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alright just because of your tag "give me the fucking fruit" I want to watch every tvd episode relevant to klaroline but idk where to start so help!!

you’re MAKING THE RIGHT CHOICE anon bb let me give you a road map: 3.05, 3.09, 3.11, 3.14, 3.15, 3.18, 3.19, 3.20, 3.21, 3.22, 4.01, 4.06, 4.07, 4.09, 4.12, 4.13, 4.14, 4.17, 4.18, 4.19, 4.20 (literally just skip to the last like 7 mins), 4.21, 4.23, 5.11, 5.12, 5.15, 7.13 (again probably just skip to the caroline car scene which i thiiink is at the end), 7.14, & 8.16 t h u s far :))))

but honestly to really grasp their impact i highly recommend you just buckle in and slam out s1-4 you will only have minor regrets i swear

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19 (I know u and rainywainybear were, but I want a story :D), 20, 9

19. Have you ever been noticed by an artist at a concert?

haha alright it’s story time :D
so, at our second Kissin’ Dynamite concert (23.4.15) their drummer Andi already recognized us from the show and because my bro got one of his drumsticks :3
at our third KD concert (19.11.16) Andi recognized us again! although it’s really been some time… that time I’ve had a drawing of each bandmember with me and they all seemed happy about that :’3 their lead guitar player, Ande, even knew my name! And their singer Hannes recognized me too cause I interviewed him for Metal Hammer once. And, since it’s our tradition now, Steffen, their bassist, got a pack of nicnacs from us (just like on the second concert where we had met them for the first time) and we told him that it’s for Jim as well so he called Jim’s name and they kinda freaked out because of the nicnacs haha they’re such dorks :D <3
so, yesterday, at our 4th KD concert, where we went with one of rainy’s friends as well, Andi recognized us already from the stage, he seemed really happy to see us in the crowd! :3 and after the show, when we met them again, he just called us something like “noisy troublemakers” (I really can’t figure out a good translation for the word “Schreihälse” xD) and I think by now the whole band knows us… they really do. Steffen got some nicnacs again and he rememberd the last time he got them from us because he told us that they didn’t last longer than for 10 minutes :P Hannes asked me how I was doing, which was really nice, he’s a really nice guy ^-^ and since we had all caught a guitar plec from Jim during the show we asked him to sign it and he was being a dork again haha xD okay that’s way too much information but I tried to keep it as short as possible :’D

20. Have you met any internet friends at a concert?

okay, damn. I don’t have a story for that one xD but it was kinda the other way round cause I met a HIM fan on a 69 Eyes concert in Berlin once and we’ve had some contact via e-mail since that day :P
I’d LOVE to meet internet friends at a concert though… you know who I mean ;D

Best opening act you’ve seen?

well… SANTA CRUZ!!! <3 when they were on tour with Reckless Love. but I also really really really enjoyed seeing All Time Low as Green Day’s opening act for two times. And I once saw Joan Jett and the Blackhearts opening for Green Day, that was so cool! And I got to see Sister as Wednesday 13′s opening act once which was fucking awesome. And Alice Cooper opening for Mötley Crüe, of course… although I’m not sure if you should call Alice Cooper an opening act, ya know? :D

thanks for asking :33
I should learn to give simple answers haha xD

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16-30 for Grey

16. Grey is not athletic at all. Like he’s fit, but don’t ask him to dribble a ball or throw a football cause he’ll fail massively.

17. Grey doesn’t know if he wants to get married and he can’t see himself with children.

18. Greyson isn’t picky, so a simple house would be fine. A nice apartment is really what he’s after.

19. Grey has fought and will fight again. He’s a pretty good fighter.

20. Like his brother he doesn’t really have an opinion on animals. They’re just…there.

21. His biggest fear is put himself out on the line and just getting hurt in the end.

22. He is supposed to have a sleeve tattoo. (but i can’t find proper pics for it. :( )

23. He’s good at school even though he hates it. He’s of course good at art.

24. He doesn’t have one.

25. I think all the Hartford brothers are still traumatized in someway or form from the abuse that their father reigned over their lives with. However, I think William and Greyson have moved on from it.

26. Doesn’t have one.

27. Probably trying to get really close to the Mona Lisa.

28. His art for sure.

29. Probably not so courageous, but he was with his sister when her water broke and would have been ready to deliver the baby if the doula didn’t arrive in time.

30. Grey looooooves all the arts.

Accidental Romance

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 Special

Chapter 13. Secrets Revealed

With your father’s funeral processions concluded and your mother taken into a mental institute for an evaluation, most of the pain seemed to gradually subside.  You were eating and responding again, occasionally even gifting Tao a smile.  Still, your husband remained attached to your side, fearful that you’d secretly breakdown by yourself.

“I’m fine,” you reassured as you rubbed your stomach and leaned against the front door, “Go to work.”

“I don’t want to leave you alone,” he admitted as he naturally pulled you in for a loving hug.

Sighing, you wrapped your arms around his waist and reasoned, “But I won’t be alone.  Mama will be with me.  BeiBei is with me too.  Don’t worry.”

“But I don’t want to let you go,” he rested your chin on the top of your head and rocked you from side to side, causing bubbles to burst within your chest.

In a baby voice, you chirped, “But Daddy, if you don’t go to work and make money, who will buy me toys to play with?”

A goofy grin spread across his handsome face as he knelt down and pressed his ear against your tummy to catch the baby’s random kicks.  “Just like Daddy, you will grow up to be a great martial artists and protect Mommy.”

You don’t know why or when but your eyes filled with tears.  Growing up in a broken family, you both feared and wanted a family of your own.  With Tao and your little baby, perhaps, for once, happiness was just around the corner.  You would do anything to keep both of them safe and sound.

Straightening up, your husband tapped a finger against his pursed lips.  Automatically, you tiptoed, your fingers curled around his tie and lightly pulled to bring his lips upon yours for a goodbye kiss.  As you parted lips, he mischievously wiggled his brows and breathed into your ear, “Let’s shower together tonight.”  Like a painted gradient, your skin dashed in rose from your neck all the way to your cheeks.  You slapped him on the chest and nudged him out the door.

“Uh oh,” you heard your mother-in-law’s voice from the kitchen.

Massaging your aching back, you trudged over to provide your aid.

“Ahh, I forgot the paisley…” she frowned as she took a sip from her soup ladle.

“I can get it at the store,” you volunteered but she stopped you in your tracks.

“Nono, Sweetie, you rest at home.  It’s snowing outside, I don’t want you to catch a cold.  I can go,” she tossed on her winter coat and headed for the door.  “I made some yummy biscuits.  Make sure you try some~,” the sweet lady cheered.

Left alone for the first time in a long time, the house suddenly seemed so much chillier and more spacious.  Even when you dialed up the thermostat settings, a series of sneezes and coughs commanded your fragile physique.  Perhaps, all the mourning had left your health in a bad state.  Sniffling, you opened the closet to search for a warm robe to snuggle in.  Instead, your eyes landed on a very familiar woven trench coat.  The corners of your lips curled upward as you unhooked it from the hanger and held it up to the light in admiration.  It was the jacket Tao wore that night in Las Vegas.  Lovestruck, you dreamily slipped your arms through and sniffed in your husband’s lingering scent.  Instantaneously, like an enchanted spell, you could feel his heat protectively guarding your body.

Everything seemed just like yesterday.  When people state that it only takes one day to change someone’s life, you honestly never took it literally until it happened to you.  Like Cinderella, you went from a nobody to someone’s whole world.

“And now, we have you,” you hummed as you patted your round stomach.  Pure happiness radiated from your prolonged giggles to Beibei’s soft kicks.  “I never thought I’d be so lucky to have you and Daddy…”

As you mused over the image of Tao teaching your child martial arts in the future, the telephone rang.  You picked it up instantly, thinking that it was Tao.  A much more mature voice answered.  Twenty minutes later, you discovered yourself in the passenger seat of a private limo.  On your lap sat a check for a million dollars and a ticket to an island off the coast of Spain.

“Ah Ba, what is this for?” you blinked.

Mountains take years, decades, centuries to form…but only one earthquake to shatter to the core…

The elderly man stomped his cane against the floor of the car and scoffed.  “‘What is it for?’  From the beginning, didn’t I give you a clear warning?!”

Confused, you innocently stuttered, “I-I’m not really sure what Ah Ba is talking about.  Is something the matter?”  Your heart pulsated and tripled the speed of your resting pulse as your brain tried its hardest to analyze your father-in-law’s actions.    

“At this point, if you still want to pretend to be innocent then I can’t force you to remove your mask,” he shook his head, took a stack of papers from his briefcase, and hurled it at you.  Automatically, you hugged your arms around your stomach at the slightest physical offence.  When you shook yourself awake from the initial shock, your eyes skimmed the contents.  “Marriage Contract”.  Your eyes widened.  What?  How?  How did these documents end up in the hands of your father-in-law?  In fact, you imagined Tao would have destroyed these papers as soon as you confessed your true feelings…How…how?  

Pale as sheet, you lifted your head to defend yourself, “Ah Ba, this isn’t what it seems.  Let me explain–”

“I told you clearly, didn’t I?  If I ever found out that you’re after ZiTao’s money, I would make you regret it,” he narrowed his eyes.          

“Ah Ba, no.  That’s not it!  My feelings for ZiTao are genuine.  Back then, it was because of my family debt–”

“Ah, so you admit it…” the chairman disregarded your outburst of emotions to observe.  Another stack of documents slid across the leather seats.  With a fearful heart, you reached out to it.  Like father, like son.  A contract.  “From the very beginning, I wasn’t too keen by your lower class background.  Call me arrogant but the only way to prevent betrayal is by keeping all my family of the same status.  My son deserves an intelligent, well brought up, and sophisticated wife.”

The papers shook within your trembling palms.  Matched with your glossy eyes, you could hardly read the black on white text.

“Since you seem to already bear the Huang Family’s child, I will compensate you a million dollars as down payment.  Once the child is born, I will request for paternity tests to ensure that the child is indeed ZiTao’s…” he briefed the contract.

Your head spun as your breathing quickened.  “Ah Ba, BeiBei is 100% ZiTao’s baby,” you affirmed but he narrowed his eyes with skepticism.

“We can only prove that through examination,” he concluded.

Nails dented into the papers.  You blinked away your tears as best as possible to read the statements as if by doing so, you could wake yourself up from this nightmare…because it had to be a nightmare.  You thought that after all the hardships and obstacles, God would pity you enough to spare you any more pain.  As long as you had Tao and your baby…you’d…you’d…

Your heart dropped.

“Upon confirmation that the child is, in fact, part of the Huang family, an additional two million dollars will be sent to your account.  If the child is a male, he will be raised in the Huang Manor.  If the child is a female, a monthly compensation of five thousand dollars will be sent to your account.  The child will live with her mother and have no contact with ZiTao,” the contract read.  Ink bleed into the creases of the paper as your tears collided with concrete reality.

“Either way, you have nothing to lose,” the businessman reasoned.

Nothing to lose…if it wasn’t yours…to…begin…with…

“Ah Ba,” you crumpled the paper in your fists, grinded your teeth, and bravely looked him in the eye.  Shards of sunlight refracted from your pendant against glass.  “ZiTao and I are in love.  Our baby, whether a girl or a boy, is a product of our love.  I won’t let you define our love or our child’s worth by digits in a bank account!”  You pressed your hand on your drumming heart.

“Is a million not enough?”

Exasperated, you fell back against your seat.  He just didn’t get it.

Calming yourself as best as possible, you seethed through your teeth, “Ah Ba.  ZiTao and I made a very unintelligent and immature choice by writing that contract.  However, I can assure you, with the love that we have right now, the contract is but the past.”

“And yet, his oldest brother found the contract on his desk just a week ago.  Soon after, ZiTao transferred a heaping amount of money out of his personal savings to your family’s account,” his father informed.


You gripped the door handle as a slow pain radiated from your stomach.  So.  Many.  Things.  So much new information overwhelmed your brain to cognitive paralysis.  But even then, you knew Tao would never leave or hurt you.  Shaking off the sense of doubt, you proclaimed, “I’m not sure what is going on but to get matters straight, I’ll talk to ZiTao–”

“You are to not speak to him about today,” your husband’s father banned.

Lips bruised from your excessive gnawing.  How could this man just deprive you of communication with your husband?  You opened your mouth to defend yourself but he always seemed to find the perfect moment to mute your argument.

“You have 30 days to break things off with ZiTao,” he constituted as the limo ride came to a slow halt.

Outside, passed the windows, the world appeared so big and wide.  Like a caged bird, you willed yourself the strength to leave.  Don’t be stomped on.  Don’t waver.  Don’t cower.  Don’t be left to fend for yourself.  But for Tao, you wanted to stay, make amends with his father, and morph into whatever sophisticated or elegant daughter-in-law he wanted, as long as it meant you could finally secure your happiness.    

Pressing your aching stomach, you closed your eyes and firmly stood your ground, “Ah Ba.  Once again, I apologize for the mess ZiTao and I created but I will not be leaving him.”  Softening your voice, you spoke, “When Ah Ba is free, please feel free to come over and accompany Mama.  I will make sure to ask ZiTao for a list of your favorite foods.”

With that, you bowed and excused yourself.  Thrown back into the spacious world, cold rain, snow, and sleet cradled you in its opened arms.  Shivering, you entrapped yourself within your own guard.  Chains, locks, and bolts – things you never thought necessary ever again now that you possessed a loving husband and an expecting bundle of joy – stationed over your core.  Yet, hearts recoiled in the chill of winter, a defense mechanism perfunctorily programed to protect yourself from yourself.  Foot in front of foot, you paddled forward because growing up, you were taught that as long as you did not give up, as long as you fought for what was rightfully yours, then everything will fall back into place.  Damp snowflakes disintegrated at the touch of your fiery determination.

Every…everything will be okay.    

After all, you trusted Tao and your love.  There needn’t be numbers behind a dollar sign, or diamond rings, and expensive dates.  The most precious gift he had ever given you was the little life growing within you.  Nothing – no one, not even his father, could take that away from you.

You could only continue forward and pretend like nothing had happened.  So back at home, you prepared dinner in anticipation for your husband’s return.  As you rinsed the veggies under water, palms pressed against your baby’s home; the slight burn on your abdomen lingered like a constant subconscious reminder that as much as it took one night to fall in love, it would only take a moment to strip you of all your happiness.  Lost in your thoughts, you hadn’t noticed Tao’s quiet footsteps advance toward you from behind.  With a toothy grin, he draped both arms over your stomach, causing you to jolt forward in shock.  The spring onions you had been preparing crushed within your hands.  

“Still not improving with that balancing, Wifey,” he teased as he caught you before you fell over.  “But I got you,” he reassured as he inclined forward and hooked his chin on your shoulder.  His lips traced down your neck so that every breath sent shivers down your spine.  Tilting your head to the left, you willingly granted him access to more of your body.  The kitchen utensils fell from your hands to the floor in “ting tongs”.  He was your muse in the dead of dreary.    

“ZiTao…” you whispered as your lashes batted and swayed in front of you.  He untied the apron from your waist.  Looping an arm under your thighs and around your back, he lifted you off the floor and headed for the stairs.  You stroked his earlobe, earning you the dragged out syllables of your name via his silvery voice.

The world fogged up in front of you as your heartbeat alternatively increased and decreased over and over again.  Fingers sipped under your shirt, popping every button one at a time until it fell effortlessly off your shoulder.  His eyes throttled with fire, unmoved from your gaze as he undressed you and made sure each and every inch of exposed skin received their rightful attention.  Naked in front of him, skin against skin, with water running through your pores, granted a closeness like none other.  His heat sent trembles within your body that you’d instantly grow addicted to.  Tiptoeing, you pressed your lips on top of his as he tapped is fingers down your spine.  Slowly…slowly…You arched your back and molded your body with his.  His long fingers combed through your hair as you sucked on his jaw, leaving marks of genuine love along his steaming skin.

“Babe…” he called as he tilted your chin up so he could moistened your lips.

Heart against heart, the tips of your fingers indulged in memorizing all the bumps and ridges along your lover’s body.  You wanted him but he purely wanted to make love, not lust.  All stars aligned and time stopped as you gazed up at the man of your dreams whom you wanted, more than anything, to cherish and spend the entirety of your life doting.  In the softness of his brows, glossiness of his eyes, gentleness of his caress, you couldn’t find it within you to doubt his love…


“It’s a girl,” the doctor revealed as you lied with your back against the examination table.  The ultrasound gel chilled goosebumps onto the pores of your exposed stomach.  Instantly, you snapped your neck around to observe Tao’s expression.  You knew.  You knew you should trust him…

Yet, your heart bathe in salt and vinegar as you watched the honest fading of his smile and curling of his fingers into a fist at the gender announcement.  Even though, he immediately suppressed his disappointment and feigned a look of excitement thereafter, there was no turning back.

“ZiTao…” you called as he patted your hand.  “Are you upset?”

“No…no, I’m not,” he denied, which only made the sourness burn at your heart.

“But BeiBei is a girl,” you repeated.  You’d rather get a truthful answer than have him regret it in the future.

“It’s okay,” he bent over and kissed your forehead.  “The next one will be a son,” Tao tried to state with optimism but that fact that he proposed for a second child proved to you that as the heir of the Huang family, he held the burdening responsibilities to uphold family traditions…that he still wanted, more than anything, to gain his father’s approval.

The words inked on the crumpled up contract penetrated through the chains of bolts protecting your heart.

“Hey…hey, what’s up with that frown?” your husband stroked your temples, awakening you from your lost trance.

“Not-nothing…” you shook your head and smiled.  As someone coming from a traditional Chinese family, it was only natural for Tao to hope for a boy.  It didn’t mean he’d neglect BeiBei…

“Daddy’s Little Girl,” his sugary voice hummed as he nuzzled his nose against your belly.

Everything is still okay.

Tao hauled a truckload of ballerina tutus and pink onesies home.

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Janet Jackson Unbreakable Set List (Opening Night)

1. (New song) ft. Missy Elliott
2. ‘Nasty’
3. 'Feedback’
4. 'Miss You Much’
5. 'Alright’
6. 'You Want This’
7. 'What Have You Done For Me Lately’
8. 'The Pleasure Principle’
9. 'Escapade’
10. 'When I Think Of You’
11. 'All For You’
12. 'All Nite (Don’t Stop)’
13. 'Love Will Never Do (Without You)’
14. DJ Intermission with tracks 'R&B Junkie’, 'Go Deep’, 'Luv Me Luv Me’, 'So Excited’
15. (New song)
16. 'Again’
17. 'Come Back To Me’
18. 'Let’s Wait Awhile’
19. 'I Get Lonely’
20. 'Any Time, Any Place’
21. 'No Sleeep’
22. 'Got 'Til It’s Gone’
23. 'That’s The Way Love Goes’
24. 'Together Again’
25. 'Throb’
26. 'The Best Things In Life Are Free’
27. 'Black Cat’
28. 'If’
29. 'Scream’
30. 'Rhythm Nation’
31. (New song)
32. 'Unbreakable’

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12/19 Day 1: Second Chances / re:union
            [“Let’s spend time together again, Kaneki-kun!” -ch38]
12/20 Day 2: Kaneki’s Birthday / re:birth
            [“But most importantly, he’s alive! How wonderful!” -ch39]
12/21 Day 3: Alternate Universe / re:vision
            [“Like a mirage you don’t want to see, you’re missing from this world.” -ch33]
12/22 Day 4: Mask / re:fashion
            [“I feel somewhat nostalgic…and… It’s a lovely design.” -ch12]
12/23 Day 5: Floriography / re:flower
            [“Choose! Choose!” -ch50]
12/24 Day 6: Family / re:awaken
            [“Are you…a ghoul?” -ch44]
12/25 Day 7: Christmas Day / re:treat
            [“In the way you overthink things like this…you’re just like my big brother.” -ch33]
12/26-01/01 Bonus Day 8: Promise / re:collection
            [“Somehow I…know what’s coming.” -ch50]

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I wanted to make a ocean drawing too! and this girl’s room is suddenly flooded with water just because :>

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