i want to be excited to go to faire

I just.. want to hug Harry and wish him good luck. I hope he’s excited and not too nervous! Or the good kind of nervous. He’s definitely going to put himself out there, emphasis on himself. That must be a little bit scary, for anyone. He’s beautiful though, his mind is beautiful, his soul is beautiful and whatever he’s going to bring out into the world will be beautiful. So good luck Harry, *hugs*, but I know it will be okay, and I hope you do too.

Critical Role fandom: I think I know what’s going on here

I think I figured out what the problem is here.

Every week, especially around big battles, there’s always this burst of negativity. Usually in the twitch chat and on reddit, but it’s on twitter and tumblr too. You all see it. People getting up in arms about rules, what it says in this book or that book, what a character “should” have done, etc. 

Leaving aside all the vitriol directed at Keyleth as a character and Marisha Ray for being A Woman In Gaming, and Vax as a character for being Openly Depressed (I could rant about that for 500 years but the short of it is, you need to take a good hard look at yourself if you spend every week spewing hate at these characters for the “crimes” of Being a Woman and Being Depressed respectively. Please take some time and consider why it is you have all this hatred that you use to lash out against people, especially women, you might wanna work on why that is.) Leaving that aside, I think I have figured out the problem here:

There is a fundamental confusion on the part of some fans about what Critical Role is. It is NOT one of those nasty D&D games where the GM is your enemy and out to murder you. It IS a longform improv drama/comedy web series that is released weekly and is a massive company asset.

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InuYasha  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You ought to be arrested.”
  • “Are you crying? No crying!”
  • “You. Will. Stop. Flirting… Right?”
  • “I’m gonna make you my woman.”
  • “Sorry. I didn’t wake you up, did I?”
  • “Where did you get those bruises?”
  • “Can we lose some of the violence?”
  • “Don’t you faint on me, you stupid girl.”
  • “Remind me next time not to save you!”
  • “Well, you could learn to be more gentle.”
  • “Tell me something. Why were you crying?”
  • “You should shut up and let me protect you!”
  • “Pain is nothing. It is death that concerns me.”
  • “Listen, it’s fair to say you don’t like me, right?”
  • “I thought I was going to lose you. I was terrified.”
  • “Look what you’ve done! You’ve hurt his feelings!”
  • “Will you WATCH where you’re aiming that thing?”
  • “I don’t belong to ANYONE! Get your hands off me!”
  • “I am not going to kill you. I am going to break you.”
  • “Don’t get excited. I still think you’re pretty useless.”
  • “I really don’t want to see you suffering on your own.”
  • “Its irrational. Its impossible. Its against my religion.”
  • “If it hurts so much you should have said something!” 
  • “Are you crazy? You could have gotten yourself killed!”
  • “If you ever do anything like that again, I’ll rip your stupid arms off.”
  • “I thought I was going to lose you. I thought you were going to… die.”
  • “I want you to hear my feelings. You don’t need to say anything, just please, hear me out.”
  • “Mind explaining to me why you haven’t been able to look me straight in the eye since yesterday?”
  • “I want you to be happy. I want you to laugh a lot. I don’t know what exactly I’ll be able to do for you, but I’ll always be by your side.”
hear you me (a cinderella story au): chapter one

fandom: riverdale

pairing: jughead jones and archie andrews, betty cooper and veronica lodge

word count: 7k

on ao3


Jughead Jones is antisocial and brooding, invisible to everyone except for his bestfriend Betty Cooper who works on the school newspaper with him. Due to his fathers death, he’s forced to be under the care of his step-mother, Penelope Blossom; doing chores for her and her twins, Cheryl and Jason.
Archie Andrews is Riverdale High’s star quarterback, who is adored by all. But despite his father’s wishes to work for the family business, Archie secretly aspires to be a musician.
Under the name ‘burgerboy’, Jughead confides to 'musicman’, someone he met on an online form for LGBTQ+ teens; which eventually turns into an online relationship. He has no idea that 'musicman’ is Archie Andrews, his ex-bestfriend who doesn’t even remember he exists.

a/n: hey guys! this fic was inspired by this gifset that compared jarchie’s make up scene in 1x02 to a cinderella story, and since i have no self control, i created this. please let me know what you think!

Jughead Jones was seven when his dad died. Back then he wasn’t known as Jughead, but by his birthname, ‘Forsythe Pendleton Jones III’, although Jughead didn’t really think that name was much better. ‘Jughead’ was a teasing name his step-siblings, Cheryl and Jason Blossom called him once their parents had married the year prior to his dad’s death. After his dad died, he let his real name die too- ‘Forsythe’ constantly reminded that his father was gone, as he was named after him. He would never forget what happened that June day, partly due to the nightmares he still had; but also because he was the last one to talk to his dad before he passed.

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Don’t Break My Heart- daryl x reader part one

Summary: You are pregnant with Daryl’s child but he doesn’t believe its his.

Note: Part 2 will be on its way soon!!

Warning: angst, fluff, swearing

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

“Come here baby”

You let out a small giggle as you felt Daryl’s hands run up your waist and over your hips. You turned around in the cell bed and faced him, admiring his messy bed head. He smiled as he saw you and he brought you in for kiss.

“Morning” you smiled up at him, running a hand over his bare chest.

You turned onto your back again as you rested your head on Daryl’s arm, but the change in movement suddenly made you feel sick. Daryl noticed some colour drain from your face and he leaned up on his elbows.

“(Y/n)?” he questioned.

You were about to reply but you knew this feeling all too well. If you opened your mouth you knew you would vomit everywhere. You quickly jumped out of the bed, already feeling the contents in your stomach making their way up to your mouth. As soon as your knees hit the floor, bile and beans came shooting into the metal toilet bowl. You started to heave as your stomach was essentially empty with the little food your group had. You were so busy concentrating on not gagging that you didn’t even notice Daryl holding your hair back. Once you were done, you leaned your back against the cold wall and thanked Daryl for keeping your hair out of the way.

“That’s the second time this has happened” Daryl spoke, sitting back on the bed. “Are you ill or something?”

You looked at Daryl and then back to the floor. It was time you told him what you knew. It wasn’t fair to keep this from him but you didn’t know how he would react. He could either flip out and go mad, or he could be sweet and excited. There was no in between with Daryl but you felt like you knew him by now. You let your head fall back against the wall as you looked at Daryl.

“I’m gonna tell you something and I don’t want you to freak out” you said, watching as Daryl’s face turned serious. “I’m pregnant”

You bit your lip, tensing up as the words left your mouth. Daryl kept his eyes on you, almost thinking this was a joke. You were starting to doubt your decision and you stood from the floor. “Say something” you said, taking a step towards him but he stood up suddenly, his body towering over you.

“Whose is it?” he asked, taking you by surprise.

“The hell do you mean whose is it? I’ve only ever been with you-”

“Na, I’ve seen the way you look at Rick, you two got something goin’ on that I don’t know about!” he shouted, cutting you completely off.

“Daryl that’s not true” you said, keeping your voice calm in hopes of calming him down. “There’s nothing between me and Rick or anyone. It’s just you and me baby”

“Don’t lie to my face (y/n)” he spat.

“I’m not lying! Think about it, I’ve only ever slept with you, you took my damn virginity back on the farm for fuck sake!”

“Fuck!” Daryl shouted out in frustration and slammed his fists against the wall. You took a step back and you felt your heart starting to crumble.

“Don’t break my heart” you whispered, placing a hand protectively over your stomach.

“Don’t break your heart? You’ve already broken mine with your lies and betrayal!”

“I’m not lying!” you shouted again, loud enough that even the walkers could have heard you.

“What’s going on in here, your shouting woke the baby”  

Your attention was turned to the cell door as you saw Beth standing with the baby in her arms. Its eyes were just closing after being awoken by your argument.

“Nothin’, I was just leaving” Daryl said, angrily grabbing his leather jacket before looking at you one last time and stalking out the room. Beth gave you a nervous look before walking off with the baby and leaving you alone, wrapped in your confused, hurt and scared thoughts.

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“I know for a fact that he hates me, Y/F/N. Don’t even try telling me otherwise.” You muttered, trying your best to balance the tray of coffees and teas while making sure your phone wasn’t going to slip from its position from in between your ear and shoulder. 

“So what? This is your job. Just smile and nod and you’ll be fine.” 

“That doesn’t matter! I would prefer to have my boss like me.” You huffed, using your shoulder to push the door open before walking down the hallway. You had only started working for Harry about two weeks ago and the most exciting thing he made you do was to bring coffee and tea for his team. “I’m trying my best, y’know. I really am!” 

“I know you are! But you’re going to have to accept the fact that maybe there are some people out there that just don’t like you!” 

“But I’m such a likable person!” This honestly wasn’t fair. You didn’t even know why Harry wasn’t the biggest fan of you. 

Ever since day one he just seemed like he wanted to murder you. (You were being a little dramatic here, but still!) It was upsetting, really. You had heard so many good things about him, like how charming he was, how sweet he was… That was true if you applied it to literally anyone besides you. You hated that his first impression of you was a ditzy irresponsible person who constantly tripped over her feet! You had really, really been trying your hardest to get him to like you. The most you had gotten was a little smile and a nod before he was sending you off to pick up his dry-cleaning. You were basically like a little slave, but you were sure that if you worked hard enough and proved to him that you were capable of so much more, he’d let you in on the team meetings! Maybe. 

“Suck it up, Y/N! You’re working for Harry bloody Styles!” 

“That’s not the point! It doesn’t matter who I’m working for, what matters is that if the person I’m working for likes me or not! It would be nice if Harry bloody Styles actually bloody liked me!” You felt your phone buzz against your ear, indicating that you had received a text. Of course, you couldn’t check right now considering you had no free hands. 

“Not to mention, more evidence that he doesn’t like me is that the other day when I complimented his pink suit, he only said thank you. But when the water girl - I forgot what her name was - when she complimented his suit he started raving about it and- I don’t know, he was just being an asshole!” You exasperated, shoving against the swinging door roughly and- The next thing you knew, the cups of coffee and tea had clattered onto the ground and splashed onto- You’ve got to be kidding me

“Hm.” Your eyes widened when you saw Harry standing in front of you, his eyes shut while he stood there frozen, coffee already seeping into his clothes. (You hadn’t even noticed your phone clattering to the ground as well. You were just that shocked.) 

“Mr. Styles, I am so, so sorry,” You stammered, unsure whether to pick the empty cups off of the floor or take your hoodie off to dab at his soaked shirt. Everyone from the meeting room had popped out to see what the loud crash was, your cheeks reddening at the sight of a couple people giggling at what you had just done. “I didn’t- I wasn’t paying attention. I’m so sorry!” You breathed out, feeling absolutely mortified. 

Harry let out a harsh sigh, wiping droplets of liquid off his clothes and his arms before looking right into your eyes. “You better clean this up quickly.” 

“I will, and I’ll replace the coffee-” 

“I’ll send someone else for the coffees considering you’ve jus’ proven how incapable you are at handling a simple task.” 

“Shit, I-” 

“Watch your profanity, this is a workplace. Jus’ clean up and head home, yeah? I’ll text you if I need anything.” 


“Miss Y/L/N. Please, I’m begging you to go home before you burn this bloody place down.” 

If Harry hated you before, he hated you even more now. 


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Imagine your boyfriend Sonny and your brother Jamie protecting you from a handsy Detective

(A/N: For Anon, I hope you enjoy and that it meets your expectations. This is probably bad. I’m half asleep writing this because it’s like 2:00 am and I’ve been working all day and I was too stupid to check my plan and was writing the wrong imagine up for the whole of my writing time. So I hope you’ll forgive me for being late. Even though it’s still Tuesday in some places!) 

Imagine your boyfriend Sonny and your brother Jamie protecting you from a handsy Detective

“Jameson!” You shouted sternly right behind Jamie’s back, intending to scare him.

You were successful. Obviously, that police academy training did nothing to help with how easy Jamie was to scare. You watched in delight as he jumped up slightly and spilling the coffee he was holding slightly down himself before realising and saving the majority from spilling. He turned to look at you and glared.

“Y/N,” He hissed, looking down at himself and assessing the caffeinated damage.

“You’re still so easy, Jamie.” You giggled profusely, bending over and clutching your stomach.

“Do you not having better to do than to annoy me, Detective?” He asked, sighing and shaking his head at you.  

“I’m only doing my job,” You shrugged with a grin.

“It’s your job to annoy me?” He questioned sceptically.

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Let's Not... Please

I want to start off by explaining my reason on making this post: a conversation I had with a friend did not go well. Of course, I love Cody’s villainous character in Teen Wolf and of course, this friend of mine hates Theo. It frustrates me because while we were watching the last episode, they had the nerve to state that, “Theo is still a bad person. He hasn’t changed.”

People should really stop hating on Theo in Teen Wolf. It pisses me off that even after season 5 has ended and Theo is back, some still have negative things to say about him. While you guys are hating on him, why don’t you also hate on Peter Hale? After all, this guy has done worse in the show, yet no one wants to call him out on his actions and why you guys do that, I still don’t know why.

You can not join a fandom and be fake at the same time because it just shows that you’re not a true fan. That’s like you hating Niall Horan from 1D because of his crooked teeth but once he gets braces and they come off, all of a sudden he’s “hot” in your eyes and automatically you’re a true 1D fan. Every character should be treated equally in this show. Everyone loved Void Stiles and Peter Hale so why can’t we love Theo?

Another thing I want to add is that Cody has feelings. Therefore, if his character is a villain and he’s the most hated person, he’s going to feel upset in real life. It’s not fair that Peter Hale or Void Stiles can be villains and we can love them but we can’t do the same to Cody.

Personally, I adore Theo Raeken. I think that he was great as a villain in season 5 and him returning this season makes me really happy. I know he’s not back to cause damage but fix it and thats what makes it more exciting. He’s realized that he’s done bad and obviously, there’s a part of him that is still human. He’s doing his best to make his life better and we as a fandom should understand that instead of bashing an actors character.

Please, I just want everyone to not treat Cody like this. I feel bad for him because some of us are supposed to be true fans of this show yet they want to find someone to hate on. For those of you who agree with what I’m saying, thank you.

Your love is needed for Cody, Theo, and I.

I Have My Doubts

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: fluff, insecure Bucky, not many warnings
Notes: I deleted this the first time I wrote it. This is for the anon that sent in a request for Bucky. Sorry if it’s not accurate to what you requested, I kind of just let the story take me where it wanted to go. I hope you like it!

Since he’s gotten out of cryofreeze, Bucky has shut himself off to everyone but Steve. He hasn’t even stepped out of the compound since he’s gotten back from Wakanda. He knows he now has control over his body and mind, but…what if they find him and tie him to that chair again? That’s Bucky’s only worry. Well that, and he doesn’t exactly know how to get around in 21st century America.

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Originally posted by mikeygcsgiggle

A/N: Thank you to the lovely anon who requested this! I hope it meets your standards bub!

Title: Fair

Pairing: Ashton/Y/N

Requested?: Yes, here

Summary: You and Ashton take out Harry and Lauren to the local fair where you have a great time ( lISTENim so bad a summarys but stick with me)

Word Count: 600+

Warnings: slightly smutty near end oops


The laughter that boomed in the sitting room of the Irwin household made your heart implode with pure happiness. It had been months since you had last seen Ashton’s family. You loved his family as if they were your own — which they might aswell be as of now since the hazel eyed lad put the ring on your left ring finger only weeks before hand — and had missed them dearly.

This day was the day that you and Ashton spilled the news to them. They were ecstatic to say the least. Ashton’s mum wanted to celebrate the occasion by having a big dinner. The excitement was evident in her eyes as she shooed the four of you out of the house.

“I heard there’s a new ride in the fair at the pier! Do go there whilst I get the dinner started.” Ashton’s mum said clapping her hands together as Ashton rolled his eyes at his mother while you giggled.

“Mum, this whole thing isnt necessary! Just get that — “ Ashton had started but was interrupted by his mother hitting him wither her dish towel. “Nonsense! Go on then be back by 7:00.”

By the time you all entered the fair, the screams of joy filled your eardrums. Ashton’s large hand encased your own as you, Lauren and Harry walked past the game stand.

“Can we get candly floss first, Ash?” Harry asked excitedly, pointing towards the sweet stand.

“Sure,” he mumbled taking a detour from the rides and turned towards the stand. Ashton let go of your hand kissed your cheek as him and Harry walked to the stand.

You and Lauren started talking about the rides and which ones you were most excited for. “Hey, Y/N, I was wondering maybe if I could be a bridesmaid at you wedding?” Lauren asked, giving you the best puppy eyes she could muster.

“Of course! It’s not like I wouldn’t have asked you even if you hadn’t asked,” you said as you laughed together. “What colour dresses I wonder.”

Before Lauren could answer, Ashton and Harry returned with much more than just candy floss. “Let the fun rides begin.” Ashton yelled causing you and Lauren to roll your eyes at his childishness.

After you came back to Ashton’s family house you had the lovely dinner that Anne Marie had prepared. You had said your goodbyes and arrived back at your apartment.

Once you walked in after your fiancé, you were backed up against the front door, his hands caressing your waist as his lips quickly were on yours. The lights were all off and only the slight glow from the sun setting was in the room, the sound of your lips smashing together echoing against the walls. 

The light swipe of Ashton’s wet tongue against your lips emitted a shy groan from you. Your arms came up behind his neck tugging at the hairs on the nape of his neck lightly causing him to groan into your mouth. His tongue danced along the roof of your mouth before you both separated so you could breathe.

You rested your forehead against his as you both smiled. “What was that for?” you mumbled still playing with the hairs at the nape of his neck.

“No reason, you’re my soon-to-be wife, I can make — the fuck — out of you as spontanuously as I please.” he smirked cupping your ass in his hands.

“Keep it in your pants, mister.” you winked pecking is lips gently before walking out of his embrace — making sure to sway your hips as you wore a smug smile on your face.

I Am An Alpha Ch 7: Yixing

I hope this makes up for being MIA for a few days

“Is all of this really for me?” My jaw drops and my mouth waters at the sight of the beautifully set table with many kinds of food covering it. “I’ve never seen this much food before.” The wolf on my left hums as he leads me closer to the table, he nudges the head chair before looking at me expectantly. I quickly obey and curl up in the seat. I’m thankful Yixing has also given me one of his hoodies to keep warm in such a big house. He lays down at my side allowing me to eat alone, I sigh, when is he going to realize I don’t want to be alone. I use my foot to push the next to me out making him jump. “Join me?”

He hops up on to the seat and stares at me.

“What would you like?” I muse scanning over all the dishes, most consisting of marinated meats and vegetables. He continues to stare at me and I swear I can see him smiling. “You can transform back into a human if you want. I promise I won’t be scared anymore.”

He shakes his head.


His eyes scan over the room and even into the living room.

“Ah, you don’t want to leave me alone again, right?”

He nods.

“What a shame, I would really like to talk to you,” I hum as I pet his head. His massive head leans into my touch eagerly. “Well I guess since you can’t tell me what you want you are going to eat what I give you.” I take the empty plate that had been left for me and quickly begin filling it with a little of everything that was on the table until there is no room left. “How does that look?” I set it down in front of him and watch for any kind of reaction. He stares down at the food before looking at me, concern in those golden eyes. I chuckle, “Don’t worry Hyung, I’ll eat too.”

I begin picking off each plate and shoving the food into my mouth eagerly, hoping that he would eat too.  After I stuff down a few bites he eagerly begins eating too. I’m proud of myself, see, I tell myself, I can do this!

“How are things tasting?” Baekhyun muses as he places a hand on my shoulder. I’m out of my chair before I even know it, my teeth bared at the sudden intruder. His hands are up in surrender, “It’s just me.” The moment I realize that it’s him I stand up straight and give him an apologetic smile.

“I’m so sorry Hyung!”

“You are fine,” He gestures for me to return to my seat, “Your pack mentioned something about how you won’t be used to physical affection, I’m sorry. I just got excited.”

“They’re right, beyond my pack I never received any kind of love or gentleness so I’m going to have to get used to it.”

He nods, “I think that is one of the reasons we let Lay take care of you, he has the most self control out of us. Especially right now, I’m so impressed and kind of jealous.”

Yixing lets out a low growl.

“Don’t worry Hyung I’m just stopping in to make sure she’s enjoying her food and her silent company.”

“I told him he could transform back but he doesn’t want to leave me alone.”

“He is right, not all of us have his ability to stand this close to you for a long period of time without being all over you. I heard that Kai couldn’t even last a minute once he caught her scent.”

I wrap my arms around myself, his stare making me uncomfortable, “You heard about that?”

“I also heard that Kris got to touch you,” He takes a step closer making me curl tighter in my chair.

“I figured it would be fair, I owed him.”

“For what? If anything he owed you for attacking you all those year ago.”

I gulp, “I shot him.”

“This is getting so exciting!”

Yixing growls once again when he comes even closer.

“I would leave if I were you,” I suggest sensing the hostile energy coming off the wolf. “He doesn’t look like he’s in the best mood.”

Baekhyun suddenly looses his happy smile, “Do you want me to go?”

“That’s not it, I just-“ I’m cut off by the sound of excited boys speaking loudly and rushing in our direction. Again I’m out of my chair, but this time before they enter the room. My back is to Yixing, at this point I feel like he is the only person I can trust to stand behind me.

“Go quick, they just came back from a quick run, their instincts are still going to be really strong. We don’t want them getting too excited when they see you, go back to Yixing hyung’s room and I’ll bring some more food up, but you need to go now.” Baekhyun shoos me out of the dining room.

I follow Yixing back up stairs, pouting a bit, “I wasn’t scared for once and now I’m running.” At the top of the stairs I hesitate and almost consider going back down, I might not be this brave later on. By brave I mean I’m not shaking in my boots like a pup and I feel like I could actually look them in the eye. But Yixing nudges me forward, I trust him to know best. Back in his room I’m cautious of where I stand so I end up standing in the middle of the room like an idiot. He gestures to the door with his nose, asking me to lock it, which I quickly obey before he disappears into the closet.

“Feel free to sit on the bed,” His voice startles me. Of course he transformed back to his human form, I even told him too but why do I suddenly feel nervous? I take this moment to mental prepare myself to have one on one time with one of my mates for the first time. I can do this.  “Or if you don’t feel comfortable with that you can continue to stand in the middle of the room,” He teases as he comes out of the closet.  I turn around to face him and automatically regret it.

He is so good looking. In sweat pants and a t-shirt he is wearing what I’ve seen my pack mates wear a thousand times but on him but just looks so much more sexy. He pushes his black hair out of his face and gives me a small smile that has my heart racing. Of course he notices it and automatically switches from charming to panic. He rushes over to me, his hands hold on to my upper arms.

“Are you okay?” He worries. “I’m not scaring you am I?”

“No!” I answer quickly, and a bit too aggressive. I find myself covering my mouth from embarrassment.  

“Than what’s wrong?”

I nibble on my lip before admitting, “You just made my heart race, that is all, I’m sorry for worrying you.”

“Oh,” His grip on me loosens but he doesn’t let go, a small smile forms on those pretty pink lips. We just stand there for a minute enjoying each others company, I let my hands hold on to his forearms and smile at the electric sensation between our skin. After a long moment he asks me, “Could I ask you a few questions about you and your past?” Looking up at him I know it was a hard question to ask, I’m expert when it comes to reading peoples body language and facial expressions, it also helps that Yixing seems to be an open book. It allows me to know that him and the rest of his pack are very concerned about what could have happened to me, that strangely warms my heart.

“Of course, ask anything you want, I’m not shy about my past,” I try to give him a non-awkward smile as I let him lead me toward the bed. I sit on the left side with my back pressed against the headboard, I almost consider going under the covers but kill the idea when I think about what could happen with us under the covers together. My cheeks burn at the thought of anything dirty.

“I’m going to get more blankets, Sehun and some of the others like the house cold at night so we are going to need them,” He says as he leaves the room.

When he is gone I let out a breath I didn’t even known I was holding, oh my god, he’s so cute. I can’t believe he is part of this pack, he seems far to sweet but I guess I have no room to judge. I grimace at the thought of them seeing the real me, but at the same time I can’t wait for it. They are going to be blown back, the idea has me giggling so hard I don’t hear Yixing coming back in.

“What a beautiful sound,” He muses, “What has you giggling so hard?”

“Nothing,” I lie with my big doe eyes.

He doesn’t question it, he just chuckles to himself as he lays out a couple of blankets over the bed. I relax into the bed and sigh, I can’t even remember the last time I slept on a real bed. It must have been around the time we got Kookie, so around 25-28 years ago? Oh god it has been too long. My embarrassment of sharing covers is taken over by my urge to burry myself in the comfort of all these blankets and pillows. Yixing just watches as I burrow under the covers and into the calling warmth.

“Are you having fun?” He chuckles once again.

I nod, “It have been a long time since I’ve slept in a bed and it definitely wasn’t this soft and it sure as hell didn’t smell as good.” The last part kind of slips out and I find myself blushing. I realize that’s why this bed seems so inviting, sure the bed is soft and the blankets are warm but it is his alpha pheromones calling me to him and his territory.

“What do I smell like to you?” He wonders as he crawls on to the bed, he lays on his stomach.

“You smell sweet,” I hum as I try to think of more descriptive words. “You make me think of when I would mix honey in with my tea.”

“I smell like honey tea?” He mocks.

I nod, “I love the smell of honey tea. But before I let you mock me, tell me what I smell like to you.”

“Spring, like the beginning of spring when all the flowers are blooming and everything is waking up after winter.”

I smile, “You said you wanted to ask me a few questions?”

“Aw yes!” He pops up to rest on his elbows, “I actually have more than a few but they are not all my own. Kris hyung and the others were sending me some when I was in my wolf form.”

“I completely forgot about the telepathy.”

He cocks his head in confusion, “You don’t transform often do you?”

I shake my head, “I haven’t transformed in over a year, it makes it harder for people to sense us on their territory when we are in human form.”

“What about before you were out of the army? Did you transform often?”

“Nope, we weren’t allowed to. They thought that if our wolves had the chance to dominate our mind we would rebel.”

“Do you miss transforming?”

“I would like to be able to run freely, I haven’t done that in so long. The last time I let my wolf take over completely was right after we were set free. All of us did it, in turns, half of us went while the others stayed back to keep an eye on your stuff. But when I went out I didn’t come back for a whole day,” I grin at the memory. “It felt so amazing to be that free, I have no idea how I got my wolf to turn back for my pack.”

“Why didn’t you start being a normal female omega after you were freed?”

“In all honesty I was really scared of the idea. I mean even if I started acting like a normal girl and dressed like one my pack would have treated me the same but I didn’t want others to think of me as some weak link. Not to mention it would have added a target on not just my back but my packs as well. Most male packs would kill for a female omega, mate or not, it was something to fuck. I wanted to avoid the attention and at the same time I also didn’t want to loose my title.” I pat my chest proudly, “I am an alpha. I made it into the top hunter party of the blood red army. Even though I didn’t enjoy what I was doing to the innocent I was happy about the fear I could strike into the other soldiers who looked like they were enjoying the horrible things we were doing.”

“My mate is so strong,” He coos.

“What about you?”

“What about me?”

“How did you end up here?” I scoot a little bit closer to him but there is still a massive space in between us on the king sized bed.

“Nothing even near as exciting as your story, my brothers and I just took over this territory from our father and we’ve just expanded it a bit but that is just about it.”

I scoff, “That is not just about it, you are the black dragons! I’ve heard scary stories about you, you guys wiped out the whole entire red ribbon army, while at least most of them. Some were too good to be caught,” I mock with my tongue out.

“We are pretty brutal people, but I don’t want you to know that side of us until you get to know us. I don’t want you to know anything but warmth and love from us.” He reaches out and strokes my head softly.

“Too late for that Hyung,” I chuckle. “I was already attacked by head alpha and shot him, I already know your dark and wild sides, well his not yours.”

“Kris ge,” Yixing corrects.

“Kris ge,” I echo.

He nods, “Ge would not like you being so formal with him, he already feels like you hate him.”

“I don’t hate him.”

“Make sure you let him know that when you see him.”

“He isn’t sleeping this early is he? Could he be doing work or something?”

“He’s most likely working, why?”

“I don’t hate you Kris ge!” I sort of yell, loud enough for him to hear where ever he is in the house but not loud enough to bust an eardrum.

Yixing laughs so hard he has to hold his stomach, “Couldn’t wait could you?”

“I don’t want something like that weighing down on his mind.”

“Such a sweet girl.”

“I’m not usually like this so enjoy it, my hyungs and dongseangs would have a field day with this.”

“I will definitely enjoy this.”

We lay there for hours talking about everything and anything. We slowly scoot closer and closer together until my head is resting on his shoulder. Our hands are collapsed together, fingers intertwined. Yixing has tucked us both under the covers hours ago when the house already started getting colder, his body makes the perfect heater. He offers to sleep on the floor or in another room but I quickly shut that idea down.

“Did you ever feel scared and alone out there being an omega?”

“I felt lots of things when I was out there. I felt weak, scared, stupid, useless, but never once did I feel alone. I always had someone, I always had my pack. Sure some times we would get separated for a little while due to missions but never for more than a day. Loneliness is foreign to me or at least I thought it was.”

“Trust me, you are never going to feel lonely here, there will always be someone trying to get your attention so you can rest easy.”

“Good, I don’t even want to imagine life all by myself,” The horrifying thought has me snuggling into Yixing’s embrace. He doesn’t seem to mind one bit, in facts he wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer.

“Is this okay?”

“This is more than okay,” I mumble as I finally burry my face in the crook of his neck.

“Good, because there was no way in hell I was going to be letting you go.”

 Here you go! *Throws glitter aggressively into your face*

anonymous asked:

A scenario where Revali and his hylian s/o has a kid? Like a hybrid of the two? How would that look like?

[A/N: Alright, I went overboard and this kept me up til like 3 am last night, I was thinking of this in a semi-realistic manner. It was difficult for a bit because the persona I used to pair Revali with is basically an empty slate. I adorn them in clothes if I do draw them so I don’t have specific features to write, and others can incorporate themselves in it. But I figured to write this I used the persona I nicknamed, Yeurni, for reference. I am sorry it’s a lengthy read, but it’s just how I see this hybrid happening. Considered this an AU of Flock Together. You can thank Admin Quincy for the goblin nickname above in the picture. Admin Quincy loves them regardless. ] 

When Revali and you decided that it was time to start a family the probability of having a child was extremely low. Neither you nor Revali knew how you could conceive given the difference in species and more. Thus you two sought out many shamans, healers and all turned up with nothing. You were beginning to think that perhaps adopting would suffice, but deep down you and Revali wanted to have an actual child together. At least, in hopes to see what your genes could create. However, the research was turning up empty and hard as you tried not to; you were beginning to lose hope.

It wasn’t until one day King Rhoam came to you with an offer.. He heard of your plights, and given that Revali was making his way to be Champion, he would one day want the Rito to protect his future child.  In turn for Revali’s service, King Rhoam wanted to present the two of you with a gift, and the gift was at a chance of an actual child. Even though Revali made his concerns and was highly skeptical, he eventually conceded for this last chance. King Rhoam took you to his castle and there introduced you to Marin, a kooky scientist and shaman. Marin was ecstatic with the opportunity and when her child, Purah, ran to her side, was more than happy to go the extra mile.

Marin, for a few days straight, took hair follicles, feathers, DNA, and what have you; all the while teaching her daughter science and magical properties. It was amazing to say the least as you watch Marin be a wonderful, if not weird, mother. You hope that if a child came from this you could be as good as parent as she was.

As the days went by you and Revali were talking about what your child would possibly look like. Each of you thought they would be a perfect combination of you two, and strongly hoped that there wasn’t any scorn between your hybrid of a child. However, Revali had some days where he would scare himself, and talk himself into thinking that their child would be a freak of nature. He would tell you his fears at night, and would cry at the prospect of the child possibly dying from the mix genetics. As hard as it was, you tried to stay strong for the two of you while waiting for the results.

The day finally came when a tired Marin, and her daughter, Purah, came out from their lab. Within Marin’s hand was a large soft egg encased within a sapphire orb. “We did it!” Marin, exclaimed and handed you the delicate egg. It took every ounce of strength not to burst into tears and Revali was completely overwhelmed, he had to go outside for a bit.  

Marin knelt beside you and placed her hand on your shoulder, “Now, I was able to combine you two the best of my ability, but this is also magic infused. I used particles from an ancient relic that was said to be once touched by Hylia. I do not know how this will fair, but I can guarantee you have a child in there.” She smiled sweetly while you tried to find the words to thank her, but she knew from your look alone what you wanted to say. “Congratulations.” Was all she said.

In your shared home the egg was placed on a pillow, the sapphire orb around it glowing brightly. It was hard to believe, but you and Revali were going to be parents. Excitement bubbled in your stomach and you would spend hours staring at the incubating egg. Revali would often scold you, “Darling, penetrating the egg with your stare is not going to have them hatch faster.”

“You don’t know that. Maybe they can feel it.”

He only shook his head and laughed under his breath, “Yes, instill our child with peer pressure already. I am sure that will work wonders in our favor.”


Several months had pass and your precious egg hadn’t hatch, but it certainly was enlarging. The sapphire orb around it was beginning to diminish, and it was just an indescribable feeling knowing your child would soon be born. The only issue is that neither of you had decided upon a name, and the days until your baby would hatched were closing in. Revali picked up the egg and gently caressed it all the while murmuring sweet nothings to it. You smiled from your spot at the fire, preparing dinner.

Revali was pacing around the home mindlessly telling the baby stories of his feats and, of course, how you two met. It was in the midst of his sentence when he suddenly paused and let out a sound of eureka. “Skali!” He exclaimed and you only looked at him puzzled. He whirled around and gestured to the egg, “How does Skali sound?”

You blinked in question, “What does it mean?”

“I haven’t a clue.”

“….And you want to name our child that because?”

“….It sounds nice.”

So, Skali it was for a very simplistic reason, if not a tad odd.

And the eve of morning, you and Revali noticed that the blue orb was gone. For a moment panic arose between both of you, fearing the worse had happened. However, before Revali could grabbed Skali to take them to Marin, the egg began to wiggle about. Revali made incoherent sounds in excitement and you were frantically pacing the room.

“Is it happening?!” You yelled.

“Possibly?!” He squawked.

With great anticipation you two watched Skali break through the shell. Little by little the baby exposed itself and broke free; remaining shell clung to them as the peeped. A cry clogged your throat as you gently picked your baby up. They were completely featherless, but you could tell that Skali would later developed them. Your baby girl was a sight to see with a top beak and normal bottom lip. Her skin was tough, bumpy and a deep mocha. She did not have a tail stub, and Revali figured she would not develop tail feathers. She was odd looking, but to you she was the most beautiful thing you ever laid eyes on.

The first few years was a struggle learning how to take care of a child of mix breeds, but eventually you learned what made her tick. Also, the wonderful Marin and her daughter were there to help.

Her feathers were sporadic, mostly lining her under arms and her ring finger and pinky were merged together and covered in feathers. Her facial feathers collected under her chin, and three large, powder blue feathers adorned her head. She was lanky with long arms, a small torso, and an odd mixture of human feet and bird claws.

Skali wore hoods and cloaks to cover herself, not at all comfortable with her appearance since she was the only one in existence. Although Revali and you loved her to the end of the Earth and back, you could not protect her from the prejudice you both had feared. You two did the best you could to make sure she was well loved even if the world didn’t see the beauty you saw in her.

Revali did his best to be the best father he could be for her, and taught her all she knew about archery and fighting. Her flight skills were nonexistent given her torso and wings were too small to carry her, but she had the ability to glide short distances. Skali did her best to please her father in all sorts of fighting techniques, and had become formidable with throwing knives. Her long arm were perfect in projecting small weapons.  

Skali didn’t make many friends as she was too shy and nervous around other children. However, she did find solace in King’s Rhoam’s daughter, Zelda, who was just a few years younger than her. They became close friends and spent a lot of time together. Zelda protected Skali from the other children and encouraged her. It warmed yours and Revali’s heart seeing Skali breaking out of her bubble. Zelda gave Skali the confidence she had trouble seeing in herself and you knew those two would be best friends for life.

But it was not easy for Skali growing up despite all the support she had. As she was reaching early adulthood it became abundantly clear that she could not bare children. It was hard to hear at first, but she came to understand she could still become a mother by adopting.

Which brings us to the crisis of Revali and you having a hybrid for a child. Skali struggled silently for years accepting what she is. It was also difficult understanding the limitations and issues that she would not have if she was a full-blooded species. She never wanted to trouble anyone and embarrassed by her odd speech impediment, Skali choose to not speak. It was concerning as parents, but you two did not want to force her. You had to come to your own conclusion she was fighting a war within herself, but it was hard to choose whether or not to interfere.

This would, in her teenage years when she was experiencing growth spurts, caused her to lash out.  And with her having to deal with some prejudice at the same time made her withdraw into herself. Eventually, now in currently being nineteen, she had learned to find peace within herself and to love what she is. She knows she is a product of love even though people have whispered her parents were playing Goddesses, she felt blessed to be given the opportunity to experience life.


“Who are you?”

He met her the first time that night, the night he discreetly confronted his enemy, when he took what was stolen. At the same time, declaring a war.

“No, did you kill my father?”

He was stunned to her surprisingly calm questioning. He might be some kind of thief or even an assassin who tried to kill her father, but she didn’t even flinch to his dark and masked sight.

He stopped and stared at her for a short while. He could just leave before other people came, but he just couldn’t. He thought that she was so pretty, her round eyes and plum lips. Even on the dim light he could see her pink cheeks. She was just so delicate.

Her eyes too, never left him. Curious of the wanderer.

“You said you’re a king..?”

He was taken aback at her attempt at breaking his silent. He retreated a little, still no words. She must heard their conversation.

Not long, sounds of steps could be heard, some of the housekeepers were walking in. Without more thinking, he looked for her hand then fled the room, taking her to the back of the grand house.

“Your father’s all right,” he said quietly, taking of his mask, “I didn’t kill him.”

He revealed his face to her, now looking at her again. He could see her faint smile as she was relief of his father, also that the man was not a murderer after all.

“I know what my father did,” she mumbled, her tone sadder but then she was smiling dimly to him, “you don’t need to explain anything to me.”

“..about who you are as well.”

Sam Maek Jong eyes widen as he thought that this girl was something else.

“Are you a Hwarang?” She asked while picking up his Hwarang headband from the ground. It must be fallen from his pocket while they entered the shed rushing.

“I’m Banryu’s step-sister, Sado.”


Sam Maek Jong was sure that he was not on his right mind, asking Pa Oh to find her whereabouts since morning. She was the enemy’s daughter after all, or his friend’s sister.

Pa Oh found her and now he ended up at the market, she was going towards the book shop at the end of the street. Sam Maek Jong, as curious and interested as he is went in right away.

“Are you following me?” she clearly remembered this wandering man, he was going here and there with his upside-down ‘History of Panda’ book.

“I was just, uh,” Sam Maek Jong was taken aback, his eyes widen as he scratched his head, eyes looking elsewhere other than her.

She let out a chuckle at his particular actions. She did found this stranger adorable.

“Come here,” she called him and let him sit next to her to read his book.

Ever since they always meet at that little book shop, he sneaked out or he went every time Hwarang got a day off.


One afternoon Sam Maek Jong was on his newly favorite place, waiting for her.

“Your Majesty!” He could see Pa Oh walking fast with rather concerned expression towards him. He didn’t have a good feeling about this.

“Lady Sado,” Pa Oh stopped on his sentence while taking his breathe.

“What happened?” Sam Maek Jong was starting to worry, his protector was not looking exactly as happy as usual.

“Here, Your Majesty.” Pa Oh said simply while handling Sam Maek Jong a letter.

“Lady Sado’s servant delivered this,” Pa Oh said while carefully observing his worried master, “She said she cannot come today.”

Sam Maek Jong untied the letter immediately, read it in seconds.

I believe my father’s servant seemed to notice that I have been seeing a certain young man every now and then. I just don’t want to make it difficult for you. I sincerely apologize.

“Or any other day,” Pa Oh said continuing his sentences quietly, afraid to make Sam Maek Jong even more sad after the letter.

From then on, Sam Maek Jong never see her on that book shop again. Pa Oh never found her on the market either.


One day, after two weeks of wandering and relentless brooding from his master, Pa Oh came to his Master all smiling.

“Your Majesty!” Pa Oh ran to Sam Maek Jong, impatiently as he almost jump to him, “I believe I have bring you good news!”

His eyes grew big, the only good news he needs was her.

“Here you go, Majesty,” Pa Oh smiled so big, he had his eyes shaped like a half-moon. All he cares is his master’s happiness and not less.

Do not want to get carried away with Pa Oh’s excitement, Sam Maek Jong opened the letter.

Hello. I am so sorry to ask you this, but I will be at the night fair this following Saturday, it would be nice to apologize to you in person.

He smiled a big one, he was just so happy at the possibility of meeting her.


“Hi,” she was smiling, happy to see the man standing apart.  

“Sado?” his eyes turned rounder, surprised to see her right in front of him. Slowly he was smiling, happy to finally found her.

“Come here,” suddenly she grabbed his hand this time, making him widen his eyes even more as he unknowingly blushing. He followed as she was taking him to one of the empty tents.

“Ah, I am sorry,” she said, letting go of his hand, blushing herself. Now shades of pink could be seen from the two.

“I miss you,” Sam Maek Jong said straight. While flustered on his own make, he did said his thoughts and not hesitate on announcing it.

Her eyes widen in surprise to his words, and then started to chuckle a little.

“I, I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t need to,” he said simply then running his hand to her hair, had his eyelashes on hers.

He kissed her slowly.


Not far from their tents, Banryu was on a quest himself. Finding Soo Yeon in the big fair was not so easy. Sneaking up from his father, her father, also her brother.

He went from tent to tent, then went into the one where he ended up seeing the view he never thought he would. His sister with a man. That’s Ji Dwi.

“Sado!” Surprised as he was, he went straight to Sam Maek Jong then smashed his face.

“Banryu!” Sado’s went to Sam Maek Jong who was on the ground after Banryu’s blow.

“What do you think you’re doing?!” Banryu roared to his Hwarang’s roommate.

“I am sorry, but I like this woman a lot.” Sam Maek Jong said boldly while was wiping his bloodied lips, “I like your sister a lot.”

“You, ***(insert your own swear words)!” Banryu approached Sam Maek Jong again, trying to land a punch again.

“Stop it, Banryu!” But Sado got in between them in time.

“It’s my choice,” She said assuredly, looking straight at his brother’s eyes, “so, you can do anything about it.”


“Ah,” Sam Maek Jong hissed while Sado was applying some medicine for his cut lip.

“Sorry,” her apology was serious.

“Why?” Sam Maek Jong smiled, and changed his question, “what is your choice?”

She looked down and was silent for a second.

“I decided that I want to see more of you,” she said smiling aloud.


My first hwarang scenario! I made the girl named Sado if that’s allright. Park Young Shil’s (Ban Ryu’s adopted-father) daughter who married King Jinheung in history named Sado. So, I tried to connect that to the story. Tell me if you’d like to hear this Sado’s scenario. Thanks for requesting and (maybe) waiting for the scenario. I still have two requests, but I am so slow. Life’s been too too busy and all:(

Pls enjoy and maybe tell me what you guys think, I’m not a pro hehe. I don’t know if you guys like it or not, but<3

Request :

I was wondering if you could do a scenario with sam maek Jong/ji dwi where you are ban ryus step-sister but are having a secret relationship with him  (ji dwi) so you spend a lot of time with him. Your brother ban ryu doesn’t like the fact that you are around him much and always drags you away from him or something like that until until ji dwi confesses the relationship to him

** I do not own any of the characters portrayed in this also the gif is not mine, the story as well is fictional.

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So like what is the evidence for Kylo jumping into the sea to rescue Rey on Achto? I've seen that mentioned many times these past few months but I have no idea where people are getting it from. And especially after the Vanity Fair Scare just now I don't want to be hopping on the train of excessive Reylo optimism unless I got my solid evidence handy for that plot point happening.

hiiiiiii! so this is a thing known to most of the fandom as the Cliff Scene™, but it’s origins are spoilery so under the cut to avoid possible spoilers for TLJ!

But before we go and I lose some people who understandably want to be as spoiler free as possible, it’s really important for me to say that excessive Reylo optimism is not a bad thing, nor did Vanity Fair strike it down. Fandom is in large part a thing of wild hope and speculation, and while we want every single thing to come out and confirm our wildest hopes, that’s just not how it’s always going to play out (and people have different hopes, even in an OTP/ship fandom).

So if this idea excites you (or any idea), then it’s okay to have that wild hope. That’s what fandom is about. And those who have been in fandoms long enough know that what is written/shown on screen is almost never as fantastic as some meta/headcanon/stories you’ve seen - and that’s okay. As long as we’re still eating ice cream, we can enjoy all the different flavors!

anyway, just my thoughts on that - spoilers re: the Cliff Scene™

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jackscrutchie  asked:

“You make me feel so happy just to be around you. The way you smile, your beautiful laugh, the way you look at me, It brings me such joy.” With JackCrutchie. ❤

I was going to write some nice, short one-shot. And now we’ve got this 6,000+ behemoth. Whatever, it was fun. Hope y’all like this one!

Also, shout out to one of my greatest friends up at college, who sat me down and helped me come up with a realistic plan for Crutchie’s life–which, is basically a combination of her plans and her friend’s plans–and then proceeded to threaten me if I didn’t let her read this after it was finished.  

Crutchie had a plan. It was the perfect plan and he wouldn’t allow anything to get in the way of him achieving his dreams. Nothing would stop him; he wouldn’t let it. When Crutchie had started college, he had fallen in love with the anthropology class that he had taken to cover some liberal arts requirement that his adviser had informed him was mandatory. Crutchie had immediately changed majors and never looked back. Suddenly, Crutchie knew exactly what he wanted to do: he would major in anthropology and he would find a way to work and identify bodies, in order to connect them back to their families.

He knew exactly how he would get to that point. First, he would graduate with his bachelor’s degree in anthropology and two minors in biology and chemistry. He would get his masters in biological anthropology at, either Michigan State or UT Knoxville. Through that degree, he would be able to pursue either contemporary mass grave excavation, or stable isotope identification methods. Both would allow him to work with mass graves. After studying their programs, Crutchie had felt as if those schools offered what he needed to achieve his goal. Once he had gotten his masters, Crutchie hoped to work or volunteer, either through the UN or an NGO to excavate mass graves. Ideally, he hoped to work in Afghanistan, but he knew that he would be content anywhere. As long as he was helping these people, long dead, be connected to their posterity. Maybe Crutchie would even get a job at the Smithsonian or the Museum of Natural History in New York. He was open to that avenue, as well, so long as he had worked with mass grave excavations, in the end.

Really, Crutchie had everything planned out, and he could not afford to be distracted from his goal and life-long pursuit.

Which was why Jack Kelly’s appearance into his life was not initially welcome. 

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In response to @mysenia​‘s prompt  - ‘Want a bite of my meat stick?’

“I can’t believe that instead of enjoying the fair, we’re witch hunting,” Stiles grumbles, leaning against Roscoe and folding his arms. Scott nods in agreement, moving out of the way so that Isaac can clamber out of the back of the jeep.

“Well,” Isaac points out, “all the evidence did lead here.”

Stiles snorts.

“What does Derek believe that the fortune teller is actually legit? Are all the carnies using magic as opposed to cheating to make sure we never win the huge teddy bears?”

“I think they’re using human beings as spell components.”

Stiles jumps, Derek’s voice practically in his ear.

“Jesus Christ! What have I told you about sneaking up on me?”

“You should be more aware of your surroundings,” Derek replies. Erica, Boyd and Peter are all snickering. Stiles flips them off.

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Who I Was. (A Got7 Fanfic) Pt.1

Originally posted by jack777

Yes, I know this is an Exo blog, but this is a Got7 story. It’s a story about your life before you met Exo in the previous story, I Was Made for Loving You. If you haven’t read it yet, then that’s okay, read this one first and then that one, it’ll probably make more sense that way.

Pt. 2, Pt.3, Pt.4, Pt.5


“You should come meet the guys.” Jackson said, as he started to leave my apartment.

“No, that’s okay. It’ll be awkward since I can’t really communicate that well with them yet…” I said, trailing off my sentence. I moved to Korea last week, so I’m not necessarily fluent in the language yet. I’m not the worst in Korean, but I also am not at the level of holding a conversation.

“Well, let’s see, there’s Mark, BamBam, my girlfriend, and Mark’s girlfriend who speaks English, they’ll help you out. I’LL help you out. You can’t just avoid conversation, you have to learn sometime.” He said, already dragging me out the door.

“Oh my god, fine.” I groaned, letting him drag me across the street to JYP dorms.

“Hey guys! I have someone I want you to meet.” Jackson announced in Korean, earning a weird look from me, since I didn’t understand. Everyone came into the living room, and smiled when they saw Jackson and me together.  “Everyone, this is (Y/N). (Y/N), this is JB, Jinyoung, Yugyeom, Youngjae, BamBam, Mark, Sora, and of course you know Harper.” He said, pointing out everyone as he said their names.

I waved awkwardly and they did the same.

“She moved here a week ago, so she’s not fluent in Korean yet, so be patient with her, okay?” Jackson said, giving everyone a thumbs up at the end.

“Welcome to Korea, don’t worry about not being fluent, we’ll help you out.” Mark asked, giving me a warm smile.

“Thanks.” I smile back, standing a bit awkwardly. Just me in general is awkward.

“Well, (Y/N), it’s good to see you again.” Harper says, smiling, and sitting down on the couch.

“It’s nice to meet you, and if you ever need help with Korean, and Jackson isn’t around, I’ll happily help you.” Mark says, smiling brightly, causing his eyes to squint a bit.

“Thanks, I’ll be sure to.”

“You should stay for dinner!” Jackson offered. “I know you haven’t eaten all day.” He said.

“Yeah, stay!” Harper said, with a smile.

Jackson translated for everyone who didn’t understand what was happening. They all nod in agreement.

“Um, sure, I guess.” I shrugged, not really wanting to, still feeling extremely awkward around everyone.

“Here, you can sit by me.” Harper says, pulling out a chair for me.

“Oh, uh, thanks.” I say, taking a seat next to her.

Jackson brought the two of us a plate full of food. “Thanks.” We both say in unison, making us laugh.

Everyone sat down at the table, and started eating and talking to one another, and laughing.

“Hey, let’s eat ice cream for dessert.” Youngjae says, excitedly.

I nod and smile, like I knew what was going on.

“He says we should eat ice cream.” Harper whispers to me, seeing my confusion.

“Ah, okay.” I whisper back, nodding in understanding this time.

“Feeling awkward?” She asks, smiling slightly.

“Yeah, a little bit.” I say, looking around at everyone.

“I was too when I first started coming around. But you’ll get used to it pretty soon.” She said, going back to her food.

“Well, it would be nice if we had ice cream. Someone ate all of it and PUT THE EMPTY CARTON BACK IN THE FRIDGE!” JB yelled, as he looked into the freezer.

“He sounds so aggressive while yelling in Korean.” I say to Harper.

We both laughed at the boys as they yelled at each other about who ate the ice cream and who didn’t. Harper had to explain everything that was being said, making me laugh even harder.

“Let’s just go get the ice cream please, it’s pointless fighting about it.” Mark said, holding the bridge of his nose in annoyance.

“Sounds good to me.” Youngjae said, standing up, putting on his shoes and grabbing his jacket.

“Where’s everyone going?” I asked, confused as to why everyone was getting up.

“We’re gonna go out and get ice cream instead, you coming?” Mark asked, helping Sora put on her jacket.

“I should really get home.” I said, but Harper pull me out of the chair, and dragged me to the front door.

“None sense, you’re coming with us.” She said. I followed them outside, we all started walking in an enormous clump. Harper was walking with Jackson, Sora and Mark were together, I just walked behind everyone, not really having enough confidence to talk to anyone yet.

“So, I’m guessing you’re a little shy?” Jinyoung asks in his best English, his accent thick.

“Oh, not really.” I say in a quiet voice.

“It’s okay to talk. I won’t judge, I swear. I am not the best at English, if you can not tell.” He says, playfully pushing me. We both laughed a bit, and kept walking in a comfortable silence.

We finally got to the ice cream shop after about ten minutes, all of us were starring up at the menu, deciding what we wanted.

“Okay, so who’s buying?” Youngjae asked. Everyone starred at JB.

“I hate you all.” He says, taking out his wallet. After he paid, the boys hugged him, excitedly enjoying their ice cream. We started walking back to the dorm, while eating our ice cream on the way, enjoying the nice weather on our little walk.

Jackson slowed down a little, so he could walk next to me. “See, it’s to that bad hanging out with them. And it’s perfect that you and Harper clicked pretty well. My best friend and girlfriend getting along is very important for me.” He says, laughing a bit.

“I guess it isn’t that bad. It’s still pretty awkward though.” I say, laughing along with him.

“You’ll get used to it, I promise. Mark and I will teach you Korean on our spare time. And when we aren’t there, the girls can teach you.” He said, telling me his plan to get me involved with everyone.

“I have a job you know.” I remind him. I own a dance studio here, that’s one of the reasons I moved to Korea.

“Yeah, but when you aren’t working, you can be at the dorm with us.” He smiled, patting my head.

“I’m not so sure-“

“Okay, can’t wait to see you at the dorm after work!” Jackson said, cutting me off, and going back to Harper.

There was a tap on my shoulder, and I looked over to see Sora smiling at me. “Hey, I know we didn’t really get a chance to talk earlier, it gets kinda hectic around here, but even so, if you need help with anything, just let me know.” She said, a smile still on her face.

“Okay, thanks.” I say, smiling back, but I’m sure you could tell it was forced.

We had all stopped walking as we passed a fair. Yugyeom was practically yelling, and pointing at the lights that illuminated from the rides. I looked over to Sora for a translation.

“Yugyeom wants to go to the fair.” She says, laughing at my confused expression.

“Yeah! Let’s go!” Jackson says, getting as excited as Yugyeom.

“I wasn’t really expecting to be out this late, plus I don’t have money. You guys go ahead.” I say, looking at my watch and realizing how late it’s getting.

“That’s alright, I got you.” Mark and Jackson say at the same time, pulling out their wallets.

“You guys don’t have to pay for me… I really don’t like fairs.” I said, trying my best to get out of the situation.

“Well that’s a lie, you love fairs and you know it, stop trying to get out of everything and come on.” Jackson said, seeing through my lie quickly.

I sighed, and followed everyone inside reluctantly. Mark was the one who ended up paying for me and Sora, putting the wrist band on my wrist for me.

“You really didn’t have to pay for me.” I say, watching as he carefully put the wristband on me.

“It’s no big deal, don’t worry about it.” He said, shrugging and smiling.

“At least let me pay you back.” I said, as we walked fully inside now.

“Nope. Seriously, don’t worry about it, okay?” He smiled, ruffling my hair, and catching up with Sora.

“What shall we ride first?” Youngjae asked, looking around at everything. “Should (Y/N) pick?” He asks, turning to me. Everyone followed his gaze upon me, and I stopped to stare back at them with my eyebrows raised.

“You should pick the first ride.” Jackson says, laughing.

“Oh, no, I’m good.” I say, waving my hands.

“Come on! Just pick something, stop being so shy. It’s weird seeing you like this~” Jackson said, putting his arm around my shoulders.

Everyone was still staring at me, making me shift uncomfortably. I look around the fair, and pointed at the first thing I saw, which was the house of mirrors.

“All ten of us in there? Challenge excepted.” Jackson said, pulling me and Harper to the mirror maze. He wasn’t lying when he called it a challenge, it took us a long time to get out. We hit a mirror every time we turned, but eventually got out.

“Oh my god, I’m surprised no one has a bloody nose from running into all those mirrors!” Harper says, laughing, and those who understood laughed as well. She translated for the others and they laughed along.

“So, having fun yet?” Mark asked, walking beside me.

“Surprisingly, yes.” I say, nodding.

“Are you lying, or are you being for real?” He asked, chuckling a bit.

“No, I am! Why are you laughing?” I asked, playfully pushing him.

“No reason.” He says, teasingly, pushing me back.

“Let’s do the haunted house ride!” Jackson yelled, as soon as he saw the ride.

“That ride is literally for kids… I don’t think we can even fit in the carts.” I said, watching all the kids get off the ride. Jackson groaned and rolled his eyes.

“You’re such a downer today. I’m sure we can fit if we try.” He said, walking to the ride and getting on, barely able to fit him and Harper in one cart.

“(Y/N), why don’t you ride with me, so there won’t be communication failures with the others?” Mark suggested, patting the seat next to him.

“I don’t think it would be that awkward for her. We should sit together.” Sora said, giving Mark a look.

“Oh come on, Sora, just sit with someone else for this ride. You’ll actually be able to talk to them.” Mark said, returning her look.

She let out a huff, and sat in the seat behind us with Yugyeom. When the ride started going, Mark and I started laughing about how stupid the ride was, but then something popped out of nowhere, making me jump and grab onto Mark for a split second, causing him to burst out laughing even more.

“Shut up.” I pout, hitting his arm, making him laugh more. Once we got off, everyone was laughing about how stupid it was, but how I got scared at one point. Sora was being super quiet, I’m sure she was mad about the whole Mark thing, and I felt kinda bad. Mark went up to her, and put his arm around her shoulders, but she didn’t seem interested. He poked her cheek, and a smile started to form on her face.

“So, they’re like a thing?” I asked Jackson, pointing at the two walking ahead of us.

“Yeah. She’s the first American to join Twice (go with it) and when she first got here, she was like you, she didn’t know Korean that well and no one in Twice knew English, so Mark helped her a lot, and after a while, they started dating. They’ve been together for 7 months now?” Jackson explained as we waited in line for the Ferris Wheel.

“I see…” I nod in understanding.

After the Ferris Wheel, everyone was pretty exhausted.

“I think it’s time to go home.” Jackson said, noticing how everyone was stretching and yawning.

“Yeah, I have to go to the studio in the morning too..” I said, checking the time on my phone.

We all started to head to the dorms, waving goodbye to each other when we got there.

“I’ll see you tomorrow after work.” Jackson called out, as I was crossing the street to my apartment.

“Jackson, I don’t think-“ I started, but got cut off.

“Alright, bye! See you tomorrow!” He waved again, walking into his building with the others.

I sighed and made my way inside my apartment, plopping down on the bed as soon as I got in, immediately falling asleep.

Hello everyone! It’s been a few days, hasn’t it? Have you missed me? Of course you have, you’ve been living off of cup noodles and vending machine cheetos since you don’t have Taako to lead you to culinary enlightenment.  Well bad news, fellas - Taako still ain’t back yet, not for real.  I know, a tragedy. But don’t fear, food fans! I heard it was @tazladyweek, so while I’m out of the office, I thought it’d only be appropriate to bring on one of my favorite girls, best students, and biggest fans! She saw my show and was inspired to pick up the spatula and wand, and made her way to the town of Refuge, where she now runs the bar at the best (and only…) hot spot in town - The (soon to be famous, I’m sure) Davy Lamp! So, I’ll hand this over to the one and only Ren! She’ll take fabulous care of you, and I’ll catch you all later! Peace! 


Wow! Hi everyone! It’s Ren! Ren the dark elf! From Refuge! Which is a town that I live in. Uh, wow, ok, this is really uncomfortable huh? Taako makes this whole “charismatic chef/tv host” thing look easy. Um, ok, starting over. Hi I’m Ren! I’m so excited that Taako asked me to share a recipe with you all! It’s one of the first original recipes I made, back when I was still living in the Underdark! 

In the Underdark, we didn’t really have, uh, easy access to a lot of ingredients surface folks have. After seeing Taako’s show, I tried copying his recipes but when you live underground in a series of dangerous and deadly caves, obtaining things like fresh produce or spices is no easy quest! So, I had to adapt and create my own recipes, using the stuff I could find back home… which… wasn’t a lot. 

But! Taako and his magic cooking inspired me! So I’m so happy and proud that he asked me to share one of my favorite and first original recipes with you all! The first time I made this, I used cavern spores, mold cheese, and giant cave crab as the main ingredients. I probably would NOT recommend that route (especially if you aren’t a Drow or a Deep Gnome or something - or aren’t good friends with one - to help with the crab situation. Those guys can be nasty when they’re untamed!).  When I moved up to Refuge, I found that regular old mushrooms and non-deadly crabs work just as well, and that cheddar cheese is better than the blocks of mold we’d import in the Underdark… Oh, yeah! And, up here, I found the joys of fresh produce like stone fruit, or mangos! 

Combining the flavors from my old and new homes (and the spark of magic I learned from Taako, of course!), I finally managed to create something I’m really proud of! These bad boys are a happy hour favorite down at the Davy Lamp! I hope you’re excited for today’s dish…

Ren’s Underdark Snack Attack Special! Crab stuffed Mushroom Caps! (With mango salsa!)

I’m excited to get started! 

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glitter-lisp  asked:

I don't know why but I'm just picturing how Shiro seducing the alien would have gone differently if Matt had been there. I mean, it probably would have gone about the same, except that Matt just. Needs a minute. He's gotta sit down. Lie down. Bury himself. Maybe cry a little. Maybe borrow some of Keith's music as he rethinks everything he thought he knew about himself and his ability to function as a human being when he can see Shiro's chest and abs and arms and FUCK.

Lance whooped, loudly enough that Matt nearly jumped out of his chair.

Covering the ear closest to him, Keith scowled.  “Ow.  You want to get any louder?”

“Is that a dare, Mullet?”

Hunk shoved an arm between them, rolling his eyes.  “Nope. We are not getting in a fight here.  That’s, like, a level of skeevy I don’t want to touch.  Play nice or go to separate corners, I don’t care which.”

Which was fair.  It was bad the best place to watch their target was a strip club.  That was strange, even if Matt didn’t find any of the dances on stage very biologically stimulating.  Nothing about that slug thing was terribly inspiring, no many scales fell off their back.

Space was weird.  But Matt already knew that.

Resting her chin on her palm, Katie eyed Lance.  “What’s got you so excited, anyway?”

Lance beamed again, forgetting the brewing fight, and gestured over.  “Shiro’s heading over.  Taking bets this time.  Think it’ll work again?”

Following Lance’s gesture, Matt spotted Shiro and froze.

First of all, skin.  Matt was not used to seeing Shiro’s skin.  At all.  But apparently for whatever it was he was planning, he’d taken off his undershirt and left his vest hanging open.

Second of all, Shiro had followed their target onto the dance floor, and was fitting in accordingly.

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Bad Girl Ch 19: Loyalty

“Daddy I already told you that I can’t wear things like that to work,” I tell Baekhyun for the fifth time. He huffs as he shoves the cute baby blue dress back in the closet.

“We are going to have to go shopping for you all over again, everything in here is pastel colors or too girly as you say,” The man shuffles out of my closet and sits down next to me on the bed.

“We don’t need to go shopping I have a whole closet full of work clothes at home with Jiyong.”

“Home with Jiyong?”

I sigh, “My other home,” I specify.

“But I want you to wear things we buy for you.”

“Okay, Daddy, we can go shopping later.”

His face lights up, “Just the two of us?”

“We may have to bring one or two people along to make it somewhat fair but we will see tonight or tomorrow okay?”

I can’t help but smile as he tackles me to the bed, “That good enough!”

“I’m happy you are so excited Daddy but I still need to get dressed, so if you want to do my makeup you are going to need to hurry up.”

“Is this what you were asking about earlier?” Chen comes into the room holding one of my suits on hanger.

“That’s the one! Thank you so much!”

“So I take it Baek couldn’t find something to fit your requirements in your closet.” Chen’s eyes scan over all of the clothes scattered on the floor that Baekhyun made me try on to prove to him that they are not appropriate, though I’m pretty sure he started doing it on purpose just to see me in them.

“You would be right, sorry guys, pinks and purples aren’t going to work for me when I go out for work. But when we go out, just us, I will wear whatever you want.”

Chen hums, “So when is it going to be my turn?”

“Well,” I pause to think it threw, “Xiu got his time, so did Lulu, Kris, so next will be Suho, then Yixing, Baek, then you, so we could probably go out some time later this week. Anything specific you want to do?”

“Can I plan it? I know you are big but is there any chance you can let me take the reigns?” He beams at me.

“Of course, now let me get dressed before Jiho shows up.”

Chen pauses with the suit just out of my reach, “Kris hyung had mentioned something about a song, he tried to hum it to us but none of us thought it sounded right, could you hum a few notes for us?”

I cock my head in confusion, “Why?”

“He said it made him uneasy so he really wants to place it.”

I mindlessly hum the song I’ve heard a million times since I met Jiho. My mind tingles at the familiarity of the song but nothing new comes to mind, just Jiho standing next to me, his arm around my shoulders. The thought makes me smile.

“I wish I could place it,” Baek groans. “I know that song, I swear.”

Chen nods, “We will figure it out at some point, lets not worry about it for now. Lets get you dressed and ready!” I let them help me out of Kris’s massive shirt and into my suit. When I was ready and they too, we wander down to the dining room where everyone is already waiting. Kyungsoo appears with a bowl of porridge and sets it down in front of me, kissing the top of my head. I thank him as I take a bite, automatically regretting it.

“Hot!” I pant, sticking out my tongue and waving at it frantically.

“Oh Baby,” Kyungsoo rushes over and cups my cheeks, “I’m sorry! Is hould have warned you!”

“Here,” Yixing offers me a glass of water, “This will help.”

I chug half a glass of water before taking deep breath, “Thank you. I’m sorry I just get so excited whenever I see your food, I missed it!”

“Well I will be cooking for you for a long time so you don’t need to worry about running out.”

I grin up at him, “Okay Daddy.”

“This is so weird,” Chanyeol mumbles from his spot next to me, “You go from being big to small so quick.” My eyes scan the full table, appreciating each mans’ neat suit before looking down at my own. It’s all black with matching black stilettos. I wink at Kai who is matching me to the black button up with a few undone buttons.

“I have to agree,” Kai blushes across the table.

“I feel like this is normal.”

“No, it feels weird.”

“Just think of it as me going to school. I mean it’s kind of similar, I’ll be gone for about eight hours and then I’ll come back and things will be normal.”

“The difference is that we have no idea where you are, what you are doing, who you are with and when you will be home.” Suho mumbles, “You will be home, right?”

I chuckle, “I will be home, don’t worry.”

Just then there is a knock at the door. I jump to my feet and rush to open it, on the other side is a lot more than I was expecting. Jiho is there with my foot soldiers, all completely poker faced until they realize it is me. Grins spread on their faces, “Jooyoung!” They yell together.

To my surprise I’m pulled out of the doorway but an upset boy, “No,” Sehun snaps. “She is only my Noona.”

“Sehun,” I tap on the boys arm but he doesn’t release me, something Jiho notices and isn’t happy about.

“Who the fuck is this?” Hanbin snaps, ready to charge in and rip me from the boy’s grip but Jiho stops him.

“Joo,” Jiho says surprisingly calm, “We need to go, we have a meeting soon, I picked up the boys already so we could go straight there.”

I nod, “Okay, just give me a second, you didn’t need to bring them to the door with you. You aren’t helping the problem.” Jiho smirks. “Okay, Sehun-ah, you need to let me down, I need to go to work and so do you.”

He lets my feet touch the ground again but his grip on my waist stays firm. His head leans down to rest on mine, not caring about the on lookers and his brothers who are on their way to join us. “Do you promise to come home?”

I turn around and wrap my arms around his neck, “I don’t know why you guys are so worried about that. I will be home.”

“We already don’t want you at our door, the least you could do is not bring guests,” Luhan comments.

“I’m going before things get messy, you guys have a good day at work, okay?” I let go of Sehun with a short kiss on his forehead, before turning on my heel and leading my group back to the car. My daddies just watch me go from the steps until I’m in the car driving down the driveway, with one last wave I’m out of sight.

“Well that was weird,” Jinhwan notes.

“Why is everyone saying everything is so weird today? I think today is going great! Today is going to be a great day!” I bust out.

The car goes quiet, Jiho looks over at me with a confused look, the boys in the back just look scared. “What the hell?”

“I’m sorry, it has just been an interesting morning. Everyone is so worried about me coming home that they literally asked me about it every ten minutes. Now I just keep thinking that something is going to happen that will make me not want to go back but I don’t know what it is. So now just keep rethinking everything they are saying, absolutely everything like should this offend me? Is that what they are worried about? Am I just being to passive to everything?” I groan leaning forward and resting my head on the dash.

Jiho chuckles, “So it really has been a good morning!”

“Oppa! I’m serious! I don’t know what to do about all of this!”

“Well just don’t worry about it for now,” He pats my head. “It’s time for work, focus on that.”

I take a deep breath, “Lets do this! What are we even doing?”

“We are going look over some shipping details with Seungri hyung and Daesung hyung.”

“You made it seem like we had some big important meeting,” I sigh relaxing in my seat.

“I just wanted to get you away from those idiots,” He admits.

I glare at him, “Oppa, what did I say about bad mouthing!”

“You didn’t scold Hanbin for it. He looked about ready beat the shit out of that kid if I wouldn’t have stopped him.”

I turn around in my seat, leaning to the side so I could see all of them, “Okay guys, I know you are all really confused on what is going on and why I’m not at home with Jiyong but I need you to understand that you can not, I repeat cannot, try to harm those guys in anyway, okay?”

“Understood,” They respond together like I knew they would.

“Great, now I’m giving you a five question limit, starting now!”

“Are you and Hyungnim not together anymore?” Donghyuk is the first to ask.

“We are together,” I answer simply.

Junhoe questions me next, “Were those guys the leaders of EXO?”  

“Wow Jun-ah, I didn’t expect you guys to know them right away but yes, you are right. That’s two.”

“When are you coming home?” Chanwoo wonders.

Jiho and I share a look, “I’m not sure yet, soon though, but even if I come home I won’t be staying forever, I’m going to be bouncing back and forth.”

“For how long?” It’s Jiho who asks this one, throwing us all off.

“How ever long I can…” I admit, “You guys shouldn’t worry, I honestly don’t imagine this is going to last long.”

Hanbin mumbles from the backseat, “Who do you think is going to give up first?”


The question was not expected from the little information I gave them, but of course Hanbin doesn’t miss a thing, “I’m assuming they are fighting for your love or something?”


He nods, “Are they both safe?”

“Pretty safe I guess.”

“Would any of them hurt you?”

I hum for a moment, “Not intentionally.”

He nods, “Okay.”


“Just let us know who we need to kill in the end.”

“Hanbin, I-”

“You don’t need to explain anything else, we had our five questions. We trust you, we know you know what is best for yourself. If you need anything you have us and Jiho hyung, of course, but if you need back up for anything, like an escape or a murder, just let us know.”

I rest my chin on the back of my chair and smile at him, “That’s all I ask for, thank you.”

He gives me a small smile, which is rare for him, “You are welcome.”

“And they loyal boys are hard to find, I got eight right here, I must be a lucky girl.” We do a little playful banter on the way to my office in Jiyong’s building. Jiho tells me that he will be out for most of the day so he won’t interfere with our work. But when I work with my oppas nothing really gets done anyway.

“Jooyoung!” Seungri yells happily when I walk into the conference room.

“Hello to you too Oppa,” I chuckle as the man comes up and hugs me.

“We’ve missed you lately,” Daesung whines as he hugs me as well.

I stare at them for a moment, taking in their nice suits and large smiles, noticing a bouquet and box of candies near where they were sitting, “So I take it Jiyong told you that I found out.”

Seungri drops to his knees in front of me, “Jooyoung I’m so sorry!” He apologizes profusely, being as dramatic as possible.

“Please forgive us!” Daesung soon follows suit, grasping my hand with the saddest face I’ve ever seen, “Oppa would never do something like that to you!”

“It was all Seunghyun hyung! I swear it! I will sign a blood oath to prove my loyalty to you!” Seungri’s amazing acting continues as he grabs a letter opener from the table and looks at me as if he is going to cry. “I’m going to do it!” I watch with a straight face as he brings the blade down on his trembling hands, Daesung is watching as well with judging eyes. When I say nothing Ri stops and glares at me with his hands on his hips, “Are you not going to stop me? Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“I was just seeing how far you would go.”

He pouts, “Joo-ya! Are you seriously doing this to your Oppa?”

I sigh, “Of course not Oppa, I have no reason to be mad at you so you have no reason to worry. Now can we get to work?”

“But I still feel guilty,” Daesung mumbles.

“Buy a good lunch to get rid of your guilt. Then I will be happy.”

Sorry guys it took a bit longer than I thought, I hit a wall for like an hour and suddenly I got a new idea and had to redo the whole chapter. But I finished it! I feel like I’m going to hit another wall so if you guys have any requests that you would like to see, special dates, moments or scandals, certain peoples POVs, please let me know! I can get ideas from the smallest things so anything will help! Hope you have a good night!