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Drag Me Down (To Hell) | 01

↬ Summary: There’s a darkness to your city, a murderous underbelly filled with crime and deceit that you’ve sworn to avoid at all costs. But the universe has funny ways of forcing your involvement in the form of a notorious mob boss and his young daughter.
↬ Pairing: Jeongguk x reader
↬ Genre: mafia!au
↬ Rating: Mature (for themes; subject to change in later chapters)
↬ Word Count: 7.770

Trapped on the cusp of dreams and reality, you can almost imagine your phone isn’t ringing beside you. In your dream, you’re running. Running away from something faceless, but large, and for a good second you’re able to think the ringing is your screaming, but when your screaming stops and the ringing does not, you force one eye open through the haze of sleep and reach for your phone.

It’s not on the table next to your bed, so when it stops ringing you think you’re in the clear, flopping back onto bed, but then it starts up again, and you curse loudly. The phone’s hidden in your sheets by your hip, and before you can even get the device to your ear, your brother is speaking.

Or rather, spitting, “What the fuck are you doing?

You snort, trying to bury your face into your pillow. “What a wakeup call, Taehyung.”

Sorry.” He sounds angry, but you pay it no mind. Taehyung leads with his emotions, acting first and thinking second. If something’s worked him up, he’ll confront the problem as quickly as possible, as is made evident by his call at- six in the goddam morning, what the hell? “Good morning, love. Sleep well?

“Until now? Yes.”

And you call me rude,” Taehyung laughs. “Happy now? What the hell are you doing?

You thank any lucky stars there may be that you don’t have any classes today, and can hopefully sleep again after you finally calm Taehyung down. “Elaborate.”

You’re getting a job?

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It’s hard right now. I can’t stand social media, I can’t stand what they’re looking at. I can’t stand what they think is reality. Unfortunately, kids don’t care. They don’t care. They have to see something that’s going to scare them. They need to see something that’s frightening. I want them to understand it. I would do anything to be able to have a good influence on this generation but I definitely relate to everything that was going on.

Nothing and no one gets this fandom in a tizzy like Eleanor does. Relax a bit, maybe, and stop judging a relationship that isn’t your own. It’s not that difficult to just be happy that everyone actually involved (i.e., Louis, Eleanor, and Danielle) all seem to be very happy. Louis and Eleanor reuniting is something that is not at all shocking. Louis and Danielle broke up nearly two months ago. It was a quick turnaround, but if Danielle isn’t showing that she’s upset about this, then why are you? And for those who want to call Eleanor a beard…I don’t even know what to say to you. We’re going on seven years now, and if you haven’t been swayed into seeing reality after all this time, then nothing I say will change your mind either. I hope that one day you’ll realize that Louis has been happy in all of his relationships and he’s cared about each and every one of them.

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honestly i'm really bothered that they made J homeless in Riverdale. i think about 40% of homeless people are lgbtqiap+, it's not cute to code him as such, deny him the actual label and us the representation, but make it another queer disaster story where he's homeless and forced into situations he doesn't want. I know someone who was almost thrown out when she came out as ace, let alone aro, and has to lie and pretend to be into men to LIVE IN HER HOUSE. This is reality for a lot of people, wtf

Literally my reaction when I heard that happened. It’s like the show is doing literally the worst things it could do in relationship the framing of this. Straight people (and Archie’s Comics) were like aww he hasn’t eaten a burger yet that’s so tragic. And I’m like… maybe that’s because he’s fucking homeless. Also Jughead always scammed food from friends and it was a funny little thing in the comics. Making him homeless, and trying to score free food is fucking needlessly dark.

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Which bros are bad at texting? Who uses too many ellipses? Who communicates almost entirely with emojis? Who dramatically declares their love for their S/O at 3am? (Noctis is king of sending weird pictures with no context, in my mind)

Thank you for indulging me with asks I always appreciate it. On with the show!

Noctis: This is a guy who’s text messages… are all lower case and he never uses punctuation so all of his texts are just one huge run on sentence but he doesn’t care cause hes half asleep through most of his texts anyway in reality you hope youre never on the receiving end of something long cause holy hell this boy needs to learn how to use a period

Prompto: You know those people who can only use emojis and get their point across? That’s Prompto. He can send and have almost an entire conversation in emojis. It’s things like this that tick off Ignis the most.  I am 📉 for 🍨 later! I want 🍓.

Gladio: Gladio is one of those people that WILL FORGET THAT HIS CAPS LOCK KEY IS TURNED ON. One message will be fine. THEN THE NEXT WILL BE SCREAMING IN ALL UPPERCASE TEXT. It drives Noctis nuts. 

Ignis: Ignis’ typing style is very…Mary Poppins if she would text? Practically perfect in every way? He uses perfect grammar, perfect punctuation, perfect everything. He’s the one pointing out grammar mistakes for the rest of the three and never uses emojis. Ever. If you receive an emoji from Ignis, assume someone’s taken his phone.

@yeswestan said: I really saw it as a metaphor about social microagressions and the invasion of queer/poc spaces; they call us out for being ‘unaccepting’ when their aggression and disrespect is what pushes us to to protest and fight back

I can totally see it being at least a partial metaphor to this (I say partial just because of how overt/subtle it is). And I totally get absolute relevance and importance of this message in today’s world, I don’t want it to come across that I’m not seeing or supporting that. For me it wasn’t a problem with the theme of the episode, it was just the way it was executed. But if you thing in depth about it…the awkwardness and frustrations present in this episode serve to highlight the reality of the social microagressions and invasion of spaces you brought up.

Wow this show is complex.

Okay, so it’s one am for me and all I hear is people spewing crap towards Ronaldo and the new episode because it wasn’t what they wanted.

CALM DOWN, OKAY? Not every episode of Steven Universe can be so plot-oriented. It needs some S1 lightheartedness. Yes, I know CN were very clickbaity but the reality was (based on the title) that the most likely scenario was Bloodstone being his gemsona. Seriously, fandoms, ALL THE ONES IVE BEEN IN, get extremely hyped for something and when it doesn’t meet their expectations, they hate it. Every. Single. One. (LOOKING AT YOU SHERLOCK FANDOM)

Seriously, I don’t think this episode deserves this much hate because the circumstances weren’t set up. I get that SU has taken a shift in style but not everything has to fit the audience’s agenda.

And, you never know, this episode may be clinical in the future, like all the other Ronaldo oriented episodes in the past.


I’ve been watching ahl and smol jungkook ranting about life lol he was so young and so cute ❤ He was lonely because his hyungs would pay more attention to the girls 😂 and then he kept saying he wanted to become an adult fastly :( and now I realize that he’s an adult. Jungkook didn’t thought of enjoying the last moments he had as a teen and he wanted to grow faster. I believe that being the maknae of bts , made him a bit more mature than any other 16 y/o guy. I know it might be late , but I do wish he enjoyed his moments as a teen and as a kid 💙Ppl want to grow fast and I used to be one of these ppl , but reality hits you once you actually become an adult.I hope you guys enjoy your youth and privileges as much as you can 💕💕💕

#Tarot #Meditation // Empress + 4 of Cups + Temprance + Burden Basket + New Moon + Pyramid

The Empress is the full manifestation of the Divine Feminine, accepting herself in all ways, she is unapologetic in her creations. You are birthing something greater than you & may be feeling that the time to announce it, is here. Anticipation & excitement may be filling you, as there are great changes in store with this New Moon & Solar eclipse on Sunday. It is the time to wake up and go take advantage of the call to change, most have been asking for it, but are too consumed in their own bubble to see how it’s possible to shift realities. The 4 of Cups gives you the opportunity I have more than what you’ve been given before, chances are, it is exactly what you need but it will take work to get it. Things don’t just land in your lap, demonstrate how much you want it and get ready to own it. Be mindful that gifts come in all shapes, forms & sizes; what you perceive as useless may just be the key to your answers. There is still a bit of a waiting period involved, certainly you can feel things coming into fruition; warmer days, more pleasant moments, hopes arising & creative ideas bouncing around. Take this moment to empty your mind of doubts, stress & resistance. Use the burden basket technique of visualizing a basket in which you dumb your baggage in & leave it to Source to handle. Let go & let god, as they say. You have more important matters to handle & should be focusing on what you can handle in this moment. Much magic awaits you with the Pyramid. This shape has the ability to amplify the manifestation process & stems from ancient knowledge & alchemical magic than enables us to transform & shape shift at rapid speeds. Utilize it in your daydreams & third-eye projections as you focus on your creations & desires. Write down your ideas, dreams & passions. It is important to indulge in this happy space as much as you can, while you are subconsciously working on completing this chapter of your life. Temperance ensures that all is handled well on the higher realms, if things are slower than they seem, know that there is a purpose to it. Focus on self-care & enhancing beauty.

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What's the gay culture there like exactly?

I mean I’m sure it’s like that most places, but it appears once a gay individual gets tainted by the big city, they lose sense of commitment and understanding of what it is that they really want. Two guys will go out for a month, and both refuse to delete the gay social apps off their phone, as a symbol of “were not serious yet” or “we just started going out”, but in reality what neither of them will admit is that they want to keep their options open in case they come across something better. As much as I can understand that, it’s gone beyond that at this point, and monogamy is dead 🤧

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so i've been following you for a while an wondered why you don't date. you're not ugly or anything

Ha. I finally get an ask and it’s this. Perfect. Thanks a lot for the back-handed compliment, I guess. Anyways, I was with the same person for a decade and a half, so the idea of having a series of awkward social encounters with someone who I most likely wouldn’t know very well at all does not thrill me. Just the opposite actually. I suppose that’s something I will have to do at some point if I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone, but honestly it’s not something I look forward to. I’d much prefer to skip the entire dating process if possible. I know that’s not reality, but it is my preference.

I don’t like the “The Donna” storyline, but in this episode it brought up something that I loved to see addressed: Donna was lead to believe that she was worth more than she is, starting with Harvey putting more money into her paycheck without telling her that it wasn’t the firm that was paying her. In this episode, she had to face reality: being confident and good at reading people doesn’t automatically mean that they’ll take you seriously, especially when you are trying to do business.

Business is full of sharks, and Donna? Donna is merely a fish that believes herself to be invincible. I liked that she got this wake-up call, it was time to show her that no, not everyone will fall at your feet if you act like you own the world.

I’d love to see Donna’s confidence more explored, honestly, this is the kind of storyline I want for her. Less magic-machine, more Donna’s character exploration.

And all this also brings me back to the whole thing about Harvey and Donna not being a match according to me because of the power imbalance: Donna is a legal secretary, she is not on the same level as Harvey, who has been shown seeking accomplished, challenging women. 

We were just slapped in the face with the fact that Donna is a little fish, and honestly if they want to make Darvey end-game it wasn’t a good move, it just reminded me of one of the reasons why I don’t like them.

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The novel doesn't mean they will become canon. I think it's just Scott Gimple putting an Easter egg basically saying hello to Carylers

I can’t say I agree anon. I still think the chance of canon in the season 7 finale or the season 8 premiere is exceedingly high. I want to point out that we haven’t had a very big Caryl episode like that for awhile. The book was very deliberate. It was a close shot of Carol reading the book. It was obviously deliberate having Daryl show up at that very moment to surprise her. That did not feel like an Easter egg to me at all. I know what you’re talking about when you say that, but this was very blatant. There was a clear meaning behind the book and Daryl, a clear connection. To me, it symbolized the fact that Daryl will bring Carol into reality so that she doesn’t try to escape into a fantasy world. Norman briefly touches on that fight or flight that many of the characters on the show go through. Carol is no exception. The only way he can bring her out of it is if they go canon, because Carol’s theme this whole season has been that she can’t kill for love. She’ll have to kill for love. That’s her entire character arc (change) this season. We’ll just agree to disagree. I think that book is foreshadowing canon. Can I also mention that generally when they have a Caryl Easter egg like the Cherokee Rose in the walker that Daryl discovers or the jade stone with Daryl that Carol and Daryl are not normally together at the same time? Normally, they are separated. Daryl showed up when Carol was reading the book, so…

That book was way to obvious to be a simple Easter egg… Also, that episode was written by Channing Powell not Scott Gimple.

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I have began being friends with my old best friend/lover. I want to get the thoughts of us possible being together out of my mind but I am stuck in a fantasy world thinking things will go my way. I don't know what to do. I think he considers me as just a friend I know he's talking to other girls.

you aren’t ready to just be friends. stop trying to force something you’re not ready for. 

if you were ready to be friends, you wouldn’t keep fantasizing and you wouldn’t care that he’s talking to other girls. 

you have to accept reality and know when to stop.

I cant believe I forgot Penguin in my own au. Silly me-
‘Controls birds’
Yeah … Yeah.
‘Control and communicate with animals of the avian type. Works on flocks and individuals. Staff has seen cages moving alone even when empty. There is just not enough evidence to move him to a higher danger level zone like with Tetch or Crane’.

Although having the ability to make 'Birds’ (the movie) a reality for other people, and for it to happen constantly, is scary and I dont want it.