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Coming Home (Chap. Twelve)

Alright guys, we made it past the worst part of the fic and now things can get better! I feel like this chapter is a little boring, but I also think its really important because we get to see everyone’s mental state PLUS Rhodey finds out about the suit!


Enjoy :)


It was all over the news the following Friday morning.

Something about a man who had crashed down somewhere in Afghanistan and obliterated an entire village. Another station said it wasn’t a man, but a robot. A third had spoken with survivors, who insisted the robot had ushered the civilians to safety, and then proceeded to completely destroy everything in the village.

The mountains around the village were literally falling, rockets blasted into caves and then the rubble broken down even further. Weapon caches that no one knew existed were destroyed, and the UN was scrambling to both figure out who or what the fuck was responsible, and to explain how these weapons had been stockpiled without their knowledge.

Pepper was in press conferences all morning, because leaked video footage showed that the weapons being destroyed were Stark weapons, and Pepper could only assure the reporters that no, she didn’t think it was a vendetta against Stark Industries, and no, of course she hadn’t known that Stark tech was ending up in the hands of terrorists, and god, no the robot was not some sort of vigilante hired by Stark Industries as a retaliation for their CEO being held captive for so many months.

The family all watched the news with growing unease, Steve especially, because he didn’t want to believe that the suit on the television was the same suit Tony had been messing with last night but—

–Well, if he had any doubts, they were put to rest when a very pissed off Alpha James Rhodes slammed the door open and shouted, “WHERE THE HELL IS TONY?”

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BTS Reactions - You get kidnapped and tortured

Warning - May be upsetting to some readers, contains bad language

The fist of your captor slams into your face again and you hear your head crack into the wall. You feel nothing for the numbness in your body, but the sound triggers a response in your body, and you cry out. It’s been 5 days of this. Constant torture, beatings and interrogations. You’re fast approaching your limit as the hope slowly begins to seep from your body. You would’ve thought your boyfriend would be here by now, but the fact that he isn’t puts doubt in your mind, as your captors love to constantly remind you. You spit out the blood in your mouth as you start to cry, wishing that you could just hold it in. You hear a cruel laugh, a door opening, a gunshot and then nothing.

4 days later, your eyes crack open, and you begin to stir. You hear grunt of acknowledgment in the corner, then a door opens and closes. You don’t really move at all until you hear the door open again, followed by your boyfriend’s voice.

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Draco Malfoy x Reader: “Lovers’ Quarrel”

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Idea: The reader and Draco have been fighting since she accidentally brought up the fact that they were dating, which causes Draco to be mean to her and they break up, though they eventually reconcile. Requested by anon.

Author’s Note: For some reason I had a lot of difficulty writing this prompt, which is why it took me so long, anon. You said the ending was of my choosing, so obviously I chose fluff. I hope you like it.

Word Count: 919

It had started off so simple; passing notes in class, late night meetings in the Room of Requirement, “study” sessions in the library. You had welcomed his attention, his affections; you hadn’t minded a bit of secrecy. Hell, you still didn’t. After all, it wasn’t like you wanted him to bring you home for Christmas dinner. You just wanted him to acknowledge to his friends—hell, to anyone—that you two were dating. It didn’t seem to you too much to ask.

You told Draco that you had informed a close friend of yours of your plans to go to Hogsmeade together this weekend. His entire disposition immediately changed; his discontent was clear.

“I didn’t realize our relationship was a secret.” You said icily.

“I didn’t realize there was a need to advertise it.” He said, clearly irritated, his words clipped.

“Telling one of my best friends about us is hardly advertising.” You snapped.

“Couldn’t keep your mouth shut about dating the Slytherin Prince, could you?” He said, putting a less than pleasant inflection on the nickname he had been given. You knew that, despite his ego, he actually disliked the title. He wanted to be seen as Draco; just Draco. No titles, no pretenses. You knew that the girls he had previously dated had been with him for his status only, but if he genuinely thought that you were that pigheaded, he needed a reality check.

“If that’s what you think then clearly we shouldn’t be together, your highness.” You said, furiously, your tone mocking. It was what you called him when he was acting like a git. He looked as though someone had just slapped him in the face, but the vulnerability was only present for a moment before he covered it with a sneer.

Clearly.” He spat, turning on his heel and leaving you to the crushing weight of your regret.

It had been two days since then, and you were currently sitting in the Great Hall attempting to eat your breakfast, sourly watching the Slytherin table. Draco was sitting in between Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle, with Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zabini seated across from him. Parkinson looked particularly interested in what he was saying, which put a bad taste in your mouth. You wondered, for the umpteenth time, if this was one of the reasons he was so against telling people about your relationship. Feeling sick to your stomach, you got up to leave, having barely touched your breakfast. As you were leaving, you saw Draco glance up at you, his smile dropping before he muttered a reply to something Crabbe was saying.

Normally you were ecstatic at the prospect of attending History of Magic, as it was the only class you had with Draco, but you spent the rest of the morning dreading it. You walked into Snape’s dungeons with a sinking feeling in your stomach, your eyes automatically searching for the blond-haired boy.

He was sitting in the front of the room, next to Crabbe, so you sat down in the back, quietly spreading out your books, trying your best not to draw attention to yourself. As if he could sense your presence, Draco turned his head slightly, his cloudy gray eyes finding yours. He tilted his head to the desk beside him, which had a free chair; an invitation to come sit beside him. You deliberated for a second before gathering your belongings and joining him at the front of the room, wondering all the while what he had in mind.

“Hey.” You murmured, avoiding his stormy gaze.

“Don’t look so glum, love.” He said, his voice smooth, catching you off guard. Your eyes shot up to meet his, wide. This wasn’t what you were expecting. The words left your mouth quickly and quietly, before you could stop them.

I miss you.” Your face got red as you waited for the mockery to come. He just laughed, however.

“Who wouldn’t?” He said, grinning. You relaxed instantly; he was being playful. Before you could think of a good reply, Binns’ ethereal form drifted into the room and everyone quieted at once as he began lecturing.

Throughout Binns’ droning, you watched Draco intently. You could see that he was folding a piece of parchment, but he purposely had his arm blocking your view of what he was doing. Occasionally, he would stop whatever he was doing to cast a sideways glance at you and smirk as he caught you watching him, unabashedly.

Draco finished his project just as class ended. You felt your curiosity build as he unsheathed his wand and began muttering an incantation you couldn’t hear above the project you couldn’t see. He moved his arms in order to pick up what he had been working on so diligently during class; you could see now that it was an origami bird. He scooped it up, tenderly, and blew on it gently. It flew around your desk a few times before landing, and you realized his gesture had caught the attention of nearly the entire class. You realized that this was his way of telling everyone about his affections for you. The two of you locked eyes and you smiled at him, brilliantly, so that he would know all was forgiven.

“Plans still on for this weekend?” He said, arrogant and charming at the same time, in the way that only he could be.

“Of course.”

glaad not giving pansexual its own category in their analysis of 2017 queer tv rep, opting to use “bisexual+” instead, is exactly why I do not like or trust most major queer organizations. (or feel comfortable with or accepted by people/organizations that only use “LGBT(+)” for that matter)

people will see “x% of characters on tv are bisexual+” and just think or repeat back that the entire percentage is bi. the plus sign, which is meant to “include” pansexual, will be dropped, and no one will stop and wonder, “are any of these ‘bi+’ characters pan?”

even though that’s literally what the shitty “bi+” umbrella claims to be; “inclusive of all multisexualities”, but honestly, how many people actually think of anything other than bi when they see it?

but the fact of the matter is that some of those “bisexual+” characters are not bi and cannot be interpreted as bi and should not be labeled as bi. because they’re pan. and they should be labeled and celebrated and counted as such. end of story.

pan characters, and people, should not be lumped under bi because it’s easier. if that were the case, then there would be no bi-specific anything, because it’s easier to just lump bi under a gay umbrella. but here we are. bi deserves direct/separate acknowledgment, but pan doesn’t. noted.

and the fact that glaad included a “sexuality undetermined” category, but couldn’t be fucking bothered to do the BARE MINIMUM for pan people is fucking ridiculous. characters that writers don’t care enough to label are more worthy of direct acknowledgment than characters writers explicitly create for pan people. also noted.

start giving pansexual/panromantic people the OUTRIGHT, BLATANT visibility and acknowledgment that we fucking deserve. because, I don’t know about you, but, I am tired.

and there’s only so many labels you can shove pan people under, THAT WE DON’T WANT OR IDENTIFY WITH, before you have to just fucking cut the shit and admit that you just don’t want to fucking acknowledge us.

so like, honestly, just….absolutely fuck glaad and their “bi+” bullshit and every other organization created to give visibility and acceptance to queer people that uses it as well. because, paint it however you want, but it’s just another way to avoid acknowledging pansexuality, on its own, and at all, in general.

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As a vet tech I really appreciate and enjoy your candid honesty with this blog. Mental health definitely gets neglected in this industry, and we're not honest enough with the toll it can take. Would I want to do anything else? No. Is my job hard as hell sometimes? Absolutely, and if we don't acknowledge that we will break down. I'm glad you acknowledge it and are straightforward because there needs to be more of that. So thank you, this blog is a blessing.

You’re welcome, thank you for your kind words.

You express the heart of the issue very well. Yes, the job can suck, nature and humans are capable of great cruelty and both wear us down physically and mentally, but we are here to do something about it, and that’s something we simply wouldn’t change.

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in relation to your post/reblog about Rhodey being the Wild One™ in their relationship, I raise you this: Tony, 14-15 yrs old, in college. Straight-Laced™, Stuck-Up™, Rich Prep School Boy With A Blue Blooded Background™, who also Really Wants his distant father's approval/acknowledgement (is) suddenly rooming/meets Jim Rhodes who sees this kid and Automatically thinks. 'That kid needs to Loosen Up.' Cue Montage of Rhodey teaching this kid how to Live A Little via videogames and movies - Mars

I really like the video game concept honestly

Baby Tony scoffs at the kind of gaming system Rhodey has. Cut to montage of Tony and Rhodey also sciencing and engineering the fuck out of everything as they find ways to improve systems and even graphics.

Tony rage quits Mario after an hour or two of playing the game. Rhodey relates but he picks up the controller and beats the game.

Tony is amazing at astroids. Rhodey thinks it has something to do with how Tonys mind works. He broke the world record and then, when Rhodey mentions him doing so, spends the next hour listening to Tony begging him not to tell anyone because if Howard found out…

(obviously Rhodey agrees)

The only reason Tony knows Galaga at all is because him and Rhodey would play it and every time Tony beat Rhodeys high score he had to take a drink. He forced Tony to drink apple juice whenever he lost though because he’s still an underage stuck up baby and Rhodey doesn’t think he could handle drunk underage stuck up baby.

This is also the way Tony gets straight up wasted on his 21st birthday after the parties and everything else was done. Unfortunately at this point tony is so good at the game he starts drinking with Rhodey every time he beats him.

Tony designs his own games and they’re nearly humanly impossible to play if you’re not Tony Stark or James Rhodes. Tony and Rhodey work together to make an accurate pilot/flying simulator game and It’s the only game Rhodey can really say he’s better than Tony at.

Also, the movies: Rhodey is definitely the reason Tony makes so many references to older movies. How else would he have known them? Every cheesy reference Tony makes is all Rhodeys fault because he would sit there after it ended and talk about any kind of plot hole or incorrect science thing they had in the film (for the love of god it’s a movie Tones).


This is a nice example, these guys dealing with a horse that doesn’t want his ears handled, they talk about the causes of that behavior and just work on it with some patience and gentle habituation. They use a flag but not to ‘sack him out’, they don’t shut him down. He never gets stressed more than to get a little white around the eye and step backwards.

What I really like is that they acknowledge him getting wide-eyed and stepping back as stress. Half the trainers I see on & offline don’t acknowledge stress until a horse is halfway bouncing off the walls. These guys know where the starting point is tho, which is in those moments where the horse starts to be a tiny bit stressed. They talk about it in other videos too.

I feel like I haven’t made a post acknowledging this for a while, so I’d just like to say, that Jack Lowden is an actual god and he’s so attractive I want to punch myself in the face. That is all.

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May I request the sakamaki brother's reactions to see their S/O cosplay as a warrior for Halloween

  • Ayato: “That sure shows a lot of skin.” Dad mode activated. He does like you to show off everything, but knowing you’re going to go out- he suddenly is very unhappy about it.
  • Reiji: “You are absolutely not going out in that outfit, Do you understand?” Get what you get to be? A ghost.
  • Kanato: “I wanted you to dress as a doll…you look ugly.” He really thinks you look pretty, but he didn’t get his way so he throws a tantrum.
  • Laito: “I like it! It looks good on you, but I want to dress to match.” He really likes it because it shows off your body, but he wants to match just for fun.
  • Subaru: “Do you really think that you look threatening in that? More like a stripper if you ask me.” He wouldn’t try to acknowledge the fact you looked adorable.
  • Shuu: “….” No comment. He doesn’t have an opinion but he truthfully likes it.

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Like.. the only interaction I'd like to see between leaf and crow would be, maybe crow just talking to her. Not with the intent of mending their relationship, not even friendship, just straight up admitting his faults and apologizing for his part in what happened. He knows what he did wasn't the best, and how he reacted was even worse and he can't change the past, and he's sorry. I'd definitely like to see him try and fix his relationship with nightcloud at least to one of peaceful coexistence

honestly? i agree, i’d like if he actually APOLOGIZED to leafpool for everything he put her through. for not listening to her, for putting his wants above her lifestyle, for asking a lot of her, and for telling her he was fine w/ her leaving him and then using it against her just bc his life sucks

like…..i dont even want her to FORGIVE him. i just want crowfeather - and the damn writers - to acknowledge that it’s a severely unhealthy relationship and thta leafpool has paid SO MUCH for the choices she made while crowfeather has had literally nothing happen to him since then. it wouldnt make me like him + i wouldnt want leafpool to forgive him, but its a step into a better direction i think


Q: What do you want for the future?

I will do my very best in to get Jun-chi to acknowledge me! And I’ll become an official member of High×Joker, and become a top idol!” -Shiki

I want the five of us to make it to the top. It might be impossible now, but someday, I want to perform on a giant stage and sing our song!” -Hayato

I guess I’m happy if everyone is having fun. You can’t become an idol without working hard, but I’ll do anything for High×Joker!” -Haruna

I don’t really understand the whole thing about idols, nor about my goals as an idol, to be honest. But I can’t let people see a sloppy High×Joker, so I’ll do what I can.” -Jun

I don’t really get idols, either, but it’s really fun to perform with everyone, so… I want to continue performing with all of you.” -Natsuki

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You made a post a little while ago about acknowledging that it’s ok to cut ties with people when it’s no longer healthy. I just wanted to say thank you for that post. I’m going though that right now with family, and it’s helpful to be reminded that it doesn’t make me a bad person, and that it’s ok to put my happiness and mental health first.

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i think i pin pointed something bothering me about the raven winging. as we learn more about the rest of the team, the lack of info on summer is starting to get really noticeable.

the narrative and characters go on and on and on about how awful and terrible raven is as a mother even though she really. did a good thing? like does anyone WANT raven to have raised yang? in a loveless relationship where no ones happy? meanwhile theres the woman yang actually knew, the person she actually called mom who just. doesnt get acknowledged. it’s raven this raven that “why did you leave us when we needed you even though i literally could not formulate memories yet and we had a significantly more loving and caring woman in our lives that raised me in a way healthier way than you ever could have! you mawnster!”

it paints this picture that summer matters less because she’s not yang’s birth mom. no one even like vaguely alludes to summer’s presence in any capacity, not even the girl who said she was a super mom. now would be the time to talk about her influence on your life, yang

or do we gotta wait until we get a big summer related tweest

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After learning that the ring scene was suspiciously cut, I really need a MoS sequel stat, one where it can be properly acknowledged that Lois and Clark are engaged! I'm also upset we got so little of them. Like I always want the Lois and Clark show 24/7, but they literally had two scenes! Lois is the key yet we didn't get much more than the farm scene, which was... weird. It felt a little off. And I'm depressed because who knows if we'll even get that Superman sequel. :/

I’m hearing lots of rumors about the farm scene being cut down from what was originally a longer sequence. Who knows if that’s true, but it would make a lot of sense if it were.

I feel you on the need for MoS 2, though. And just…have it open with Lois and Clark’s wedding. No more screwing around, just get them married.


Just want to let you guys know that after that last post, I think I’ve said pretty much everything I want to say about this crossover and will likely post less about it to avoid giving them the online chatter and buzz that they use as an important marketing metric.

I also know I’ve likely been giving some of you whiplash by switching between happy posts about AUs and headcanons and then really heavy posts about the crossover, but I felt that the two posts from this afternoon (about the iconography, and about the intent vs. reality of what’s happening with this crossover) were messages that were worth acknowledging and spreading.

I will be watching the crossover, but I’m not a Nielsen household so my ratings won’t be counted, and if I miss an episode I’ll be downloading it so that I don’t give them a cent for it. If you intend to watch it, please consider doing the same.

I hope it’s not as horrible as it all currently seems, but I’m not holding my breath. 

listen i have so, so much sympathy for chronically ill people who became ill in their thirties, in their twenties, in their teens, because i can only imagine what losing your health young is like, but it’s very frustrating to never see acknowledgement that the idea of “losing your health” isn’t true for all of us, and that some people either lost their health as literal children, or some of us were born disabled. i wouldn’t care about the distinction if it weren’t for the fact that, as someone with birth defects, i’m constantly erased even from “fun spoonie memes” where half the questions are assuming i can remember what it was like having health i never had. and hospitals can be traumatizing to anyone at any age and i don’t want to downplay that, but there’s a certain unique experience of being a child constantly in a hospital, and i guess i find it frustrating that there’s little acknowledgment that it can be a really different experience between being chronically ill and/or disabled for as long as you can remember, and developing it later in life. i don’t mean this as a “who has it worse,” i know there are specific traumas and experiences in losing health that i will never understand, but it just sometimes feel like when i talk about how growing up in a hospital environment really shaped me and my experience as a chronically ill person, i’m shouting into a void and like… the three mutuals i have who understand that experience. i know it may not have occurred to people but they are different experiences and i just guess i get the amount on developing chronic illness or disability later in life, but the “losing your health” narrative doesn’t fit everyone and being six in a hospital can be a very different experience than being twenty six

ok im back on my bullshit again like a gotdamn fool but i just wanted to say that there can be a grey area between condemning every detail of ur intrests that u think is problematic vs ignoring issues completely and pretending that ur intrests are perfect….. u can acknowledge that ur intrest has elements ppl should be critical of w/o hyperfixating on said issues and u can continue to enjoy it regardless w/o making it a big deal