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This is the oficial Updated guide of Blueprint! I put ALL of his description here for those who want to know him better! And I still haven’t finished it. I still have to add his versions (I’m working on Swap!Blueprint right now ovo)

I also updated his expresions. I wanted to give him more color in his eyesockets so, new pinpricks for him! Now he has more “Ink” in him lfsdkls–




The FAQ is still under construction. That’s why it looks so simple o;v;o) these are the most asked question I have got until now. I you want to ask me something, don’t be afraid to do it!


Characters mentioned here:

The swap crew - Undertale comunity

Ink - @comyet

Goth - @nekophy (I made canon their relationship since chu liked it /ovo)/)

Raven - @ask-the-gothfamily 

Shino - @blue-kohina

Shadow - @galaxianlover

Radier and Cassis - Me

Hope you guys like it!

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What are your thoughts on the way Louis' UK promo is being handled? If you could influence it, what would be the top 3 things you want done to increase his chances of charting well?


1) Increased radio push, especially during times when people listen the most to the radio (early mornings / on the road to their work place). How do companies’ playlists work? How do we get Starbucks, Costa, Hamleys, The Lego Store, etc to include BTY in their playlists? (I was told that last time the Lego Store paid the rights for JHO, Sign of the Times and another 1D song.)
2) Fewer questions on his personal life. The public doesn’t care about his non-famous girlfriend nor about his kid. Make him do interviewers, silly challenges and games that make his personality and humour shine (heart monitor challenge anyone? The mariachis?).
3) Celebrity friends. This narrative according to which he’s only got non-celeb friends is seriously hurting his chances to chart well. Celebrity chatter WORKS.
5) Increase fan engagement, which is something they’re already doing. We have a lot of fan who do edits. Organise a contest and the best edit goes on the official merch. Meet and greet also. Send out a PR release about him loving his fans.
6) There must be a fucking way to use SEO to have him come up first if someone googles “new music out” or something.
7) Too late, but his teasers should have been promoted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They were beautifully put together. 8) live shows

If someone has other ideas please add in. I hope this is Rusty looking for ideas

Emergency Discount Commissions Open!

I went to the vet because my dog Isolde had a really bad looking tooth and it turns out that it is broken and needs to be extracted. 

Isolde is just the most precious mutt in the world and she sees me through my PTSD, depression and anxiety like a champ. She has done so much for me and I cannot imagine how much her tooth is hurting right now. I want to be able to help her and do what we can. She’s been there for me since she was just a tiny pup!

The bill will be about $1,250 if there are no complications and this will completely drain all of my savings with no wa yof replenishing them.If there are any complications to the surgery we won’t be able to afford the results. While I have been looking for work I am physically disabled and job prospects are very slim. 

I genuinely hate to ask but I am opening up discount commissions at flat rate prices and if anyone has ever thought of getting a commission from me I implore you now is the time!

Please e-mail pomsdoodlefort@gmail.com with your commission request and we can discuss the details.

Got questions? My askbox is open!

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You know why Japan fans disliked the JoJo part4 action movie trailer? (mostly the first trailers on youtube)

Stuff like this anon, watch how the trailer opens:

All the girls at the start of the clip run out calling Josuke “Jojo” and the narrator goes “People call him … JOJO.”

But …

No one calls him Jojo in the manga.  Obv it’s Miike establishing the whole “Jojo” thing but I think the Japanese fans you’re talking about see it as symptomatic of a larger fault with the film, apparently it takes a lot of liberties with both the plot and the dialog, leaves stuff out, and also takes itself too seriously. They feel Miike’s lost the stuff that makes Jojo feel like Jojo, that it doesn’t honor the spirit of the original work. They want to see the stuff they love from the manga - iconic scenes, dialogue and visuals - faithfully done as a live-action, not a “Hollywood-style” loose interpretation.  

That’s maybe a lot for someone to take away from a series of short trailers but that’s how I’ve read it.  (There’s other stuff too like the choice of Kento Yamazaki to play Josuke, Jotaro seeming sort of weak, etc.)   Guess we’ll see how it’s received after it opens.

Sharing the love and hope people enjoy this image! I’ve been trying to get this commission done for a while. at first i wanted it to say “Rengeki Finish!” but since the anniversary came up i asked for this.

i got this commissioned by http://arqashmir.tumblr.com/
He usually takes commissions anytime. it’s a tad pricey but as you can see it’s fine work he does.

Random Writing Tip #12

I was thinking about this series that I didn’t end up finishing (I will not name it) but I wanted to share the biggest reason why I ditched it: The Main Character. See, in the first novel she went through a lot of horrible things and had massive trust issues but through her arc she was coming to learn how to confide in a select few and allow people to help her. It was a decent arc and it made me proud of her journey and how she was learning from her experiences. Then the second book just tossed it all out the window. 

This is what I want to talk about. When working on a series I think it’s important to remember that character and plot arcs need to be continuous. Yeah, every book is probably going to have it’s own arc but as a series it should be continuous. It annoyed me that after everything the character had done she reverted right back to where she’d been at the beginning of the first book like nothing happened. She ended up irritating and like she was incapable of growth. Look, characters can revert and back track in their development but like…acknowledge that they learned something. Anyway, just be careful when writing series not to mess with the arcs that you’ve already created.

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Could you write a continuation of skin contact with CS?

I am going to say this now, I don’t normally handle or answer requests this fast, but I’m still high on this idea and I can’t get it out of my head. Like I want to work on my next prompt, but this one won’t leave me alone. So, yeah, I’ve written a continuation of Skin Contact, this time with Emma. So this is Skin Contact Part 2 and 2,500+ words of it.

When Killian arrived in Storybrooke the first time, one of the things he marveled at was modern plumbing, whether for the toilet or the shower. The ability to just pull a lever or turn a knob and control the flow of water had been something just short of miraculous to him. He had always done his best to bath regularly before, but it had been more of a mundane chore than a luxurious exercise; now it was not only easy but also pleasurable and Emma had nearly killed him for his constant and prolonged use of hot water.

It wasn’t until he took a shower for the firsttime days after his son’s birth that he realized that he had become very accustomed to the World Without Magic and that he had taken something so fantastic for granted. The water pounded away the aches in his back, washing away the grime and filth off of him. His muscles calmed and warmth enveloped his bones. He felt like a person again, rather than the barely functioning subhuman he had become.

He was exhausted, more so than he ever remembered being in his entire life. His son had been brought into the world five days ago and he wasn’t sure he or Emma had slept a full minute since. In fact, this shower was probably the first time he had been actually alone in the past few days as he, his wife and stepson had scrambled and struggled to care for the child - an incredibly small and defenseless creature who really had no true way of communicating his needs, which was more nerve wrecking than Killian cared to admit.

The second he turned off the water and briskly toweled off, Killian felt the tiredness creep back in and he sighed in resignation. He had been warned that the first few weeks were the worst but he hadn’t at all been prepared for this. Nothing David, Belle or the countless books he had read could accurately describe the level of sleep deprivation, anxiety and panic that had come with bringing Harrison home.

With more consideration than Killian has ever given, he slowly and quietly opened the door that led to his and Emma’s bedroom, hoping and praying to the gods that he would wake his son, who had been put to bed just before his shower. However, he soon discovered his thoughtful attempt was in vain because the child was awake and feeding away at his mother’s breast. The sight made him smile softly, or did it until he saw Emma’s expression and all joy melted away.

Emma, who was leaning against the headboard of their bed in only a pair of athletic shorts, was visibly shaking with tears leaking down her cheeks. Her teeth were dug painfully into her bottom lip as if she were doing her best to hold back a cry. Big purple bruises sagged under the corners of her eyes, reminding Killian that she had gotten just as little sleep as he had.

“Love, are you alright?” he asked cautiously as he approached, more focused on her than on dressing.

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I. AM. SO. EXCITED. TO. BUY. YOUR. DOUJIN. That is all. Thank you for your time, and for being so amazing. 👍💖

AHHH thank you so much dear… I’m gonna try and get it done ASAP, I work on it every day but life gets in the way (esp when I’ve been working like, a lot more than my normal hours ;; but I talked to my boss and I have days off finally omg). 

I hope everyone will still want it by the time its done LOL

The downside of coming from a lazy family that loves cuddling is that sometimes Mom will be productive and I’ll be sprawled on the couch, my arms open like, “but don’t you want to nap with me, mother, your youngest child whom you Love, on this the most comfortable of surfaces,” and then neither of us get any goddamn work done because I’m an evil nap gremlin who drags everyone down with me

Fails - Peter Parker x Reader

So, I failed a major music exam a few weeks back and I am still wallowing in sadness over it. This is what come of all of this sadness seeing as I have seen Spiderman Homecoming twice now and I kind of want him all to myself… 

Want to be tagged in anything or everything? Message me and it will be no problem!


Originally posted by sddonald22

You sat there with that letter in your hand. You had worked for months and months towards this one day and you had apparently messed it all up. You had failed the one exam you really needed to pass and on the subject you normally excelled at.

When you had left that examination room you didn’t think you had done as well as you could and you had repeatedly said to your parents and Peter that you thought you had failed. You didn’t mean it. You thought, hoped, that you were wrong. That you would pass by a few marks or even better fly through it and be excellent all over again. But not this time.

The thin paper in your had contained that harsh, automatic scripted writing with all the apologetic crap about not having been successful this time but there was an opportunity next year. Yeah, right. You couldn’t help it. The tears soon cascaded down your face. You needed this exam to get into one of the best schools you could ever hope for and now you had no chance, no matter how much you were liked by teachers or how your reputation preceded you, you couldn’t sneak your way around this one and you didn’t know what to do. Your parents knew which meant you would get the silent disappointment treatment for a few hours if you were lucky. You needed to tell Peter, get his disappointment out the way do you could wallow in your grief.

As if on cue, there was light tapping against your window, Peter was stood on your fire escape pointing to the lock on your window and reluctantly, wanting to hide your tears, you unlocked it letting him open it himself as you laid back on your bed not facing him, “so, what did the letter say? How did it go?!” His voice was so happy and hopeful but as you looked up at him at last and handed him the letter. He knew, even without reading that you had, inevitably been right all along and his heart broke a little as he looked at you with pity. He hated that you had to go through this. Still he read through them scripted words that hundreds of examinees had probably received. He hadn’t spoken since he had asked you the original question and you could almost guess what he would say next, imagine the disappointment that was about to drip from his words. “I’m so sorry, darling.” He mumbled and pulled you into his side wrapping his arm around you and tossing the letter to one side as he shucked your crying.

“I really messed up this time didn’t I?” You laughed humourlessly and dryly as you went to wipe away your tears but Peter had beaten you to it and his thumbs slid over your now wet and hot cheeks,

“No, no you didn’t not at all,” he insisted, “this is a minor setback! Just like the letter said you can re-enter again next year and you will smash it.” He was trying his best to console you but he knew that he wasn’t doing too good of a job,

“I worked so hard, Pete. We worked so hard and I let you down.” You pulled away from his embrace as you thought back on all them nights Peter had ignored all of his own exams and had stopped being Spider-Man for a few hours just to help you study and practise but you had let him down. Like all them nights were nothing,

“Don’t you ever say that you have let me down again!” His voice had got a little louder, as if reprimanding you a little, “(y/n), you will never, ever let me down in anything! You would never be able too. Look, I know this stings and it’s rough but you can try again next year. You’re just 15 - we are both just 15, we have so much time to get into these schools and besides there is one good thing about all of this.” You looked at him confused. You had pretty much just broken your own dreams and he found some kind of positive,

“Go on then, Parker what could possibly be good about any of this?” You looked at him dumbfounded.

“Well,” he stammered a little nervous that you hadn’t thought of it, “you get to spend another year with me. We get another year together before you ship off to this amazing school and become famous for your work or something.” He smiled a little helplessly at you and your heart twinges a little,

“Well I suppose that is the silver lining.” You smiled weakly at him and his smile brightened up,

“I’ll get to have one more full year of pestering you for cuddles and having you patch me up at random 3ams and you’ll have another year of me bringing you free food and as many kisses as you want.” He laid on your bed and pulled you into his side, picking up the letter again as he did so. “And if wanted, more quizzes so that you ace this test in a years time and eventually have to leave me.” His voice grew audibly sadder with this last part and you did too. You had never thought of the leaving Peter part,

“Like a certain superhero wouldn’t be soon spotted near the campus at all after that moment.” You laughed and he scoffed. Every since he had told you his secret you had admired him more than anything but you had loved to make the odd joke. “Peter, what if this was a sign I am not made for all of this?” you asked and in simple reply he ripped up the darned letter he had been holding,

“We both know it doesn’t mean that. It means that you will go back next year and be even more amazing. We all have set backs. I fail at something almost every day but I still put that suit on and go out, I still carry on and you can too. You just have to go for it. I think you know that deep down and by next week, you will be back to your happy workaholic ways and I will be that wondering if I am made to deal with you.” He laughed as you playfully smacked his arm at the final part, “you know I love you really, darling.” He laughed as he threw all of the tiny torn up shreds at you, just for you to blow them back into his face causing his nose to scrunch up adorably, making you giggle with hysterics. A state he managed to put you in no matter what.

“What am I going to do with you, Peter Parker?”

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Yesterday I stole a bunch of pain killers from the medicine cabinet at work and had plans on killing myself. If it hadn't been for my grandmas surprise visit, I would have done it. Obviously I did not tell her my plans or what I was feeling before she arrived, but I am scared that I'll have those overwhelming feelings that I can't handle on my own again. What should I do to prevent this? -B

For starters dump the pills. Please do it now. I’ll wait.

Okay, let’s think this through. You don’t really want to die. You just want the pain to end. No living being wants to die. I am not going to give you all the usual platitudes about thinking about how it would affect your loved ones. I’m sure you’ve already thought about that. Here’s the deal: Everything changes. All pain ends eventually. I’m a Buddhist and we see all life as precious. A human existence is the greatest gift which may be bestowed upon us.

You need to find the source of your pain. Find its root cause and expose it. Take its power away. You can live without fear. You can live without constant sorrow. You care too much. You can detach from this thinking. 

I am your friend though you don’t know it. I care about you and want you to heal yourself. I want you to see that this is possible. Please talk to somebody there. Bring a trusted friend into the loop and tell them of your ideations. You may need medical assistance for depression. A friend can help you make the calls you need to get that help. I am here to listen to you if you need me.

Here are some resources for you. Many blessings, Sam.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline Call 1-800-273-8255

24 Hour online Chat with a suicide counselor

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So this girl I like works at a gym I go to and I made the mistake today of trying to keep up with her. My legs, man... My legs are burnin. I can't walk right now without looking like I have a gimp. She wants to work out again tomorrow. I'm going to die.

OH MY GOD LMFAO I’VE DONE THAT BEFORE. when i was in college there was this G O R G E O U S holyyy hell angel that used to work out at my gym. i was a trainer so i was there like ALL the time anyway but she usually came when i was finishing up. BUT YOU KNOW MY TOTALLY USELESS GAY ASS stayed later and worked out AGAIN just to have eye candy. i was in insane shape…because i was thirsty. she was honestly so hot and i think about her to this day


July 24, 2017

Had my first day of preplanning! Met a lot of people and remember few names haha. Got my school laptop, got my roster!!! As of right now I have 23 kids :) I wanted to print their name cards but ugh of course the internet is down. Right now I’m using up data :P ummm I painted a bookshelf and have to seal it tomorrow. Put a few things up on my wall. Lowered a few desks and need to get more of that done tomorrow.

I have to go to two PD sessions tomorrow before I can work on my room. Here’s hoping for learning of good info then speedy work on my room 😊

Oh and I read two books over the past two days. Both third/fourth grade level lol but still.

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I just want to tell you how great I thought Falling For Your Charms was! This week I powered through all of your Rivals fics and ficlets and your writing style is so great! I couldn't put any of it down! I'm currently waiting for an AO3 invitation just so I can go and give all of your works kudos and comments. Never stop writing, you're the best! :3

I’m not intending to! I have some more fic ideas for after Rivals and FFYC is done so I’ll definitely keep writing :D And thank you!!

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Kai, I was wondering when you were thinking of opening up commissions again :o love your work!!

I probably won’t open commissions until I finish Lonbin. I want to focus on getting it done first~ But I will definitely open them again if there’s an emergency. Thank you for your patience~ TTwTT

Feeling stronger than ever!! Apart from my 3 weeks of being sick, I have used BBG stronger (my new BBG program with weights) and haven’t missed a workout yet!!! After speaking to some women, I heard a lot that they are scared of lifting weights because they think its going to make them “turn into a body builder” ..thats like saying..“I’m scared to go on the treadmill because I don’t want to turn into a marathon runner”. I am so PROUD to say I have done all these workouts and lifted all of those weights!! I had someone say to me recently, “I like how you are always proud” … damn right I am!! I work so hard to be healthy fit and strong, why shouldn’t I be proud of that!! :D Celebrate the small things in life and you will be so much happier!! www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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pls help me jills i just got my first ask and i forgot how to find the post and link it ahh HELP ME

ahhh i feel like this was a pressing issue that i didn’t answer in time but i was at work!!

so step 1: write whatever you want to link

and then click the little infinity looking thing, which will expand to an open space

step 2: copy your link

let’s say i’m linking to this post. i’m going to copy the url

step 3: paste and you’re done!

paste your link the the expanded box and hit done!

i hope this is what you meant! and i hope i’m not too late xx

i was cashing out this woman at work and she was being so rude to me & when it was all done she told me she wanted to speak to an adult dshfsdfh i was like i…am an adult and she was like ok i want to speak to the manager and i was like lady i AM the manager 😂