arm over my shoulder and pulling my body closer to his. “You didn’t ruin the day. All I wanted to do today was be with you. I don’t care if it’s at the fair or the beach or a hotel room. I just want to spend the day with you, that’s why I’m here. Not to see a fair or the ocean.”

If I didn’t feel so sick, I’d think that was insanely sweet of him to say. “I love you. I’m sorry still.”

“Don’t be sorry. I’m sorry that I didn’t notice how bad you were feeling. We’ll head to my hotel room. I’ll get you soup. You can sleep. And I’ll give you cuddles and sing to you. How does that sound?”


I'm sorry.

If you guys have been following Heartstrung and read the chapter already, I want to apologize because I fucked up. Even if you’ve read it and loved it and are happy with it, I’m not.

I fucked up. I got excited and impatient and I could’ve done better. I know exactly what it is that I need to do to fix it. And I’m going to fix it.

I’m not making this post to hear that I’m wrong in saying this, because I’m not wrong. I didn’t do the best that I could, and that’s not fair to you guys.

I’m going to split chapter five, and add a few more scenes and edit a current one. I’ll leave the chapters up as is, but fix them later.

Again, I’m sorry guys.


Look! I finished something!
I can’t believe how long it took me to make this set. It was sort of strange. Maybe I had more going on then I realized.
But here you have it, a fair isle tam inspired by a pattern out of an Alice Starmore book. The fingerless gloves are my own pattern, with the fair isle incorporated into them.
I wanted to keep the set young, girly and comfy, because I made them in mind for my young neice. I used a soft fingering weight cotton. It doesn’t hold the shape of the hat very well. But it will let her wear it multiple ways, not just as a tam.
I’m excited to work this up with wool though, possibly with a more intricate design.

Dating Daehyun would include
  • karaoke dates
  • him getting so excited whenever you buy him a new scarf
  • when on tour, he would borrow you his teddy bear so you won’t feel alone at night
  • secretly bringing him snacks during practice
  • him unconsciously playing with your hair
  • always staying close to him, so close
  • cheek kisses
  • him keeping his hand on your lap so he knows you’re there
  • piggybacks
  • being winked at whenever you look fine as hell (so all the time since you’d be the most beautiful human being in his eyes)
  • a really worried daehyun trying to cheer you up on bad days
  • taking lots of selfies together
  • warm, cozy and lazy sundays
  • pretending to have your own cooking show
  • him always telling you how beautiful you are

Yongguk - Himchan - Daehyun - Youngjae - Jongup - Junhong

Autumn Night (Takuya Scenario)

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Admin: Zion

Genre: Horror, fluff

POV: Second

A/N: I know it’s too early for autumn-based things but either way I hope you enjoy.

“Hurry up, babe. I don’t want us to get there when everyone else is there as well. Then it’s going to be crowded and I’ll get upset and want to leave.” You finish pulling on your sneaker and run downstairs. You had started getting ready before Takuya because you didn’t want to hear him complain about how long it took you to get ready. Your blood was filled with electricity, whether it was from excitement or caffeine, you didn’t know. This was the first time in years that you were going to be going to an autumn fair. You could already smell the junk food and hear the screams of people being scared out of their skin.

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  • Desmond Lives after the temple thing and is in charge of training new novices
  • Novice 1: Master! It's such a pleasure to meet you, how are you going to train us? we are all excited
  • Desmond: Erhm well...
  • Novice 2: Yeah we all want to know how one of the greatest assassin's of our time trained!
  • Desmond: ok guys being fair I got trained inside the animus while I was relieving the live of my ancestors in the search of the apple of eden to end the templar orders plan while at the same time we were running away from them in the real world, and I kind of had only like 2 weeks of actual in real life training, and some missions where I had to do free running to retrieve the apple of eden, and then I was send to kill a bunch of templars after we found out about the precursors and then I had like 2 missions more before setting Juno free and saving the world and getting this neat black arm so... I guess we are doing push ups today?

camshaft22  asked:

Hi. I'm interested in the spring challenge. I want the prompt, character and color challenge because go big or go home. I think I asked for the correct one. I write Bones best but I'm a fair hand at Sulu. Also, hello new friend. You seem real nice.

HELLO NEW FRIEND IT IS SO NICE TO MEET YOU I LIKE NEW FRIENDS (I am so sorry I just had a coffee I am like really excitable rn)  Okie dokie I give you the colour yellow and the prompt  “This is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had.  Of course I’m in.” **whispers** I need more Sulu fics in my life but choose whatever. 


I’m honestly excited for the Renaissance Faire that’s coming up in a few weeks. It’s one of the few things that’s keeping me positive and hopeful for a happier and better future. For those of you that know me, you know exactly what’s going on and that attending the festival is going to be healthy for me.

Do any of you attend Renaissance Festivals? Do you wear costumes? I want to know all about it. I’ll be going to the Festival in Irwindale, CA on Saturday, April 8th. If any of you are nearby, I hope you can guys can make it! Tickets are on sale right now so snatch ‘em while you can!

the signs how I see them

aries; the most passionate people I know. aren’t afraid to do what they want, don’t really care what others think of them. brave, honest and full of life.

taurus; these people know how to enjoy everyday pleasures like no others. they see beauty in everything. easy to trust.

gemini; some of the happiest people I know. always down for anything, never says no to an adventure. easy to talk to and super chill to hang out with.

cancer; sweet and innocent, they make you feel wanted. always there for you.

leo; so full of love. confident in themselves. they have big dreams and therefore the ability to make you excited about the future and life in general.

virgo; somehow always has everything under control and well organized. notices everything, knows how to make things okay again. makes you feel safe.

libra; these people have lots of friends, they are social and always know what’s going on. easy to approach, always fair.

scorpio; without a doubt the most intense people. always gives their best at everything they do. never ceases to make you feel some type of way. never a dull moment with them.

sagittarius; these people truly live life one day at a time and know how to make the most out of everything. enthusiastic and optimistic.

capricorn; successful, doesn’t give up easily. inspires you to do better. very practical, has an solution to every problem.

aquarius; mysterious, makes you want to learn more. sometimes erratic and rebellious but always in an exciting way. very open-minded and laid-back.

pisces; the people you go to if you need a good talk. open-minded and understanding. sweet, gentle, imaginative and so cute.

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i must be dreaming 😪 there’s a whole tumblr user soyulhee in my inbox i’m so excited

✨ blog rate: 10/10. the best blog. we have a lot of the same interests and u always reblog such pretty things. one of my All Time Favorites

📖 tell a story!: SO when i was like 8 years old i went to the state fair and since i was little i wanted to go to the petting zoo so bad!! and at the entrance of the petting zoo they hand u this red solo cup full of seeds so u can feed the animals and things! and after a while we got to the ostrich cage thing so i held up my cup…and…the ostrich ate the whole ass cup. the whole thing. seeds and plastic and a little bit of my pinkie finger. it was really traumatizing i don’t like ostriches or seeds to this day

Preference #278: Valentine's Day

Harry: Many hints had been dropped, about what you wanted from this day. Of course it was just another day, nothing more than any other, but for you, who saw Harry so seldom, you wanted it to be special. So it was utterly crushing to you, when Harry called you up on the 13th, with bad news, “They booked us last minute to go somewhere, and so I won’t be home for tomorrow.” The sad tone he said that in, was the only reason you did not argue. It was not his fault, but you were still angry. You just wanted one day. You had been so excited for it, for so long, and now it would not happen. It was so hard to deal with him being so far away, when you wanted him so close. “It’s not fair, I know,” Harry continued, knowing exactly what you were thinking, “We’ll have our Valentine’s next weekend though. I promise I’ll be there.” You finally spoke after he said that, and despite the words you were saying, tried to hide your disappointment, “Unless you’re busy again, right?” “They say I won’t be,” he responded, already planning the most amazing date for you, even if it would be a week late, “I love you so much [Y/N], and I promise we’ll have our Valentine’s, even if it’s not tomorrow.”

Niall: You were dumped only two months before Valentines’s day, and began dreading the day the closer it got. You did not want a day to focus on love. You did not want a day to think about what you’d lost. Niall, your best friend, thought you should still enjoy it though. You had always enjoyed the day, and Niall would not let your horrible ex change that. He also would love any excuse to take you out on a date, without having to actually ask. He was so scared to ruin your friendship, that he hid the feelings he held for you. Tonight though, that would finally change. “What are you doing here?” you asked, when you opened your door to see your best friend standing there is in his nicest clothes. He tried to hand you a single rose, and smiled nervously, “I’m here to ask you to be my valentine, and take you out tonight.” You knew this was all over pity, and hated it. “You don’t have to do this. Go a find a girl you love, and go with her tonight. Don’t feel sorry for me.” Niall quickly denied what you assumed, “No, I’m not here out of pity or anything like that. I really do want you as my Valentine. No one else. I have found a girl I love, and I was just scared to admit that for a long time. So?” He held up the rose once again, and waited timidly for a reply. You looked down at the sweats you were wearing, “I have to change before we can go.”

Zayn: Zayn was supposed to be halfway around the world on the day all about love. You tried not to see it as a big deal. it was just another day. It was like all the other days you had to get by without him. There was nothing truly different about today, just a name. Telling yourself that did not actually help though, you were still upset. You still missed him. You felt like you hid it well though, and Zayn would agree. He had no idea you were upset. He felt guilt anyway, because he wanted so badly to be there for you. He wanted to spend his Valentine’s day with the one person he loved more than anymore else. “I am going to be in so much trouble,” Zayn sighed, as he called you at around 7 in the evening. You laughed, “Why?” “Because I was supposed to be somewhere today, and I blew it off.” You were shocked to hear that. Zayn was always so dedicated to what he did. “Why did you do that?” Suddenly you heard the front door open and shut, and spun around, dropping the phone the moment you did; Zayn was there. He had flown all the way to you. “I just had to be here with you today. Happy Valentine’s day [Y/N]. I love you.”

Liam: Spending your Valentine’s day sharing your boyfriend with a million other people, was not how you had planned it at all. Being with Liam though, it was a rare thing if things did go as you planned. “Valentine’s day with a million other girls screaming over my boyfriend. I feel so special,” you joked, as you and Liam each got ready for the night ahead from inside your hotel room. You were both about to leave for a concert later that night; he’d be on stage, you in the audience. “A million girls, but only one I’ll be staring at the entire time. And only one I’ll be taking out on the most amazing date in two days.” You laughed, grabbing your shoes to slide them on, “You know, I should be annoyed that I have to share you tonight, and tomorrow night, and I’ll admit a part of me is. I can’t lie and say I’m not a little annoyed, but I’m also so happy I get to spend this day watching you up there, doing what you love.” Liam was so glad you were not truly upset, “And you’ll get your date too, I promise. Just not today.” You nodded, a smile forming as you thought of what would happen in 48 short hours, “I know, and I can’t wait.”

Louis: Louis’ idea for Valentine’s day sounded like a great idea in his mind, but the actual outcome was not what he expected. You arriving home to firefighters and a smoke filled kitchen was in no way romantic. “You almost burnt down my house?!” You yelled at him, when he informed you there was a small fire in your kitchen. It was put out now, and there was no major damage, but you were still so angry. You knew it could have been a lot worse. “Why was there a fire?!” “I was trying to cook you something nice for Valentine’s day. Something different, and new, and I… I shouldn’t have.” Your face softened, and your voice was much quieter when you replied, “You were cooking for me?” “For Valentine’s, yeah. I wanted to do something to surprise you when you got home.” He was so disappointed things had not gone as planned, and any anger you had over it seemed to suddenly vanish. “Well this is a surprise. You did do that part.” You began to laugh, as you really thought over it all, “So my Valentine’s almost ended up being a burnt kitchen. Thanks Louis, really. Maybe you should just take me out to dinner.” He lifted up a flyer for a romantic meal for two a local restaurant was offering, and laughed as well, “Yeah, I think this may be a better idea.”

After finishing a pretty stressful day at university I’ve decided to but some stuff that I’ve wanted to buy for quite a long time :
- a book on programming ( C++) that’s going to be my summer reading
- a pack of stabilo fineliners
- a light blue and purple gel pen
- some snacks for stressful and long university days

The snacks will most likely be eaten tomorrow when I first have university till 12 a.m to afterwards rush to our train station to drive to another town where I will be at a specialised fair for optics and innovation in optics. I’m already excited!