i want to be carried by you

BTS Reaction to Him Shouting at You

GENRE: angst n fluff

WARNINGS: yelling


A/N: i wrote this last minute, even though i have another reaction saved just in case! i hope you guys enjoy!




Once Jin arrived home from a frustrating studio day full of being unable to correctly get a dance move down, his smile didn’t return like it typically did at the sight of you. You carried your usual grin, expecting to see your chipper boyfriend. Once he walked through the front door, you knew something was bothering him. Standing up to greet Jin, he turned to you and let out all of the emotions he held in during practice. He exploded in the moment, and it left you speechless, having never seen Jin so upset.

“I don’t want to talk to you! I want to go sleep; can’t you see that?! Will you just leave me alone!”

A few hours after the words escaped his lips, you were asleep on the couch with tear-stained cheeks. He hobbled out of your shared room wrapped in a blanket, sniffling as he regretted every word he had said. Once he saw you lying uncomfortably on your sofa, he sat down on the floor next to you and gently shook your arm. There he explained that he didn’t mean to be so harsh, and that he would make it up to you.

“I’m sorry jagiya; I went too far and you didn’t deserve that. Will you forgive me?”


Yoongi would have spent thirteen hours staring at his computer screen, headphones on, and completely blocking the world out. You would have spent the entire day with some close friends, which happened to be of the opposite gender. Yoongi wouldn’t have known, even if you did tell him; he was too busy working. You would have been more considerate of his feelings, if he hadn’t ignored you the past few days. You understood that he worked hard and you loved him for that, but he wouldn’t even say thank you whenever you handed him food.

“Where have you been?! I was worried sick; you wouldn’t answer your phone! You could have told me where you had gone, or at least inform me that you were running around with Y/F/N!”

Once you explained that you had told him, and that he just wasn’t listening, his face fell. He realized that he hadn’t been paying you any attention, and that today was your only day off work until next week. He remembered you had said a few days ago that you had wanted to spend it with him, and he felt his stomach twisting from the feeling of guilt. You closed your mouth, not having anything else to say; you knew he had realized what he needed to know.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry. I didn’t think that the days were passing by as swiftly as they are.”


— It had been a long day for the both of you. First, you had been told by your boss that your paycheck included less than usual, and Hoseok had realized a few songs he had thought he saved on the computer, didn’t. Secondly, your boss insulted you for messing up on a few graphs, and Hoseok was yelled at by Yoongi for being so clumsy. The third thing that had occurred was just affecting you: Hoseok had abruptly cancelled your dinner plans, with no explanation, when you were already done preparing. Overall, you and Hobi’s days were both an utter disaster.

“Y/N! Can’t you see that I can’t spend every living second with you?! Why can’t you just stop being so clingy!”

Hoseok didn’t mean the words he expressed, and he didn’t know how they would impact you. After everything that had happened, you found yourself silently sobbing in your shared room. Hobi was in the kitchen, trying to find something to eat although there was nothing, and that was the exact reason why you had a date planned. It didn’t take him long for the guilt to settle in, and soon your hiccuped sobs couldn’t be contained in the four walls. He felt his heart ache.

“Y/N, baby, I didn’t mean that. You know I’ve been stressed all day, and I know you have too. I’m sorry that I took my anger out on you.”


Due to you both having busy schedules, nights declared for being movie dates were special. You had only been able to see Namjoon late at night, being that one of you was always staying late to work. Sitting at your cluttered desk at work, you felt overwhelmed, and the one thing that could take your stress away was a movie night with Joon. Glancing at the clock on your computer, you realized it was time to head home. Meanwhile, Namjoon was sitting on the couch in your house, sleeping soundly. Once you startled him as you walked through the door, his cranky self was revealed.

“Baby! Can’t you walk in a little quieter?! I was sleeping and you know how hard that is to come by!”

You couldn’t help but smile at his messy hair and tired expression, although you could see how frustrated he was. Once he saw a grin forming on your face, his expression softened. You were the only person who could change his mood in seconds, and it was one of those moments. Namjoon chuckled lightly, realizing how messy his hair was, and how stupid he was acting.

“Sorry about that; will my cuddles make it up to you?”


You would be ecstatic to see Jimin after having had a great day at school. You passed you exams with the highest grades in your class, and your plans with friends had been cancelled. You wanted to tell Jimin everything, loving how he listened to every word that ever left your lips. It was what had made you fall for him in the beginning of your relationship, and still it was something you admired. You had prepared dinner for the two of you, believing he would be extremely grateful. Your mood would change drastically once the front door slammed closed.

“I’m going to shower; I can’t get the choreography right, and I don’t want to watch you in awe as you get it in seconds!”

You let out a sigh as you grabbed a serving of the dinner you had prepared for you and Jimin. Sitting down at the table, the running water created by the shower filled your ears. You didn’t want to bother Jimin, being that he clearly did not want to see you. You felt bad for the way he exclaimed about how he was unable to get a choreography, but you knew he wouldn’t stay mad and frustrated forever. Meanwhile, Jimin was lying his forehead against the shower wall, wondering if you disliked if for barging in and yelling at you about his problems.

“Baby? You don’t hate me, do you?”


Tae would have been in one of his many mood swings, and Jimin would have texted you already, warning you about his attitude. You wouldn’t think too much about it, until Taehyung walked into the dorms where you stood with Jin preparing dinner for everyone. He had his arms crossed over his chest like a child, not even uncrossing them as he slid off his shoes. You glanced towards Jin, who was trying to back his laughter. Taehyung saw the two of you, and he immediately appeared as if he had smoke flying from his ears.

“Can you not hog my girlfriend/boyfriend, hyung! Y/N, can you not spend more time with me instead of Jin?! I would prefer you to see me – your boyfriend – instead of my best friend!”

Tae stormed into his room, and the rest of the boys walked over and sat down. They all appeared more exhausted than usual, and you knew that the cause was Taehyung. You didn’t take Tae’s words with a grain of salt, knowing that his mood swing would pass and he soon would realize that you did ask him if he wanted to spend the day together. Yoongi laid his head on the counter as he groaned, and you heard Tae’s bedroom door opening already.

“Y/N! I’m sorry; I just remembered you asked me about today and if I wanted to spend it with you. You then told me you were going to hang out with Jin and cook a few things for the boys and I. I’m sorry, baby.”


You had just woken up, and you were already wishing that Jungkook was there to help you stay warm in the cold atmosphere. You knew he was in the living room, hearing the loud noises being produced by one of his many video games. He couldn’t sleep last night, and instead of lying with you, he got up and went to go play. You didn’t mind, being that you were very tired and delirious. You did, however, mind that he was still playing games early in the morning. Once you opened the door to your room and expressed that to him, he turned to you with fury in his eyes.

“I’m sorry that you’re so clingy and you constantly need me by you! I couldn’t sleep, and I can’t help that! I’m still not tired, and I’ll sleep once I feel like I need to! You don’t have to constantly worry about me!”

You then retreated back into your room, continuing to get ready for your day of classes. Jungkook was only angry from the competition in the game, and you knew that. You tried to not think about his words too much, but still they bothered you. Jungkook, in the other room, had just won the round for the first time since he had began playing. He turned to the door, expecting to see you there to congratulate him, but instead he saw that it was closed. A frown formed on his face as he rushed into your room.

“I’m sorry jagi; I was frustrated. I didn’t mean to say what I did. I love you, and I love everything you do!”


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Hey I've gotten into Kingdom Hearts (addicted love it) a while back and kinda want to get into Final Fantasy as well. Where does one start?

Luckily, each numbered title of Final Fantasy is a standalone– so you can start pretty much anywhere in the series and not miss a beat. Some of the games have sequels, but they’re numbered so that you know they’re related (e.g. FFX and FFX-2).

Here are some of my favorites:

  • Final Fantasy VII
    • Brooding soldier boy carries a giant sword, teams up with some friends to stop a beautiful murder man from dropping a space rock on the planet
  • Final Fantasy IX
    • Klepto monkey boy and his band of merry men try to kidnap a princess, get entangled in the political intrigue of a world at war
  • Final Fantasy X
    • Kid with a funny laugh and daddy issues goes on a world tour with a cute girl who can summon large monsters to help her defeat an even larger monster
  • Final Fantasy X-2
    • Aforementioned cute girl goes on a world tour with two other cute girls who use Sailor Moon transformations to beat people up on their quest to find her boyfriend and maybe save the world idk
  • Final Fantasy Type-0
    • Group of kids named after playing cards relentlessly tease a moogle, find time to save the world between class periods
  • Final Fantasy XV (Duh… hahahahaha)
    • Royal boy band on important diplomatic mission to unite two nations through marriage, takes constant detours to pet chocobos, snap pictures, and catch frogs

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"Do you have this *item*" "No, I don't think so, sorry." "*mutters* well you had it years ago." Uhhh I think we weren't even the same store. There was a different store before it was shut down and became the current store so sorry we don't have the item you wanted 😐

I love those. Most of the time it’s been years so the customer doesn’t even remember what it’s correct name is and is asking for something that never existed and gets mad at you when you figure it out an hour later (because she won’t leave) and then throws something at you when you tell her it’s been years since we carried it.


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And I didn't have room to add this, but if the other side of that child going to be around, I feel they should have some say in the matter, its their's as well.

2 / 2

i appreciate your curiosity and question.

there are several reasons a woman would get an abortion. (keep in mind “get” and “want” are two different things and that I chose not to use “want” there)

1. she can’t afford the expenses of a child
2. she could have been raped
3. she is a child herself (a.k.a too young or immature to care for another human being)
4. her body, her choice
5. she has a poor relationship with her own parents which could lead to fear of being a parent
6. she has too many kids already
7. she could be in bad health
8. she worries about having or doesn’t have support (emotional, physical, financial) from the father
9. depending on circumstances, she could be endangering her own life if she goes through with a pregnancy
10. she doesn’t want the physical aftermath on her body
11. she didn’t want a child (and honestly, do you want to make a woman who doesn’t want her baby, have a baby? if not for the sake of the mother, imagine the emotional toll this could have on a kid feeling unwanted and unloved)

it’s important to keep in mind that just because a woman has sex, doesn’t mean she wants children, the same way men can want sex and not desire children. yes, sex has its consequences and the possibility of children is one of them (as well as STDs and UTIs) and these should always be kept in mind. but there’s nothing wrong with casual sex (but please let it also be protected sex). accidents happen.

I understand the opinion that if someone has sex, knowing what could happen, they should have to carry out a child because “they did that to themselves” and should “deal with the consequences”. however, they didn’t do it PURPOSELY to themselves, and in any situation, a kid shouldn’t be a punishment. that’s a lifelong ordeal that isn’t fair to the parents or child if it’s considered a burden.

yes, adoption centers exist and are an alternative, but there are more than 101,000 children waiting to be adopted in the U.S, and this number is only increasing.

(this is unrelated but related) it’s also important to mention that taking away our birth control and making it optional for insurances isn’t going to help abortion rates go down for all of you that care about that! it’s just going to make them increase! and making abortion illegal is only going to make abortions unsafe for children and parents because if they can’t be done legally, they’ll opt for being done illegally!! please acknowledge this!!

what I’ve learned about a lot of pro-lifers is that they aren’t actually pro-life. they’re pro-birth. not all, but a lot of the same people saying “abortion is wrong” and “don’t do that” are the same people who complain about having to pay taxes that go into other people’s children. if you’re going to guilt or force a woman into carrying through with her pregnancy when she can’t afford it, you’re going to assist in the payments, since you are pro-life, after all.

and for anyone who doesn’t know, just because someone is pro-choice doesn’t mean they love abortions. that’s why it isn’t called pro-abortion: it just means they believe a woman can make her own choice concerning her and is entitled to that as a human being.

your point about the father having a say is a good one that I agree with: the father should have say since he’s part of the equation. ideally, the mother and father probably should talk seriously about what they want and can do and reach a consensus together. but ultimately, I feel the decision lies in the woman’s hands since she would be the carrier for 9 months and dealing with the effects of pregnancy. a good solution to this kind of dilemma would be figuring out how to transfer the pregnancy and let the man carry it. it’s impossible, but how does that sound for a solution? :D

anyway, I don’t think women ever just want an abortion. they don’t have sex and get pregnant so they can get an abortion. there’s not malicious intent behind them, it’s just a solution.

apologies for the messy, untransitional layout of this. i was just trying to get some messages across.

hope you have a good day, and please don’t take this as me trying to sway your mindset. im just explaining and answering your question (but again, apologies if it seemed like I’m trying to shove this down your throat).

Every day, I dig a hole
and bury myself.

I want the abyss to swallow me
or to simply vanish into a thin air.

There is a season of flattery
I carry you with me,
all the twigs that would keep me warm.

My own steps deny me, disapproval of the self.

Where is the promised sunflower? –

the name that cannot be written,
the pouring of love, a veil of suffering,
the entrance to nowhere?

I’m mimicking the death of my own soul,
salvation, where is the hand of yours?

There was a deep river in my eye sockets,
the endless running of spring, all dried up now.

How deception shook harder than an earthquake.

Where can we go so we can uncut our feelings?

I am filled with disabled asseveration

Perhaps I write too much just for my words
to do my dirty works,
so I can wash my hands.

Is it an ill of the mind,
to know things
yet we’re playing chess?

We’re back and forth
like a rocking chair,
lullabying in a mouthful
of kindness –

yet even
your tales smelt like
gardenia after the rain,
saccharine scented tongue,
filled with words
that could bring rain
to my deserted crux

How is it that you live here?
not only in my head
but in my walls, ceiling
corridors, bathroom,
backyard, kitchen,
lounge room even my routines?

My own cavity I must fill,
the void that resembles
a black hole,
where to exit when
there is no sign?
how to get rid of a ghost
when I am it?

I suppose I am a dumb prophet
furnish me with your
sweet nothings
and I’ll believe you
even with the truth
ridding on my shoulder.

D C de Oliveira

My sister took this pic
I just happened to be in it

@wrexie finished my commission (yesterday technically but I was asleep when it happened, I’ve been sick ok) and I’m screaming?? Just gosh, I love how they made the bottom look like there are freaking tear splotches and water marks and stuff (Cause Elincia would definitely cry when looking at this aha) The twins look so goddamn good and I love the outfits Wrexie designed, and the whole warm atmosphere of the image is just 👌👌👌👌
And oh my god Alea’s hair turned out so good, and the texture on her sweater! Ah! I can’t stop just raving about how amazing this is I squeal every time I see it it’s so good
100/10 would commission again

when I was on my way back from London I wore all my taylor merch and literally everyone was starting at me (not discretely at all may I point out) BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? I DONT CARE BECAUSE TAYLOR LOVES ME AND SHE WOULD WANT ME TO HOLD MY HEAD HIGH AND CARRY ON AND NOT CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK ABOUT ME. @taylorswift

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hi averie! I was wondeirng if you had any suggestions for - and pardon me if this isn't the right word - cool props and things for a gothic lolita? I'm absolutely in love with building really elegant and enchanting co-ords and I find that props add that finishing touch! things like sceptres, walking canes, etc... I already have a parasol but I want to expand! thank you so much for your help - it can be anything!

Props are my favorite thing! Any time I’m putting together a more elaborate or OTT coord I try to add some sort of prop or big statement accessory. I have noticed that scepters and wands have sort of fallen out of favor lately but I still love them and think they’re a lot of fun to not only to carry around but also to make. Hello Batty has a great tutorial for making one that you can use for inspiration to make one any way you want.  I also really like using bags that are fun shapes! Like this time I was going for a “cabinet of curiosities” theme so I used a bag that looks like a shrunken head and this other time I had a musical instruments theme so I used a bag shaped like an accordion. I like bags that look like props because they’re both fun and functional. Another good option for something that can be both beautiful and functional is a hand fan. They can be found in countless beautiful designs and are often small enough that you can tuck them away in a bag when you don’t want to carry it. Or if you wanted something extra elaborate you could go with a big feather one like Queen Elizabeth.

I think canes can be great too depending on your coord and in my mind they suggest a very aristocratic look. Long canes actually grew in popularity with young ladies in the 18th century and were occasionally seen carried by ladies in the 19th century (though they were more popular with men at that time) so they could work nicely with Lolita. 


Request: Maybe one where the reader was dating Ben but he chose Mal over them. So the reader somehow got on the Isle and joined Uma’s crew. So when the VK’s and Ben went to get Mal back, they saw the reader there dating Harry Hook. You can choose the ending…

Requested by: @princess-of-the-fandoms

Pairing:  Harry Hook x reader x Ben

Rating: PG

Summary:  Ben and reader are dating, but Ben dumps reader for Mal.  Reader wants revenge.

Warnings: Brief dirty flirting

A/N: This will probably just be the one part, unless you guys can come up with a sequal.  

Villain/Hero Parent: Ariel and Prince Eric

Word count:  2,141  (I got a little carried away)


Do you know what it’s like to be heartbroken?  To feel like you’re the only thing that matters in someone’s life, only to be thrown to the curb for the ‘newest addition’?  No?  Well I do. ‘It was love.’  He said.  ‘It was meant to be.’  Everyone else said.  Humph. Dump your girlfriend as soon as someone new joins the town, hm?  I’ll show you.


~We got all the ways to be~

After Ben dumped me for Mal, I fled.  I didn’t say ‘good bye’, or ‘farewell’ to anyone.  The only thing I left was a note.  I left everything, everyone, behind.  I fled to the place nobody would go to find me.  The Isle of the Lost.  I had used a spell from Mal’s book to get me there. It’s not like anyone would care, or notice, for that matter.  As soon as I got there, I knew I was gonna have fun.  The place looked very old and dingy.  I looked down upon hearing a small squeak, and lifted my foot slightly, allowing a rat to pass by.  I decided to make myself familiar with my new home.  As I was walking around, I saw a man leaning against a pole.  He looked at me, as I studied him.  He had a bandanna of sorts on his head, his hair was in a man bun, and he looked strong.  I quirked an eyebrow at him, as he studied me.  He noticed I stood out by my bright teal dress, and jewelry.  “Are you, lost?”  He asked cautiously.  I looked around, then back at him.  “I suppose. I’ve never been here before.”  He looked shocked at this.  “Who are you?  If I might ask?”  He added on quickly.  “I’m Y/n. Daughter of Ariel and Prince Eric.” His eyes widened a considerable amount. “What are you doing here?”  I sat him down, and told him the whole story.

I don’t know why I did, probably because he seemed so curious, and I was never raised better.  It’s not like Mom trusted Ursula, who, in my opinion, screamed evil.  He nodded understandingly, and offered a place to stay. I accepted, gladly, and followed him to an abandoned house.  “No one lives here anymore.  In case you couldn’t tell.”  He said lightly gesturing to the house.  I nodded and thanked him.  As I walked in, I made a face.  It was very dusty.  The man smiled slightly and turned to leave.  “Hey!”  I shouted, causing him to turn around.  “What’s your name?”

“Gil.”  He smiled.

“Gil.”  I said. “Thanks.”

He nodded in response, and took his leave.  I looked around the room again.  ‘Well, time for Snow White.’  I thought.


Gil ran into Ursula’s Fish ‘N Chips.  He looked around and spotted Harry.  He ran over.  “Harry!” Harry turned to Gil in response.  “Someone from Auradon is here.”  Harry’s eyes widened and franticly looked around.  He pulled Gil off into a secluded corner.  “How do you know?”  He whispered.  “I saw her!”  Gil pronounced the ‘saw’ as if it was obvious, because it was.  Harry licked his lips, wetting them.  Gil watched the act, and cringed a small bit.  “What happened?”  Harry asked. After Gil told him the whole story, Harry laughed.  “This is gonna be fun”

~We got all the ways to be~

The next day, you were cleaning up your new home. After you had tidied up a bit, you decided to get new clothes to blend in more. As you were at a shop called ‘Curl up and Dye’ a man wearing bright red came in.  You were with Dizzy, as you recalled her name was, picking out new clothes. Dizzy panicked, and stepped behind you, you looked back at her, eyes wide, then looked back at the man, who was considerably closer than he just was.  He lifted his hook, and slid it down your face.  You winced at the cool surface.  Dizzy let out a tiny squeak, and slid lower.  You looked back into the man’s eyes, blue, and instantly froze.  You studied his face and shied away when he was studying yours, captivating as his eyes are.  “Well, well, well.”  He said. You looked back at him, and backed Dizzy up, so you could get your personal space back.  The man stood up straight, smirking, clearly amused.  “What’s your name, love?”  His heavy Scottish accent made you weak, and you answered him. “Y/n.”

“Y/n.”  He repeated with a smile on his face, liking the way it rolls off the tongue.  He took off his pirate hat and gave a deep bow.  “Harry, Harry Hook.”  Your eyes remained wide, as you were unsure as to what was happening.  “N-nice to m-meet you.”  You stammered, mentally scolding yourself.  You were never this nervous, you thought.  He smiled fully, showing his white teeth, clearly enjoying your nervousness.  “Until we meet again.”  He said, kissing the back of your hand, and sauntered away, humming a tune to himself.  You looked down at Dizzy, confused and flustered.  “What was that about?”  You asked, breathless.  Dizzy looked up at you and shrugged.  “Heck if I know.”  She said. You both looked at the doorway, taken aback.  “Where were we!?”  You shouted happily, trying to relieve some of the tension.  She smiled, and walked over to a rack of clothes.  You walked over and studied them, trying to figure out your new look.


The next time you went out, you looked like a completely different person.  Your neat, teal dress was traded in for a teal strapless crop top, black leather jacket, black boots, and black leather pants.  Your usually neat red hair, a trait from your mother, was more messed up, but still stylish.  You felt good, never better, in fact.  This new person felt good, you felt confident, you felt free.  As you were walking down the street, you heard a whistle.  You turned, and Harry walked up to you, playfully swatting your bum.  You turned to send him a playful glare.  You had been here for weeks, maybe a month or two, and had grown close with Gil and Harry, closer with Harry.  Uma, however, was still not fond of you.  She was Ursula’s daughter after all.  You were also fond of Dizzy, so when Uma sent Harry to rob her, you refused to go, even if Harry was your boyfriend.  Yeah, I said it.  Do I need to say it again, in case you misheard?  Boyfriend.  You know it was quick, so does everyone else.  Harry showed you what it felt like to be alive. When Harry came back announcing that Mal was back, your blood hit boiling point.  Harry walked over to you, knowing how you felt about her, and ran his hands soothingly down your arms.  You relaxed a little, but vowed to be the end of her, until Uma claimed that as her right.  You sent her a small glare, but you knew it was only right, she was your captain, and she’s been having issues with Mal longer.

~Long, live, having some fun~

You waited in the shadows, waiting for the VK’s to look away, when they finally did, you snagged Ben while Harry made his entrance.  You chuckled, “I’ve been waiting for this.” You whispered.  Ben’s eyes widened at the sound of your voice.  When Harry got back, you were in the process of tying Ben up. “Why are you doing this?”  He asked.  Harry was behind the pole listening, but not intervening.  He had faith in you.  “You know full well why.”  You spat back.  “Really?” Was his witty comeback.  “Yes.  You,” you said, jabbing him in the chest with your finger, “dumped me for Mal, who, I remind you, you had met a few days prior.  You didn’t even come look for me after I left the note, but when Mal leaves, oh ho, you gotta go get her!”

“That’s not,” he went to defend but you quickly cut him off.  “Nuh uh.”  You said.  “That’s what happened, and you know it.”  He looked away, shamefully.  He looked back at you, coming up with a response.  “You’re dating a villain!”  Harry rolled his eyes at that.  “So are you!” You spat back.  “She’s not a villain anymore.”  He said.  You leaned in so that you were inches from his face.  “Then why is she here?  Why have you chased after her?”  She smirked at how he had no response.  She stood up to her full height, and sauntered away.  

~We take what we want~

“They’re here!”  Gil shouted from his post.  As the VK’s walked into view, Harry shouted, “Welcome!”

“Finally!”  Thus started the song and dance number.  It was fun, and exhausting.  By the time it ended you were sweaty and out of breath.  Good thing your makeup was sweat resistant.  Mal had given in, and given Uma the wand, after ‘proving’ it was real by a talking dog.  As it was closer to you, your eyes widened.  “The wand is a fake!”  You shouted. The VK’s eyes widened to the size of saucers.  Uma looked at the wand and snapped it over her knee.  “You do not get to win every time!” She shouted.  You knew the wand was fake because you lived at Auradon all of your life, you knew exactly what it looked like, and that includes the material it was made of. This, was not that.  A huge sword fight broke out.  People were running everywhere, and the sound of swords clashing filled your ears.  You ran up to Carlos, seeing as Uma was fighting Mal. You lowered yourself into a ready stance, and steadied your blade.  Carlos also bent down slightly.  You began clashing swords together.  His time with the team has really paid off.  You, of course, hadn’t done anything with swords, so the crew taught you.  You had done better than they expected, but you still didn’t quite live up to Carlos’ level.  Within minutes, he had knocked you off of your feet, and pointed the sword at your throat. “Wait!”  You whisper-shouted.  “Carlos, I don’t want to be here.  I changed my mind.”  Carlos cocked his head.  “Really?” Seeing as he was distracted, you kicked him in the groin, causing him to collapse.  “So gullible.”  You laughed. You then shoved him into the water below.

You turned to see Harry fighting Jay.  Harry had him, but Jay took his hook.  Harry immediately stopped, and stretched his hand out, asking for the hook.  Jay responded by throwing it in the water.  Harry didn’t hesitate to jump in after it.  You silently chuckled you yourself, as Harry was so attached to that thing.  You threw a rock at Jay’s head, he turned, and saw you.  “That wasn’t nice!”  You shouted. “What did you expect!?”  He retorted.  Lonnie, an old friend of yours, ran up to Jay, and followed his gaze to look at me.  She gave you a small wave, and a sad smile.  “Uma!”  You turned to the sound, Harry, and was about to run over until Uma got there and helped Harry out of the water.  Jay ran off to do, something, and Evie ran up to Carlos.  “Carlos,” she started, “why are you soaked?”  She inquired.  “I don’t want to talk about it.” Was his reply.  The sword fighting continued, until Evie threw a smoke bomb on the ground, causing a big explosion of purple mist.  They all ran through the pipe, and Mal kicked off the bridge, connecting it to the docks.  She then ran off with the rest of the VK’s.  “Ugh!!!” You shouted.  You took a few steps back, ran, and jumped across the gap.  “Y/n!”  Harry shouted.  You landed and turned to him.  “Be careful.” He said.  You nodded and ran off.  You had to hurry.  When you got to where they were, they were driving off in the limo.  You glared at the car, hoping that if you glared hard enough, it would shatter into a million pieces.  To your dismay, nothing happened.  Ben saw you, and looked back to the front of the limo, a sad expression on his face.

“What’s wrong?”  Carlos asked. “Hm?”  Ben turned.  “Oh. We shouldn’t have left her there.”

“No offence Ben, but it seemed that she was perfectly happy there.” Carlos reminded.  “How could she be happy with Harry?”  He asked, more to himself than the others.  Everyone looked back at him in shock.  “Y/n and Harry are dating!?!”  Carlos screamed.  “Hey!” Dude, the dog, shouted.  “Sensitive ears here.”

“Sorry.”  Was his reply.  

~There’s so many ways to be wicked~

As they drove off, you watched them.  You looked down, and noticed Mal’s spell book.  You picked it up, and leafed through the pages.  You smirked and clutched the book tightly to your chest.  Uma was gonna love this.  


A/N:  So, this took forever.  I had a lot of fun though.  Here is the readers new outfit.  

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I think Cooliplier (who ive seen headcanoned that his name is Niko) is the type of possessive where hes very protective and jealous. He likes knowing where you're going but hes never angry at you for deviating from your plans if you remember something else to do. He'll go with you to help carry groceries in, but only if you want his help. Also, probably really cheesy and quirky dates, like going to diners and watching movies on his laptop when you get back home.

Aww, Niko is a cute name for Cooliplier. And exactly, he’s never angry about you suddenly changing plans or not telling him something about the day. He only likes to know where you are so if something happened he can get there quickly. I can see him that bad-boy gentleman. But not really a jerk or anything like that, but he looks a little intimidating and he’ll do pranks on the public. But he always opens doors for you, carries things for you if you need help or if you ask.

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Here you go! *Gives the seven Harry Potter books, The Cursed Child, Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them, and Tale of Beadle The Bard.* I quite love Harry Potter myself, so here! Though, a fair warning, the series does get darker the further you go. The first three or four should be no issue, after that you may want to pre-read Ms. Toriel (especially five, Order of The Phoenix. It's not too bad, but the character Umbridge does something that may be sensitive to the boys ((the quill, mun)) ).


[Papyrus swipes up the books and carries them off to his and Sans’s bedroom.]

“hey, wait up, bro, i wanna read them with you.”


“maybe i will, in that case.”


“That’s so kind of you, dear. I always appreciate new reading material for my boys. It can be … difficult to find new books around here. Thank you also for the warning. I will … certainly take a look at the later installments before the boys get that far.”

//Ooooooh, yeah, the boys would not take to Umbridge very well. We’ll be lucky if Toriel doesn’t set the book on fire while reading it. Though she might do that for the Dursleys, too.//

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Hey hey hey I saw ur post about Spot and Race never interacting and I just wanna say the reason they're so big is bc of the movie! They have Good interactions in that (like Spot nodding when Race says "ain't I pretty" in king of new york), and it just carried over to the musical (people have probably talked about this in the tags so I hope I'm not being annoying but the movie is so good and deserves more love!!)

omg yes! thank you for sending in this ask cause i actually wanted to address this.

so i made this post a while ago about how i was amazed that sprace essentially came from nowhere and yet it was one of the most popular ships in the fandom.

but then a ton of people reblogged and replied and told me exactly what you just said, that their interaction actually stemmed from the movie version (which tbh i’m hardly familiar with at all, i’ve only seen part of it and the musical version like 1719348 times lol)

so thank you to everyone who reached out to educate me!

and also if you click the link, another person also taught me that shipping sprace pretty much meant shipping race with himself since his real life counterpart and spon conlon are actually the same person LMAO so that was another great thing that came from this post.

and shout out to the people who pointed out that katherine and sarah aren’t even in the same newsies universe and a lot of y’all ship them as well.

moral of the story is the newsies fandom truly is a magical place and i’m happy to be part of it tbh y’all really are something special <3

The Moon & The President’s Daughter, Chapter 13

Clara’s head shot up and she noticed her father throw her an inquisitive, yet kind look. She sighed. “I wanted to ask you about my mother,” she explained quietly.

The President sank back in his chair and the way his body instantly slumped down made Clara think his shoulders were heavy, as if they carried an incredible weight.

“I suppose this conversation has been coming for a while,” he said quietly. “I was wondering when you would start asking questions about her.”

Read on AO3 or FF.net

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Just want to start by saying your garvez fics are everythingggg!! Could you pretty please write a fic about the team finding out about garvez, maybe garvez accidentally spends the night together on a case cause they fell asleep in a hotel room together, and although nothing happened the team freaks out and is excited for them?

I wanted to start by saying thank you! I really appreciate the compliment and I hope the following piece of fiction is to your liking. 

Last Resort

Pairing: Garvez

Words: 2,047

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Lmao, I’m still questioning (but original sex is female), I do have brown hair, but darker and no highlights (but planning soon or maybe even dyeing my whole hair), I want blue eyes, and I guess I have a few freckles. basically goals lmao

Fun fact, I do carry advil pills with me everywhere ;)


Since this blog has gotten a new batch of followers thanks to Mark reblogging one of my posts, I think it’s a good time to once again go over the guidelines I set on venting in my ask box or DMs. Don’t worry: they’re simple to follow and shouldn’t limit you on the things you want to say.

  • Blatant anon hate will get you blocked. That one is pretty much a no-brainer. Anonymity is meant to expand my reach to people without a Tumblr account, as well as grant reassurance to those who don’t feel comfortable with venting out in the open. It’s not supposed to be used to spew hateful comments and not carry the consequences. Expressing anger or frustration is fine, but don’t be an absolute jerk over it.
    • By the way, same goes for if you’re sending hate off anon. Don’t think you can weasel your way past the rules.
  • If you’re suffering from something very VERY serious (drug addiction, suicidal depression, traumatic events,…), then the only advice I can give you is to talk about it with a counselor or a therapist. I’m perfectly willing to hear you out and maybe give you a little pick-me-up, but I know I’m not qualified to give proper advice on topics like those. There is no shame in seeking professional help for the crap you’re going through.
  • Please be patient if I’m not responding immediately. Depending on the time you sent it, I could be asleep or abroad, and thus unable to read your vent (much less respond to it) until later. I’ll probably need a bit of extra time to think of a good way to respond as well, but rest assured that you will be heard.

Now that all of that is out of the way, I hope you enjoy your time following TimmyBoxTine.

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Bloodless Doll - ConvenientAlias - Le Fantôme de l'Opéra | Phantom of the Opera & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Le Fantôme de l'Opéra | Phantom of the Opera & Related Fandoms
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Raoul de Chagny/Erik | Phantom of the Opera
Characters: Raoul de Chagny, Erik | Phantom of the Opera
Additional Tags: Vampires, Alternate Universe - Vampire, Erik is a Stalker, Background R/C, Raoul is Broody, Fictober

When you began observing Raoul de Chagny in earnest, the oddities added up surprisingly quickly. A hypnotic voice. Unnaturally pale skin. Utter refusal to go to the opera house except at night. And a certain reserve that indicated he was hiding a secret.
Erik wanted to know what that secret was.

I wrote another fic for @phantastichomos E/R fictober challenge. The theme for day 17 was vampires.

I got a little carried away. But like. It’s October. And vampires.