i want to attend this school

1. you have made it to 20! what a whirlwind year it has been but if you can survive 2016 you can survive anything.

2. remember that love trumps hate any day, everyday. just keep spreading love and being the best person you can be.

3. last year was definitely not your year for romance, try it this year though. I have a feeling a lot of love is coming your way.

4. school is a priority, do not ever forget that. you are so fortunate to be able to even attend college so just try your hardest in each and every class.

5. DO NOT SKIP YOUR 8AM! you signed up for it, you now have your afternoons free to study as you please. it’s an important class and really an hour difference of sleep is not going to kill you.

6. go to bed early, you’ll thank yourself when that 8am roles around.

7. take care of your body. eat healthy but eat good. make sure you are hydrated and exercise on the days that you can. you know that you always feel so good after you exercise.

8. keep meeting new people and keep making friends. talk to people in your classes, make new friends and study buddies.

9. when you are not feeling good on the inside remember to just take time to unplug and go outside.

10. remember your worth. this can be applied to friendships, to relationships and even when you are with just with yourself. you are worth so much and you have purpose, you are just starting to figure out new parts of your journey, don’t be so hard on yourself.

11. you can change your mind.

12. don’t let people make you feel bad for not wanting to do what you used to do, for changing and growing.

13. do not be afraid to let this love inside. when people give it to you sometimes you make up excuses to not take it. don’t do this, embrace the love and keep giving yours as well.

14. last year was so hard there is no doubt. but baby he doesn’t think about you anymore and you were not worth anything to him. that was not love and there is no love there. he is in the past, he is not your future. just let it go. let him go. no more.

15. you make each day what you will. it’s up to you and you are writing your story, you get to decided the paths that you take and the people you get to take it with. mistakes happen along the way and you can recover. you are in charge.

16. just spread love. give it to yourself in abundance and give it to the people you meet and want to keep getting to know. 

17. be who you want to be in 2017. there are so many possibilities and so many different outcomes and lots of things that we do and do not have control over. make sure that the things you can control that you do. make sure that you spread love and light. we all are going to need it.

—  17 things I want to remember in 2017

Sometimes I randomly remember that time a little girl, a 9 year old CHILD, wrote on her homework assignment ‘girls have vaginas’ and the trans cult had a massive fit over it and called for blood.  Some said they wanted to slap the shit out of her, the child.  Some said they wanted to slap the shit out of the girl’s mother (no mention of the father, of course).  Some said the girl should be taken out of her home.  Some people demanded the girl’s home address and the address of the school she attended.  Some called for the girl’s teacher to be penalized/fired and the school to get in all sorts of trouble.  Many of them said everyone involved should be ashamed.  Sometimes I randomly remember how vicious and hateful a group of people got over a homework assignment, and it really messes with my head.

All because a little girl acknowledged biology.


24 years ago today, a child who loves dancing was born. As that child grew up, he only listened to music and danced. Regardless of where it was, whether there was anyone present or not, he did it without being embarrassed. And as that child attended middle school, he said he wanted to b-boy. He said that when he dances, his concerns and worries disappear. He said he wanted to dance. As I gave him permission, I said something: as he dances and if he started dreaming of singing and becoming a singer, to go for JYPE audition once. Now that I think about it… If I hadn’t given him permission to dance, Jaebummie singing, him dancing, him receiving love from the fans - I wouldn’t have been able to witness that, right?
I am always thankful but when I look at Ahgases who give strength to the boys, my heart is tugged with gratitude. To the fans who are not able to be here together right now, I hope my thankful heart is delivered to them as well. Our Ahgases are our childrens’ lovers, younger siblings, older sisters, parents!
Our GOT7 is growing on all of your love and support. To Ahgases who give unending love to our seven stars, I am really really thankful.
Next to our seven stars~ When I look at you always working hard, I live my days making sure I don’t waste my time away on useless things. Like the Big Dipper that is a guide when sailing, not only for Mommy but also for the young Ahgases that are growing up, I hope you become stars that can guide them. Like the Big Dipper that shines brighter because of the seven stars, because you are together, you shine even brighter. I’m proud of you and I love you boys.

Also my precious beloved son, happy birthday. And for being born as my son, thank you.

JB’s birthday video message by his mother  (trans)

One thing about Hani that I wish more people knew about is how intelligent she is. She has a high iq, 145, which is on par w/ Rap Monster, who is considered to be probably one of the smartest idols. She can speak mandarin after attending an advanced high school in China. She learned the basics of english for the TOEIC in just two months and got a near perfect score in that category. Ahn Heeyeon is so bright and talented and I really want people to talk about that more. 


↳ Yoonji-yah Hi
↳ I’m class president
↳ why are you not attending these days
↳ Is this Jimin
↳ ye come to school and stop sleeping
↳ Jimin why are you like this
↳ don’t show off
↳ I have a gun in my bag
↳ stop acting up
↳ anyway guys
↳ everyone be careful of the cold
↳ are you still on holidays?
↳ ha I want to go to school
↳ guys lets live diligently
↳ because I go to Cyber University
↳ lets chat at my graduation
↳ hahahahaha
↳ you spoke prettily Yoonji
↳ everyone be careful of the cold
↳ see you next time
↳ Just don’t come I don’t want to see you
↳ Yoonji is going bye

trans; @hobuing | do not repost

College Headcanons

-Dorms being separated by dynamic. Alphas are always roomed with a Beta whereas an Omega could be roomed with a Beta or another Omega

-Unlike in high school, Alphas and Omegas are allowed to take whatever classes they want and make plans to pursue whatever career they want without anybody correcting them and trying to convince them to stick to things more suited to their dynamic

-A lot of Omegas are greatly criticized for attending college instead of finding an Alpha and starting a family

-If an Alpha is unmated and in college they are highly sought after, an unmated Beta in college is also pretty common, but if you are an unmated Omega in college people will wonder what is wrong with you to where no Alpha has wanted to claim you yet

-Family housing for mated couples or single parents. An unmated Alpha trying to get through college with a kid is seen as the Alpha being a responsible and hardworking parent, whereas being an unmated Omega trying to get through college with a kid is seen as the Omega being selfish and a bad mother

-College is generally when people start feeling more free to get into same dynamic relationships or relationships with more than two people. Its not uncommon to see two Omegas making out or an Omega walking around holding the hands of two Alphas instead of one

-Omegas very dedicated to their education tend to over use heat suppressants to avoid missing classes and tests or losing time that could be spent studying

-An Alpha/Omega couple that have been together since high school and the Alpha relentlessly trying to convince the Omega that they should finally spend a heat together and officially become mates and eventually the Omega is just, “Okay fine, but if you get me pregnant before I graduate I swear to god I will spend the first three months vomiting on everything you love”

-An Alpha and Omega attending colleges really far away from each other so they send little gifts and long letters to each other. Before the Omega’s heats if they are unable to be together, the Alpha will thoroughly scent a couple blankets and send them to the Omega for their nest. The Omega keeping the Alpha on the phone or on a video call so the Alpha can help them through their heats despite not being there. When the Alpha is in class or otherwise unavailable, the Omega will spend their time sending naughty pictures and videos in an attempt to lure their mate back faster, and the Alpha doesn’t mind at all…until they accidentally open a video in middle of class at full volume…

-An Alpha and Omega reminiscing on how they first met in college and the Alpha being all, “I remember seeing you for the first time and being completely blown away by your beauty.” and the Omega is just, “I was wearing coffee stained pokemon pajamas, going on three days of no sleep, screaming at a wall in the library at 4 AM because I accidentally deleted the paper I was working on and I ran out of gummi bears.” and the Alpha just grins, “Yes, simply breath taking…”

i want one of those cartoon shows where all the characters are anthropomorphic animals attending school or working office jobs or whatever but the primary cast are actually all behaviour-controlling parasites piloting their respective natural hosts and pretending to be ‘normal folks’ 

Hey everyone, Megan here. I just want to get something off my chest.

I live in the Netherlands, a country where it has been normal, legal, and overall pretty much accepted to marry and love someone of the same sex. It has been that way for over a decade now and everything is fine and dandy. Apart from a few minor backlashes at the Christian high school I attended, I’ve never faced discrimination for being gay.

And now I realize how blessed I am to live here, in a country where I will not be forced into conversion therapy, in a country where I will not go to jail for falling head over heels with a girl.

Last night, America voted for a racist, a bigot, a homophobe. This is going to affect everyone on a global scale. It’s a goddamn disaster, that’s what it is. Regardless of the fact that I don’t live in the USA, I am afraid for the people in the LGBT+ community that are scared shitless. I am afraid for Latinos, for Muslims, for every marginalized group in America.

I want you to stay strong and fight. Don’t give in, don’t give up. The last thing we need is quitters right now. My heart is with you, and if you ever feel like giving up, if you ever feel overwhelmed by how utterly shitty this world is, there’s a place you can go to, a place where you can vent.

My inbox is open for each and every one of you.


The Disappearance of Jean Spangler

Earlier in this blog’s existence, I wrote a short bit about Jean Spangler, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a ton of information into the post because it was a group post about various disappearances. With today being the 100th birthday of Kirk Douglas, a suspect in her disappearance, I decided that I wanted to cover her story in full.

Jean Elizabeth Spangler was born on September 2nd, 1923 in Seattle, Washington. She attended Franklin High School, where she graduated in 1941. During her teenage years, Spangler danced with the Earl Caroll Theater and Florentine Gardens. She was married in 1942 to Dexter Benner, and two years later she gave birth to her first and only child, Christine. She later on divorced Benner, who initially took custody of their daughter, denying Jean any visitation. He reasoned that Spangler had been unfaithful during the marriage and cared more about her life of partying and fun than caring for her daughter. However, Spangler fought vigilantly for custody of her daughter, and was awarded with just that by a judge two years after the divorce. The ruling was ultimately in her favor as the judge believed that Spangler’s questionable past was behind her, and she had proven that Christine belonged with her. After the divorce, Spangler lived with her mother, brother, sister-in-law and daughter in Los Angeles. 

Jean began her career as a hopeful actress in 1948. Although she had high hopes for the work, she was only ever awarded bit-roles in films and television shows. She was the girl in the church. The dancer. The showgirl. The pretty girl. Despite the size of the roles, she still had high hopes for her dreams of becoming a star. Unfortunately, this would never come to pass. 

Jean Spangler would only ever become famous for being a missing person.

On October 7th 1949, only a little over a month after her 26th birthday, Jean Spangler left her home around 5:00 PM. Upon her leaving, she had told her family that she was meeting up with her ex husband to discuss child support, and that she had to work on a film afterwards.  However, she never returned home. Her sister-in-law reported her missing the day afterwards. The last person to see Spangler was a store clerk, who said she seemed like she was waiting for someone. Additionally, police found that none of the studios in LA had anything being filmed that night.

Spangler’s ex husband was the first to be questioned. While it was clear that Benner had motive, his new wife assured police that her husband had been with her during the time of the disappearance.

Two days later, her purse was found.

The note found inside of the purse was unfinished, ending in a comma and unsigned, meaning Spangler might not have had time to finish it or she had been interrupted while writing it. It reads as follows:


Can’t wait any longer. Going to see Dr. Scott. It will work best this way while mother is away,

LA Police scrambled to connect the names to possible suspects. They looked into every Dr. Scott in the LA area but came up with no leads. In a strange turn, Kirk Douglas, who had been working on a film that Spangler had a part in, contacted the police to assure them he was not the Kirk in the note. By this point, the police hadn’t even considered Douglas yet. This seemed suspicious, but with no other evidence or leads pointing to him, Douglas was let off the hook. In another twist that shocked many, Jean Spangler’s friends told police that she was 3 months pregnant during the time of her disappearance, and she was looking into getting an abortion, which was illegal at that time in history.

Los Angeles police continued their search while looking into other possibilities. In the time before her disappearance, Spangler had been spotted with a man named Davy Ogul, who was connected to mobster Mickey Cohen. Around that time, Ogul was under suspicions of conspiracy, and was reported missing two days after Spangler’s disappearance. This led people to believe that they had possibly run away together to avoid prosecution. A hotel clerk claimed to have spotted Ogul in El Paso, Texas with a woman that resembled Spangler. However, neither of their names were used for registry and the claims could not be confirmed either true or false.

As it stands, no one knows what happened to Jean Spangler. She has been a missing person for over 67 years, and while people have claimed to see her all over the United States over the years, her case still remains open and unsolved.


Attended an amazing workshop this weekend and met Ryan Lang and Nathan Fowkes !!! Two of the artists I look up to the most!

It’s so nice to hear their story and views on life in-person, after only knowing them through art-of books and blogs. Three years ago when I was applying to Sheridan, I met Nathan in Toronto and attended his workshop and classes. It really pushed me to study and learn the basics of environment design!

Terrifying but I asked if they could look at my work. Got some really nice critique! I’ve got a long way to go, many many many things to work on. I’ll definitely work hard with the advice given! 💪💪💪It’s the middle of third year now and I’m working on group film, a personal film (NomNom) and an unannounced indie game - I really want to make the most of my time at school. Here goes!

a little idea

hey guys,
I’ve just had an idea and I wanted to ask your opinion - what about an app or community that organises young people interested in political issues, let’s you chat with others in your area or internationally, and provides an opportunity to organise things like debates or just meet-ups?
I’ve had the problem myself that I just haven’t been able to find other people interested in politics apart from other attendants of simulations, which only happen annually, at least the once I can participate in.
I know that there must be a lot of people in a similar situation that would love to find a way to communicate, whether online or in real-life.
Of course, that could be theoretically expanded to every topic or interest you want, but I was just thinking about this…

What do you think of it? Would you be interested in something like this?

anonymous asked:

Hello! I want to say, I LOVE your AUs! I was wondering if you could do a religious/punk college roommates? like the other one smokes, drinks etc. and the other doesn't like it, prays every night?

  • “Dear Heavenly Father, I know you say that we should love everybody equally, but could I make an exception for my roommate who plays 2009 emo bands at 1am?” “I can hear you! You’re not praying silently!” AU
  • For all of their life, Character A has been home schooled so that their parent(s) could make sure that Character A was getting a good, religion approved education. Now attending the college of their dreams, Character A is sure that everything is going the way that their god wants…except for Character B, their punk aesthetic roommate who is constantly doing everything that goes against Character A’s religion.
  • “Here, put in one of my earbuds and listen to this cool new band that I found. I’ve listened to your music and I think you need some more screamo in your playlists.” AU
  • Character A hasn’t ever really felt close to any faith or religion, but after rooming with Character B, a devout worshiper, Character A is slightly intrigued about what Character B’s religion is all about.
  • Growing up in an extremely religious household, Character A has always dreamed that college is going to be the time of their life when they’re going to get to let loose a bit. Character B is their punk, experienced roommate, and they’re happy to show Character A the ropes on how to drink, swear, and smoke like a pro.
  • “You’ve never had a cigarette? Me neither. Just because I’m punk doesn’t mean that I want lung cancer. I will support you though if you want to learn how to smoke while I keep an eye out for our RA.” AU
  • Character A is very religious. Growing up, Character A learned the art of the occult, and is now happily practicing their religion in college as well. Character B is a diehard black metal band fan and thinks that Character A is amazing – if a bit scary at times.

I can’t believe I had to read the sentence: “But Luke wasn’t a father figure in anywhere other than his head and Lorelai should have made sure he knew that.”

Lorelai literally said/wrote the words: “ Luke has been a sort of father figure in my daughter’s life.” 

It’s almost like this person thinks Rory was forced to spend time with Luke where as it’s the complete opposite. He didn’t have to make her a coffee cake or blow up balloons or come to her birthday parties. He didn’t have to go to her caterpillar’s funeral. He didn’t have to give her his mother’s pearls. He didn’t have to listen to her when she told him the car accident wasn’t Jess’ fault. He didn’t have to let her in the diner when she showed up suddenly when she and Lorelai were estranged. He didn’t have to attend her high school graduation, but she wanted him there “Okay, good, I want you there.” and he wasn’t going to let her down. Her biological dad was not there for any of these events but Luke was! That speaks volumes! He was there because he loves Rory unconditionally! She may not exactly see him a father figure, but she loves him too and if you try to tell me otherwise I will fight you. 

Rory may have had high hopes for Christopher to be a good dad, but he wasn’t and Luke was a good male role model/father like figure in her life! 


That’s right, I’m doing commissions! The prices are listed in the images above, but let me explain some more:

Things I do draw:
-Fan art (for anime, cartoons, dramas, TV shows, etc.)
-OCs (if a reference is provided, or at least some description)
-Portraits (if provided a reference picture)

Things I do not draw:
-Furries (you know, unless it’s like a pet cat or dog or something, you know what I mean by furry)
-NSFW (I’m a minor who really doesn’t want to get into drawing that stuff for people???)

Also, I have some other choices when it comes to coloring. I can use color schemes 

I can also color with just base colors

I only take Paypal! If you’re interested, please please pleASE message me regarding what you’d like. Also, keep in mind that I still attend school, so when you put in the commission it may be two-three weeks before your commission is finished (if it is in color w/ or w/o lighting effects). If I finish it earlier, then YAY!

Any reblogs would be appreciated!!

When you have a combative confused patient and the attending wants to avoid all psychotropic medications

Dementia is a devastating disease.  I agree that we should avoid psychotropic drugs because sometimes they can make the confusion worse.    

However, when a patient is agitated and de-escalation is not working, and the wife is crying because this is a rough picture to watch, in addition, she got hit by her husband- and I get hit and my tech gets kicked.  Enough is enough- you are creating torture for everyone.  I do not come to work to get physically abused by a confused patient because they don’t understand that I am cleaning them up.    I literally had a battle of wits with an attending and she ended up staying in the room for a couple hours.

I have gotten hurt before by a confused restrained patient that wouldn’t let go of my arm and all I was doing was fixing a trach collar that moved to the side and he was desaturating.  He was very strong and his fingernails were never cut because he was a nursing home patient.  I ended up having three bruises on my arm.  Luckily, this was completely healable, but that’s not the point.  A more dramatic case of not controlling the situation with an aggressive patient is in my class, there is a student who works in psych ER where a patient stabbed his coworker in the eye with a pencil.  He no longer can work as a nurse.  I think we as nurses do a great job not talking about workplace violence that we experience.  I think this reason contributes to a nurse’s burnout (sounds like a great DNP project for someone).

I hope doctors read this.  When direct care provider tells you that a patient is aggressive, you have a duty to protect not only that patient but that staff that is carrying out your orders.  

25 things I learned my first year of Medical School

1) First day is awkward for everyone. Actually, the first few weeks are awkward for everyone.

2) Everyone will look like they have their shit together. 

3) After orientation you will suddenly find yourself behind in biochem, physiology, etc. When did we even start the official lecturing? huh?

4) You will discover that people actually don’t have their shit together, including you. (don’t freak out because eventually you’ll get the hang of it)

5) Its alright to skip a class once every while. Seriously, who wants to attend a biochemistry class at whatever ungodly hour they schedule it

6) If you decide to delve into the world of textbooks, it might take you a while to find that one holy textbook that explains things better than any professor. 

7) Don’t be surprised when you come back home and realise you’ve had nothing to eat all day

8) Always carry a granola bar or a light snack and water. Always. ALWAYS.

9) Coffee machines are your best friend. Especially when you don’t have time to take a trip to get decent coffee.

10) If seniors tell you that this class/professor/whatever is hard/mean/whatever, don’t listen to them. Nothing is hard if you work hard enough.

11) Its absolutely okay if you don’t make a hundred friends. 

12) There are people I’ve gone to class with for a year now, yet never spoke to. Thats ok too!!!!!! 

13) It might take a while for you to get comfortable around people because you might be scared, guess what? others are scared too.

14) Try to keep up with lectures everyday because theres no way you’re gonna be able to cram in everything one day before the exam. (this is my #1 advice)

15) You know that one person who sits in the front row and writes down everything the professor says and they don’t share notes and they’re generally assholes? you might know him/her as the gunner. yeah, stay away from them because you will feel like throwing Robbins’ pathology textbook at them and knocking them out. 

16) Someone along the way will piss you off and how you deal with that says a lot about you.

17) Take part in events like awareness days, conferences, etc because you need something to balance out the intensity of studying all day and night.

18) If you do research first year, good for you because you’re getting a head start.

19) There will always be that one professor who will always talk nonsense. Like I said, find that holy textbook.

20) Make time for things you enjoy doing. (exercise, playing an instrument, whatever it is, MAKE TIME FOR IT.)

21) You will meet some genuine people and some not-so genuine people. Stick with the genuine ones.


23) Um, that gigantic pharmacology textbook will give you the creeps.

24) People will first think of themselves before anyone else, and honestly, so will you at some point.

25) Everybody will judge. Don’t give people the upper hand by letting them get to you. 

I want a clip at middle of the night where boys talk about how they feel. Like I want Isak talks about how he felt when they spent the whole weekend cuddling kissing and talking and after even didn’t appear for a long time. I want him to talk about how he felt when Even wanted time and I want him to talk about how he felt when he saw Even kissing Sonja. I want him to talk about how he felt in that hiatus.
I want Even to talk about how he felt when Isak didn’t attend school for a week. I want him to talk about how he felt when he saw Isak after a week. I want him to talk about how he wanted to say something but he couldn’t when he saw isak in the cafeteria. I want him to talk about he felt when Isak didn’t want to talk him unless he break up Sonja.
I want them to talk about their feelings. I love seeing them all together, sweet, cuddly but I want them to talk,too.

Tweek x Craig Summed Up (Kinda)
  • Matt and Trey: we found some disturbing art online of our characters let's make fun of it
  • Wendy: hey fellow kiddos look at all this art that shows sexual and disturbing acts all drawn by our fellow ten year old students who attend this elementary school
  • The Boys: oooooooooo are Tweek and Craig now? Are we gay now?
  • Tweek and Craig: wait what ok
  • PC Principal: CONSENT
  • Craig's Dad: i dont want to have to accept this why my son
  • Tweek's Dad: A C C E P T A N C E
  • Tweek to Craig: im gonna accuse you of cheating bye
  • Town: :o
  • Craig: what no
  • Tweek to Craig: let's get back together
  • Craig to Tweek: um no
  • Craig: welp
  • Craig's Dad: son cut the crap you're gay just deal with it
  • Craig: welp
  • Craig to Tweek: hold my hand
  • Tweek to Craig: lol k
  • Town: :D
  • The end

de-aged cas having to attend school for a day and being an absolute fucking nightmare to his teachers because 

  • “actually that date is wrong”, 
  • “that’s inaccurate; jesus never said that, it was luke, and he was on hallucinogens at the time”, 
  • “yes, the t-rex did have feathers. males also competed for females by growing out mating plumage and putting their leavings in a gift-pile.”, 
  • “i’m actually not wrong, your stupid human books are wrong. the human memory is faulty, eric”, 
  • “i’ll call you whatever i want, i’ve been alive longer than your great-great-grand-parents”
  • “why are we reading the crap wordsworth wrote when there’s the great works of the famous neanderthal poet grageral???”
  • “how do you even call this an institution of knowledge, this is ridiculous”
  • “you know what, this is all pointless because your existence is so short and you’re all gonna die anyway so just stop. just stop and accept you’re wrong”
  • “fine, i’ll go to the principles office, but not because i think you have any authority over me, because i am getting out of this hell-hole. i have actually been to hell, and this is worse. it’s worse.”