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Do you ever randomly remember Shiro and Keith spent essentially 2 days together on the BoM base and just *clenches fist*

Either those were some long-ass trials or there was a whole lot more that happened and we weren’t shown on-screen and if the latter are there fics that fill in those holes asking for a friend

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what would chardee's kid look like? if they were to have one. what would they act like? how would they raise them? idk I'm just curious what people would think

Apparently I have a lot of thoughts on this, so it’s going to be kind of a jumbled ranty/ gushy mess. And maybe a little inconsistent. But this is giving me a lot of feelings, okay?

I’m gonna use she/her pronouns but I don’t feel like it would make much of a difference in boy or girl. (though I lean a little more towards girl because there’s so much “guy energy” that a girl would throw them off, and be an initial shock of ‘wtf do we do with a girl?’.)

I feel like the baby would have Charlie’s (dark) messy hair, that just fluffs all over as a baby and somehow always stays kind of messy as she gets older no matter how much they try to style it. She has blue eyes like Dee (and Dennis, and the similarity is what really what makes Dennis first feel a connection). I feel like the kid would be kind of small, too? Because Dee is thin and Charlie is kind of short, so it just accumulates into this compact little person. She’s tough though.

She definitely inherits Charlie’s music ability. One time when the baby was a newborn and crying and fussy, Charlie just sat down at the keyboard and hit a few seemingly random notes before pulling out a perfect rendition of Lullaby. It instantly calms the baby and Dee is kind of surprised and *heart eyes*. He probably writes her some songs, too.

They also fall into the tradition of Charlie and Mac taking her to the park to play catch. And Dee and Dennis take her to a manicure place and get their nails done, and she just loves spending those special times/trips with her parents and uncles.

Dee tells Charlie one night when he shows up at her apt, because Frank has a hooker over or something. He crawls into bed with her, and it’s kind of the comfortable silence, and it’s not like she planned to tell him, but she can’t keep it in and just whispers “I’m pregnant” 

Dennis kind of guesses by joke when they’re hanging at Paddy’s alone, and goes to open some beers for them and Dee refuses one. And he’s being sarcastic and kind of trying to piss her off some maybe, and laughs “what happened? Charlie finally knock you up?” and  she gives him a look and it’s kind of a ‘holy shit’ moment.

Frank is actually excited when they break the news. He tried to bond with the twins before, and kind of be a better father and he’s happy to start fresh with a brand new person. He calls himself Grandpa Frankie.

Charlie’s mom is just over the moon. And “look at the two of you! this baby is going to be so beautiful.” 

Charlie actually likes some of the weird pregnancy craving combos, and permanently incorporates them into his regular diet. He also finds Dee crying at some cheesy tv commercial and wants to laugh at her, but it’s so unusual that it’s a little scary.

Mac & Dennis switch apartments with Dee (& Charlie now, too). And Mac and Dennis move into the one bedroom, so Charlie, Dee, and the baby can have the two bedroom.

The baby is born around 2 AM, about the same time as last call.

Dee feels so happy, and maybe a little emotional, to have someone love her unconditionally. She never forgets that moment when the baby does one of those little half hugs and leans into her neck for the first time.

Mac is really excited and surprised when the baby says “Mac” for the first time and Charlie’s like “well, yeah, dude. you’re the uncle”

Charlie can’t read her bedtime stories, but he makes up some great ones, and she loves those more than books.

She watches Dennis put on makeup one day and he agrees to put some on her, which makes Dee kind of mad because “it’s gonna be a bitch to get makeup off a 5 year old” but she’s happy they bonded.

(I also saw somewhere about twins because the chances are increased. I feel like if that happened Dennis would first refer to them as “the boy” and “the girl” because it’s such a strange concept and he’a kind of keeping his distance, but it eventually becomes a term of endearment)

tl;dr- Charlie’s hair. Dee’s eyes. Freckles. They would be fun parents.The whole gang becomes super involved. 



 Coran is quick and eager to go to whichever Paladin is off by himself, to make sure they’re okay as shown by these. 

“Not feeling well? Try some Nunvill! Settles the stomach and brightens your smile!” 

Look at the concern on his face when he see’s Lance is clearly sad and unhappy!


“Mind if I join you?” 

“And we’re aaaaaaalll theee waaaaaaay ooooooveeeer–” 

Yeah, this is a comical scene, in a way. But the thing that gets to me is that Coran isn’t trying to Sugar-coat anything. He’s telling it to Lance like it is, while still keeping a relatively positive outlook on how far from Earth they are. 

He listens when Lance rants and reminisces with Lance about Earth and Altea. 


“Yeah, water that falls from the sky.” 

“Oh, we had that on Altea. Only, it wasn’t water, more like rocks. Razor sharp and boiling hot. Oh! They could knock a hole right in your head…” 

“Sounds fun.” 


This post is nowhere near completion, as all this stuff is stuff that happened in the 4th episode. There are so many many more instances where Coran helps by either making people relax or by reminiscing with them like shown here. 

I’ll probably add more to this post as I go through the episodes, but still… my point stands… 

Coran is a really, really, awesome guy. 

Sha Ka Ree headcanon time

SO HEY YOU BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, now that Sha Ka Ree is over I can share all the headcanons and inside jokes and canon facts that either never made it into the story or would have been WAY too ridiculous to make it in. See below the cut for the shit my wife and I talk about before bed (some are a little nsfw, spoiler alert for the whole fic):

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John and Mary’s A+ parenting

If season 12 has shown us anything, it’s how very similar John and Mary actually are. Here are some of the most obvious instances:

1. Not taking it for valid/not being happy about their son’s rightful anger and/or hurt and trying to forbid it:

“You’re right. Although I’m not too crazy about this new tone of yours, you’re right.” - John to Dean (1x21), after Dean calls him out on the fact that they were never able to reach him when they needed him. Because it’s completely unreasonable for Dean to feel angry and deeply hurt that John didn’t bother picking up the phone when Dean was dying.

“Do not give me the face.” - Mary to Dean (12x13), when he rightfully looks at her in utter disappointment and betrayal after her confession. Dean didn’t even say anything yet, but apparently he’s not even allowed to look at her in a certain way to express his feelings.

2. Looking pleased and proud when their son is catering to their every need, while he puts himself and his own choices/wishes last:

John’s speech to Dean in the hospital (2x01) and his elated smile while he talks about how proud he is of Dean for taking care of Sammy and their whole family his entire life, sacrificing his own childhood in the process. And then basically telling him to continue to do so.

Mary looking so delighted and pleased (12x14) when Dean tells her that she can make her own choices and his feelings on them don’t matter.

3. Forcing one of their children into the position of having to choose between their parent or brother, and thus causing a rift in their relationship:

John’s parentification of Dean and making him responsible for Sam’s well-being, while at the same time brainwashing him into following his orders which more often than not had nothing to do with Sam’s best interests. Thus putting Dean into the impossible position of making both of them happy with his actions (basically all their childhood and season 1).

Mary trying to convince Dean to talk to her and agree with her on working with the BMoL and when it doesn’t work, contacting Sam even though she knows that Dean is completely against it. Thus playing/manipulating them against each other and forcing Sam into the situation to pick between his mom and his brother (12x14).

4. Lamenting about what they want for their children, instead of asking them what they actually want/need.

“I want to stop losing people we love. I want you to go to school, I want Dean to have a home. I want….I want Mary alive. It’s just….I just want this to be over.” - John to Sam (1x21). It would have been in John’s power to give them at least some of these things. He could have encouraged Sam to go to college and he could have given Dean a stable home while growing up. Nobody forced him to drag his children around the country and letting them live in shitty motel rooms, when they needed exactly the opposite. But his thirst for revenge and his guilt were stronger than his need to provide some safety and support for his children.

“We’ve got a real shot here. A world without monsters. A world where you and Dean don’t have to hunt, where you can have normal lives. (…) You were going to school, to college. (…) That’s why I’m doing this. That is what I’m fighting for.” - Mary to Sam (12x14). A lovely thought, sure. But does she ever ask if that’s even what they want anymore? Sam tells her that he chose this life. He’s been content with his life and hunting during the last two seasons and at peace with himself like we’ve never seen before. Dean even told her in the very first episode after she came back that this is their life and that they’re doing something good and that it’s worth it. They’ve grown up and their lives may not be what Mary envisioned, but her desire to change the status quo comes from her own needs and guilt and nowhere else.

5. Abandoning their sons when they need them and only showing up when they feel like it/need something.

John leaving them alone for days/weeks in shitty motel rooms when they were only children. John not being accessible for them, when they desperately tried to contact him (1x09, 1x12). John deciding they’re better off on their own (1x16). John leaving Dean to rot in jail and when Dean ended up at Sonny’s place instead, taking him away when he needed him with no regard to what was going on in Dean’s life at this point (9x07). To name a few instances.

Mary leaving (12x03), when Dean and Sam were so excited and happy about getting a chance to know her and be a family. Leaving, despite Sam having told her just before that having her here fills in the biggest blank in his life (12x02). Leaving, despite the way Dean physically recoils from her when she tries to touch him because she’s hurting him so deeply by doing it (12x03). And then staying away from them, barely making any effort to get to know them, and only reaching out to them when she needs something from them (12x12, 12x13, 12x14).

6. Not being a mom/dad first.

“I stopped being your father and I became your drill sergeant.” - John to Sam (1x20). John was always “Sir” first. He was their drill sergeant, as he himself puts it. He expected blind obedience, instead of offering guidance and support. He didn’t even bother celebrating birthdays or holidays with his children.

“I am your mother, but I’m not just a mom. And you are not a child.” - Mary to Dean (12x13), after he asks her to try and be their mom for once. He never asked her to be “just a mom”. But he asked her, quite rightfully, to put them first for once. To think about how it’s been for them. And to have her throw those ugly words “You are not a child” in his face in response, when that’s exactly what his life has been like ever since he was four years old, was the worst thing to witness. Also - because I mentioned it for John, too - Christmas and Dean’s birthday have come and gone since Mary is back and considering the way Dean is being so openly disappointed about the lack of time she’s spent with them, I doubt she was there for either of those days.

I’m sure there are even more examples, but my heart hurts too much right now thinking about this. Maybe I’ll add things later (Mary is still around to provide more evidence after all).

I would have loved to make a gifset of all these instances, but sadly I haven’t got enough skill. If anyone wants to make one based on this post I’d be eternally grateful!

“But Itachi ships ss”

Let me explain what everything is wrong with this one sentence. 

First of all, no characters except the characters that actually are involved in this relationship have something to do with the relationship itself. Is the relationship unhealthily from both parts there’s no other character who can fix this.

Another thing is, other characters shouldn’t be used as arguments in serious discussions, especially when they have nothing to do with it. Have fun with your headcanons but when you want to argue in a way that someone can take it seriously keep them out.

Finally, a character can’t ship anything except he says it. When he don’t say anything, then it’s fanon and should be keep fanon. Having facts and headcanons mixed up is a dangerous thing to do. When it comes to ss it mostly ends up in glorifying abusive elements that shouldn’t be glorified (but that’s nothing new….)

But you know what? A character can actually support another relationship with his actions and words. And that’s what Itachi did.

Let’s make it clear. Itachi wanted Sasuke happy. He was never pro-”insert-shipname-here”, he was only pro-”Sasukes-happiness”.

“But Itachi never said anything about another person who could make Sasuke happy!!!”

Are you sure? Are you really sure? 

Because I’m not.

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hey asshole, if sex work were abolished I couldn't just "get another job". I'm mentally ill and it's the only job I can do. I would be homeless without it. And sure, it isn't always ideal (especially because people like you add to the stigma and want to criminalize our customers) , but I think I'd feel a lot more exploited getting paid NOT SHIT to do retail.

Ah yes, you saw through our evil plan lmao. Part of what we support are also jobs accommodating people with disabilities. Tell me what stigma do I attach to your job by saying men aren’t entitled to sex and shouldn’t be violent towards women?

So, let’s just draw Shizuo.

Well… It doesn’t look like Shizuo to me. His body looks like a bean.
And by the way, are you sure this is a road sign? 
Let’s just add something to make him more like Shizuo…

I didn’t mean this! I don’t want him to be angry! Calm him down, okay?

What the-?! This is definitely the wrong way…

I told you so…

… um… so, see you next time, Shizuo… 

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I just saw a thing about fake dating fics on your blog, and I'm also a big fan of them! What are your favourite Captain Swan fake dating (or fake marriage) ffs, I'd love to read a few more of that style?

Sorry for taking so long to respond, I just wanted i make sure I had all the recommendations in oreder!

The biggest and most well known (to my knowledge) cs!fake dating au is The Trouble With Faking It by @nowforruin . It’s FANTASTIC and a slow burn and it adds in the fun element of Killian being a world famous movie star into the mix. 

As Real As You Want It To Be by @ive-always-been-a-pirate is a teachers/fake dating AU that is spectacular and is also a great slow burn (can you tell i love my fake dating with a side of slow burn?)

Can’t Erase Me by @icapturedkindness is also super good and has just the right amount of angst and I LOVE IT!!!!

And @kittennharington ‘s Something Like You Love Me is fantastic and I eat up every new update like it’s Christmas dinner!

Hope you enjoy all of these!!

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Hello! I'm a beginner at the gym (3 months or less) and i really feel I've had very good results but my upper body (arms and shoulders) still the same and it makea me feel very disappointed because i wanted to compete in a swimming competition... What can I do?

Hey anon, I’m not sure what a swimmer needs for their upper body. More size, more endurance, both?

If you’re not satisfied with the progress, you should add more upper body session – with enough rest in-between.

Check how changing volume, intensity and frequency will help you get better results:


Autistic Steve

Okay guys so we talk a bit about autistic Carlos, but can we have a minute for autistic Steve?

• a Steve who feels alone because it’s harder for him to form lasting relationships.
• And once he does form one, it being difficult for him to maintain the relationship
• A Steve who’s first friend (in around 5th grade) abandoned him because they got tired of hearing him talk about whatever special interest he had then
• A Steve who didn’t realize that Cecil didn’t want to talk about his “conspiracy theories” until he said so. Quite loudly in front of everyone.
• Steve who doesn’t understand why everyone wants him to look them in the eyes, he’s much more comfortable with looking other places so why aren’t they?
• A Steve who hates the summer and winter breaks because it’s something totally different from what he’s used to, and then once he gets used to it, school starts up again
• A Steve who flaps his arms when he gets to openly talk about the lights in the sky and he’s just so happy

Note: I’m self diagnosed so I’m not sure of some of this stuff from a medical standpoint, but more from a personal viewpoint. If y'all want more of my crappy headcannons, just let me know. Please add anything else that comes to mind!

a harmless little compilation of jimin’s recent dope adlibs (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

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it's a TON of work to run a blog like this and do it as well as you all do and i just want to say that it's appreciated so so so much!!! For what you do and all the help you offer and just all the time you put into it's just down right amazing and thank you for that!!! Really please add buy me a coffee or something cuz saying thank you isn't enough imo and i'm sure many would agree!!

Anonymous said: I know you guys put a lot of effort here but wow, your explanation made me appreciate it a little bit more! I was wondering if you ever felt too much stress or have ever felt like giving up this blog? Running an update blog has always sounded fun to me but I think I would find myself overwhelmed often like. Keeping up with comeback stuff is enough for me lol.

Thank you so much for these kind messages. ♡ I hope I didn’t at all make it sound like I don’t love doing this, because I do! I hope everyone knows that. I, and the rest of us on allforbts, wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t love BTS, this fandom, and this blog~ Yes, there are times where it’s stressful and times when I don’t want to look at a screen, but those feelings are fleeting~ I just push through. The feelings of excitement and happiness that come from doing this always outweigh any others. Thanks for sticking with us. ♥
- Kristi

There are so many headcanons about how Chirrut lost his eyesight and Baze is the one who kinda suffers more visibly from it and Chirrut is apparently chill with it because the force but imagine…

Baze is like visibly and audibly super upset and Chirrut tries to be calm and then one day he snaps, losing his sight is a terrifying process and he’s scared enough of it as it is and he yells at Baze “Yes, it must be so hard for you, poor Baze” and throws a fit because he’s sick of having to console everyone else about his own fears.

Also what if Chirrut hasn’t really believed in the Force before he lost his sight and because he starts feeling the Force more strongly now that he can’t see, he knows, he knows it’s real. But in the time that happened, Baze lost his faith.

Anyway, what up.

inktober day 9 🎉

did you guys know that when you don’t want to draw any more face u can just add a big scarf and be done with it

anyway this is one of my nanowrimo characters and his name is Juniper and he’s not really a main character but he sure is the only one with a name so far

Enemy/angry sentence starters for your angry sentencey needs (feel free to add more)
  • "I hate you."
  • "I will destroy you."
  • "You liar!"
  • "I will crush you under my fist!"
  • "You will bleed."
  • "Don't worry, I will make sure your death is painful."
  • "You shouldn't have done that."
  • "I bet there's plans for you in hell."
  • "I've been to hell before, it's where you'll find my throne."
  • "Forgive your enemies - nothing annoys them more."
  • "Why did I trust you?!"
  • "You're gullible."
  • "Ugh, I'm sick of you!"
  • "Just leave."
  • "Keep friends close, but keep enemies closer."
  • "I don't have enemies, I just say what I want to say and do what I want to do."
  • "If you stay here any longer, I will kill you."
  • "I wish you were never born!"
  • "I can't believe I put up with you!"
  • "I hate you!"
  • "Leave! Just... Leave."
  • "Why don't you respond to my calls?"
  • "What did I say? Why are you acting like this?!"
  • "Get out of my sight."
  • "Fuck you!"
  • "Just... Go. No one needs you!"
  • "If I ever see you again, I will destroy you."

When I have a writer’s block or I just don’t know what should I write but I want to write, I always add some more to my Skyrim fanfiction I started in last october. It’s a mess because some of it are on my laptop and some of it in different notebooks and some of it just ended up in the dustbin, but it’s my favourite story and I’m sure it’s a great George RR Martin length novel by now 

Since @clown-moontoon​ has been making a lot of really wonderful arguments on Yaoyorozu’s behalf lately, I wanted to add my two cents about her quirk specifically since I know that it gets some grief for being Horikoshi sexualizing her.

While I have no idea for sure what his reasoning for making Yaoyorozu as she is is, I’d like to think of it this way:

Horikoshi has established multiple times that quirks are a physical ability, not something arcanic like magic would be. Following that logic, how else could he have made Yaoyorozu’s quirk make sense within the context he’s already established?

I’m not condoning any sexualization of our brilliant girl Yaoyorozu (because that plain and simple isn’t cool regardless to how old she is), but given what we know about quirks and what her quirk is, there really weren’t many options as to what Horikoshi could do with it and have it work the way it does within the guidelines already established.

If the objects she creates didn’t come from her physical body, where else could they have come from? Willed from the ether? Matter can’t just be pulled out of thin air and it’s been repeatedly established that quirks are based in some scientific/realistic grounds so it would have to come from some physical source. She couldn’t really have a quirk that allowed her to shape pre-existing material into things she needed and have it be the same thing as what she canonly has either because material-wise, she’d be more limited. She wouldn’t have been able to make the knock-off of Aizawa’s scarf (I’m prety sure that’s what she was making in episode 35) or the flashbangs she used to disorient him if all she had to work with was stone, brick, and metal (the material in her environment).

There are…flaws in Yaoyorozu’s costume design (as for a number of other female heroes), but given the context of the world and Yaoyorozu’s character as @clown_moontoon has pointed out before, Horikoshi did a decent job and especially with her quirk Also, with the exception of hero costumes, Yaoyorozu and every other girl is modestly dressed and not overly sexualized. There aren’t even many sexual comments made in the narrative (with the grape gremlin as the obvious exception) and if such comments are made, they’re shot down almost immediately. There’s little to no blatant fanservice that I’ve seen outside of the context of the hero costumes, as some would argue, except maybe that cheerleader scene during the Sports Festival, but Mineta was responsible for that and he’s established himself to be the perverted character (I do question why he’s there in the first place, but I hope that Mineta is there out of spite because I remember reading that somewhere and liking that idea a lot).

Could he have given Yaoyorozu a different ability? Yeah. He’s the author. He totally could have. But Horikoshi has proven to be a master of planning things out. He’s probably got something big planned for Yaoyorozu where her ability will be essential to victory and/or over-all survival.

She’ll get her time to shine. Keep in mind that Horikoshi is juggling around 21 characters just counting Class 1-A, Aizawa and All Might (and excluding Mineta), who for all intensive purposes are the main characters. That’s a huge cast! And that’s not even including all the other important side characters like Mirio or Sir Nighteye or the other teachers at UA. Not everyone’s gonna have the spotlight right away or 100% of the time, but from what I can tell, Horikoshi loves his characters and will give them all a chance to show off how awesome they are in due time.