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  • Me: That series finale of Pretty Little Liars was bullshit
  • People: It was actually kind of great tbh, you're just a hater, I really liked it...I mean, except for the fact that they spent over an hour on the ships having sex and no one wanted to see it. And the explanation didn't really make sense and was totally rushed in the last 20 minutes of the episode instead of giving us real answers after making us wait for 7 years. And I mean, I didn't really understand why Ezra was kidnapped, and it was annoying that they didn't give Spencer and Toby a better ending. And how was it that after never being able to solve any mysteries Toby looks through a book of poetry and makes the connection that Spencer must have an evil twin (but didn't notice the difference when having sex with her) like that's not very realistic for people who can never figure anything out ever. Plus it's pretty boring that every single one of them ended up with their high school sweetheart and decided to spend the rest of their lives rotting away in Rosewood. And I really could have done without the entire Addison subplot I mean no one wants a backdoor pilot of the same show and boy Twincers accent was really awful so they probably should have done that differently and I'm not sure what they were thinking with Aria's wedding dress or why there was a dream sequence with Lucas tap dancing in a tux while Jenna rode by on a circus horse but like other than that is was like actually really fucking great though idk what ur talking about
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Redheads are exotic women with a fiery temper. All the action adventure girls have red hair. Whenever it is an independent girl, when she has her own mind or does as good as the guys, she has red hair. 

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what do you think a.d will make each girl to in the game???


  • Hanna’s turn will likely involve her career, maybe Mona.
  • If Spencer goes again maybe it’ll involve both Mary and Veronica.
  • Alison’s turn we know will trigger a forgotten trauma. It’s unlikely, but I want it to be about the night she crashed Spemily’s sleepover. I want answers about that scene.
  • Emily’s turn could risk her job, force interaction with Addison, something involving Alison’s baby, perhaps getting Paige fired?
  • Aria. I don’t even know. She’s doing a bunch of shady shit in 7B.
[Why I Love] - Chpt. 14

I Want You 

Negan x Addison 

A/N: want to guess what this chapter is about? ;) moving forward with the story now, also this is my first time writing smut (*゚ー゚)ゞ xx  

Chapter 13 || Masterlist 

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“Oh god…”  I grumbled.

My head is throbbing so badly it’s making my brain shake. I blinked a couple of times, my eyes adjusting to my surroundings. What happened last night?

I definitely remember drinking tequila, a lot of tequila. 

The reason why I drank the tequila was because of my awkward conversation with Vincent. I vaguely remember Naomi’s face, and at some point I spoke with Simon…hmmm..

I was walking through the halls making my way back to my room when… 

Hold on. 

Hold. on. 

I ended up in Negan’s room last night.

Oh, fuck. That’s not good at all. 

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We Miss You

Characters: Sebastian Stan x reader(could be a poc but I didn’t specify this time), Addison (ofc), Anthony Mackie(mentioned), Jane/assistant, Security guard 

Word count: 1,632

Warnings: Tiny bit of angst, fluff.

Summary: Sebastian leaves a lot for work. Leaving his heartbroken wife and daughter at home.

There’s no denying that Addison Stan is her father’s princess. He’s wrapped around her little finger. They do everything together. From taking walks through central park to tea parties. But something always got in the way of their daddy, daughter bonding time.

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red lips and rosy cheeks (isaac lahey AU)

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Summary: “Good girl. Now bend over Daddy’s lap.” (lawyer AU)

Pairing: Isaac x OC

Rating: you won’t find god here

A/N: This is for the magnificent @isaaclaheysmate. You’re the best, A. :)

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[Why I Love] - Chpt. 3

Wicked Game 

Negan x Addison 

A/N: Thank you for all the likes ^.^ this took me a while to finish lol here’s the next chapter it’s kind of long, I’m trying to build up to a certain idea. Let me know if you would like to be tagged. I appreciate all feedback/suggestions, I could always use inspiration. ヾ(^∇^)

Chapter 2 || Masterlist 

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“We’re low on ammo, sir” 

Negan stared blankly at the man who addressed him. “And you need me to tell you what to do about that?”. The guy shifted  his eyes from side to side, suddenly feeling stupid, “uhhh….” 

Negan rolled his eyes, “For fuck’s sake, go get some goddamn ammo”. He looked at Simon as the man walked off, the two of them continued making their way around the sanctuary side by side. “Fuck me, did common sense die with the rest of the fucking world?” 

“I think so” He answered, taking a bite of his apple. 

“Hell’s his name again?” 

“Jason, and you ought to be nice to him considering you fucked his wife”

Negan chuckled to himself, “Well what the fuck am I supposed to do when I’m being seduced by a beautiful woman?” 

“Yeah, yeah” Simon looked out at the chain linked fence watching the men pour molten iron over the walkers. “So…how’s it going with the Alexandrian?” 

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What I Never Knew I Wanted (6/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Umm so far nothing?

Bucky’s wife is pregnant, it’s everything he could have ever wanted. But being an Avenger and a new father is one hell of an act to juggle. When panic sets in he can turn to Steve and his wife, but why did it look so easy with their twins? The late nights, the days gone, something are just worth it right? But like hell will Bucky let anything come between him and his family let alone let anything harm them in any way.

A/N: There is a Grey’s Anatomy reference in this, I’m sorry hate me I don’t care, I needed a name and boom there she was. Hahaha. There is Blue Stick Crossover in this Series, so if you haven’t read The Blue Stick highly recommend it!!

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(Sorry I needed murderous Bucky Gif for this part)

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Part 48 - The Final Rose

Down the Voltage Rabbit Hole is an ongoing story about our MC, who could easily be anyone in voltage fandom. She woke up in hospital bed only to discover that she’d somehow been transported Voltage universe.

This story is ongoing, so if you missed a part, or are new to the story, please use the link to the masterpost below to catch yourself up:


Part 48 - The Final Rose

I waited anxiously for his arrival as I paced in yet another luxurious suite.

It’s fair to say that as hard as the breakups had been, not knowing if he’d agree to come back with me was far more nerve wracking than anything I’d ever dealt with in my life. 

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PLL 7x20 Review

Hello! These some thoughts I had while watching the finale, note this isn’t an all positive review because I really didn’t like the finale that much. But I see some people who did so I’m really glad there are people who are satisfied. So for the last time here are my thoughts for the last episode ever of Pretty Little Liars.

1. I feel like we should start off with the reveal then end with the happier stuff. So Alex Drake is AD. Funny thing about that is you could’ve watched every episode and minute of PLL up till 7x20, then ask “who is AD” and you wouldn’t know them.

2.That’s what bothers me. She is a new character, I don’t care about her. This is Charlotte 2.0 “I had a hard life so instead of taking it out on my parents, I’m going to take it out on my sister and her friends I barely know.

3. Emily, Hanna, and Aria have had no connection or reason to be tortured since Mona was “A”

4. These last two “A’s” have just been secret family of Spencer and Ali. No connection to the other girls.

5. All this being said Troian did amazing with what she was given.

6. The reveal was lame. At first I didn’t think Alex would be AD because of how dumb the reveal was. Also I wish it was revealed to all the girls instead of just Spencer.

7. That horse and Jenna figured it out everyone else just went with it.

8. I feel like the questions that were answered were very short and never discussed. (Note I haven’t watched the wrap party yet so if I say something in this that is discussed there, I wouldn’t know.)

9. I would have taken Melissa or even Mona again anything besides this.

10. Wren is Emison’s baby daddy and it was revealed in such a casual sentence and way…

11.  I know its gross and disgusting what happened to Emily and Ali, but that aside between Emily and Wren those kids are going to look amazing (they already do, even if they looked extremely white?)

12. Rest in peace Wren (they always take the good/hot ones) It’s like they wanted me to hate Alex for all the wrong reasons. I’m mad at her reveal yeah, but at the end of the day I’m more pissed she killed Wren.

13. Who would’ve thought that Wren would get Ali pregnant with Emily’s eggs.

14. Emison proposal was super cute

15. Also you’re telling me Lucas’s last scene was him tap dancing off.  Lucas come back and pretend to be AD please!

16. Lucas didn’t know Charlotte just emailed her, I call bull on that whole story

17. Jenna was amazing tonight and part of the reason (besides the horse) these guys found out AD.

18. I felt super bad for Aria this whole episode but like Ezra can die…

19. If they wanted me to like Alex even a bit she could’ve started by killing Ezra

20. I’m super upset that Ezra gets to live happily ever after like he shouldn’t be in jail for all he has done.

21. I’m sad for Spoby shippers. Spoby has always been my second favorite and I was upset they didn’t get much, so I feel for you actual Spoby shippers<3

22. I love that Hanna was helping Mona, it makes my heart happy they are still friends and that Hanna trusts her even if the others don’t.

23. The last scene was tacky and dumb. I don’t know these girls and I don’t want to.

24. Side note all they made us do was hate Addison these last episode by having her in them, now they want to make us watch a show with her in it? UM no thanks.

25. Now this is the hard part, I’m not going to cry anymore, I swear. Lets talk about Haleb.

26. I’m kind of upset most of the final scenes (all but the actually last just Haleb scene) was them fighting. I wish we could’ve gotten to see them happier.

27. But there is a Haleb baby on the way now and it was super cute her telling the girls ( I would’ve rather seen her and Caleb finding out) but hey a Haleb Baby, I’ll take that any day.

28.  “Wanna make a baby” I screamed but Caleb should’ve said “you down to make a baby”. Never forget when Caleb asked Hanna to get married by asking if “she was down”.

29. Haleb bought Lucas place, but did they take down all his secret cameras I KNOW HE HAS!

30. The weirdest part is all the girls are staying in town, I would be gone in seconds.

31. I’m pretending that isn’t Alex Drake its Ezra in a mask,, it makes me feel better about the ending.

32. Also Lucas is still guilty of something, maybe just bad tap dancing.

That’s all I can think of right now. Thank you to everyone who has read any of my reviews. I will still be on this account and it will always be Halebendgame that won’t change. I know it in my heart in a few years Pretty Little Liars will return, and Haleb will too. So until then I’ll be on here causally and posting random pll/Haleb stuff till we see them again. THANK YOU ALL:)