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170224 Myeongdong Fansign

 Q: Your future lover will be:

1. Older  2. Younger 3. Same age

Yoongi ticked all and said: “I’m ok with all, I don’t mind.”

Q: And what kind of lover do you want to be?

Yoongi: A good person

Q: Can you recommend a song that you frequently listen to these days? Pop song!

Taehyung: Versace On The Floor – Bruno Mars

Q: Baby oppa, congratulations on your graduation! Can you make an acrostic poem with 졸업 (graduation)?

졸: When I’m sleepy
업: I try to stay awake while thinking of ARMYs ♥

Q: Seokjin, it seems that you’re always having fun with maknae these days, what’s the reason?

1.    That’s my mental age
2.    Maknae takes my jokes
3.    I can attack and I’m not scared of maknae’s muscles
4.    I’m playing with him with the mindset of an adult  ✓  
5.    Others 

Q: Oppa, who can be cute, cool and sexy, what do you think about yourself?

1.    Cool/ handsome
2.    Cute
3.    Sexy
4.    On the level that can’t be described through words

Jimin wrote 5. Cheesy…

Q: Hoseok oppa, who have a beautiful smile ♡ What words/ phrase makes you smile, cheers you up?

Hoseok: Oppa, why are you so handsome

Q: Can you say something nice that can give me some strength from my hectic routine ♡? 

Namjoon: Your heart is pink ♡ (lit.: pink light/tone).


so…….. out of curiosity… if i forced myself to delete almost all of my threads and tried to start over, would that distress some of you guys?

i went through and deleted some when i came back, but i somehow still have about twenty five, and honestly right now i can’t handle more than ten. i’m having a hard time diving back in, and i’m going to be very busy this week.

and honestly, i want to write. i’ve been itching to write something— anything— for like a month now. but i can’t make myself in the state my drafts are in. which is really disappointing because i wanted to complete so many of those threads.

so let me know, please, if it’s going to bother you for me to delete our thread, but if i don’t hear anything, it’s probably going to be gone and i’m going to try to limit myself for a while.

So I just realized something today. You know how we always rant about the (old, too old) age of the actors playing Harry Potter’s parents in the movies?

Severus Snape, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were (more or less) 31 years old when Harry started to attend Hogwarts.


Still, in the movies, they were interpreted by a 55 year old (Alan Rickman), a 43 year old (Gary Oldman) and a 38 year old (David Thewlis) respectively. (These are the ages they were when the first movie was released.)

And you know Ben Barnes, who is often fancasted as teenage Sirius Black? He is 35 years old, only a year younger than Sirius was when he died. So Ben Barnes is in fact a good fancast for old Sirius! And Andrew Garfield, who is often fancasted as teenage Remus? 33. Yep. You get my point here.

I generally feel loving someone who doesn't love you back is the most painful feeling in the world

i’m a straight up hoe for miss peregrine finding out the older kids are in same sex relationships and being hella supportive and loving despite the time period and maybe even having known before they told her or each other about their feelings and she sort of guides them to each other because she loves them and wants them to be happy and when they go out she’s all momlike and tells them to be home for reset and just end my life.

Summarizing The MM main characters
  • Zen: Accidental psychic mom friend; endless gladiator fight to the death with Trust Fund Kid; pushing his "ALL MEN ARE WOLVES" propaganda; "Help police! there is a handsome man in my mirror, oh wait, IT's just ME~! *takes selfie*
  • Yoosung: LOLOL IS LOVE LOLOL IS LIFE; too good/pure for this world; they said I would understand life when I'm older, now I'm older, but I don't know sh*t; watizbasicspellin anspazin,HOW2WUD???
  • Jumin: aesthetic sh*tposter; do you want to see my cat? No? T O O B A D; I don't just make it rain, I'm a tsunami; seemingly emotionless, but unapologetic troll (especially to mom friend)
  • 707: #LifeHacks: replace feels with memes; hello my baby~ hello my honey~
  • h e l l o d a r k n e s s m y o l d
  • f r i e n d; HONEYBUDDHACHIPS/PHDPEPPERISOTP, "I'll sleep when I'm dead~! (I hope that's soon! lol)"
  • Jaehee: "I'm surrounded by idiots"; only one who seems to remember that this is a business app; "you seem stressed" "yeah, it's the stess"; mistaken as mom friend, but actually big sister who is highkey done (lowkey into actual mom friend)

a Fatal_Error has Occurred: The Beginning - Part 6

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tell me more about jay halstead’s past [22/∞]


Hey guys I decided to make a long charisk comic now! eyyy I want charisk fluff in my life that much (*´﹃`*)

I’m gonna call this comic ‘Fading Away’, you can check it out in a tag ‘fading away comic’. I’ll try to update the comic every week, maybe every saturday ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ see you again!

Charisk comic : Fading Away

chapter 1 [ page 7-11 ]

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when rafa and max want to bring their mundane dates home, they need some sort of excuse for why magnus looks like he’s barely older than they are. and they realize they can just say “heads up, one of my dads is way younger than the other” because that’s not technically a lie.

It is super weird when you reach a certain age and realize that the character you were in love with when you were younger is suddenly too young for you. It’s even weirder when this character was older than you. You just kinda sit back and look at who you were obsessed with when you were twelve and see just how far you’ve come. You don’t still love the character, but you can remember when you did.


Petyr studied her eyes, as if seeing them for the first time. “You have your mother’s eyes. Honest eyes, and innocent. Blue as a sunlit sea. When you are a little older, many a man will drown in those eyes.”

Sansa did not know what to say to that.

- George R. R. Martin, A Feast for Crows

Sometimes, I get sad that I’m getting older. When I do, I find solace that BTS is getting older with me (sorry guys lol). But I kind of can’t wait to see them in their mid to late 30′s, even early 40′s, comfortable and confident as established artists.

They would have done their service in the army. They’ll probably be active as a group for a couple years, but I imagine in their late 30′s they’ll take time off as a group to focus on solo work.

Maybe some members will dabble in acting, or release a solo album, or just work behind the scenes producing music.

As much as I love BTS as they are now, youthful and energetic with sharp choreography, I really look forward to seeing how they mature as individuals and as a group.

I’d love to see them on TV one day and reminisce about the days where I screamed over how cute they were, and how sharp their choreo was and be proud of how accomplished they have become as older artists.

My Home - Chapter 1 - Jacob Frye x Reader

Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7

A/N: Anonymous requested a story about older Jacob having to rescue the reader from Jack the Ripper. Me, being my over-the-top self, decided to turn this into multiple chapters instead of a one shot. I also received a request to use a certain quote and I feel that it fits with this story so it will be included in either the next chapter or the one after that.

Basically what I wanted to do was find a way to make things a bit more dramatic when he rescues you so it starts off with your relationship with young Jacob. He gets two or three strikes and this chapter is sort of strike one. He messes up and gets you upset and has to find a way to make things right. The next one or two chapters will be strikes and eventually…well, you know. This is working up to the rescue so don’t worry, older Jacob will be in here…I just like extra angst and making people (and myself) suffer.

WORDS: 1378
WARNINGS: None really…just angst

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Truthfully I never cared about Vday even when I was in committed relationships, but all I want this year is to go to dinner with my best friends and idk, have someone kiss my forehead and hold me and tell me I’m beautiful LOL THAT’S ALL WHATEVER NBD

But instead I’m working lelz oh well.

Somehow I am going to be a full beauty salon for my daughter. (when she gets older she will understand why she shouldn’t have me do her hair… I’m awful at it.)

Now that she is done being a gremlin monster (for now), she wants her hair washed and cut, nails trimmed and painted, toes too, and she wants me to do her makeup and lay out some cute clothes. 

I’m going to try my best.

HC that when outside Kanto and Kalos, these two dorks introduce themselves as “Gym Leader Ash Ketchum’s wife” and “Super Star Serena Zay’s husband”, because they want to brag about each other more than feeling popular themselves.

♥Older!Amour is my current source of feels♥

(pose inspired a super mega old weeaboo magazine I found yesterday while cleaning/nesting on my room I threw away 4 industrial bags of crap lol)