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pretty boy

I wanna be a pretty boy with long, soft hair that i can put up in a bun and when people see me they’ll say “look at that asshole with the manbun” and I’ll laugh because yeah i am that asshole pretty boy with the manbun and itl be so wonderful that someone saw me and thought of me as enough of a man to add “man” to a previously gender neutral word, so that itd be obviously acceptable for a man to have his hair up in a bun.

And i wanna be a pretty boy with a flat chest a real cock and not this fake one made up of socks that no one would wanna suck on except maybe a fetishist but thats not what i want. i wanna be a real pretty boy with real pretty boy parts so the world will believe me when i say im a pretty boy instead of having these parts that my mother and doctors and society insist are only for girls even though some boys can have these parts and some girls never have these parts and thats okay.

And i wanna be a pretty boy so all the other pretty boys see me and think “wow i wanna kiss that boy” and it wont just be straight boys who look at me when i walk past in fact straight boys will wanna avoid me because I’ll be so pretty thy wont be able to stand it. they’ll have to look away from me and my long, soft hair thats up in a manbun and my soft smile and the glitter thats on my cheeks and my ripped jeans and high heels and red lipstick because I’ll be so pretty they’ll realize that they aren’t straight and that’s terrifying for them.

And i wanna be a pretty boy who can take his shirt off at the pool without getting arrested and i wanna feel the water on my bare chest and feel how flat it is while im sitting on a reclining chair and covering my chest with sunscreen so i wont burn and I’ll ask my pretty gay boyfriend to put sunscreen on my pretty gay back because I dont want that to get burnt either and he’ll laugh and mock me for being so pasty that i need 100 spf sunscreen and I’ll laugh at him and slap his leg and he’ll grin and kiss me and the summer sun will shine down on both of our pretty gay bodies as we both can finally have our chests free to the world.

And i wanna be a pretty boy so when i look in the mirror i dont see a silly little girl in instead see a pretty, queer boy with pretty, queer eyes and pretty, queer lips and pretty, queer hair and a pretty, queer body and i want the world to see me as a queer boy and not a slutty girl or a boyish girl or a lesbian or a freakish girl or a quiet girl or whatever it is people see me as i dont want that all i want is to be the slutty, freakish, quiet, queer, fabulous, nerdy, cute, lovely, ugly, annoying, hot, sparkly, handsome, obsessive, stupid, innocent, scary, pretty boy that i really truly am.

The truth is, it was the Fourth of July and a public holiday and we were playing a game and I slipped and hurt my back…And I wanted to protect the graze from the sun and said, ‘Does anyone have a T-shirt?’ And one of her friends said, ‘I’ve got this’ and we all laughed about it. It was a joke.
—  Tom Hiddleston on the now famous I ❤️TS tank at her Fourth of July party last summer (x)
Parallel Universe: Exhibit A

Could you create the world in FtWD VIII? “You would have walked into my bar one summer night,” Elyza whispered as hips moved against her own, wanting to go again. “I would have seen you and fallen in love, but played it overly cool. Invited you back to mine. Fucked you til sun up and sent you on your way.” Please. And thank you for your work.

“Yeah, yeah, I swear I go to class,” she muttered, meandering around the back dock in small, lazy circles as she mumbled into the phone balanced on her shoulder. “I’m not working too many hours. I’m getting it all done, I swear.”

On the other end, a woman fret and tried to make sure the bartender kept up with her studies, all while still on the other side of the world. It made Elyza smile, despite the roll of her eyes to each mundane, motherly question.

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Heated Weather, Crimson Blush (Bucky Barnes X Reader)

Title: Heated Weather, Crimson Blush  [ REQUESTED by @wildeone97​ ]

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Genre: Fluff


Hi sweetie, I don’t know if this is what you’re looking for but because the request was so open ended, I just went with what flowed for me. Hope you enjoy it!

The unforgiving summer weather has finally taken its toll on the residents of the Avengers Tower. Everyone was in a sluggish trance every time they came back from the outside, and all they wanted to do was relax on the plush couches under the tower’s blasting cold air conditioning.

The speedster of the group, Pietro, couldn’t stand spending another day just sitting around and suggested to the team, with surprising enthusiasm despite the sweltering heat, that what they needed was to appreciate the sun and enjoy a day out at the beach.

There were hums of approval that got drowned out by the groans of displeasure sounding throughout the room. (Y/N) visibly brightened up at the suggestion and her eye sparkled with excitement; the long summer days taking a toll on her.

On the end of the couch, was a scowling Bucky Barnes. The serum made his body temperature considerably higher than the lot - sans Steve, and the heat was making him crankier than normal. The mere idea of having to leave the cooling compound and make his way to bask under the sun was unappealing at best.

With that thought, the frown on his face deepened until he managed to steal a glance at the eager look (Y/N) sported. The frown lightened up slightly, a fond smile creeping its way to his face.

“C'mon you oldies, just imagine the bikinis Nat, Wanda and (Y/N) would be wearing!” Pietro voiced out with a chuckle, speeding his way back to his room to pack. Bucky couldn’t help but let his mind wander into the forbidden territory of (Y/N) wearing one of those pretty little numbers that dames of the 20s wore. A blush crept onto his cheeks as he tried to shake the image from his mind.

The journey to the beach was fun and lighthearted albeit more than a little chaotic with the heroes filling up three full cars. Tony’s car was blasting tracks after tracks of ACDC; Steve’s was playing music from the 40s and Nat’s had playlists of Pop songs of the 2000s. (Y/N) and Wanda rode with Nat at her request or more like demand, despite Pietro constantly pestering (Y/N) to ride with him on Tony’s car much to Bucky distaste.

When Nat threw her dirty sock at Pietro for pestering (Y/N) and shut him down, pulling (Y/N) to her car, Bucky couldn’t suppress the satisfied smirk and silently thanked Nat for pulling (Y/N) away from the speedster.

(Y/N) eyes fleeted several times towards Steve’s car that sat Bucky, Sam, and Bruce unknowingly. The fourth time she stole a look at the sleek black car, Nat called her out and said with a smirk, “So (Y/N), who is it that so interesting in the car over?”, only to earn a red-faced (Y/N) that now only looked right in front for the rest of the car ride.

The trio got out of their car as Tony and Steve’s car pulled into their parking spaces. All three had on their cover-ups, sunglasses perched on their noses and rummaged through the trunk of the car for the beach-going essentials that they have packed.

(Y/N) grabbed the basket she has filled with goodies that she’s made bright and early in the morning with one arm and the other held her beach bag. She stumbled slightly and Bucky, whose eyes haven’t left (Y/N), caught her before she fell and took the picnic basket on from her and threw her a charming smile that left her warm in the face.

The entire group of child-like heroes was running amok on the beach, leaving (Y/N) to settle the food and lay the beach towels and Bucky who spurted out his overused excuse of hating the sun to stay near the girl.

Bucky and (Y/N) aren’t particularly close in the sense that they were alway too shy to start a conversation with the other or couldn’t hold a two sentence talk without stuttering and going pink. However, they probably knew a lot more about each other than they let on considering how much they secretly glanced at each other.

So when (Y/N) grabbed her bottle of sunscreen and looked over to Nat and Wanda that were a distance away playing beach volleyball with the others, Bucky knew she needed someone to help but was too embarrassed to ask him.

Bucky took a deep breath and was just about to offer (Y/N) his help when Pietro sped over, grabbing the sunscreen from her, his trademark smirk on his lip as he said, “Printsessa, you look like you need some help with this?”

Bucky’s eyes narrowed at the Sokovian that was running his mouth and was just about to stop him when a volleyball hit Pietro on his head. An exasperated Wanda came walking towards her brother, pulling his away by ear as she threw Bucky a little wink and tossed the bottle of sunscreen to him.

“Uh, um, Do you, uh, want me to um, help?” Bucky stuttered, lifting the sunscreen up to (Y/N).

“Yeah, sure. Um, thanks.” (Y/N) replied, her blush evident, dusting her cheeks.

(Y/N) started removing her crocheted white coverup causing Bucky to avert his eyes in an attempt to be the gentleman he was.

“Uhm, Bucky? I’m good.” came (Y/N)’s voice, making the soldier turned to face her.

Bucky’s line of sight fell on the girl lay face down on the beach towel before her causing him to squeeze the poor bottle so hard, the plastic contorted into half.

God, you must be testing me.

Bucky gingerly spread the sunscreen on (Y/N) back, his fingers fleeting around the tiny strings tied around her back in a little cross.

This string leaves absolutely nothing to my imagination, for goodness sakes. If I just slip and tug at it a little… No no no, James Buchanan Barnes, mama raised you better!“ Bucky chastised himself in his mind, finishing up his work on her back.

(Y/N) Has left Bucky’s side after an hour or so has settled herself with a group of young children, building sandcastles together. Bucky had his gaze set on her, and it hasn’t moved since she left his side.

A fond smile hung on his face, as he allowed himself to daydream about how wonderfully contented he would be if they would eventually have children together, playing at the beach during the dreary summer days.

A loud chorus of laughter snapped him out of his reverie, and he saw (Y/N) speaking to the group of children pointing over to his direction. She then made her way over to him, Wanda by her side.

"We’re going to go grab some smoothies for everyone, would you like one?” (Y/N) questioned, a radiant smile showing.

“Uh, yeah, sure that’d be great doll,” Bucky answered hastily, almost as though he was afraid (Y/N) would take back her offer. A small nod and smile, and the two girls were on their way.

A couple of minutes later, (Y/N) and Wanda came back with their hands filled with cups of icy smoothies only to be met with empty beach towels. The metal armed soldier that was lounging there is nowhere to be seen.

(Y/N) lifted her sunglasses and placed it on her head keeping her hair away from her face. The glaring sun made her squint at the scene in front of her. Buried in sand, was Bucky, his head the only thing visible as the group of children that were playing with (Y/N) before, giggled and used their tiny hands to pile sand atop the soldier.

She made her way to the giggling children and attempted to stifle her laughter.

“Sergeant! Sergeant! We’ll bury you in sand, and you’ll try and get out alright?” came a young boy’s voice.

“Yeah yeah! You’re strong! You’ll get out in no time!” another child continued.

Bucky noticed (Y/N) coming over and sent her a pleading look, and mouthed “Help me!”. Though, the soft smile on his face giving himself away. It has been awhile since Bucky’s felt whole and this was one of those rare moments.

(Y/N) smirked a little and kneeled down next to him, a surge of confidence filling her as the soldier helplessly stay buried under sand.

No can do sergeant. I’m sure you can do it. Here’s something for good luck.” she replied, placing a chaste kiss on the tip of Bucky’s nose.

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Bitty smells like sunscreen. Breathing deep, Jack smells it faintly on the air between them as he watches Bitty make small talk at the park. His hair is curling and damp at his temple, and Jack’s eyes follow a drop of sweat as it makes its way from the line of buzzed hair at the back of his neck down to his shoulders.

Jack’s grateful his eyes are hidden behind sunglasses where he can count Bitty’s new summer freckles in peace. He can taste the sunscreen when he licks his lips, sharp and chemical on his tongue, a hint of fake coconut, and the residual salt of Bitty’s skin. He’d pressed his mouth just there on the round of Bitty’s shoulder, had kissed and grinned against Bitty’s skin as Bitty had laughed, shoulder hitching as he turned to Jack.

Jack had wanted to push him back against the covers of his bed, had wanted to lay him out in the summer sun filtering through the curtains. Had wanted to taste the rest of Bitty’s skin, catalogue each inch.

Instead, he’d gotten up, pulling Bitty with him. Promised himself that later he would kiss Bitty in the dark, fireworks exploding in the distance.

There will be time for summer-warm skin later. For now, he’ll watch Bitty smile and laugh and hide his hungry eyes behind his sunglasses.

Eat Me

Pairing: Crowley x Reader
Word count: 550
Warnings: Smut. Oral Sex (Female)
Request: ( Anonymous ) Yay, you reopened your requests! Could you please do a humorous smutty fic with either Lucifer or Crowley - where they often verbally fight with a female reader and it’s loaded with sexual tension underneath, so when the reader says “Eat me!” meaning like “fuck off” then Lucifer/ Crowley takes it literary and just “as you wish” and snaps their clothes off, starting to eat them out? :)

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In Which He Gets Jealous.

They all sat around at the first level of the concrete Amphitheater, around the campfire side. The sun shone brightly, the beams gently grazing where the fire would be blazing if it were night. Reyna, Hazel and Frank had snuck away from Camp Jupiter for the weekend. Piper and Jason sat next to Frank, Percy and Annabeth between Hazel and Reyna. The rest of the campers were all busied with their usual activities.

The crew of the Argo II laughed at one of Percy’s lame jokes.

“Reyna!” two figures made their way up to the campfire, the smaller figure in front of the larger one. It was covered in black from head to toe. As the figures drew closer to them, Percy could see that it was Nico di Angelo, with Will Solace behind him.

Nico’s Stygian Iron blade, which was almost three feet of wicked metal, black as nightmare, hung from his jeans. He was dishevelled, and he wore a black wife beater with a skull printed on, black jeans and an impractical pair of Converse high tops.

His raven locks tumbled across his forehead and Annabeth’s black hairband with a tiny grey owl was on his pale, left wrist, a bottle of water in his right hand.

Will on the other hand, wore a khaki pair of cargo shorts, a blue button-up, matching his big, blue eyes under an orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, even more impractical flip-flops and his wavy, surfer-boy hair was neatly brushed above his forehead.

Reyna got up and hugged Nico tightly.

“Ciao,” Nico greeted, a small smile on his face, “What are you guys doing here?“

“Well, Jason here told us someone got promoted to Camp Half-Blood’s Sword-Defense Master,” Reyna smiled.

“Please,” Percy snorted, “That’s only because I’m not around.”

“Don’t you wish,” Nico rolled his eyes, sarcasm lacing his every word, as he and Will sat next to Reyna, “Besides, that’s just a fancy title for training thirteen year olds. It’s a tedious process.”

“How did you learn to sword fight?” Hazel inquired, eyebrows quirking curiously.

Nico’s cheeks heated, “Kept the wrong company for a while and I just sort of picked up a couple of tricks.”

“You just got back from the Arena, right?” Jason asked.

Nico nodded and said, “Yeah, I was finishing up my last batch of lessons for the day, and Will had just completed his daily archery lessons. Some Aphrodite girls told us you guys were here.”

Then, he opened his bottle of water and took a sip. And Percy couldn’t help but poke fun at him.

“Hey, Nico,” Percy grinned, “I didn’t think Fiji water WAS YOUR TYPE!“

Nico groaned and put his head in his hands, “Holy Hades, not this again.”

Percy’s grin grew, but Nico knew he was messing with him. Very few people knew his secret and they were the seven and Will. Will had been the first outsider Nico ever told, but he and the son of Apollo had a surprisingly good relationship and he knew Will wouldn’t stand in the middle of Camp with a banner written, “Nico di Angelo is gay!”

“Wait, Nico,” Piper frowned, “Really though, what is your type?”

Nico bit his lip, nervously, his cheeks tinting pink.

“I don’t have a type,” he shrugged after a while.

Annabeth frowned, leaning foward, “What do you mean you don’t have a type? I mean, everybody has a type!”

Nico’s cheeks flushed a deeper, more delicate pink.

“I just never considered, you know, who I might be attracted to,” Nico continued biting his lip and tucked his ear behind his ear, shrugging, “Back in the ‘30’s people like me weren’t as free to be open about it then as they are now.”

“Nico,” Jason said sternly, enunciating his words to drive his point home, “It’s okay. You deserve to be happy. You practically saved the world, man. You can’t stay by yourself forever.”

Nico cast his eyes downward, “I know.”

Will Solace surprised everyone by snapping, “Hey. Leave him alone. When he’s ready to settle down, he will.”

“No harm, no foul, dude,” Percy held his hands up, “We’re just trying to speed up the process.”

Will rolled his eyes.

“So, Nico,” Reyna grinned, “Let’s find out what’s your type.”

“Nico here is a small little ray of darkness that looks like he could kill you and probably would kill you,” Percy smirked.

“Hey!” Nico interrupted, “I’ve worked really hard on curbing my murderous tendencies!”

“Obviously, we’d pair him with a ball of sunshine. Opposites attract,” Piper grinned as if Nico hadn’t spoken, “So someone from Demeter, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, maybe Athena, Hecate or Hermes…”

“Demeter is technically my step-grand-mother,” Nico tried again, disgusted, “That’s a no.”

“And he’d have to look the exact opposite of Nico,” Annabeth put in, “Because Nico looks as if he didn’t know a barber existed, he’s never seen the light of day and there’s no other colour but black.”

“He also needs someone who’s able to easily diffuse his anger,” Jason added, “And his attitude. Because this little Italian is one of the most sarcastic, mouthy persons I know. Forget Persassy, Nico di Sassangelo is the next big thing.”

“What did you call me?” Percy stared blankly at Jason.

“Percy!” Annabeth smacked his shoulder, “This is not about you!”

“And I do not have an attitude!” Nico said, indignantly, “My mother and sister raised me to be a gentleman!”

Will, who was sitting quietly while they argued, suddenly got up and walked away.

“What’s wrong with Solace?” Jason asked, “He normally isn’t this snappy.”

“I’ll go check on him,” Nico frowned, “I agree with Jason. He’s not being himself.”

Nico left the fire-side, his tiny legs unable to keep up.

“Hey Will!” he called after the son of Apollo, “Wait up!”

Will froze and Nico used this to his advantage, grabbing Will and dragging him behind the Hades Cabin, which was the nearest cabin, and which was the cabin that kept them both out of sight. Nobody would see them arguing.

“Okay. Spill,” Nico demanded.

“There’s nothing to spill,” Will said, simply.

“Will, c'mon. What’s up?” Nico pushed, “That out there, that wasn’t like you.”

Will knew it was petty, but deep down, he was jealous. The thought of Nico with somebody else didn’t settle well in his stomach.

“Nothing, alright. I’m fine,” Will snapped, “Just leave me alone, Nico.”

Nico summoned up the fiercest glare he could and sent it in Will’s direction. Will stubbornly glared back at him, until Nico broke eye contact, sending his gaze to the ground.

“Gods of Olympus,” Nico said, softly, “How do you do that? None of the other campers can keep eye contact with me for more than two seconds.”

“I’m not afraid of you like most campers, Death Boy,” Will replied, equally as soft.

“Will,” Nico whispered, making the mistake of looking up at Will.

Nico’s breath caught in his throat, all the words he’d wanted to fling at Will flying out his head. Will was gorgeous.The sunlight highlighted all the small, golden flecks in Will’s eyes blue eyes, his blonde hair glimmering. Nico saw the freckles that splashed across his nose and cheeks, like little red galaxies and his lips…

Before either of them knew what was happening, Nico was pinned up against the wall of the Hades cabin, practically melting against Will, whose lips were moving gently, wildly, passionately against his. Will’s lips were as soft and plump as they looked. Nico’s eyes slipped shut, allowing him to revel in and enjoy the moment. Sunbursts bloomed behind his eyelids. Will tasted like a warm summer day, like gentle, calming sun rays, like home. He gasped slightly when Will gently bit down on his lower lip.

As if he realized what he was doing, Will pulled back, his entire face red.

“I-I’m sorry, Nico,” Will stammered, shifting his weight from one foot to the other.

Nico was still reeling in shock. He ran back to the Hades cabin, still processing. He was unaware that Will was following him.

Will Solace kissed him. Will Solace stole his first kiss. And by the gods, he wanted Will Solace to kiss him again.

He let the door of his cabin slam shut.

“Nico, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry, I won’t do it again,” Will pleaded, banging on the door. Nico looked through the peek hole. Will looked nervous and angry with himself.

“Look, you asked me what was wrong and the truth is, I was jealous, okay? I mean I’ve liked you for a while now and you never seemed to notice,” Will forced a smile, “But I’ll pretend that it never happened, if that’s what you want.”

Will began to walk away and Nico realized that he had to fix it. And then he realized that he really, really wanted to give Will a chance.

The door flung open, and Nico yelled, “Will, wait!” Before pulling him inside his cabin, slamming the door shut.

Twenty minutes later, Percy returned to the fire side, grumbling angrily as he, Annabeth and Piper paid Jason and Reyna their winnings.

.a place to call home //shallura
               He still recalled everything so clearly.

So many were present, the once free people that not only Allura has reached out to, but helped find their courage to fight back against being enslaved and nearly pushed to extinction. Their faces were all so bright, and sorrows finally were an afterthought; their smiles reflect what she feels right now. Joy. After so many years of battle, of the strife, of the complications of being hunted throughout the many galaxies, it was all over. Peace was achieved, though some sacrificed their lives for it; this was for them. This moment she shared on this grand podium, with the lions behind her, the symbols of freedom.

“No longer are we to be threatened and oppressed, reduced to fearing and looking behind our shoulders at every pass we make. The war with Zarkon, with his followers, is finally over.” The relief was in her eyes and mirrored in whispers shared by the crowd. Behind her stood the pilots of Voltron, their helmets underneath their arms, taking in the grandiose audience before them. All except one pilot, the leader of this group of young individuals. Shiro. His attention was solely on her.

     That day, he believed, was to be one of their last together.

After everything they endured, the numerous battles, the close calls, the moments where they found a pocket of temporary peace from the empire’s grasp - it was finally coming to a close.

When the speeches were over, when the crowds dissipated and they boarded the ship, the group, now including Matt, reminiscence of their time together. So much changed, and he saw it all unfold before him like a flower finally coming to bloom with spring’s arrival. Pidge finally found what she longed for, family, and she was made whole. Keith has come to terms of his heritage, and learned the value of leadership. Lance maintained his confidence, yet he humbled, and his marksmanship had no rival. Hunk, not only did he keep their spirits elevated, but earned the admiration of many a people of different civilizations, and took pride in learning of their cultures, taking personal interest in their unique dishes.

But, what of Shiro? One could argue that he had undergone many a change himself, but there was something that he could not overcome.

He knew what it was, as he sat in silence while they all laughed and excitedly spoke of returning home. The mice danced and were juggled between Matt and Pidge. Hunk unveiled his masterpiece of a dinner, the last they would have together. Keith and Lance were bickering quietly to themselves but soon that died away when they took a glance at Shiro.

He was staring again; it was something he didn’t register doing.

Allura was aglow, her bright eyes often trailed their path to his own, and she would smile in a particular way that made him realize that she had not changed, that it was his heart that shifted - especially now with the knowledge that he was going home. Finally - home.

There were words he choked on, a thousand things he could have said, but when the festivities were over, and he was left alone with her on the bridge, he simply allowed her speak, drinking in the sound of her voice. He longed to remember it, the way she said his name, how soft her tone became when addressing him. The universe was dark, a tapestry riddled with glowing stars, yet she was the one that outshone them all.

                        He remembered that day.

As they finally arrived on Earth, as she had promised them, and the ship rested after its landing, that he came to terms with a heavy heart. Their adventures were over, that they would not likely see her beauty, or that of the vast cosmos.

“Shiro,” she had been speaking to him this entire time, yet her words were falling on deaf ears until now. The breeze felt warm, it was summer where they came to land, and the sun was bright on his face. The team stood behind him and began to give their embraces to Coran, who balanced the mice on his shoulders as they began to trade their farewells.

“Shiro, I wanted to personally thank you again. Not only did we rebuild the once shattered peace throughout the galaxy, but we finally were able to bring you back home. The Galra empire is no more, you can go home.” Her hand was extended out to him and he looked down at it before reaching out and taking a hold of it.

“The pleasure was mine, princess. What now, now that you achieved what you wanted? Where will you go?” He asked with a certain concern that she did not recognize, one that made her look away; Allura chose not to reveal the bit of sorrow that painted her features.

“I will find a new home, I have a chance now to start over. But you should go now, Shiro, the lions are safe with me, until they are needed again. Now, they are waiting - we have held you long enough, don’t you agree?” She replies in a whisper while slipping her hand away, giving a wink before motioning to his family, his team, patiently waiting.

How could he forget. She lost everything she loved, her entire world, her people, her father. They had a home to return to, she had memories locked in her heart. She was smiling, but her eyes spoke volumes, and as they cleared distance, and he began to walk back to the team, her smile wanes.

Coran had already boarded ahead of her whilst she lingered; the mice sat on the train of her cloak as she turned away, with a bleeding heart.

Shiro looked ahead at the faces of his newfound family, especially the way they crossed their arms and shook their heads, mumbling in distraught. Even Matt joined in on the foray, and sternly, pointed back to the ship. They knew before he did, what took root in his heart, and what he was letting go.

Allura was down the corridor when she felt a firm grip of her wrist; a gasp escaped her lips and she felt the immediate rush of heat as sorrow mingled with anger. The collision was a soft one, for she immediately recognized the scent of his skin, the strength of his arms, as he pulled her into a tight embrace. “Allura,” she heard her name fall from his lips and she felt something within shatter all at once.

“Home isn’t the same, it is missing something,” Shiro whispered against her pointed ear, brushing his cheek against her own. She was trembling violently and the quake caused his voice to crack, “..Someone,” he managed to conclude as he pulled away to look at her.

She was weeping now, openly. Allura, who was strong and lionhearted, a woman who endured so much, appeared vulnerable before his eyes. His cybernetic arm pulled away and he brushed the tears from her cheek. “We have a saying on Earth: Home is where the heart is. My home is with you. Stay here, with me - with us.”

He remembers that day as he looks at her now, the way she is glowing before the open window as sunlight filters through. The look of serenity on her face as she stares outside and rests a hand along her abdomen. His heart leaps inside its cage when she turns, and her smile lights up the entire room, brighter than the summer sun. Her laughter is something that makes him smile on cue.

“Shiro? What’s the matter? You’ve been awfully quiet this morning, especially during breakfast.” Her approach is a slow one as she extends her hands out, but it is not to shake his own, but to wrap her arms around his neck. God, she is truly glowing, and he falls in love with her all over again.

“I was thinking of you, us, of..” he spoke lovingly while trailing his hand over her abdomen; it was rounder now as she came closer to the end of her third trimester.

It has been a full year since the war came to an end, a year since he lost an important part of himself. But, he found himself, and a piece of heaven was granted to him, at last.

                                   It was here, when she smiled.

                          It was was found woven into her laughter.

                               And now, it was growing within her.

  [ shallura art done by: @breezycheezyart​ - thank you for the inspiration! ]

BTS  reacting to their s/o being extremely pale and is bullied therefore in her/his hometown

It wasn’t easy to write this reaction but we tried our best. So we hope you like it.

And also both of us were shocked that people are still that retarded to bully others because of their skin colour. Stay strong and never let others define you. I’m always so angry when I hear that people just can’t shut the fuck up. 


You never told anyone about your insecurities. You always wanted to be seen as a strong person and nothing could bring you down. However it happened that one day your walls broke. Jin walked with you through the streets and placed both of you at a bench near the playground. Suddenly a child walked to you and asked about your visible veins. You tried to stop the tears, which formed in your eyes from falling and explained that you simple had a very thin and pale skin. The child simply nodded before returning to it’s friends. You watched it with glazed eyes and tears rolled  down your cheeks. Jin immediately reacted and hid your face in his chest. He waited until you were ready to tell him about your reasons.

“It’s ok jagi”

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Suga and you always understand each other without words. But there was one thing he never understood: whenever he said something about your pale skin you seemed to freeze before changing the topic immediately. Like today when both of you were shopping. You tried a midnight-blue dress and he told you how well it fit’s to your pale skin. Your smile disappeared and you turned around with no words to change back in your normal clothes. You leaved the shop, he followed you. When you wanted to wipe away the falling tears, he grapped your wrist and drew you to a bench. He wiped your tears away and forced you to finally tell him whats wrong. He observed you exactly as you told him that you learnt to hate your pale skin through bullying in your home country. He understood you and hugged you tight until your tears dried up.

“You are beautiful.”

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Namjoon was one of the most understanding persons you knew. You were able to tell him everything and he would never judge you or force you to do something. So it’s no surprise that he also knew about your biggest insecurity. You told him about that a long time ago and he understood you but also told you how beautiful you were. You often tried to cover most of your body with clothes, no matter how hot it was outside. You tried to stop this habit for him, but it was really hard. When he saw how uncomfortable you were, sitting infront of the small café he pulled you on his lap while hugging you and kissing your neck.

“If you’re not okay I can give you my coat. You don’t need to change for me. I just want you to be happy.”

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Hoseok really was your hope. You barely smiled ever before you met him and now one look and his positive aura would envelop you. But even his optimism couldn’t take the insecurities from you, which seemed to get worse and worse. Vou casually talked about your past a long time ago with him, but you didn’t thought that he really payed attention in this moment. 

You were out with friends when somehow the topic ‘skin colours’ popped up. Your whole body tensed up and you mentally prepared yourself for a hard conversation. But there was no need. As soon as they started to speak about it, they were stopped by Hoseok who started to complain about the warm weather, which already lasted for the last two weeks. You gzed at him thankfully and smiled about your cute boyfriend. On your way home you asked him how he did know and he simply hugged you while smiling.

“I pay attention to everything you say jagi. And I think your beautiful. Whoever told you other is just pitiful since he will never be able to see how amazing you are.”

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In things like insecurities, Jimin would be the most understanding out of all members since he fights them every day again. But you didn’t wanted to bother him with your problems too, So he never knew about your problems. Until one evening. 

You sat on the couch and watched TV while cuddling. Suddenly he started to kiss your skin and you flinched. He stared in your face, a big question mark formed on his face. You told him that you simply didn’t liked that, but he knew that there was more. But he also didn’t wanted to force you, since he knew he wouldn’t want that too.

“You can tell me everything. You know that, do you?”

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Tae was your sunshine, he made you laugh and he made you happy. He was too pure for the world and you always felt like you need to protect him from the bad world. 

Concealing your past was part of it. Until that day Tae entered your apartment, nearly jumping on you with his boxy smile on his face. He had the day off and decided to go swimming with you. You didn’t wanted to make him sad, so you agreed. You were okay until you arrived at the lake. Obviously many people had the same idea. Taehyung already changed in his bathing trunks. You told him to go in, but he hesitated. He knew you to well. He knew that you wouldn’t follow him, so he walked back to you and hugged you. He asked why you wouldn’t come in and you said that you weren’t  comfortable with showing your body or your skin. He hugged you even tighter while peppering your whole body with kisses.

“My jagi should never be sad. I won’t allow that.”

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You and Jungkook stopped at a game store during your shopping trip. He wanted to buy this new game Tae told him about and since you were strongly against a new reason for him to come home late, you waited outside the shop. You enjoyed the last sun rays of this warm summer day when suddenly a little old grandma disturbed your moment of silence. She just stood in front of you and watched you before she said:”Yes enjoy it. You need it child you look so ill with your veins visible. I can recommend you a-” 

“I’m sorry but my girl is more than beautiful and doesn’t need any help.”

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Bon Appétit

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Word count: 1,081
Warnings: Smut. Oral sex (female).
Request: ( Anonymous ) Could you please do a Gabriel (or Balthazar) x reader fic where the reader tells them that she has never cum from oral sex - and that nowadays she just stop guys from going down on her because so many has become annoyed in the past because they couldn’t get her to cum, and the angel in question is like “humans!” and proceed to show her how much better an angel lover is? I think Gabe or Balth are the ones that enjoy giving oral most :) 

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Warm Me Up Ch. 28

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The sun was beating down relentlessly. June summer heat was the worst thing when a person loved wearing black as much as Nico.

“Are you sure you don’t want to change before leaving?” Will asked as he scrolled through his phone and leaned against his car.

“The day I don’t wear black is the day the world ends,” he answered. He bit his lip and backtracked. “Did I lock my door?” Will shrugged. “Hold on.” He went back to the apartment and checked the knob.

He still wasn’t used to having his own place. He was lucky Will had decided to be an orientation leader for incoming freshmen that summer. Now, even though it was summer, they still remained close.

Will had the luxury of staying at the school dorms during the summer. Nico had to get a job and get an apartment in order to keep going to his therapy sessions. However, he had to add a psychiatrist on top of that.

He hadn’t told Will yet. He didn’t want to. He didn’t tell him that he was so fucked up he had to take medicine to make him normal now. It wasn’t even working anyway. He’d been taking medicine since early May, which meant about five weeks, and Nico hadn’t noticed any change whatsoever in his emotions.

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Anonymous asked: Can I give you a prompt? Bellamy decides to have fun with the rest of the kids one night and drunkenly tells Clarke that he wants to have her babies (yes HE wants to have HER babies). And he can be like dead serious about it when he says it or smiling goofy or whatever - you can decide what kind of drunk he is. And then maybe Clarke is sober or not as drunk as he is so she has to deal with responding (or not responding) to his confession and then facing him the next day.

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Let’s talk about Yang and Sun as characters

So, I ain’t touching that shipping discourse with a ten foot pole because it is pointless and dramatic and y’all need to calm your tits, but I do think we need to discuss the differences between Yang and Sun as characters and how they relate to Blake, because I feel like there is some fundamental misunderstandings here that are vastly contributing to the problem.

First and foremost, neither Sun nor Yang should ever be labeled as abusive because they are not. Adam Taurus is abusive. Adam drove Blake to some very dark and scary places in her life because of his abusive behavior. He was obsessed with her in and unhealthy and possessive way and did not care about her well-being. Yang and Sun are both good people who would never hurt Blake on purpose and even when they do incorrect things in regards to how they treat her it always come from a place of concern for her.

Secondly, one of the big arguments I’m hearing lately in regards to the way they each interact with Blake is that if the characters positions were reversed then people would be having the opposite reactions. Like people saying that if Yang had followed Blake everyone would be praising it as romantic and if Sun had been the one to convince Blake to come out to the dance everyone would be calling him pushy or bad. Except here’s the thing that’s wrong with that line of discussion. It operates under the idea that Yang and Sun are the same kind of character personality wise. And they are not. At all.

See, Sun’s character is the kind of person that people think Yang’s character is, and Yang’s character is something else all together.

Sun is loud and friendly and a little clueless. He takes an interest in people and genuinely cares about them, but he looks at everything through his own world view without necessarily taking other people’s feelings into consideration and as a result he can come off as sort of obnoxious. He’s a big stupid sweetheart. Does he want to help? Absolutely. Does he know how best to do that? Absolutely not. This is what makes him a good foil for Blake, in that he absolutely doesn’t get her at all and it results in hilarious misunderstandings that are totally harmless but still drive her a little crazy. Certain people are taking that cluelessness as malicious in some way, and that’s how we’re getting this weird misconception that he is “abusive.” People think he is willfully ignoring Blake’s wishes, when what is actually happening here is that he legitimately doesn’t get it. He doesn’t get that Blake might want to go on this personal mission home by herself because his life’s motto is that “You should always get friends involved.” He just sees his friend putting herself in a sad and scary situation alone and wants to support her. He doesn’t understand why she might not want his support because it clashes so much with his personal world-view. He always has Blake’s best interest at heart, but sometimes he goes about helping her in a way that just kind of irritates her.

Yang is a whole other story. Yang is loud and friendly too, but the key difference here is that she is keenly aware of other people’s feelings and behaves accordingly. She recognizes that Blake has limits when it comes to personal interactions and the like, and so she handles her more gently than she might with someone else. She still pushes her outside her comfort zone with things like bear hugs because she’s trying to help her grow, but she does it in little ways rather than pushing her all out at once because she sees that wouldn’t help. She wants to help Blake, but she wants to do it at Blake’s preferred pace. Which is good, and it allows the two of them to grow close gradually. But it’s also means that she can be a bit too cautious sometimes. Yang’s careful observation of other’s behavior does come from her desire to help people, but it also comes from her own fear of rejection. She waits and observes and reacts accordingly because she’s scared that if she pushes too hard people will leave her. Blake recognizes and appreciates that Yang gives her space and let’s her handle things at her own pace, but she doesn’t realize the other reason why she does it. She doesn’t realize that by running away she is hurting Yang, because she’s so wrapped up in her own fears that she can’t recognize Yang’s. And Yang does the same, viewing Blake’s running as a form of rejection due to her own issues, rather than recognizing it as part of Blake’s issues.They are both caring, considerate people who have deeply rooted emotional issues that they need to work through, and that’s why they play off of each other so well. They respect each other’s problems, but are so wrapped up in their own problems that they can’t always help each other.

So now, with all this in mind, let’s go back to the original hypotheticals I addressed there. We’ll go chronologically and start with the Burning the Candle scenes.

The idea here is that if Sun had tried to convince Blake to come out to the dance in the way Yang had, people would view his actions as pushy and inappropriate, instead of sweet and heartfelt as they were with Yang. The problem with that idea is that Sun wouldn’t have tried to help her the way Yang did. He didn’t understand why Blake was upset and thus he couldn’t have talked her through her issues the way Yang did. And if he somehow did understand, he wouldn’t have dealt with it the same way. He wouldn’t have shared a personal experience and tried to use that to help her understand how she was hurting herself. He would have told her that there was no point in worrying about stuff she can’t change and just joked around with her in an attempt to make her feel better. And as a result, it likely wouldn’t have worked.

Then there’s this idea that if Yang had followed Blake onto the boat against her wishes people would think it was sweet and romantic, instead of clueless and mildly irritating as it was with Sun. But again, the problem with this idea is that Yang wouldn’t do that. If Yang had seen Blake leave and had the opportunity to follow her, she wouldn’t have. And it wouldn’t be because she respects Blake’s choice, or because she wanted to give her space to deal with her own issues. She wouldn’t have followed because she would have viewed it as a rejection. Why is Blake leaving? Did I do something wrong? Why would she leave me without saying anything? I must have messed up, because why else would she be running? She wouldn’t have realized that Blake was running because she was scared, because she would have internalized the abandonment immediately and viewed herself as not good enough to be around Blake anymore.

Bottom line: The idea that the fandom would react differently if the roles were reversed is a fallacy, because the roles between Yang and Sun can’t be reversed in any situation. They are fundamentally different characters, and the idea that they would do the same things in the same situations is just nonsense. They serve different purposes in Blake’s life, different purposes in the story. You can’t just flip the script without changing the entire story.

It seems like half the issues from the two sides of this fandom hate seem to stem from the idea that these two characters are interchangeable in some way and that the only difference between them is their gender, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. They are completely different people who serve completely different roles in Blake’s story. They are both there to help her grow, but in different ways. To think any differently is honestly disrespectful to all three of them and to the work that has been put into them as characters.

Stop treating Sun like a bad character, stop treating Yang like a bad character, and (to quote a completely different fairy tale) stop treating Blake like she’s a prize to be won in all of this.

Her Eyes

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: PTSD, alcoholism, death of a child, language <— see I do post warnings. 

A/N: Kate Bishop y’all - enough said. 

Summary: A mission left you clinging to alcohol as a coping mechanism and the team wants you to get help. 

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