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Lol I'm just rewatching the video, it's so great Morality is such a little bean I love him, Prince gets CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, Anxiety make more adorable as fuck faces and Logic cAn RAp??!!?!?!?!all in all I love this video so much

Geeze. This whole vid is an adventure so much to give, the character development is insane I want to scream ahhhh

Accent Challenge
Accent Challenge

hiii i was tagged by @iusedtobeabaker @harryed @haarrrrry to do the accent challenge. so here is my awkward and annoying ass doing it. i hope it’s not too boring since it’s not a video!

i tag: @stylesrecord @horanhateblog @harryokay @zintersoldier @thereignofsoloharry @harryshyles @moonlightspacegirl @harrysfilm @habibharry @kale-child @thightat @hadaharry and anyone else that wants to do it, i tag you too!!

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Harrie Things

@lookformyownparadise tagged me in this thing I’ve seen making rounds. Thank you so much!

Rules: You must answer the questions till the end and then tag another 10 Harrie blogs to do the same! You can use videos/links/gifs/photos to answer the question.

I tag: @adorkablehazza. @hazzwatch @stylesinthewild @cheshirepuddin @heart-attack-harry @stockholmsstyles @theboyfromwhiteeskimo94 @harryandgaga @narry-though @fairylightsstyles @ifheartscouldfly @harryslovelylocks @itstakeiteasyonme

I think that’s more than ten, but oh well. Make sure to tag me if you do it because I really, really want to read your answers! :)

Favorite Look: 

Favorite Tweet: Many of them are relatable and good, but this one is very me:

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HI DUDE, I LOVE YOUR BLOG. DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA? YOU ARE A BLESSING TO THE BUGHEAD COMMUNITY. Anyway, I wanted to ask if I could have your permission/blessing to make a Bughead video edit with your song? With credits, obviously. It's just too pure for the world and aw.

Oh girl Thankyou so much! I would love that! you guys never have to ask to use my stuff, anything I put out there is for everyone to enjoy and use! I’m just so happy to be a part of this fandom!

so i’ve been thinking about what i really want to do with my life and what i want to study when i go back to school because i’ve never had a real life plan or anything but i’ve been thinking a lot lately over the past few months about how much i love talking about hockey and analyzing players and stats and with how much i’m living making these videos and just talking about this team that i might want to do sports journalism? i mean i’ve always lived writing and for a while in high school i did consider being an english major but i just didn’t know what i would DO with that degree but sports journalism is a pretty marketable degree to have.
but i feel like i should know a bit more about other sports BESIDES hockey and i’m thinking of maybe starting with baseball? idk i’m just rambling here and not really going any where with this i’m just putting my thoughts into words y'all can ignore me


Wishtrend unboxing & first impression|| LIFELOVEKOREA ||

I did a bit of a wishtrend haul and unboxed it on video for you guys. It was a mess, I am a mess… so if you want a bit of a good laugh watch this video!

I also tried out a new style of editing which I personally really like but I know that there still a lot areas that need improvement. So please let me know!

In case you are interested in these products links are in the video description, and I will upload them here after I come back from uni, thank you guys so much for watching, please like, subscribe and share! <3

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This is random, but you're like my favorite person so I'm going to ask and you don't have to answer me. Is it bad that I cry easily? Like we watched a 9/11 documentary today and I cried as soon as the first plane hit. Another example is when we went on lockdown for a drug bust and I started crying in the corner as soon as we evacuated the lunchroom... sorry if this is too random for you, I was just curious if you thought this was bad?

NO!!! THAT IS NOT BAD!! it just means youre sensitive and soft and hey, i am too! i cry super easily, i cry all the time in fact. i almost cried for no reason today but thats not cause im sensitive thats cause i have depression LOL but like mystic messenger makes my cry all the time, i cry over video games and the princess and the frog makes me cry cause i just  love it so much?

in conclusion: its not bad and i want to hug you

You know what I love about my passion for writing & vidding? I can’t stop it.

It can be put off due to any number of reasons…jealousy, flames, insecurity, lack of time or material or ideas…

But the fact of the matter is I just LOVE IT SO MUCH. I couldn’t stop even if I wanted to.

When I first got the video editing program I have now, I couldn’t figure out, so I put it aside and didn’t vid for SIX MONTHS. Then creativity struck & it was so strong that I forced myself to focus & I got that first vid out.

A few years back I got a HUGE onslaught of OF rly cruel, lengthy flames on my old fanfiction account. They attacked my fanfiction and me personally. It got so bad I literally was just depressed for like a month b/c I felt so wounded. I stopped posting. I stopped writing. I couldn’t take it. What happened then? Some months down the line, I started writing again! A different fandom & I didn’t posted on legit fics again rly until just before I started writing Flash fics, but I still wrote.

Why? B/c I honestly love it SO SO MUCH.

You have that kind of passion for something…you can be knocked down, but you always get back up. It’s inevitable, as long as you want it badly enough.

goal: write every anthro paper so that it relates to video games

there are three papers total, and the first was about overwatch and sexual harassment… which means the next one will be about the lack of representation in video games today, esp. in terms of racial diversity, conformity to the gender binary, and the as-of-yet fairly strict adherence to heterosexual romantic relationships

hana song this is your fault (somehow)

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bravely default?

put a video game in my ask

never played | want to play | terrible | boring | okay | good | great | a favorite

I LOOOVE Bravely Default! Don’t be put off by the ‘good’ I bolded, it’s a really great game with clever ways to tell a story and clever ways to play through a story, but also inverting some character tropes with some amazing plot twists. The story in this game is amazing! I love it so much.

It does get HELLA FUCKING GRINDY though, which isn’t a bad thing if you’re into classic JRPGs (which is why I picked up Bravely Default), but it’s definitely a slower and more old school system which people can quickly get bored of. While I say that, I wouldn’t want that kind of gameplay to change for Bravely Default, because that’s what people are looking for when they play it, ya dig?

If you’ve ever thought about picking up this game and you haven’t, you really, really should. You will have a good time playing the story!


Melanie Martinez + Songs titles.


probably the best and most important video edit out there - credit

Heey! I drew this a while ago on my artblog (@imagiart) but I really wanted you to see it and I finally got the courage to submit this!

I really love your videos and especially the ones with personalities. You never fail to make me smile, which is kinda rare for me lately, so thank you very much!

~ Your nonbinary fan

Thomas: GASSSSSSSSSP!!!!!!! This is… EPIC!!!! I love it so much, THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!!