i want to be as pretty as mick

Best Mick Mercury Quotes

Mick: What’s your poison these days?
Sasha: Oolong.
Mick: Aw, that’s sweet of you Sasha! It has been too long
Sasha: It’s tea, Mick.
Mick: Sorry I’ve never been too good with grammar. It’s been tea long.

Hey wait you said your place has got no wheels? That’s like, exaggerating? Like, you only have a few, right?

I’m not the one who takes his friends charity and then chews it up and spits it out all over his face like some kind of psycho bird-mother jerk-friend!

I’ve thought about it real hard…and my answer is… WE PRESS ALL THE BUTTONS AT THE SAME TIME!

[talking about the calendar] What is a Febrewary even?!

Mick: This is just like the time that my dad told me my dog got shot 15 times because he tried to stop a gang war.
Sasha: that’s quite a ruse just to get you out of the house.. 
Mick: What? No. Wilco was dead. He got shot 15 times did I not say that?

Vertebrae are like kidneys right? You only really need one of em to get by right?

And I thought, “Hey how come no one has built a car out of paper yet? It’d be pretty cheap right? Sell like gangbusters!" 

Please Proctor don’t kill me, I’ve got a dad and three kids and- Oh no that was a lie I’m sorry I’ve just got the dad but he’s gonna be really upset if I get murdered! 

Juno: Alright so you want to be a PI or a special agent or something?

Mick: I was thinking more like a superhero but I’m willing to work my way up.

Gettin paid in eyes…I’ll have to look into that.

Sweet shining nebula Jay! I think my brain mighta just done a clue!

Suck it up, ask for help, and live you jerk!

Mick: He’s the best sniper in the city! They call him One Eyeball Steel.

Juno: Mick, nobody calls me that.

Mick: One Ball Steel then!

Juno: Nooo, nope, went the wrong way on that one.


Request:  Hi I was wondering if I could please get a rip hunter Christmas imagine please? Maybe reader gets him involved in a game or decorating? If you could do that then great, but if not I understand that you’re super busy and I love your blog btw



“Pretty please.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Ugly please?”

A look of absolute disbelief is the only response Rip has at your words, his eyebrows raised as his head tilts downwards, as if he almost wanted to ask what on earth you meant.

“Well pretty please didn’t work,” you justify with a shrug.

“You are not decorating my office, Y/N,” Rip shakes his head, attempting to focus on the page he had begun reading some time ago.

“I’m not saying I should do it,” you sigh, pushing yourself up onto his desk next to him. “I’m saying we should decorate it. Make it a bit more festive, show that you are actually a human… you are a human, right?”

“Go away, Y/N,” Rip sighs heavily, “I need to finish reading this.”

“Fine,” you reply somewhat deflated. “Maybe Mick will let me decorate his room. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind the mistletoe,” you muse to yourself. It wasn’t your first choice of a potential mistletoe kiss, but at least the arsonist would be slightly less stubborn than the captain.

As you move to leave a tight grip gathers on your wrist, keeping you where you stood. With a silent questioning gaze, you look from your wrist to Rip who sat there in shock, as if unable to explain his own actions.

“You’re going to put mistletoe in Mick’s room?” he asks, his voice quiet and cold.

“Well, if you won’t let it go up here, yeah, I guess…”

“You do realise,” Rip begins, letting your wrist go as he rubs at his temple, his exhaustion shining through once more. “If you put it there he will most certainly demand a kiss from you.”

Shrugging carelessly you look to him as if to ask what that would matter. “Rip, I am going to get a mistletoe kiss one way or another, if that means kissing Rory, fine.”

Before he knows what he is doing, Rip is standing with yet another sigh as he glances around the room he had spent so very long making perfect. “You can decorate my office.”

i want a rouges spinoff that starts out like 

“my name is leonard snart.”

“my name is mick rory.”

“my name is hartley rathaway”

“my name is mark mardon”

“my name is roy bivolo”

“my name is lisa snart”

“my name is shawna baez”

*in unison* “and we are the best criminals in the world.”

but i want different music in the background of all of them. like lisa’s would be something pretty but with darker tones. and i want mardon’s to just be really cymbal and drum-heavy. and ofc hartley’s is flute music. shawna’s sounds like it’s being played on a triangle. etc etc etc

and then at the end of the into it cuts over to axel who’s the one playing all of the music with like,,, eight different lollipops sticking out of his mouth.

Mick: So. Who broke it? I’m not mad. I just want to know.

Leo: I did. I broke it…

Mick: No. No, you didn’t. Pretty boy?

Nate: Don’t look at me. Look at Ray!

Ray: What?! I didn’t break it!

Nate: Huh. That’s weird. How did you even know it was broken?

Ray: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken!

Nate: Suspicious.

Ray: No, it’s not!

Amaya: If it matters, probably not… Sara was the last one to use it.

Sara: Liar! I don’t even drink that crap!

Amaya: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?

Sara: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Amaya!

Leo: Alright let’s not fight. I broke it, let me pay for it, Mick.

Mick: No. Who broke it?

Zari: [whispering] Mick, Jax has been awfully quiet…

Jax: Really?!

Zari: Yeah, really!


Mick: I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it. I predict ten minutes from now, they’ll be at each other’s throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.

Being Damien's youngest daughter and to unite to legends would include...

I had it in my head for a while now and finally got some of it done. I intend to make another from Sara’s point of view. She can be misinterpreted here and I would not like it…

Originally posted by bloomsdaymeeting

You were Damien Darhk’s youngest daughter.

And despite being the daughter of one of the villains and enemies of Ra’s Al Ghul and Oliver Queen, you were completely unaware of the life your father was leading.

You were not exactly … close.

He could be your biological father, but he didn’t create it.

In fact, it was your big sister. Eleanor.

Your mother passed away early and you had no memories of her and it was always Eleanor who took care of you

Until, well … until she disappears in a strange and mysterious way, saying that she had family affairs to deal with.

But you didn’t understand. You were her family. What other subjects would she have?

Then you found out.

You discovered that she was involved in some sort of black magic as she tried to bring her father back from the dead (this was a cold-blooded murderer where you were sure half the world still wanted him killed)

You didn’t want this for your sister.

You didn’t want her to go down that dark path either.

She was your only family. You couldn’t lose her either.

So you joined the only people you thought would help you in the quest to bring some good sense to your sister:

The legends

Unfortunately, being the youngest daughter of Damien didn’t give you much credibility and all the Waverider members were standing on you.

Basically they didn’t trust you and wanted you as far as possible

Worst of all was Sara Lance

It was she who allowed you to stay and at the beginning you thought she might believe you, but in fact it was the complete opposite.

Sara hated you (or was what she really looked like to you) and seemed about to use you as a bargaining chip if things were left with your father.

(If she knew he don’t cared little about you)

Your first few weeks were not easy. They were far from that, but soon you gained the trust of the Legends.

Strangely, Mick was one of the first people to warm up for you (the Mick way of being).

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I really hope that Legends of Tomorrow does an episode with a
young newly abandoned Felicity Smoak.

-We’ll see how smart she was for her age.
-How she lived, how/if her mom was never really home.
-Maybe she was the one that made the super computer for the legends.
-her love of Doctor Who comes from the Waverider.
-Sara and Ray are over protective of her. (Sara wants to keep her)
-Stein is in awe of her knowledge.
-Felicity thinks Sara’ pretty.
-an Oceans 11 type episode

My wish list is:

Mick and her make s'mores with his heat gun.

Felicity taking a bluet for Sara,
and she says “you’re starting to make me look bad”
-then she’s healed by the Waverider , no scars-

At the end of the episode, Felicity’s mind is wiped, not before she finds a book that’s addressed to her, the book is “Robin Hood”

What do you think?

anonymous asked:

Ok but Dealing with Dragons Trans Len who is basically using Dragons to escape the whole princess thing and tbh this is a pretty decent gig anyway

Hahahaha, I can totally see it. He gets himself kidnapped on purpose, which everyone figures is fine, except he’s smuggled his baby sister princess with him in his backpack, so Mick suddenly has two princesses (actually, one prince and a princess, but it takes Len a bit of time explain that) who have zero interest in being rescued.

And then, just as Mick is starting to get this whole thing - abusive dad, right, don’t want to go home, gotcha, there’s precedent for that now after Dealing with Dragons happened - THEN Len starts thieving. Because he’s good at it, and he likes it.

Very, very good at it, actually.

It starts to be a problem.

No one prepared Mick for this mess.

Legends Crew + Twister:

  • Disclaimer: I have no good way to explain why this group of people would consent to a game of Twister together to begin with but let me have this ridiculous fluff. If you really need an explanation assume there was alcohol involved.
  • Stein excused himself on the basis that “I am 66 years old and I will die” which is pretty hard to argue with, so they put him on spinner duty
  • Snart also excused himself on the grounds of “I don’t want to touch any of you people” and “more booze for me”
  • Sara went into the game HUGELY cocky and overconfident, which obviously meant everyone was immediately united in their desire to destroy her
  • The game got sidetracked by a massive argument between those who insists it’s okay to have more than one foot/hand on a space (Kendra, Rip, Mick, Jax) and the purists who think that’s cheating (Ray, Sara, Stein).
    • Snart abstained from voting in favor of vodka.
  • Time Dad purposefully fell over the second round because he had his face in Kendra’s ass and his hand was going between Mick’s legs and honestly it just wasn’t worth it
  • Jax got stuck with his feet on opposite sides of the board so he had to sit there basically flinging his crotch in everyone’s face for ever. He was basically a nonstop stream of apologies the entire time
  • Ray has no sense of personal space to begin with so just imagine Twister with him. Do it. Imagine. 
  • Sara obviously kept purposefully trying to make things awkward by flirting with everyone to try and get them out. 
    • “Hey, Kendra, nice call on the crop top today. Looking good ;)” “Sara”
    • “Jax, can I use your butt as a pillow? That’s cool, right?” “oh my god please stop” 
    • “Ray not to make things weird but I could do my laundry on your abs” “Thank you?”
  • Seriously Ray wound up in some position to hike his shirt up and suddenly these ridiculous majestic abs on the body of Ray fucking Palmer are just out there for the world to see. It was blinding. There may have been an actual stunned silence.
    • Mick actually complimented him
    • Snart immediately drowned the rest of his drink and had some very angry conflicted gay feelings
      • (He wakes up hungover and finds a note he left himself that just says “Remove Raymond’s abs” and that’s how he knows it’s going to be a bad day) 
  • Mick isn’t super flexible but he can hold the same terrible positions for ever. Sara naturally tries to use this - “Damn, Mick, you have stamina” - and immediately suffers for it, as Mick looks Len dead in the eye and says, “Well, I’ve have a lot of practice.”
  • And Len. Fucking. Winks.
  • Which is the point when Sara’s jaw drops open and her hand slips and she hits the board yelling “I KNEW IT”
  • (Unfortunately she took Jax out with her, which Snart actually apologized for, because he’s a softy when he’s inebriated.) 
  • So it boiled down to Ray, Mick, and Kendra and ended when Ray accidentally stepped on Kendra’s hand, nearly breaking her finger and completely setting off her inner homicidal hawk goddess in a room full of tipsy legends 
  • It’s amazing how many game nights end like that tbh
  • TL;DR Legends + Twister is great and should definitely happen

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ohMYGODD!1! I'm watching LoTs2 eps with Len in them bc I'm weak af and I'M VIBRATING WITH ANGER BC WHATHEFUCKINGFUCK!!1! THEY TREAT MICK LIKE A PICE OF GARBAGE AND I WANT TO PUCH MY SCREEN!! *breathes* I wanted to watch the crossover eps bc, again, weak af, BUT I HAVE TO TAKE BREAKS BC RAGE and idk if I will be able to. So. *breathes*. Do you know, my dears, some fics to wash my despair and rage? Don't care is it's Coldflash or ColdWave or ColdRedWave or wtv, I just want peace for my soul.

I will be honest… I haven’t had time to read much fic in months. I’ve pretty much been rereading the same two or three, especially DCW related fic D:

All I can really do is direct you to the @lotrewrite for your Mick and Len S2 frustrations (same, honestly!) which is a collective of amazing authors who rewrote all of S2 in quite a wonderful way, or anything by @robininthelabyrinth (currently, Countless Roads is in progress and A++++ but she also has a veritable mountain of Coldwave for you to look through) that said @coldtomyflash has a frankly staggering fic rec list and a tag that covers a TON of what you’re looking for :)

Turn Down the Heat - 9 (Leonard Snart / Reader)

Part One Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven  Part Eight

Originally posted by wentworthmilleraddict

You walked into to Rip’s office and saw him standing near his desk, “You asked to see me, sir?”

He looked over at you, “Yes…We need to discuss the situation.”

“Right.” You sighed pulling Len’s coat closer to you. You were glad you didn’t give it back yet. It felt like he was there with you.

“If the core is truly leaking…how do we fix it?” He looked at you as you stepped up to the table, “Is that Snart’s coat?”

You looked at Rip confused, “Does it matter?”

“I just don’t think it’s wise to get so close to him. He is a thief after all.” Rip stared you down.

“A thief you recruited for your selfish means.” You said immediately regretting it, “Captain…”

“How do we fix this?” He interrupted looking back at the digital display of the core.

“Without the proper resources…without the right containment…” You sighed crossing your arms.

“Would adjusting the time drive…”

“No.” You shook your head.

“You didn’t let me finish.” Rip looked at you irritated.

“Because I know the answer.” You told him as you reached down to the display bringing up the drive, “While it’s connected to core and has the ability to make slight adjustments…it’s not ‘the’ core. You can’t just walk up and push it back in place.”

“Why not?” He looked at you, “Has anyone tried?”

 You shut your eyes, “Yes…it’s…not advertised. There is no survival rate.”

Rip sighed, “We have to do something. We have to get out of this.”

“Gideon…” You started to spin the plans around, “Begin a scan on the core and the surrounding area. I want a 3D image to look at.”

“What are you thinking?” Rip watched your mind begin to work through everything.

“I’m thinking we need help.” You finally looked at him before turning to walk out, “I’ll be right back.”

You knew it would be some time before Gideon was able to render an image from the scan. You turned down the hall and gasped, “Oh…Mr. Rory…I’m sorry…I was lost for a moment.”

“Lost?” He raised an eyebrow, “On a ship?”

You smiled at him. Len had mentioned that he was pretty literal. It was kind of wonderful, “Uh, I’m sorry…I meant I was lost in thought.”

“Hmm.” He nodded slowly, “If you’re looking for Snart…”

“I’m not.” You told him quickly, “But thank you…I’m actually looking for Ray and Dr. Stein. Have you seen them?”

“No.” He was staring at you pretty intently.

“Mr. Rory…” You started to speak again after an awkward silent moment.

“Mick.” He stated gruffly.

“Oh…right…Mick, um…” You took a deep breath looking at him, “I’m getting a feeling that you want to say something to me.”

“Don’t hurt him.” He told you straight face, “Snart doesn’t trust easily, but for you it seems to come naturally. It’s not natural. I don’t like it.”

You were left speechless as he stepped around you. You stood there a moment longer swallowing down the lump in his throat. You weren’t sure why his words stung.

Shaking it off you found Ray and Dr. Stein and asked them to help with the problem. While their knowledge of time travel was all theory, you believed their help would be essential. Different minds working different ways to solve one problem.

Snart walked onto the bridge later in the day…or night…who knew anymore while in space. He stopped putting a hand on one of he chairs looking across the room into Rip’s office. 

He smirked watching you shake you head as Rip talked. He could clearly see you saying ‘no’ to him…possibly a ‘you’re wrong’…he hoped for ‘you’re an ass’…but he knew that would be asking too much. 

His eyes narrowed with concern as Rip pointed at you. Ray stood up between the both of you raising his hands no doubt saying something about calming down, while Stein remained seated in thought. Snart straightened up as you turned walking out of the office.

He watched you pause for a moment when you saw him. He smiled walking over to join you in your retreat, “Not going well?”

“Not liking the answers.” You told him walking, “I’m not liking them either, but they’re truths…you can’t ignore them.”

“Can I do anything to help?” He looked at you. You stopped looking at him. When he asked questions like that to you, you could hear true sincerity, but when he talked to others it sounded like sarcasm, “What?”

“You’re an enigma…that’s all. I’m truly baffled by how around others you are crass and seem to know how to push all their buttons…” You stared at him, “But with me you’re so kind and profound.”

He smirked as he stepped closer to you, “I have my reasons.”

“I would like to know them.” You stared up into his eyes, “But I know you won’t tell me…Don’t think I didn’t catch that you said you’d tell me anything, but then refused to give me a reason why you would tell me such things.”

He looked away, “Like I said…I have my reasons…”

You reached up touching his cheek. His captivating blue eyes looked back to you as you spoke quietly, “I’m I one of those reasons?”

He shut his eyes leaning into your hand, “It’s not what you think…”

“You don’t have the slightest idea of what I’m thinking.” You smiled at him.

His eyes opened sending chills down your spine, “I think I have an idea.”

“Really?” He nodded never breaking eye contact with you, “Enlighten me.”

He smirked stepping closer pushing you back up against the wall, “Me…”

“What about you?” You whispered swallowing as you mouth went dry.

“Let me show you…” He whispered against your lips before kissing you. His hands landed on your hips pulling you toward him. 

He wasn’t wrong, you thought yourself as you felt his body press against yours. You’d been thinking about him all day. How to save him…how to protect him from this disastrous situation.

You pulled a little away from him, “Len…I can’t fix this…there’s no way…”

“Shh…” He put his hands on the sides of your face, “Stop worrying for a moment and just be with me. Just be here. With me.”

It sounded almost like a plea. Be with him. You would give anything to just be able to let go of everything. To be free of worry and care like him. You leaned up on your toes kissing him again, maybe he could show you. Maybe he’d be willing to teach you.

After all…the truth of the situation was…there was no way out of the stream where they all got out in one piece. As Len scooped you up, Mick’s warning resonated in the back of you mind.

‘Don’t hurt him.’

It was pushed aside when they entered Len’s quarters. At that moment you knew you had to do everything in your power to protect this man. 


Atomwave Week Day 6 - Polyships

If you were to tell Ray Palmer that he would be nursing a broken heart by baking over six dozen cupcakes, he probably would have shrugged and agreed.

If you were to tell him that the cause of his heartbreak were a pair of criminals named Leonard Snart and Mick Rory, however, that would be an entirely different story.

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pyroinquisitor  asked:

OKAY!!! so i'm writing another little original novel-style type of thing and there's this big bad sorcerer and :O he's the empresses legitimate son, right? he's big, he's bad, and super fucking strong. problem is, i don't know what to call him, but i want a name that's pretty much the opposite of what he is. like Dave, or Phillipe, or Billy, or something silly and utterly childish xD


But for serious I love this. Name him something like Bob or Joe or Stefan (YES WITH AN F CAROL). Or Brett. Or Todd. Clyde. Mick. Bart. Bert. Allan. Jordy. 

Name him something short that doesn’t exactly scream “momentous individual”. Watch as everyone mistakes him for the intern at the bank next door or maybe the fry cook from that fast food restaurant down the street. 

so hello from the other side

fic for flarrow femslash week. day 1: favorite pairing | nyssara.

the five times sara called nyssa to say “hey, what’s up? i’m alive!”

“Um, hi. It turns out the phone company will reinstate your contract if you come back to life.”

Sara notes a piece of especially interesting gum on the sidewalk. It’s blue-raspberry colored, which is unusual. Usually, blue-raspberry gum is chewed into a flavorless white before it’s spit out.

Is she still recording? Crap. Yes.

“That was a joke. I mean, it’s not a joke, it actually happened. And I guess your phone still works, because I can leave you a voicemail, and your answering message is still the same, so. You know. Hey. I said hi already. This is stupid.”

She pokes the gum with the toe of her sneaker. And now there’s gum on her shoe. Outstanding.

“I just thought I’d call you and tell you I’m around. Well. I moved. But you can travel pretty much anywhere, despite being on like, 17 no-fly lists, so if you want to meet up, text me or something. I don’t know. I’m mostly free. Bye.”

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Vixencoldwave + breakfast

Len downs coffee like he’ll die in the next ten seconds if he doesn’t and consumes pretty much nothing else in the mornings. Mick judges him for the amount of caffeine he consumes while Amaya judges him for taking it without cream or sugar.

Mick and Amaya eat a massive breakfast whenever they get the chance, Amaya’s totem requiring massive amounts of energy and Mick’s size and metabolism making him hungry all the time.

(I’m sorry, I’d write more but it’s late and I wanted to get all my asks from the last few days answered before bed. Sorry it’s so short)

WaveAtom Headcanon Soulmate!AU

@2angelsmommy Do you think you could possibly do a soulmate AU? Like the one where your soulmates name appears on your body when you turn 16. Mick gets his but its covered by his scars so he doesn’t know that its Ray until he gets on the Waverider and they touch and it flares up. Then Ray is like ‘Oh, there you are.’

(ok, so from what I understand we have to change the CW canon just a bit, but well… who says we can’t :) ) 

(read as whole, link for mobile users)

Before the fire, Mick hears a lot about the mark. He hears that it can point you towards the person that you’re meant to be with. He hears that a lot of time people don’t even meet their soulmate. He hears that sometimes the soulmate thing doesn’t work out. 

He sees that non soulmate bonds don’t work out always either. He wonders if the arguments that his parents have would be different if there was a soul bond between them. He wonders if there would be less slaps his mother would have to go through. He wonders if there would be less broken dishes. 

It doesn’t really matter, it doesn’t really change anything. 

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Turn Down the Heat - 32 (Leonard Snart/Reader)

Part One Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven Part Eight  Part Nine Part TenPart Eleven Part Twelve  Part Thirteen Part Fourteen  Part Fifteen  Part Sixteen  Part Seventeen Part Eighteen  Part Nineteen  Part Twenty  Part Twenty-One  Part Twenty-Two  Part Twenty-Three  Part Twenty - Four  Part Twenty-Five  Part Twenty-Six  Part Twenty-Seven  Part Twenty - Eight  Part Twenty - Nine  Part Thirty  Part Thirty-One

Originally posted by coldsflash

Originally posted by coldwavelegends

You woke up your eyes adjusting to a bright light and your heart racing erratically in your ears. You sat up pushing away from hot ground. You looked at your wrist feeling your heart quicken.

“No…no no…” You looked around in the tan dirt for the bracelet that was missing, “No…dammit!”

You found it in pieces…You picked it up slowly as you began to shake. This couldn’t be happening. You had a baby…you needed to be home. You looked around the dessert as you let out a scream.

Elain sat in the cell tapping her heel up and down waiting. She hated waiting. Finally she looked up at the camera, “Whatever you think you’re going to change, think again.”

Len let out a sigh glancing over to Sarah who was holding his daughter, “How do I stop her…from becoming her?”

Sarah looked at him, “Leonard…I don’t have those kind of answers. I can only tell you that you have a beautiful baby girl who needs you right now.”

“I’m not Y/N…I don’t know how to do this…” He took Elain from her when she held her out to him.

“You think she did?” Sarah smirked at how well he supported her, how his arms wrapped around her protectively, “She was an orphan, raised by god knows what type of future warden. You at least had a parent to strive not to be like.”

He smirked a little, “I’ve never thought about it like that.”

Sarah smiled at him touching his arm, “You’re a good father, Leonard.”

“Am I?” He looked back to the screen as Mick walked into the cell block, “I’m letting the man who killed my daughter interrogate her.”

Mick walked slowly around the cell. He stopped at the door leaning against it looking at Elain, “How’s the head?”

Elain glared at him, “I’m sure you don’t care about my wellbeing.”

“That’s not true.” Mick stared at her through the glass, “I protected you.”

“…” She smiled after a moment, “Little…me…”

“You’re pretty stinkin cute, it’s hard not to like you.” He rolled his eyes looking away.

She stared at him for a while longer, “Apparently you lined this thing with dark matter…”

“Sure…if that’s what you call it. Haircut and Stein took care of it for you.” He pushed off the door and turned looking at her fully, “Where’s your mom?”

“I don’t know.” She stood up looking at him, “Ask again, it’ll be the same answer.”

“What do you want?” Mick watched her move carefully toward him.

“She needs to be erased.” Elain made eye contact with him. It was enough to get him to shift his weight.

He smirked, “Your got your dad’s eyes…he’s a master at that icy stare you’re pulling on me right now, which means I’m immune. I don’t listen to him either. Why are you here?”

“To erase her.” She crossed her arms repeating herself.

“Why are you really here?” He stared down at her when she stopped in front of the door.

“I told you…”

“I heard you, I just don’t believe you.”  He interrupted her. Mick’s senses were on high alert when Elain’s eyes narrowed on him, “The council has more to worry about then a girl who can jump through time. What’s your real mission?”

“To erase…” She started again.

“Try again.” He interrupted again.

“What do you want from me?” She let her arms drop to her sides as her fist balled up, “I can’t answer your questions.”

“You can…you just have to fight past the reconditioning.” He told her flatly, “You won’t be going anywhere until you do.”

Len felt his heart sink as he watched her slam her fist into the glass. Mick had convinced him that this would be the only way to find you and save her while keeping little Elain safe. He was beginning to have some doubts.

Rip walked over to him, “How are you doing?”

“I…have lost Y/N twice and I have no idea how to raise a young girl on my own…despite having raised my sister mostly.” He glanced at him, “Teaching your kid sister to pick locks is probably not great material for your kid daughter.”

“Well no…but it is a useful tool.”  Rip told him putting his hands into his pockets.

“Can’t argue that.” Len sighed again, “What’s our next step?”

Rip took in a breath, “I want to look for Y/N, and I have Gideon searching through everything…”

“But…” Len looked at him feeling a sick sensation fill his guts.

“But we are being hunted…” Rip looked at him, “We have to do what’s safe for everyone…and safe for Elain.”

Len nodded slowly, “Where can we go that we’ll be safe?”

“I have an idea in mind. It should give us enough time to hopefully come up with a plan. One that will protect your daughter and find Y/N.” Rip patted him on the shoulder, “I just want you to know…that I hope Mick gets through to her.”

“…Mick…for as violent as he is…” Len looked at Rip, “He can see people for what they really are. He can still see the real Elain…So I have to believe she’s still in there.”

Mick looked at Elain as she paced back and forth. He’d been questioning her with the same questions over and over for an hour now, “Where’s your mother?”

“I don’t…” She looked up at the ceiling letting out a long sigh as she rubbed her neck, “know…”

“What do you want?” He walked around the cell as she sat down on the bench.

“I just…can you stop…” She looked at him, “You’re giving me a headache.”

“Good…means your subconscious is trying to help you remember.” He smirked, “Why are you really here?”

“To distract you.” She shrugged throwing up her hands before leaning back against the wall, “Is that what you want to hear?”

“What’s your real mission?” He said quietly never taking his eyes off of her.

She sighed shutting her eyes, “I just…I just want to go home…”

He took a deep breath in then let it out slowly before starting again, “Where’s your mother?”

You walked into the town stumbling. You were so thirsty. You didn’t know how long you had walked. You just knew that you couldn’t home. You kept thinking of Len but it didn’t seem to be working. If the trend kept he’d be here…you just didn’t know where here was.

“Please find me…” You whispered as you looked around the old town dread filling you up, “…if you’re out here Len…come find me.”

2PM. Saturday.

LoT college/lovebirds roommates au. No plot, I’m just fleshing out the universe. Very multi, but a decent amount of serious lovebirds in there. enjoy!

“Pretty sure we’re not allowed to paint the walls,” Sara says. She tucks her hands under her knees, studying the mural that will go over Kendra’s bed. “What is it, anyway?”

She brushes Kendra’s shoulder with her own, watching as Kendra purses her lips. “It’s going to be birds,” Kendra says. “I think. Carter?”

He glances over his shoulder. “Did you want birds?”

Kendra sucks in a breath. “Nah.”

“Is it like, fancy porn?” Sara says. “Like the kind of porn you can pass off as art?”

“He’s not painting pornography on the walls,” Kendra says. “You’re not painting pornography, are you?”

A pause. Carter sighs. “Well, now I’m not.”

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