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It really pisses me off when people take a gif or photo set of a certain ship and then make it all about another ship.

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It's naive to think bighit isn't milking the boys for all they're worth, they are their only group and their biggest source of revenue, ofc they're gonna overwork them and not prioritize their health it's really time for some to take off the rose colored goggles

(separate anon) bts pump out album after album, concert after concert, when other big artists take months, even YEARS between those things just to catch a break. writing songs takes time, recording takes time, coming up with and practicing choreos takes time. filming all those extras and tv appearances takes time. whoever genuinely thinks that they are getting “free time” in between that’s even remotely enough: you are lying to yourselves. you are shitting on how much time and work it takes to make this happen.

(separate anon) lmao some people live in a fantasy world… when the boys say something like they had the rest they need, it’s fucking lies. like you said, bighit thinks about money. and it was always like that. and the boys health pass after. it’s sad to say but it’s true. this whole industry, not just bighit, but everything, is a market and nothing more. and people need to realise it.

Hidden Mythology: Isa, The Lady of Time and Goddess of Healing

  • Isa is the first of the three siblings, and eldest daughter of the king of the gods.
  • She created humans, and is their patron goddess.
  • Was originally only the goddess of healing, but her father gave her the gift of seeing all of time.
  • However, this new power can make her rather strange at times. She can see the past, present, and all the possible futures. This drives her crazy at times, but she’s usually got it under control…unless what she sees scares her or angers her.
  • If she loses control of her mind, she tends to speak in riddles/vaguely, weirdly, or…threatening. Her voice can run shivers down anyone’s spine when she’s in that mood..or when she’s angry.
  • Some say her and the god of nature are two sides of the same coin. They both deal with life, but where she is patient and motherly, he is unpredictable and mischievous. And while this is true, they can also have more in common than you think.
  • She’s actually very strong-willed. She’s very forgiving and merciful, but if you slight her and aren’t sorry, then she’s not going to be quite as sweet as before. She doesn’t let people bully or ridicule her without doing or saying something. She lets her opinions be known. And those who try to stop her, or break her trust, will one day find themselves in trouble.
  • That said, she is a very kind and gentle person. She loves helping others. As the goddess of healing, she uses both healing magic and flowers/herbs to heal. She has a lovely garden outside her house.
  • It is said that she lives among the forests of Metuo, and that walks among mortals and gives to those in need. If you can find her, she will heal whoever you wish if they deserve it without payment.
  • She’s very empathic, sweet, and generous. She loves to make others laugh and smile. She also has a great love of children, and will protect those she cares for no matter what it takes.
  • Isa wears a blindfold over her eyes so that they don’t scare those who interact with her. The humans that look into her eyes will often see their lives flash before them, or gives them a very unsettling feeling of being watched.
  • Her depiction in myths is often of her in an all white feminine outfit, a blindfold over her eyes, and long dark black hair. She is also represented by butterflies, the colors white and green, or an hourglass.

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having a disorder that isnt always obvious can be a real pain in the ass because either people don’t know you have it or they don’t understand and they hold you to the same expectations as everyone else. it makes life so much harder for you because you still have to do the same things, and chances are youre not as capable

so im going to the united states of Hell next year w my photography class and i really want the fujifilm x100f but it’s so ??? expensive ???? so im just saying , if there’s any sugar daddies out there… hmu

i gave up on trying to make a graphic, so…  hi there. my name’s heart ( or toxin ) & i was sucked into k.iznaiver hell a year late. i refuse to let my son’s story end with the anime, so here i am, making a blog for him because he’s the most precious thing i’ve discovered in a series in a long time. so … could you like / reblog this post if you’d be willing to interact with an indie katsuhira agata ?


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