i want to be born earlier

It’s true. In 1999, Bill Gates was found in Serbia, severely dehydrated and in fugue state during which he made 15 predictions which all came true. These semi-lucid predictions were, of course, all banal and easily predictable. However, due to his billionaire status, we have no other choice but to attribute these inevitable truths to his great intellect and wealth.

15. Bugs will be more intelligent than us and will run 67 out of the 68 most important universities - By 1999, a toddler could tell you that this was incredibly self-evident. Bugs have been advancing faster than humans for generations. It was a bug that invented math. A bug shot my uncle and acted as his own lawyer, securing his own innocence, and even I couldn’t deny his superior intellect. Harvard and Princeton are both run by a hivemind of vile roaches, whilst we humans regress back into beastly indolence.

14. IHOP and Waffle House will join together to make a single super restaurant - Yet another moronic and obvious prediction from Serf King, Bill. I could have told you this was going to happen in 1999, and I was a indolent child back then. Yes, IHOP and Waffle House are closing all of stores and combining together to build a single super restaurant in the Mojave desert that will be twenty stories high and stretch for six miles. This restaurant, which is set to employee 40,000 people, is being designed as to lock all breakfast behind a series of convoluted bureaucratic processes, tests, and forms. The average wait time for single pancake will go up to six months. I can’t say that we deserve any better.

13. Bones will become completely obsolete and will be replaced with a Plasticine type substance that is incredibly radioactive - I bet you predicted this yourself in 1999. I know you did. Don’t be coy. It’s a common fact that humans are born without bones. We are gelatinous creatures by nature and bones are something that just tends to happen to up after a certain age. I still remember the first day I woke up with bones. I screamed for hours at the unnatural stiffness that now dominated the structure of my body. I wanted to scream because of how limited my movements now were, but I got used to it. Like I got used to many things.

12. Clowns will be emancipated and a portion of Texas will be given to them - This was predicted much earlier by much smarter people than Bill Gates, but they were all poorer than him, so they don’t matter. It is well known that Donald Trump is set to emancipate the clowns. Finally, they’ve been given the freedom they deserve after 5694 year fight for equal rights. Mr. Trump even personally carved out an arbitrary section of Texas for them to inhabit in complete lawlessness. The only problem is that nobody can find the clown. They all but disappeared after emancipation. Where have they gone. I want them back.

11. The Subway food chain will be granted personhood and immediately take human form and with its new physical form it will commit the first murder - I kept telling people this would happen. It’s very obvious that this would happen and it did. Subway, after a grueling legal battle, obtained corporate personhood and materialized in human form as a naked crone who seemed older than time itself. It stumbled out of the court room screaming in some primitive Germanic language and pointed at a passing police officer who immediately dropped dead. This lead to another controversial trial in which people are debating whether or not Subway should get off free because its a corporation and naturally shouldn’t be held responsible for anything.

10. You will regret many things, but not hearing the words I’m speaking to you now - This one is very true. I do regret many things, but I don’t regret hearing what you’re saying to me now. I enjoy your input. I always do. I love and respect you.

9. Barbara Bush will be hidden in every person’s house - I don’t like to think about this one. Barbara Bush has always been a boundless being, and during her time as the first lady of the united states, she absolutely terrified me. I can still feel her sitting next to me now.

8. We will find an exact replica of Ocean County, New Jersey at the bottom of the ocean - This was known to us even before the creation of Ocean County. In fact, Ocean County was based on this underwater county where nobody lives, not even fish. No one who travels there has ever returned, so it’s odd to say how anyone found out about this place and how the terrestrial Ocean County was based on the marine Ocean County. But, it’s called Ocean County for a reason, I guess. I’m not picky about details.

7. The Halo 1 world record speedrun will finally be achieved, yet no one will be left alive to appreciate this feat - This one hasn’t happened yet, but it’s obvious it will happen so it’s being included on this list. But yes, this year the Halo 1 world record speedrun is finally going to be achieved, but we will all die before it happens. Some people say Halo 1 is just a game a that plays itself and is constantly improving itself until its in a state so absolutely perfect that in can be beaten in a split second. I think the game is improving itself by improving the world around it as well, and what’s more efficient than a world that has nothing on it. Just my opinion.

6. Microsoft will be founded - In 1999 there was no Microsoft, but everyone knew someone had to make a Microsoft eventually. Finally 2010 Microsoft was founded by famous rapper and politician, Pitbull. Alongside Microsoft, Pitbull also founded Xbox and developed the new game Halo 1 for the Xbox. Before Microsoft there was no computers and no internet, so of course there’s no record of anything happening before 2017.

5. The fate of the world will lie on your shoulders alone - I knew about this one, I told you about this one already. It’s your responsibility to decide the fate of the world. You have a choice: a world with free reggaeton concerts, or a would without free reggaeton concerts. Those are the only possible futures you can choose from. All other futures are null and presuppose the non-creation of the entity known as “Microsoft”.

4. iPad - Yes, Bill Gates predicted the iPad. So did everyone else, tbh. He’s not special. I had my preorder in for the iPad at the first of 1999 along with everyone else. Of course, Steven Jobs was still dead then, so no one knew who or what the iPad was, but when Steven became alive for a few brief moments to give a TEDTalk on the glories of the iPad, I think we all felt something special.

3. Someone will give a name to the flaming ball of stuff in the sky - I’m not sure if this one happened yet, but it’s obviously going to happen, everyone knows this. I don’t know what to call the flaming ball of stuff in the sky. I’m not even sure it’s real. I can only feel comfort when it’s gone and it’s dark out and I can’t see anything, but I know it’s not watching or judging me anymore. When it comes I try to find the darkest place possible and just not think about it.

2. Iceland will succeed from the earth, leaving a massive hole in the planet which will slowly suck all continents into it - Iceland has been wanting to Icelexit for a while, so this was very obviously seen coming from a mile away. Iceland always wanted to be more independent, and that it’s gone and perfectly free from global economic dogma and also existence in general, all continents are being pulled into the void that it left in its place. The earth is indeed collapsing in on itself and there may be no hope for the future.

1. There will be no more frogs - I didn’t want to think this one would come true, but I knew deep down it would happen. There are no more frogs. The concept of frogs is gone even. I can’t picture or even remember what a frog is. I just remember that I loved them so and that my entire world was dominated by their pristine goodness and beauty. With them gone, I don’t know where the future of world lies. I don’t think we have a future. I don’t think we have anything anymore.

“He was my brother.”

Those were the first words to tumble out of her mouth when Rhaegar told her Brandon had been killed. He held her hands as if that were any sort of consolation, as if his touch would remind her that there were fairer things to live for. 

“I’m sorry, sweetling,” he cooed as if she were a confused child and not a woman who had just had her whole world pulled out from under her.

“I have to– I have to go to my family. This was a mistake. I must go home.” She rose to her feet quickly, her body moving at a faster pace than her mind, but two hands firmly returned her to her seat.

“I’m afraid that’s not possible, Lyanna,” Rhaegar informed her coldly, but with a kind smile. “It’s far too dangerous now– and you’re with child.”

“Please.” The word is tremulous and weak on her lips when she wanted to be bold and strong– but how, how could she be, when she was so far south and her pack so far away and reduced to only three?

Rhaegar pressed a kiss to her forehead in response. It burned worse than any other words he could have offered.




“He is my brother.”

She’s enraged. She’s tired, and aching, and in sorrow too, but most of all, she’s enraged.

“This is a war, Lyanna. I have no choice.” Rhaegar does not treat her like a child anymore, no, not after he learned that she had teeth and claws to match those the wolf on her sigil sported. Not after her belly swelled with true object of his desire.

“You have a choice! You have a choice not to raise your sword against him. You have the choice to spare him and let me see him again.” The words alone brought unbidden tears to her eyes. Oh, to see Ned again would be so sweet. Kind, gentle Ned with his honest face and boundless patience. She missed him. She missed him so much.

“I have a kingdom and a family to protect,” Rhaegar returned.

“So does he!”

“It is not the same.”

She would have scoffed had it not been her brother’s life on the line. “Then I pray the gods strike you down.”

Rhaegar smiled, however sad that smile was. Once upon a time she had swooned at that smile. Now, however, she prays he dies with it upon his lips.




“He is my brother.”

She gripped Arthur’s hand with as much strength as she could offer. Her fever was burning, burning, burning everything away. She should have died days earlier, but Lyanna knew she must live.

“I’m sorry, my lady,” Arthur said grimly, offering a half-hearted squeeze in return.

“I want to see him again. Please, I want to see Ned.” 

“He comes now.”

“Please, Ser Arthur.”

The knight retreated as the babe at her breast began to cry anew.





Had it not been for his touch, for the coldness of his skin against her hot, she would have thought him a dream, born of fever and her deepest desire.

“Lyanna,” his voice called to her from the haze, sharp and clear and beautiful. “Lyanna, it’s Ned.”

“Thank the gods,” she breathed. He grasped her hand, pressed it to his lips. His face swam in her vision, but it was Ned, it was really Ned. “I feared I’d never see you again.”

“I’m here, Lya.”

“Then listen.” She licked her chapped lips. “Please, listen.”

Her brother nodded, and listened.

Winchesters in Riverdale (Part Ten/Finale)

After a hunt gone wrong, Y/N Winchester, the 17 year old half-sister of Sam and Dean Winchester, her older brothers, and Castiel are transported to Riverdale, a town in a different universe. While Sam, Dean, and Castiel attempt to find a way back home, Y/N struggles to fit in in the community of Riverdale. In a universe with no monsters to worry about, there’s so many questions that need answering.

Can she ever try to be normal after hunting for all of her life? Who’s the good-looking, mystical teen with the beanie who’s always at that diner? And will anyone discover that secret she’s been hiding for the last year and a half?

Masterlist for the other parts of this story


There was comfortable silence between you and Jughead as the two of you walked hand in hand together down the street. Your feet were cold on the gravel, your heels forgotten and swinging from your free hand. You didn’t know where you were going but you didn’t care. The dance was forgotten about although you could still hear the faint music. You were with Jughead. That was the only thing that mattered. Every now and then you would sneak a peek at the raven-haired teen. You tried to memorize the way the moonlight bounced off him. The way he smiled at you when he thought you weren’t looking. Everything.

Suddenly, Jughead stopped and turned to look at you.

“Okay, close your eyes.” he said.

You rose your eyebrows at him and he rolled his eyes.

“Trust me.” he said, smiling.

You sighed but closed your eyes nonetheless.

“Making me the next Jason Blossom?” you joked.

Jughead snorted.

He began to lead you off the gravel road and soon enough your feet felt the hard ground turn to grass.

“Over here.” Jughead said.

Eventually he stopped.

“Can I open my eyes now?” you asked.

“Not yet. Take a seat first,”

You sighed again and sat down, putting your shoes next to you. You heard Jughead sit next to you and felt his warm palms on your shoulders.

“Okay,” he said quietly. “Open them,”

You opened your eyes.

As you looked around, you saw that the two of you were in the middle of the park, surrounded by swing sets and jungle gyms and money bars.

You looked up and your mouth dropped open.

The sky, which had previously been covered by trees as you walked in the street had opened up, revealing the beautiful night sky. The full moon shone brightly and there were millions upon million of stars to be seen.

“Not bad, huh?” Jughead asked as he removed his hands from your shoulders.

You looked at the beaming boy whose face was inches away from yours.

“It’s beautiful.” you said.

Jughead smiled shyly before he leaned in, kissing you softly. You smiled into the kiss as your arms wrapped around Jughead’s arm, your fingers running over the few black locks of hair resting on Jughead’s neck that had escaped from his beanie. He stopped kissing you when a sudden gust of wind hit your bare arms making you shiver. Jughead frowned as he looked at you.

“Are you cold?” he asked.

You shook your head.

“No, I’m fine,” you said. “It’s just—”

You were cut off when you saw Jughead quickly taking his jacket off, draping it over your shoulders.

You smiled as him as you pulled the warm fabric closer to you.

“Thank you.” you mumbled.

Jughead smirked and draped his arm around you. The two of you lied down and you snuggled into the younger teen’s warm chest, Jughead’s arm pulling you closer to him. The two of you looked up at the night sky, looking up at the sky.

You didn’t know how long you laid there for before Jughead spoke again.

“What’s her name?” Jughead asked suddenly.

Your eyes widened as you looked up at him. Jughead looked panicked.

“I, uh, I-I didn’t mean to say that out loud,” he rambled, convinced he had ruined everything. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said—”

To his surprise, you giggled, cutting him off.

You changed your position so you were facing him, your elbow supporting your head as you rested it on your fist. Jughead mimicked your position, watching you warily.

“It’s okay,” you said. “After what you said to me earlier, um, I feel like it’s easier to talk about. Still hard, yeah. But it’s easier,” you said.

Jughead nodded.

“Her name is Lily,” you said. “Her father… he used to get me flowers. Almost everyday. He’d go outside and pick a whole bunch of them for me. They were lilies. He, um, passed away before Lily was born and I guess I just wanted to find a way to connect her name to him. Even if she would never know who he was. Or who I am for that matter.”

Jughead’s eyes widened.

“I-I’m sorry,” he said again. “I didn’t know he died.”

You smiled softly at him.

“It’s okay,” you said quietly. “It’s… been a while. The ache never really goes away but I’m making my way. One day at a time.”

Jughead nodded again.

“Do your brothers—”

“No,” you said, shaking your head. “They don’t know about Lily. Castiel, you know, the one always wearing that trench coat; he knows. He helped me run away and kept me hidden unless Lily was born.”

Jughead’s eyes widened.

““Hidden?”” he repeated. “From what?”

You sighed.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes, Y/N, it does,” Jughead said. “Are you in danger?”

You sighed, tried to figuring out a way to phrase your job.

Hey, Jughead, I kinda sorta kill monsters for a living, and I’ve occasionally fought the Devil himself. No big deal. Oh, and my dead boyfriend was killed by a rogue angel using my brother’s body as a vessel.

You shook your head again.

“No,” you said.

Not immediate danger.

“I told you how I had kind of a weird job, right?”

Jughead nodded.

“Well… sometimes that job’s dangerous,”

Sometimes? Try all the time.

“There are thi— people out there who want to hurt me,” you corrected yourself. “But it’s okay. It’s part of the job. Besides, my brothers have my back. So does Castiel.”


“Jughead, please don’t worry,” you nearly begged. “I’m okay, alright?”

Jughead looked like he wanted to say more. And he did. He wanted to beg you to tell him everything. To stay with him and Archie so they could protect you from whatever wanted to hurt you. But as he looked into your pleading eyes, he melted and couldn’t say anything else.

“Okay.” he said hoarsely.

You let out a sigh of relief once you realized Jughead wasn’t going to press you further. The two of you lied back down and you snuggled back into Jughead’s chest, closing your eyes. The silence returned but Jughead felt tense under you. Like he wanted to say something else.

“You’re leaving, aren’t you?” he suddenly asked softly.

You froze in his arms, eyes opening as you looked at his sad expression.

“I, uh, saw your brothers in Pop’s the other day. I, um, decided to eavesdrop a little bit. Thought I could maybe find out how you were doing. Instead I heard them talking about going home or something.” he said.

You swallowed the lump in your throat and nodded slowly.

“Yeah,” you said quietly. “We leave tomorrow.”

You heard Jughead give a defeated exhale.

“W-Will I ever see you again? I can still text you, right?” he asked weakly.

Tears welled up in your eyes as you slowly shook your head.

“I—Jughead, I wish. It won’t—It can’t—” you stopped before you began to cry.

You would never see Jughead again. He wouldn’t be able to contact you. Texting someone from a different universe? It was impossible.

“If you don’t want to see me—”

“No!” you exclaimed. “Jughead, I…”

You felt tears rolling down your face.

“I-I love you,” you said.

Jughead’s eyes widened at your confession.

“I love you,” you said again. “I never thought I could love someone the way I love you again. I don’t want to leave. But it’s my home. Everything I know is there. Family, friends, my life. And I can’t just leave it. I-I need you to understand that.”

Jughead was silent as he contemplated your words. and you got more and more nervous as the silence stretched on and on.

What if this was it? What if he just got up and left? What if he didn’t understand? What if he decided—

Jughead’s lips crashing against yours snapped you out of your thoughts. The freshly fallen tears on his cheeks mixed with yours and you could taste salt. You immediately kissed him back roughly, your teeth clacking together. But neither of you cared. When you pulled away for air, you were filled with relief when you saw Jughead smiling softly at you despite the tears in his eyes.

“I love you, too.” he said.

There were no more words to be spoken. He understood.

“Just… do me a favor, okay?” Jughead asked.

You nodded as you turned around to face the teen.

Jughead had walked you all the way back to the motel. He offered to get the car and drive you home but you declined. The more time you could spend with Jughead the better. You had walked hand in hand the entire way back. You talked about your favorite moments together, teasing each other with your little inside jokes, and had even stopped for a quick milkshake at Pop’s. One last time.

“Of course.”

Jughead sighed.

“Tell your brothers. About Lily,”

Your opened your mouth to protest but you were cut off by Jughead again.

“Please,” he said. “You’ll feel a lot better. And I know they’ll listen to you and help you out. I’ve seen the way they look at you. They look terrified. Like they think you’re gonna leave again without any warning. Y/N, I don’t think they’ll be able to handle that again.”

You let out a shaky sigh.


“Just talk to them. Please?” Jughead asked.

You nodded.

“Okay,” you said. “When we get home, I’ll talk to them.”

Jughead let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank you.” he whispered.

You gave a small smile to the teen.

“I, um,” you began, unsure of what to say. “I guess I’ll see you around, Mr. Jones.”

Jughead smirked as he took a step closer to you.

“I’ll see you around, Ms. Winchester.” he said softly.

He dipped down, capturing your lips in one last passionate kiss. You kissed back with just as much fervor, neither of you wanting this moment to end. When you finally pulled away, the two of you looked at each other sadly. Jughead began to back away, eyes never leaving yours.

“Goodbye.” he said softly.

Tears welled in your eyes again.

“Bye.” you said back, watching him as he turned around, beginning the walk back to the school.

You closed the door, back sliding down on it. You dropped your shoes next to you and looked at the clock.


You needed to get to bed. You had to be up bright and early tomorrow. Willing yourself not to cry again, you took a deep breath again and got under your covers, not caring you were still wearing your dress or makeup.

The next day. 12 pm.

Jughead Jones sat at his usual booth at Pop’s, staring at his computer. No matter how hard he tried to concentrate, he could seem to get any words out. He looked down at his phone, debating about what he should do. You were gone. He had tried to visit your motel room around noon only to find everything gone. There was no trace of you or the others. You had just… disappeared. It was like you were never there.

Eventually deciding he had nothing to lose, he typed a quick message to you before sending it out, taking a deep breath. 

A guy could try, right?

Across a million billion trillion universes, you settled into one of the chairs in the Bunker, smirking at Dean as he strutted around the main area.

“Ah, it’s good to be back!” Dean exclaimed as he took a swig of beer.

Sam chuckled while Castiel just looked at the eldest Winchester blankly.

After transporting back to your universe, the four of you were now back home after you finally killed the witch who transported you there. You wished that your brothers wouldn’t have to kill her but once you found out she was terrorizing the rest of the town and killing more and more people, you had to put a stop to it.

Your phone’s screen lighting up made you look down at it.

(1) New message from Mr. Jones

Your heartbeat quickened.

Could it be?

You reached for the phone before you stopped yourself. Despite the fact that you were dying to, you didn’t dare open the message. Not yet. Jughead’s words from the night before resonated in your head and you took a deep breath. You had something to do first.

“Hey, guys?” you asked.

The three men turned to you.

“I, um, I have something to tell you.”

Chuck smiled as he watched you and Jughead each in your respective universes.

“Father…” an angel beside him began. “Pardon me for questioning you, but why have you allowed contact via technology between the Winchester girl and Jones boy? They live in different universes. How will they ever see each other again?”

Chuck’s smile didn’t falter.

“They’ll find a way. It’s what Winchesters and Joneses do.”


A/N: That’s it! I hope you guys enjoyed it!! I originally was going to have a much more angsty ending, but I just couldn’t do it (and I love writing angst!)


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Muslim man alleges discrimination on Delta Air Lines flight: “I feel stepped on and humiliated”

  • Yassine Siqal, a Moroccan-born Muslim man, said a Delta Air Lines flight attendant racially profiled him on his flight back to New York City.
  • Siqal told New York Daily News that while returning home from a visit in North Carolina with his fiancée, he was falling asleep when a flight attendant snapped at him. 
  • She allegedly told Siqal to move to an empty row across the aisle. Siqal said he refused to leave his assigned seat because he wanted to stay next to his fiancée.
  • The same flight attendant, according to Siqal, questioned him earlier to see if he felt alright when she saw him yawning. He explained to her that all was well and he was just tired.
  • After landing, Siqal left the plane and was interrogated by the police for about 40 minutes. When Siqal said he would be missing his shift as a restaurant server, the police refused to let him leave. Read more (5/30/17)

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The Boss’s Cold Heart | Chapter 3

Originally posted by kpopidolaegyooo

Pairing: Jimin x reader
Genre: angst, smut
Word count: 6k
Content: dom!jimin, oral, orgasm denial

Description: You spent a night at Jimin’s house but your happiness soon found an end as things got worse regarding Mr. Johnson.

Chapters: One | Two | Three

„Yes, she should be waking up soon. Yeah… Okay, alright… I get it. See you then” the voice speaking sounded harsh and so annoyed. No, it sounded more likely annoying to you because you could immediately recognize it even though your eyes were still shut closed as you didn’t have the strength to open them yet.

The person who was in the same room as you walked up and down with heavy steps. The slight noise it made was really annoying you and you decided to finally open your eyes. The dazzling light shot into your eyes and you blinked a few times to adjust yourself to the brightness. You looked around finding yourself laying in a hospital room, the clock showing 10.45 PM.

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Cookie Thief

A/N: Heyyyy @kamuithedragonlord remember that conversation we had earlier?

“I am telling you it is mine!” Jason said angrily. “I was here first.”

“I was born first.” Dick countered.

“Oh, so you are going to play that card? Again?” Jason cried out “I don’t fucking care that you are older than me. That doesn’t give you the right to get whatever the fuck you want.”

Y/N sat on the corner and watched their… discussion. She hadn’t been in the kitchen long enough to figure out what it was about, but whatever it was, it must be important because they were heated. She reached into the cookie jar and pulled out a cookie.

“If you are so fucking worthy of it, why don’t you go buy your own?” Jason said, glaring at his brother. “You are the one always talking about getting a day job because you have one so why don’t you take your ass down to the store and use that paycheck you are so proud of-”

“Well, how bout you, Mr. Mercenary? All that blood money and you can’t afford a container of cookies?” Dick said.

Wait, that was what this is about? The last cookie? The one she was currently eating? As if they heard her thought, they both turned to look at her. Jason’s eyes narrowed as he saw what was in her hand.

“Give it to me.” He said.

“Really? You are asking your girlfriend to give you the last cookie?” Dick scoffed.

“Yes, now give it.” Jason said as he reached for it.

Y/N quickly stuffed the entire thing in her mouth and chewed. Jason and Dick both let out sounds of disappointment.

“Sorry.” She said, her mouth still filled with the focus of their argument.

“No, you aren’t.” Jason grouched. “You are dead to me. I hope you get rawed by the Devil in Hell.”

Y/N paused her chewing and raised an eyebrow at him. “What?”

“You heard me.” Jason said with a grumpy look on his face.

Y/N got down from the counter and walked over to him. She took his hand in both of hers and smoothed it out before depositing a mouthful of thoroughly chewed cookie mush in his palm. “Happy birthday.” she said as she closed his hand around the gross mess. She smiled and patted his arm before walking to the fridge to get something to drink.

Jason and Dick both stood there in shock, staring at Jason’s hand. Jason looked at Dick before extending his arm. “You want some?”

Dick shook his head slowly. “I think I’m good…. Thanks.”

Jason shrugged before putting the mush in his mouth. He didn’t really relish the idea of something that had been partially chewed by another person, but the look on Dick’s face was worth it.

Dick’s face twisted into a horrified grimace. He had a full body shiver before letting out a loud horrified shriek. He abruptly turned and walked out of the kitchen. Jason smirked as he chewed the cookie. Worth it, he thought.

At least it was until he turned to see his girlfriend drinking the last of the milk.

Zak 13, Isle of Wight, England. Transgender boy. Part 1

1-At what age did you, or your child, first understand you or your (child’s) true gender?
Zak: 12, but I knew I was not a girl by the age of 5, but I didn’t know what I was. I had looked at other girls my age, I realized that I was nothing like them.  Their behavior confused me, I hated the way they copied each other, and boys didn’t do that.  Most of my friends were boys, I didn’t want to play with the girls and to be honest they wouldn’t allow me to play with them.  I was bullied a lot by many of the girls, I guess that I just didn’t fit in.  I didn’t want to wear girls clothing, or shoes.  I hated that everything seemed to be pink, and boys clothing seemed cooler.  I felt trapped when I wore girls clothing. Everything felt tight on me and ill fitting. In boys clothes I felt that the clothes fit me better, I had more room in them and they looked so much better.  I was quick to find fault with girls clothes and used them as a reason to take them off. By the time I was 5 or 6 I wanted to be a boy, I didn’t think I was because I knew I had a girl’s body, I wanted to have a boy’s body with boys body parts.   When I was 12 I realized that transgender was a thing. My aunt had come out as being transgender, and it was an automatic light bulb moment, I instantly thought that I could be.  I did some research and thought about it for about a month, but I didn’t really need that time, I knew the minute I knew about transgender.  As soon as I knew I was excited, because I finally felt that I fitted somewhere

Zak’s mom:  He was 12 when he first realized that transgender was a thing, and that he was a boy not a girl.  I had suspected it since he was 4, however, I felt if I talked to him about it that perhaps that I would be putting ideas into his head, ideas I didn’t want.  I didn’t want him to be transgender, I wanted him to be a “normal” little girl.  I don’t know if I did the right thing.  Maybe he would have been happier if I had spoken with him and he had transitioned earlier.  If he had ever come to me as a younger child and said he was a boy I would have gone with it, but I didn’t want to plant ideas that were not his. I didn’t want to lead him down the wrong road, and confuse him more and then he would have to say, ‘I don’t know why you did this to me, because I’m a girl!’ At least this way I’ll never have to worry that it was something I did.
To him, he was born with a girl’s body, so he was a girl, he didn’t have the right body parts to be a boy, and so it never crossed his mind that he could be.  He did however know that he was terribly unhappy at being born a girl, and that he never felt like a girl.  I really started to see him struggle with this from the age of 4.  He would ask for boys clothing and wearing them gave him so much joy, by the time he was 5 he was refusing to wear any girls clothing at all, including underwear.  He had no idea why he just hated everything about being female. I remember how thrilled he was the first time someone mistook him for a boy, he was 6 years old, and I’ll never forget the huge smile that spread across his face.  I remember how happy he was the first time he had his hair cut, but still he didn’t know.   

2. At what age did you or your child first express that to someone? How did that feel?  How did you know to trust this?

Zak: I was 12. I felt happy that I understood who I was and that there was finally something I could identify with. I was relieved that I wasn’t just a weirdo and that I had a reason for feeling the way that I did.  I was also relieved that my family was accepting. But to be honest, I didn’t think there was anything to accept. Once I knew I was transgender I knew I couldn’t live as a girl.   I had spent years trying to work myself out, finding somewhere I had fitted, I thought that I was gay when I was about 10, but as I realized I was transgender, it made sense, I’m straight, I’m a straight guy in a girl’s body. I wanted to tell everyone I was a boy, though I wish I didn’t have to tell anyone I was transgender, because I wish I could have just been born into the correct body.  

Mom: I guess you could say he’d been expressing it since he was 4 with the choices he was making regarding clothes, activities etc.  However, I was choosing to ignore it, hoping it would go away, hoping that he was just a “Tom boy” and that it would all change when he got older, and that we would become my little girl.  He was 12 when he told me. It wasn’t something that he’d known for years, but it was something I had.  I wasn’t surprised, but I was upset. I didn’t want this and I wasn’t prepared to just accept, I didn’t want to lose my little girl.  I wasn’t sure if he really was transgender, even though he had always gravitated towards “boys” toys and clothing.  I’d tried to get him into girls clothes and sometimes he’d wear them, but it was always short lived, soon he’d be back in the boys clothes. I’ll try again then he wouldn’t wear them.  I can see now that this was him trying to fit in, trying to be a girl, I saw every purchase as hope.  We bought him a big box of make-up in the hope that it would encourage him to be girlie, that he’d want to look pretty I don’t think any of it was ever used, except by his big sister.  Despite years of this I wanted him to be a girl.  Once Zak had told me that he thought he was transgender, the first thing I did was organize some counselling, I was hoping they were going to say it’s okay we’ve talked through it and it’s just a phase.  When I was his age, I wanted to be a boy, but that was the difference I wanted to be, he was.  The counselling soon confirmed my worst fear, that he was indeed transgender, and since then, we, as a family, have gone with it.  I’m now very happy to accept Zak as my son.  I love him for who he is, not what I wanted him to be.  It doesn’t worry me at all now.  It’s been 11 months since Zak told us.  I probably cried (not in front of him) and I certainly didn’t want this, but I’m really happy for him now.  I want him to be happy more than anything else in the world. As he has transitioned I’ve seen him become more confident, more adjusted and more mature.  I’m very proud of the young man he is becoming. It took me a few weeks to adjust, but I knew it wasn’t the end of the world, this was still my child and I certainly didn’t want him to be unhappy any longer.
Photo by annietritt

In your shoes.

This was requested a long time ago by @australiasami​ and initially I had some qualms about writing it because I didn’t know much, or any, at all but then, a sweet darling @balletbunsandsugarplums​ gave me a few advice and I am forever thankful to have you help me.

I am still worried about how this turned out so I hope it was alright and hope everyone can enjoy this! I have less than 28 requests now so I will work on them and hopefully by the end of July, I can open the requests again. Anyways, enjoy!

Being back at home is such a stress-reliever for you but too bad, the same cannot be said for your entire family, with the exception of Alfred, of course. You have half the mind to ask Alfred if he had been to Texas before but decided against asking him because Alfred might not even give you a straight answer. But you are back in Texas and you are happy to be back – it feels like you haven’t been home for the longest time.

“Y/N, we are not getting in that truck you have rented.” Bruce frowns, looking at the truck. “It does not feel safe.” You roll your eyes at your husband’s answer.

“Bruce, I love you very much, I really do but every single night you go out to fight crimes,” You whisper this part quietly, “You will be perfectly alright with getting on this truck.” You tell him, putting a hand on your hip, looking at him with one of your eyebrows raised, as if challenging him to answer back.

But before Bruce could even reply, Damian cuts in and slides in between the two of you, keeping his back to Bruce. “Mother, I have never driven a truck before – can I drive?”

Bruce and you look at your youngest son before answering, “No.”

Damian frowns. “Tt.” He crosses his road and moves to stand beside Alfred.

“Fine but I want to drive the truck.” Bruce finally relents and you smile at him before pressing your lips on his cheeks. He makes to move towards the truck and you turn to face the rest of your boys.

“Okay, Dick, you and Jason have got that truck and I trust Tim, Damian and Alfred will be alright with the last truck?” You ask and Alfred gives you a small smile, nodding his head. Damian looks at you.

“Are you sure I cannot drive, mother?”

You laugh, shaking your head. “No, Damian. Alfred’s driving.”

Jason picks up all of the luggage and gently throws it at the back of the truck. “Come on – the heat is crazy and I want to take a shower before we do anything later.” He calls out before getting in the truck he had been assigned to with Dick.

“We’ll see you at Grandpa’s house, Ma.” Dick exclaims before making his way to the truck. You wait until all of your kids as well as Alfred get in to their own respective trucks before heading to the truck where Bruce is currently waiting for you.

Bruce starts the engine as soon as you are seated, he glances at you and lets out a sigh before putting your seatbelts on for you. “Safety first.” He reminds you causing you to laugh before pushing him back to his chair.

“Come on – let’s go home!”

After eating the lunch your parents have prepared, you decided to bring your boys along to the local livestock show that happens to

After eating lunch that had been prepared for your entire family by your parents, you decided to bring your boys along to the local Rodeo. It took a little convincing mostly because Bruce had been skeptical but after reassuring him that no one would make fun of the Bruce Wayne, he had relented like he initially did with the trip and you beam. Damian had been as excited as he can get – though honestly, you think he was probably looking forward to the events where he can participate – Tim on the other hand is documenting every single moment, making what you assume is a Vlog. Dick and Jason are chatting with each other about how they could probably win the mounted shooting – your parents had been more than helpful with giving the boys details pertaining to events happening at the rodeo.

“Do you think if I ask mother enough, will she eventually let me drive the truck?” Damian asks once all of you arrive at the stadium. “Or perhaps, she will allow me to do some of these events?” He asks no one in particular.

“Maybe if you sneak away and do it, she probably would not realize.” Tim snickers, filming Damian up close. Damian rolls his eyes before pushing the camera away from his face. He has a few things he wants to see and if possible, register too.

“If any of you are betting, just don’t blow too much money.” You tell your boys before hooking your arm with Bruce’s. Alfred had decided to stay back at your parents’ house to help prepare food for dinner because all of your siblings and cousins are going to come down tonight and it’s really going to be really fun to see all of them again.

“This is surprisingly not as bad as I expected it to be.” Bruce presses his lips on your temple causing you to giggle, snuggling against his side as the two of you walk around the arena. You used to go to these things all the time with your grandpa while growing up and being here reminds you of the fun times you had with him. “What’s in that mind of yours?”

“I used to go to all of these things with my late grandpa – Rodeo was a huge deal to him and since I was the first born grandchild, he shared that love with me.” You smile at Bruce who nods his head. “Which is why I wanted to share that love with everyone too.”

Bruce feels a little bit guilty for his earlier reservations. He doesn’t even know why he had been so reluctant to come to Texas with you – perhaps, it’s a little bit out of his comfort zone, he can’t quite pinpoint why yet though – but now that you have shared that important part of your childhood with him, Bruce really wants to try to enjoy being in your hometown now.

“Alright then, you have me interested. What do you think we should do?” Bruce asks you but before you can answer, your comms – it’s a tad bit easier to have this rather than calling your sons one by one – rings and Dick’s voice enters your ear.

“Uh, guys – I think we may have to leave soon because Damian is starting to steal all of the cows he thinks are being mistreated.”

Special Programme: Perfume "Collaboration" Excerpts

Morisanchuu: How will Perfume be like when everyone turns 50?
N: I think we’ll still be together.
K: Yeah, We do talk about it quite a bit huh - how the 3 of us will be like. I wonder if we’ll still be able to dance when we’re 50.
A: That is a problem huh. 50 years old - that’d be around the same age as my mom.
K: So it wouldn’t be weird to have a 20 year old daughter huh.
N: Well, but I get the feeling that there’ll definitely be something interesting that we can’t imagine. Don’t you think so?

Kimura Kaela: If you were to change your hairstyle, how would it be like?
K: Since I’ve always had long hair, I want to try having hair around as short as Nocchi’s, or maybe even Kaela-san’s.
A: Since Kashimama’s is short too, it’ll probably look good.
K: What about A-chan?
A: Huh, I don’t have any in mind.
N: What about the colour?
A: Ah, well, it seems like it’ll be really fun to wear black clothes with hair that’s browner and brighter.
K: That’s true, huh. It’ll change their impression on others.
A: So I guess, maybe a bright colour or something?
N: In my teens, I had hair about as long as Kashiyuka’s. But right now, I really feel like having a fringe again.
K: You haven’t had a fringe in some time huh.
A: Nocchimama has that hairstyle too. (Laughs)
N: Yeah, all of my female family members have started having that hairstyle.
K: Well, since everyone has more or less the same image, it probably looks good on everyone.

Takahashi Yuu: How do you keep the things you treasure?
N: Well I do have a treasured items box.
K&A: Me too.
N: With like our matching bracelets.
K: And straps.
A: And costumes, as well as letters from fans - as much as six boxes.
N: That’s amazing!
A: That’s why I keep mine above.
K: Ah, so you’re the above type? I’m the below type. The things I don’t have space for at home I leave at my parents’.
N: I guess I’m the below type too. But they’re all scattered about in various places.
A: Please keep them together! (Laughs)

Yuusuke Santamaria: What do guys do that make your hearts skip a beat?
N: I like nasally voices. Nasal inflammations are the best! So if we’re talking about actions, I like it when they cough. Like “eghem” or something.
A: Ain’t that no good! (Laughs)
K: I like it when they make a face like nothing’s happened after they almost fall. Like when they think no one saw, and without letting out their voice, they gaze off to the side.
A: Something that makes my heart skip a beat… The person I like!

MIKIKO: What are the moments that make you most happy for joining Perfume?
N: Though there a plenty, recently it’s been when we receive choreography from Sensei, and being able to dance that really cute choreography makes me go, “This is the best!”
K: For example, when we have our first lives at overseas locations, the moment we start, I often think, “Our dreams are coming true! Right now! Ah, I’m so glad that it’s the three of us, I’m so glad that it’s this team. There really isn’t any moment that’s happier than this!”
A: Yeah, I understand that. We get really nervous, right? But somehow, standing on stage, overcoming our nervous selves, being together with our precious comrades, and at the very end, we say “Well then, we’re Perfume! Thank you very much!” And then when we bow, I often think that I’m really glad to have joined Perfume. Like, nothing can replace that sense of accomplishment, and I can’t get enough of it.
N: It’s a bit complex, but I get it. And I’m sure Sensei thinks the same.

Miyagawa Daisuke: What are the parts about the others that you dislike, or wish would be changed?
N: Well, I mean it’s not like I wish for it to change, but if I had to say it, there is something… So A-chan likes to eat tasty things, but she has a small appetite, so when she gets full in the middle of a meal, she’ll become a little moody. The first bite is her peak, like “it tastes so goood!!”
All: (Laughs)
K: I also have something about A-chan.
A: Oh no! What could it be? Why is everyone choosing me? (Laughs)
K: It’s not like I dislike it or want it changed, so it’s like just some info, but there are times when she really gets into the choreography, and gets into a groove, and becomes unable to dance normally.
All: (Laughs)

Pornograffiti: What kind of house do you live in right now?
N: I’ve tried out various spacious floor plans, but the clutter began to build up, so now I’ve tightened it up.
A: You remodeled a lot huh.
N: I did. It’s left me worn out.
K: You threw away quite a lot of things, right?
N: Yeah.
A: All at once, right?
N: Yup.
A: As for me, my kitchen doesn’t have partitions to separate it from the rest of the living room, so I have to keep it clean. Other than that, the scenery is pretty.
K: Because it’s high up, huh.
A: Yeah.
N: Kashiyuka’s room is the probably the one I’ve seen the most photos of.
K: Ah, maybe so.
N: Inside anan (the magazine).
K: It’s scary how much of it is available to see. (Laughs)
A: She has plants, and she’s an animal person too. She really loves raising things. (Laughs)
K: Yeah, I have many living things.
N: If you look it up in anan you’ll probably more or less understand how it’s like. (Laughs)

Maeda Kenta: Do lives feel good?
A: Well, it feels suuuper great.
N: Feels suuuper great. Nothing can take its place.
K: I want to experience even more of it.

Chatmonchy: What kind of pajamas do you wear to sleep?
N: Recently, I’ve been wearing rompers, the one that look like a pair of shorts and a T-shirt joined together. The thin one.
K: I’m finally wearing the one I got from A-chan.
A: Really? I’m happy! The organic cotton one right?
K: I got it for my birthday but I thought I’d be too cold if I wore it in winter since it’s thin. So I’ve finally gotten to wearing it recently.
A: Recently I’ve been particular about the materials. To begin with I already have 80 or 90 sets, but I really really love pajamas, so there are times when I’ve bought one before I know it. Like, why’s this in my bag? (Laughs)

Maximum the Hormone: If you had to get a tattoo, what and where would you get it inked?
N: I think, I’d get something tattooed onto my scalp after shaving my hair.
K: How scary!
A: Wouldn’t that be troublesome for the tattoo artist? (Laughs)
K: I’d tattoo a triangle onto the back of my neck.
A: Ah! The fashionable sort.
K: If I got something like that, I wonder if it’d make feel like an android.
A: I can’t imagine it, but I like the kanji for strict (厳) because I think it’s the most balanced.
K: You’ve mentioned it before, huh. (Laughs)
A: Yeah. I’d tattoo that.

Manabe Daito: What’s the hardest challenge you’ve faced from using technology?
N: The pressure from Cannes was overwhelming, huh.
K: Yeah.
A: We had to wear the machinery on our shoulders for about an hour huh.
K: Yeah, on standby.
A: Yeah, after putting on the costumes and turning the switch on, the nervousness continued to build. Usually for our lives we put on our costumes right before the performance begins. But for Cannes, we didn’t know when our turn would come, and we didn’t know if we could smoothly put on the machinery, so we decided to get dressed earlier.
K: But overcoming that slow build-up was really fun, right? Like, the feeling of slowly getting closer to our goal was really enjoyable.
A: Yeah. That’s why we’d like to continue to challenge new things, so we’ll continue to await any new proposals too.
N: We’ll be in your care.

Seki Kazuaki: What MV(s) did you dislike filming?
A: Wasn’t the reverse playback really difficult?
K: That’s what I thought of too.
N: (Groans)
A: (Laughs) But, y'know, wasn’t Seki-san waiting for that answer?
K: All that hard work…
A: In the second chorus of Magic of Love, though it looks like we’re dancing normally, the truth is that we danced it in reverse.
K: From the way our hairs fly up, and the balls move backwards, you can tell that it was in reverse.
A: Yup yup. And the movements were a little weird too. (Laughs) That really was difficult..
N: We had to download a reverse playback application.
A: Yeah, and we recorded a lot with it, and because it was so difficult, we had to save all of it.
K&N: (Laughs)
A: And when we tried doing it for real it looked really bad.
K: We took quite a lot of takes huh. But it turned into an interesting MV, huh.
A&N: Yeah.
A: I really love that MV.

Notes from the Nakata interview
- It’s been about 14 years since they became acquainted. Nakata was about 22-23 at the time. Perfume were around 14-15.
- Nakata used to look much more like an uncle than he does now. His hair was short, and was blacker. He was wearing sunglasses too. It’s because he thoughts adults were cooler, so he wanted to look like one sooner.
- A-chan practiced hard to get the strange rhythm for Oishii Recipe down, but Nakata was very cold during the recording, which made her feel frustrated and tear a bit.
- Nakata talks about why he gets his vocalists to sit down while recording but I don’t really get what he means because it’s too abstract.
- Nakata uses auto-tune just because he thinks the songs would sound better and cooler with it.
- It’s not like Nakata has always had confidence in his music. But from some point, he began having confidence in the tracks he gives to Perfume.
- Computer City was the changing point in Perfume’s attitudes towards Nakata’s music. It was the song that made Perfume understand what Nakata was going for with his music. They brought the single’s poster to their high school to promote it. Before that, they used to be embarrassed about and keep quiet about their activities.
- Nakata has never told them, but he has always planned for their music to go in a cooler direction when they grew a little older. And looking back, they went in that direction earlier than he expected.
- The reason Nakata doesn’t really go to Perfume’s lives is because he doesn’t want it to change his impression of what songs he should be making for Perfume.
- Nakata thinks it’s important where a person is born, and he tries not to make music that can’t have its place of origin identified by the listener. So he doesn’t really go overseas much because he’s afraid of having his music sense changed.

Born from Stars - pt. 3

[A/N: Here it is! Part three to the Star Child AU! It’s shorter than what I’d like, but @alienslovetea reminded me that I have to leave you guys wanting more! I hope you enjoy it! Give some feed back if you want~

Part I     Part II 

Part III

Leandro – Lance, the boy reminded himself – walked into Garrison, carrying his bags in both arms. He had said goodbye to his family earlier in the day before he boarded his flight to the United States of America. “Where’s the office…?” He mumbled to himself, his Cuban accent thick. He wandered around until he found something that looked like the office. “H-Hello?” He called from the window leading into the office. A girl looked up, and walked over.

“Hello, can I get your name?” She asked, looking through a list of names.

Lance smirked flirtatiously, “The names Lea- Lance. Lance McClain,” He deflated once he realized that he had changed his name, it wasn’t like it was his fault that some people couldn’t pronounce POC names, so he needed to change it to make it easier for them.

The girl smiled fondly, apparently used to people flirting with her. “Your room number is 67, your roommate is Hunk Garrett,” she said, handing him a card that had his face on it – it would be his I.D. Leandro stared at the name on it. Lance McClain. He supposed he should start getting used to calling himself Lance. He smiled at the woman before he followed the directions to his room. When he walked in, Hunk was already there unpacking his things into the dresser he chose.

“You must be Hunk,” Lance said, smiling at the bigger boy. The boy turned to him, and smiled widely.

“Ye-Yeah, I’m Hunk! Hunk Garrett! Well, my name isn’t Hunk, but my name is hard to pronounce so I just go by Hunk,” the guy rambled slightly, making Lance automatically like him because he was in a similar situation.

“Well, now’s a good time as any to tell you my name isn’t Lance, it’s Leandro, but I needed to change it so people would be able to pronounce it here,” Lance told the boy in front of him, setting his stuff down on the unclaimed bed.

“Huh,” Hunk said, cocking his head. “Both of us go by different names for the sake of other people. Although, I do like the name Hunk. Do you want me to call you Leandro?”

“No, I need to get used to being called Lance, to be quite honest.”

Thus, began the first friendship Lance had that wasn’t from his school back in Cuba. They got along very well, Lance often cooked with Hunk whenever they had the free time to do so. When the first semester came and Lance found out that he was only a cargo pilot, he wasn’t as upset as he thought it would be. Okay, that’s a lie. Ever since his family told him that he literally fell out of the sky, Lance had been dying to go to space as a fighter pilot. To be closer to the stars. Suddenly his childhood obsession with going to space made sense – he wanted to be closer to where he came from. For a while, Lance was confused why a falling star would birth a child, but then the more he thought about it, the more it made sense.

Like a human, stars are born, then they grow old, and finally die. Unlike humans, stars form black holes when they die. Lance wondered if that meant anything to him, as someone who fell out of the sky as a shooting star. What would happen when he died?

To distract himself from such thoughts, Lance began a rivalry with Keith Kogane, the star Fighter Pilot. He started it on the basis that ‘he got to be a Fighter Pilot, and I didn’t,’ and let it fester from there. It worked mostly, Lance rarely thought about his origins after he began the rivalry – but then Shiro and the rest of the crew on Kerberos disappeared – or died, but Lance refused to believe that the man he looked up to was dead. He himself came from space, how hard was it to believe that an alien took the crew – though Lance thought all of these things, he never spoke them out loud. Not even to Hunk, who quickly became his best friend. After Shiro disappeared, so did Keith, and there left the distraction and slowly the thoughts about where he came from and how it happened started popping up.

Then suddenly, Lance was a Fighter Pilot, with Hunk as his Engineer, and a boy called Pidge Gunderson as his Technician. Pidge and Lance got along, but it took some time in order for the two to get past their differences and realize just how similar they were to each other. Although they failed the simulation every time, Lance knew it was because he was starting to go lax – to worry more about the things going on inside his head than actually working his way through the simulation.

Even more unexpected and sudden, Shiro came back. Albeit, falling out of the sky – and for one heart stopping moment Lance thought that there was going to be another someone like him – but it was even better, it was Shiro, and suddenly they were flying into space in a giant blue lion to save Earth and the rest of the Universe. Suddenly his dream of finding out where he came from wasn’t so unlikely, and it was even a high possibility.

Part IV     Part V

I love you. See you later.

It was a simple recon mission and yet, the dangers still lurked in each corner. Hunk and Keith got paired up again, considering that they did and ace job in the last one with the Weblum.

The whole castle was at the hanger and Hunk was showered with hugs and encouragement while Shiro pulled Keith into a tight embrace. But this time was a little different because Lance joined in too. They have been paladins for a little more than a year now and after all that time, Lance had grown closer with his rival and that that bloomed into something lovelier; their bonds rooted on the beautiful mystery of love.

“Keith!” Lance threw his arms around Keith who was clad in his full paladin armor. “I’ll see you at dinner. I’m going to help Coran make it tonight so you better eat up!”

“Oh yeah?” Keith chuckled lowly. “Alright. Don’t overcook the beans like the last time.”

“My casserole was perfect, you ass!” Lance shoved him playfully but got straight to the point when he pressed a loving kiss on Keith’s lips. The whole hanger burst into wolf whistles except for Pidge who made gagging noises. Lance was sucked into those deep violet pools as Keith looked into his blue ones, a silent message passing between them;

‘I love you. See you later.’

And then, the yellow and red paladins were off along with the yellow lion of Voltron. Lance eagerly waved as they left from where he stood with the others in the hanger.

'I love you. See you later.’

But 4 vargas later, Hunk returned alone; broken and in tears. He fell to his knees in front of his best friend and the others while his hands clutched something tightly between them.

“I’m sorry.” Hunk wept. “I’m so sorry… I tried, but Keith…he… he…”

Lance was speechless and he felt his heart die a painful death when Hunk handed him Keith’s red helmet, the visor glass shattered. On the radio was a previous recording of Lance’s voice from another mission, repeating the same silent parting words they had earlier:

“I love you. See you later.”

Since I’m from the future, it’s already Feb 13 here. So, I made you guys this little pre-Valentine gift. I hope you like it. 

For my mom, @forsakenangel88 and my little sister @sir-schneeflocke and to my pain-loving friends: @shadowdarkleonidascrusade @deleriousfromcoffee @jackalopes-vld and to everyone else who like the senseless crap I write. 

S7, E4:

Damn. God damn HBO.

I haven’t been writing these because I feel like everything is all a bit more straightforward these days, and people don’t need recaps because everyone is an ~expert~. I got close last week because it was such a badass episode, but this one. I. AM. Shook. 

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When their s/o being older than them and very independent also live in another country

Anonymous said:  Hi! Could I request a BTS reaction to their S/O being older than them and very independent? Maybe throw in that S/O lives in another country if it isn’t asking too much? Thanks! 😀

Kim Namjoon : 

He sighed as he unlock his lockscreen and found you sent him pictures. There you are with your friend, in Hongkong Disneyland wearing cute minnie stuff on your head. He smiled while swiping his phone for more pictures. 

“What are you looking at?” Asked Hoseok. 

“y/n is having a weekend on Disneyland. I wish I could join her but we have tour,” he sighed. Hoseok patted his shoulder, “you’re a strong leader, Namjoon.” 

You watched Namjoon’s live and vidcall him as soon as he’s done with his schedules. You waited and waited unti you saw Namjoon with bright face. “Hey, babygirl! I missed you so much!” He said. You chuckled, “you saw the pictures I sent you?”

He nodded, “yeah, you’re very cute. Let’s go there someday, okay?” He said. You smiled at him, “it’s okay, I can wait until you finished your tour. Or maybe I could come for several concerts to see you.” His face lightened up, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” 

Kim Seok Jin : 

He rolled his body with a blanket, making Jimin, as his roommate confused by his hyung behavior. “What are you doing, hyung?” He asked. 

Jin sighed and ruffled his hair, “I missed her so much. It’s been three weeks since she went back to her country…” He sighed. Jimin chuckled and he record him secretly, “what do you miss about her, hyung?” Jimin asked. 

“Everything. I’m gonna cry Jimin, don’t start the conversation.”

“But you look you want to spill it out.”

“I missed her food, okay! She makes delicious food in the world! And now, she’s in another country, which is her’s and she cooks for a lot of people since she works as a chef!” He yelled in frustrated. 

Jimin sent you the video and laughed as Jin rolled himself in a blanket. “What a cutie,” you said. That night, you would tease him until he yelled to Jimin and threatened him to let him starve for a month. 

Min Yoongi : 

For Yoongi, you’re his inspiration. Because people need inspiration for producing good stuffs, including Yoongi. That’s why when you’re not around he would locked himself inside the studio and stalk your social media. 

“I missed you a lot, why don’t you stay here with me?” He frowned as he saw your face on video call. 

‘Yoongi, don’t be such a baby. I have job,’ you chuckled. 

“It’s not like you’re older than me you can do whatever you want, I have enough money for us to live together so don’t worry and comeback.”

You sighed as you saw his childishness, ‘Yoongi, hun, I promise you I’ll be back at the end of the month. Just be patient and focus on your songs.’ 

Jung Hoseok : 

“I love you.”

“I missed you.”

“I’m going to give you a lot of kisses when we meet!!” 

Park Jimin : 

He would do a lot of video calls just to make sure you eat and healthy. ‘I’m not a kid, Jimin. Remember? I born 2 months earlier than you. I ate 2457 more bowls than you.; 

“Y/n…” He pouted. 

‘Ooppss….I’m sorry.” You grinned. He chuckled and shook his head, “I missed you so much…can you please come quickly?” 

Kim Taehyung : 

It’s Taehyung, we’re talking about. He would send you a lot of his selcas and videos that make you laugh. You sometimes tell him how hard living alone in apartment. 

He laughed at your words, “seems like you’re still a kid, y/n.”

‘Kim Taehyung,’ you pouted. He sighed and stared at you deeply, “I wish we could cuddle and tell you how much I love you. You’re not alone” 

Jeon Jungkook : 

Same like Taehyung, you live alone in apartment. Jungkook also worried about you cause he knows that you easily get scared.

‘Jungkook-ah, I can’t sleep,’ you said, ‘I’m scared…’ 

He chuckled and told you to cover yourself with blanket, “don’t be such a baby, I’m the baby here. Now, let me sing you till you fall asleep.” 

DAY 3421

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Aug 9,  2017            Wed 11:28 PM   

Birthday Ef … Kunal and one narges .. wishes and love from all the Ef family and giving you the best in the years to come ..          

Joys and the small pleasures of meeting them that we would in normal circumstances never, is an achievement that many perhaps would not appreciate .. but I do for .. I meet them again and in regular agains on the KBC environ .. they that have little or no means .. they that have ambitions of still believing in the goodness of the human and what they can do in their limited capacity for it .. it is remarkable to sit and just be so stunned with their desire that one feels small and so insignificant ..

Their lives are prone to all the possible hardships of life, yet their smiles and their forbearing bring such a sense of the positive world and its existence that you come away finding and searching for words of how they could be possibly expressed .. 

Apart from the learning of the universe and its several knowledge informations and facts, there is a vast learning on the strengths and characters of those that are met and played with, on the seat of the heat - the so called HOT seat !!

The strengths of the power of the female gender, their voice of determination and their passion to seek equality in society, is so pleasing to me in particular .. me because I have and shall always believe in the presence of the lady, the naari, mahila in our midst and the immense power of their attribute in today’s world, particularly so in our land ..

Young girls on set work as Productions assistants, Camera department apprentices, running about and doing the work of men that I have been witness to from the early years of my film career , set construction works, manually doing jobs that would shame some of the men on set  .. simply extraordinary !

Today the girl has the strength to express what she wants to do and say .. do and say what she would like to become, unlike the earlier times when, born, a girl was cooking washing managing the home and looking after the children, period !! the new awakening now brings them so close to the social milieu, that it is such a pleasure to see them exercise their wish and mind .. 

I speak to some often and am so joyed to hear them at this very young age to be able to express what they want to do and then narrate how they are ging to achieve that .. why is the choice of their work and attitude predetermined by another they say -” learn how to cook or do the cleaning and washing because that is what you are going to be doing for the rest of your life “ ! they are told and inculcated with .. but now a sense and a desire to come out of that regulatory parade, is fast replacing old and practised norms .. well .. not norms really , that would bring it to some finality .. but get out from the mundane existence ..

One of them asked most sincerely “ why, in the systems prevalent in the country, is it always the girl that is shown to the boy, for approval of marriage .. why cannot the boy be shown to the girl for approval - give her the option of choosing rather than him “  .. it is strong and valid .. but a norm that still does not change .. it still prevails !!

Women are the 50% strength of a nation .. they must be given that standing and respect and opportunity too .. they, who are responsible for the continuity of life and living .. 

And I work the entire day among such and feel so enchanted by the thoughts that they express and desire and pursue ..

My love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

John Laurens and Francis Kinloch

This post is a compilation of the information I have gathered about the Laurens-Kinloch relationship, their subsequent “breakup,” and their post-breakup interactions.  This was honestly one of my favorite posts to research and write.  It’s a long one, but I promise you that it’s worth your time (there are some quotes that rival that Hamilton-Laurens correspondence in terms of affection).  Some of the quotes I have in this post are from transcripts sent to me by Massey and are generally not publicly accessible.  If anyone wants me to post the whole transcripts of the letters, just let me know, and I’d be happy to oblige.

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pigaroooo  asked:

What do you thought between kaneki n touka and furuta n rize? I dont why for me there so similiar but at the same time so contrast each other. Ah im not question it for ship, just character interest or i dont know what i should call it

Kaneki, Touka, Furuta and Rize form a nice square of foils that arranges itself neatly like this. I was even able to draw a chart for you. 

This is stuff I want to work on for a later post so I’m going to be more concise with this one.

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      It’s been a month since I had my daughter and as much as I would love to stay home with her all day the workforce is calling me back lol! Had a job interview earlier today and dropped Riyah off at her Latina mama’s house @ashter-blank . This was the first day since she was born that I wasn’t by her side all day and it killed me like I swear I was hearing baby cries echoing in the distance lmao.

     Anyway, gotta get used to it now because she’s going to her grandmas for the weekend and if I get this job I really want this job I’m not gonna be able to be with her 24/7. Idk, we will see how it goes. But how have you guys been!? It’s literally been forever 😭😭

Thoughts about Spn 12x19


First of all TRIGGERWARNING FOR A GRAHPIC DEPICTION OF SUICIDE! If you are sensitive to see such content skip the first minutes until 5:30 (basically what happens is Dagon keeping Kelly as a prisoner, telling her again that she will die and that her son will kill the world. Devasted Kelly kills herself in order to prevent this from happen). The suicide is mentioned again later in dialogue, but I consider this less problematic than actually showing it.

Overall I really liked the episode, mostly because it was Cas-centric. And as many others speculated before this episode was all about Cas future, while 12x10 was about his past and 12x12 about the present. I liked the directing, Amanda Tapping gave us some great shots (though I still think you don’t have to show a suicide simply because it is a trigger to many folks). I am really curious now where the nephilim story is headed and I wasn’t before. They definitely took a spin on it that makes it more ambigious and will now be a huge part of Cas’s fate as well, so we will see.

Speaking off.


Even though the episode is titled “The Future” Castiel reminded me a lot of the past, namely season 6 and 8, with him ignoring the Winchesters and going behind their backs in order to do what he thinks is the right thing. The reason he is doing it is because he thinks he fails at everything and that as well is nothing new. Cas is depressed and commits acts out of desperation since… I dunno, season 8? The difference is that in the past he tried to fix heaven and redeem himself as an angel. Now he tries to redeem himself to his family, the Winchesters. The episode made a point to confirm again what he said in 12x12: Sam and Dean are his family now. He corrects Kelvin that what he is doing is for them, not heaven and later when he tells Kelly that he betrayed his friends he adds the word “family” as well, as though he still gets used to this idea. The problem of course is that for Sam and Dean there is no need for Cas to prove himself to them. What they want is to have him around and be honest with him. What Cas sees as his failures is stuff Sam and Dean never blamed Cas for.

In that regard it is interesting to see the interactions of team free will and how different yet again Dean and Sam’s reactions are regarding Cas. (And speaking of team free will: I know this is a popular fandom term, but Dean said it once, 7 years ago in 5x13, and now he uses it again? Or does he think of them like this all the time?) Sam is just glad Cas is back, Dean is not. He is angry, he is pissed and just as in 12x10 he lets Cas know that his anger is born out of worry. Still, he tries to offer Cas an olive branch here, reminding him that they work better together. Just for Cas to leave again and on top of it, to steal the Colt. And sure, not good, but on the other side it gave us Dean slamming Cas into a wall and I myself will be forever gratefull for that scene.

I found the Cas/Kelly-dynamic interesting as well, and before anyone asks, I don’t think there was anything romantic about it. Cas wanted Sam and Dean out of the mission to spare them to kill an innocent woman, but of course in the end he couldn’t do it either. What a surprise.

Originally posted by gifsforthemasses

If anything I think Cas saw himself in Kelly. First when she mentioned that she was desperate enough to kill herself. The pain on Cas’s face… takes one to know one. And then of course Kelly’s believe in a plan, in fate, in destiny. I think it is no coincidence Dean mentioned team free will again, because right now the conflict of season 5 (or rather the whole Kripke era) comes back again: fate vs free will. Cas is our poster boy for free will and he learned it the hard way. He tries to spare Kelly the pain to learn that there is no greater plan and that her human life doesn’t have any value to the forces of heaven and hell. He also offers her a painless death, which reminded me a bit of Dean offering the vampire in 12x14 a painless death. Also, the fact that no human can walk through the gates of heaven without dying… I think this might become relevant again in one way or another this season.

Kelly on the other hand… I think she already trusted Cas before her child gave her a vision of the future. He had the chance to kill her but he didn’t. He listened to her. He cares about her. And the moment Cas asked who is gonna take care of the child if Kelly dies I knew the answer. Real talk: if I had a child I would totally make Cas the godparent. Also “What would Cas do?” is a question I ask myself every day. I think Kelly’s trust in Cas was a reminder to the audience why we fell in love with this character in the first place: because he is the epitome of goodness and kindness. Kelly saw that. And I think her child somehow too. If this episode was about Cas’s future than it told us what Cas’s purpose on this world is: to save it. To make it a better place. (Which of course the Winchesters do as well, but in a different way) And maybe to guide Lucifer’s child to use his powers for something great. Because power itself is neither good or bad, only the ones who use it. And Kelly said herself, no one is born evil. Also:

Originally posted by darkslayer092

The Nephilim

So how sure are we if this child is evil or not? So far we only know it wants to survive. Did he heal Kelly because he still needed her, as he is not ready yet to be born? Or did he heal his mother out of love? Was there ever a chance to kill this child? Would an abortion even have worked? Also, if nephilims are so powerfull why did Lucifer didn’t create on earlier?

Speaking off Lucifer: what is the plan here? He wants to rule over heaven, hell and everything in between with the power of his child? And as it seems the help of Dagon. I dunno if it was just me, but did it seem to anyone else that Dagon and Lucifer had a thing once? I can’t really picture Lucifer with anyone, especially not a demon, as he always looked down on them (well he looks down on everyone, so). He needed her to make sure Kelly is okay and of course to bring his child to him once it is born. But after that? And what was in for Dagon? Was it just that little power fantasy or more? And why did Lucifer had such power over her, when he was trapped in heaven and has no access to his powers? With her dead now we probably won’t get any more answers regarding their relationship.

The nephilim sure wasn’t a fan of Dagon. And that makes me wonder… of the child just wants to be born, he wouldn’t care about Dagon killing Cas or how Dagon treated Kelly as long as she was still alive. But the nephilim took care of both Kelly and Cas and killed the one thing that was a threat to both of them. He chooses his parents in a way. Now the question is if the child can really show the future. Kelly was so convinced she made sure her vision would happen, driving to the sandbox. And now I wonder what Cas saw. Or is the nephilim manipulating both of them? Remember how Sam thought he was talking to God in the beginning of season 11? Just to learn it was Lucifer all along. And Cas behaviour in the end of course gave me massive Godstiel vibes. We will see.

Some other things:

1. THE MIX TAPE!!!!!! You know who does mixtapes for each other? Boyfriends! This was right out of a fan fiction. And just “It’s a gift. you keep those”. Maybe I’m reading too much into this (arghhh who am I kidding here?) but it felt to me as if Dean was talking about something else as well. As if he wanted to say “I gave you my heart, you can’t give it back to me”.

2. Apparently Cas has a room in the bunker. *makesexictednoises*

3. Once again we are reminded that the Winchesters try to find a better way, that this is not the past repeating itself and even though we had a lot of references to past seasons the outcome might be different. And the grace extraction solution might became relevant again.

4. The Colt is gone for good. I’m not really surprised. It has always been too much of a deus ex machina, too good to be true. Not sure if it could have killed a nephilim but even if not every other hunt would have become way more easier and for this show more boring, so the thing had to go.

See you next week!


A/N: So this idea has been floating around in my head for a minute or two and I really want to write it down before I do nothing with it, so here you go. A Prince AU for my lovely followers.

           The night outside was dark and unforgiving.

           Many travelers had come from all over to witness tonight. The birth of an heir.

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