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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers Rehearsal

Mostly blog updates from yesterday.

  • Shoutarou wrote that everyone is mostly focused on volleyball practice right now (as we’ve seen) and he still really likes receives.  He feels really good when he can receive a jump serve from Shouri or Kousuke.  He also thinks his bangs are getting kinda long and wants to chop them off.
  • Shouhei rented a movie to watch before bed, Your Name, and he’s in love with it.  He also watched a short series titled She and her Cat and basically drenched his pillow in tears.  If anyone else has other animated movies they recommend, he welcomes those comments.  Rehearsals are making him sore and creaky all over (”I’m only 23 though!”), but it’s just proof of how much they exert their bodies for this production, he says.  
  • Judai wrote that he spent most of the day’s practice with Kousuke because Matsukawa is really good at volleyball and he wants to improve.  These days he’s working hard at rehearsals, coming home, taking a bath and going to bed in a very tiring but satisfying routine.  He hopes everyone else has a great day.  His go-to recess lately is hot cocoa while listening to Acid Black Cherry.  
  • Shouri wrote about his feature in W magazine that he hopes people will read; he thinks the photos came out as a very good reflection of him.  He knows everyone wants to hear about his Valentine’s Day… but he got zero chocolates so he was sad.  But he was very happy to receive everyone’s twitter replies and comments.  “I love you!  Yes, you.  …it’s the sort of thing you want said to you after you say it.  It’s okay to say it to me, you know.  I’m kidding.”  He then gave a photo of himself wearing bunny ears as a present to his readers.

zimiskoalas  asked:

Hey it's me again! I'm just- still struggling with digital art. My lineart is always way too messy. Or wait- I don't really know why I suck at digital art. I just do. Even though I use Paint Tool SAI and a really expensive tablet which is way too proffessional for me, it looks so unproffesional and the product is not so... Organic? I don't know. I just feel better at traditional but I want to be an animator so I also want to master at digital art. Help?

As a complete amateur, let me give you some very professional advice xD Professional equipment doesn’t magically make you a professional with professional skills. The equipment can help you make your work easier, more intuitive, and gives you more options and shortcuts. The program and tablet are just devices that you use to create art (they don’t draw for you) and it’s up to you how you want to use them. Your hand and eyes are in control, remember that.

Is it the lineart that you want to improve? Draw! To master something you need to spend some time doing it. Your lines won’t be confident and fluent without practice.

(I really know how it feels to see other artists’ art and it all looks so professional, meanwhile I’m here like

but this is what keeps me motivated to work harder, to eventually be as good as the artists I admire :))


My commissions are officially open!! I’ll only have two slots open because this is my first time and I want to get  a feel for things. You can contact me through tumblr messaging or amberself1723@gmail.com

Things I’ll do:

  • Fan Art
  • Your OCs (must provide references and information on the character)

Things I won’t do:

  • N.S/F/W
  • G/o-re
  • anything suggestive
  • animals
  • mecha
  • backgrounds
  • furries
  • ships

More info:

  • Paypal only
  • I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason
  • Please send me as many references as possible!
  • I’ll send you the preliminary sketch and you can tell me what you want me to change, or if it’s good, and then I will send you the invoice and require full payment before I continue
  • Background will stay white unless you specifically request another colour
  • Finished products will be emailed to you as a jpeg
  • I’ll send you updates periodically or you can ask for them yourself

Slots left:

  1. Open!
  2. Open!

This is what I managed to make 

Not everything that dies, stays dead in Santa Carla. I feel like this would be sprayed across the doors of the Frog Brother’s comic shop a couple months after the events of the Lost Boys to give them a warning that the Boy’s don’t mess around.

halp I'm extremely bored 

About a month ago I realized I was going to be busy, but wanted to throw together one or more fandom based 30 day challenge posts.  In the end I didn’t have time for that but I did finish these two and they have been sitting on my tablet so I thought I’d throw them up here.  I don’t remember their day numbers but I do know the first one was for least favorite character.

In the first game I really liked Keira.  She was this sassy, tech savy, cute sexy girl-next-door type. There weren’t a ton of MAIN characters in the game, but I couldn’t say I picked favorites Between Jak Dax Samos and Keira.  They all just worked really well off of each other. 

Then with Jak 2 and 3 Keira sorta wasn’t written well.  In Jak 2 the writing for characters wasn’t great in general but Keira as a character pretty much just argued with Jak (Jealous over Ashelin, the thing with Errol, Jak working for Krew, “People say you get angry and… CHANGE!” does nobody talk to each other in this game?).  I know she hadn’t seen him in 2 years and he’s waaaay different now but jeeze. That’s all they do is bicker.

In Jak 3 Keira does even less.  She’s barley there.  Nuff said.  Actually most of what made me like her in J&D:TPL was given to Tess at this point, Just switch cars for guns.  And… y’know Tess does the one thing Keira doesn’t…

(I know there’s still JakXCR and Lost Frontier but better or worse the games still suffers from bad character writing in my opinion.  The fans write the characters better than NaughtyDog… maybe that’s part of why they don’t want to make Jak 4)

A round of applause for dumb and dumber, here to steal your mana balls and stop you from moving when the boss is about to backhand you

Nah just kidding I love these idiots they’re a surprisingly lovable team, Marcassin came in so late to the game that I actually couldn’t bring myself to switch either of them out for him even if I want to constantly backhand Esther during battles

Also I felt bad for not drawing Oliver so 

there problem solved

i didn’t know if i should talk about this maybe it’s just me being annoying but like i would have loved for luke to be the one to tell simon and magnus about what could happen if valentine got to the sword??? like clary teeling them was obviously the show trying to play it off as “clary is the saviour SHE CARES so she has to tell them”, and i’m fucking sure next episode they are gonna make it seem like all the downworlders have gone crazy and want to murder clary (like in the promo with what maia said) and show them as animals and then show clary saying that she wants to protect them so she has to die, basically showing the downworlders as the villians for wanting to live and clary as the Good White character that would do anything to save them meaning clary wants to do the same thing the downworlders want but they’ll put them in that light

eglantineprice  asked:

For the Star Wars ask meme: 6, 12, 13?

6. If you were a Padawan and could choose your master, who would they be?

Young Obi-Wan for sure! He’s roguish and charming and gets up to lots of adventures. Also snark is turned up to 11. Gimme dat Kenobi.

12. Your favourite and least favourite character are on the same mission together. What would happen?

Oh boy, Hux and Boba Fett. I can imagine Hux trying to give orders and Boba completely ignoring them and doing whatever he wanted to do. The entire mission would probably be a giant debacle, unless it was sniper!Hux, then they might actually work pretty well together.

13. If you could change one line from Star Wars films, books or animated series into something else, what would it be and what would the new line be?

“Do or do not. There is no try.” There sure as hell is try, and fail sometimes and succeed sometimes. It’s not all black and white, Yoda, jeez.

anonymous asked:

Um, not to be rude but we don't call stuffed animals 봉제완구. In fact, I have never heard of that word before, and I was born and raised in Korea. We usually just call them 인형, same as "doll". Sometimes we'll say 봉제인형 but not very often.

Hi! You’re not being rude. If I’m using the wrong word, I most definitely like to know. Don’t want to look like a loser. :) Thanks so much!

@block-of-writers tagged me in an eleven random facts meme!

1. I have a terrible memory. I swear I remember things and go “I can use this on a facts meme” and then I forget the fucking fact.

2. I can’t hide my opinions well. If I don’t like you you’ll really know it. So if you’re not sure I probably like u pretty good.

3. I feel guilty learning how to critique art and animation bc I start to notice errors in things but also don’t feel like I’m at a good enough level to be allowed to actually critique things you know?

4. If I ever get a dog I want a Tibetan Mastiff so I can ride them into battle.

5. My first ever pet peeve was when I was learning pronouns in kindergarten I tried using “she” and “he” for animals and pets and I got in trouble because animals were supposed to be “it”s and it made me so mad I passive aggressively referred to the teacher as ‘it’ for a week.

6. I wrote all of these train of thought. This is the way my brain thinks.

7. I’ve been on a train exactly once in my life. In Alaska. I stared out the window the whole time looking for wildlife and the only time we saw some was while i was in the bathroom. I missed it.

8. I was SUPPOSED to go on an overnight train while in Europe, but there was a strike that day in Paris on literally just the railroad company so we didn’t take a train we took a plane to Barcelona.

9. Countries outside the US I’ve been to are Canada, France, Spain, and Italy.

10. I have been to one (1) nude beach in Barcelona and honestly most people were not nude? There were a couple old ladies a ways down.

11. There was a guy running around there with doughnuts on a wax paper covered wood plank and they were like two euro but also THE BEST GODDAMN DOUGHNUTS I’VE EVER HAD.

tagging: @calysto1395 @previouslyonstuff @destinywaits @erismorne @galactina if you’d like! have fun!!

… i can explain.

Yall may remember these kiddos.   I just.  Had to know.  What they would turn out like.  So… Ira and Case, meet your progeny.

Part of me wanted to see them with all their colors (Lucah looks p cool with silver hair, and Selene’s palette is pretty af), buuuut I refuse to spend any more time on this, so it’s staying as a super messy sketch.  I have some notes about who inherits what from the pool of 4 breeds, and a basic idea about their eventual roles as the next generation of ruling Betas.

i need to get back to work.

Get To Know Me Tag ✨

Get to know your followers and let them get to know you like the little SKAM-family we are! Answer the questions and then tag 5 people who you want to know more about!
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by linneaxskam

Thank you @rosyevak for the tag!

Name: Freya
Country: USA
Date of birth: Feb 16
Height: 5’7″ (170 cm)
Orientation: Bisexual
Relationship status: Single(-ish) 
Occupation: Electronic Data Administrator (I build electronic files…)
Hobbies: Writing, video games, my animals (I have a lot, so that counts, I think)
Favourite season (of the year not Skam I know what you were thinking): Winter
Favourite book: It’s hard to pick just one. The Vampire Chronicles are a guilty pleasure. I also really love Black Holes and Other Cosmic Quandaries. And, of course, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
Last song you listened to: Ascheregen by Varg
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: Coffee. I’m from Seattle. We do not function without coffee. My latte this morning had 4 shots.
How much do you use ketchup on a scale from 1-not at all, to 5-on all foods: 1.5?? I use it on like…burgers and stuff. But I actually like fries with just salt and pepper. What else do you use ketchup on…
Average hours of sleep: I don’t sleep ‘cause sleep is the cousin of death During the week like 2-3, on the weekends like 10. It’s not healthy. Don’t do it, kids.
Last thing you googled: Chicken Karaage recipe. (Dinner was yummy)
Last message you sent someone: “Did you get the Squirtle I sent you”.

Who do you think will be s4 main?: I would love Even or Sana. I feel like Sana might be a better chance but I also want it to be Even. Why not both?
Favourite Skam character: I have to pick just one?? Even, Sana, and Isak. And everyone.
Biggest not canon ship: Myself & garlic cheese bread. Actually Yu x Yosuke (Persona 4). Probably. Although Xena & Gabrielle have roots in my childhood. And then I realize I misread the question like a ding dong. Eva x Vilde!
Best Skam quote: “Chili. Always Chili”.

It’s cute, IDEK.

How did you find out about Skam?: Through tumblr. It kept showing up on the timeline of my personal blog and I kept going “what dis”.

Blog created: Sometime in January 2017…
Why did I choose my URL: I thought Isak’s instagram name was cute and I also love yakiniku.
Number of followers atm: 361. How did this happen??

I tag…! @skamsevens @jonasvsquez @infinitevenbech @infiniteisaks @abovethatnoise

Get to Know Me?(why me) tag

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Name: Andrew

Nickname: Khozmo (to only me)

Gender: Male

Star sign: Libra

Height: 6′ to 6′1″

Favorite character: Something to show when I get my dream job. Cause it is my own

Hogwarts House: Griffndor! *in the loud voice the sorting hat used on Harry*

Favorite color: Black, White, and the purple to blue spectrum

Favorite Animal: yes all of them

Average Sleep: An unhealthy amount

Cat or doggo: Doggo

 Number of Blankets I sleep in: Blanket given a long time ago and a comforter

Favorite singer/Band: twenty one pilots, MCR, and PTV, BMTH.

Dream Trip: Tokyo and die in that forest.

Dream Job: 3-D Animator. I want to make a show.

Current Number of Followers: 122. Most are porn bots. I do not know why they want me. The few that aren’t are cool. But i can’t talk to people so.

I guess i’ll tag: @coldely @21-pantaloons @bi-furious-fanboy @matt-septic-marki-mash @zippydooq @tyler-the-zebra 


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To everyone who’s been asking about when I’ll upload a post of the MSA redesigns with all the gifs in one post (and putting down what song they were animated to), I’m so sorry this took so long. :’D

I kept forgetting to upload this. That, and I wanted to go back to some of the gifs to clean them up, and re-animate them in Clip Studio Paint EX. I’ve tried by best to get them to follow the beat as close as I can, but some of them may still be a little off. Still, this was a fun attempt. I’ll be placing the song references under a “keep reading” thing if anyone is curious.

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