i want those eyebrows

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those are not his eyebrows those are his antenna-i i cant,i canrt finish this im sorry

someone get the bug spray


Even amusingly calling out Isak on his BS.

» I’m the fucking master liar, there’s no one who’s a better liar than me! I mean, you have no idea what I’ve gotten away with.
» Well, tell me. What have you gotten away with?

Impulse good-mojo doodle time, fuuwah~!! ( J* C*)J

I got a strong blast of motivation to draw X, and just doodled reproductions of a few frames he had in battle-n-cutscenes from the Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. (Despite its obvious flaws, I still look at what’s going on.)

The first two at the left are actually many months old and during my Project X Zone 2 mojo, the top one specifically was of a particular chapter and there was a moment that involved the player moving X straight into fire.

The rest are pretty much done in the lapse of an hour of listening to upbeat music and I’m pretty happy with all of these sauf the profile shot.

Also, please let X express more in-game. I know he’s a robot, but Reploids are capable of displaying human emotion. :T

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I have a question: are you using Kijiko’s Eyebrow Overhaul with PixleSwirl's Pooklet hair overhaul? The post says they conflict but in the picture you have on the Lacelot download looks like the both have Kijiko's eyebrows. I really want to download PixleSwirl's overhaul, but I also really love those eyebrows. Can you please let me know if you get the chance, thank you.

I do have both. It works with some colors but not others. I’ve made it work the best I can lol

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I don't see how you can't LOVE iggy uwu. He is the best hetalia character ever!! He is also my senpai husbando so if you hate on him, you hate on me!! However i don't mind sharing him with america-san!!(I love when they do the hot yaoi I mean I read SOO many lemons with them XD) instead of shoving his member up my arse I want him to shove those SUPER SEXY 4 LINE EYEBROWS in there!!!1!XDDDDDDD but anyways back to YOUUUUUUU!1! I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN AND MURDER YOU FOR THAT SLANDER OF MY IGGY!!1!!

soon i’m gonna have to compile like a bunch of these fake england stan asks and narrate them bc im dying from laughter


Genre: Smuttie Smutty Smut

Members: Jeon… A.k.a #MrRudeAndFlirtLately

Word Count: I have no idea Just read fam

You are on a sweet date with your very own cute yet sexy boyfriend JungKook. The times you freely meet are rare so you are doing everything you like while hanging out at his place. 

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After IT (bay!Raphael x reader) NSFW MATURE CONTENT

“Now, get off of me” I pushed Raphael up to sitting position, his member still inside me.

“I thought you’d want to cuddle?” He smirked but eventually got off of me and sat at the edge of the bed.

“Yeah, usually.” I said and wider my mouth to my arm. “when I don’t have cum in my mouth!”

Raph laughed, the whole bed wobbling while he did. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, but you’re just getting so good I couldn’t hold it.”

“Hahahah.” I mocked, I really was not on the mood right now.

“So, did I taste good?” Now he was just teasing me… 

I gave him a really bad glare, but it only humored him more.

“I take it as a no." 

"Well, cum never tastes good, idiot.” I mumbled, pulling my panties back on after cleaning myself with a piece of paper.

“Well you didn’t throw up this time!” He was trying to find at least one tiny bit of me confessing that it wasn’t all awful. 

“Guess I’ve gotten used to it.” I shrugged, now putting some socks on. The awful taste in my mouth just kept haunting me, making me gag. 

“You tasted actually better than the other times…” Raph whispered and kissed my neck. I rolled my eyes.

“I know, you keep saying that every time. But I seriously need something better tasting in my mouth right now!” Raph took a hold of my face with his hands, keeping me looking at him.

“How about me?” He grinned. I slammed my hand over his face and pushed, getting up from the bed with my shaky legs.

“I meant food!” I lifted my hands up but they shake too. I hadn’t covered from our fun just yet, but I felt so hungry, and greedy for another taste, to kill the other in my mouth.

“Okay, I’ll help you to the kitchen.” Raph knew he wouldn’t get a second round.

“So, we have fish sticks, and mayonnaise?” Raph lifted his eyebrows playfully at me.

“I want nothing of those. No water animals or sauce that is white and almost liquid.” I really had no energy for his games now.

“You’re no fun…” He muttered and went through the fridge again.

It ended up me eating just bread while Raph sat at the other side of the table. 

“I really liked the view I got.” Raph smiled.

I gave him a questioning look, my mouth still full of bread I didn’t want to even try to talk.

“When I came to your mouth.”

Cough cough cough

“What?!” I snapped when all the bread was out of my mouth.

“I meant what I said.”

“I KNOW!! But why did you have to mention it when I was still eating!!” I yelled, still not forgetting the taste in my mouth.

“Well sorry for being so horny all the time!" 

My eyes stared at him, frozen, surprised and… Understandingly? 

"You’re just so damn hot! I can’t help it, but your attitude makes it look like your just teasing me all the time.” He kept his eye sight at mine, not even blinking while he talked, reasoned his actions.

“It’s not that I don’t want you Raph.” I looked away. “You make me think the same things. You’re like, really manly and sexy, but… You’re so big." 

When I dared to look back at him, he was blushing. Bad. 

"It’s pretty exhausting to do it. And it’s just that I need little pauses at the moments. To get the energy back, okay.”

He was silent for a while, then the oh so familiar smirk returned to his face.

“So, what about the second round?" 

I sighed. 

"I’ll just finish my juice.” I said, looked after Raphael when he headed back to the bedroom to wait for me.

#59: He's Your Brother's Best Friend | Part 3


Final part of this x

Preference 59: He’s your brother’s best friend

Preference 59: He’s Your Brother’s Best Friend | Part 2


Luke’s fingers rolled over each other in a nervous and bored habit, his eyes switching between looking at the screen and towards Y/B/N, though; it wasn’t much attention he was receiving back, Y/B/N’s tongue sticking out in concentration from the game in front of him and Luke. To be honest, Luke had been absent throughout the whole day. Since the night before where Y/B/N had told him that they would need a conversation about you, Luke had been nervous as balls and couldn’t think of anything else in his mind. He was scared, and in a fear of not getting any acceptation at all from your brother, for god sake he was your brother’s best mate, it was clearly somehow against the rules of the bro code, but Luke couldn’t contain himself! And that was the main reason why he was in such a fear, what if Y/B/N’s conclusions to everything would be a big ass red no printed in Luke’s forehead? Just by thinking at it made him cringe, his shoulders shaking lightly as he tried to shrug it off. ”You cold man?” Y/B/N asked, already reading out for a blanket to Luke, but he refused, his eyes widening when you walked past them in the living room al of the sudden, heading towards the bathroom. ”Oh, right yeah.” Y/B/N said all of the sudden, looking over at Luke. ”We had to talk about her.” He mumbled, pausing the game. ”Okay, don’t look so freaky I haven’t even started.” He almost chuckled when he noticed Luke’s state, Luke just nodding his head. ”I’m not gonna yell at you or confronting you or anything else. My only wish here is for you to not break my little sister’s heart. I’ve been thinking about this overnight, and at first I was mad, but after a little while, I cooled down. I thought about it and concluded that it would be ten times better to let her date someone I actually trust instead of some douche.  So I’m letting you ask her out, and we’ll see afterwards how it works out. Okay?” Luke broke into a smile, eyes wide with joy. ”Do you mind if I ask her now?” He asked, not expecting a no as he stood up from the couch. ”Do whatever you want man.” Y/B/N laughed as Luke tumbled towards the hallway. Yet he forgot about the fact that you were at the toilet so when he passed by the door, the two of you smashed into each other. Luke grabbed you by the arms to prevent you from falling, his whole body filling with panic. ”Will you go out with me?” He blurted, looking down at you with wide eyes, you doing the exact same with yours, raising your eyebrows as well. ”I mean, uhm- Well shit.” Luke smacked his hand against his forehead in stupidity, yet you could only giggle at him which made him look down at you stunned and confused. ”Come again Luke?” You requested, crossing your arms and cocking your head as you looked at him smirking. Luke’s mouth mixed between being shut and open, yet with no words coming out, making him look like a fish. ” uh.-” He stammered, looking down at you with wide eyes. ”Okay, don’t say anymore, my answer is yes.” Luke’s eyes turned wider now, ”You don’t even wanna hear what your brother said?” He asked curiously, but you only shook your head. ”Our walls are thin; I heard everything from the bathroom.” You giggled, lifting yourself up on your toes to give him a kiss on the cheek. ”How about you pick me up at 5 today?” A wink was send from you making Luke blush instantly while he nodded his head fast. ”Great, uh, yeah.” He smiled, nodding his head as he watched you back away into your room.


Calum opened his mouth in shock, ready to explain why in the world he was in your bed, and embracing you, or well, to be honest he had no idea how it had happened, of course he remember the part with watching films with you. But he barely got the chance to watch half of the movie done before he had fallen asleep next to you, and he had thought that you probably wouldn’t mind anyways. But of course he had forgotten about Y/B/N. ”Spare me for any explanations, I just have one question.” Y/B/N exclaimed, Calum shifting on the bed to sit up straighter. ”Are you naked?” ”What?” You exclaimed in confuse, sitting up as well. ”What the fuck, dude?” Calum looked just as confused as you, yet Y/B/N got a satisfied smile on his face. ”Good.” He smiled, the two of you starting to look at each other. ”Aren’t you mad at all? Wanting to yell in our faces?” You questioned, feeling Calum’s hand under the duvet rubbing over your bare thigh. ”No, why would I do that?” He laughed, walking forward and taking a seat on your bed by your feet. ”Because.. Isn’t that the normal brother attitude ritual? And especially since Calum is one of your best mates?” Y/B/N sent you a ridiculous smile with a mix of disbelief. ”You’ve been watching too many movies Y/N.” He laughed, yet Calum was just as confused as you, looking up at Y/B/N weirdly. ”Why?” ”Because, I mean look at the two of you. I know you both so well, I couldn’t get myself to be mad at this. I know that the both of you are totally fancying each other, yet not wanting to realize it yourself. Jesus Christ, if you guys hadn’t slept in her room the night before, I would’ve have set you up myself. I just want the two of you to be happy. And if that means that you guys have to be together, then it will be.” Both you and Calum’s cheeks were blushing now by the sudden announcement of you actually confessing liking each other, Calum running a hand through his hair. ”I just have one rule.” He suddenly said, looking more serious now. ”What?” You questioned, one eyebrow rising. ”I do not want any sex here. Those events will appear at Calum’s flat.” ”Y/B/N.” You exclaimed, grabbing a pillow from behind you and throwing it towards him. ”I’m serious, though.” Y/B/N chuckled half serious, looking down at you. ”Fine, okay?” You mumbled to his satisfaction again, him walking up from the bed and leaving the room. ”What the hell just happened in here?” Calum mumbled dazed, looking down at you confused. ”I have no idea to be honest.” Your hand came up to your eyes to scratch the sleep out of them, blinking a few times afterwards. ”That was just weird.” ”Yeah, but now I can finally do this.” He winked down at you before leaning his mouth towards yours, placing a rather soft kiss to your smaller shock. The kiss lasted longer than expected, turning more passionate by every fifth second. ”Wait.” You mumbled, moving away from him. ”What?” He mumbled, placing a kiss right beside the corner of your mouth. ”We promised that we wouldn’t have sex here.” You whispered making Calum crack out loud in laughter, his face leaning into your neck. ”I doubt he will hear anything.” Calum winked but you leaned away with your face from his waiting lips. ”Come on, just kiss me at least.” He pouted, watching you as you placed your head on your pillow. ”No. Cuddle me instead.” You requested and he looked down at you confused for a second before he gave you a warm smile, moving around so he was behind you before he pulled you into his chest. ”This is the best feeling ever.”


A plate and a glass of water was placed right next to Michael’s half sleeping form, his eyes blinking a few times before he opened them fully, confuse gazing his mind when he saw the plate and you sitting on the bed next to him. ”I brought you breakfast.” You announced as if it wasn’t clearly, Michael furrowing his eyebrows as he looked at the plate next to him with a piece of bread on it, his mind forgetful at first, but when the hangover and headache hit him, he remember everything clearly. But when he looked down at himself, his eyebrows furrowed again in more confuse, looking up at you. ”I swear I was wearing something differently last night.” He stated, you smiling, ”It’s Y/B/N’s. You had to borrow it since yours got dirty last night.” Michael’s eyes went wide and he wanted to sit up straight on your bed, his headache dunking in his head as he did. ”What uh- Happened?” He questioned, clearly confused and dazed. ”Well you felt a sleep. And everything went well, until the exact moment when the last guest left the house.” ”Oh no..” Michael instantly moaned, pushing the cold cloth that was already on his forehead closer to his head trying to prevent the headache that was causing him pain. ”Do I even wanna know?” He asked, making you let out a giggle. ”You puked literally everywhere. I had to give you one of my old school bags to throw up in before I almost carried you to the toilet. We stayed out there for probably 25 minutes until you almost looked like you could pass out. So Y/B/N cleaned up your mess when I dragged you back to my room. Just as soon you hit the pillow you were out like a light. I remember afterwards to take a puking bucket with me in case of any new accidents. But luckily enough for you, there was nothing left in your stomach, so you slept well.” Michael’s eyes went wide by your explanations, yet you couldn’t point out whether he was just shocked or had to puke again. ”You need the..” You mumbled fast before reaching down to your floor, taking up the bucket. ”No, no, I’m okay.” Michael reassured, not feeling any nausea in his body, just the repeating headache almost killing him. ”Oh.. Good.” You mumbled, placing the bucket back again on the floor, watching Michael as he sipped on his water and took a few bites of his bread. ”Thank you.” He suddenly said making you look up at him. ”For what? Helping you with puking?” You almost laughed making a smile come across his lips. ”Not just that. Just thank you for taking care of me and letting me sleep in here. I hope I haven’t scared you away already.” His hand glide on the duvet over to yours before his warm hand connected with yours, intertwining your fingers. A blush came across your lips by the sudden action, your mouth forming into a small ”o” As you looked down at your fingers. ”You haven’t, I assure.” You reassured, a smile breaking onto Michael’s lips by your words but was changed fast when his name was yelled. ”Michael you sick puking bastard, stop flirting with my sister and get the fuck out here, we have a party to clean up, it looks like a landfill.” Michael moaned instantly by the mention of his name, his head falling back to his neck. ”The worst part that comes along with parties.” He groaned before he let go of your fingers and stood up from the bed. He send you a wink before he turned around on his heels and headed out of the door. ”This won’t be my last meeting in here Y/N.”    


Your back was pressed against your chair as you looked out of the window in your room, your phone in your hand as you were snapchatting with some of your friends. Yes, you had said to Ashton and Y/B/N that you went to bed, but just as soon as you came into your room, you were too offended and angry to get the slightest sleep. You just wanted to be alone. But that failed completely when the sound of footsteps was aloud out on your hallway, the sound of your door cracking open. ”Y/N?” Ashton asked, your eyes instantly rolling by his sudden appearance. You just scrolled up the volume of your music just wanting him to leave and let you be alone, not wanting to deal with him. ”Are you trying to ignore me?” He exclaimed after trying to get your attention for a few seconds, but without any reaction from you, Ashton turned irritated. He noticed the music in your ears which made him roll his eyes by your immature action, marching towards you before pulling the both of them out, ”Hey, what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” You exclaimed angrily, Ashton ignoring you this time by plugging the headphones out from your phone and swinging them over his shoulders. ”Hey give them back.” Your hands reached out to grab the headphones but Ashton moved so he was out of reach. ”What do you even want Ashton?” You almost pouted, not wanting him to be a tease at this point. ”I wanna talk.” ”I don’t wanna talk.” You said stubbornly before reaching out again, yet Ashton just moved away from you again as he took a seat on your carpet in front of you, crossing his legs. ”Listen, I know I offended you back in the kitchen.” ”Oh, really?” You stated, crossing your arms. ”Yes, and of course I regret it!” He said, mimicking you by crossing his arms as well. ”And I was stupid, it was a dickmove, like, how in the world could I point out that you’re younger and it would be disgusting, when I’m best friends with your fucking twin! My point is just that I’m really sorry Y/N.” His eyes tried to find yours but you avoided his, trying to find any spot in your room to focus on so you wouldn’t have to meet his eyes. ”Stop being so stubborn.” He ordered, moving his body so his knees were resting on the floor supporting his body. ”No.” You said, almost trying to prevent the giggle from your lips by the immature state you were currently in. It seemed so ridiculous that you could almost not laugh. Ashton looked up and down your body before a smirk came to his lips, your eyes going wide when you could feel what’s coming. Ashton’s hands sneaked up to your armpits before started to tickle, your laughter splitting out by the sudden action, Ashton’s giggle filling the room as he tickled you. ”Stop you shit.” You mumbled through giggles, Ashton shaking his head. ”Not until you say that you will go out with a dork like me.” He stated, you just shaking your head. ”Never!” You yelled, moving around on your chair as he continued his actions, tears ready to spill from your eyes. ”Okay, okay fine I will go out with you.” You admitted to make him stop, Ashton stopping his action. ”Really?” He asked stunned, not knowing whether you had said yes due to his tickling or just because you actually wanted. ”Yes, really.” You smiled, Ashton showing off an award-winning smile, placing a kiss to your cheek to your surprise. 

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can you do GoM realizing they're falling completely and hopelessly in love with their s/o, and accidentally blurting it out after seeing their s/o do something moronic/cute (such as their s/o's tendency to always pout when they're forced to eat carrots or something)?

Sure.. here it is :) Sorry for the long wait though..

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I’m at the point that whenever I see Shinya and Kureto anywhere in same picture

All I want to do is fucking take Shinya away from those evil eyebrows because NO FUCKING WAY IN HELL KURETO BEING NEAR MY BABY CINNAMON ROLL!!!

(But I also keep looking at their photos because they’re hot as hell no matter how ridiculous Kureto’s eyebrows are and goddamn double sexiness of Hiiragi siblings)

@herknights continued from [x]

“Yes,” she whispers, eyes hopeful. “Yes, I think I’d like that, darling. Would…would you like that as well?”

“Well yes, obviously I do. Why would I ask you to move in if I didn’t want it?” John replied, those bushy eyebrows of his set into a confused frown. He’d do a lot of things for Missy, yeah, but ask her to become a permanent resident of his private space without actually wanting it? Of course he wouldn’t!

“You can share my room, obviously. I’ll make space for you in my wardrobe - or buy you a whole new one? Oh, or the spare bedroom can be your wardrobe? I dunno; we’ll have to work it out. It’ll be fine.”



Everyone loves Lily Evans

Jily prompt: A group of boys are being vulgar with Lily in the corridors and James rushes to the rescue and stops them, but Lily gets really mad at him because he interrupted a very carefully planned out prank she was planning to pull on the individuals. READ ON FF.NET


Lily Evans was just leaving the Charms classroom when Luke Duncan greeted her.

“Evans! Lovely to run into you!”

Lily bid her friends goodbye. “Hey Luke. Did you want to talk to me about anything?”

“I did, actually.” Luke smiled at her, casually slinging his arm over her shoulders. It made her uncomfortable.

It wasn’t because she fancied someone else. But he hadn’t asked for her consent, and that ticked her off. Luke Duncan was a well-known ladies man, and Lily didn’t appreciate being treated like a random notch in Luke’s belt.

“You see, Hogsmeade’s this Saturday, and seeing as I don’t have any one to go with…I was thinking you might like to go with me.” He flashed her a dashing smile.

“I’m just gonna go with friends - but thanks for the invite, Luke.” She smiled back at him.


Larry Hughes asked Lily to Hogsmeade on Tuesday at breakfast. The Ravenclaw was a very nervous bloke, who always seemed to be following Levi Connolly around.

Lily took so long to answer - she was so shocked at the proposal - that Larry blushed profusely and quickly turned around.


“Go to Hogsmeade with me, Evans?” Ernie Simon opened the door for her. The Slytherin was a rather nice bloke, very studious and all of that, but he simply didn’t peak Lily’s interest.

Ever since Duncan had asked her out, a number of blokes had decided to do the same and Lily was getting tired. So, even though Ernie didn’t deserve it, she turned him down: on the pretext of staying in the castle, doing homework.

“It’s alright, Lily. I’ll just see you in rounds.” He smiled at her.


It was Thursday after lunch. Lily was leaving the Great Hall when she spotted Zavier Clifford, a Hufflepuff Seventh Year - Head Boy, actually.

“Hey, Clifford.” She waved at him. “I was wondering if I could talk to you for a bit. I’m not sure I can do rounds with you today. Mind if I change partners and do it some other time?”

“Not at all, Lily. How about you compensate me by coming to Hogsmeade as my date?”

And because she was getting rather tired, she simply said that she’d be busy and left him standing in the middle of the corridor.


By Friday afternoon, Lily was getting sick of the joke. Was this some sort of sick prank? Why on earth would so many guys be asking her out? Sure she was smart, and fairly pretty – oh, and modest as well – but what would Levi Connolly, that Ravenclaw twit, want to do with her?

“Go out with me, Evans? It’s not like you’ll have anything better to do, anyway.”

Lily hexed him.


It was two in the afternoon and Lily Evans discovered she quite fancied a stroll through the grounds. It was already March and way too nice of a day to be holed up in her dorms, she thought.

She looked in the mirror: her shirt was buttoned, her hair was in a plait, and everything was neat and orderly. She stepped through the portrait hole and made her way downstairs.

Just as she was leaving the castle, she heard footsteps. Usually, this wouldn’t have bothered her - but it was a Hogsmeade weekend, so nearly everyone was at the village. So many guys had asked her out that she thought she would just sit out on this one, and that was what she did. Next year, she’d have plenty of time to visit Hogsmeade.

Turns out that the footsteps belonged to a pair of Ravenclaws, but not just any Ravenclaws - they belonged to none other than Connolly and Hughes, who had both asked her to Hogsmeade in the previous week.

“Evans.” Levi was clearly bitter over Lily’s rejection – or maybe it was the tentacles she gave him upon proposal.

“Connolly. Terribly sorry to hear Jorkins wasn’t available.” Lily knew she shouldn’t be egging him on, but after what he’d said to her? Lily Evans was known for her rather short temper, so why should she get the fame and not reap the benefits?

“You little bitch.” He spat. “Just because you’ve got Potter wrapped around your little finger you think you can treat the rest of us like crap? I don’t know why I even bothered.”

“Come on, Levi, calm down,” said Larry Hughes.

“How are you defending her?” Levi exclaimed. “She turned you down too! Such a little fucking tease –“

Connolly’s less-than-stellar web of insults stopped when James Potter socked his jaw.

“I’d watch my mouth if I were you.”

The two Ravenclaws scampered off, leaving behind a very smug looking James Potter and a very angry Lily Evans.

“Why did you do that?” Lily smacked him repeatedly in the chest. “You stupid, moronic, idiotic, annoying twit! Do I look like I need a hero?”

“I was just trying to help! Jesus Christ. Evans, the little git just called you a- you know what!”

“I could have handled it myself, thank you very much.” She was fuming. Her red hair was dishevelled and her heartbeat was faster than usual. Lily didn’t know if that had to do with her close proximity to James Potter or if it had to do with the thrill of the fight. There was something about him that always riled her up.

“You weren’t doing anything!”

“I was going to prank them! There was a careful, detailed plan. I hid myself so much in the library this week, I figured I should use the time for something fun. And mischief making is always rather fun.”

“Lily Evans, Gryffindor Sixth Year, a prankster?” James smirked at her. “Never took you for a Marauder.”

“There’s plenty you don’t know about me.” She huffed. “And I like pranks, as long as no one’s getting hurt.”

“Do you still want to prank them? I mean, I don’t even know what the two of you were rowing about anyway, but any prank is as good as the other, I suppose.” A gleam of mischief played in James’ hazel eyes. Lily felt like vomiting rainbows. Fancying James Potter was no easy task, but he made it inevitable.

“Annoying pricks, the lot of them. Constantly asking me out. The sodding gits. I just feel like punching someone.” She admitted to her fellow Gryffindor.

Ignoring the jealousy, James chose the banter route. “Seems like you’ve got plenty of options.”

“Yeah, well…” Lily added, sheepishly. “It’s not like I want any of those options.”

James lifted his eyebrows at her. “Oh?”

Lily smiled at him. James was rubbish at hiding his feelings. “I rather prefer Quidditch Players.” She smirked. “You know, clever blokes with huge egos on top of a broom? What’s there not to like?”

“What am I going to do with you?”

Lily pressed her lips to James’ cheek. “Sneaky. I like that,” he added.

“Oh, shut up.”

And so he did. Lily loved Saturdays.

Patient-Jealous *Andy Biersack Imagine*

A new patient had just moved in. They had just settled and in need to complete their medical evaluation, which happened to be your job.

It was quite simple, and you’d be looking forward to working with them in the future. Getting new patients was a bittersweet experience. It was sad to see someone sent here, but it was also another opportunity to help change a life.

Andy had found a way to sneak out of his room. Even though he knew the consequence of being caught, he still took the chance and tried to find you.

You were finishing up with the new patient. You had a great conversation and learned a lot about them. You gave them a big hug and wished them the best, then parted ways.

Andy saw you laughing and smiling with the new person. You even hugged them?! This definitely made him tick. You were his nurse!

“Hey cutie, what are you doing out?” You ask him.

“Looking for you.” He responds coldly.

“Let’s get you back.” You go to hold his hand. “Where’s your teddy bear?”

Andy huffs and rolls his eyes. “Well, I went to go look for her, but I guess she found someone else to hug!”

You tried not to laugh at his sassy behavior. He pouted, folding his arms. It’s clear that he was very jealous and was not happy with you.

“It’s okay! I just had to help them with their evaluation.”

“Hmmm.” He turns away from you, going back to his room.

He seemed to not even acknowledge you following behind him. But of course, you’d stitch this up for him. It was just so cute to see him jealous.

“Are you a little jealous?” Teasingly poking his sides.


“I think you might be a little jealous.”

“I am not! You’re trying to replace me!”

You sigh, hugging him. Your arms wrapped tightly around his waist, for your head rested against his chest.

“You know that’s not true. I’d never replace you.”

“I don’t want anyone to take my girlfriend!”
You laughed, bringing him inside of his room. You forgot that you were his “girlfriend” as he called you.

“Do you promise?”


He held your hand, leading you over to his bed, where he sat in front of you.

“Come lay with me, Nurse (Y/N)”

“Andy I’ll get in trouble.”

“But you’re my teddy bear!”

“I thought I was your girlfriend?”

“That too!”

His ways were never dull. Andy wanted you in a serious way. It hurt knowing that you could never fulfill that for him. He deserved the best. It didn’t stop you from wanting to take him away from the institution and helping him all by yourself, you were the one who primarily looked after him anyway.

If there’s one thing that you’ve learned about Andy is that he loves affection.

“I want to do more than just hold your hand..”

“We give each other hugs, too!” You add. “Can’t forget about those!”

“I want to do more though..”

You raised an eyebrow “What do you mean, Andy?”

For a few moments he gathered his thoughts, debating if he really wanted to tell you.


“I want to lay with you, and snuggle you. And..”

“And what?”

His hands rest onto your waist, pulling you closer into him..

“..And kiss you.”

He tilts his head upward looking into your eyes, with a pleading stare. He really wanted you.

“Please, Nurse (Y/N)? I won’t tell anyone, I promise.”

You peck him on his lips, then his forehead. “That is all I can give you.”

Andy pulls you in tighter, hugging you around your waist. You sort of felt guilty for doing it, but you certainly made his day. Or week. Hell, maybe even year. If Andy weren’t in this particular situation, you could definitely see yourself being his.