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that finale left a bad taste in my mouth. you mentioned watching only gay/female comedy from now on -- any recs? (other than broad city, already the best show)

-Idiotsitter’s coming back on Comedy Central next month. It’s decent show solely worth watching bc Jillian bell is a comic genius and hilarious.
-Insecure with Issa Rae. SO good. Just a breath of fresh air and really funny.
-Atalanta. No gays or women leads (but they do a whole episode from glover’s gf point of view) but it’s really incredible and inventive in the way that you never really see coming.
-Check out Kate Berlant and Jon Early’s Vimeo stuff.
-Ali Wong’s stand up special on Netflix.
-Listen to 2 Dope Queens podcast.
-TBS search party. Ali shawkat is great and it’s incredibly funny with a mystery at the center.
-Please Like Me.
-The Mick is pretty good and probably only gonna get better from here plus you get to look at Kaitlin Olson’s face.
- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt comes back in May.
-Grace and Frankie comes back at the end of the months. It’s not great but season 2 was pretty good and I just like watching Jane Fonda and lilly tomlin do anything plus old gays.
-Take My Wife on Seeso
-Tig Notaro’s One Mississippi on Amazon plus her stand up
-Another Period
- Aparna Nancherla’s standup
Anyone who wants to add anything please do it!

Sibling War!

Thanks everyone for the 45+ little wings.

Thanks to @talesfromthecreed for your request and I hope you like it! I put a lot on effort in this one as it is my first Dc legends of tomorrow imagine.


Serie: Part1(you are here1) Part2  Part3

Being the youngest member of the Waverider sure has advantages and disadvantages.

They treat you like their little sister.

But they’re all overprotective assholes.

Okay, let’s go to the beginning.

Your adventure began when in a robbery in the National bank of Central City, you meet Captain Cold and Heatwave. You had just escaped your abusive family and were looking for someone to lift their wallets, that person just happened to be MR. Leonard Snart. They took pity on you and gave you the option of joining them ( more like Len saw himself in you and wanted to help you). And so, you joined them and helped in their robberies. You asked Len if you could have a weapon like Lisa, he wanted to say no but really, who could resist your puppy dog eyes?

That’s right

No one.

You ended with a (y/w). And with that weapon, you joined their little group of criminals. You helped once or twice, they didn’t let you help in the most dangerous ones, said you were too young. But you did meet the famous Flash, once.

One night, you were waiting for them in Len’s minivan while they robbed the bank. When you were escaping from the police the three of you were in the car with them when a blinding light surprised you.


When you wake up, you were in a rooftop between Len and Mick and with a bunch of people you didn’t even know.

“Stein, the hell are you doing here”

“I am as ignorant as you for once”

“Where are we?”

“(y/n), are you ok?” Mick asked you. You nodded at him as a guy with a colorful fashion started talking with his heavy English accent.

“The names Rip Hunter, I’m from East London…”

“Oh. And the future.”

You raised an eyebrow at him at the same time Len glared and Mick said:

“Nice to meet you, Rip”

“And while you were incapacitated I may have tampered with your weapons. I’ve assembled you all because I need your help. The future of the world is in peril because a man by the name of Vandal Savage.”

“That can’t be, we destroyed him” Said the guy dressed in leather.

“Yeah, The Green arrow and the Flash helped us doing it.” Said his partner.

After that, Rip Hunter explained his reason of assembling this little group, Len and Mick didn’t seem to agree with his explanation of saving the world via time traveling to defeat this Randall guy. Len grabbed your arm and passed Rip saying.

“You got the wrong guy. Hero ain’t on my resume.” He said.

“Or mine” Mick followed the two of you.

“I know it’s difficult to fathom, but where I am from, the 2116, you and everyone on this roof aren’t just considered heroes, your legends.

You looked at him, eyes widening. You weren’t a petty thief in the future? You were considered a hero?

“Legends?” You said at the same time as the guy who you recognized as the Atom.

“I hate to nitpick, but, doesn’t a legend have to be dead?” Stein said.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s a deal breaker for me, so I’m gonna pass.” The guy beside you said.

“It’s dangerous for you knowing to much about your future but I’m here because each of you as individuals, are destined for greatness.”

“I can get behind that” The Atom said.

“AND, because if you don’t follow me, this is what’s in store for your world 150 years from now” He pressed a button on his remote control and projected a destroyed city engulfed in flames with what seemed like planes shooting at them.

Your grip on Len’s arm tightens as your faced what your city would become, the horror and the desolation the future would become, even if you won’t be alive when this happened…

You didn’t want this.

“I could have chosen any place and any place, of all the people who ever lived I chose you nine, I certainly hope that you won’t let me and the world down.”

Rip saw everyone’s astonished expressions; he walked toward Professor Stein and gave him a paper, where the meeting place was written.

“If your answer is Yes, met me at this address in 36 hours.” After that we walked away.

You felt Len and Mick started walking away and you followed them, after looking at the address and waving at the others one last time.


You were sitting in the couch with Len’s legs on your lap, you were looking at Mick messing with his whatever he was doing. You were mostly thinking of what Hunter showed you all as Len read a magazine.

“I can’t believe the two of you are thinking of hooking up with the Englishman. We’re thieves, crooks, criminals, with no desire to save the world, especially under years from dead.”

Snart answered him without raising his eyes from the magazine.

“He said across time, Mick. What about the years before the fingerprints and surveillance cameras and DNA analysis.”

He looked at Mick, who just grabbed a beer and was drinking it.

“Why did we become criminals?”

“Because we hate working and we love money.”

Len got up from the couch as you looked at them, waiting to see what they chose to do.

“We steal the Mona Lisa straight off of Da Vinci’s easel, snach the Hope diamond before it was discovered. This is everything we got into thieving for in the first place… more than everything.”

Mick looked at Len “If you want me in, I’m in, but I’m not gonna be no one’s hero.”

Len smirked.

“I’m in too!” You said as the two criminals looked at you.

“You won’t be coming with us” Len said.


“It’s to dangerous for you (n/n)” Mick said.” You better stay here with Lisa for the time being”

“But you will be having all the fun! And I be staying here with Lisa flirting with the Flash friend!”

“I promised myself-“


Len rolled his eyes.

We promised ourselves we won’t let anything bad happen to you, and time travel with a bunch of weirdos is too dangerous for you. You’re only (y/a).”


Overprotective assholes.

Let’s try something else.

Flattery can take you far.

(¬ v ¬)

“But it’s more dangerous for me staying here! Lisa and I are no rival for the Flash, not alone. With you, the flash doesn’t stand a chance! Alone… well he could take me away from you…  Also, Lisa won’t pick a fight with no one, so if you take me with you, you will be able to protect me, you’re my big brothers Lenny and Micky, don’t let the Flash take me away…”

Len and Mick’s face was like an open book, the big brother part worked like a charm.

Guess who’s going to time travel?

That’s right.


And that’s how you ended here, along the crew of the Waverider. With time, you ended winning everyone’s hearts over, even stern Rip.


What you needed

More overprotective assholes.

The first to fall was Ray.

He saw how young you really were, and who you were living with.

One day, Ray came to you.

“(y/n), right?”

“Yeah, Raymond was it?

“Yeah” He said sheepishly

“It’s there something you wanted to say?”

“…Why are you with those two criminals?”

You glared at him. Without you knowing, Len and Mick were overhearing your conversation.

“They may be criminals, but they are the best persons I know. They are my family, they are my heroes, I love them with their faults. They are my home, but I don’t hope you will understand.”

Len smiled softly, you could see itty bity tears in his eyes.

Mick was smiling openly.

“You’re so young…”

“But I’ve see things a rich boy like you never has.”

Ray hugged you hard

“You precious cinnamon roll, too precious for this world.”

“HEY BOYSCOUT! Hands off!”


Ray was still hugging you while Len and Mick tried ( but failed) to tear him off of you.

“When we finish saving the world, you can come with me. I got a pretty big house! And I’m rich, I can give you whatever you want! You can be my little (sister/brother)!”

“No way, Raymond. Get off of my sister or I will freeze your dick off.”


Sara and Kendra were the next.

They liked to baby you.

A lot

“(y/n), sit with us today! It’s been a long time since you sat with us!”

Kendra had that motherly feeling for you and Sara was the same, they saw how young you were, and all you had to live and they swear to protect you.

Sara remembered of her past, and how you had a rough childhood like hers, she had to face the bullies until her father teach her how to defend herself, she sweared to protect you and teach you how to fight.

And so, they began training you, hand to hand combat.

Much to your delight.

Kendra and Carter liked to treat you like a child they didn’t have, and after losing their son and won’t be able to do a thing, their actitude towards you became more overprotective.

And, you liked  being babied a little, you didn’t have to ask for something, Kendra, Sara or Ray would compete for your attention, for the horror of Len and Mick, who regretted to bring you along, feeling their little sibling was being taken away from them.


Then it was Jax and Stein.

You liked seeing Jax work on the Waverider’s mechanics, and sometimes you asked him questions about how was the high school he went to.

He gladly answered all your questions and even teach you something about mechanics.

He liked the attention.

He liked being part of a team and the feeling of having a younger person aboard the Waverider made him feel like he should protect you.

Stein liked that you asked him questions about science and he gladly explained it to you, saying that if he didn’t do it Snart’s and Rory’s idiocy would affect you.

Cue, Len and Mick glaring at him.

Stein took upon himself to teach you the basics, seeing as your life as a criminal didn’t let much space for school.

You liked learning, made you feel more powerful.

And sometimes you liked to show off what you learned to Len and Mick.

They were proud of you. But felt like they were being robbed of your loving attention.


The last to fall was Rip.

Rip’s heart was hardened by the death of his family by the hands of Vandal Savage.  So melting the ice in his heart was hard,

Little by little you started to make your way to his heart without him noticing how he started to pay more attention to you, asking how you were and saving you when it was unnecessary.

And, he would oblige you to go to weekly cheek outs with Gideon, much to your displeasure.

So imagine what happened once you got the cold.


Utter and complete madness

A riot.

People running around the ship, yelling that you were sick, Rip dragging you to the infirmary for a cheek out. Len and Mick stick to you like glue and Sara and Kendra took upon themselves to make you feel as comfy as possible. Stein and Jax would come often to entertain. Much to Len and Mick displeasure.

“Go away, you’re annoying. (Y/N) needs peace and sleep and you’re just filling (her/his) head with sciency things.”

“We’re not the annoying ones, you don’t let her  brethe without one of you stalking her.

“Everyone out! (y/n) needs to rest.” Rip said

“No” Len answered.

“Don’t forget I am the captain of this ship”

“I remember, I just don’t care.”


You sighed and looked at Len.

“Can you bring me a glass of water?? Please big brother??”



“Okay, (n/n).”

Jealous looks towards Len

They wanted to be called big brother/sister too.

Wow, you had the crew wrapped around your pinky.

You little manipulative you…

The beginning of the sibling war.

They would compete for your undivided attention.

Sara would bring you food.

Kendra and Carter would stay with you and tell you how they teamed up with the Flash and The arrow.

Stein would come to answer your scientific questions and tell how he turned to Firestorm for the first time.

Jax would tell you what happened in their last mission and would more than often show off. Saying that when you were better he and Stein would show Firestorm and how they fight.

Len and Mick would bring you food of the time where they were because as Mick said “The food of the future is crap”.  And they would stay with you until you fell asleep, then they kissed your forehead lovingly and retire to their quarters.

In the middle of the night, Rip would come to your room and would stay for an hour, brushing your hair and telling about his family and how you made him feel like he belonged again. Everything while you were asleep, but sometimes, you would wake up to his fingers lovingly stroking your hair and his British accent telling you about that heartbreaking future.

This went for a long time, even after you got well .They wouldn’t let you go with them until you got away one while they were on a mission.

Craziness and desperation ensued.

They divided in two groups to search for you. Desperate and afraid some creep would have kidnapped you. After a few hours of distress and yelling ( and , even though they won’t admit it, Sara, Rip and Kendra hit a few shady guys who didn’t want to cooperate, even though they didn’t even see you. And Len and Mick… well let’s say those who didn’t want to cooperate meet Hot and Cold.)

The truth is that you meet a hot (boy/girl) who asked you out to get a drink. You in all you rebellious teenager hormones said yes without thinking what your overprotective teammates would do.

The two of you went out to a coffee shop and talked a bit about yourselves, more like you made up your whole background. You can’t go to someone you just met and say


They would think you’re crazy


After a few hours your team found the two of you…

Let’s say things got ugly pretty quickly.


“Guys, let me explain-“

“NO. YOU ARE GROUNDED!” Sara said.


“Hey Len, I think that (guy/girl) tried to take advantage of her, can I burn (his/her) house down?” Mick said hopefully as Len looked at him saying No with his eyes.

“You know the scare you gave us, young lady? “ Stein said.

·Yeah, I almost had a heart attack! I’m too young to have a heart attack!” Jax said.

Kendra and Carter grabbed the (boy/girl) you were going out with and tock (him/her) away from here, after saying something that made (his/her) face blanch with horror and run away like (his/her) life was at risk…


It probably was.

Kendra and Carter came to you smiling innocently, you asked :

“What did you say to (him/her)?”

“Oh nothing, just that what would happen to his (dick/ ovaries) if (he/she) as much as looked your way.” Kendra said.

“Yes. And that we would probably make his life hell, if (he /she) was every born” Carter said.


Terrifying overprotective assholes who you loved with all your heart.

Len grabbed your hand and dragged you to the ship without saying any of his snarky comments.

Uh oh

He was mad with you and not even the eyes of the puppy dog could save you now.

The end? 

(promps still open)



You’re trying to find out what Mick looked like when he had hair, and Leonard is willing to help…for a price…


“That’ll be thirty dollars…”

Thirty dollars?!

“That’s what I said, Doll Face.”

“But you didn’t mention anything about that last time!!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Leonard cast you a leery smile as he waved the back of the ever-so-mysterious photograph in your face. “Did I say that this was for free?”

A heated flush burned your cheeks.

While you have had many dealings with the kleptomaniac in the past - most of which resulted in his favor - he’d never charged you this much before.

Probably ‘cause he knows he can get away with it, you thought bitterly.

Leonard was the only one who knew of your crush on his partner and he exploited you as often as he could to keep it secret. Half the time, you hated him for it (for obvious reasons).

But, the other half…

You were happy.

He gave you someone to talk to without criticism and offered insightful opinions and memories that many couldn’t provide.

Although that still doesn’t change the fact that he’s an ass…

Pouting, you crossed your arms and stared at Leonard, hard. Of course, your actions didn’t phase him; but, for old time’s sake, he played along.

Fine,” he drawled, throwing his hands up in pretend surrender, “Because you’re a special customer, I’ll give you a discount…”

You narrowed your eyes.

“What kind of discount?” You asked him.

“A generous one,” Leonard replied in a deceptively charming voice. “I’ll give you the picture for free…if you do me a little favor.”

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Side Effects

Summary: Ian begs Mickey to get them weed because he wants to feel something, but Mickey doesn’t like smoking pot anymore. Of course, Ian wins, and it ends up super cute.

Word Count: 894

Notes: Again, sorry if my updates are a bit slow for a little, I’ll be trying to pick it up again as soon as I can! Also, I accidentally deleted this request from my inbox, but here it is :)

“Can you get some weed from Iggy? He always gets to the good shit,” Ian looked at Mickey expectantly and hopefully.

Mickey raised an eyebrow. “Why? Weed doesn’t do shit, and won’t it fuck with your meds or something?” He shrugged, and avoided eye contact. It sort of took Ian for a loop.

“Because I want to feel something, Mick. The doctor never said that I couldn’t smoke,” Ian rolled his eyes. Of course, the fucking meds are always what Mickey’s worried about.

“Fine,” Mickey took a cigarette out of his pocket. “Smoke this,” he said and threw it at his boyfriend.

Ian grumbled. “Mickey, please. I can light a fucking smoke any time of the day, but with you hovering over my ass like this, I have smoked weed in weeks. Please, Mickey, it might make me feel something other than this nothingness,” he pleaded.

Mickey threw his head back in defeat. As usual, he’s giving into Ian’s requests. “Fine, let’s fucking go get it. We’ll go to the dugouts then.” He shook his head and stood up, pulling Ian with him.

“Thank you,” Ian mocked, yet said genuinely all in one, if that makes sense. He then kissed his head and they were on their way.

* * *

Mickey was annoyed as he watched Ian lay on the baseball field, exhaling smoke. “I can’t believe you fucking wanted to smoke so bad. Like I said, it doesn’t do shit, and now I got a fucking pounding headache,” he put his hand to his temple and shut his eyes. Over the years, Mickey had gotten pretty immune to the side effects of marijuana, so now it just makes his head hurt.

“I’ll tell you right now, Mick, it definitely does something,” Ian responded. Before speaking, he was just laying there with his eyes on the sky, now he looked like he was really tripping out.

Mickey rolled his eyes. “Ian—” He raised his eyebrow when he heard Ian’s chuckling.

Ian was full on giggling. He then crawled over to where Mickey was sitting against the fence. “You’re pretty,” he kissed his cheek.

Mickey was trying to stay angry that Ian dragged him out to do this, but Ian was being so cute, he’d never, ever, ever admit that he thought that though. “Shut the fuck up,” he responded, trying to hold back a grin.

“But you are,” Ian dragged out with another laugh. It was clear the the weed was truly getting to his head. He then looked Mickey up and down, but his eyes stayed on his shirt, which had the sleeve cut off and get big ol’ elephant in the middle. “You has an elephant on your shirt!”

Mickey looked down at his shirt and forcefully rolled his eyes once more. He really wanted to laugh at the silly redhead, but he couldn’t. “Yeah, that is an elephant, dumbass,” he responded with no bite to it.

“It’s so cute!” Ian threw his head back in laughter. Then he put his hands on Mickey’s chest, where the elephant was. “It’s almost as cute as you,” he winked.

Now Mickey snorted, but it was fully accidental. “Seems like you’re on more than fuckin’ pot, Gallagher,” he said.

Ian shook his head. “No, that’s not true. I’m strictly on the mar-i-ja-uan-a. I’m not even that high,” he tried to convince himself and Mickey.

“Okay, tough guy,” Mickey snorted. Ian then laid his head on his lap and wrapped his arms around his waist. Mickey laid one hand on his own leg, in front of Ian’s face, and with the other, he was absentmindedly running it through Ian’s red hair.

For a moment, Ian was quiet. It took a bit of the raging headache Mickey had away, especially now that all of his anger had diminished due to how adorable Ian was acting— again, he was even trying to push that thought out of his mind; it’s still too gay.

Ian then picked up Mickey’s hand. He traced the outline of the F-U-C-K on his boyfriend’s fingers. He started laughing again. “I love your tattoos. I have the most badass boyfriend in the whole entire universe!” He was cackling as he intertwined their fingers.

“They’re stupid fucking tattoos, man,” Mickey let out a little chuckle. He was amused with Ian’s fascination in them though.

Ian dramatically gasped and sat up to be face level with the Milkovich boy. “Don’t say something like that! They’re perfect,” he kissed each of the fingers. That wide ass grin plastered across his face again as he was hiccuping his laughter. “Like you. So perfect,” he kissed his cheek.

“You’re full of shit,” Mickey said, not even trying to hold back his giddy expression. Fuck, that stupid fucker always manages to make him feel like that happiest boy on earth.

Ian inched their faces together super close. “Can I give you a kiss now?”

“Yeah, you can fucking kiss me, lover boy,” Mickey wrapped his hand around the back of Ian’s neck. They kissed sweetly, like two little innocent boys who were just starting a relationship. It was nice.

Ian was giggling into Mickey’s mouth. He seriously could not stop laughing. “You’re the best ever.”

Mickey shook his head and kissed him again because he thought the same thing about Ian. No, you’re the best ever. He really fucking loves that boy.


Request:  Hi I was wondering if I could please get a rip hunter Christmas imagine please? Maybe reader gets him involved in a game or decorating? If you could do that then great, but if not I understand that you’re super busy and I love your blog btw



“Pretty please.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Ugly please?”

A look of absolute disbelief is the only response Rip has at your words, his eyebrows raised as his head tilts downwards, as if he almost wanted to ask what on earth you meant.

“Well pretty please didn’t work,” you justify with a shrug.

“You are not decorating my office, Y/N,” Rip shakes his head, attempting to focus on the page he had begun reading some time ago.

“I’m not saying I should do it,” you sigh, pushing yourself up onto his desk next to him. “I’m saying we should decorate it. Make it a bit more festive, show that you are actually a human… you are a human, right?”

“Go away, Y/N,” Rip sighs heavily, “I need to finish reading this.”

“Fine,” you reply somewhat deflated. “Maybe Mick will let me decorate his room. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind the mistletoe,” you muse to yourself. It wasn’t your first choice of a potential mistletoe kiss, but at least the arsonist would be slightly less stubborn than the captain.

As you move to leave a tight grip gathers on your wrist, keeping you where you stood. With a silent questioning gaze, you look from your wrist to Rip who sat there in shock, as if unable to explain his own actions.

“You’re going to put mistletoe in Mick’s room?” he asks, his voice quiet and cold.

“Well, if you won’t let it go up here, yeah, I guess…”

“You do realise,” Rip begins, letting your wrist go as he rubs at his temple, his exhaustion shining through once more. “If you put it there he will most certainly demand a kiss from you.”

Shrugging carelessly you look to him as if to ask what that would matter. “Rip, I am going to get a mistletoe kiss one way or another, if that means kissing Rory, fine.”

Before he knows what he is doing, Rip is standing with yet another sigh as he glances around the room he had spent so very long making perfect. “You can decorate my office.”

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Caught in the act naughty times sounds awesome!

Sorry it’s so short.

      It had been ages since you and Len had a moment where it was just the two of you, so as soon as Mick was out the door you two wasted no time. A trail of clothes led to the room where you two eventually ended up. Hungry kisses, heavy breathing, pulses racing, exploring hands. The two of you were so distracted you didn’t hear the front door opening and closing.

     “You two are pretty loud.” You screamed and pulled the blanket over you. “Forgot my wallet.”

      Leonard started having a casual conversation with Mick, Seriously? You thought. After a while you kicked your lover’s shin, “Could you close the door for us?”

      “Sure thing, unless you need some help.” Mick chuckled.

      “You want Mick to join us, kitten?” You kicked him again, “I think that’s a no. Maybe some other time.” He shifted so you couldn’t kick him again. Mick closed the door chuckling.

i want a rouges spinoff that starts out like 

“my name is leonard snart.”

“my name is mick rory.”

“my name is hartley rathaway”

“my name is mark mardon”

“my name is roy bivolo”

“my name is lisa snart”

“my name is shawna baez”

*in unison* “and we are the best criminals in the world.”

but i want different music in the background of all of them. like lisa’s would be something pretty but with darker tones. and i want mardon’s to just be really cymbal and drum-heavy. and ofc hartley’s is flute music. shawna’s sounds like it’s being played on a triangle. etc etc etc

and then at the end of the into it cuts over to axel who’s the one playing all of the music with like,,, eight different lollipops sticking out of his mouth.

In His Lap (Mick x Plus Size! Reader) Imagines - Request


To my darling anon,

I hope you don’t mind; but I actually combined your idea with another reader’s request, since it was very similar to yours. In addition to, I apologize for the late post. Due to technical difficulties - and just the fact that life sorta got in the way - I am turning this piece into a New Year’s prompt. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, dear anon, but, if you find that you aren’t happy with the piece, please let me know and I’ll write you a seperate Christmas one…!

With love,

Kendra tries to get you to talk to Mick at the New Year’s Eve Party. At first, you said no; but, after taking a shot, you gained the courage you needed…


“Talk to him!”

“I can’t!”

“You can!”

“No, I can’t!”

“Yes , ________, you can!” Crossing her arms, Kendra gave you a gently scolding look. “Please do yourself a favor and just walk over there.”

Upon hearing her suggestion, you flushed bright red.

While you have had a crush on Mick for the past few weeks now, you still had yet to start a conversation with the pyromaniac; much less, confess your feelings to him.

Chances were he probably never noticed you.

I mean, who would? Your harsh inner voice scoffed. You’re not pretty, you have no sex appeal and - worst of all - you’re fat. What kind of guy would want THAT?

A small part of you hoped it would be Mick.

Though many assumed there wasn’t much to the guy - what, with his brutish behavior and vulgar language - a part of you liked to think there was more to him.

That he would somehow accept you the way you were.

Peering over at the poker table across the room, you watched your darling hulk of a man play against Leonard and Jax. His brows furrowed, he focused all his attention towards the hand he was dealt with.

You bit your lip. He just looks so…badass.

“Oh my god, ________,” Kendra turned her eyes up to the heavens, before shaking her head. It was her typical ‘don’t-make-me-do-this’ gesture. “You’re a great girl! You could so go over there and say ‘hi’! He’s not that complex of a man to talk to, anyway…”

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I want the Legends of Tomorrow season 3 to open on a beach, maybe at one of those outdoor bars.  I want the Legends to trickle in one-by-one - it’s obvious they’ve come separately, but they’re all here for the same purpose.  They’re awkwardly congregated at the bar when Mick walks up, in swim trunks, Hawaiian shirt, and maybe a straw hat.  Compared to the frazzled legends, he’s extremely well-rested.  He takes one look at them, and turns around to leave.

Mick:  No.

Sara:  Mick–

Mick:  What did I tell you when I took care of your broken time problem?

Nate:  That if we wanted you to save our necks, you wanted to be left alone on Aruba for a month.

Mick:  Exactly, Pretty.  It’s only been three days.  What kind of trouble have you losers gotten into in three days?!

Space Ranger Stein:  You’d be surprised, Mr. Rory.

Mick:  I really wouldn’t, Professor.

Ray:  Would it help if we told you you’re our only hope?

Mick:  I’m always your only hope, Haircut.

Eventually Amaya talks him into coming back, and then it’s wild and wacky adventures as usual.  No explanation for the dinosaur cliffhanger at all.  It’s never resolved, we never get to see what happens.  But every time the team needs to pull a dangerous and highly improbable stunt, they’ll reference dinosaurs.

For example:

Jax *sneaking into an enemy base*:  This is like that time we got cornered by raptors in Big Belly Burger.

Nate:  We agreed never to speak of that again!  I had Jurassic Park nightmares for a month!

Mick:  Yeah.  It was hilarious.


Sara:  We need a plan!

Ray:  I’ve got an idea, but you’re not going to like it.

Sara:  What is it?

Ray:  Remember when we got chased by pterodactyls from Griffith Observatory to Dodger Stadium?

Sara:  You’re right, that’s a terrible idea.  Go for it.

And finally:

Mick:  I’m gonna pull a stegosaurus!

Amaya:  Are you crazy?  You’re going to get yourself killed!

I don’t think it’ll happen, but I can dream, right?

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You're kinda making me crave some Evil Barry and Evil Len smut ;-)

You don’t know what you’ve done to me, anon, because my brain is all on Savitar!Barry right now. And while we don’t know all his details yet…

Imagine he’s from the VERY distant future, like…hundreds of years, because The Speed Force has allowed him to live that long, and the faster he got, the easier it was to manipulate his age until he was effectively immortal. We know he travels to distant times and dimensions like stepping through doorways, but still, that’s got to get boring and lonely after a while. 

He wants company, a real consort, and since he’s long since left his love for Iris behind him, he searches his memory for anyone that could be his partner NOW, this version of him, who revels in power. 

Who else but Leonard Snart?

Since he can go anywhere at any time, he looks through realities but is always disappointed. He wants HIS Snart. 

Then he sees the Doomworld. Now THAT version of Snart seems fun, so desperate to live after learning of his inevitable demise that he pushes that much further into his villainy instead of falling to the pathetic weakness of heroism. THAT is the Snart that Barry wants. 

So when Mick Rory is in the process of bringing Snart back to the past, Barry grabs him and creates a time remnant - keeping the timeline intact as if nothing out of the ordinary happened, while acquiring his own Snart to bring with him into the Speed Force. 

“Who the hell are you?”

“I believe you remember me as The Flash.”

I remember a red suit.”

Barry steps out of his Savitar armor. “I upgraded a long time ago.”

This is the Snart before he saw Barry’s face. Even with the scars, Snart doesn’t seem disappointed. “And what do you want with me, Flash?”

“Savitar, god of speed.”


“Would you like to be a god…Cold? Would you like immortality, to go everywhere and anywhere your heart desires?”

Snart was so sure he’d been about to go bust with Mick reeling him in like a jailer, and now here’s the most interesting offer yet - from a pretty face with something wicked in his eyes. “I’m listening.”

(I will definitely return to this to add actual smut, but if anyone wants to play in this world…)

Dirty Work: Part 1

Series Summary: After joining the BMoL with Sam and Dean, the reader and Ketch are paired to track down the vampires who attacked the British bunker.

A/N: Part 1 of ? I hope you guys enjoy this. I was kind stressed over writing Ketch, because I hadn’t done it before, but all the Ketch feels wouldn’t repress, so here this is. I haven’t watched 12x16 yet, but I know it’s mostly a Dean, Sam and Mick episode so hopefully this isn’t too far off.

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader

Word Count: 1923

Originally posted by netflixandcastiellll

Revealing that for the past two weeks you’d been doing the BMoL’s dirty work, Sam convinced you and Dean to work with the Brits nevertheless. Even though you swore to never help the organization, you couldn’t resist the guilt that was Sam’s puppy dog eyes. Still, you felt wary, understandably since the incident with Toni torturing Sam, and threatening the entire team. But if the youngest Winchester could put the incident aside, you had no choice but to do the same.

The following day, you drove to the British Men of Letters bunker in separate cars; Dean and Sam in the Impala, you in your black Mustang. The boys were basically your brothers, but that didn’t mean you would form the same opinions. You’d been stuck up a river without your car before, this wouldn’t be another time.

It was near noon when you pulled up to the BMoL’s American headquarters. The second time you’ve been to the facility; two weeks prior you’d gone with Dean and Ketch, trying to stop their vampire invasion. You noted they added a second guard outside the gates.

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Atomwave and “It reminded me of you.”, please?

Ray pulls up in the car and Rip starts groaning like he’s been stabbed, clutching his gut. “Raymond, what the hell did you buy?”

“Oh, it’s a Ferrari F40,” Ray says, “the twin-turbo 1987 make? I dunno, it’s pretty cool, right?”

Rip puts his hands over his mouth and wheezes through his teeth. “Where are we putting that, then? Surely you don’t expect to fit a whole car on the ship?”

“Ask Mick, it’s for him,” Ray says, getting out of the car and tossing the keys to Mick. He doesn’t catch them, and they clatter at his feet–he’s too busy staring at Ray, jaw clenched, tight with shock.

Ray takes a hesitant step forward. “Mick? You…you like it, right?”

“That’s why you wanted to come back to 1987,” Mick says. “Haircut, you idiot. Did you pay for that thing in cash?”

“Oh yeah, right on the show floor!” Ray enthuses. “And besides, I’m not the only one who wanted to come back. Sara said something about buying some My Little Pony toys in mint on card condition to sell on ebay.”

“Okay, but that’s not a Ferrari.”

“Yeah, but some of those toys run for like, a thousand bucks mint on card? Pretty wild if you ask me.”

“You just–you just bought a Ferrari in cash,” Mick says. “Haircut, do you know what money does?”

“I had to get it,” Ray says. “It’s handsome and red and I just–it reminded me of you. That’s all.”

“We’re not putting a Ferrari on the ship,” Rip groans, and Sara elbows him, two huge bags from Toys R Us hanging off each arm.

“Hey, shut up, don’t get in the way of true love,” she protests. “Just because your idea of a romantic gift is buying me royal wedding commemorative plates–”

“Excuse me, I went back in time to Elizabeth’s wedding specifically to buy you a set–”

“A Ferrari,” Mick says, shaking his head and putting his hand on the door. “I just–Ray. You don’t have to do this. I like you ‘cause of you, not your money.”

“And your big dick,” Sara pipes up. “Can’t forget the dick.”

Ray blushes, hiding his face in his hand and grinning. “Well, I just–I thought the surprise would make you happy, I could shrink it down until we get back to 2017 and you could put it in one of your safe houses maybe? Or just–”

Mick lifts his hand away from his face, replacing it with his own, his callused fingers stroking Ray’s face, his thumb running over his jaw. Ray’s lips part just a little, pliant and pink and hopefully pouting at him. 

“Surprised your big brain didn’t think that far ahead,” he teases. “But thanks for the gift. I mean it.”

“Well, as long as you’re happy–” Ray finishes his sentence as soon as Mick’s lips collide with his, a sharp, bruising kiss that makes him cling to Mick’s jacket, melting in pleasure against him.

“Why don’t we take a drive,” Mick says, “before we leave, just you and me, so you can see how happy you made me?”

“Oh,” Ray sighs, laying his head against Mick’s shoulder. “That’d–that’d be nice.”

“Gay,” Sara says, and Mick knocks the bag of toys out of her hands, Ray laughing as Sara and Mick start yelling at each other, bending over to pick up the keys and toss them at Mick. This time, he catches them without looking.

Let’s talk about Bloodlines...

WAIT! Don’t leave! I can explain!

Okay so, 9x20, Bloodlines, the backdoor pilot that never was, lowest rated episode of SPN of all time on IMDb; pick your favorite nickname.

I remember when the episode aired, it had one redeeming quality, and that’s the re-purposing of the Dean/Cas dialogue for a heterosexual couple (i see you, Dabb), and I still think fondly (and sometimes bitterly) about that moment. Other than that, it didn’t go over well because it wasn’t Supernatural. It didn’t have the same feel, it didn’t really have much at all to do with Dean and Sam, and we as an audience were expected to care so much about these new characters in a very short amount of time. 

For a long time, I kind of assumed that the reasoning for the lack of ~Supernaturalness~ had been because it very much came off as another one of the CW shows like TVD and Arrow that are very, very different than SPN. They are ensemble shows, for one. And then there’s the dramatic, almost soap opera-esque style that they have, that Supernatural lacks, which I think is one of its many charms.

Why am I talking about this? Because I’m now realizing that it wasn’t the CW’s influence, because season 12 has the exact same feel. With the introduction of the BMOL in 11x23 and onward, Supernatural has taken on a hugely different feel, in my opinion. From the music choices, to the more dramatic directing choices, and the more ensemble, continuous character appearances. 

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atomwave roadtrips

first of all, this is unbearable for mick because he just wants to listen to some fucking metal but ray is very audio sensitive and it gives him a migraine so they only thing they listen to is npr or the npr podcast this american life. which like mick can fall asleep pretty easily too but also MICK YOURE DRIVING 

like thats obstacle 2, is mick INSISTS on driving until he’s literally about to pass out and ray is like, PLEASE let me drive. And he does, and mick is like out in five minutes, so i think ray drives for a couple more hours and then pulls into an inn so they can have a SLEEPOVER <3 <3 <3 ~
ray: oh no!!! the room only has one bed!!! what will we doooo ~
mick: you shouldve just left me on the side of the road

i like that i’ve gotten 2 paragraphs into it and i haven’t specified where they’re driving from or to or why or for how long and im kind of like, i dont want to even get that complex with it i dont want to ruin the magic that is ray’s npr sing a long
mick: you cant sing along to NPR
ray: well not with that attitude you CANT
mick: what if i drove us off the road. what then
ray: oh you

they do absolutely share a bed because it’s not like they haven’t had sex at this point and ray just sucks mick off for like an hour and mick is just like holy shit why are you being so romantic and ray is like im just overwhelmed with how much i care about you and how happy i am to be with you and mick is like oh. …………. thanks?
ray: i love you too
mick: oh he said the word

mick has a nightmare in the middle of the night and ray wakes him up and mick wakes up gasping im fine lenny im fine and then remembers it’s ray and is like well i guess i just continue descending into hell

the next morning ray doesn’t mention it and mick washes him in the shower because he feels really bad and ray lets him drive and they pull into the nearest greasy spoon and ray of course gets egg whites and wheat toast and mick gets 50 pancakes bacon sausage eggs hash browns etc and of course he has to have his mouth full when ray goes “im not mad at you i still love you i meant it and it’s okay that you called me lenny because you miss him but it means you feel safe and familiar laying in bed with me and that’s all i really want” and mick who, again, has his mouth full, is like mpfs? ray steals a piece of his bacon. and mick thinks maybe he can deal with npr for another couple of days 

they get back to the car and ray is like look!!! i got ear plugs so you can listen to your music and mick is like you did that for me? and ray is like yes of course!!!
mick: sighs, puts on this american life
ray: you
mick: shut up
ray: oh mick
mick: SHUT UP

ray makes them pull over at whatever horrible roadside attraction they come across and when they take a photo ray kisses mick’s cheek and when they leave mick drives them out of the way so he can pull away into some out of the way cornfield and fuck ray senseless

mick as ray falls asleep in the seat next to him as they keep driving: you’re alright i guess

Challenge Accepted. (Leonard Snart x Reader)

Originally posted by mrpalmersnart

You have known Leonard for five years, when you first met he hired you to help you on a case due to your skills as an assassin. No you weren’t trained by the League of Assassins but you had been trained since birth by a secret organization based in Japan. When you were 20 years old you decided to leave and become a gun for higher. When the heist that Leonard hired you for went off without a hitch he, over the course of the last five years had hired you for several more. And by this point you two had formed some sort of friendship. Mostly he flirted with you and you flirted back. And every time he tried to kiss you, you managed to dodge it. You would never admit it but you have never kissed anybody, unless it was for a mission that you were sent on before you left Japan. But you didn’t count those. You, as sappy as it was and you would deny it if anybody called you out on it, wanted a real first kiss. One with somebody you cared about and who cared about you. Little did you know that would be a one Mr. Leonard Snart. And it all started when you agreed to go with Leonard on a time traveling trip. And got worse when you both were locked in with a breach in the haul trying not to freeze to death. 

“Well this sucks.” You said cuddling up to Leonard trying to stay warm. 

“Yep.” He said putting jacket around your shoulders. “Pretty much. So are you afraid to die?”

“Nope. I’ve come close to death so many time that I stopped counting.” I said pulling it closer to me. 

“I came close once the day i met Mick.” Leonard says putting his arm around you, pulling you closer.

“Not surprising. What did he do kick your ass?” 

“No saved it. It was my first time in juvie. And i was the smallest kid by far. And the bigger ones wanted to make sure i knew it. I tried to fight back but one of them had a shiv. Mick stood up for me and they never touched me again.”

“I got shot through the shoulder to kill the person i was protecting. Grazed my shoulder. The person lived but still.”


Shrugging you snuggle into his side. “I’m going to die without my first kiss.”

“What? I’ve seen you kiss plenty of people.”

“For missions when i was undercover not for real.” You say blushing. 

“Oh so that’s why you’ve always dodged me?” he asked with a chuckle.

“Maybe. Or maybe it’s just because I don’t want to kiss you.”

“But why wouldn’t you?” He asked batting his eyes. “I’m just your type.” 

“Oh you think so do you?” You asked cocking an eyebrow.

“No i know i am. I’m sneaky, good looking, smart, and don’t take your sass to heart.” You both laugh a little. “Besides, and I promise you that if you repeat this to anybody I will never forgive you, I care about you. You are the only girl I’ve met that can make me care.”

“Oh gee just what every girl wants to hear.” You rolled your eyes.

“I’m not good at this.” He sighs and pulls you onto his lap to try and keep both of you warmer. “How should i put this. You, and my sister, are the only things in my life that bring any light to it. And I feel like I can be myself with you. Like your not going to try and change me. And when I’m around you and I want to protect you and keep you safe you know? And I hate when Haircut and you flirt.” His grip on you. “I want you to be mine! And if you were i would protect you and never let anything happen to you.”

“And let me guess i repeat this to anybody you will deny it and be mad at me?” You ask laying your head on his shoulder.

“Yep. But if Haircut doesn’t stop I am going to punch him.”

“Oh ho defending my honor then are you?”


With a smile you reach up and put a hand on his cheek and bring him closer. “Just this once.” closing the distance you give him a kiss. He kisses back one hand still around your waist the other on your cheek. 

You pull back much too soon for his liking and lay your head on his neck again. “Hey I didn’t want that to stop.” He frowned.

“I’m sure you didn’t. But like i keep telling you. If you want a kiss from me you are going to have to steal it. And this kiss never happened if you tell anybody.” 

“Ok ok I see how it is. And what happens WHEN I steal that kiss?”

“I-IF you manage it.” You start shaking more than you were. The cold had chilled you to the core now. And there was no doubt that you were going to die in your mind. But it was nice to pretend a while. “I will do one thing that you want. Any one thing.”

“Challenge accepted.” He says laying his cheek on your head.

“But it has to be on the lips or it doesn’t count.” You say.

“I can live with that.”

****One week later****

It had been a week since Leonard accepted your ‘challenge’, and you don’t know how much longer you are going to keep dodging him. He was relentless, he cornered you after showers, while training or playing cards with Sara, when you talked to anybody really. You were looking around the corner trying to see if you could see him, and you spotted him and he saw you. 

“Hey (Y/N) I wanna tell you something.” He says.

With a sigh you came out from around the corner and looked at him. “Yes?”

“I am giving up.” He says sticking his hand out the other behind his back. “For now at least. Til i come up with a new plan.”

“Aw you don’t have to give up while you do that it’s not like you have a time limit or anything.” You say taking his hand.

“Good to know.” He says pulling you close and before you realized what was happening he was kissing you. “That means I win.” He chuckles. 

You sigh. “Yes you win what do you want?”

He leaned in close and whispered in your ear. “For you to be my girlfriend. I want to be able to be with you and kiss you whenever i like.”

You blushed at the feeling of his breath on your neck. It sent shivers down your spine. “If that’s what you want. A deal is a deal.” 

Leonard wrapped his arm around your waist backed you against the wall. “But is it what you want?” He asked his eyes boring into you.

“Yes.” You say giving him another kiss.

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I loved your captain cold alphabet thing! It was so cool! Could you do another captain cold imagine? Where reader is ray palmers bff and he gets a tad jealous? You are absolutely amazing!! 😘😘

A/N: Aw, thank you so much, I’m glad that you liked it and thank you for letting me know. Thank you that’s far too kind of you to say. I got a little carried away with this, but I hope that you enjoy it and that it kind of ended up how you were expecting.

Originally posted by captaincentenarian

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