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Hi guys! My first Studyblr series is especially dedicated for all the mathematicians in the making out there! ლ(╹◡╹ლ)

First thing’s first, nothing irritates me more than getting a U instead of a C/B due to my lack of care, despite understanding  the topics I have revised. Last time, I lost 14 marks to careless mistakes and only managed to get a total of 13 marks in my math test. The overall marks was 40. I swear you don’t want to make such silly errors in big exams.  Forgetting to change the symbols, miscalculating basic operations [+ / - / x / ÷ ] when you have a calculator?? making wrong substitutions, putting a decimal point in the wrong place, X becomes Y for no apparent reason… The list goes on… and on…

Although it may seem impossible to avoid sloppiness during calculations, here is what you could do to minimise them:

  1. Try to be neat, organised and consistent. Don’t scatter your workings. Make sure to do your expansions on another paper (scratch paper) if you’re doing differentiation/ integration. It’ll be easier for you to see whether or not you have finished differentiating/ integrating.
  2. Do not assume you can do the calculations in your head. A lot us like the quick way, which is fine but also helps us to lose more marks. So, show all your workings.
  3. Do not rush to finish. You  want to be certain that you get everything right as possible. It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality.
  4. Your handwriting should be easy to follow. Hate to break it but your handwriting can be the major cause of this problem.  Apart from     the examiners, it’s for your own good too. Take your time, at least half an hour to practice writing numbers and letters everyday.“I have a bad handwriting and I can’t help it”. In this case, you can try picking up a new pen, preferably the ones with fine tip because it makes your work looks neater. 
  5. Be familiar of your common errors. This is so that you’ll be alert when you do the questions and be extra careful.
  6.  Keep your equal signs lined up. This will make it easier for you to keep up with everything from the start right to the bottom.
  7. Don’t skip any steps. Many mistakes in Math are caused by trying to     skip several steps due to shortage of time.
  8. Keep a List Of Errors. Write down the errors you continuously find yourself making. This means that you probably don’t have a good grasp the concept behind that type of problem. Go back, look for more examples and try to understand what you’re doing wrong.
  9. Bracket all the negative numbers!!! You don’t want your 3 marks to poof itself like that just because you added the numbers when you should actually subtract them, then affect all of your workings.
  10. When doing integration, put the constant number outside so that it will be less complicated for you to  integrate. Don’t forget to put back the constant number after you finish  integrating #TipsFromMyTeacher
  11. Write down what’s the X and  Y/ A, B and C before you start substituting especially during quadratic! This is to get yourself away from putting in the wrong plug-ins.
  12. Check your work! Spare at least 5 minutes to go through your work before handing. 

Other things you could do:

  1. Slow down. Don’t forget to keep track of time.
  2. Write down all the important laws before the exam start so you don’t forget.
  3. Avoid doing double calculations in a line. Do it one by one.
  4. Increase your fluency in math.
  5. Read instructions carefully. Underline/ highlight & understand what it wants.
  6. Remain confident! Don’t get flustered.

Hope this helps! Feel free to add in \(◦’ U ‘◦)/

Photo Caption: M Atiyah 29 Mar 69 

“The Atiyah-Singer index theorem was the toughest hurdle for me, but, somehow, we conquered it too. (To be sure, after it appeared in print, Singer told me that it didn’t come out quite right—the relation with the Riemann-Roch theorem was unclear or perhaps even misstated—but there it was, and I feel sure that my fellow ignoramuses and I learned something worth knowing that we hadn’t known before.)”–Paul R. Halmos, I Want to Be a Mathematician

Michael Francis Atiyah contributed to a wide range of topics in mathematics centering on the interaction between geometry and analysis. His work showed how the study of vector bundles on spaces could be regarded as the study of cohomology theory, called K-theory. He was awarded the Fields Medal in 1966.

The ideas which led to Atiyah being awarded a Fields Medal were later seen to be relevant to gauge theories of elementary particles.

The theories of superspace and supergravity and the string theory of fundamental particles, which involves the theory of Riemann surfaces in novel and unexpected ways, were all areas of theoretical physics which developed using the ideas which Atiyah was introducing. 

In addition to the Fields Medal, Atiyah received many honors during his career including the Feltrinelli Prize from the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in 1981, the King Faisal International Prize for Science in 1987, the Benjamin Franklin Medal, and the Nehru Medal. In 2004, he and Isadore Singer were awarded the Neils Abel prize of £480 000 for their work on the Atiyah-Singer Index Theorem.

Michael Francis Atiyah Biography

Valentine’s Day is quite close and I thought I could give some of you some ideas for presents. Even though mathematicians are not into this celebration, I can assure you that if you know what gift to take they will be as excited as everyone else. You might think that a math related gift might be to much, but I assure you we love it a lot. So here are some suggestions which might work quite good:

1. Cards: these don’t have to be bought and most of the time it is quite hard to find some that represent exactly what you want, but just take a piece of paper and some colorful pencils or pens and write what ever you have in your mind, but don’t forget to put just a drop of mathematics in it. Here are some of my favorite ideas:

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image

Here are some cards I have made these days:

External image
External image
External image
External image
External image
External image

2. T-shirts: if you believe that a card is not enough and you want something a little more different, a t-shirt could be the best idea. Here are some great ideas of T-shirts and a hoodie idea for those that live in countries where T-shirts for Valentine’s Day is not appropriate:

External image
External image
External image
External image

You can buy the T-shirts here: 1. http://riibit.com/7DKZDS; 2. http://riibit.com/R7WN; 3. http://riibit.com/PML5OFER; and 4. http://riibit.com/M2DU5F29;

There could other ideas, such as books or cups, plates, etc; but I thought this is enough as a list of ideas. For me something minimal is better than a lot of things. Personal I would love to receive just a small card ^_^ Anyway, hope you will have a great Valentine’s Day full of mathematics and love.

Have a great day. You can find me on Facebook,  Tumblr,  Google+,  Twitter,  Instagram  and  WeHeartIt. I will try to post there as often as possible.

Don’t forget that maths is everywhere! Enjoy! ~LThMath~

Valentine’s Day for Mathematicians Valentine’s Day is quite close and I thought I could give some of you some ideas for presents.

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I reread Never Satisfied and found the Phantom of the Opera thingy you made a while back. It is SO GOOD I almost cried. I was wondering though-- which production's soundtrack did you use? It wasn't one that I'm familiar with (not that I'm familiar with that many) but now I want to go listen to the rest of it. And if you have any other animated thingies I would love to watch them! :3 Congrats on winning at life and art and all that jazz.

it’s whatever production michael crawford was in. the original? i feel like it’s the original.

this is the only other animated thing ive made, from freshman year, and it’s kind of embarrassing now lol

i figured out why the legendary Half An A Press video is so impressive

it’s unconventional.

there’s no classes to take, no books to read, and no study to be done to be able to completely fuck over Super Mario 64, just trial and error, just perseverance. pannenkoek2012 isn’t a genius, a scientist, a mathematician, he’s just a guy. he’s just some dude who likes Super Mario 64. he’s just a man who likes to test himself. he set out to beat Watch for Rolling Rocks in 0.5 A presses to prove a point. no, not even that, just because he could. because he wanted to, and with raw, unbridled determination, he overcame a challenge that never should have been possible. he’s likely spent countless hours and done more math than i’ll ever do in my life just because he felt like it. he chose an objective, and accomplished it. not for fame or glory or even to better himself as a person, just because that’s what he chose to do. there is no reason to give yourself a challenge of this absurdity. there’s nothing to gain. it’s inefficient, it’s pointless, it’s excruciating, some would even call it stupid, but that’s the goal he made, and he did it. he fucking did it.

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Hey! I'm obviously not an animator (ergo the fact I'm 13) but I'm an avid artist and aspiring animator. I was wondering if you could tell me your path to your current work, and/or give any tips, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! By the way, I love your work!

Wow!  I am behind.  I am so sorry that I am just now responding to this.

I originally wanted to be a mathematician and codebreaker like John Nash and Alan Turing.  My mom thought that my nerdy young 16 year old self would burn out quickly taking college classes and insisted I take something just for the fun of it and suggested art classes so I did.  I liked it.  I’ve always like animation; I watched movies constantly.  So I started researching that.  When I saw the graph editor, I fell in love and shifted goals.

I got my Bachelor’s at Bowling Green State University in digital arts and then later went to Animation Mentor to learn about animation in more detail.  I got the start to my career working on photorealistic rendering and have been freelancing for the past couple of years.

My main tip would be to watch as much as you can.  Developing your eye for animation and understanding movement and performance are the hardest parts of animation.  So get the popcorn ready and have a movie night as often as you can.  :)  Draw as much as you can, and learn about art and composition.

You’ve got a while before you’ll be able to go to animation school.  Most online schools require you be at least 18.  In the meantime you can start with these free courses.

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you should tell us about your favorite mathematical things.


ok you all know that i love polyhedra w my whole life but 

did you know that one of my first loves when i was just a baby mathematician was the nth term stuff, where u have sequences and u look at all the differences and eventually figure out that to get any number in the sequence theres one rule that works without fail 

i think thats pretty amazing still 

i could talk u thru like. finding the nth term of the triangular numbers if u want but thats old stuff and 

i also think that pascals triangle is REALLY NEAT. i recently learned abt binomial probability and holy shit… everyone was losing it when combinatorics was introduced to them as a concept and i was just so excited.. 

also holy fuck mom i worked out how to do the tangent stuff myself like finding tangents to the curves given their equation like i worked that out before being told and i was sooooo happy 

back when i was the smallest my dad introduced me to fibonacci numbers and that was pretty cool and we tried to count them on pinecones but never understood how 

did you kno i recently taught a little girl whos like 6 or something column addition w 3 digit numbers AND carrying ?? she couldnt add 12 and 20 without counting on her fingers but i saw w my own eyes her solving something like 245+517 and it was probably one of the happiest moments of my life to see her really get it and do it right and stuff she was just so excited over this and then i went and told her parents and my parents and everyone what a good job she did and 

i just like all math

she wasn’t a mystery, more like a riddle

she got an F in math and said ‘’guess i’m not becoming a mathematician’’

she wanted to label everything, people, things, animals

objects, creatures

but couldn’t label herself

she was thunderstorms on a sunny day

she was crying of laughter and swallowing tears

she was ‘’i dont wanna rush into anything’’ and goodnight texts at 8AM in the morning

she was being exhausted after getting 11 hours of sleep

she was saying ‘’i’m sorry for always saying sorry’’

she was the crippling feeling of anxiety right before presenting something

she was lonely, but not alone

so filled with everything, emotions, poetry, art

her words spilled out like blood on a carpet

she was only there for a while, like a weekly sudoku you had to solve

she changed like the seasons

and nobody could stop her

not even herself

I come from a family of engineers and mathematicians. I’ve worked with self-described geeks and nerds and edited words for accountants and “dirty boots” guys. What do all of these people have in common? A focus on the facts and a deep aversion to lying. Is that bad? Of course not! It’s great! But is that inconvenient when trying to put together a business proposal or a cover letter? Oh yes. Yes yes yes.
In my experience, everyone knows that sales writing is about “saying what they want to hear,” regardless of what kind of sales writing you’re doing. Unfortunately, the phrase is unfairly often conflated with lying, to the point where suggesting it brings up shudders and declarations that the listener would never, ever do something so awful because they have integrity and pride and aren’t a filthy, slimy marketer. But is that really how it works?

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Name: Agnes

Nickname: No

Star sign: Virgo

Gender: Female

Height: 5′7″

Sexual orientation: Asexual

Romantic orientation: Biromantic, mostly hetero though.

Favourite color: Blue, green, black.

Time right now: 10:53 pm

Average hours of sleep: 8-9

Last thing I googled: Names of phobias.  I was looking for some cool words.

Number of blankets I sleep under: 7

Favorite famous people: Georg Cantor. (favorite mathematician)

Favorite books: LOTR, Harry Potter, Ender, Les Mis, and more.

What I’m wearing at the moment: T-shirt, plaid overshirt, tan skirt.

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For John: 3,4,6,8,13,15,30,35 and 39! Curiosity will kill me someday xD

That’s a lot of numbers O-O

Kay let’s start then he xD

3. If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?
I can… Okay most of time I’m at home working. Buuuut If I should choose a country.. uhm.. egypt?

4. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Actually that what I became. I wanted to become something (I didn’t had a name for it) where I find out about special things. So I became astrologer, astronomer, mathematician, geographer and mystic ;)
Yeah I know I’m a genius hahahaha

Camio: *coughs*

6. Do you like chocolate?
Hmmmm rarely
8. Are you a religious person?
I believe, but not in religious way.

13. Have you ever got blackout drunk?

Often xD

15. If you could learn one random skill, what would you learn?

Art. I’m not that skillfull in art-things.

30. Favourite flavour of ice cream?
Oh eeeeeeh…. mint maybe?

35. What kind of people are you attracted to?
I like pretty women who are soft and smaller than me. Oh and I like people like Camio. Because he’s a nice and kind person but has a special character. (he could be a littler more extroverted from time to time. :D )

39. Can you play poker?
Of course :D

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Name: Grace
Nickname: Gracie (yeah, that was the only one..)
Star sign: Libra
Gender: Female
Height: probably around 1.70m
Favourite colours: beige, grey, white, black, dirty copper and all pastels (especially blue, green, pink and purple)
Time right now: 15:14
Average hours of sleep: 6-8
Luck number(s): 7,8,9
Last thing I googled: rabbit eye infection (lol)
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 duvet and a throw when necessary
Favourite fictional characters: Jenna (the Penderwicks)
Favourite Books: Warrior cats, The Penderwicks, Papertowns
Dream job: love to dance and act, hopefully mathematician, physicist, psychologist…. along those lines
Favourite music artist: Mika
What am I wearing right now: white T, black sports bra and grey and white leopard print FLUFFY leggings
When did you create your blog: a couple months ago but I started being regularly active probably from 2016
Current amount of followers: 22
What do you post about: study tips and tricks, aestheticness, minimalism and general inspiration
Do you have other blogs: nope
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Who is your most active follower: @illegalgillerden thank youuu!
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Do you have a first fuck/general seduction you use on everyone for the first time? (take to dinner, tell the musing story about X, etc, etc)

“I’ve always been a firm believer that nothing beats honesty. If I want to sleep with someone, I inform them of it directly.”

“If they are interested, then we can have a bit of a foreplay with gifts and dates.”

I don’t know a single truly creative mind who is a news junkie — not a writer, not a composer, mathematician, physician, scientist, musician, designer, architect or painter. On the other hand, I know a bunch of viciously uncreative minds who consume news like drugs. If you want to come up with old solutions, read news. If you are looking for new solutions, don’t.

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Name: Anna

Nickname: I don’t have one.

Star sign: Capricorn

Gender: Female

Height: 163 cm

Favourite colours: Blue

Time right now: 20:37

Average hours of sleep: 4 recently

Lucky numbers: I’m a mathematician. There is no such thing as lucky number.

Last thing I Googled: Parks and rec best scenes

Number of blankets I sleep with: one

Favourite fictional characters: Recently Kylo Ren and Rey, but in general Obi Wan Kenobi, Hermione Granger, the Doctor (from Doctor Who), Dean Winchester, Chuck Bartowski, Warden (from Bone Season), and many many other which I can’t remember now.

Favourite books: This is so hard since I read a lot of great books. But: Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings, The fault in our stars, Miss Peregrine’s House for peculiar children, A walk to remember, Hunger Games, Anne of Green Gables, Paper Towns, Nineteen eighty four, Brand New World, and some great polish classics like The Doll (Lalka) or anything by Stefen Żeromski

Dream job: Maths teacher

Favourite bands or music artist: Sufijan Stevens, Radical Face, Iron and wine, Bon Iver, Tom Rosenthal, Mumford and sons

What am I wearing right now: sweatpants and lousy tshirt

When did you create your blog: My main blog on 5th of July 2015, and @studymath in November.

Current amount of followers: @mathriver - 44, @studymath - 120

What do you post about: on @mathriver I post fandom stuff, most recently Reylo related, also nature pictures

on @studymath I post my notes, my study advice, motivation, stuff related with maths and studying in general.

Do you have other blogs: Yeah @studymath as I mentioned before

When did your blog reach its peak (when did you get more followers, have more posts, etc.): I don’t know. I think it’s pretty regular growth.

Who is your most active follower: @cestmavieetmoi

What made you decide to get a tumblr: it seemed to me that I can find here lots of great fandom stuff

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It occurs to me that Disney has so much money mathematicians are still trying to find the right number to describe just how much they have. Given this fact, there’s no logical reason why they can’t make a Black Widow solo movie. Now, I want to add that I don’t really care one way or the other if they do or don’t make a Black Widow movie. I’m personally tired of the MCU and not even sure if I’m going to bother seeing Cap 3 in theaters. That said, there’s clear demand for a Black Widow movie, people are always bringing it up. Marvel knows. Disney knows. Everyone knows. People WANT a Black Widow movie. So why hasn’t Marvel made one? Even if it bombed and underperformed and ended up one of the lowest selling MCU movies that doesn’t mean shit because I guarantee it would still outsell 90% of the movies that come out thar year (excluding other MCU films, DC films, and Star Wars films, obviously.) and Disney and Marvel could afford that loss. It wouldn’t mean shit to them. They’re (allegedly) planning to spend $1 billion on Infinity War, so yeah, they can afford a risky film. They did Ant-Man, for fucks sake! How is a Black Widow movie a bigger risk than Ant-Man?

In conclusion, there’s really no acceptable excuse for them to not have made a Black Widow movie by now. There’s no excuse for them to not have one planned. There just no excuse for this at all.

hey I’m Riddhima (it’s pronounced rhythm-uh).

I watched The Force Awakens a couple months ago and yeah after that I got into the previous movies as well as the Clone Wars TV show (obv I adore Ahsoka). Finn is so precious :0 I love him. I’m so excited to see where his character goes. John Boyega is amazing as well.

Aside from Star Wars I like the X-Files, Star Trek, Doctor Who and a whole bunch of other movies/tv shows/books. I love math and I want to probably be a mathematician eventually!

I’m very excited to get to know u guys 🤗💕

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ and| (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)


Get to know the mun

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻: What are your thoughts on school?

((Hmm….Thoughts on school….Well let’s see…To put it in a simple answer: The concept is nice, but it’s not really carried out in the best way if that makes any sense? Let me try and explain it better.

I mean, it’s cool that there is a place for you to learn stuff and they are willing to teach you!!! But it’s kind of forced and there is a lot of stuff in later years (In high school mainly) that they teach that seems kind of Unnecessary to learn unless you want to be a scientist, a mathematician, physicist, etc. I feel like you should be able to CHOOSE what you want to learn and what you don’t depending where you want to go in your life. But I guess the Government says otherwise and frowns upon that idea until after high school.))

| (• ◡•)| (❍ᴥ❍ʋ): Favorite tv show?

((My top one right now I would have to say is probably ‘The Flash’. But is there truly any surprise there?))