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Black Sails 4x02 - 4x03 thoughts

This is late. Sorry about that. It’s because I was waiting to see the episodes with a friend of mine. 

I had some thoughts I wanted to get out before 4x04, and some of you seemed to enjoy this last time, so I thought, why not do it again?

Two brilliant episodes overall. I’ve already talked a bit about my thoughts on especially 4x03, which you can find here, here and here as well as in all of my tag rants in Black Sails posts on my blog. 

Going to follow the formula and do a character by character/group by group break-down below the cut. This got really long. Look forward to me having long ramblings about narrative techniques, being angry about Black Sails making me care, being very worried for everyone’s future and what’s really the deal with Berringer’s locket. 

Spoilers, obviously.

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Too much sanity may be madness, and the maddest of all:
                                      to see life as it is and not as it should be.


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Black Sails | Paint it black

[Spoiler warning: 4x03]


If I’m not what I was when I was born… and I ain’t what I’ve become instead… what the fuck am I?


I can walk away from this fight if I just sign my name beneath a solemn oath never again to do violence against it. No. Not after all it has taken from me. Not after all it has taken from you. I will do great v i o l e n c e against that thing.

What high school students SHOULD be taught in their history classes

You want to get students actually interested in history? Through a subject that has badass men AND women?

Then the Golden Age of Piracy should be taught in high school. Consider the sheer amount of material you have to work with.

There’s so much here. Blackbeard, whose last stand saw him shot five times, stabbed or cut twenty, and beheaded to prove he had actually died. Benjamin Hornigold, who actually became a pirate hunter after his years as one of them and was ordered to hunt down former friends.

But I want to talk in-depth about the two pirates who always get left out and I didn’t even learn existed until college: Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Oh, what’s that? You didn’t know there were female pirates? WELL PREPARE FOR BADASSERY.

Anne Bonny was an Irish woman who was heir to a fairly sizable fortune, but left that life behind when she was disowned by her father for her temper as fiery as her hair and repeated acts of rebellion. Some stories say she stabbed a servant girl with a table knife when she was 13.

So she traveled to the Bahamas, where she hooked up (literally and figuratively) with Calico Jack, divorced her boring sailor husband, and sailed with her new pirate lover/husband. As a full-fledged pirate herself, albeit disguised as a man.

Mary Read was an illegitimate child whose mother began disguising her as a boy after her half-brother died. She continued on with this ruse for most of her life, and eventually joined Calico Jack’s crew as well, where she eventually revealed herself to be a woman because, get this, Anne confessed to Mary that she was a woman because she was attracted to Mary. Who then revealed she was also a woman.

Now for the best part.

When the British Navy eventually caught up to Jack’s ship, all the men hid below deck because they were hungover from a night of wild partying.


Those two were the only ones who fought against the British. They were captured and tried for piracy, but got out of being hanged by pleading their bellies, which was a legal loophole that allowed pregnant women to put off their trials until they had their babies.

Mary died in prison of a fever, but Anne escaped prison (allegedly through her estranged father’s influence), and all records of her later life are nonexistent.

HOWEVER, Anne supposedly got to say goodbye to Jack before he was executed. Her lover. Her husband. The man she sailed with as a pirate. And her last words to this influential person in her life?

“I’m sorry to see you here, Jack. But if you’d fought like a man, you needn’t be hanged like a dog.”


I love Black Sails and I LOVE Anne.

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