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Christian university rejects $3 million donation so it can keep its LGBTQ group
An American university has rejected $3m (£2.3m) funding from a Christian organisation that demanded it shut down an LGBT students' group.

Samford University, a private Christian school in Alabama, rejected a $3 million donation from a group of churches who wanted the school to shut down its newly-formed LGBTQ student group. 

Samford’s LGBTQ group, Samford Together, only formed this year. The Alabama Baptist Convention offered the sizable donation on the grounds that the school reject Samford Together. The school decided to voluntarily reject the donation and keep the LGBTQ group going. 

“I believe the action taken by our trustees is something that both parties have been anticipating for some time and will serve the best interests of both Samford and the Alabama Baptist State Convention,” said university president Andrew Westmoreland.

“Our longstanding educational and ministry relationships with Alabama Baptists have always been more significant than money, and these relationships will continue and flourish.”

Dr Westmoreland added he wanted the university to address topics related to human sexuality and "other important issues at the intersection of Christian understanding and cultural reality.”

He stopped short of offering formal recognition to Samford Together, but said the university would “work to accomplish each of the group’s worthy goal.”

It warms my heart to see a story about a religious school that does right by its LGBTQ students, even at an actual financial cost. They’re not as commonplace as they should be. 

When you grow up– no matter where you’re from or what country you’re from, what ethnicity [you come from]– you read fairytales. You’re hopeful. And you feel like you want to believe in something bigger than anything you know. And so, I cried the entire day when I found I out that I was playing Cinderella because never, in the realm of any reality, did I ever think I was going to get the chance to play this character.
—  Dania Ramirez, on playing the first Latina Cinderella in popular memory, San Diego Comic Con 2017

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If there is a will there IS a way. U may not be able to do it the same way that non disabled people can, but you still can do it

I used to think that way too, before I got sick. I used to think that if I was just stubborn enough - and I’m really stubborn - then “where there’s a will there’s a way” and somehow I could do whatever I set my mind to.

But it’s simply a fact of reality that this isn’t true. It’s not being “negative” to acknowledge reality, to acknowledge that having a disability limits my abilities. That’s literally what it means. A Deaf person can’t hear, a blind person can’t see, a paralyzed person can’t walk, an autistic person can’t be allistic, and I can’t live the life of a healthy person. That’s not me giving up, that’s me acknowledging reality.

My illness prevents me from doing many of the things I want to do. I don’t “let” it stop me, it just stops me. If I tried to “find a way” to live like a healthy person, I would get so sick that I would collapse. Positive thoughts don’t make my pain and fatigue go away, it doesn’t allow me to think clearly or have the strength to leave the house more often. 

I know this is hard to accept, but there is nothing I can do to change this.

I do what I can to improve my health, I test my boundaries to see if I can do more than I think I can do, and I keep trying every single day. But a strong will can’t change a weak body. Wishing and wanting and trying can’t stop the bacteria that are ravaging and polluting my body, it can’t stop my immune system from attacking my organs, it can’t solve the mystery illnesses of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. If the disease kills me, it won’t be because I didn’t try hard enough.

Believe me, if wanting to be healthy made you healthy, I’d be the healthiest fucking person alive. If wanting to be abled made you abled, we would be abled. 

But a good attitude simply can’t fix a broken meat suit, and you healthy and abled people need to accept that too. 

You think you’re helping by telling me I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to, but you need to stop mindlessly pushing that ableist concept and realize that I don’t HAVE to be able to do whatever I set my mind to in order to be a worthwhile person. I don’t HAVE to “find a way” to be good enough. I AM good enough even though I can’t do the same things as healthy, abled people. 

I am disabled, and I am good enough.

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I love when you have story time. May you share the tale of when you bottomed for the first time?

Flattery will get you just about everywhere, but I’m afraid that particular volume of lore from the archives doesn’t exactly make for great story time, mostly because scholars debate what actually constitutes the “first time” in this particular instance.

Early on in my forays into man-on-man action, I had very little curiosity about exploring the backs stairs, especially my own. My inclinations and experimental adventures largely centered around oral activity. Furthermore, when things advanced beyond a mouth party, most (pretty much all?) the guys I was with wanted me to top, and I was fucking thrilled to oblige.

In reality, I worked up to bottoming at an incredibly gradual pace, starting with sparing instances of “just the tip” aided almost exclusively by spit, curiosity, and college boy can-do, since I wasn’t wise enough to have proper lube around on the regular. Boyfriend Number Three was the actual first to finish the job and fully ransack Thighgarden, but by that point in my life it was less of a memorable event or story, and more of just a fun romp where it just so happened that I was bottoming. So, though I do hate to disappoint, there was no real “moment” or singular instance of recall that makes for grand telling.

I didn’t really master the ropes in that role until Max arrived on the scene and wanted to make a routine habit of curbstomping my prostate. Though he is not one to hold public discussion on such matters most of the time, I am fairly confident that he would vouch for the fact that I am a high-level tanky buttwizard at this point.

Let's talk about Kate

Though I personally don’t ship Javier and Kate, the heart wants what it wants I suppose. But one of my issues here is that her crush on Javi becomes so forceful. Especially if you’re not interested in romancing her in the game.
I know that there’s also word that Kate was trapped in an abusive relationship with David. Fact or theory, I could definitely see that being a possibility, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the cold reality. That said, there’s nothing wrong with Kate keeping her distance or even wanting to avoid him. Abusive or not though, Kate needed to COMMUNICATE with that husband she didn’t love. Because from episode three on, every tender kiss and sweet look between Javi and Kate hurts David (mentally I believe) in the long run.
Just because Kate has that ring on her finger doesn’t obligate her to honor it forever. But if Kate has these doubts she needs to take action. And kissing your husbands brother in front of that ticking time bomb is not an acceptable way to say, “I’m leaving you.” Plus we know the result of that. Javier has the ever loving life beaten out of him by his own blood and David is not that same man who was so happy to see his brother in episode three.
David snapped. And there’s a part of me that entertains the idea that Kate knew that. And when David went Bazerk, Gabe got swung in the by a wrench trying to stop his father. Clem even pulled a gun on the man. And Kate…? She mostly watched it happen.
And right after that, she forgets that a mentally unstable man took her son to only god knows where. Then she wants to save that same community that she didn’t even hurt. There was so much conflict and death (including the death of her daughter) that started over gasoline and pudding cups. Though she was passionate about saving Richmond (for reasons I will never understand) I believe family comes first. Even though my relationship with Gabe was rickety, in episode five I chose to save him before stepping a pinky toe in New Richmond and I’d do it again any day. And if push comes to shove and Gabe dies, Kate (if she’s alive) immediately wants to start a family and barely takes time to mourn Gabriel. That bothers me. All of these things speak a thousand words about Kate.

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What is your response to people saying that katara will loose her culture by becoming fire lady?

( @zutaraweek figured that it’s thematically appropriate.)

Lol, how?

Seriously, this whole argument only even remotely approaches something resembling sense if you think that the way Katara acts in LoK and in the comics is in character.

(Hint: it’s not.)

Katara has never ever allowed anyone to deny her anything she considers hers.

Did these people not watch the first season? What was their takeaway from “The Waterbending Scroll” and “The Waterbending Master”? Or from “The Painted Lady”?

Like, there are two driving forces behind Katara’s character:

  1. Selfish rage:
    “I don’t want to heal, I want to fight!” and,
  2. Righteous rage:
    “I will never, ever turn my back on people who need me!”

Katara is a Discworld Witch™ is what I’m getting at.

And the defining characteristic of Discworld Witches is that they find it easier to change reality than to change themselves. Which Katara does.

I mean just look at this stuff:

  • Oh, Earthbenders, you’ve lost all hope? All courage? Well, I have Hope™ and Courage™, so think again. (”Imprisoned”)
  • Oh, your culture has rules and you won’t teach me? Well, “I want to fight”, so you will teach me. (”The Waterbending Master”)
  • Oh, you’ve been shot full of lightning and are actually dead? Well, I don’t want you to be, so guess again. (”The Crossroads of Destiny”)
  • Oh, this town is a literal toxic wasteland? Back the fuck up, “I will never ever turn my back on people who need me!” (”The Painted Lady”)
  • Oh, you took a lightning bolt for me, and I don’t have any Spirit Water, also the second most powerful firebender in the world, on the day when all firebenders are more powerful than ever is attacking me? Literally who cares about that, I want you to live so I will save you. (”Sozin’s Comet Pt. 3 & 4″)
  • Etc.

So, again, how?

Out of the initial cast, the one we’ve been with since the first episode, Katara is the only one who never felt insecure about who she is.

Seriously, Aang doubted himself as the Avatar, Sokka doubted himself as a Warrior, Zuko doubted himself as the Prince, pretty much their entire character arcs were based on them finding their footing.

But not Katara. Katara is a Waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe. She has never doubted herself in that. Oh, she wasn’t very good at it at first, but even then she never went: “Oh, maybe I’m just not cut out for this” she went: “Well, I gotta work harder, I’m not there yet, but I will be.

To think that it is possible for Katara to lose any part of herself, unless she wants to, is to fundamentally misunderstand her personality and her character.

In other words, to, you know, do like canon did.

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Hello, I hope I am not a bother. I am new to bnha, but after the devastating FT ending, I am in need for a new series and ships to move on from the reality so could you perhaps let me know the names of the most popular (or just good) ships? And I won't regret joining the fandom, right?

BNHA fandom is generally very very nice and pleasant, so welcome! Some popular ships you may want to check out is kiribaku, todomomo, kamijirou, izuocha, kacchako, tododeku, bakudeku …etc.

I do have to say that you won’t regret joining this fandom BUT PLEASE be aware that there are little to no ship wars here so if you’re here for the drama then you’re outta luck (and I hope it stays that way)! As long as you’re friendly to others in the bnha fandom, you’re part of the family.

:D ty for the ask and feel free to msg me if u have anymore qs!

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What do you think about Tae/kook going to Jeju Island together??? This makes me question Ji/kook a bit :( idk.. could you help me?

Ummmm well. In reality I say that the boys should be able to go on trips wherever they want with whomeever they want, and it’s nice that they’re starting to get breaks w/o cameruhs around.

…and if you want the biased shipper view I say: is it so weird to go on trips with your best friend and not your s/o? Idk seems pretty normal to me. Jungkook and Taehyung just wanna have some bonding time is that so wrong?

And if you REALLY want the controversial argument I say, what seems more impactful to you: a mildly disclosed vacation to Jeju Island or sneaky, there but never confirmed trips to hometown Busan? I think that speaks for itself ;)

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u act as if u have a good blog but in reality you don't. you act as if you're good at Photoshop but you're not. stop trying to draw because you suck at it. I don't care whatever u say in return. I don't care if u don't post this because you hate learning the truth about yourself and your blog. just know I fucking hate this blog and you. bye.

Listen, I don’t care. Go on, hate me. I will post whatever the fuck I want on this blog and your shitty opinion won’t stop me. Also, if you hate me this much why did you even bother to send me this??????

i’m just really so very thankful to Katie. god she’s made me cry, for a much better reason than the rest of them did the last two days.

even though she wasn’t completely in a outspoken rage, cuz.. professional adult human person. i do wanna believe she did chat with them abt the affects they caused during that mtv interview. it seemed from that one clip floating around she did try talk with jeremy POSSIBLY. and now, this is definitely 100% assumption. but after that mtv one, all the other interviews looked like there was a tension? that tv line one was most visibly telling with katie. while on the couch, sitting as far away as possible, her shutting down what chris said earlier and bringing up the singing thing (”i brought it back to reality, do you guys want to start singing again?”) and Odette seemingly giving support towards Katie with the shoulder touch.

she’s been so so supportive to the people she’s met who’ve brought up supercorp. she’s always been outspoken in believing we can interpret things how we like since day one. and interviews after she just seemed very done. you can just feel her love for her fans and how valid and important they are to her, and her career tbh. she seems highly aware and respectful of fans and fandom type stuff. i mean, she’s a nerd of course.

like i know people on the outside want to believe we’re all disappointed and angry bcuz some people yelled how a ship won’t be canon. but it was really above that. it was that they mocked lgbt people for wanting to find representation and happiness in a pairing. katie is one that would understand that, from her multiple lgbt roles and an understanding of fans/fandom.

i just love katie so much and i hope someone will tell her how much of what she did, after what the rest of the cast did, helped people. it honestly lifted a little weight of my heavy heart.

i always get like a weird nonbinary feel™ where like. on one hand im like “dont call me a girl im not a girl” but at the same time im also like ? i want to be able to decide on my own accord When i’m ok w/ being referred to w/ she, her etc. but i feel weirdly hypocritical abt that bc im like ??? “im not a girl” but in reality tht means “only refer to me w/ she/her pronouns and call me a girl specifically when im feeling ok w/ it” and idk im not sure if thts like Fair to ask of ppl so i dont know what to Do abt That.

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You know what's fucked up? People thinking we're overreacting and it's just about a ship. In reality this hurt me so much 'cause people i admired mocked the fact that best friends can fall in love. Specially 'cause im in this exact situation. Just yesterday my best friend insinuated that she wants more than friendship and i was so happy but after the interview i started to doubt myself and thinking that she didn't meant it in a romantic way 'cause it's not realistic. So yeah its not overreacting

Absolutely. This is not about a ship, it’s about invalidating the feelings and personal perceptions of an entire community of people. I’m really sorry that this is happened and that you feel invalidated, I know you’ve probably heard it before but don’t let this scare you away from living your life. Your feelings and your sexuality are valid, never forget that ❤️

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so my gf and i originally tried dating last year - it lasted a month before i gave some bullshit excuse when in reality i was scared of commitment and ran. fast forward to 3 days ago, where i had hung out with her a few times (we stayed friends, i gave her my old horse, her sister is my riding trainer, etc) since i moved back home from an abusive situation and just got out of a gross breakup. i realized i missed her and asked if she wanted to try again.. lo and behold she was waiting. my heart.

i’m gonna cry

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Your project is amazing and so realistic to the webcomic oh my god. All I wanted to say is I appreciate how hard you're working to make this game a reality and thank you for doing this, the genesis project looks awesome. I last heard of it 6 months ago and to see it still going today is really nice that you haven't given up. The house building system looks awesome, and good luck with the game, it's brilliant. <3

Thanks so much! And thank you for supporting us!

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I feel bad for Colin. What some ppl want him to say? Should he mourn after CS and Jen? Should he whine about the show? Should he cry over that Jen (and Josh) left? I just don't get it. I'm sure that he loves CS and miss Jen but hating on him just because he doesn't talk about it 24/7 it just so wrong. I feel like some ppl see him just part of the ship (CS and yes Colifer too) He's just doing his job like everyone would. And right now his job is promote s7. Some ppl need to take reality check (1)

(2) I really love CS and it will be hard for me to watch without Jen. Without all who left. I love Jen & Colin’s friendship. I already miss them. I know ppl are hurt. They want to know how their ship is doing. BUT ppl really need to see bigger picture here. They’re actors. They do what writers ask them to do. Coworkers are chancing. Being friends (or sharing pics) with new cast doesn’t make him a traitor. I’m sorry but it’s ridiculous. And I’m sorry that some send Colin hate to you. 😞

*hugs* to you, anon

I’m not sure what answer I gave that made people think I turned on Colin or something but suddenly I got an influx of people complaining about him….

I miss Jen, too.

I’m super annoyed that SDCC left me more confused than I was before but that’s not really on Colin… I’ve been annoyed with the press room for the last three seasons… the difference tho was that Jen would always come out with some eloquent shit to say and her and Colin together would give us plenty of quotes and it was all good … with the absence of that this year it brought me down…

But it is nonsense to blame Colin. He’s got a job to do and a reputation to continue to build in the industry. Plus, he seems genuinely excited about what is coming up so let’s just see what it is…

Franchise: We want to make an alternate version or alternate history that ends up being shocking, engaging, and brings up important questions about identity and reality.

Me: Oh cool, will we do an alternate reality where the Americas weren’t colonized by Europe? One where Rome was never split into two? A more modern one where Archduke Ferdinand survived?

Franchise: I know! Everyone is a Nazi.

Me: Why do you have to be like this

I know I’m safe when I’m with you

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Leysa struggled and thrashed upon the mattress, her body trying to wake her up from the horrible nightmare she was enduring. She clutched at her chest, struggling to breathe.


In her mind, she was screaming her twin’s name. She cried out for help “MOM, DAD, GRANDPAPA, ATEMU-NII!! HELP ME!!”

Her body continued to flash and flail, her breaths shortening to the point of hyperventilation.

She then realised she was suddenly being shaken awake. She cried out in shock and sat up, gasping for air, slowly regulating her breathing, her body soaked in sweat.

she then looked up to see a pair of frightened eyes staring back at her. 


Your bones are hidden in these shadows
Like an old night dream, you stand there alone
Creeping on the roads, walking about tip-toe
Your voice is silent, soundless like a stone

The trees sing your melody late at night
The dark threads of your hair brushes past
Just lose yourself in the light and shine bright
If the world could only witness your cast

The diamonds in your eyes look so dreamy
A cigarette lights your path back home
A stranger closes my eyes, all I see
Is you, on your bed instead all alone

Fear is found in the fist of destruction
A kiss on the neck as men cry all around us
They stand alone on the street with their guns
Their eyes are fixated upon your blush

Come here and hold my hands, they’re trembling
The weak grip on reality glowing
Your ear near my lips, I want to sing
Not to have you out there, clipping your wings

The moon hangs in the sky, watching us all
Your female form, out there do vulnerable
My spirit standing there before my fall
The sacred place is erect, always tall

This is the park, where you always got drunk
I laughed and watched you dance for hours
All hopes of stability always shrunk
I could have sat there for hours and hours

Before the sound cuts into fantasy
I’ll never see you in another light
A furious ecstasy when we’re free
How I long for this to be all I see

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A school therapist i had just this year, i told her I have psychosis, which is in basic a disconnect from reality which she used to invalidate my telling her my mom is abusive and wouldnt ever let it go. She wanted to call my mother despite me telling her about my moms medical neglect and refused to let me talk about my issues at my own pace, trying to force them out of me and when i wouldn't budge, basically said this was a waste of time and that I should stop coming so someone else can.