i want to be a woman

I don’t support Donald Trump, his administration, or the people that voted to put him in the White House. If you are a Trump supporter that is for some reason following me, know that I do not want you as a follower. I am black, I am a woman, I am queer, I am poor, and I believe climate change is a real problem. You and your Dear Leader have nothing to offer me, my family, or my friends.

If you voted for him I do not like you, I do not respect you, no matter how nice of a person you think you are.   

You voted to take away our rights, our healthcare, our credibility as a global power.

The Gold Dress

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We found out yesterday from an old interview with Emily Bett Rickards that Oliver actually bought Felicity the gold dress Felicity wore in the Dodger episode. This is a little fic, Pretty Woman style, on how that came to be. It’s from Felicity’s point of view. On AO3 if you prefer.

“So we are all set for tonight right? I’ll get the jewelry piece and make sure it’s delivered to the auction and you and Digg will meet me there.” Oliver looked down at Felicity who sat in her chair in front of the computers.

“Right, except I’ll monitor things from here. You and Digg will be onsite.” Felicity turned back to her computers.

“No, I want you there.” Oliver stated firmly. “We need to track if the Dodger takes the bait and it would be better if you were on site.”

“I can do my job just fine from here.” She looked back at him over her shoulder. “You will have comms, it will be fine.”

“Felicity what aren’t you telling me? Why don’t you want to go?” He looked at her with such concern.

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lol imagine if it was lena instead of monhell in last night episode………. instead of acting like kara was hers she wouldve said things like :
“you cant force a woman to marry you or love you”
“i think kara can decide for herself if she wants to marry you or not”
“she said no, you should respect her decision” and things like that and she wouldve trust kara with all her damn heart because she knows her and respect her !

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if you were king of westeros and you wanted to completely and utterly remove the ironborns raiding, how would you go about it? is there any possible way of stopping it short of killing every man woman and child on the isles?

I think there’s a subtler and more effective way of doing this: support the New Way over the Old Way. The thing that people get wrong about the Ironborn is they think that Ironborn culture is equivalent to the Old Way, when there’s a long-running cultural conflict between the Old and New Ways

So what I would do is support Lords Paramount like the Hoares or Vickon or Quellon Greyjoy, and lesser Lords like the Reader, whether that’s financial support or other kinds of resources (maesters, books, septons, etc.) or royal offices and the like. Build up a popular coalition in favor of the New Way who can stand up to would-be Shrikes like Aeron and would-be Red Krakens like Euron. 

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It's like the old Twitter Tom days and he even liked one of Hiddlefashion's tweets with a very naughty reply thread attached

Isn’t it fun, little gray face?! I suppose this flurry of activity is perhaps partly due to his PR urging him to do so, but I like to have this kind of official news (for lack of a better term) rather than pap photos or people tweeting stalkies of him when he’s just out taking care of everyday life.  

With all the recent drama that the media created around him, the ridiculous criticism, etc.,  I imagine he is happy to see that people continue to be interested in him as a person and as an actor.  He seems fairly grounded and secure, but he wants approval.  I don’t think anyone in his shoes could be 100% immune to speculation that a woman used him for completely shallow self-serving purposes. Rejection is so painful, regardless of whether or not it is carried out with honesty or deception.  Even if it’s just a naughty thread on Twitter, knowing that you’re a subject of conversation and desired by strangers must be a nice ego boost.  

Thanks for the message!

Eliza Danvers better go full-on Molly Weasley and start calling Maggie her daughter too. Because I can just imagine the next time she visits, she wants to learn all about Maggie and hugs her so tight and tells her all these embarrassing stories about Alex as a baby and Kara adjusting to earth life and just treating this woman who was abandoned by her parents at such a young age like she’s family and just being there for her because she heard what Alex said last year and she wants to be there for all her kids (this will include Winn, James, and Lena as well)

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mon el is literally about as interesting as a piece of lint and i swear kara wasn't interested so like.... why am i suddenly hearing that karam*l is canon?? i don't want this toxic garbage???

well i guess woman can’t say no to man anymore. no one want that toxic bullshit. the writers are literally pushing it down our throats like some kinda of gastronomic torture but with garbage

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How do you feel about 30 yr olds women and obsess about josh? Must have awkward feelings.

I got this message around three in the morning last night and I was going to ignore it because I don’t like answering rude asks but this is possibly the worst ask I have ever gotten.

What are my thoughts on the women who “obsess about Josh?

 I see them as no different because they could be married, have kids, etc, same as I see no difference if a thirteen year old boy was on here. I think it’s amazing that I, a seventeen year old, can go to school for an hour and come home and log on this website to see posts made by a woman who has a husband and two kids but also was touched by Josh’s work in some way.

This ask is honestly the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen and I’m disgusted by it. I ask that next time you want to say something like this, don’t go on anon because then I won’t have to post it publicly.  

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im rewatching yoi and im in the part where yuuri said "im better than any woman out there. you know why?" and it still makes me wonder because idk what was yuuri going to say after it....i just want to ask your opinion bc i trust you in yoi meta haha

haha aw, thank you! my true and immediate, honest reaction every time i watch is that the answer is “because victor is gay”

but more seriously (especially since he’s using feminine pronouns to refer to himself at the time), i think it’s more along the lines that his dance is showing us why or speaking for itself. it’s obviously a self-confidence thing for yuuri, the beginning of his eros arc as he transitions away from taking on the seductress persona and more into seducing victor as himself. and maybe it’s because he’s seducing victor specifically–for whom he has very real, very genuine feelings. (so–because victor is gay and so is yuuri skdhjfgds)

i know that at this point he’s still supposed to be thinking of katsudon, but it’s pretty obvious to me that once he starts dancing at onsen on ice, that’s all for victor, because of victor. and there’s more meta to write about how katsudon was really a stand-in the whole time etc etc but that’s for another post

so yuuri’s better than any woman out there because he has victor’s attention specifically. and because his dance is the best dance out there, and no one can match it. i think it’s really all wrapped up in the beginning development of both his self-confidence and his attraction, but there’s definitely a lot of “fill in the blank” for the answer there. hope this helps!

Meet Regina Catty

So, it’s not even a full week since I created Regina. My Sasha Fierce. I’m so proud of her. She’s a bad bitch. 

When I’m Regina, I’m unfiltered. Sometimes I tell them that they bore me to death. Or that I’m not interested in hearing how their weekend been. That I’m gracious for agreeing to take his money to talk to him. The things I always wanted to tell them. 

There’s no findom culture here. I only encountered 2 guys who would get off of attention and try to make me tell them how I would punish them etc. Blocked real quick.

People are extremely curious about female domination. Mind you, most men in here are woman haters but now I think it’s because they see women superior and crave for their attention, idk. I receive a lot of matches from doms because when they see a whip they think it’s their cue lol. They have no idea about femdom. 

A strong woman is dumbfounding for most men. How do I tell? On my escort tinder I have a slightly foreign slightly local name, English text on profile and they always talk to me in English.

Here, name is Regina, profile is in English but they keep texting in local language, ask me my name, age like?? It’s on my profile. I don’t use my own photos. Some femdom photos and Monica Bellucci with a mask. I send it later after I confirm their sub interest.

Most of them are so stupid, they can’t even tell me their limits or what kind of play they’re into. They think I should decide their limits for them. But since it’s also business for me, I don’t want to scare them off because they’re so inexperienced and confused.

I got 1 dominant guy and 1 sub curious guy who want to try it as a p4p session. They don’t even care if I talk to them or not. Dom guy is the one I had to cancel but he’s cool with rescheduling. The other is too. I think I might see him on Saturday if I’m not on my period.

There’s another sub curious race driver and he’s giving me 3k to spend a weekend with him and 2k to text him his punishments etc. He says he’ll write Regina on his helmet lol. 

There’re 2 serious guys in another city (where my regular is, where I was last weekend) and they’re looking forward to a session but they’re experienced so maybe I should try with other guys first.

Oh and lots of foot fetish with all of them. I’ll write down their interests etc.
And then there’s tax guy. He’s so funny and sweet. We will talk finances today. Wish me luck.

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I think a major problem with a lot of these asks is that they make massive assumptions that are inherently cis and heteronormative: even if a woman has a penis, there's no reason why her penis has to be involved in sexual acts? It's entirely possible that she doesn't WANT it to be involved, and there are still plenty of ways that partners can have sex without putting each other in a position which makes them uncomfortable or repulses them.

Yes!! I completely agree with what you’re saying, and I think this is a very important point.

I am ready to tear my hair out.
I. Don’t. Feel. Like. A. Woman.

I am just so frustrated. I’m looking back at all this stuff I’ve been through and realizing some things and I’m fucking terrified. I’m so scared. My brain is on overdrive and all I want to do is be free, just fucking free.

And I don’t know what that means.

This gender crisis fucking sucks. I found a place for therapy, a good place, reputable and it’s a therapy center specifically for gender. It was started by a trans man so I have faith.

Please, I hope they help me figure it out. I’d cry if the antidepressant would let me.

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This question is V 90s/early 2000s but what's your opinion on Monica Lewinsky? I ask because I admire Hillary a great amount and like Bill (sue me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) but I've never been quite sure how to feel about Monica. Even after all these years, she still pops up with an occasional TED talk on shame or an article with People magazine. I don't want to be a woman who slut shames her or w/e but do I feel bad for her like some feminists say I should?

ok wanna hear a great story from my childhood? so i lived in a very pro-clinton household growing up where politics always discussed, i was too young to understand most of what was going on. but i had to have only been 5 or 6 at the time and my family was talking about billary and the lewinsky scandal. and for some fuckign reason in my 5 year old mind i thought hillary WAS BILL CLINTON’S MOTHER. so i was naturally so confused when people brought up monica because i thought she was bill’s wife. so i was like why is bill’s mom, hillary, so upset with what’s going on with her son’s personal life? 
anyway that’s my opinion of monica, growing up i thought she was bill’s wife, and it thought this was the case until i was almost 9. 

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Reading your post on men made me almost want to cry because for the first time, I've heard someone express my constant internalized thoughts. Such truthful and eloquent speech has me in awe of your talent for expressing yourself. Your page is wonderful, as are you, and I hope you realize what an inspiration you have been to me, as a young gay woman. <3

This is incredibly sweet and I deeply appreciate it hon! I’m glad you like the blog! ❤❤❤