i want to be a rockette

I'm sorry but the 'Always Dance' scene from A Very Potter Senior Year is the biggest Masterpiece to ever grace this earth

“Sometimes you accidentally kill your family”

“Hey, listen, you know who accidentally killed his sister while he was in a fight with his boyfriend, this guy”

“YAY I’M MAGIC!!!I’M GAY!!!” “Me tooooooooo”

“Wait Tom, your sorting is not done yet, the Scarf of Sexual Preference” “Ohh, interesting, I could see you going a number of ways”

“Hello there! My name is Lucius but you can call me Lui, When I grow up I want to be a Rockette”

“We’ll see how much of a man you are, care for a friendly dance off?”

To, the actual dance off

“When the world sucks, just dance and the world always sucks, so always dance”

Like I’ve never seen a better scene in any musical, play, book, movie, tv show, it’s the finest piece of art to ever exist and you can fight me on it, Checkmate guys

listen guys i love making fun of christopher palu (blood orange guy) as much as anyone else but i also really want you guys to know that he’s an incredibly talented designer.

design a look for the modern business woman:

design a look for a mom and her baby (he won this one!):

make a dress out of candy:

design a look inspired by a fantasy muse (his was enchanted queen):

design a look for the rockettes to perform in (he won this one too!!):

gown part of his finale collection:

please give this blood orange boy more credit 

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all of the nude models in our art school are such interesting people aside from just the nude model part like we have:
•a former NASA scientist for 20 years who seedily obtained a piece of the actual moon & brought it in to show us. he also wants to secure a piece of mars eventually I can’t believe he’s a space smuggler
•a male competitive roller-skater
•a burlesque dancer who auditioned for the rockettes & sings professional opera on the side
•a trapeze artist who used to train in Paris then became a French teacher in the states but gave up that to be a full-time circus performer & she’s the most Jacked™ woman I’ve ever seen
•a civil war reenacter. we have an actual fucking larper
•a guy who’s missing his left eye and nobody knows why but we have a theory that he’s an Italian mobster so it’s probably best not to ask
•a Chicago broadway actress who showed us her acting chops one day but she was naked at the time & reciting Shakespeare it was so intense
•a completely normal plain bagel dude but he can hold a 3hr standing pose without taking breaks so I’m convinced he’s not even alive and has no soul

There are two stage adaptions of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

  • Random time travel with the help of illegal Time-Turners
  • Voldemort maybe has one- no, two affairs!
  • Who is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way.
  • OOC versions of characters
  • Rose is stoic
  • Wrong use of the Marauder’s Map
  • Cedric flying naked on a broomstick of purple feathers
  • Craig
  • Blood Ball for Voldemort Day
  • Snape apparently is a good guy?
  • Sabotaging canon
  • “Scorpian King” Scorpius Malfoy
  • Ron married Parvati
  • For Voldemort and VALOR!
  • Headmistress Umbridge is back with Dementors
  • Harry’s afraid of the dark, small spaces and pigeons.

A Very Potter Musical-series

  • Harry is a douchebag with a guitar who does covers of Disney songs
  • Ron is addicted to Red Vines
  • Ginny dances with guitars
  • Hermione’s true passion is fanfiction.
  • Random time travel with the help of illegal Time-Turners
  • Voldemort and Quirrell end together and have a daughter.
  • Cedric is a good finder.
  • Draco wANT HERMIONE GRANGER- andarocketship.
  • Lucius Malfroy and Lord Voldemort are dancers
  • “My name’s Lucius, but you can call me Lucy. When I grow up, I want to be a Rockette.”
  • Snape has a talk show outside the shows.
  • The infamour Hogwart’s jaguar
  • Cho Chang y’all
  • Weird versions of characters.
  • Ron choreographed an affair with Lavender behind Hermione’s back.
  • Narcissa had an affair and Dobby is Draco’s real father.
  • James and Lily split, and Lily is married to Cedric now.
  • Dumbledore loves High School Musical
  • Headmistress Umbridge is back with Dementors.
  • Albus Scarfy Potter

Only one of them is a parody

Quick thoughts on the Tony's this year

-Kevin Spacey was an ok host but James Corden is a hard act to follow
-Rachel Bay Jones is such a sweetie
-ANDREW RANNELLS DESERVED THAT TONY but I’m not salty idk what you’re talking about
-I wish The Great Comet had won more but boy I glad it one best stage design cause DAMN
-High-key wanted Denée Benton to win best actress in a musical
-Miss Saigon looks sooooo good
-So does come from away and I need to see it
-Scared get excited for Mean Girls the musical
-Ben Platt is so great l love him so much omg
-I was feeling Star Wars vibes which made me happy
-Also really really wanted Falsettos to win (BEST REVIVAL) something so that made me sad
-But omfg Cynthia and Leslie singing with the Rockettes KILLED me it was so amazing and I need a full recorded version of them singing that song right now or so help me
-Rachel Bloom fan-girling over Broadway stars with her tiny hats was amazing and I low-key would’ve liked her as a host

All in all I’m very happy for Dear Evan Hansen they so deserved it and congrats to everyone on their awards !!!

I just went through 3 years' worth of posts on Keltie's old blog and these are my conclusions:

- they were together for around three years and I don’t think Ryan has dated anyone for any longer than that. Also they broke up on Valentine’s Day ‘09 after he apparently slept with someone else on her birthday.

- She’s probably the only one of Ryan’s ex gfs who was really in love with him

- despite the spelling mistakes, a lot of her writing is actually pretty inspirational in a post-breakup self empowerment kinda way

- her autobiography Rockettes, Rockstars and Rockbottom has a lot of stuff about Ryan, referred to as ‘Dreamer’

- If you have heard about her being a clingy ex, it’s unfortunately true, at least for that time span.

- literally every other post is a passive aggressive note to Ryan. Like referencing embarrassing post breakup texts etc

- she’s gone overboard with the personal details. Dates and kisses and things. It was like reading someone’s diary. It felt so wrong, but once I started I was reading compulsively

- she’s mentioned his drug thing. His dad. At that point I wanted to puke. I was extremely uncomfortable with her talking about stuff like that on her very public blog.

- um she talked a lot about Hobo (their dog) and referred to herself as Mom and Ryan as Daddy.

- according to her, Northern Downpour was written for her. As well as The Other Girl.

- which brings us to the topic of their breakup. And yes, I do believe her. I’m convinced Ryan did cheat on her. Probably multiple times. With different people.

- to my surprise, she was quite aware and accepting of the fact that a lot of her readers were there only for Ryan. But she was like 'you came for him, but stayed for me’. So yeah, she could’ve tried to deny making money off his fame, but she didn’t. I respect that.

- she was pretty obsessive and everything but she thought he was the one and he didn’t feel the same. And c'mon, if Ryan Ross broke my heart, I’d be a pathetic mess too. I blog about him 24/7 and I haven’t even met the man!

Dirty Dancing Supernatural AU

I did this story with the help of @manawhaat

This story follows along the plot of the movie so yeah.

If you want me to tag you send me a message.


It was the summer of 1963, when everyone called me Baby instead of my real name. I just didn’t care, and now it is practically my name. It was before president Kennedy was gunned-down, before the Beatles; when I couldn’t wait to join the Peace Corps. I never thought that I would find a guy as kind, patient, and loving as my father, and I can’t help the smile on my face as I lean over his chair from behind and kiss his cheek. That was the summer that we went to Kellerman’s.

        “Oh my god, look at that, mom. I should have brought the blue shoes, but you said I was bringing too much.” I look at my dad and roll my eyes.

“Well, sweetie, you’ve brought ten pairs.”  

“But the blue shoes match that dress,” Ruby whined back at out mom.  

“This is not a tragedy, Ruby,” my father said. “A tragedy is the men trapped in that mine, or police dogs used in Birmingham.”

I smiled to myself before chiming in,  “Monks burning themselves in protest.”

“Butt out, Baby.” I chuckled to myself at her reply.

“Alright everyone, we’ve got horseshoes on the South lawn in five minutes, a splish-splash down by the lake, an art class in the main hall, volleyball and croquet at the courts. And for the older folks, we’ve got sacks!”  

The voice over the speaker was loud and obnoxious, but when it cut out, at plump man in a suit came our way, smiling and waving enthusiastically.

“Doc! Doc!” My father turned around at the call of his name.

“Zachariah!”  My father smiled and shook the man’s hand.

“Doc, I am so happy that after all these years I finally got you up here on my mountain,” he smiled at my dad.

“How’s the blood pressure?”

“I want you girls to know that if it wasn’t for your father, I wouldn’t be here today,” Zachariah winked our way before looking over at a tall man. “Sam, get the bags.”

Sam nodded. “Right away, sir.”

I walked over to help him and Zachariah continued in the background, ”I kept the best cabin for you and your beautiful family.”

Sam looked up when I the helped him pull Ruby’s bags from the trunk. “Hey, thanks a lot. You want a job?”

I laughed and shook my head. “No thanks.”

“There’s a merengue class in the gazebo in the few minutes. The teacher used to be a Rockette,” Zachariah said to my father and mother.

“Zachariah, relax. This is John’s first real vacation in over six years,” my mother smiled.

“Three weeks here and it will feel like a year,” he promised.

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So my thoughts on the Tonys that nobody asked for:

-Kevin Spacey did a good job!!!
-Many of the performances were…. somewhat anticlimactic? Like good, definitely, but I would’ve picked different songs
-That said, Miss Saigon was lit
-also Great Comet’s performance made me want to try to get into Great Comet again it was SO good
-Leslie and Cynthia and the Rockettes OH MY
-Bette. Midler. Did. That.
-We are now living in a post-Dear Evan Hansen Best Musical world. This was an iconic moment in history FIGHT ME

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Hey Lucy! What do you want to be when you grow up?? (Hint* this is an avpm senior year reference lmao u looks awesome btw)


((OOC: i havent watched senior year yet!!! but - i did some serious googling so i could give the appropriate response. hope this is everything you asked for.))

No One Puts My Baby In A Corner (Part 1)

(Quick shoutout to gleefinn​ for all the help with the title! love you girlie!!) 
(Authors Note: This is a Supernatural/Dirty Dancing AU! I hope that you all enjoy this series as much as I do writing it!! :D) 

That was the summer of 1963 - when everybody called me Baby, and it didn’t occur to me to mind. That was before President Kennedy was shot, before the Beatles came, when I couldn’t wait to join the Peace Corps, and I thought I’d never find a guy as great as my dad. That was the summer we went to Kellerman’s.

               When we arrived, an older gentleman we’d all come to know as a longtime family friend greeted us quickly. My older sister Lisa complained about her lack of shoes, even though she’d packed 10 pairs. My father was caught in conversation with Max Kellerman. The owner of Kellerman’s; I didn’t mind the trip, I just, wasn’t so sure I would enjoy it. Sure I had enough books packed and the walking trails seemed relaxing. But with my father’s constant reminder of me being the youngest, I wasn’t so sure about this trip.

               Once we were unpacked and settled in, we decided to take a merengue class held in the gazebos, where I met Penny. She was a pretty blonde who, as Max had informed us upon our arrival, used to be a Rockette. She looked about 25; and she was a wonderful dancer. “Jake, I think the girls should do dance lessons while were here” my mother said towards my father who walked in front of us back toward our cabin. I loved my family, I truly did. But they seemed to…well, they smothered me. I wanted to find myself in the world, so when I got the opportunity to go around by myself and see the Kellerman lay out. I took it.

               “Mom! Dad! I’m going to look around the main house!” I said through their screen door before going toward the main house. I walked around looking at the scenery. It was beautiful here; the grass was cut in a crisscross design. It was so green; it didn’t seem possible that it could be real. The trees were full of life and hung low, knowing rain was coming soon. As I made my way up the stairs onto the concrete patio, I heard Mr. Kellerman yelling at his employees.

               I stood quietly, waiting to hear what all he had to say; he didn’t sound happy. “There are two kinds of help here.” I heard him say nicely. But as he spoke on, his voice got angrier. “You waiters are all college guys, and I went to Harvard and Yale to hire you. And why did I do that? Why? I shouldn’t have to remind you. This is a family place. That means you keep your fingers out of the water, hair out of the soup, and show the goddamn daughters a good time – all the daughters, even the dogs. Schlepp ‘em out to the terrace, romance 'em any way you want.-“

“Got that, guys?”  Suddenly, another voice came as he walked around the corner. He stood over 6’ft. He wore a pair of black jeans with boots, a steel blue t-shirt and sunglasses. A black leather jacket was in his hands. He had short, sandy brown hair and he lead a group of men, wearing maroon shirts with ‘Kellerman’s’ wrote on the front in gold lettering. Sam, the man who had unloaded our car earlier stood next to him, he was only a few inches taller. Mr. Kellerman turned around to face him, anger covering his features quickly.

               “Hey hold it! Hold it. Well, if it isn’t the entertainment staff. Listen, wise ass, you got your own rules. Dance with the daughters. Teach’ em the mambo, the cha-cha, anything they pay for, but that’s it! That’s where it ends. No funny business, no conversations, and keep your hands off!” he said glaring toward the man in steel blue; no response ever spilled from his plump lips. “It’s the same in all these places; some ass in the woods, But no conversations!” a dark haired guy said smacking the man on the arm laughing some. “Watch it Rodriguez!” Mr. Kellerman barked before heading back toward the kitchen.

               Robbie, the man my sister Lisa found to be extremely attractive, smirked as he set one of the tables. “Think you can keep that straight Dean? What you can and can’t lay your hands on?” I realized who he was talking to and smiled slightly. Dean looked like it fit him. He was attractive, oh how he was. Dean smirked, a scoff following it and shook his head as he moved closer to the table where Robbie was setting folded napkins up from a whole tray of them.

               “You just put your pickle on everybody’s plate college boy, and leave the hard stuff to me” Dean said knocking some of the folded napkins down as he smirked walking away to join the other members he had walked out with. I backed up some and headed back for our cabin. I couldn’t keep my thoughts focused on anything else but one thing.

               I went to dinner with my parents and Lisa where Robbie was our waiter, Mr. Kellerman had be pleasant enough to give us one of his best servers and told him that we were special guests. Anything we wanted was ours. I however, had wished I’d been back at the cabin reading. I liked books, they didn’t treat me differently.

               Mr. Kellerman had introduced me to his grandson Neil; he was short and looked like a know-it-all. “Goes to the Cornell School of Hotel Management” Mr. Kellerman said grinning proudly. “Baby’s starting Mount Holyke in the fall” my father said smiling proudly. “Oh, great” Neil said before smiling at me. I smiled politely at him before looking at my unfinished food. I didn’t like him, but I couldn’t be rude.

               I spent the evening with him as we danced, and talked about different things we would be doing after the summer. I told him of my plans to study in Economics of Underdeveloped Countries like my father had wanted me to. I was going into the Peace Corps after graduation. “After the final show, I’m going to Mississippi with a couple of busboys, freedom ride.” He said smiling widely as we danced. I smiled and nodded as the song ended.

               The music started up and Neil grinned at me. “Mambo! Yeah! Come on!” he grabbed my hand and we began to dance. I noticed a man and woman, stealing the floor dancing together, they looked wonderful. “Who’s that?” I asked my eyes never leaving the dancing duo. The man looked familiar. ‘Where have I seen him before?’ I wondered. “Oh them. They’re the dance people. They’re here to keep the guests happy.” He spat out, then, I finally got a good look at his face. ‘Dean…’ I heard the whisper in my mind before letting my eyes drift over them. “They shouldn’t show off with each other. That’s not gonna sell lessons.” Neil barked out again. I could hear the jealousy and bitterness seep through his words. I ignored him; I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. Dean moved swiftly, lifting Penny into the air before setting her back down and going over to a guest as Penny did and they began dancing.

                               My father and mother had danced over to us, talking to Neil as he excused himself to run off to the games. He’d asked me if I wanted to help get things started, I didn’t want to. I was about to answer when my father piped in. “Sure she would” I mentally sighed. My father had made me quite the joiner, although I did enjoy helping people, I didn’t particularly care for Neil. Something threw me off about him.

               After I had been embarrassed in front of people I did not know, I took a walk behind the hotel. The trail was peaceful and quiet, until I got further along. There was a slight breeze but it wasn’t too cold. I saw Sam walking across a bridge; he looked to be struggling slightly. “Hey! Let me help you!” I said jogging up and taking one of the three watermelons. “What are you doing here? Go back” he said as I stared at him slightly confused. Sam had become a friend, and I was grateful. He was nice, handsome, charming and incredibly tall. “What’s up there?” I asked nodding toward the apartments. “No guests allowed. House rules. Why don’t you go back to the playhouse? I saw you dancing with the little boss man” he said smugly, wiggling his eyebrows. I gave him a glare before pushing the watermelon back into his arms and walking away. I heard him sigh some “Can you keep a secret?” I turned and walked back up to him. “Of course” I said taking a watermelon and smiled at him. Sam smiled before walking on. “Your parents would kill you. Max would kill me.” He said leading us up the stairs.

               The scene Sam had taken me to was one I would never forget; it was the beginning of something amazing. They were grinding, rubbing, squeezing each other like they were about to rip their clothes off; “Where’d they learn to do that?” I asked over the loud music. Sam grinned shaking his head. “I don’t know. Kids are doin it in their basements back home.” I watched them, just standing there in the doorway. “Wanna try it?” he asked smirking down at me. I shook my head quicker than I should have. He chuckled readjusting the watermelons. “Come on baby.”

               Once we reached the table and sat the watermelons down, we turned and watched everyone. I tapped my foot to the beat of the music and lightly bit my cheek. There was some cheering and I stood on my tippy toes to try and see what everyone had gathered around. Suddenly, the group broke apart and the new couple had begun to dance and grind against each other. I felt my heart stop. Dean chuckled at someone before taking their beer and taking a drink. He looked amazing; his white button down shirt was unbuttoned, but still tucked in. His slacks were just perfectly tight enough that his lower half was outlines.

“That’s my brother, Dean Winchester; He got me the job here” Sam said over the music in my ear.

My heart dropped and stopped. He was making his way toward us.

“Yo Sammy, what’s she doin here?”  


episode 4 is out for telltale gotg

i have the season pass so logically I could play it and I SHOULD play it but

they made Rocket so awful that I really don’t want to unless one of my fellow Rocket-fans confirms he gets better

so I ask, fellow Rocket-fans (Rockettes? lmao), has anything improved or do they still make our boy out to be a huffy brat that he is not

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Prompt: A dull winter day turns into the perfect date opportunity
Word Count: 480
Author’s Note: There was only one Chekov request for the holidays so I decided to post this. Yes, it’s already a story I posted for the holiday on @sebbystanimagines but I like it so I hope you guys will too

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  • Thorne: Thanks for letting me sit here while Cinder coms with her boyfriend.
  • Scarlet: Oh, no problem. It’s actually kind of nice. Me piloting, you co-piloting. We’re like an old married couple.
  • Thorne: If we were an old married couple, the wife would serve iced tea and snicker-doodles.
  • Scarlet: I don’t have iced tea and snicker-doodles.
  • Thorne: A good wife would go to the store.
  • Scarlet: I want a divorce.
  • Thorne: Good! On the way to see the lawyer, pick up some tea and cookies.
okay, look.
I am trying
to draw the line
you have to understand,
I trust too easily,
make the same mistakes too often,
fall in love too recklessly.
and when we’re drinking wine
out of the bottle
laying on a rooftop
somewhere under the stars,
my god,
I want to kiss you.
and when we’re both
too drunk to fuck
and you ask if we can just
cuddle for a little while,
my god,
I want to hold your pretty face
in my useless hands
and whisper
but I know you will.
and I know I will let you.
and I know I will eventually be okay.
but right now
I’m smoking your last cigarette
outside the bar,
watching bombshells
in little dresses
swoon and smile
and turn themselves over
in the palm of your hand
and I have never felt so ugly
in all my damned life.
—  Pretty, Megan Rockett

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hey Alice, do you have any recs (off the top of your head) for books about punk or pop punk music history? I'm hoping to learn more about the bands I love, if that makes sense.

I DID ON MY OLD BLOG D: D: D: (when will i stop crying about it? who even knows?)

but yeah off the top of my head:

  • REQUIRED READING: Please Kill Me: An Uncensored Oral History of Punk, which will kind of make you angry (the way they talk about women is HORRID especially Andy Warhol but the book is the most comprehensive and accurate one out there)
  • also wikipedia is a decent start
  • Let Fury Have the Hour: Joe Strummer, Punk, and the Movement that Shook the World, by Antonino D’Ambrosio bc JOE STRUMMER IS SO IMPORTANT
  • Just Kids, Patti Smith
  • there was this really great article on black punks and the website seems to have been taken down but you can read the intro here. And then here’s another article on WOC in punk rock
  • A Band Called Death is a REALLY good documentary on netflix about Death, a black proto-punk band
  • The Guardian actually had a pretty good article about women in punk a while back
  • Nothing Feels Good: Punk Rock, Teenagers, and Emo, by Andy Greenwald (x)
  • One Week One Band just did an AWESOME series on The Clash and Women that was fantastic
  • finally, an article on queercore/gay punk
  • I feel weird about putting my own published writing on here bc it feels like self-promotion but I wrote an article about millennial punk that includes a lot of history from the original movement up to pop punk
  • as for specifically pop punk, that’s tougher. there’s no real text written about it specifically (YET) but
  • Punk USA: The Rise and Downfall of Lookout! Recordsby Kevin Prested looks good, I haven’t read it yet, but Lookout! records was MONUMENTAL in the creation of pop punk
  • THIS REALLY IMPORTANT INTERVIEW with Billie Joe Armstrong back in 1995 where he comes out as bisexual and defends Pansy Division (a queer punk band) and idk it’s not like, important for punk chronology or anything but god i want to tattoo the whole thing on my face
  • speaking of Green Day, Broadway Idiot is on Netflix and it’s so good y’all. so good
  • Rockettes, Rockstars, and Rockbottom, by Keltie Colleen (former girlfriend of Ryan Ross) is really really good and has a lot of behind the scenes info

I THINK that’s all I have on hand, if you had specific bands/time periods/topics I might be able to do more but this is a good start i guess??