i want to be as graceful


Character Posters • Dante Quintana

“ I wanted to tell them that I never knew that people like Dante existed in the world, people who looked at the stars, and knew the mysteries of water, and knew enough to know that birds belonged to the heavens and weren’t meant to be shot down from their graceful flights by mean and stupid boys.” 

Something about the 7
  • Frank: Are you a Chinese finger trap? Because once I stick my fingers in you, I can't seem to pull them out.
  • Hazel: Frank, gross.
  • Leo: Frank, do you remember how you escaped the finger trap?
  • Frank: Yeah... I turned into an iguana.
  • Leo: Right, that's why that line doesn't work. Because no girl wants little iguana fingers, with their poky iguana nails up their ass.
  • Frank: But you-
  • Jason: Or their vag.
  • Frank: But Leo-
  • Percy: Since when were you all so dirtyminded?
  • Frank: I'm not!
  • Leo: Really? Who said the pickup line about fingering a girl?
  • Frank: You made it up! You told me Hazel would like it!
  • Jason: Okay, you're going to need to fill me in on this one. I don't know why, but I seem to have missed the part where Leo became a reliable source of information.
  • Percy: You know what, actually, same here! I feel like I'd remember such an important moment.
  • Annabeth: You guys are so immature.
  • Percy: Yeah, yeah, we know.
  • Jason: Hey Piper, how would you respond if I used a dirty pickup line on you?
  • Piper: *Reading a brochure, and not looking up from it* First I'd knock you out with the hilt of Katoptris, then I'd cut your arm off.
  • Jason: *Knows it was just a threat, but is scared anyway* Oh, um, then I can trash the pickup line about my electric dick.
  • Leo: Jason, come on. Electdick. That one's obvious.
  • Annabeth: I swear on the names of all the gods of Olympus, if you weren't the one steering this damn ship-
  • Percy: DAM ship?
  • Annabeth: Then I'd push you off without a second thought.
  • Hazel: Wow Leo, sounds like you're in some real deep schist.
  • Everybody but Hazel and Annabeth: *Proud of her*
  • Annabeth: I hate you all.
The man and the God

Every time the man met his love, he proclaimed

You’re so beautiful!

You’re so graceful!

Everything you do is wonderful!

The God blushed at his compliments.

‘Oh no, surely you exaggerate…’

The man shook his head fiercely. He vowed to let the God know of his devotion.

You bring me happiness!

You brighten my day!

I worship you!

But then, the God began to cry.

What’s wrong? Please don’t be sad! You’re perfect!

'Please… I am not a God…’

The man started.

You are to me!

The God turned away and wept.

'Gods don’t cry. They don’t break and they never need.’

'I came to you, another man, seeking the closeness of another heart.’

'But nothing has made me feel so far away.’

We emailed with Juni and Bean Sprout’s grandmother, who currently has Rue. Basically letting her know we know what’s up (she lied to us earlier this week about things) and telling her we’re always here if she or Rue needs anything.

Of course we want Rue. But if that isn’t going to happen then we will do whatever we can to help. I don’t like what’s happening and I absolutely don’t think it’s what’s best for Rue, but it isn’t up to me and I’m trying to find some way to be okay with things. To focus on my three babies. And at the same time allowing myself grace for grief. I keep feeling guilty for feeling upset over it- I have three beautiful babies here. But Rue is Bean Sprout and Juni’s full sister. And when they get older, and they want to know why Rue doesn’t live with them, why she’s with people the courts decided weren’t safe enough to raise two children, I want to be able to look them in the eyes and say we tried everything we could to help. Maybe we failed her, but we tried our damndest. We really did.

In other news, Holtzy’s permanency plan meeting was today and overall went really well. I really like his worker’s supervisor and the team members seemed to like me, too. The A word was thrown around again (and I tell my heart and my hope to be cautious) and I was able to put a photo album together of pictures of Holtzy for the worker to give to bio mom.

I’m tired, and I’m sad, but Juni and Bean Sprout are wild and wonderful, and Holtzy smiled at me today for the very first time, and my wife is beautiful and strong and I’m going to try to just focus on the good.

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omg wait kim were sparkling ice and eternal stop both tae fansites? what happened? :-(

sparkling ice was a tae fansite! scammed everyone for her tae birthday support project and deactivated her account now :-) eternalstop is a jeongguk fansite and i think she went mia for a while and then suddenly said she shipped things out but idk… been like over a year now…

hi~ i hope im not bothering, but could you tell me the name of the perfume tae got jungkook? thanks! :)

Can I ask which perfume that is??? :)

Now I’m also curious. What perfume was it? I want to find it and smell it. Lol

Hi!! just wondering whats the name of the perfume?? and does it smell super soapy lol just wondering

Oooooo what’s the name of the perfume??? It kinda sounds like Philosophy’s Pure Grace (it’s literally described as a clean soap smell on the website)

sdkjnfkasdf lol it’s the one taehyung got jeongguk for christmas! it’s a korean brand so i got it when i was in seoul. here’s a link! it smells really clean and fresh LOL i don’t know how to describe it but jeongguk calls it soapy and it really is???? HAHA

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Hi trash mom! I just wanted to remind you that I love you and appreciate everything you do. And that you're a fantastic artist🖤

Awww ;; im sorry im such a mess and bad at replying but thank u sm sweetie! I hope your graced with all your wishes and dreams! 💞

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damn I thought AA reviews weren't that bad, then I just saw that in im/db that it has a 5.5/10 rating based on 1000+ reviews ._.

That’s a pretty fair rating actually.  The only saving grace of that movie is Natasha and Elise’s chemistry, which was tarnished by the shitty portrayal of friendship to begin with.  Mack and Cassie are 2 horrible women I would never want to encounter in my life.

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...Heh, ya ain't half smart. 'S right, I ain't the Witch, but 'm close enough. I thought I was pretty convincin'... Usin' heirs and graces like that tuckered me out. Courageous One, that's what she says, right?

I don’t know.. I want my brother..

P out


if that’s not a confession of love idk what is