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The 7 Fashion Styles of an INTP

1) Way Too Overdressed

(aka “Everything else is in the laundry and people loved this at Aunt Judy’s wedding, so I’m sure it’ll work fine for the grocery story”

(Or it’s an actual, genuine ENTJ-Powerwalk-move, peasant, bow-kinda Day™ in which case… run))

2) Pokémon Trainer

3) Airy, Fluttery, Gone with The Wind

(aka “Strolling along the beach like an 18th century artist in a midlife crisis, who AM I!? What is LIFE? I don’t know, but I do know that my fluttering shirt makes me look better when I strike a pose while asking”)

4) Ogres Have Layers

(aka “I want this hoodie to swallow me, I am a head, Watson, the rest of me is a mere appendix, Watson, what do you mean I can’t pull off the brooding stranger with my hood up and earphones in-look, Watson, it’s not my fault I didn’t get to wash my hair because SOMEONE took forever to style their moustache, Watson”)

5) I Saw This In An Anime

6) Flannels aux Winchester

7) Blep

(aka “And together we’re gonna run around, sweatpants, we’re gonna… do all kinds of wonderful things, sweatpants. Just you and me, sweatpants. The outside world is our enemy, sweatpants… we’re the only…. friends we’ve got, sweatpants! It’s just INTP and sweatpants. INTP and sweatpants and their adventures, sweatpants.. INTP AND SWEATPANTS FOREVER AND FOREVER A HUNDRED YEARS INTP and sweatpants.. and INTP and sweatpants runnin’ around and… INTP and sweatpants time… a- all day long forever.. all a - a hundred days INTP and sweatpants! forever a hundred times…. OVER and over INTP and sweatpants… adventures dot com.. W W W dot at INTP and sweatpants dot com w..w..w… INTP and sweatpants adventures.. ah- hundred years….. every minute INTP and sweatpants dot com…. w w w a hundred times… INTP and sweatpants dot com…….”

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hi i’m alien. i’m an artist who posts ndrv3, hiveswap and humorous stuff in general. i currently have 898 followers – but it’d be nice if you can take a gander at my blog, check things out and maybe follow me

and, in case you don’t feel like trudging through my art tag, under the read more is a compilation of some of my better art! here’s my faq too. and my tags page if you want to see what other stuff i post.

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Answer 30 questions about yourself and then tag people you want to get to know better.

Thanks to @deanwinchestar​ for tagging me

1. Nicknames?
2. Gender

3. Star sign?
4. Height?
172cm (5′6 ft)
5. Time?
6. Birthday?
Same as Jensen Ackles, but 15 years later, lol
7. Favourite bands?
Green Day
8. Favorite solo artists?
I don’t know. Probably Patti Smith.
9. Song stuck in my head?
Hook, Line & Sinker by Royal Blood
10. Last movie you watched?
Wonder Woman, and that was in June.
11. Last show you watched?
Friends. It was on TV today.
12. When did you create your blog?
13.what do I post?
Supernatural, mostly the two assbutts in love, aka Dean and Castiel.
14. Last thing I googled?

The name of a street.
15. Do you have any other blogs?                                                                    
16. Do you get asks?                                                                                            
17. Why did you choose your URL?
It’s from a Green Day song called Armatage Shanks that describes my mind.
18. Following?
Almost 39k
20. Favorite colors?
I love black.
21. Average hours of sleep?
22. Lucky number?
There’s no such thing.
23. Instruments?
I can play the guitar a little, and also the flute.
24. What am I wearing?

A half-black half garnet zipped hoodied, a black Darth Vader t-shirt, black pants and black Doctor Martens boots.
25. How many blankets do you sleep with?
26. Dream job?
Writer or professor.
27. Dream trip?
A huge part of Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Canada, and also USA when the orange mosnter goes away.
28. Favourite food?
I love fruit, vegetables, chocolate, potatoes… I just love food.
29. Nationality?
30. Favorite song right now?
Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day

I’m so lazy to tag anyone, so whoever wants to do this, go ahead.

tag game

I was tagged by @ohmelisandre@undomiel and @littlemissdracula thanks guys!!

rules: answer 30 questions and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better

1. nicknames: alessia

2. gender: female

3. star sign: scorpio

4. height: 150 cm

5. time: 14:57

6. birthday: october 28th

7. favorite bands: placebo, little mix, she wants revenge

8. favorite solo artists: taylor swift, marilyn manson, eminem, lorde

9. song stuck in my head: liability by lorde

10. last movie i watched: it

11. last show i watched: a series of unfortunate events

12. when did i create my blog: somewhere in 2012 i think

13.  what do i post: mostly game of thrones and harry potter ngl

14. last thing i googled: a youtube video

15. do i have any other blogs: nope

16. do i get asks: sometimes

17. why i chose my url: bc sansa stark is everything

18. following: 851 blogs

19. followers: almost 3k!!!!!

21. average hours of sleep: 6/7

22. lucky number: dont have any

23. instruments: none

24. what am i wearing: my pjs 

26. dream job: literary translator

27. dream trip: new york city, australia

28. favorite food: pizza

29. nationality: italian

30. favorite song right now: liability by lorde again lmao

im tagging @priorswalters, @mrgaretcarter, @nahmesis, @bisney, @bucky-barns, @octaviahales, @athelstark, @aredhels, @jessicallange, @scarjohnsson, @uhtonystark, @missahdei, @kingslaier, @justin-taylor, @princessashildr, @wjnterbucky, @frayclary and lets pretend thats 20 lol

darklordcthlalhu  asked:

I don't understand why you don't think you could sell your art???!!! Your stuff is better than some people who are selling theirs!! If all my money didn't go to animals I would totally buy a print!!!!!

Its about a 67% confidence thing at this point.
On one hand I know I am a decent artist and I do need money but on the other hand I think my work could be sooo much better. So I should just wait till I get better right? Same with commissions. I dont want people to spend money on my mistakes …then next thing I know another year passes.

anonymous asked:

His voice has been shot for weeks. There is a reason he's been recording certain songs twice for TV appearances. Someone get him a proper vocal coach and stop him singing from his throat. Better yet he needs to understand his own voice and what it can do. Take a leaf out of Niall's book who actively said "I worked on this so long as I wanted to make sure the songs were in my right key". You've gotta know yourself as an artist first and H just... doesn't.


anonymous asked:

MANI IS A GLOBAL AMBASSADOR FOR AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY!!! I better not ever hear Kordei Nation complaining about Ms Andrea being around a lot. Her mom being sick really affected her even though she was so young. Mani wants the best for her mom, she literally quit her job to travel with Mani to various auditions. Also, I better not ever hear a harmo say Mani is selfish. She’s an ambassador for 2 organizations and she’s fed the homeless many times with her LA friends. Mani is an angel.

She is such an angel! Love what she’s doing for the people that suffer through this and showing her support, she is honestly so selfless

alright so like?? this is a post i’ve been thinking about making for a long time but i haven’t, because i don’t want to cause drama. but i got an anon recently that made me realize that it’s truly necessary to make, no matter the drama it causes, so here it goes.

a lot of y’all treat fic writers like shit. you really do. obviously not all of you, but a portion of you do it without even realizing that you’re doing it. it happens in every fandom i’ve been a part of (though if we’re being honest, i personally noticed it most in the hamilton fandom), and i’d imagine it’s pretty similar across the board.

and it’s not just sending “kill yourself” messages, it isn’t just outright hate.

every time you send an anon that’s just demanding more fic, every time you reblog a fic and all you say is “MORE!!”, every “are you ever going to write again” message, every time you request a fic (and some of you do this quite aggressively) and don’t interact with that fic. you’re forgetting that we’re human.

you wonder why fic writers don’t usually last? why their writing drops off? why they stop posting? why they take long hiatuses and why some of them never return? it’s because you’re treating us like we’re robots. like we’re disposable.

and you don’t get to treat people like they’re disposable and then wonder why they have an expiration date.

plenty of you are already wonderful sources of inspiration and light to us fic writers, no matter what fandom we’re in. but if you’ve found yourself described above and you feel like you want to do better, you absolutely can.

so what can you do instead? what are some small changes you can make to foster creative environments where fic writers (and fan artists!!) can flourish?

instead of comments like “update soon!”  or “MORE!!!”

try: “i’m excited for more of this when you’re ready to share it!” or “i loved this and i’m pumped to see where it goes!”

instead of liking a fic and not reblogging it

try: reblogging the fic or commenting on it

instead of requesting a fic (or more of a fic) and ignoring it

try: showing up when the things you asked for are posted

not every comment needs to be paragraphs long (though we love getting those, too), you don’t have to message writers every day that you appreciate their writing, you don’t have to put in a lot of work to treat fic writers like human beings. 

we go through things. some of us have a hard time writing, and whether it’s mental illness, or family circumstances, or our jobs, or just good old fashioned writer’s block, we deserve to be treated like humans when those things come up. because they do come up. we have lives outside of the internet, outside of writing fic, and we deserve to be able to live them. 

we give so much of ourselves to you, the readers, and we’re happy to do it. it makes us feel good to share our writing with you, to know that for some of you our writing is an escape from the mundane or from your own stresses. but please, let us keep being humans who need space, time, and room to grow and create, room to live our outside lives. please let us keep some of ourselves, too.


A walk in town - Hometown series

ok ok, it was a 35 minutes warm up and I tried to record myself while painting~~

Painted on PS [2017.07]

Have an awesome day !!!!!

sketch-artist-arty  asked:

You probably wont answer this, but I really wanna know if all the people slagging you off and being really mean about you and your blog just make you want to give up? It'd just be nice, since I was bullied and I want to know how you keep going through all this

Let me put it this way: I don’t give a fuck. I have got better things to do. I feel sorry you were bullied but I hope you can turn your negative experiences into strenghts. They will eventually but first you have got to weather the storm. Embrace it, become more compassionate, and keep growing as a person, amigo


The blackout is coming to an end today…and I have a few things to share. What it showed me- and realizing how bad the reposting issue has become.

During these two weeks I’ve witnessed a few cases:

-I’ve seen my art been being reposted without permission, mostly with ‘credit to the artist™’ or nothing at all on insta/vk/etc.

-I’ve seen my newer drawings with my new watermark being cropped from the picture with the same careless credit

-Someone even attempted to blur the whole thing and leaving a weird stain where the watermark should be (saved it before reporting just in case)

-Also youtubers have been monetizing my work without my knowledge. In some cases, they assumed that when I gave them permission to dub one of my comics, that it extended to having permission to upload other works of mine. An assumption that was completely wrong. So not only was I not informed that they were using more of my work, but they monetized it and gained money from my work. I no longer allow dubbing on my comic anymore because of it.

-Recently, I asked another youtuber to remove a dub they did long ago on one of my comics, and while they eventually removed it from their channel, it didn’t stop them from giving permission to other youtubers to repost MY ART. And while it was their dub, the foundation of that work was my art. No one can give others permission to use my art other than me. However just 4 days after that video was removed, it was reposted onto another channel and monetized. All this I had to find out from people telling me.

-And even worse—yes, it can get worse—yesterday I found out that one of the drawings I made for Adrienette month was being sold on phone cases on Aliexpress.

I never thought *this* will happen to me. Why would someone…do that? Why would someone make money out of our hard work while we create for fun to a fandom we love on our free time?

To be honest, after seeing this—I wanted to quit drawing for the fandom.

But I won’t.

As much as it hurts, the fact that there are people who don’t give a damn about the artist’s wishes and care more about their fat pocket—it won’t mean anything to them. For them I’m *just* another artist–it won’t hurt them losing another one.

I draw ml because I love the characters and the fandom. It makes me happy to see that I can make someone’s day a little better because of my drawings. I made friends through this fandom that became part of my everyday life and to be honest, they boosted my confidence. ML revived my dream again to study animation, it made me want to draw more and brought back the will to learn and improve. I have so many good things to say about the show, the people I encounter- you really changed my life, and I love you all!

And I don’t want this to end because of some nasty people who care more about their following count or the money they can make from a stolen illustration or a silly comic.

I’m just going to continue arting but not share everything…and make the watermark bigger.

So for other artists out there, I just want to share this information. This is just a drop of the ocean of what I have experienced in my short time of posting fanart online. As exciting as it is to have people dubbing your work or asking for permission to share your art on other platforms.


Ask questions, ask for links to their pages, look at how they conduct themselves online, check to see if they monetize videos (you can use apps like the heartbeat app to do this as some youtubers like to not share this information), give proper credit/link to your original posts, etc. Some people are looking to use you and use your art for fame, for money, for whatever, and its abuse. It abuses your copyright and hard work. This is something I do because I love art, I love the show, and I want to share that love with others. It is NOT something I create for others to take advantage of or steal…or sell, or to stick an advert on in order to make money.


Thank you @powerdragonmoon and the squad group for helping out with writing <3