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A guide to :nth-child 

This is a pseudo-class that I end up using a lot, so I decided to share how to use it and how I incorporate it in my themes! 

Let’s start off by explaining what a pseudo-class is. A pseudo-class is something you add to a selector to style it for a specific state. :hover is probably the one I see the most, which is used to style an element when the mouse hovers over it.

:nth-child and its related classes (nth-of-type, first-child, last-child, etc), let you style an element based on its order. This is especially useful for styling lists. This is also how I positioned the individual posts for my honeycomb theme

Here’s how to use it!

Let’s say we want to take this list:

           <li> one </li>
           <li> two </li>
           <li> three </li>
           <li> four </li>
           <li> five </l>


and make only the second item have a blue background.

After the css for the list, we would add new styling for li:nth-child(2), which will look like this:

li {
   padding: 8px;
   font-family: Helvetica;

li:nth-child(2) {
   background: cornflowerblue; /* this is just one of my favorite blues*/


the results:

Now we can do the same for any number in the list too, like :nth-child(3) would be the third item, and :nth-child(4) would be the fourth. If we wanted to do the first or last item, a better option would be :first-child and :last-child

Using formulas

If you wanted to make every third item blue, you would use :nth-child(3n).

so changing the CSS to this (and adding another list item in the html)

li:nth-child(3n) {
   background: cornflowerblue;


will look like this:

More formula examples and explanations under the cut!

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Lost and Found (Part 12)

Prompt: Imagine finding a lost dog, but it’s not just anyone’s lost dog. Who will show up at your door to claim the pup?

Warnings: Language, heartbreak, how are you enjoying the angst train?

Word Count: 833

Note: My precious doggie went missing on 6/10 and no one has spotted her or turned her in to the local shelters or anything. I miss her so much, but it inspired this fic. Texts are in italics. Thanks to my darling beta @like-a-bag-of-potatoes

Tags: @amarvelouswritings@blackwidow-romanoff@cocosierra94@firstgal34@harleyquinnandscarletwitch @sebstan01 @camigt1999 @elleatrixlestrange@bittersweetunicorm @moonlightimagination@letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked@capandbuck


A quiet Thursday afternoon, you were just about to start the crying of your usual routine when a knock came at the door. Not caring that you looked and felt like shit, you answered it and regretted it immediately.

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hello yes it is i

so, I’m trying to compile a list of fictional characters who had an abusive parent/caregiver (or two) but ended up being nothing like them. I think this will help me a lot. So these are the ones I have that I know of, if you have any more please reblog and add on to this! I want the list to be as long as my arm.

  • Peeta Mellark, The Hunger Games: his dad was physically abuse, his mom verbally (when Peeta was hijacked he was violent, but that wasn’t his fault - that wasn’t him). 
  • Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games: her mom neglected her and her sister after their dad died and she sunk into a deep depression.
  • Rapunzel, Tangled: her kidnapper, who lied to her about being her mom, was controlling and manipulative.
  • Tobias Eaton, Divergent: his father was (at least) physically abusive.
  • Nick Miller, New Girl: his father was controlling and manipulative.
  • Deadpool, Marvel Comics: his father was physically abusive.

Please please please add onto this list. I need this kind of hope. Please add the specific type of abuse they went through if you can.

Last resort

Wes wakes up to a ticking sound. According to the clock on his wall, it is 2 am. Way too early to get out of bed and investigate, he decides, and pulls the blankets tight.

The ticking continues. Curiosity has him walking to the window, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He can’t fall asleep through the sound anyway.

He pulls up the blinds, and immediately isn’t groggy or tired anymore. Hovering outside his window is a ghost. The ghost. Phantom’s left hand is still tapping the window, as if he hasn’t seen the person behind it, the other is pressed against a wound in his side. It has to be a serious one, Wes notices. Blobs of ectoplasm are staining the starkwhite glove and dripping down his leg. Wes has never seen him with more than a small bruise after a fight. Who could’ve done so much damage in one hit?

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anonymous asked:

what are your fav reibert fics?

Hey anon!

Firstly, let me direct you to my posts:

Most of my recommendations in those two posts still stand.

Since my last rec post, here are some more that I would add to my list of fave fics:

Where Nobility Lies (Multi-chaptered, Complete)
[Prince/Knight AU]
This one is a classic, and I don’t know why it took me so long to read it! It’s an AU that starts with Bertolt as a young Prince, and Reiner as a servant boy who saves Bertolt’s life. I won’t say much more because I don’t want to ruin it, but this fic is really good…trust me! The only downside is that the author never transferred this fic to AO3, so it’s still only available to read on dreamwidth. All five parts of this fic are in the thread though (you just have to scroll down a little bit to get to Part 1).

Run Rabbit Run (Multi-chaptered, Incomplete)
[Mafia AU]
As the fic summary says, this story is about bunny waiter Bertolt, who falls in love with a mob boss Reiner. Maybe I’m a little biased because it’s my friend who’s writing this fic, but the story so far is very interesting and well-written, so I’m looking forward to seeing where this fic is going.

What The Water Gave Us (Multi-chaptered, Incomplete)
[1950s southern gothic boarding school murder mystery AU]
I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love this fic! A student has gone missing from Trost Boarding School and no one can explain the disappearance. Is this student just a runaway, or is there more to it? Reiner and Bertolt are tied to the events, but will the truth be revealed? There’s a lot I love about this fic: the characterisation, the plot, the attention to details with the scenery and surroundings. A great fic so far, very angsty and plot-driven, and I’m always looking forward to new updates.

The Immortality of Mayflies (Oneshot)
[Reincarnation AU]
I read this fic a while ago, and it left me in tears! Honestly, it’s a heart-breaking reincarnation AU but I highly recommend it, especially if you’re a bit of a history nerd (like me).

I’m also going to recommend you take a look at everything @from-armin-to-z has posted on her AO3. Allison’s Reibert fics are so wholesome and cute, and I always end up with a smile on my face after I read them.

Can I also be a shameless self-promoter, and recommend you take a look at the works on my AO3? I’ve written quite a few Reibert fics this year, and there are some I’m particularly fond of.

And as I always suggest, before reading any fic on AO3, please check the tags authors have used to make sure you are completely comfortable with what you’re about to read. Happy reading! ♥

When I add dying to the list of things I have to do today, it means I’m already bleeding / that the knife has already found a home in my skin. So tell me how the ache starts gentle in the soles of your feet, and brushes softly the arch of your spine. My new mouth is a temple of lies and I don’t want to talk about it. I can’t. Let me wander blue streets like a spirit come back to life. Look at how the moon is dying tonight! Look how the streets are like labyrinths tonight! Look at how everything stands still and how my second hand is one of many things not breathing tonight! Curled up in the shower with the radio on / window open / eyes shut / feeling the static lining my lungs. The phone rings and I don’t move. Is there anything left to feel guilty for?
—  Eliel Vera, from Dusk

I’ll be entirely honest with you: I’ve read crap all this year so I’m probably going to miss many of your own favourites, but this is just a list of fics that I’ve actually read and loved in the year 2016. There’s plenty I’ve started and have loved, but am either incredibly behind on or have not yet read enough of to form a strong enough opinion on. In the new year, though, I do promise to read more and be as supportive and encouraging for this community as I can. Fingers crossed that this time next year this list will be much, much longer.

Also, because talking about fic is one of my favourite things ever, feel free to let me know if any of these are also your favourites from 2016 or even just what your favourites in general were! Let’s start the positivity and support now!

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I was talking to @captainhunters and decided there should be a list of ways Baelish can go away on the show. Feel free to add your own ideas: 

  • Dadvos Seaworth yells at Baelish. He sees him and his villain mustache. He did not raise Sansa Stark for two months for Actual Creep Littlefinger to hit on her and try to fill her head with lies. 
  • Jon and Sansa, instead of fighting like Baelish wants, team up against him. 
    • “He’s my brother, you idiot, you thought I was going to betray him?” 
  • Sansa flicks holy water on him. Or regular water, and he pulls a WIcked Witch and melts. 
  • Ned Stark literally rises from the dead and kicks Baelish’s creepy ass to hell. 
    • Or Catelyn. Or Robb. Or Rickon. Take your pick. 

anonymous asked:

I had a few questions for your wonderful Sonia costume. First, did you buy it or make it, and if you made it, what materials and the like did you use? And did you buy the blouse like it was or did you make it? Also where'd you get that pretty wig? And finally, the one thing that keeps frustrating me, where did you get your blue bow pin? I'm having trouble finding anything to use omg sorry for all the questions, I keep asking around for advice but no ones really giving a simple answer omg

Sonia Tutorial

Ah, I would love to help you, Anon! :)
First of all, I made/editted the entire cosplay. The dress, the shirt and both bows were all made from scratch. The Thigh highs were made from stockings, the brooch made editted from a brooch purchased, and the shoes painted.

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anonymous asked:

If there was anything, no matter how unrealistic, that you would have in the game if you could what things would you have added? I'd want to be able to bring more than two squad mates (making me leave all my friends behind is sad) and probably add a ridiculous amount of romance stuff, plus more outfits.

Honestly your list sounds pretty good to me. Some ridiculous things that I would like:

  • Pet you could interact with (like the Mabari in Dragon Age: Origins)
  • More dialogue/missions in ME2 & 3 related to Shepard’s backstory
  • Better hair options (I know this will never happen…let me dream)
  • Ability to kiss or hug your LI when visiting them
  • Even more angst and drama, because I hate myself
  • End battle of ME3 is won by crashing the Mako into the Catalyst 
What’s Worse, Having to Come Out, or Having to Come Out Every Day?

So I wrote this piece for Complex Life that came out today: What’s Worse, Having to Come Out, or Having to Come Out Every Day?

There was a word count but I wanted to add one more important story to the infinite list of people I have to come out to every day: coworkers.

When I was interviewing for my old job, I straight up lied about my sexuality. I knew that guy interviewing me on the phone was from the South and he was asking me about my family values– he was screening me to make sure I was relatable to America. I did not mention that I was currently struggling with coming out. In fact, when I was interviewing, I was literally in the thick of it. I was in love (not love, lust, but you know what it feels like) with the first girl I ever felt that way about. My family didn’t know, only one of my friends knew, and I lived in a constant fear of being absolutely petrified.

When I came in for my final interview, the in-person one, the person who would later become my boss asked if I had a boyfriend. The fact that they couldn’t smell the fear on me means you literally cannot smell fear– because no one has ever been more red, more caught dead in their tracks, more deer in headlights EVER. I just said “no.” They asked if I was dating. Again, trying to screen me since I was about to become a radio personality. I said no.

When I was hired, I started driving my friend Keith to work. Keith and I are buds and have worked together at multiple jobs for about 3 years now. It’s interesting to me that he was one of the first to know. On the way there, I told him I started dating girls. He was cool about it. He always is.

A few days later, maybe 5 days into my new job, we were having a group brainstorm and I scooped up every drop of courage in my body and decided I would come out casually: I pitched them the topic of “the dumbest thing you’ve done for your crush.” A few nights before that, I had hung out with my crush. We were 100% not sober, sitting across the room from each other, her on the bed, me on the floor, staring at each other. She kept offering me a giant bottle of water. I kept accepting it, because I loved her, taking a sip, then handing it back. Every couple of minutes, she would hand me the water, I would drink it and hand it back. We laughed every time. It was sweet. She was taking care of me. I ended up having to pee every 2 minutes for the rest of the night because I drank so much water. I’m a dumb dumb.

I told this story to the room and everyone went silent. They were making eye contact with each other, trying to make sure they heard it right– I said “SHE.” They tried to play it off like the casual conversation it was, but things were about to be different and we all knew it.

The following week, I knew everyone was talking behind my back, whispering about my sexuality, asking each other if they knew, etc etc. All the garbage. Just all of it. Eventually, I literally had to make jokes about being gay so that they felt like they could address it again.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we didn’t have to do insane trash like this every day of our lives? Or worry if we should tell our employer if we’re gay? Or worry about our coworkers talking shit behind our backs? 

you said you'd lend me anything, i think i'll have your company [olicity college AU]

A/N: This was based on a photo I saw of SA being on a motorcycle for TMNT press tour.


Originally posted by culturethatcounts

For the second time that day, Felicity enters the Queen Mansion.

Earlier, she had left Oliver and Tommy with an eye roll as the boys surrounded themselves with bottles of alcohol and taking shots while they set up the bar for Oliver’s birthday.

But this time around, Felicity is a ball of nerves because the next time she leaves this house, in some way or another, her life will be changed forever.

There’s something happening between her and Oliver, a limbo of sorts - more than friends but not quite reached relationship status- that has been going on for months now and it’s to the point where it can’t be left unresolved any longer. They’ve promised each other that after tonight, they would have the ‘talk’ and tell each other how they felt.

And if that doesn’t cause a shit load of butterflies to flutter like nothing else in her stomach, Felicity doesn’t know what will.

She smoothes the imaginary creases in her flirty red dress that floats around her mid thigh, and the back feels breezy in the too crowded room because, well there’s no back.

She’s hoping that Oliver will appreciate the bare skin. Because let’s face it, it’s all for his benefit.

Heading to the kitchen to say her hellos to Moria and Raisa and offer any help, she sees Tommy working a small crowd of girls and goes over to silently place a chaste kiss on his cheek before continuing on her route.

It’s only after she’s exited the kitchen that she spots him near the garage door in the foyer.

He’s straddling his new limited edition Harley Davidson motorcycle that his parents got him for his birthday today, wearing the most stupidest, dopiest grin on his face, looking like a proud little boy showing off his latest toy as a group of guys stand around him with impressed looks.

She knows the rosy cheeks he’s sporting is not from the temperature of the room but from the nearly empty cup of beer he’s holding. The tight dark green t-shirt is doing absolute wonders for the bulging muscles underneath, rippling every time he moves the handles back and forth. His jeans are undeniably oh-so-snug that makes her weak at the knees just from the sight alone.
Not to mention the backwards cap that shows a tuft of hair that sticks out from the cap loop at his hairline. That just does things to her that probably really shouldn’t.

He’s looking like the perfect picture of sin.

And it’s taking all of her womanly virtues to not stride over and bang him right there and then.

Oliver spots her, and she expects nothing less these days as his awareness of her has always been on point.
He slides off the bike gracefully and strides towards her with what Felicity can only describe as her smile as his eyes shine at her brightly.

“Hey beautiful,” he says as he wraps her into a bear hug and then sighs in relief, “you’re back.. finally!”

Felicity giggles at that, of course Oliver Queen could party with a hundred of his closest friends and still make out that she’s the only person he wanted there.

“Happy Birthday, Oliver” she mumbles as reaches up on her tippy toes and she presses a lingering kiss on the underside of his jaw.

A warm hand rests on her hip as he informs her,

“Let me get you a drink, we’ve got your favourite red in the back..”

She’s in the middle of nodding when the last person she expected to show walks through the door.

Beautiful - probably could out-model a real life model - Helena.

Helena was that Queen Bee girl back in high school who bullied her about her nerdy looks and then later tortured her by parading the fact she could stick her tongue down Oliver Queen’s throat whenever she felt like it and reminded Felicity that she was only the geeky girl who sometimes followed the two most popular boys in school around.

Before she can think about what she’s doing, she’s hooking her thumbs through Oliver’s belt loops and pulling his hips to hers.

A hint of shock runs over Oliver’s face but quickly turns into that famous smug smile of his.

He bands his arms around Felicity’s waist and she doesn’t know who shivers first as he lightly runs his fingers down her bare back before settling his hands on her ass.
He pecks her lips once, twice then the third time’s a charm as he pulls back to stare straight into her eyes with intensity that warms her insides but there’s a teasing smile pulling at his lips.

“Oh, I see how it is. I’m taken tonight?”

It would be so easy to pull rank, nod prettily and whisper something seductive in his ear.
But they’re not in Boston, at some frat party where people just know them as Oliver and Felicity or Felicity and Oliver, the package deal.

It doesn’t work like that here, not when they’re back in their home town, back in this house and especially not when BitchFace Helena is back from the past.

So Felicity shyly looks down at their feet, avoiding his gaze and shrugs.

Her fingers still play with the loops at his waistband while something green and nasty fires away in the pit of her stomach. She doesn’t like feeling like this but she can’t help it. They’re so close to having everything.

Fe-li-ci-ty,” he coaxes, making her look up at him. His eyes are bouncing with amusement and his lips are tug up at the corners, “I hope this isn’t about Helena Bertinelli walking through the door, you know that I didn’t even put her on the official guest list, she’s totally gate crashing right now.”

Biting her lip, Felicity shakes her head then nods sheepishly and a little breathlessly she adds, “Maybe? I don’t know. But does it help that I wanted you to unwrap my present tonight?

Oliver laughs out loud at that and gently places her hand over his slightly fast beating heart and says huskily while they lock gazes,

"Tonight, I am yours.”

Even though he says it in the same tone as any other time they do this dance, Felicity can’t help but think that in this moment, he has just sealed their forever.

Then Oliver’s cupping her face in his large hands and brushing a wild curl behind her ear, leaning over to put his lips on hers. As soon as they touch, it’s all tongue and teeth and all kinds of wonderful.

Felicity is too dazed to notice Oliver walking away from her towards the bar.

Time ticks by as Felicity mingles and sips her wine before she’s back on the search for the man of the hour.

She finds Oliver at his bike again, leaning against it with his arms crossed while talking to a couple of his baseball teammates.

She grins at the sight, he looks so beautiful standing there laughing at one of the guys. She wants to see that laugh for the rest of her life if she’s being honest.

But all thoughts of the future get cut short when she sees Helena and her beady eyes hovering around. She’s probably sussing how to get on that bike and into Oliver’s pants for some sort of sex reunion.

It’s not Felicity’s first rodeo with Oliver Queen having a motorcycle. She knows the stories, knows how every girl in town wants to be the woman who gets to cling to him while riding on the back.

She doesn’t get to dwell on that for long before Oliver has met her eye, because of course he has, and he’s rolling his eyes at Helena"s antics and then winking at Felicity.

And with that, she’s making her way over to him. She’s a few steps out of reach when Felicity sees him pass his beer cup to a teammate and then suddenly she’s yelping in surprise as Oliver lifts her up by the hips and places her on the bike.

She definitely notices the way his eyes linger on the hem of her dress when it flutters around her hips before settling on her thighs when she finally sits still.

“You guys remember Felicity Smoak, right?” Oliver asks before continuing on with the conversation he’s having.

The hand at the base of her spine never leaves as his fingers start to scratch lightly up and down her lower back, making sure she doesn’t topple as her feet don’t quite touch the petals.

Felicity knows she shouldn’t look, that she’s better than what she’s about to do but after all she’s indeed Donna Smoak’s, a Vegas girl through and through, daughter. Even though her mother would tsk at her if she found out but she would also hi-five her ten minutes later for standing up for herself.

So she looks over at Helena to see her scowling at the sight in front of her and then Felicity gives her the biggest genuine smile that she can muster. Because what better way to take down your former bully than to show real happiness?

She doesn’t linger around to see a response, turning back to Oliver and his teammates, leaning into Oliver, it’s enough for his hand to stop its movements on her lower back and slide under the side of the open back dress and curl around to rest on her ribs, thumb rubbing small circles there.

The intimate action makes Felicity stare up to find Oliver staring back at her with a soft smile and such adoration that it stops her heart for a second before a newfound warmth pumps through her veins.

The spell is broken when his teammates say their goodbyes and she gets a text, swiping across to see that their recent moment has been captured as a photo with a caption below it.

I expect full credit for this photo when you two use it for your engagement announcement.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sent 11:23 pm

A blush forms, making her cheeks warm and rosy as Felicity laughs giddily and looks up from her iPhone to see Tommy standing there, giving her a mock salute before chasing after some girl. With a shake of her head, she laughs even more at their friend before giving her attention to Oliver who is still staring at her with the same look he had before.

She’s about to ask him about his night when he looks beyond her shoulder and chuckles,

"Looks like we’ve got a audience.”

Her eyes travel in the direction of his to find Helena scowling even more than before.

“Oh, she’s just pissed that I get to ride this bike with you..”

Grinning, Felicity turns back around to find Oliver’s demeanour change completely.
Long gone with the soft smiles and flirty banter, it’s replaced with heavy eyes that are filled with lust and desire. The pull low in the pit of her stomach is now burning up with want and longing and love.

“C'mon,” he says in a low voice as he helps her off the bike and guides her by her hips to the staircase that leads to his bedroom, “let’s give her something to really scowl about.”

“Wait! What about the party? We can’t just lea-”

Oliver all but growls,

“Baby, it’s my birthday and I’ll do as I please. And right now I really want to unwrap my present.”

Felicity’s life has indeed changed when she finally leaves the house three days later.  

In an old pair of leggings she’s left there and a hoodie that isn’t hers, Felicity makes it pass the threshold of the front door and to the steps before she hears Oliver call out playfully,

“Hey girlfriend!”

Turning around to see him casually leaning against the doorway with his ankles crossed and his bare torso out on full display, Felicity openly ogles him as her eyes travel down to the patch of hair that continues underneath his sweat pants that hangs low on his hips, subconsciously licking her lips.

“Yes, boyfriend of mine?”

As she meets Oliver’s gaze, all she can see is that special smile he has for her, that makes his bright blue eyes shine like the sea and in that voice he only reserves for her, he says those three little words that have been moaned, breathe and etched into her skin for the past seventy two hours,

I love you.”

FIC Updates Weekending 7/16/16

Another week is over and here is the list of updates I was able to find.  Please be sure to send love to our authors who write such wonderful stories for us to enjoy!

One Victor  Chapter 7  by @javistg

Wilderness  Chapter 14  by @chele20035

Happily Ever After  Chapter 2 by @que-sera-sera88

Good Boy - Bad Girl  Chapter 6 by @dianaflynn22

Forever Lies Beyond the Tracks  Chapter 12  by @starveinsafety

Coxa  Chapter 9  by @jennagill

Hope & Sacrifice  Chapter 19  by @ofdustandstarsfic  

Star  Chapter 10  by @andshewaits  

Bad Puns and Cheese Buns  Chapter 18 by @booksrockmyface

The Tigers Come Out At Night  Chapter 5 by @shesasurvivor

Pumpkin Spice  Chapter 4  by @papofglencoe

As always, there may by more.  I’m away on a business trip so my Tumblr time is extremely limited right now so I definitely could’ve missed something.   If you want something added to the list, I’ll be happy to add it for the evening reblog.  All of these fics have been reblogged on @everlarkficupdate for your reading enjoyment!

Now we’ll see what we get for SSS’s today.  Happy Peeta Sunday Everlarkers! Love you all!