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So, it is Rip Hunter Appreciation Week!

The topic is relationships - either romantic or platonic.

And that’s so hard to decide, because Rip really does have a fairly substantial, and interesting, relationship with the vast majority of his crew, except sadly for Nate and Amaya.  And in terms of a romance, I ship pretty much anything.  (My ideal resolution is probably a giant team orgy.  :-P)

So I think the relationship that I want to showcase is Rip’s (godwilling) platonic relationship with Zaman Druce.

I’ve always been vaguely fascinated by Druce.  He’s introduced in such an interesting way.  As the first Time Master that we meet who actually gets a name (besides Rip himself), Druce basically acts as symbolic representation of the Time Masters themselves.

He’s clearly VERY high ranking in the organization.  He’s the one issuing orders to the Pilgrim.  Declan (who brainwashes Mick) seems to follow his orders.  He’s the one who speaks in the Council scene in River of Time, presents the Oculus, and leads the defense of it.

It really does seem like if there is a single head honcho of the Time Masters, then Druce is it.

And that makes the fact that we first see him in Russia, personally making a piece offering (ambush) really interesting. 

There are a lot of interesting aspects to Rip and Druce’s dynamic.

First, Rip actually seems to trust Druce.  Enough that he is actually willing to entertain the idea of surrendering to him as long as it means his team gets returned home.  And this is after he knows the Time Masters sent Chronos after him.  In River of Time, he seems to genuinely believe that Druce will choose his side once presented with evidence.  The full reveal of Druce’s betrayal in Destiny is what almost breaks him.

That takes on a new layer after season 2, because we’ve seen how hard it is for Rip to trust anyone.  It’s very possible, also, that Rip’s trust was in Druce specifically rather than the Time Masters in general.  Doctor Mid-Nite did say that Rip had indicated that the Time Masters couldn’t be trusted with the Spear, after all.

Did Rip tell Druce about the pieces of the Spear?

Second, even more interestingly, Rip’s regard to Druce seems to be at least somewhat reciprocated.  Druce greets Rip with apparent warmness in White Knights, though admittedly, that’s part of the ambush.  But it might be worth noticing that for the most part, the assassins don’t seem to have orders to directly target Rip himself.  Chronos had a chance to possibly destroy the Waverider entirely earlier in the episode, which would have removed the need for an ambush entirely.  The Pilgrim is sent after the team, not Rip himself.  There are other explanations of course: it’s been implied that Mick did have some control over himself as Chronos, and it’s possible that he didn’t want to kill the team at that time, and as Rip dying through Omega Protocol would negate the Savage thing entirely.  It is interesting though.

The most interesting part though is the Oculus scene because, as I’ve mentioned before, Druce didn’t HAVE to show that to Rip at all.  Rip was captured, subdued, imprisoned.  Druce could have just left him there to rot.  Or he could have just had him executed.  Instead he gives him an explanation and a speech, he shows him the superweapon, emphasizes how powerless Rip is to stop them.  

The only way that approach makes sense is if Druce was trying to convince Rip to come back into the fold.  (And it is rather interesting that these scenes were juxtaposed with Declan trying to re-brainwash Mick.  In a way, both Time Masters may have been trying the same approach.)

And I still wonder why it was necessary to kill Miranda and Jonas anyway.  To make Rip go back in time to try to kill Savage?  Why not just send a messenger?  It’s not like Savage is an idiot, he’ll see the advantage of Time Traveling allies pretty quickly.  I still kind of suspect that Miranda and Jonas may have died for other reasons.

It’s such a fascinating dynamic.  And a disturbing one.  Going by what we know about Rip’s backstory, and what we don’t, Druce may well be the closest thing he has to a father.  

Like most fans, I do hope they find a way for Leonard to survive the Oculus, but unlike most fans, I hope that Druce survives as well.  I feel like there’s more to explore here!

anonymous asked:

that finale left a bad taste in my mouth. you mentioned watching only gay/female comedy from now on -- any recs? (other than broad city, already the best show)

-Idiotsitter’s coming back on Comedy Central next month. It’s decent show solely worth watching bc Jillian bell is a comic genius and hilarious.
-Insecure with Issa Rae. SO good. Just a breath of fresh air and really funny.
-Atalanta. No gays or women leads (but they do a whole episode from glover’s gf point of view) but it’s really incredible and inventive in the way that you never really see coming.
-Check out Kate Berlant and Jon Early’s Vimeo stuff.
-Ali Wong’s stand up special on Netflix.
-Listen to 2 Dope Queens podcast.
-TBS search party. Ali shawkat is great and it’s incredibly funny with a mystery at the center.
-Please Like Me.
-The Mick is pretty good and probably only gonna get better from here plus you get to look at Kaitlin Olson’s face.
- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt comes back in May.
-Grace and Frankie comes back at the end of the months. It’s not great but season 2 was pretty good and I just like watching Jane Fonda and lilly tomlin do anything plus old gays.
-Take My Wife on Seeso
-Tig Notaro’s One Mississippi on Amazon plus her stand up
-Another Period
- Aparna Nancherla’s standup
Anyone who wants to add anything please do it!



You’re trying to find out what Mick looked like when he had hair, and Leonard is willing to help…for a price…


“That’ll be thirty dollars…”

Thirty dollars?!

“That’s what I said, Doll Face.”

“But you didn’t mention anything about that last time!!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Leonard cast you a leery smile as he waved the back of the ever-so-mysterious photograph in your face. “Did I say that this was for free?”

A heated flush burned your cheeks.

While you have had many dealings with the kleptomaniac in the past - most of which resulted in his favor - he’d never charged you this much before.

Probably ‘cause he knows he can get away with it, you thought bitterly.

Leonard was the only one who knew of your crush on his partner and he exploited you as often as he could to keep it secret. Half the time, you hated him for it (for obvious reasons).

But, the other half…

You were happy.

He gave you someone to talk to without criticism and offered insightful opinions and memories that many couldn’t provide.

Although that still doesn’t change the fact that he’s an ass…

Pouting, you crossed your arms and stared at Leonard, hard. Of course, your actions didn’t phase him; but, for old time’s sake, he played along.

Fine,” he drawled, throwing his hands up in pretend surrender, “Because you’re a special customer, I’ll give you a discount…”

You narrowed your eyes.

“What kind of discount?” You asked him.

“A generous one,” Leonard replied in a deceptively charming voice. “I’ll give you the picture for free…if you do me a little favor.”

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Sibling War!

Thanks everyone for the 45+ little wings.

Thanks to @talesfromthecreed for your request and I hope you like it! I put a lot on effort in this one as it is my first Dc legends of tomorrow imagine.


Serie: Part1(you are here1) Part2  Part3

Being the youngest member of the Waverider sure has advantages and disadvantages.

They treat you like their little sister.

But they’re all overprotective assholes.

Okay, let’s go to the beginning.

Your adventure began when in a robbery in the National bank of Central City, you meet Captain Cold and Heatwave. You had just escaped your abusive family and were looking for someone to lift their wallets, that person just happened to be MR. Leonard Snart. They took pity on you and gave you the option of joining them ( more like Len saw himself in you and wanted to help you). And so, you joined them and helped in their robberies. You asked Len if you could have a weapon like Lisa, he wanted to say no but really, who could resist your puppy dog eyes?

That’s right

No one.

You ended with a (y/w). And with that weapon, you joined their little group of criminals. You helped once or twice, they didn’t let you help in the most dangerous ones, said you were too young. But you did meet the famous Flash, once.

One night, you were waiting for them in Len’s minivan while they robbed the bank. When you were escaping from the police the three of you were in the car with them when a blinding light surprised you.


When you wake up, you were in a rooftop between Len and Mick and with a bunch of people you didn’t even know.

“Stein, the hell are you doing here”

“I am as ignorant as you for once”

“Where are we?”

“(y/n), are you ok?” Mick asked you. You nodded at him as a guy with a colorful fashion started talking with his heavy English accent.

“The names Rip Hunter, I’m from East London…”

“Oh. And the future.”

You raised an eyebrow at him at the same time Len glared and Mick said:

“Nice to meet you, Rip”

“And while you were incapacitated I may have tampered with your weapons. I’ve assembled you all because I need your help. The future of the world is in peril because a man by the name of Vandal Savage.”

“That can’t be, we destroyed him” Said the guy dressed in leather.

“Yeah, The Green arrow and the Flash helped us doing it.” Said his partner.

After that, Rip Hunter explained his reason of assembling this little group, Len and Mick didn’t seem to agree with his explanation of saving the world via time traveling to defeat this Randall guy. Len grabbed your arm and passed Rip saying.

“You got the wrong guy. Hero ain’t on my resume.” He said.

“Or mine” Mick followed the two of you.

“I know it’s difficult to fathom, but where I am from, the 2116, you and everyone on this roof aren’t just considered heroes, your legends.

You looked at him, eyes widening. You weren’t a petty thief in the future? You were considered a hero?

“Legends?” You said at the same time as the guy who you recognized as the Atom.

“I hate to nitpick, but, doesn’t a legend have to be dead?” Stein said.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s a deal breaker for me, so I’m gonna pass.” The guy beside you said.

“It’s dangerous for you knowing to much about your future but I’m here because each of you as individuals, are destined for greatness.”

“I can get behind that” The Atom said.

“AND, because if you don’t follow me, this is what’s in store for your world 150 years from now” He pressed a button on his remote control and projected a destroyed city engulfed in flames with what seemed like planes shooting at them.

Your grip on Len’s arm tightens as your faced what your city would become, the horror and the desolation the future would become, even if you won’t be alive when this happened…

You didn’t want this.

“I could have chosen any place and any place, of all the people who ever lived I chose you nine, I certainly hope that you won’t let me and the world down.”

Rip saw everyone’s astonished expressions; he walked toward Professor Stein and gave him a paper, where the meeting place was written.

“If your answer is Yes, met me at this address in 36 hours.” After that we walked away.

You felt Len and Mick started walking away and you followed them, after looking at the address and waving at the others one last time.


You were sitting in the couch with Len’s legs on your lap, you were looking at Mick messing with his whatever he was doing. You were mostly thinking of what Hunter showed you all as Len read a magazine.

“I can’t believe the two of you are thinking of hooking up with the Englishman. We’re thieves, crooks, criminals, with no desire to save the world, especially under years from dead.”

Snart answered him without raising his eyes from the magazine.

“He said across time, Mick. What about the years before the fingerprints and surveillance cameras and DNA analysis.”

He looked at Mick, who just grabbed a beer and was drinking it.

“Why did we become criminals?”

“Because we hate working and we love money.”

Len got up from the couch as you looked at them, waiting to see what they chose to do.

“We steal the Mona Lisa straight off of Da Vinci’s easel, snach the Hope diamond before it was discovered. This is everything we got into thieving for in the first place… more than everything.”

Mick looked at Len “If you want me in, I’m in, but I’m not gonna be no one’s hero.”

Len smirked.

“I’m in too!” You said as the two criminals looked at you.

“You won’t be coming with us” Len said.


“It’s to dangerous for you (n/n)” Mick said.” You better stay here with Lisa for the time being”

“But you will be having all the fun! And I be staying here with Lisa flirting with the Flash friend!”

“I promised myself-“


Len rolled his eyes.

We promised ourselves we won’t let anything bad happen to you, and time travel with a bunch of weirdos is too dangerous for you. You’re only (y/a).”


Overprotective assholes.

Let’s try something else.

Flattery can take you far.

(¬ v ¬)

“But it’s more dangerous for me staying here! Lisa and I are no rival for the Flash, not alone. With you, the flash doesn’t stand a chance! Alone… well he could take me away from you…  Also, Lisa won’t pick a fight with no one, so if you take me with you, you will be able to protect me, you’re my big brothers Lenny and Micky, don’t let the Flash take me away…”

Len and Mick’s face was like an open book, the big brother part worked like a charm.

Guess who’s going to time travel?

That’s right.


And that’s how you ended here, along the crew of the Waverider. With time, you ended winning everyone’s hearts over, even stern Rip.


What you needed

More overprotective assholes.

The first to fall was Ray.

He saw how young you really were, and who you were living with.

One day, Ray came to you.

“(y/n), right?”

“Yeah, Raymond was it?

“Yeah” He said sheepishly

“It’s there something you wanted to say?”

“…Why are you with those two criminals?”

You glared at him. Without you knowing, Len and Mick were overhearing your conversation.

“They may be criminals, but they are the best persons I know. They are my family, they are my heroes, I love them with their faults. They are my home, but I don’t hope you will understand.”

Len smiled softly, you could see itty bity tears in his eyes.

Mick was smiling openly.

“You’re so young…”

“But I’ve see things a rich boy like you never has.”

Ray hugged you hard

“You precious cinnamon roll, too precious for this world.”

“HEY BOYSCOUT! Hands off!”


Ray was still hugging you while Len and Mick tried ( but failed) to tear him off of you.

“When we finish saving the world, you can come with me. I got a pretty big house! And I’m rich, I can give you whatever you want! You can be my little (sister/brother)!”

“No way, Raymond. Get off of my sister or I will freeze your dick off.”


Sara and Kendra were the next.

They liked to baby you.

A lot

“(y/n), sit with us today! It’s been a long time since you sat with us!”

Kendra had that motherly feeling for you and Sara was the same, they saw how young you were, and all you had to live and they swear to protect you.

Sara remembered of her past, and how you had a rough childhood like hers, she had to face the bullies until her father teach her how to defend herself, she sweared to protect you and teach you how to fight.

And so, they began training you, hand to hand combat.

Much to your delight.

Kendra and Carter liked to treat you like a child they didn’t have, and after losing their son and won’t be able to do a thing, their actitude towards you became more overprotective.

And, you liked  being babied a little, you didn’t have to ask for something, Kendra, Sara or Ray would compete for your attention, for the horror of Len and Mick, who regretted to bring you along, feeling their little sibling was being taken away from them.


Then it was Jax and Stein.

You liked seeing Jax work on the Waverider’s mechanics, and sometimes you asked him questions about how was the high school he went to.

He gladly answered all your questions and even teach you something about mechanics.

He liked the attention.

He liked being part of a team and the feeling of having a younger person aboard the Waverider made him feel like he should protect you.

Stein liked that you asked him questions about science and he gladly explained it to you, saying that if he didn’t do it Snart’s and Rory’s idiocy would affect you.

Cue, Len and Mick glaring at him.

Stein took upon himself to teach you the basics, seeing as your life as a criminal didn’t let much space for school.

You liked learning, made you feel more powerful.

And sometimes you liked to show off what you learned to Len and Mick.

They were proud of you. But felt like they were being robbed of your loving attention.


The last to fall was Rip.

Rip’s heart was hardened by the death of his family by the hands of Vandal Savage.  So melting the ice in his heart was hard,

Little by little you started to make your way to his heart without him noticing how he started to pay more attention to you, asking how you were and saving you when it was unnecessary.

And, he would oblige you to go to weekly cheek outs with Gideon, much to your displeasure.

So imagine what happened once you got the cold.


Utter and complete madness

A riot.

People running around the ship, yelling that you were sick, Rip dragging you to the infirmary for a cheek out. Len and Mick stick to you like glue and Sara and Kendra took upon themselves to make you feel as comfy as possible. Stein and Jax would come often to entertain. Much to Len and Mick displeasure.

“Go away, you’re annoying. (Y/N) needs peace and sleep and you’re just filling (her/his) head with sciency things.”

“We’re not the annoying ones, you don’t let her  brethe without one of you stalking her.

“Everyone out! (y/n) needs to rest.” Rip said

“No” Len answered.

“Don’t forget I am the captain of this ship”

“I remember, I just don’t care.”


You sighed and looked at Len.

“Can you bring me a glass of water?? Please big brother??”



“Okay, (n/n).”

Jealous looks towards Len

They wanted to be called big brother/sister too.

Wow, you had the crew wrapped around your pinky.

You little manipulative you…

The beginning of the sibling war.

They would compete for your undivided attention.

Sara would bring you food.

Kendra and Carter would stay with you and tell you how they teamed up with the Flash and The arrow.

Stein would come to answer your scientific questions and tell how he turned to Firestorm for the first time.

Jax would tell you what happened in their last mission and would more than often show off. Saying that when you were better he and Stein would show Firestorm and how they fight.

Len and Mick would bring you food of the time where they were because as Mick said “The food of the future is crap”.  And they would stay with you until you fell asleep, then they kissed your forehead lovingly and retire to their quarters.

In the middle of the night, Rip would come to your room and would stay for an hour, brushing your hair and telling about his family and how you made him feel like he belonged again. Everything while you were asleep, but sometimes, you would wake up to his fingers lovingly stroking your hair and his British accent telling you about that heartbreaking future.

This went for a long time, even after you got well .They wouldn’t let you go with them until you got away one while they were on a mission.

Craziness and desperation ensued.

They divided in two groups to search for you. Desperate and afraid some creep would have kidnapped you. After a few hours of distress and yelling ( and , even though they won’t admit it, Sara, Rip and Kendra hit a few shady guys who didn’t want to cooperate, even though they didn’t even see you. And Len and Mick… well let’s say those who didn’t want to cooperate meet Hot and Cold.)

The truth is that you meet a hot (boy/girl) who asked you out to get a drink. You in all you rebellious teenager hormones said yes without thinking what your overprotective teammates would do.

The two of you went out to a coffee shop and talked a bit about yourselves, more like you made up your whole background. You can’t go to someone you just met and say


They would think you’re crazy


After a few hours your team found the two of you…

Let’s say things got ugly pretty quickly.


“Guys, let me explain-“

“NO. YOU ARE GROUNDED!” Sara said.


“Hey Len, I think that (guy/girl) tried to take advantage of her, can I burn (his/her) house down?” Mick said hopefully as Len looked at him saying No with his eyes.

“You know the scare you gave us, young lady? “ Stein said.

·Yeah, I almost had a heart attack! I’m too young to have a heart attack!” Jax said.

Kendra and Carter grabbed the (boy/girl) you were going out with and tock (him/her) away from here, after saying something that made (his/her) face blanch with horror and run away like (his/her) life was at risk…


It probably was.

Kendra and Carter came to you smiling innocently, you asked :

“What did you say to (him/her)?”

“Oh nothing, just that what would happen to his (dick/ ovaries) if (he/she) as much as looked your way.” Kendra said.

“Yes. And that we would probably make his life hell, if (he /she) was every born” Carter said.


Terrifying overprotective assholes who you loved with all your heart.

Len grabbed your hand and dragged you to the ship without saying any of his snarky comments.

Uh oh

He was mad with you and not even the eyes of the puppy dog could save you now.

The end? 

(promps still open)

Let’s talk about Bloodlines...

WAIT! Don’t leave! I can explain!

Okay so, 9x20, Bloodlines, the backdoor pilot that never was, lowest rated episode of SPN of all time on IMDb; pick your favorite nickname.

I remember when the episode aired, it had one redeeming quality, and that’s the re-purposing of the Dean/Cas dialogue for a heterosexual couple (i see you, Dabb), and I still think fondly (and sometimes bitterly) about that moment. Other than that, it didn’t go over well because it wasn’t Supernatural. It didn’t have the same feel, it didn’t really have much at all to do with Dean and Sam, and we as an audience were expected to care so much about these new characters in a very short amount of time. 

For a long time, I kind of assumed that the reasoning for the lack of ~Supernaturalness~ had been because it very much came off as another one of the CW shows like TVD and Arrow that are very, very different than SPN. They are ensemble shows, for one. And then there’s the dramatic, almost soap opera-esque style that they have, that Supernatural lacks, which I think is one of its many charms.

Why am I talking about this? Because I’m now realizing that it wasn’t the CW’s influence, because season 12 has the exact same feel. With the introduction of the BMOL in 11x23 and onward, Supernatural has taken on a hugely different feel, in my opinion. From the music choices, to the more dramatic directing choices, and the more ensemble, continuous character appearances. 

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Request:  Hi I was wondering if I could please get a rip hunter Christmas imagine please? Maybe reader gets him involved in a game or decorating? If you could do that then great, but if not I understand that you’re super busy and I love your blog btw



“Pretty please.”

“Absolutely not.”

“Ugly please?”

A look of absolute disbelief is the only response Rip has at your words, his eyebrows raised as his head tilts downwards, as if he almost wanted to ask what on earth you meant.

“Well pretty please didn’t work,” you justify with a shrug.

“You are not decorating my office, Y/N,” Rip shakes his head, attempting to focus on the page he had begun reading some time ago.

“I’m not saying I should do it,” you sigh, pushing yourself up onto his desk next to him. “I’m saying we should decorate it. Make it a bit more festive, show that you are actually a human… you are a human, right?”

“Go away, Y/N,” Rip sighs heavily, “I need to finish reading this.”

“Fine,” you reply somewhat deflated. “Maybe Mick will let me decorate his room. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind the mistletoe,” you muse to yourself. It wasn’t your first choice of a potential mistletoe kiss, but at least the arsonist would be slightly less stubborn than the captain.

As you move to leave a tight grip gathers on your wrist, keeping you where you stood. With a silent questioning gaze, you look from your wrist to Rip who sat there in shock, as if unable to explain his own actions.

“You’re going to put mistletoe in Mick’s room?” he asks, his voice quiet and cold.

“Well, if you won’t let it go up here, yeah, I guess…”

“You do realise,” Rip begins, letting your wrist go as he rubs at his temple, his exhaustion shining through once more. “If you put it there he will most certainly demand a kiss from you.”

Shrugging carelessly you look to him as if to ask what that would matter. “Rip, I am going to get a mistletoe kiss one way or another, if that means kissing Rory, fine.”

Before he knows what he is doing, Rip is standing with yet another sigh as he glances around the room he had spent so very long making perfect. “You can decorate my office.”

In His Lap (Mick x Plus Size! Reader) Imagines - Request


To my darling anon,

I hope you don’t mind; but I actually combined your idea with another reader’s request, since it was very similar to yours. In addition to, I apologize for the late post. Due to technical difficulties - and just the fact that life sorta got in the way - I am turning this piece into a New Year’s prompt. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, dear anon, but, if you find that you aren’t happy with the piece, please let me know and I’ll write you a seperate Christmas one…!

With love,

Kendra tries to get you to talk to Mick at the New Year’s Eve Party. At first, you said no; but, after taking a shot, you gained the courage you needed…


“Talk to him!”

“I can’t!”

“You can!”

“No, I can’t!”

“Yes , ________, you can!” Crossing her arms, Kendra gave you a gently scolding look. “Please do yourself a favor and just walk over there.”

Upon hearing her suggestion, you flushed bright red.

While you have had a crush on Mick for the past few weeks now, you still had yet to start a conversation with the pyromaniac; much less, confess your feelings to him.

Chances were he probably never noticed you.

I mean, who would? Your harsh inner voice scoffed. You’re not pretty, you have no sex appeal and - worst of all - you’re fat. What kind of guy would want THAT?

A small part of you hoped it would be Mick.

Though many assumed there wasn’t much to the guy - what, with his brutish behavior and vulgar language - a part of you liked to think there was more to him.

That he would somehow accept you the way you were.

Peering over at the poker table across the room, you watched your darling hulk of a man play against Leonard and Jax. His brows furrowed, he focused all his attention towards the hand he was dealt with.

You bit your lip. He just looks so…badass.

“Oh my god, ________,” Kendra turned her eyes up to the heavens, before shaking her head. It was her typical ‘don’t-make-me-do-this’ gesture. “You’re a great girl! You could so go over there and say ‘hi’! He’s not that complex of a man to talk to, anyway…”

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i want a rouges spinoff that starts out like 

“my name is leonard snart.”

“my name is mick rory.”

“my name is hartley rathaway”

“my name is mark mardon”

“my name is roy bivolo”

“my name is lisa snart”

“my name is shawna baez”

*in unison* “and we are the best criminals in the world.”

but i want different music in the background of all of them. like lisa’s would be something pretty but with darker tones. and i want mardon’s to just be really cymbal and drum-heavy. and ofc hartley’s is flute music. shawna’s sounds like it’s being played on a triangle. etc etc etc

and then at the end of the into it cuts over to axel who’s the one playing all of the music with like,,, eight different lollipops sticking out of his mouth.

snowslittlesnowflakes  asked:

Hi, I was wondering if you think they might bring garth back and if they will cure him now that they have a cure. I can't remember if garth ever ate human but I don't think so. I also thought it was pretty stupid of Sam to bring up their werewolf buddy in front of mick, don't you think.?

Hi there! First of all, I think Sam is still making a lot of unfounded assumptions about the BMoL, partly because he doesn’t yet get it. Genocide, killing ALL the monsters, includes killing the “nice” monsters. They don’t see the grey area that Sam’s always seen since at the very latest 2.03, with Lenore.

I’m not even sure Garth would want to be cured at this point. He’s just doing his thing. He’s like the most easygoing dude in the history of the world. He’s content.

(and no I don’t think he ever ate a human heart, but he did eat cow hearts and I don’t know if that would affect the cure’s potential. Like with vampires, the cure only worked before their first feeding. I’m not sure if the source of the feeding mattered, but it was implied that that was the moment the “change fully took effect” or whatever. So it’s likely moot anyway, because again, Garth– most laid back person on the planet– wouldn’t risk losing everything just to be human again.)

But the combination of mentioning Garth AND in the same episode knowing that the BMoL are killing entire werewolf families LIKE Garth’s (the werewolf dude did say they didn’t hurt anybody, so I assume his pack had been a lot like Garth’s), should make Sam really dubious about this whole idea of killing all the monsters, if he wasn’t already concerned about it.

(and I still think if he knew they killed Magda he really would be done with them)

I don’t think it was dumb to bring up Garth. As much as Sam thinks the BMoL can be an incredible resource as far as lore and knowledge, I think Sam feels like he and Dean can be a resource to the BMoL on that whole concept of “policing the supernatural” rather than eliminating it entirely that he mentioned when he was talking with the Alpha Vampire.

And Mick does present this facade of a reasonable human being who might have a conscience. I don’t think Sam can really see him for who and what he is, the way Dean can. Part of it is that Sam really wants a reason to trust Mick. He’s rather desperate to trust him. He’s got this huge library of supernatural lore and the sorts of technology that allowed him to “pop Lucifer out of the President.” I mean, Sam’s just itching to feel like his trust is not misplaced here.

But Dean doesn’t care about any of those things that Mick can do for them.

Dean: I’ll take a handful of silver bullets over any of that fancy crap.

So while Sam’s still a bit dazzled by the “results” he’s getting (and hello shades of 4.04 when he tried to justify all the “results” he got by using his demonic powers to exorcise demons…), Dean’s gone into Extreme BS Detection Mode. Just like he let Mick dig his own grave in 12.16, I think he’s halfway waiting for Sam to do the same.

But I think they’re both still holding out hope that Mick DID learn something here. That’s why they gave him one of their Winchester Patented Second Chances (like they gave Magda…).

Now the ball is in Mick’s court.

Dirty Work: Part 1

Series Summary: After joining the BMoL with Sam and Dean, the reader and Ketch are paired to track down the vampires who attacked the British bunker.

A/N: Part 1 of ? I hope you guys enjoy this. I was kind stressed over writing Ketch, because I hadn’t done it before, but all the Ketch feels wouldn’t repress, so here this is. I haven’t watched 12x16 yet, but I know it’s mostly a Dean, Sam and Mick episode so hopefully this isn’t too far off.

Pairing: Arthur Ketch x Reader

Word Count: 1923

Originally posted by netflixandcastiellll

Revealing that for the past two weeks you’d been doing the BMoL’s dirty work, Sam convinced you and Dean to work with the Brits nevertheless. Even though you swore to never help the organization, you couldn’t resist the guilt that was Sam’s puppy dog eyes. Still, you felt wary, understandably since the incident with Toni torturing Sam, and threatening the entire team. But if the youngest Winchester could put the incident aside, you had no choice but to do the same.

The following day, you drove to the British Men of Letters bunker in separate cars; Dean and Sam in the Impala, you in your black Mustang. The boys were basically your brothers, but that didn’t mean you would form the same opinions. You’d been stuck up a river without your car before, this wouldn’t be another time.

It was near noon when you pulled up to the BMoL’s American headquarters. The second time you’ve been to the facility; two weeks prior you’d gone with Dean and Ketch, trying to stop their vampire invasion. You noted they added a second guard outside the gates.

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Summary: As soon at Mickey comes home from the border, he finds out his mom dies and he needs to talk to Mickey more than ever.

Word Count: 1338

Notes: Still got a lot of requests to finish up, I’ll be working on a lot of them tonight!

Luckily for Ian, on his journey to find a way back to Chicago from the Mexican border, he found a car to hotwire so he could get home. The whole way back he tried not to cry as he tried to convince himself that he would be okay without Mickey. He needed to make sure Mickey lived the life he deserved, and Mexico was the perfect start for him– it was something Ian didn’t want to mess up. The process of getting over Mickey may never be over, but Ian had to do it for him.

As he pulled the car in front of his house, he did his best to shake off his feelings. When he entered his house, he saw his family sitting silently in the living room while Frank laid on the ground and cried. What Ian noticed was that Frank genuinely seemed sad– not like all the other times when he was searching for pity. Ian looked at his siblings, and some has blank expressions while the others looked annoyed.

When Fiona noticed Ian, she put on a smile. “Hey, where ya been?”

“I’ve had to sleep at work for the past few days,” he lied and tried to mask a shaken voice. “What’s going on?”

Fiona got up from the sofa to face her brother. She placed a hand on his shoulder which caused him to worry. “Ian, umm, Monica died,” her tone was soft because she knew Ian has always been closest to their mother– well as close as any of them could be to their terrible excuse of a mother.

“Oh,” is all Ian said. “I’m, uh, gonna go take a nap,” he scratched his head and made his way to stairs.

Fiona abruptly turned her head to Lip and they shared the same worried look. Ian noticed as Lip got his phone out and started texting someone as he went up the steps.

He put his bag down on the floor, and laid his bed. A few tears started to well in his eyes, and he finally let them fall. He should careless about Monica, but he always has. He was most like her, so they were connected in some crazy way. Everything was different now– Monica was gone, Mickey was gone.

He gripped his pillow and shut his eyes. Eventually he drifted to sleep, with tears running down his face.

* * *

The next morning, Ian woke up to Mandy sitting on his bed. He hasn’t seen her in so long, so it was a big surprise. “What are you doing here?” He mumbled in a voice that was full of fake confidence. She saw right through it though, like always.

“Wow, missed you too, asshole,” she tried to joke.

He nods. “I did miss you,” he hugged her. “Now what are you doing here?”

The girl sucked in a breath. “Lip texted me. At first I was coming because he and Fi were scared you wouldn’t get out of bed when you woke up,” Ian rolled his eyes at a her words. “Then, you were screaming out Mickey’s name in your sleep. Trevor came over while you were asleep and heard you saying his name– he bugged out and left,” she said. His face got sadder. Truthfully Ian could give a shit about Trevor, that’s not what made him so upset.

Ian wasn’t expecting it, but for the second time in the last twenty four hours, his eyes started to burn and tears rolled down his face. Mandy wrapped her arms around her best friend and continuously hushed him, but nothing seemed to work.

After a few moments of Ian’s hyperventilating, he leaned his head on Mandy’s shoulder. “I fucked up, Mands. I fucked up.”

“With who?” She was clearly confused if he was crying over Mickey, Monica, or Trevor. It’d be hard for her to believe that he would be talking about Trevor though.

He sniffled. “With Mick.” Ian made eye contact with her. “I fucked up so bad. I left him,” he cried. “And now Monica’s dead and I can’t talk to him about it. I need him– I fucking need him,” he said shakily, but he point got across.

She studied the sadness that radiated from her redheaded best friend. Mickey had called Mandy during the night and told her Ian was supposed to come with him, but that was the extent of it, so she didn’t know how bad the damage was.

“Hey,” she said hesitantly. “I have his number. Haven’t talked to the asshole since he got locked up, but he called me last night,” she took out her cellphone. “Call him.”

Ian wiped the tears from his face and looked at her quizzically. “He probably hates me, I’m sure he’ll hang up the second he hears my voice,” he breaks eye contact with her.

Mandy puts her hand on Ian’s cheek and turns his head so they’re eye to eye. “Listen to me, Ian. He fucking loves you. I don’t know why or how,” she chuckles, “but he loves you.” She gives him the phone. “Now call.” When Ian took the phone, she got up and left the room.

Ian hesitantly pressed the call button, and listened to it ring. When the call was accepted Ian’s heart dropped. “Mands?”

“It’s me, Mick,” Ian said with sorrow.

Mickey’s breath hitched. “What the fuck do you want, man?” He spoke with no meanness.

Ian choked back a cry and steadied his breathing. “Monica died.”

“Oh, shit,” Mickey spoke softer than he had when he answered. “Are you okay?” His voice sounded worried. Ian can imagine him rubbing his finger against his bottom lip– it’s his nervous tick.

The redhead let out a dry chuckle. “Everything’s different and fucked up. I left you, the love of my fucking life, in a whole other country, and my mother is dead. She was completely worthless, but she was still my mom so y’know…”

“I know,” Mickey said. He then paused for a minute, and they listened to each other breathe. “Is there gonna be a funeral?”

Ian gulped. “Um, I think.”

“Fuck,” Mickey said to himself. “I wish I could be there for you.”

“It’s my fucking fault though, Mick. I fucked everything up!”

“Shut up, asshole,” Mickey said trying to lighten the mood. “You’ve gotten along pretty damn well without that crazy bitch in the picture, so don’t dwell on it too much, alright? And for us– this isn’t it for us?”

Ian completely agreed with what Mickey said about his mother, so he let it go. The guilt was still present and flowing through Ian though. “How could you ever want me back?”

“Because I love you,” Mickey reassured him. In all honesty, he shocked himself by even saying that right away. “Shit’s too nuts at home for you to have stayed with me, and like you said, you got a job. You got it good for you right now.” He paused. “This isn’t it for us though,” he repeats. “Never is.”

Ian’s lips started to curve into a smile after hearing Mickey say that. “I love you too, and you’re right. Can you just keep talking to me for a little? I don’t wanna go downstairs and talk to everyone about Monica just yet,” he says bashfully.

“Yeah,” Mickey says. He tells Ian his whereabouts and how beautiful the beach is. He tells him how much he misses him and can’t wait for their future together. He makes Ian smile for the first time since they separated.

The two only ended the call when Mandy came up to check on Ian again. They promised to keep in touch. When they hung up, he was surprised by the time– he hadn’t realized how long he was on the phone, but he didn’t mind. Mickey’s voice was always refreshing for him. It was something he had needed, and though he was still hurting because of how different everything was going to be, he knew it’d turn out alright.

A Better Man

“No, I mean better.” 

Ray can hear Mick’s gruff voice from just beyond the warehouse door where he is hiding and waiting. The familiar sound of his new tech being put to work let’s him know that it’s done. Leonard’s memories are gone. Mick appears at his side only moments later with a grim expression on his already grim features.

“You sure about this pretty?”

“He has an eidetic memory. If someone can beat my tech its him. We don’t want remnants of events sticking around. He needs to get on the ship with us. The team wouldn’t be the same without him.” ray recites the answer he’s been giving everyone when asked about his decision to stay in 2012 playing henchman to captain cold.

Mick pats Ray on the shoulder a rare physical gesture obviously strategic, “which is the bullshit you fed the team. What’s your angle.” 

Unable to resist looking at Mick when the pyromanic initiates contact Ray is the cause of his own undoing. He is a horrible liar at the best of times and Mick knows something more is at play here, has known for a while just hasn’t called Ray out on it. Sighing deeply Ray let’s his gaze drift over to where Len is standing still looking so uncharacteristically confused. “I just want to know him,” he admits quietly.

Mick shakes his head, “he ain’t the guy from the waverider pretty. He’s cruel and guarded. He’ll hate you more than he did the first time.”

Ray nods, “I know.”

“Moron, then why you doing this,” Mick demands.

“Because he changed my fate Mick.” Ray boldly declares,  “I was supposed to die. Yes, you intervened but ultimately it’s Len’s fate that was cut short so mine could be altered. I just… I just want to do the same for him.”

Mick drops his hand away from pretty’s shoulder and nods. He leaves him too it then. Confident that if anyone can melt the icy heart of Captain Cold it was the boy scout.

No one was willing to change fate with the spear but maybe fate would let them have this one gimme for being so good about that. There had to be a loop hole somewhere and Ray would find it with the time he’s bought himself. At Len’s side he would find a way to save the man’s future.

Taking a deep breath Ray steadies himself. Pushing off the wall enters the room currently occupied by one Leonard Snart. He takes another deep breath and runs his hand over his newly shaven head. Ray had drastically changed his look so he could convince anyone who notices that he only closely resembles Ray Palmer. A buzz cut and a thick coat of stubble nearing full on beard territory give him a rougher look. His already toned body and broad shoulders help as well. He at least looks the part. 

“Heya, Leonard Snart right? I was told I could find you here. Names Lucky.” Too bad that all goes to shit as soon as he opens his mouth.

@biraypalmer (pst this is wadeypoo thought you’d appreciate my beginnings of my plot idea ;) hehe)

What if Doomworld/dark Len discovers Mick’s soft spot for Ray, and in order to punish Mick decides to wreck Ray for him? He’s going to make Ray desperate for him, seduce him slowly and meticulously and make sure that Mick knows it’s nothing. He’s going to mark every inch of his pretty skin, with blood and bruises. He’s going to make it hurt, but he’s going to make Ray ache for it.

And Len is going to make sure Mick sees every second of it, so that Mick sees Len can take anything he wants from him, he can take anything good in Mick’s life and burn it to the ground in a second, so Mick really shouldn’t cross him.

Wow, I’m awful, I’m sorry.

Omg that latests episode!!!!!!!!! (spoiler warning)

Eileen needs to have her own show where Sammy is her best bud I swear I want this so bad. Eileen’s the best I want to hug her and go hunting with her and so does Sam

Also “Kendricks”?????? pLS NO the crINGE. Oh geez no wonder American’s think we’re posh

An Mary and Ketch? BIG NO NO. MARY STOP.

And MICK! Poor Mick…I liked him he was cool…

I’m glad I saw this before posting the next part of Huntress. Now I can confirm it works pretty nicely with my plotline :)))))))))


I really hope that Legends of Tomorrow does an episode with a
young newly abandoned Felicity Smoak.

-We’ll see how smart she was for her age.
-How she lived, how/if her mom was never really home.
-Maybe she was the one that made the super computer for the legends.
-her love of Doctor Who comes from the Waverider.
-Sara and Ray are over protective of her. (Sara wants to keep her)
-Stein is in awe of her knowledge.
-Felicity thinks Sara’ pretty.
-an Oceans 11 type episode

My wish list is:

Mick and her make s'mores with his heat gun.

Felicity taking a bluet for Sara,
and she says “you’re starting to make me look bad”
-then she’s healed by the Waverider , no scars-

At the end of the episode, Felicity’s mind is wiped, not before she finds a book that’s addressed to her, the book is “Robin Hood”

What do you think?

Fuck this. Fuck it. I’m fixing this. I know some folks were wanting me to continue my Four’s Company series - I kept saying hold off, wait until this week’s episode, I wanna keep it canon-compliant… FUCK THAT. This mess needs to be rectified. 

So Four’s Company will CONTINUE. And I’m going off canon-compliancy as of 12x17 and will be a semi-AU. Mick didn’t deserve that and I’m fucking fixing it.

I don’t know when this will be posted so be patient - but if you’d like to be tagged in any future updates of Four’s Company (my Sam/Mick, Dean/Ketch series that may or may not involve Wincest I’m still not sure but will tag for it if it happens) let me know and I’ll tag you, or add yourself to my tags list, I’m making a section just for that series.

Edited to add tagslist link.

Legends Crew + Twister:

  • Disclaimer: I have no good way to explain why this group of people would consent to a game of Twister together to begin with but let me have this ridiculous fluff. If you really need an explanation assume there was alcohol involved.
  • Stein excused himself on the basis that “I am 66 years old and I will die” which is pretty hard to argue with, so they put him on spinner duty
  • Snart also excused himself on the grounds of “I don’t want to touch any of you people” and “more booze for me”
  • Sara went into the game HUGELY cocky and overconfident, which obviously meant everyone was immediately united in their desire to destroy her
  • The game got sidetracked by a massive argument between those who insists it’s okay to have more than one foot/hand on a space (Kendra, Rip, Mick, Jax) and the purists who think that’s cheating (Ray, Sara, Stein).
    • Snart abstained from voting in favor of vodka.
  • Time Dad purposefully fell over the second round because he had his face in Kendra’s ass and his hand was going between Mick’s legs and honestly it just wasn’t worth it
  • Jax got stuck with his feet on opposite sides of the board so he had to sit there basically flinging his crotch in everyone’s face for ever. He was basically a nonstop stream of apologies the entire time
  • Ray has no sense of personal space to begin with so just imagine Twister with him. Do it. Imagine. 
  • Sara obviously kept purposefully trying to make things awkward by flirting with everyone to try and get them out. 
    • “Hey, Kendra, nice call on the crop top today. Looking good ;)” “Sara”
    • “Jax, can I use your butt as a pillow? That’s cool, right?” “oh my god please stop” 
    • “Ray not to make things weird but I could do my laundry on your abs” “Thank you?”
  • Seriously Ray wound up in some position to hike his shirt up and suddenly these ridiculous majestic abs on the body of Ray fucking Palmer are just out there for the world to see. It was blinding. There may have been an actual stunned silence.
    • Mick actually complimented him
    • Snart immediately drowned the rest of his drink and had some very angry conflicted gay feelings
      • (He wakes up hungover and finds a note he left himself that just says “Remove Raymond’s abs” and that’s how he knows it’s going to be a bad day) 
  • Mick isn’t super flexible but he can hold the same terrible positions for ever. Sara naturally tries to use this - “Damn, Mick, you have stamina” - and immediately suffers for it, as Mick looks Len dead in the eye and says, “Well, I’ve have a lot of practice.”
  • And Len. Fucking. Winks.
  • Which is the point when Sara’s jaw drops open and her hand slips and she hits the board yelling “I KNEW IT”
  • (Unfortunately she took Jax out with her, which Snart actually apologized for, because he’s a softy when he’s inebriated.) 
  • So it boiled down to Ray, Mick, and Kendra and ended when Ray accidentally stepped on Kendra’s hand, nearly breaking her finger and completely setting off her inner homicidal hawk goddess in a room full of tipsy legends 
  • It’s amazing how many game nights end like that tbh
  • TL;DR Legends + Twister is great and should definitely happen