i want to be baby lux

Mister gave me cash gift for spending the week with him!

Haha love it!

He spoiled me all week by taking me on vacation, flying me first class, getting me my own suite with a view and bath, taking me shopping, and to top it off he gave me $4000 for being so sweet to spend time with him.

I’m so happy he understands my needs and fulfils them, all while allowing me to fulfill his needs. He loves and adores my company.

Ladies, make your man NEED you and not want you, so you are SET!

Lux 💋

“Sea World is closing the curtain on killer whale shows at its San Diego park next year.
The company said Monday it plans to reinvent the attraction that’s been the center of animal-cruelty claims against SeaWorld (SEAS).”

One step closer to shutting down that wretched place for good! Keep tweeting, blogging and sharing your dissatisfaction with Sea World and let’s shut down the place once and for all. This is ALL due to social media blasting Sea World and if we continue to do so they literally will be forced outta the biz.

Kind of bloody amazing what a bunch of Grrrls can do when we band together and focus our passion towards the Greater Good™. Not to be dramatic, but I think if Harry Styles told us to start a revolution and change the world- I reckon we could. Xx

I wanna know baby tommo’s real name, I want Louis proudly to post pics of him all the time. I want to watch him grow up, through videos of his first step,first words, I want to see their selfie, I want to see Harry, Liam, Niall holding him, playing with him. I want to be part of his life in distance, just the way we did with Lux.
But guess what??
Because all of the most horrible people on the planet who call themselves fans of Louis and all the hate they send to baby mama and comment unnecessary things on their social media account we aren’t going go get anything and I will never ever forgive them that.


“I came here with Lou and Tom a bunch of times,” Harry says quietly. “They’ve got friends nearby and Lou had always talked about raising Lux and whatever other babies they were going to have somewhere away from London, and one day I just…” Harry trails off, tries to explain the almost otherworldly calm that settled over him that day when he finally realized it was time to stop wandering.

“I just didn’t want to leave,” Harry finishes. He looks back at Louis and shrugs, smiling gently. A piece of hair falls out from the bun he’d tied it in after his shower, and Louis reaches out and tucks it behind Harry’s ear. “I didn’t want to leave, so one day I just…didn’t.”

every arrow that i aim is true

The studying with me NEVER stops! 🤓

I was in the library studying when Daddy rang me. Within 15 mins, he was on campus to pick me up. He surprised me with that little blue bag! 🙈 Daddy really does know how to spoil and make my day.

He asked me to take me to dinner. I had on no make up and a A line skirt with a white shirt on. Not the worst but I didn’t want to feel out of place at dinner! I asked him to take me back to my apartment so I can get changed and throw some make up on but he assured me I looked beautiful, which the waitress told me as well so I asked Daddy give her a big tip!

Today finished off so perfectly. I’m really so grateful to have this man in my life and bed. 😏

10 times when Uncles 1D killed us!

10) When “I know you’re not a real blondy, Uncle Niall!”

9) When “I’m not a baggage Uncle Harry! I don’t have to pass under the metal detector!”

8) When “Look at me Uncle Liam! I dive!!”

7) When “I’m Uncle Louis’s princess! Bitches!”

6) When “Uncle Harry wants eat me!”

5) When “Uncle Liam is only mine! Get over it!”

4) When “I wanna dance with Uncle Louis! Zayn go wawy!!” 

3) When “I always stay safe with Uncle Harry!”

2) When “Mumy told me I can’t write on the walls..but Uncle Louis says it’s ok on the cabin!”

1) When “You wish to be but you can’t! You salute, Uncle Niall!”

Zarry || LA

We had been in LA now for a few days, we were to stay for a long while since we had more promo to do, Zayn had came out since he had a house so they wouldn’t really think anything of it if he was papped places. I wasn’t allowed to stay with the others since it was the easiest, I was staying in my house in LA which was really Louis’ and I’s, but as for right now it was mine. Zayn said we would go out and do stuff today which I was excited about, I hadn’t been out in LA with him for a long while, Niall and Julian were here watching Cookie, Dakota, Luca, Marina and Lexie, he offered right away, which he had plans with Julian so it automatically made Julian become a babysitter, which I found adorable, he found any way to spend with them. Lottie and Lou were coming by to help too since Lux wanted to see the babies. I was watching some kids show that I had never seen while I waited for Zayn.