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N.E.I.G.H.B.O.R.S // Fanfic

Modern Apartment AU // Nessian

I am not sure if this is going to turn into a series or just be one shot but its about Cassian and Nesta having apartments next to each other. Sort of like Friends but not really. Let me know if you like it and you want more. 


All Nesta wanted to do today was bake, turn on the cheesiest romcom she could find, and do some much needed relaxing but her coworkers had other ideas. They kept calling her until she decided to give up on relaxing and go into work to solve everyone’s problems. 

So here she was walking into her apartment at 11 o’clock already on her second batch of cookies. As soon as she walked into her apartment an hour earlier she put on her old school guilty pleasure spotify playlist and got to baking. 

When she’s gone through her playlist four times she has already finished baking two batches of her world famous chocolate chip cookies, one batch of oatmeal cookies (Elain’s favorite), three batches of M&M cookies, and was working on her favorite everything-but-the-kitchen-sink where she put every kind of chocolate she had in her house in the cookies. 

As she begun collecting the ingredients she realized she was out of sugar. Without thinking it through she makes her way out into the hall and knocks on the apartment across from her. 

After five minutes, and knocking three times, the door finally opens to reveal her neighbor Cassian. “Hey?” he says, more of a question than a statement. He rubs the the sleep out of his eyes, and Nesta forces herself to stare at his face so her eyes don’t trail down to the abs that were on full display. “What can I do for you, sweetheart?” 

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Older brother Namjooon+ rest of BTS scolds you PT.7

BTS x Reader

Genre: Angst

Namjoon’s Sister AU

[PT.1] [PT.2] [PT.3][PT.4] [PT.5] [PT.6] [PT.7]

Originally posted by mewchim

Y/N’s p.o.v

I reached the cafe that Taehyung told me to meet him at, and I looked for him through the glass windows before wanting to go in. When his soft brown hair caught my eye, I noticed he wasn’t alone. He brought them along. Every member, including my brother. Someone I wanted to see the least right now. He brought them along even after he had promised me that he wouldn’t. I stood there looking at him as tears welled up in my eyes. I thought he cared about me, I thought I could trust his word, I feel so betrayed. Why was everyone against me? 

I saw him look up at me and guilt washed over his face, I assume it was because I was stood here silently staring whilst tears fell down my face. Before he could even stand up from his seat, I took off - I ran until I got far enough away from the cafe, when I realised that I to Joonie and I’s favourite spot, a quiet park that rarely anyone ever went to. Joonie would usually write music here whilst I played with RapMon. I missed my brother, it’s been over a year since I got to come here with him. I took a seat on the bench and dropped my head, still crying and wanting the ground to swallow me whole because I didn’t want anyone to see me crying right now.

“Y/N” I heard a breathy voice call my name, it was a voice I knew all too well, did he run here? “Y/N” he called out to me again. “I’m sorry! I didn’t want to bring the guys with me, but I had to because I thought it would have been a good idea for you guys to make amends, and it would be better if you did it in person.” he continued to speak as he stood in front of me, but my head still hung low. I didn’t want to see him right now, I’m a crying mess, I don’t want him to see me like this. I felt him kneel in front of be, using his index and middle finger to lift my chin, making me automatically locking eyes with him.
“Raindrop” I didn’t reply. “Why are you crying?” I let out a sarcastic laugh.
“You promised me, but you lied. I trusted you and you betrayed me. I’m not crying because I saw them there today. I’m crying because of you Taehyung, because now I know I really can’t trust anybody. Not even you.“ 

Finally get to post after being on post limit… I’ll do the links when i wake up tomorrow ~

Voltron Force [BATTLEFRONT] *Special Bundle* RESTOCK

Hey everyone! Good news: I will be restocking the SPECIAL BUNDLE (book+dog tags) of my Voltron fanbook Voltron Force [BATTLEFRONT]. Here are some things you need to know:  

  • The restock will go up later today at 5pm PST
  • There will be only 75 bundles in this restock. After that it will be completely sold out. 
  • PICK UP AT ANIME EXPO 2017 WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE FOR THIS RESTOCK. I have a limited amount of dog tags available right now as i get more printed. Also i find it unfair that those who preordered the first batch have to wait longer for my restocks to come while those that order now have the luxury to pick it up in a week.
  • If you choose the “AX pick up” shipping option when you check out, your order will be immediately cancelled.

If you purchased the normal bundle (book only) and you wish to upgrade your purchase to the *Special Bundle,* the only way you can do it is by cancelling your previous order and trying to purchase this restock. I suggest that you first purchase the Special Bundle and then email me directly about cancelling your previous order. 

If you have any specific questions please let me know. Thank you everyone! 

We’re approaching 16k followers very quickly and McHanzo Week is coming to a close, so I just want to thank everyone in the community who follows the blog, participated in McHanzo Week, or just loves this ship in general.

Even though the community has its ups and downs, there are still a lot of really amazing people here and it’s nice to interact with all of you. From the talented folks who bring us art and fic to the people who never hesitate to show their appreciation for the content being published, it’s a real nice place~

should u hug my ocs
  • Tagachi: YES. PLEASE. SHE NEEDS IT....She suffers every day of her life. Not to mention she is tall and even though she is boney, she probably gives good hugs!!
  • Roxanne: Yes. The hug master. Will lift you up and spin you around though, so watch out for that
  • Zookie: Do not.
  • Vick: They don't like being touched by strangers but if u know them, they are very good at giving cozy hugs. Especially with all the arms
  • Vanilla: Small and very huggable. Good choice for hugs
  • Xyao: Please hug, her scarf will wrap u up and it will be so warm and good
  • Zinnia: She isn't one for hugs, more of the yelling and high fiving type...Mostly yelling
  • Hyez: he is shy and awkward, but definitely is in need of human contact with how he never leaves his goddamn lab. so pls hug him
  • Hapi: NO NO NO
  • Venus: Yes! Loves hugs like she loves cooking!!!
  • Effel: Yeah, actually. She's a bit cold to the touch though
  • Zombie Cat: If you dont mind the smell of rot, then yes. HELL YES. This zombie is so full of love
  • Viscera: No. Too slimy and doesn't seem to like contact anyway. Compliment her intelligence instead!
  • Shiina: She hasn't been hugged much since she always turns them down. She needs one but she's too shy
  • Peko: It's really risky. Not a good idea
  • Razzle: No. She will probably laugh at you for asking
  • Soy Milk: YES!!! She loves hugs and she smells very sweet!! Excellent source of hugs
  • Terrance: No. They're really cold and will probably freeze you. It sucks because otherwise they'd be so good for huggin'
  • Elroy: He is small and very sad all the time. He definitely needs a good hug. Go for it!
  • Moby: Yes! He is very warm!!!
  • June: She doesn't like contact but would appreciate you asking.
  • Hinami: A danger. Do not touch
  • Sakura: He smells like fish but otherwise yes!
  • Aristo: She is so soft. Do it
  • Miako: Yes! She is lonely and is definitely in need of a hug
  • Stewie: They are so conflicted. A hug would be good for them!
  • Angelice: Yes. She's in a hard place in her life and would probably appreciate one. Watch out, though! She gives rough hugs.
  • Lilguy: No. She'll lick you and it will be gross.
  • Shoal: She doesn't like that much contact with strangers. A handshake will suffice!
  • ACT: YES! They're not soft at all but they are very very warm!! They love hugs!!
  • Bean: Grumpy but also sad. A hug would do them good but you'd have to catch them in a good mood.

Okay this post is not directed at anyone, it’s just something I noticed in fandoms over the years. I know a lot of people on here want attention and notes, in the best case  you’ll get them for hard work. In the worst case people go around steal other people’s content, label it as their own and get notes for something they snatched. 

I am not just talking about fanart, gifs, edits, crack posts, sometimes even whole metas are snatched from people just for the sake of getting attention from the fandom without putting any work into it. As someone who’s been around long enough I know there’s no reasoning with everyone, but if you see someone who straight up steals someone else’s idea and then gets all the attention for it… do you really need to reblog it?

Sometimes you just have to go in the tag and you’ll see that a smaller blog actually posted the thing first and got maybe 19 notes and the popular blog that just hit Ctrl + C gets 2k+ notes, that’s super discouraging and rude. 

People put their time and effort into their fanwork, please respect that.  

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do you do the 2p!nyos? and if so can you do 2p!prussia gf headcanons if that's ok? (you don't need to do like 39843982498 headcanons like you did for the bf headcanons if you don't want to, just whatever you feel like!!!)


also the fandom has a shit ton of different interpretations for 2P!Fem!Prussia’s name, so I’ll just call her Mitzi since that seems to be a largely accepted one next to Maria

2P!Nyo!Prussia GF HC’s:

  • okay so y’girl Mitzi here is a bit of a cling on/helicopter girlfriend
  • NOT THAT IT’S THE BAD KIND, NO NO, it’s actually pretty endearing
  • she always wants to make sure you’re safe and sound, so the poor girl is kinda just milling about behind you, probably wringing her hands in discomfort if you’re in a social situation together
  • her hair used to be really long until she let her sister chop it off one day
    - sometime she feels ghost-strands and will reach her hand back to move her hair
    - you will hear her frustrated groans at that
  • I also really like the headcanons that her and Gilen have a metal right arm, so she probably has a prosthetic
    - she is more comfortable with herself than Gilen, but insecurities are buried within her protective guise
  • I don’t hc her as nearly as shy as Gilen, more like a calm stoic attitude?
  • she is your knight in shining armour <3
  • like she will legit produce a sword from no where if you need her to
  • if your hair is long she will always be trying to braid it, but it’s difficult when you only have full control of one hand
    - she will huff in frustration
    - she is often frustrated
  • I HC her as selective mute as well and her voice is raspy and lower, but in a light way??
    - it’s so harmonic and she will speak to you a little every once and a while when she’s up for it ((ps as a person who is/was physically mute (and then selectively mute), when you write mute!reader inserts pl e ase don’t say how the reader will only speak for that person they’re dating, that’s not how it works 90% of the time :,) ))
  • she really likes to people watch, and most of the time she will drift off into another dimension
  • she has a particular method of communication - make it as difficult as possible
    - she will literally just glare (she’s not angry that’s just her face) until someone leaves her alone
    - if she wants to she will write something down, or sign (which is her less-preffered method)
    - she isn’t that picky with you or the other people she’s close with, they understand she prefers to just watch and listen
  • she’s super fucking chivalrous like damn
  • get u a gal like her
  • she likes to wear those cropped hoodies and muscle tanks
  • if you wear hoodies you don’t anymore sorry they’re gone forever ://
  • probably doodles a lot and will draw you cute little things
    - one time she was super tired an accidentally drew an exact replica of your eye what the heck Mitz go to sleep
  • she’s a lot like Matt actually
  • likes to doodle on her prosthetic too because it’s metal and she has a lot of expo markers she never used in school
  • Monika (Germany) is going to become a problem bc she is single forever and is in your relationship now rip
  • okay I don’t know what else to write for her I’m sorry :,))
  • she loves stargazing !!

okay so !!!! today i reached 1.5k !!!! i would like to thank all of you guys for tolerating me, my shitty posts, and this blog !!! ily all !!! so i decided i want to spread some positivity (especially since its officially eid) by doing some compliments !!!

whats gonna happen is you can send me asks (anon or not) with this emoji (🔮) a compliment for a blog you really love and i’ll tag them and add onto it. you can send as many asks as you want as long as theyre nice !!!! of course, there are some rules:

  1. reblog this (likes count as bookmarks)
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  3. don’t send me just the person’s name !! i dont know everyone on here by name, and multiple people have same names sometimes too !! please send in their usernames
  4. be nice !!!
  5. if you dont wanna see all these posts then blacklist #ana’s eid positivity 
  6. dont let me flop

well !! thats it !! thanks again and eid mubarak to anyone who celebrates !! ily all !!

Angst Day Stories

Just wanted to send a huge thank you to everyone who read/liked/commented on my stories for angst appreciation do!! I’m sorry I wasn’t around that day, but I appreciate all the support of my stories!!

Here is a list of the stories I wrote for that specific day:

Seeing the Truth (Jared x Reader)

His Hold On Me (Dean x Reader)

Time to Say Goodbye (Jensen x Reader)

Your Angel (Cas x Reader)

Staying Safe (Dean X Reader)

Never Saw This Coming (Cas x Reader)

Moving On (Sam x Reader)

It’s Too Late (Dean x Reader)

If you have a favorite, I’d like to know which one. If you have any more comments or suggestions, I’d love to hear them so I can get better as a writer!! Thank you so much!!!


Her lips twitched a little as her eyes moved up to his before skittering past. “I shouldn’t be here. I don’t belong.”

“Of course you do” Adam contradicted “you have the same chance as everyone else.”

Shaking her head she looked down at her feet “you don’t understand.”

She sounded like she was about to cry. Adam hated to see anyone cry. He moved to comfort her, pulling her close. At first the girl tensed in his arms before relaxing “if you really don’t want to be here I won’t be upset if you wanted to leave.”

“I’m ok” she whispered pulling away from him “it’s not you. It’s something else.” Her blue eyes swam with tears as she turned from him and ran. Adam didn’t know what she was so afraid of. Her fear made him ache to comfort her and his arms felt empty after she had left.


i have, a lot of opinions on the sprite familiar nonsense. because its such a multifaceted issue! but to focus on one…

whenever people go, “oh, if you bring them back, they wont become special” i dont get that! ofc if you give everyone one of every sprite or some absolutely ridiculous ratio like that, yeah, it ruins the value. but you can bring back things at an absurdly rare rate, so that theres still a chance to get it, but a very very very very very very slim chance…. but enough to keep sprites in circulation! =v=“ jfc, we arent being communist here, we just want the possibility of getting a sprite to be realistically attainable. i really dont know why that seems so harsh to some people.

“aye, well fuck it, it ruins the value,” says the person who has the least amount of faith in the basic idea of an economy. you know what ruins value? if an item becomes so, so rare, the majority of players have no interest in getting it anymore, because itd just be a hassle. what, so you get the Astral Amounts of money (speaking in the future, as accounts go inactive and such) to get a sprite… you could get hounded by people, or never be able to sell it back because, again, itd be so hard to get the money to buy it.

again. speaking in the future.

now im no gotdamnt economicist or nothin, i dont care about sprites, really. to me, theyre not worth the effort. but i can only assume other people feel the same way, and as the value increases… more people will lose interest for the same reasons!

…i hope that makes sense. i dont want everyone and their grandchildren to have a sprite, i just know that logically, its very stupid to think the value will bomb and become common trash if the slightest chance of getting a familiar is introduced. u_u

halla 💕

i won’t be on here tonight, at least not for a while and probably not while the clip drops (probably at around 22:43 that’s when the sun sets in oslo tonight) because im going to a party (honestly who am i..)

but i just wanted to say i am so happy that i’ve been here with you all through the ups and downs of these last two seasons of skam. all of my mutuals, everyone who i talk too on here and everyone who sends me messages and follow me, i am so thankful for you all!

good luck tonight with the last ever skam update! lots of love from me! you’re all lovely ✨

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Simply out of curiosity, not trying to attack, how come you like Arbeloa?

This picture alone would honestly be enough, but I do have other reasons.  Um.

It might get a bit long, cause I think to get at why I pointedly like Arbeloa, I have to explain a bit of where the hate for him originates.  And that’s a bit convoluted (and largely irrelevant now), but here goes…

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1.5K FOLLOWERS + Message from Admin Michelle

Hi everyone! Just wanted to do a quick thank you to all of you for following us here at WYG and for being patient with us and our sporadic updates. We really appreciate all the likes, reblogs, etc. on our work. It does mean a lot and make us happy to be able to write for you all.
Also, I wanted to apologize for my own inactivity! I was hoping that the end of the semester would give me more time to write but it was honestly the opposite as I’ve been working and studying and prepping a lot for my study abroad trip. I leave in less than 24 hours which is very scary but I did want to pop in to let you guys know I am still here and I do still lurk around in the reblogs and comments haha. Hopefully once I get back from Seoul I can be more active here because I do miss writing for Twice and interacting with you all.
Also wanna give a sappy thank you to LJ and Cici because its been almost a year since I started this blog and I dont know what I wouldve done without them. They’re so sweet and aside from being great writers theyve also become very good friends so I’m thankful for them as well as all of you!
I’ll be back in August so I’ll see you all then!
난 조심히 다녀올게요! 너무 너무 감사하고 다들 사랑해요.

So I’ve fallen head over heels for @thesylverlining‘s awesome book Chameleon Moon, especially her lizard boy Regan and i had to art him. Definitely recommend CM to everyone who wants to read a book with real Queer representation instead of the gimmick lit that main stream publishers are pushing out these days. 

Here’s a link to  the E-book on amazon because it’s only 1$ right now :https://www.amazon.com/Chameleon-Moon-RoAnna-Sylver-ebook/dp/B01LW0O7KJ/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1498345614&sr=8-1

And Here’s a detail shot:

Just wanted to let everyone know I posted a new YouTube video! It’s a vlog of my first time wearing Fairy Kei in public at the Hello Kitty Cafe!! It was a really special moment for me so I thought I would share it here! I really hope you enjoy it! (°◡°♡)

My tiny baby wanted me to thank you all for being so kind to his mama while she was away 💜💜 your messages have made me feel so loved and welcomed and happy to be back here truly 💖 I’m still working through my responses and trying not to overload everyone’s dashes but I wanted again to say thank you so much and I feel like is Seb could talk he’d say thank you too 😊

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just bc you ship members together and they're friends doesn't mean jb wasn't really fucking homophobic during celebrity bromance. he literally did say he might beat youngjae up for saying he wanted to take him in a couples café. said it's bad for two boys to come here. was making it whole uncomfortable. that's the truth. just saying.

idk why i’m gonna answer this, but, a lot of koreans let really clear that Jaebum didn’t say with that intention, and that is common to use that phrase with friends there, such common thing that Youngjae just laughed. But then you are gonna rely in a translation? Cause really everyone knows that languages can have multiple translations. Koreans weren’t even bothered, and no, not bc some of them are homophobic, cause that is just generalize a whole society, but bc it didn’t mean that. 

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I volunteer at a farm animal sanctuary and we have some really cute videos so I wanted to gif that and post here but I don't want carnists to reblog it :/ do you think putting a vegan message in the actual photoset would prevent that? like sth obvious, go vegan, or sth. I just feel like we could always use some more cute, especially stuff safe to reblog (not from farms etc)

They’ll likely still reblog because in most of their minds there is nothing weird about that. But I say you should do it anyway, it’s always uplifting to see animals who aren’t victims of the system, it helps remind everyone who we’re fighting for. Don’t let carnists put you off from sharing things that inspire you and make you happy.