i want to be excited to go to faire

I just.. want to hug Harry and wish him good luck. I hope he’s excited and not too nervous! Or the good kind of nervous. He’s definitely going to put himself out there, emphasis on himself. That must be a little bit scary, for anyone. He’s beautiful though, his mind is beautiful, his soul is beautiful and whatever he’s going to bring out into the world will be beautiful. So good luck Harry, *hugs*, but I know it will be okay, and I hope you do too.

Day with the Dragon Witch

Virgil didn’t know what possessed him to do this, but despite the millions of voices telling him what could go wrong here he was: standing in the lair of the Dragon Witch, alone.
The Dragon Witch hissed down at him from her magnificent throne, masking her confusion with a sneering display of power. “What brings you here, tiny anxious cat? To fight me? To distract me while that oaf clambers through to defeat me again?” Her voice echoed in the cavern, only adding to the amount of anxiety Virgil was currently feeling. ‘Too late to back out now, moron… Out with it!’ 

He cleared his throat, drawing up as much courage as he could. “Actually, Roman doesn’t really… know I’m here.. Or any of the others for that matter.” The Dragon Witch narrowed her eyes at him suspiciously. He gulped; he couldn’t blame her, most the time Roman was around waving that blasted sword around trying to be the hero. “I actually, ah, came to… Came to…” The Dragon Witch rolled her eyes in irritation. “OUT WITH IT BOY!” Virgil tensed up and shrunk as much as he could before finally spewing, “Icametoaskyououtonadate.”

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Critical Role fandom: I think I know what’s going on here

I think I figured out what the problem is here.

Every week, especially around big battles, there’s always this burst of negativity. Usually in the twitch chat and on reddit, but it’s on twitter and tumblr too. You all see it. People getting up in arms about rules, what it says in this book or that book, what a character “should” have done, etc. 

Leaving aside all the vitriol directed at Keyleth as a character and Marisha Ray for being A Woman In Gaming, and Vax as a character for being Openly Depressed (I could rant about that for 500 years but the short of it is, you need to take a good hard look at yourself if you spend every week spewing hate at these characters for the “crimes” of Being a Woman and Being Depressed respectively. Please take some time and consider why it is you have all this hatred that you use to lash out against people, especially women, you might wanna work on why that is.) Leaving that aside, I think I have figured out the problem here:

There is a fundamental confusion on the part of some fans about what Critical Role is. It is NOT one of those nasty D&D games where the GM is your enemy and out to murder you. It IS a longform improv drama/comedy web series that is released weekly and is a massive company asset.

More below the cut:

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InuYasha  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You ought to be arrested.”
  • “Are you crying? No crying!”
  • “You. Will. Stop. Flirting… Right?”
  • “I’m gonna make you my woman.”
  • “Sorry. I didn’t wake you up, did I?”
  • “Where did you get those bruises?”
  • “Can we lose some of the violence?”
  • “Don’t you faint on me, you stupid girl.”
  • “Remind me next time not to save you!”
  • “Well, you could learn to be more gentle.”
  • “Tell me something. Why were you crying?”
  • “You should shut up and let me protect you!”
  • “Pain is nothing. It is death that concerns me.”
  • “Listen, it’s fair to say you don’t like me, right?”
  • “I thought I was going to lose you. I was terrified.”
  • “Look what you’ve done! You’ve hurt his feelings!”
  • “Will you WATCH where you’re aiming that thing?”
  • “I don’t belong to ANYONE! Get your hands off me!”
  • “I am not going to kill you. I am going to break you.”
  • “Don’t get excited. I still think you’re pretty useless.”
  • “I really don’t want to see you suffering on your own.”
  • “Its irrational. Its impossible. Its against my religion.”
  • “If it hurts so much you should have said something!” 
  • “Are you crazy? You could have gotten yourself killed!”
  • “If you ever do anything like that again, I’ll rip your stupid arms off.”
  • “I thought I was going to lose you. I thought you were going to… die.”
  • “I want you to hear my feelings. You don’t need to say anything, just please, hear me out.”
  • “Mind explaining to me why you haven’t been able to look me straight in the eye since yesterday?”
  • “I want you to be happy. I want you to laugh a lot. I don’t know what exactly I’ll be able to do for you, but I’ll always be by your side.”
It’s Only Logical - Chapter Four

Prologue    Ch. 1     Ch. 2     Ch. 3

Pairings: Logicality/Prinxiety

Warnings: Death and grief

Chapter Four: Memories

Patton was still beaming when he walked into Val’s house that evening. It had been a very good day, and he was thrilled with everything that had been accomplished. He and Logan had a really great rapport, an easy flow that made everything just fall into place. It had been a little trying when he’d had to stand right next to his new boss when he was learning the register system, just because the man was so attractive it was distracting. He didn’t smell like a boss, he smelled sexy, and he looked even better. Knowing that there was a soft, generous heart and a brilliant mind underneath was just icing on an already dangerously tempting cake.

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Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 1925

Request:  Can you do a really fluffy stiles imagine where him and his girlfriend have been together for a while and y/n tells him that she thinks their relationship has become comfortable but stiles mistakes this for thinking that she thinks their relationship is boring. So he does loads of cute and silly things to make their relationship fun and fresh like it used to be. I hope this makes sense and you like the idea 😋😋

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry that this took so long! Thanks to the best, @maddie110201 for proofreading this for me!

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[pt. 3]

hi everyone!  it’s fawn (youngjai/choiyoungjae) and i’m back with my second follow forever ♡ i wanted to wait until i reached my next goal, but i was too excited to wait haha.  so here you go!  fair warning:  i have a lot of mutuals/follow a lot of people so i’m very very sorry if this messes up your notifications!!  it is not my intention at all.  also, i am so so so sorry if i missed anyone!  I split this into two posts so (hopefully) your notifs won’t be flooded!!

♡ key:

💐 = i love love love you and your blog you are one of my favorite people!!

💫 = i love following you and seeing you on my dash!! your posts make me happy and i’m so happy to know you!

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Spirit Callings

I have been asked a fair bit lately about callings, so I wanted to go into a bit of detail about what one might experience. Some of these may only apply to those experiencing a calling for the first time.

Signs that you are experiencing a calling from a spirit:

  • You feel a draw to a particular spirit, perhaps even from the vessel 
  • Despite running across other spirits, you seem stuck on one profile
  • You feel excited or overwhelmed suddenly, it rushes through you 
  • You receive visual, audible, or sensory impressions of the spirit 
  • Even after a few days pass, the spirit is still in your thoughts
  • You experience dreams where the spirit is present, or impressions of them
  • There is an increase in activity around you (flashes of light, shadow etc)
  • Your energy fluctuates, the pull to the spirit feels emotionally charged
  • You have a sense of the feeling “this feels right,” you may not know why
  • You have given it time, but the feeling does not fade, but increases 
  • Headaches, and other physical responses might be experienced
  • Things fall into place, making it easier to welcome the spirit into your life
  • You start to notice patterns or coincidences you didn’t see before 
  • You feel a bit unstable, or overwhelmed, it’s neutral but powerful
  • You keep checking the spirits profile, and worry that they might be gone
  • There is a sense of strong relief and joy when they are still available
  • A feeling of fear or nervousness because of the strong impact of the spirit
  • A continued pull to want to know more, and to bring the spirit into your life

If you are experiencing 5 or more of these symptoms, you are more than likely experiencing a calling. If you are unsure, and the spirit is from my shop, please contact me for clarification.

Imagine your boyfriend Sonny and your brother Jamie protecting you from a handsy Detective

(A/N: For Anon, I hope you enjoy and that it meets your expectations. This is probably bad. I’m half asleep writing this because it’s like 2:00 am and I’ve been working all day and I was too stupid to check my plan and was writing the wrong imagine up for the whole of my writing time. So I hope you’ll forgive me for being late. Even though it’s still Tuesday in some places!) 

Imagine your boyfriend Sonny and your brother Jamie protecting you from a handsy Detective

“Jameson!” You shouted sternly right behind Jamie’s back, intending to scare him.

You were successful. Obviously, that police academy training did nothing to help with how easy Jamie was to scare. You watched in delight as he jumped up slightly and spilling the coffee he was holding slightly down himself before realising and saving the majority from spilling. He turned to look at you and glared.

“Y/N,” He hissed, looking down at himself and assessing the caffeinated damage.

“You’re still so easy, Jamie.” You giggled profusely, bending over and clutching your stomach.

“Do you not having better to do than to annoy me, Detective?” He asked, sighing and shaking his head at you.  

“I’m only doing my job,” You shrugged with a grin.

“It’s your job to annoy me?” He questioned sceptically.

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genosha-meiuqer  asked:

Kind of weird request, but could you do some "Slice of Life" prompts?

  • “So I’ve noticed that you really like coming into this coffee shop, and I was wondering, would you ever want to get a job here?” AU
  • Character A has been struggling with their studies, so Character B offers to help them out. Cue Character B getting really excited over topics like history, languages, or science while Character A just listens bemused.
  • After moving to a new town, Character A is totally lost. Character B is a Good Samaritan that meets Character A and offers to be their own personal tour guide, showing Character A all the best places to go eat and such.
  • “I was planning on hitchhiking up to Canada if you’re going north. Fair warning though, I’m really chatty.” AU
  • Characters A and B were friends growing up, but eventually drifted apart. Now thanks to the powers of social media, the two of the have reconnected and are planning at having a nice lunch out together.
  • “You’re always getting after me for being too impulsive, but look at this box of kittens that I found outside in the rain! C’mon, you have to let us keep them here, please?” AU 
  • Due to some series of events, Character A is without a roommate and can’t pay their rent. Reaching out to all of their friends, Character A asks if anybody has been looking for an apartment to share…and Character B responds. The two of them haven’t talked in years, but maybe this will be a chance for the two of them to build a better friendship.
  • Character A wasn’t planning on doing anything for their birthday, but when they come back home to their place, Character A is shocked to find that their friends have decided to throw Character A a surprise party, complete with a cake and decorations.
hear you me (a cinderella story au): chapter one

fandom: riverdale

pairing: jughead jones and archie andrews, betty cooper and veronica lodge

word count: 7k

on ao3


Jughead Jones is antisocial and brooding, invisible to everyone except for his bestfriend Betty Cooper who works on the school newspaper with him. Due to his fathers death, he’s forced to be under the care of his step-mother, Penelope Blossom; doing chores for her and her twins, Cheryl and Jason.
Archie Andrews is Riverdale High’s star quarterback, who is adored by all. But despite his father’s wishes to work for the family business, Archie secretly aspires to be a musician.
Under the name ‘burgerboy’, Jughead confides to 'musicman’, someone he met on an online form for LGBTQ+ teens; which eventually turns into an online relationship. He has no idea that 'musicman’ is Archie Andrews, his ex-bestfriend who doesn’t even remember he exists.

a/n: hey guys! this fic was inspired by this gifset that compared jarchie’s make up scene in 1x02 to a cinderella story, and since i have no self control, i created this. please let me know what you think!

Jughead Jones was seven when his dad died. Back then he wasn’t known as Jughead, but by his birthname, ‘Forsythe Pendleton Jones III’, although Jughead didn’t really think that name was much better. ‘Jughead’ was a teasing name his step-siblings, Cheryl and Jason Blossom called him once their parents had married the year prior to his dad’s death. After his dad died, he let his real name die too- ‘Forsythe’ constantly reminded that his father was gone, as he was named after him. He would never forget what happened that June day, partly due to the nightmares he still had; but also because he was the last one to talk to his dad before he passed.

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Sparring (Bucky x Reader)

Author’s Note: Hey guys!! So this is a part of @bucky-plums-barnes 8,000 follower celebration! Gen is a wonderful soul, and if you don’t followe her, you so totally should!! Congrats, love!!!! Enjoy! :)

Summary: Bucky wants to make sure that the love of his life knows how to defend herself, so he has a little training session with her.

Prompt: “No, no baby that’s all wrong. Put your thumb on the outside of your fist.”

Other Characters: None

Warnings: Fluff

Word Count: 712

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“I know for a fact that he hates me, Y/F/N. Don’t even try telling me otherwise.” You muttered, trying your best to balance the tray of coffees and teas while making sure your phone wasn’t going to slip from its position from in between your ear and shoulder. 

“So what? This is your job. Just smile and nod and you’ll be fine.” 

“That doesn’t matter! I would prefer to have my boss like me.” You huffed, using your shoulder to push the door open before walking down the hallway. You had only started working for Harry about two weeks ago and the most exciting thing he made you do was to bring coffee and tea for his team. “I’m trying my best, y’know. I really am!” 

“I know you are! But you’re going to have to accept the fact that maybe there are some people out there that just don’t like you!” 

“But I’m such a likable person!” This honestly wasn’t fair. You didn’t even know why Harry wasn’t the biggest fan of you. 

Ever since day one he just seemed like he wanted to murder you. (You were being a little dramatic here, but still!) It was upsetting, really. You had heard so many good things about him, like how charming he was, how sweet he was… That was true if you applied it to literally anyone besides you. You hated that his first impression of you was a ditzy irresponsible person who constantly tripped over her feet! You had really, really been trying your hardest to get him to like you. The most you had gotten was a little smile and a nod before he was sending you off to pick up his dry-cleaning. You were basically like a little slave, but you were sure that if you worked hard enough and proved to him that you were capable of so much more, he’d let you in on the team meetings! Maybe. 

“Suck it up, Y/N! You’re working for Harry bloody Styles!” 

“That’s not the point! It doesn’t matter who I’m working for, what matters is that if the person I’m working for likes me or not! It would be nice if Harry bloody Styles actually bloody liked me!” You felt your phone buzz against your ear, indicating that you had received a text. Of course, you couldn’t check right now considering you had no free hands. 

“Not to mention, more evidence that he doesn’t like me is that the other day when I complimented his pink suit, he only said thank you. But when the water girl - I forgot what her name was - when she complimented his suit he started raving about it and- I don’t know, he was just being an asshole!” You exasperated, shoving against the swinging door roughly and- The next thing you knew, the cups of coffee and tea had clattered onto the ground and splashed onto- You’ve got to be kidding me

“Hm.” Your eyes widened when you saw Harry standing in front of you, his eyes shut while he stood there frozen, coffee already seeping into his clothes. (You hadn’t even noticed your phone clattering to the ground as well. You were just that shocked.) 

“Mr. Styles, I am so, so sorry,” You stammered, unsure whether to pick the empty cups off of the floor or take your hoodie off to dab at his soaked shirt. Everyone from the meeting room had popped out to see what the loud crash was, your cheeks reddening at the sight of a couple people giggling at what you had just done. “I didn’t- I wasn’t paying attention. I’m so sorry!” You breathed out, feeling absolutely mortified. 

Harry let out a harsh sigh, wiping droplets of liquid off his clothes and his arms before looking right into your eyes. “You better clean this up quickly.” 

“I will, and I’ll replace the coffee-” 

“I’ll send someone else for the coffees considering you’ve jus’ proven how incapable you are at handling a simple task.” 

“Shit, I-” 

“Watch your profanity, this is a workplace. Jus’ clean up and head home, yeah? I’ll text you if I need anything.” 


“Miss Y/L/N. Please, I’m begging you to go home before you burn this bloody place down.” 

If Harry hated you before, he hated you even more now. 


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Don’t Break My Heart- daryl x reader part one

Summary: You are pregnant with Daryl’s child but he doesn’t believe its his.

Note: Part 2 will be on its way soon!!

Warning: angst, fluff, swearing

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

“Come here baby”

You let out a small giggle as you felt Daryl’s hands run up your waist and over your hips. You turned around in the cell bed and faced him, admiring his messy bed head. He smiled as he saw you and he brought you in for kiss.

“Morning” you smiled up at him, running a hand over his bare chest.

You turned onto your back again as you rested your head on Daryl’s arm, but the change in movement suddenly made you feel sick. Daryl noticed some colour drain from your face and he leaned up on his elbows.

“(Y/n)?” he questioned.

You were about to reply but you knew this feeling all too well. If you opened your mouth you knew you would vomit everywhere. You quickly jumped out of the bed, already feeling the contents in your stomach making their way up to your mouth. As soon as your knees hit the floor, bile and beans came shooting into the metal toilet bowl. You started to heave as your stomach was essentially empty with the little food your group had. You were so busy concentrating on not gagging that you didn’t even notice Daryl holding your hair back. Once you were done, you leaned your back against the cold wall and thanked Daryl for keeping your hair out of the way.

“That’s the second time this has happened” Daryl spoke, sitting back on the bed. “Are you ill or something?”

You looked at Daryl and then back to the floor. It was time you told him what you knew. It wasn’t fair to keep this from him but you didn’t know how he would react. He could either flip out and go mad, or he could be sweet and excited. There was no in between with Daryl but you felt like you knew him by now. You let your head fall back against the wall as you looked at Daryl.

“I’m gonna tell you something and I don’t want you to freak out” you said, watching as Daryl’s face turned serious. “I’m pregnant”

You bit your lip, tensing up as the words left your mouth. Daryl kept his eyes on you, almost thinking this was a joke. You were starting to doubt your decision and you stood from the floor. “Say something” you said, taking a step towards him but he stood up suddenly, his body towering over you.

“Whose is it?” he asked, taking you by surprise.

“The hell do you mean whose is it? I’ve only ever been with you-”

“Na, I’ve seen the way you look at Rick, you two got something goin’ on that I don’t know about!” he shouted, cutting you completely off.

“Daryl that’s not true” you said, keeping your voice calm in hopes of calming him down. “There’s nothing between me and Rick or anyone. It’s just you and me baby”

“Don’t lie to my face (y/n)” he spat.

“I’m not lying! Think about it, I’ve only ever slept with you, you took my damn virginity back on the farm for fuck sake!”

“Fuck!” Daryl shouted out in frustration and slammed his fists against the wall. You took a step back and you felt your heart starting to crumble.

“Don’t break my heart” you whispered, placing a hand protectively over your stomach.

“Don’t break your heart? You’ve already broken mine with your lies and betrayal!”

“I’m not lying!” you shouted again, loud enough that even the walkers could have heard you.

“What’s going on in here, your shouting woke the baby”  

Your attention was turned to the cell door as you saw Beth standing with the baby in her arms. Its eyes were just closing after being awoken by your argument.

“Nothin’, I was just leaving” Daryl said, angrily grabbing his leather jacket before looking at you one last time and stalking out the room. Beth gave you a nervous look before walking off with the baby and leaving you alone, wrapped in your confused, hurt and scared thoughts.

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A difference between like and love

You and Harry are best friends stuck in the uncomfortable transition between being friends and becoming lovers. 
This One Shot is a little longer than my previous ones. I apologize but I couldn’t help myself. 
I hope you still take the time to read it and that you enjoy it. :) 

Warning: Tiny bit mature 

Picture is not mine.

“You’ll call the second you feel like you need one of us, yeah?” Louis instructed me and rubbed my back soothingly while Niall squeezed me tight in an embrace. I nodded and smiled at him over Niall’s shoulder.

“Will do. I already promised to Liam.”

Niall lessened his grip on me and stepped back. I pushed some loose strands of hair out of my face and let my eyes shift from the three of them to the rest of the bar. The bar filled with a crowd of people sipping on their drinks and humming along to the music playing in the background, enjoying their friday night.

“Where’s Harry?” I asked, “I haven’t said goodbye to him yet.”

“I think he went to get us another round of drinks,” Liam informed me, pointing to the counter on the other side of the room. “I’m sure he’ll come with you should you need him.”

I quickly shook my head. Spending time with him on my own was not an option, given the situation we were in.  And knowing how excited he had been to spend time with his friends, it seemed unfair and selfish to demand him to abandon them.  

“I’ll go say goodbye to him now and then leave. Thank you guys for understanding.”

I turned around and began to fight my way through the drinking people. I decided to just quickly inform him would be the best, as it was hard to hide from him. Finding him, however wasn’t difficult. He was stood at the bar, conversing with a man I had never seen before, obviously having a great time. When I softly touched his shoulder and he turned to face me, a big smile appeared on his beautiful face.

Harry and I were always all over each other the moment we were reunited. We held hands, linked arms and hugged tighter than we did anyone else. He made me feel incredibly comfortable and happy whenever I was with him.

He always swore that it was mutual but I had always found that hard to believe.
Harry had snatched my heart in an instant and not not given it back since, while all I had taken was the position by his side as his best friend.
That was until a couple a weeks ago when after he had downed a few drinks, he confessed that he liked me. I was thrilled. At first.
We had kissed an entire night before we had agreed to take our time and to not jump right into a relationship. The proposal had come more from him since I was sure that all I wanted was to be with him, to hell with all the doubts cruising though my head. It was Harry. I would’ve risked anything.

Though soon I realized something that had made me almost reluctant to agree to a relationship. It even made me avoid him for the past few days.
Harry liked me, but I was in love with him. For him, this wasn’t something particularly serious while I had waited for this for years. It meant everything.
It wasn’t just his looks, it was his incredibly kind and big heart and his beautiful, intelligent mind. We had spent many nights with me clinging to every word tumbling from his pretty lips because I loved being the one he entrusted with his most sacred thoughts.

“Hey, babe!” Harry called, waving me over to sit next to him on the bar stool. His torso was adorning a rather tight fitting black shirt that emphasized his handsome body. The short hair was styled up so his forehead was free from any strands and it allowed his green orbs to sparkle at me.
“Can I get you something?” he offered, reaching out to casually place his warm hand on my wrist.

“No, don’t bother,” I declined and placed my own hand over his, squeezing it gently. “I came to let you know that I’m gonna head home.”

“What? No,” he protested, his clear eyes wide with surprise and a hint of disappointment. He turned so that his torso was facing me completely, giving me his full attention. I giggled when he pouted but when I reached out to playfully pinch his cheek he batted my hand away.
“Don’t you distract me. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong,” I answered quickly. “No need to worry.”

He rolled his eyes and took a long sip from his drink before setting it down. “You were excited about going when I picked you up and now hardly an hour later you want to go home. You can’t just say that there’s nothing wrong.”

He wasn’t playing fair, with the look he gave me. His lips were still in a pout and his green eyes looked at me in a way I wanted nothing else but to melt right into him. If he looked at me long enough it always made me confess all of the worries troubling my mind, which was why I had avoided seeing him too often in the past days. When I didn’t answer, Harry squeezed my fingers.

“Darling, did something happen when I wasn’t at the table with you? Don’t tell me someone came onto you,” he chuckled when speaking, though I knew, he’d step up for my defense if necessary.

I smiled softly and shook my head, stroking his slim fingers with my own. “Nothing happened, Harry. You won’t have to play protector.”

“M'not playing when it comes to you,” he mumbled, a smile tugging on his lips. “Tell me.”

I huffed at his whiny tone and let my gaze drift to our touching hands.

“I’m not…” I hesitated, searching for the right words to explain how I felt. Harry waited patiently, his eyes never leaving me.

“Comfortable.” I decided to say. “I feel physically drained and should just go lie down. ”

He didn’t seemed to ponder over my answer for very long before pulling his hand from mine to use it to push his stool from the bar.

“I’m coming with you,” Harry decided and hopped to his feet.

“There’s no need for that, Harry,” I said quickly, “I’ll really just go to bed. It’ll be fine.”

“Yeah, well, fine is not the same as good, Y/N,” he answered, grabbing his jacket, “I’m coming with you.”

He smiled at me confidently and ignored my shaking head. Though part of me wanted him to join me, another big part of me really didn’t.

“That’s not your responsibility,” I fought.

He released an annoyed huff and rolled his eyes.

“Lately nothing concerning you is any of my business, right?” he muttered while pulling out his wallet to pay for his drinks.

“I didn’t mean to ruin this night for you,” I said apologetic.

“Don’t give me any of that, love,” he stopped me, “Nothing’s ruined. And you can’t fight me off when I want to be there for you. I’ll go say goodbye to the others and we’ll head right on out. Wait for me here, yeah?”

Before I could answer he began to make his way through to the group of our friends and I felt my lips stretch into a smile. He was always eager to jump to my aid and after I hadn’t let him for what felt like so long, I had almost forgotten how it felt to be this close to him.
Once by my side again, Harry held his jacket in one hand and the other he held out for me to take. He smiled when I let him clasp my fingers in his tightly and asked:

“Your place or mine?”


Harry had parked close to the bar entrance and as he fumbled with his keys, I asked: “You’re okay to drive, right?”

“I only had one beer before the drink that you didn’t let me finish. Wouldn’t drive if I wasn’t feeling good, love” he answered before successfully unlocking the doors. “In you go, love.”

“Thank you, Harry,” I said quietly and stopped to stand in front of him.

“Of course,” he smiled.

The drive was silent, yet not awkward. My eyes followed the lights passing by. London was as busy as ever even at this late hour. Once the car came to a halt in front of his apartment building, I released a breath I hadn’t consciously been holding in. Harry rested his hand on the steering wheel and I noticed him peering at me.

“Are you going to tell me what is going on?” he asked. “Your distance is starting to freak me out a little. There’s nothing you couldn’t tell me. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, I know, but there is nothing to tell,” I answered, meeting his patient eyes. My own probably screamed at him that I was lying.

“I’ve been really tired this last few days and my studies have gotten so much. That’s why I never made it to any meet up recently. I’m sorry”, I apologized once more. “I didn’t think I would feel so tired otherwise I wouldn’t have come out with you guys tonight. It was stupid of me.”

Harry shook his head and reached out to rest his hand on my arm. “You were right to come out with us. I don’t think that being alone would have done you much good after distancing yourself from us like you have.”

“I bailed on you guys barely an hour after we arrived. Again. Only this time I forced you to come with me! I’m a terrible and selfish person.”

Harry chuckled and shook his head.

“You, out of all people, are certainly not selfish or terrible.” He moved his fingers down to clasp mine. “And you didn’t force me.” He frowned and broke our locked gaze. “Recently you never do.”

“What do you mean by that?”

He cleared his throat and shook his head, thinking hard before he expressed himself.

“You never seek my presence anymore, Y/N. Not like you used to.”

I bit my lip, knowing that I couldn’t talk my way out of this as he was right. I had been avoiding him out of fear that it might shine through how much my feelings for him had grown.

“Did I do something?”

By the look he gave me I knew what he was implying and I felt terrible for making him even think like that.

“No, Harry,” I reassured him softly, “You did nothing wrong. I wanted to kiss you the other night. Don’t torment yourself by thinking I didn’t.”

He sighed and leaned further back in his seat, his shoulders visibly relaxed at my words.

“You’ve got no idea how relieved I am by that, Y/N. And I don’t mean to make this about myself, but… I don’t know, I guess I just miss you and I don’t like seeing you so unhappy.”

“I miss you, too.”

He smiled and squeezed my hand before letting go and reaching for the keys. He pulled them from the lock and sat up straighter again. “Listen. Everyone faces stress that can get to their head sometimes. What you have to do is surround yourself with what makes you happy. Don’t hide yourself away.”

“You make me happy,” I admitted.

He leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek, letting his lips rest there for a few seconds. His hair tickled my skin and when he sighed I could feel the breath against my skin.

“That goes both ways, love.”

He pressed another kiss to my skin and hummed when he inhaled my scent. He seemed glad that I allowed him close again and it made my heart ache. Both of his hands had settled to rest against my ribcage as he leaned in even closer and I tensed at the warmth radiating off of him. Maybe it was due to being this close to a very affectionate Harry after having avoided him for several days, but suddenly I was overwhelmed. I pressed the palm of my hand to my lips when the first sob wrecked through me, but it did little to stifle the noise. With no words and with a bit of difficulty Harry pulled me into him and onto his lap, allowing me to bury my face in his neck. His hands brushed over my hair before resting against my shoulders.

“Breath, my love,” he breathed against the shell of my ear. “Don’t hold it in.”

“I’m so sorry, Harry,” I sobbed pathetically and clung onto his shoulders tightly.

“No,” he protested and hoisted me up to sit closer to his lower stomach, “no, darling, don’t you say that. It’s alright.”

“I hate crying”, I mumbled, trying to pull away from him again.

Harry shrugged it off and gave me one of his breathtaking one-million-dollar-smiles, refusing to budge or lessen his hold on my body.

“You’ve seen me cry before, too. S'only fair to return the favor.”

“This is hardly a favor that I’m doing you,” I disagreed and turned my head to wipe some snot off with my sleeve. “And you’ve only ever cried in front of me out of joy. Or because you were laughing too hard. Doesn’t count.”

He chuckled, but stopped when I cuddled myself even closer to him. He was quick to caress my back, knowing how desperately I needed his comfort and squeezed me once more.

“You’re doing so well,” he assured me, “S'long as you don’t let yourself drown in your emotions it’s fine to feel upset sometimes. And now that you’re letting me I’m gonna keep that from happening and only let you out so much before your in for a fun cheering up program.”

“Great,” I hiccuped with a giggle.

He laughed. “Yeah, you better be excited.”

He gently moved to push me by my shoulders so that he could look me in the eyes again. A cheeky smile graced his beautiful face.

“Your best friend, aren’t I?”

“You are,” I agreed without missing a beat, my voice barley above a whisper. The words ‘best friend’ tugged at my heart. I didn’t necessarily like the sound of that anymore.
His green widened at my hardened expression and he turned serious again.

“You never have to feel left alone with your worries”, he continued, “You can always come to me.”

“That,” I mumbled, pausing to take a deep breath, “goes both ways, too.”

Before I could fully register it the smile I had watched appear on his lips was pressed against my own. I didn’t exactly know who had started kissing whom, but once our lips connected neither of us dared to break apart anymore. My fingers shook when I raised them to fist his hair.
The kiss felt even better then it had in my memory. Harry’s lips were so warm and soft, it was difficult to focus on anything else. His tongue was careful to pry my lips open, gentlemen as always, it felt as if he was waiting for me to allow the invasion. While lightly pulling his soft hair between my fingertips I willingly deepened the kiss by opening up for him.
When I whimpered upon feeling him moving his head back he giggled and let his hands fall down to my hips, holding and pulling me closer. My hands still held him close by his hair and I enjoyed scratching gently against the skin, as did he when a small moan escaped his throat.

Finally I allowed him to pull away. Harsh breaths fell from his lips as they stretched into a smile, a smile I returned, my tears long forgotten.
I moved my hands to wrap my arms around his shoulders and scooted closer on his lap. He gasped when I accidentally touched his crotch and I quickly apologized with an embarrassed laugh. Harry’s green orbs were wide and had something in them I couldn’t quite place.
He reached up and brushed his fingertips over my cheek and down to my lips. Another adorable giggle left his lips when my own closed around the tip of his index and I bit lightly.

“Are you okay?” he wondered.

I nodded and leaned in to place a small kiss on his nose. “Feeling much better. Thank you, best friend.”

“Good,” he answered and than added with a smirk: “Maybe I’ll be a bit more than just your best friend.”

“Would you want that?” I confessed as I pushed his, now untidy, hair from his forehead with a brush of my hand. His eyes locked with mine, concern in them.

“You think I don’t?”

I shrugged, looking away from his green orbs and down to where his hands rested on my thighs. “We kissed before and nothing happened after.”

“Yeah, because I don’t want to push you,” he defended. He frowned and looked at me with his head tilted to the side. “With what none sense of an explanation did you trouble yourself with?”

I shrugged, tugging at his hair at the back of his neck. With the evident disbelief in his voice, I felt like a child, being told off.

“Did you think that I didn’t love you?” he asked.

My head shot up and my wide eyes met his clear ones. “You do?”

“Of course I bloody do,” he scoffed, “Are you being serious? Tell me you didn’t add this ridiculous doubt to the worries clouding your mind.”

“You said you liked me,” I muttered stubbornly. “That’s not the same as love.”

He huffed and rolled his eyes. “Jesus, you girls got to make your life harder with all this silly rules.”

“Great,” I muttered sourly, “make fun of me.”

Harry squeezed my thighs before moving his hands up to cradle my face in his hands.

“I’m not,” he leaned in and kissed my cheek softly. “If only you could look into my head for as little as one minute. You’d know how much it cost me to keep from reaching out to touch you whenever I was in your presence. There would be no doubt in your mind of how desperately in love with you I am, Y/N.”

My heart beat rapidly and it squeezed almost painfully at his words. I inhaled his familiar smell and felt warmth settle in the pit of my stomach.

“Please be with me, then?” I requested timidly. “As more than just best friends?”

Harry hummed at my question and leaned in to connect our lips in a soft kiss once more. His warm lips moved against my own and he pulled at my lower lip ever so slightly.

“Happily,” he answered, once we pulled apart, his face reflecting pure joy.

I had been in Harry’s apartment many times before. Everything was as familiar to me as my own home. Today however it felt different. Maybe because instead of having to imagine laying next to him on his sofa I was actually doing it.
Or maybe it was the fact that  I didn’t have to fight the urge to kiss him but could go on and do it whenever I wanted to.
Harry’s hands played with the ends of my hair before traveling up to caress my cheeks. His eyes locked with mine, a smile playing on his lips as he searched for any sign of discomfort in my expression.

“I want to try something,” he confessed, “and it’s okay if you feel uncomfortable. All you gotta say is stop and I’ll stop. Okay?”

I felt him move to lay on his side before he gently hitched his leg up and over my own.

“It won’t be what you’re thinking off right now,” he promised when his hands pulled at the hem of my jumper. “I just wanna love you.”

Once my stomach was revealed bare to him he leaned down to press soft kisses to it. He even nuzzled his nose against the skin and a giggle fell from my mouth.

“It’s only me”, he reassured and pressed his lips to the skin just above my belly button.  "You can trust me.“

"I know,” I mumbled, breathless already.

My fingers desperately reached down and clutched the nape of his neck, pulling him back up while his hands traveled even lower. My breath hitched in my throat and I whimpered when his fingers tugged at my jeans.

“I want to,” I assured him when he stopped. “Go on.”

With a small nod, he unbuttoned the jeans and fumbled with the zip. His warm mouth had settled on my neck, distracting me from the action of his fingers with wet, open mouthed kisses against my skin.
More clothing was being pulled from my body and I blushed. Never had anyone seen me this bare before. Harry, sensing my slight discomfort, reached up and cupped my cheek, connecting our lips in a heavy kiss.

“Your beauty is stealing my breath,” he promised. “You make me crazy.”

“Add that to the things that go both ways, boyfriend.”

Harry laughed and dipped his head to kiss just above my chest. Suddenly aware that I could touch him too, I moved my hands from where they had timidly rested on his shoulders to the end of his own shirt and tried to pull it over his head. Noticing my struggle he quickly moved off of me and swiftly pulled it over his head himself before leaning back down to kiss me. His newly naked skin pressed against my partially clothed chest and it drove me mad.
My fingers clutched at his tattooed arms when I heard the faint sound of a belt buckle opening and a pair of jeans falling to the floor. I gasped in surprise when his hand reached between my legs and pried my thighs apart.

“Harry,” I whimpered.

“Relax,” he shushed me, pressing another kiss to my lips. “You’ll like it. Promise. I’m just-” he swallowed hard when I nipped on his neck. “-loving on you.”

His lips touched to my eyelids. Fingers brushed my cheek. A hand gently massaged my hip. It was as if he couldn’t get enough from touching me, I hoped he never could, so that he would always want me the way he did now.
Harry moved his arm around my waist and pulled me against his chest, holding me still before rolling his hips up. He repeated the action until he chocked on his breaths and I pressed my lips to his neck to quiet my whimpers. Pleasure cursed through my veins and I clung onto him when a feeling of falling apart spread through my body. Afterwards he continued to press lazy kisses to my exposed shoulder.

“Wait here for a second, yeah?” he whispered.

He climbed from under me and off the couch, disappearing in his room. I clutched the covers to my chest, covering my body. Harry returned with a shirt in his hand and a fresh pair of boxers clinging to his hips. He smiled widely upon catching me stare and I felt my cheeks redden.

“No need to be embarrassed now, babe.” He winked and leaned over me to connect our lips in another heavy kiss. “I brought you a shirt.”


I took it from him and pulled it over my head, inhaling his smell. Once done he crawled back in beside me and pulled me flush against his warm and very naked chest.

“I just want to shield you from anything that could cause you harm,” he exhaled.

“You always do,” I answered and kissed his jaw.

I fumbled with the blanked next to us and pulled it up until we were both fully covered. My head nuzzled into his neck and he rested his cheek against my forehead.

“Just doing a boyfriends job, aren’t I?”

Thank you to anyone who took their time to read this! If you want, feedback is always very welcome and I’d be happy to write a request for someone. :) Also let me know if you want me to write more mature things. I may experiment with it in the future.

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I Am An Alpha Ch 7: Yixing

I hope this makes up for being MIA for a few days

“Is all of this really for me?” My jaw drops and my mouth waters at the sight of the beautifully set table with many kinds of food covering it. “I’ve never seen this much food before.” The wolf on my left hums as he leads me closer to the table, he nudges the head chair before looking at me expectantly. I quickly obey and curl up in the seat. I’m thankful Yixing has also given me one of his hoodies to keep warm in such a big house. He lays down at my side allowing me to eat alone, I sigh, when is he going to realize I don’t want to be alone. I use my foot to push the next to me out making him jump. “Join me?”

He hops up on to the seat and stares at me.

“What would you like?” I muse scanning over all the dishes, most consisting of marinated meats and vegetables. He continues to stare at me and I swear I can see him smiling. “You can transform back into a human if you want. I promise I won’t be scared anymore.”

He shakes his head.


His eyes scan over the room and even into the living room.

“Ah, you don’t want to leave me alone again, right?”

He nods.

“What a shame, I would really like to talk to you,” I hum as I pet his head. His massive head leans into my touch eagerly. “Well I guess since you can’t tell me what you want you are going to eat what I give you.” I take the empty plate that had been left for me and quickly begin filling it with a little of everything that was on the table until there is no room left. “How does that look?” I set it down in front of him and watch for any kind of reaction. He stares down at the food before looking at me, concern in those golden eyes. I chuckle, “Don’t worry Hyung, I’ll eat too.”

I begin picking off each plate and shoving the food into my mouth eagerly, hoping that he would eat too.  After I stuff down a few bites he eagerly begins eating too. I’m proud of myself, see, I tell myself, I can do this!

“How are things tasting?” Baekhyun muses as he places a hand on my shoulder. I’m out of my chair before I even know it, my teeth bared at the sudden intruder. His hands are up in surrender, “It’s just me.” The moment I realize that it’s him I stand up straight and give him an apologetic smile.

“I’m so sorry Hyung!”

“You are fine,” He gestures for me to return to my seat, “Your pack mentioned something about how you won’t be used to physical affection, I’m sorry. I just got excited.”

“They’re right, beyond my pack I never received any kind of love or gentleness so I’m going to have to get used to it.”

He nods, “I think that is one of the reasons we let Lay take care of you, he has the most self control out of us. Especially right now, I’m so impressed and kind of jealous.”

Yixing lets out a low growl.

“Don’t worry Hyung I’m just stopping in to make sure she’s enjoying her food and her silent company.”

“I told him he could transform back but he doesn’t want to leave me alone.”

“He is right, not all of us have his ability to stand this close to you for a long period of time without being all over you. I heard that Kai couldn’t even last a minute once he caught her scent.”

I wrap my arms around myself, his stare making me uncomfortable, “You heard about that?”

“I also heard that Kris got to touch you,” He takes a step closer making me curl tighter in my chair.

“I figured it would be fair, I owed him.”

“For what? If anything he owed you for attacking you all those year ago.”

I gulp, “I shot him.”

“This is getting so exciting!”

Yixing growls once again when he comes even closer.

“I would leave if I were you,” I suggest sensing the hostile energy coming off the wolf. “He doesn’t look like he’s in the best mood.”

Baekhyun suddenly looses his happy smile, “Do you want me to go?”

“That’s not it, I just-“ I’m cut off by the sound of excited boys speaking loudly and rushing in our direction. Again I’m out of my chair, but this time before they enter the room. My back is to Yixing, at this point I feel like he is the only person I can trust to stand behind me.

“Go quick, they just came back from a quick run, their instincts are still going to be really strong. We don’t want them getting too excited when they see you, go back to Yixing hyung’s room and I’ll bring some more food up, but you need to go now.” Baekhyun shoos me out of the dining room.

I follow Yixing back up stairs, pouting a bit, “I wasn’t scared for once and now I’m running.” At the top of the stairs I hesitate and almost consider going back down, I might not be this brave later on. By brave I mean I’m not shaking in my boots like a pup and I feel like I could actually look them in the eye. But Yixing nudges me forward, I trust him to know best. Back in his room I’m cautious of where I stand so I end up standing in the middle of the room like an idiot. He gestures to the door with his nose, asking me to lock it, which I quickly obey before he disappears into the closet.

“Feel free to sit on the bed,” His voice startles me. Of course he transformed back to his human form, I even told him too but why do I suddenly feel nervous? I take this moment to mental prepare myself to have one on one time with one of my mates for the first time. I can do this.  “Or if you don’t feel comfortable with that you can continue to stand in the middle of the room,” He teases as he comes out of the closet.  I turn around to face him and automatically regret it.

He is so good looking. In sweat pants and a t-shirt he is wearing what I’ve seen my pack mates wear a thousand times but on him but just looks so much more sexy. He pushes his black hair out of his face and gives me a small smile that has my heart racing. Of course he notices it and automatically switches from charming to panic. He rushes over to me, his hands hold on to my upper arms.

“Are you okay?” He worries. “I’m not scaring you am I?”

“No!” I answer quickly, and a bit too aggressive. I find myself covering my mouth from embarrassment.  

“Than what’s wrong?”

I nibble on my lip before admitting, “You just made my heart race, that is all, I’m sorry for worrying you.”

“Oh,” His grip on me loosens but he doesn’t let go, a small smile forms on those pretty pink lips. We just stand there for a minute enjoying each others company, I let my hands hold on to his forearms and smile at the electric sensation between our skin. After a long moment he asks me, “Could I ask you a few questions about you and your past?” Looking up at him I know it was a hard question to ask, I’m expert when it comes to reading peoples body language and facial expressions, it also helps that Yixing seems to be an open book. It allows me to know that him and the rest of his pack are very concerned about what could have happened to me, that strangely warms my heart.

“Of course, ask anything you want, I’m not shy about my past,” I try to give him a non-awkward smile as I let him lead me toward the bed. I sit on the left side with my back pressed against the headboard, I almost consider going under the covers but kill the idea when I think about what could happen with us under the covers together. My cheeks burn at the thought of anything dirty.

“I’m going to get more blankets, Sehun and some of the others like the house cold at night so we are going to need them,” He says as he leaves the room.

When he is gone I let out a breath I didn’t even known I was holding, oh my god, he’s so cute. I can’t believe he is part of this pack, he seems far to sweet but I guess I have no room to judge. I grimace at the thought of them seeing the real me, but at the same time I can’t wait for it. They are going to be blown back, the idea has me giggling so hard I don’t hear Yixing coming back in.

“What a beautiful sound,” He muses, “What has you giggling so hard?”

“Nothing,” I lie with my big doe eyes.

He doesn’t question it, he just chuckles to himself as he lays out a couple of blankets over the bed. I relax into the bed and sigh, I can’t even remember the last time I slept on a real bed. It must have been around the time we got Kookie, so around 25-28 years ago? Oh god it has been too long. My embarrassment of sharing covers is taken over by my urge to burry myself in the comfort of all these blankets and pillows. Yixing just watches as I burrow under the covers and into the calling warmth.

“Are you having fun?” He chuckles once again.

I nod, “It have been a long time since I’ve slept in a bed and it definitely wasn’t this soft and it sure as hell didn’t smell as good.” The last part kind of slips out and I find myself blushing. I realize that’s why this bed seems so inviting, sure the bed is soft and the blankets are warm but it is his alpha pheromones calling me to him and his territory.

“What do I smell like to you?” He wonders as he crawls on to the bed, he lays on his stomach.

“You smell sweet,” I hum as I try to think of more descriptive words. “You make me think of when I would mix honey in with my tea.”

“I smell like honey tea?” He mocks.

I nod, “I love the smell of honey tea. But before I let you mock me, tell me what I smell like to you.”

“Spring, like the beginning of spring when all the flowers are blooming and everything is waking up after winter.”

I smile, “You said you wanted to ask me a few questions?”

“Aw yes!” He pops up to rest on his elbows, “I actually have more than a few but they are not all my own. Kris hyung and the others were sending me some when I was in my wolf form.”

“I completely forgot about the telepathy.”

He cocks his head in confusion, “You don’t transform often do you?”

I shake my head, “I haven’t transformed in over a year, it makes it harder for people to sense us on their territory when we are in human form.”

“What about before you were out of the army? Did you transform often?”

“Nope, we weren’t allowed to. They thought that if our wolves had the chance to dominate our mind we would rebel.”

“Do you miss transforming?”

“I would like to be able to run freely, I haven’t done that in so long. The last time I let my wolf take over completely was right after we were set free. All of us did it, in turns, half of us went while the others stayed back to keep an eye on your stuff. But when I went out I didn’t come back for a whole day,” I grin at the memory. “It felt so amazing to be that free, I have no idea how I got my wolf to turn back for my pack.”

“Why didn’t you start being a normal female omega after you were freed?”

“In all honesty I was really scared of the idea. I mean even if I started acting like a normal girl and dressed like one my pack would have treated me the same but I didn’t want others to think of me as some weak link. Not to mention it would have added a target on not just my back but my packs as well. Most male packs would kill for a female omega, mate or not, it was something to fuck. I wanted to avoid the attention and at the same time I also didn’t want to loose my title.” I pat my chest proudly, “I am an alpha. I made it into the top hunter party of the blood red army. Even though I didn’t enjoy what I was doing to the innocent I was happy about the fear I could strike into the other soldiers who looked like they were enjoying the horrible things we were doing.”

“My mate is so strong,” He coos.

“What about you?”

“What about me?”

“How did you end up here?” I scoot a little bit closer to him but there is still a massive space in between us on the king sized bed.

“Nothing even near as exciting as your story, my brothers and I just took over this territory from our father and we’ve just expanded it a bit but that is just about it.”

I scoff, “That is not just about it, you are the black dragons! I’ve heard scary stories about you, you guys wiped out the whole entire red ribbon army, while at least most of them. Some were too good to be caught,” I mock with my tongue out.

“We are pretty brutal people, but I don’t want you to know that side of us until you get to know us. I don’t want you to know anything but warmth and love from us.” He reaches out and strokes my head softly.

“Too late for that Hyung,” I chuckle. “I was already attacked by head alpha and shot him, I already know your dark and wild sides, well his not yours.”

“Kris ge,” Yixing corrects.

“Kris ge,” I echo.

He nods, “Ge would not like you being so formal with him, he already feels like you hate him.”

“I don’t hate him.”

“Make sure you let him know that when you see him.”

“He isn’t sleeping this early is he? Could he be doing work or something?”

“He’s most likely working, why?”

“I don’t hate you Kris ge!” I sort of yell, loud enough for him to hear where ever he is in the house but not loud enough to bust an eardrum.

Yixing laughs so hard he has to hold his stomach, “Couldn’t wait could you?”

“I don’t want something like that weighing down on his mind.”

“Such a sweet girl.”

“I’m not usually like this so enjoy it, my hyungs and dongseangs would have a field day with this.”

“I will definitely enjoy this.”

We lay there for hours talking about everything and anything. We slowly scoot closer and closer together until my head is resting on his shoulder. Our hands are collapsed together, fingers intertwined. Yixing has tucked us both under the covers hours ago when the house already started getting colder, his body makes the perfect heater. He offers to sleep on the floor or in another room but I quickly shut that idea down.

“Did you ever feel scared and alone out there being an omega?”

“I felt lots of things when I was out there. I felt weak, scared, stupid, useless, but never once did I feel alone. I always had someone, I always had my pack. Sure some times we would get separated for a little while due to missions but never for more than a day. Loneliness is foreign to me or at least I thought it was.”

“Trust me, you are never going to feel lonely here, there will always be someone trying to get your attention so you can rest easy.”

“Good, I don’t even want to imagine life all by myself,” The horrifying thought has me snuggling into Yixing’s embrace. He doesn’t seem to mind one bit, in facts he wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer.

“Is this okay?”

“This is more than okay,” I mumble as I finally burry my face in the crook of his neck.

“Good, because there was no way in hell I was going to be letting you go.”

 Here you go! *Throws glitter aggressively into your face*

Let's Not... Please

I want to start off by explaining my reason on making this post: a conversation I had with a friend did not go well. Of course, I love Cody’s villainous character in Teen Wolf and of course, this friend of mine hates Theo. It frustrates me because while we were watching the last episode, they had the nerve to state that, “Theo is still a bad person. He hasn’t changed.”

People should really stop hating on Theo in Teen Wolf. It pisses me off that even after season 5 has ended and Theo is back, some still have negative things to say about him. While you guys are hating on him, why don’t you also hate on Peter Hale? After all, this guy has done worse in the show, yet no one wants to call him out on his actions and why you guys do that, I still don’t know why.

You can not join a fandom and be fake at the same time because it just shows that you’re not a true fan. That’s like you hating Niall Horan from 1D because of his crooked teeth but once he gets braces and they come off, all of a sudden he’s “hot” in your eyes and automatically you’re a true 1D fan. Every character should be treated equally in this show. Everyone loved Void Stiles and Peter Hale so why can’t we love Theo?

Another thing I want to add is that Cody has feelings. Therefore, if his character is a villain and he’s the most hated person, he’s going to feel upset in real life. It’s not fair that Peter Hale or Void Stiles can be villains and we can love them but we can’t do the same to Cody.

Personally, I adore Theo Raeken. I think that he was great as a villain in season 5 and him returning this season makes me really happy. I know he’s not back to cause damage but fix it and thats what makes it more exciting. He’s realized that he’s done bad and obviously, there’s a part of him that is still human. He’s doing his best to make his life better and we as a fandom should understand that instead of bashing an actors character.

Please, I just want everyone to not treat Cody like this. I feel bad for him because some of us are supposed to be true fans of this show yet they want to find someone to hate on. For those of you who agree with what I’m saying, thank you.

Your love is needed for Cody, Theo, and I.

Park Jimin

REQUEST: sorry if this is a weird request, but would it be possible to ask for a scenario with Jimin where his s/o and himself are expecting but they’ve kept it secret for a while so that they could enjoy the privacy and so that it gave them time to announce it to family and friends, but it gets leaked into the media when they least expect it? have a lovely day! ❤️

Type: Fluff? maybe a bit angst?

W/C: 1152

You remember the day Jimin came home to see you sitting on the bathroom floor with a tear in your eye and a smile on your face. Just by seeing you looking at the thin white stick in your hand he’d know exactly what was going on.

“Jagiya… are you?” He’d say wide eyed, a smile slowly creeping onto his lips at the realization he was going to be a father. More than that, he was going to be a father to YOUR child.

You remember him holding your face and kissing you like he’s never kissed you before. Happiness poured out of him and his hand shook slightly while he sniffles back his own tears of joy. You couldn’t help but sealing the deal right there on the bathroom floor because why not. You had never been so in love before in your life.

You remember waking up the next morning to Jimin kissing your forehead before moving to your belly, something would continue to do every morning. You remember him turning around in the doorway and smiling at you once before speaking what was on his mind.
“Rehearsal will only go will 4. When I get home we’re telling everyone- our parents being the first.” He’d say biting his lip. “I don’t know how I’m going to keep this from the boys they’re going to know something’s up.”

You knew it was all in your head but you couldn’t help the fact that you felt like you were glowing that morning as you pranced around the house doing your daily routine. It wasn’t until you sat down with a bowl of cereal did your smile finally drop. 

Park Jimin with child!?
Long time girlfriend, now wife of BTS lead vocalist Park Jimin was seen yesterday morning purchasing pregnancy tests. Should we be already expecting a BTS jr?

You stared at the picture in shock. How could they tell it was you through the mask, sunglasses and baseball hat you had worn so you could do this one thing in privet. You stared at the bundle of photos, getting lost in angry thoughts. The sound of your phone ringing broke your chain of thoughts and you hadn’t even realized you had started to cry. You picked up your phone and stared at it as MOM was printed across the top.

“Is it true?” Was all she said when you picked up the phone.

“Yeah mom it’s true.” You sniffled.

“Why are you crying?” She said, worried about you but too excited that she was going to be a grandmother.

“I can’t have anything to myself. The whole world found out I was pregnant before I did it’s just… it’s just not fair.” You said biting your lip. “I just wish Jimin and I could have been the ones to tell you guys.”

“I know, but don’t focus on that.”

He walked into the studio trying to contain his smile. Nothing could bring him down today, he was going to be a dad and he couldn’t have wanted anything more than that.

He coughed once trying to contain himself as he stepped into the room all the others were already in.

“Whatcha looking at?” He’d say walking over to where the boys all sat hovered over Yoongis phone.

He’d look up and just pass his phone over, watching as Jimins face turned down and his heart sunk.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” He said shaking his head in disbelief. “We found out yesterday…” he said handing Yoongi his phone back.

“Wait you guys are definitely pregnant?” Taehyung said sitting up straighter, a smile reaching his lips.

“Yeah.. I have to go home, y/n is going to be destroyed.” He said looking to Namjoon who shook his head.

“Not without us. I’m going to be an uncle and you’re not taking this moment away from me.” He’d say making Jimin smile slightly before the seven of them left the studio quickly.

You had ended the phone call with your mom, she had told you all of your relatives had seen the news as well and were all calling her since you were ignoring all of their calls. You moved to your bedroom and sat on the chair you had by the window for rainy days and tucked your knees to your chest. Thoughts ran through your head all relating to the child. Would it be safe? Would the life you had to endure to be with Jimin also apply to the baby? Will it had to endure years of hate before it was finally accepted? These were all things you thought of before and now that you were actually pregnant they were even more relevant.

You wiped your cheeks as your phone rang again. You listened to the sound of your ring tone from the other room until it stopped, you just needed to be alone. No, you just needed to be with Jimin. You watched outside as the cars below you came to a stop and started back up again, occasionally wiping the silent tears that continued to spread down your cheeks.

You didn’t even notice Jimin had came into the room till he was pulling you out of the chair and into his chest. He held you close, sighing as your arms snaked around his waist. The feeling of multiple arms forming around you made your head look up. You smiled a the rest of the members hugged around you and you tilted your head to the side just enough so it was pressed lightly to Jungkooks.

“Are you okay?” Jimin finally said as everyone pulled away, his hands reaching up to wipe your tear stained cheeks.

“I just want one day.” You said making him chuckle and pull you once again so he could kiss your forehead.

“So, what are we naming it?” Taehyung said bringing the mood up as everyone laughed. You sniffled again before a light laugh cleared your lips.

“Obviously we’re naming it after me?” Yoongi said rubbing your back once before grinning at you to make you smile.

“We?” You said looking from him and back to Jimin.

“Um yeah… hello, uncles?” Taehyung said holding his hands out the rest of the boys.

“You can pick names all you want. It doesn’t me WE are going to agree.” Jimin said wrapping his arms around you so his hands were resting lightly on you belly.

“Can I touch it too?” Jin asked, landing him a slap on the arm by Namjoon and a scowl from Jimin.

“As soon as there is something to few I’ll let out know.” You laughed, already feeling so much better.

“We should probably call your parents  score they read I online too.” To oh said turn it to Jimin so jus nodded in and agreement.

You remember that day like it was yesterday. You remember thinking what a great father Jimin was and you remembered just how excited everyone else was despite your news being broadcasted across the world. You were 8 months pregnant, literally bout to pop and just like you knew he’d be, Jimin was becoming the best father you’ve ever seen. 

And it wasn’t just him that took care of you. The boys all came together to spoil you and your unborn babies with gifts. Your favorite was the song Yoongi and Jimin wrote together, it was something catchy enough for you to listen to but soft and perfect enough to play for the baby, and play it did. Every night after dinner Jimin would place a pair of head phones against your large belly and play the song softly, and when your beautiful baby girl was born you could have sworn she came out sining that exact song. 

Monsta X Scenario: First Date

Admin Honey here with another lil scenario! This one is for Monsta X, I wrote this earlier and was almost done and then my ipad crashed and I lost all of my work :/ anyway I hope you like this one~


He’s really cute ok, he would be a little nervous because he wants to make a good first impression. I think a first date for him would be something cute like a walk by the Han River and then a picnic. He would want something slightly more intimate so he could get to know you better! I dont know if he would kiss on the first date, he would I think if you made the first move because he wants to make sure you arrent uncomfortable. He’s a gentleman.

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R O M A N T I C! He is such a softie ok we all know it! He would be really excited to finally be going on a date with you, he would plan out his fit and makes sure he looks nice :( He would want a classic date like dinner with an ocean view and then walking along the beach near sunset wow idk why but I just feel like he would eat that shit up. Yes, kiss on the first date is a must! He would be so smiley after :(

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This boy is all about having a good time! He would think traditional dates are boring and would want to take you to an amusment park/boardwalk/fair. He would want to hold your hand and share food and win you stuffed animals im swooning. Would honestly spend so much money on overpriced games just to get you a teddy bear to remember him by. Would he kiss on the first date? If you count the cheek, then yes because he would peck you on the cheek at the end of the night and then text you goodnight~

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I see Kihyun wanting to have a more relaxed and intimate date. He would want to take you to one or two places, the first being a cute cafe. He would want to sit and talk to you to be more comfortable before going to the next place. Wants to pick your brain to see what makes you tick and what sense of humor you have. Then yall could go to like an art museum and admire everything together!! Afterwards he would walk you to your car or home or something and tell you he had a really good time and that you’re beautiful and he wants to do this again wOW I love Kihyun!! He might kiss on the first date? I feel like he would kiss your knuckles while saying goodbye I would swoon so fast

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Ok ok hear me out for this one. I think he would be super shy and nervous to go on the first date. He’s like Hyunwoo in the sense that he thinks first impressions mean the most so he would want to play it safe. I think he would like a movie date and then going to get ice cream after. You guys would talk on the way to the ice cream place about the movie and thats when he really starts to get comfortable. He would realize you guys have a lot in common and would be a lot more smiley!!! Yall could talk for hours and hours and wouldn’t get tired because he’s so adorable and soft :))) I dont think he would kiss on the first date though, he would wait til the second one.

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I love Jooheon sm oh boy here we go. He is THE cutest man alive and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. He would ask you where you would like to go for a first date and what you would like to do. I see him as a guy who would take you to the closest big city to sight see and walk together. It would be like an all day thing honestly. He would be such a gentelman and buy your lunch and hold your hand when you cross streets! Also if it was night and it was getting cold he would 100% give you his jacket he is too good for this world :( He is pretty modest I think and would want yall’s first kiss to be special so he would wait until a bit later

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Changkyun would be nervous. I don’t think he’s been on tons of dates or anything so I think he would want something that isn’t too intimate. I think he would like to go to an aquarium. It gives you guys something to talk about as you work your way through the building and it would ease any awkward silences. He would also probably look up a few facts about some of the animals there so he could recite it and impress you. Also he would sneakily buy you a little present from the gift shop and give it to you right before yall say goodbye because he’s too shy to talk it over aw please protect him

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