i want this so baaad

#when will the Original Iwatobi Relay Team come back from the war

I was feeling nostalgic earlier and i skimmed through the high speed manga and i remembered again how much i love my tiny rarepairs, like makorin who are adorable and smiling up there because they were friends and also had fondness for each other.

and also i saw this tiny panel

it’s smol and like… at the back of a Very Important Haruka panel but this made me smile so much because this was the scene before Nagisa went to say “I’m really nervous!” all smiley at Haruka??? this implies that he was more nervous and worried but rin talked to him so he’s kinda more smiley after?? that’s such a cute small detail!!! also rin and nagisa are so touchy, i appreciate my cuddle buddies being on #brand.

i love nagirin so much ok

i so desperately want someone to make a SuperAvengers AU where Bobby hits Loki upside the head and says ‘you stupid, stupid son of a bitch! well, boo-hoo! i am so sorry your feelings are hurt, princess! Are you under the impression that family’s supposed to make you feel good?! make you an apple pie, maybe? they’re supposed to make you miserable! that’s why they’re family!’

I wanted to draw Atem with non-spiked hair so baaad and now it’s 1am and I have to go to school in 5 hours and everything holding me together is my childhood-daddy on my screen right now.

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Hii how did you learn to draw bodies with realistic proportions and poses without copying them? I just can't! Like, I can copy something and make it hiper realistic but then when I want to invent something I'm so baaad.. cheers!

Don’t worry my friend, don’t feel bad about using reference pictures.
You aren’t cheating if you look up and “copy” poses to get proportions and gesture down.
All the great artists of the past used models- and we are lucky enough to have access to the internet, so we can look up any model doing anything at any time.
It’s okay to use them and translate it into another word-
In all honesty I’ll usually look up feminine models for pose reference so I can draw people like Roberto haha-

Sometimes tho if I don’t have access to a model or at just messing around, I can use my previous drawing experience and callback on it.
I’ll try to remember how exactly I drew an arm over someone’s head and try to draw it from memory.
After a while you can get pretty good at visualizing something in your head- but it takes a lot of practice, and more often than not it will still come out slightly off.
It’s good to cross reference with reality.

An analogy would be - you have to look at a picture of a giraffe many times before you can begin to draw it. Nobody knows how to do it straight away. You need to look at the spots or the horns as you draw it to make sure you’re getting it right. After you’ve drawn it many times then you can begin to do it from memory.

Hope that makes sense(?)
Also do t be ashamed of using reference! ITS NOT CHEATING I PROMISE!!!

keltena answered your question: I’ve been thinking this for a while, but they…

She’s as upset about her new haircut as we are. :(

“Ugh, I don’t want to get uuup, my hair looks so baaad, but I need to eat something so I guess I’ll wander around the house feeling sorry for myself with a blanket over my head for emotional support.”


Many people asked me when will I come back from war lololol
I’m so sorry I’m in hiatus for months ; v ; I want to draw kiribaku so baaad but unluckily I don’t have time orz

I finally achieved my dream and I’m studying a videogame designer degree at university. I couldn’t be happier! But those studies are really expensive —REALLY EXPENSIVE— so I have to work mid-time to be able to pay it (my parents help me though ;; I only pay the 50%, but it’s still a lot! I owe them so much… aff ; v ; ).

I’m working on the kiribaku dojinshi when I have some spare time, usually on weekends, but with all the university work, classes and my part-time job I don’t really have time to draw the ask-blog or other stuff.

But I’m REALLY HAPPY!! ⭐⭐⭐ I finally study a degree I love. ❤❤ This guy up here is part of a class project I’m working on. Now I have to do an animation of him for Thursday! AFFF /goes back to work.

I’ll come back for Christmas though~ 😣