i want those nails

Social Standards  Me.

My own tribute to the nails, and an opportunity for me to hate standards.

Now, i’ll proceed to freak the fuck out of here.

(sorry for i have been very busy and stressed bc school is killing me I swear that’s why I haven’t drawn much, but im working in a big drawing and you are all going to love it MUAHAHHHAHAHAHA)


know what I want? I want a thread where Lara fashions one of those gnarly nail bombs out of a rusted can, some old hardware, and other scavenged stuff. I just want her crouched in a corner fiddling with this junk while her companion is just dodging gunfire in their direction and watching her, like, “wtf lara??? we’re going to die. what are you even —”

then she tosses this pathetic little can into the middle of the battlefield. there’s a silence as everyone just stares at it in absolute confusion. 

THEN BAM. shins are shredded. a merc is flying through the air. nails embedded in every nearby surface. 

and lara is just there, like, “please pass me another can? thx.” 


I know I’m selfish,
Want you all to myself. 
I want to be the only thing on your mind, 
My arms around your waist from behind, 
My lips to your ear,
Can you hear your name on my breath? 
Breathe deep, 
Breathe clean, 
Breathe me.
Let me in, 
I want to be yours. 
Your hands on my back,
Your lips to mine
What’s mine is yours, 
So you took your nails and carved your name in my flesh, 
Took my breath away, 
Left me gasping. 
Why are you clapping? 
Please stop laughing. 
All I wanted was to love you,
That was my dream.
But those nails have turned to razors, 
And the teeth that I wished would worry my lips has torn them to shreds.
I sit in bed, 
A cold sweat broken over my skin, 
And realize it was all a dream,
Turned to a nightmare, 
Just like real life. 
My real vice,
I keep coming back to you,
And pretending like all I want now is for your back to keep me cumming,
But the truth is I’m a lovesick weirdo, 
I revel in the pain,
Because at the end of the day it means you had to spend at least a little time to think about how to break me, 
I was on your mind, 
No matter what,
For that brief second, 
I mattered, 
In any capacity, 
And that’s all I want. 

anonymous asked:

Do you paint your nails?

Not usually because if it starts to chip I cry and also I work a warehouse job so it always chips rly fast but I want to try those fake nails that glue on cause cute and reusable ;v;

I want to be the one you never forget.
Who you think of when you see basic things around places such as a toothbrush and the way I’m obsessed with the toothpaste you use.
I want you to think of me when you make a baby smile and remember how much I loved to do that.
I want you to hear a goofy accent in a large crowd and think “damn, she had one of those”
I want you to see nail polish and remember that if even one chipped I had to redo them all.
I want you to remember me.
—  I want to be the one you never forget